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abandoned swimming pools
An abandoned swimming pool is kind of like a fish out of water in that, well, both are out of water. As far as pools go, their dry and empty aspect makes them seem exposed, naked, incomplete and bereft of purpose. Left high, dry and drained of liquid assets, these 12 abandoned swimming pools expose their bottoms for all to see. As one might expect, it’s not always a pretty sight.

Public Indoor Pool – Pripyat, Ukraine

abandoned swimming pool Pripyat Chernobyl(images via: Tim Suess)

The irradiated ghost town of Pripyat is chock full of abandonments for one simple reason: the 1986 Chernobyl disaster destroyed the town without harming any of its structures. The fate of its people are another story altogether. Swimming Pool Building 1, highlighted here, is the largest of Pripyat’s public indoor pools.

abandoned swimming pool Pripyat Chernobyl(image via: Tim Suess)

Before 1986 this pool must have been a lovely place to hang out with friends and family. Attractive styling, generous windows and modern conveniences served to please anyone from casual leisure swimmers to aspiring Olympians with their eyes on the prize. Kudos to Timm Suess for capturing this eerie echoing abandoned pool in the prime of its radioactive afterlife.

Durham City Baths – Durham, UK

Durham Baths abandoned swimming pool(images via: TZ-UK)

The mood of the Great Depression in northeastern England lightened a little when on September 28th, 1932, the Durham City Baths and Washhouses opened. The 75ft by 30ft main pool was overlooked by viewing balconies with wrought iron railings decorated with seahorse, dolphin and waterspout designs. Overhead, a striking arch-ribbed roof featuring a central greenhouse let in natural light. The townspeople of Durham enjoyed their pool for 76 years before it finally closed for good in 2008.

Durham Baths abandoned swimming pool(images via: 28 Days Later)

Plans to demolish the pool and its associated facilities were put on hold due to the 2008-09 financial crisis and subsequent recession. In the meantime, vandals and graffiti “artists” have put their inimitable stamp on the pool. Note the difference between the relatively unmarred pool at top and the later, trashed version above documented four years later in March 2012.

D. R. Plaister Aquatic House – Hobart, Tasmania, AU

D.R. Plaister Aquatic House Hobart abandoned swimming pool(images via: Swimming Pool Stories)

Originally the Hobart Tepid Baths, this all-season, heated facility was opened by the governor or Tasmania on November 10th, 1938. The complex was known as the Amateur House in the 1940s and it was finally renamed to D. R. Plaister Aquatic House in 1991 after Doug Plaister, the former Mayor of Hobart (1976 to 1984) who ran the local education department’s swimming program at the 55-yard-long pool.

D.R. Plaister abandoned swimming pool Hobart(images via: Swimming Pool Stories)

Now privately owned but in a terminal state of abuse and disuse, the complex is inhabited by squatters and the homeless with little or no security preventing unlawