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CyberStart Game, level 3, #10, Dante in Command - The ...
    May 27, 2019 · Headquarters Base level 3 Dante in Command help Cyberstart Game Level 5 need Cyberstart assess Q10 and Q14 help ... Cyberstart Game Level 2 Challenge 2 CyberStart Game 2020/2021 (CyberDiscovery UK) CyberStart Game(Cyber Discovery UK Round 2) CyberStart game ...

CyberStart Game in Numbers!. Thousands of students ...
    Sep 02, 2019 · HQ, Level 1, Challenge 10 was the challenge with the highest number of attempts. If each attempt represented an hour, on average, you could travel from one end of …Author: Cyberstart

CyberStart America - A fast, fun and free way to master ...
    If gaining hands-on experience of cybersecurity weren't enough, CyberStart America provides you the pathway to qualify for the National Cyber Scholarships program where more than 800 scholarships will be awarded. Demonstrate the qualities. Prove you have the tenacity, curiosity, and ability to complete the challenges in CyberStart Game and ...

CyberStart - reddit
    r/CyberStart: The unofficial subreddit for news and discussion surrounding CyberStart Family programs running around the world, including Cyber …

Help with Level 4 Challenge 1 in Headquarters : CyberStart
    Help with Level 4 Challenge 1 in Headquarters. Close. 3. Posted by 1 month ago. ... The unofficial subreddit for news and discussion surrounding CyberStart Family programs running around the world, including Cyber Discovery, Girls Go CyberStart and Cyber FastTrack! 133. Members. 3. …

Cyberstart Game – CyberStart Family – Medium
    Dec 05, 2017 · Read writing about Cyberstart Game in CyberStart Family. CyberStart is a collection of tools that will introduce you to the cyber security industry and accelerate your entry into the profession.

CyberStart Game HQ L7 C3 Spoiler on Vimeo
    Mar 14, 2018 · This is "CyberStart Game HQ L7 C3 Spoiler" by CyberStart on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Girls Go CyberStart: Cybersecurity competition for high ...
    Girls Go CyberStart is set to continue its mission to inspire and uncover future female talent by featuring as a girls-only community in a new national program - CyberStart America. Members can compete against all CyberStart America players for career- enabling college scholarships while also having an exclusive space to work together and win ...


    CyberStart features over 200 interactive security challenges ranging from simple through to extreme. The huge breadth of topics covered and easy to follow platform, helps get beginners started and fast-track those with a hidden talent. Progress tracking. Track your progress through CyberStart …

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Cyberstart assess answers challenge 1

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In-Challenge “ghost players” answer questions in real time right along with you. You can even see how they’re going as the Challenge progresses. After you complete a Challenge, you get your own World Ranking. See how you compare to others around the world who played the same Challenge as you. You can even play again and improve your ranking.

Cyberstart assess 2020 challenge 14 Cyberstart assess 2020 challenge 14 Dec 23, 2017 · CyberStart Assess 2020 Q10 and Q7 I am incredibly stuck with both those questions, i have inspect elemented my way through all of the code and i cannot find any useful pieces of info. For 7 there is no interactivity, and for 10 the only thing that happens when i press "unlock" is the key goes in, then comes back out.

Educational Purposes Sub for more Make sure to share and help others! Edit: Cyber start won’t let me add anymore! They removed my video of the next 3 so sorr... Theo Douglas is a staff writer for Government Technology.His reporting experience includes covering municipal, county and state governments, business and breaking news.

From a more technical perspective, some assessment target may exhibit obvious vulnerabilities, e.g. if the assessment target is an old and outdated Microsoft Windows XP system, the analyst can ...

Targeted News Service since 2004 has provided comprehensive public policy coverage of government activities at the federal, congressional and state level. This includes federal contracts, solicitations, congressional vote chart, federal grant opportunities, and federal and congressional news and releases.


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Looking for Alaska by John Green About the Book. Everybody has a talent. Miles Halter's is knowing the last words of a lot of different people — people like the author Rabelais, whose enigmatic last words "I go to seek a Great Perhaps" inspire the sixteen-year-old to leave his family home in Florida and enroll in Culver Creek, a co-ed boarding school in Alabama. Edit: Cyber start won't let me add anymore! They removed my video of the next 3 so sorry just write in chat I can help u as much as I can! Hello, people of the world! Here is the answer to Challenge 1: Mirror mirror on the wall for Cyber Discovery's CyberStart Assess competition 2019.First Of All. I'm new to programming and would like some help regarding the 4th challenge CyberStart Assess. I have finished the challenges up to 9 however I'm unable to complete 4 for whatever reason. I would really appreciate any help. Edit: I figured out challenge 4 however any help with 8, 10 and onwards would be greatly appreciated.

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Cyber Discovery

Cyber Discovery was a United Kingdom initiative to get teenagers interested in cyber security. The initiative was funded £20 million by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in partnership with SANS Institute[1][2][3] Started in 2017, each year the program had followed a similar pattern of 4 (often overlapping) stages.

CyberStart Assess[edit]

Each year of the program started with the Assess phase. It contained 14 capture-the-flag style challenges, and students who performed well were invited to progress to Game and Essentials.

CyberStart Game[edit]

Game contained over 200 challenges, separated into 4 groups, known as 'bases'.[4] The challenges had a similar format to the ones in Assess, but with a much broader scope and increased difficulty. As the student progressed through the levels, the challenges became much more difficult. A 'Field manual' was provided which contained instructions on how to use certain cybersecurity tools and techniques. Challenges were completed by finding a flag, which awarded a student with points equal to 100 times the level of the challenge. It was possible on most challenges to request a hint, which reduced the points gained from that challenge by half.


By far the largest base with 156 challenges split into 13 levels of increasing difficulty, Headquarters covered a wide variety of challenges including open-source intelligence, cryptography, and binary and web exploitation.


Exclusively taught programming in Python with a focus on using it to exploit files and web services. The Moon base consisted of eight levels, each with five challenges. The first three levels focused on tutorials, with the following five levels containing challenges to test a student's coding ability.


Added in year 2.[5] The Forensics base focused on steganography and retrieving information from provided files such as packet captures, disk images and memory captures. This base consisted of 8 levels with 5 challenges each.


Added in year 3;[6] the Volcano base provided pen-testing challenges and could only be unlocked after completing 100% of Headquarters. The base had 5 levels, each with 6 challenges. Unlike the other bases, challenges were individually sequentially unlocked, making it impossible to skip one. When a student unlocked Volcano access, challenges were completed within a Virtual machine hosted on the Cyber Start platform using VNC, with instances spun up on demand with everything necessary to complete the challenge. The same Virtual Machine was used for an entire level and access was only granted in 1 hour slots. This system was useful for students working on the programme at school where Virtual Machines and the tools required were often forbidden.

CyberStart Essentials[edit]

Accessible by any students that qualified for Game, Essentials was a non-competitive learning environment containing video and text tutorials, quizzes and exams. It was designed to complement Game, and was usually open for much of the same time.[7] In 2020, Essentials was updated to use the SANS Foundations course.[8]

CyberStart Elite[edit]

A small selection of the best-performing students in each of the preceding stages were invited to Elite events, which were face-to-face residential camps.[9]

Year 1[edit]

170 students attended 3 different events in Manchester, Bristol and London in Summer 2018. The events lasted for 2 days and included talks from industry professionals, challenges, and a Capture the Flag competition.[10]

Year 2[edit]

Events took place in Birmingham, Lancaster and London in Summer 2019.[11] The older group (16-18 year olds) participated in courses ran by SANS Institute; either SEC504 or FOR500,[12][13] while the younger group completed a course called Ethical Hacking Fundamentals.

Year 3[edit]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Year 3 Elite took place online.[14] Older students (16-18s) were offered the choice of FOR500, SEC504, or SEC503, delivered through SANS Live Online.

Year 4[edit]

On 25 October 2020, all mentions of Elite were pulled from the initiative's website.[15][16][17] However, 500 students were selected "based on a combination of performance criteria from across Cyber Discovery" to take part in the Cyber Discovery Summer Event 2021. This was delivered virtually on 3 June and 5 June, and consisted of talks from industry experts and a Capture the Flag competition.[18]

Content Creators Club[edit]

The Content Creators Club was a Cyber Discovery initiative, separate from the other four rounds. Students submitted Capture the Flag challenge ideas, of which 50 were picked to then be developed for the first Creators CTF competition.[19] A further 5 students then made walkthroughs with SANS CTO James Lyne, which were released on Vimeo.[20]



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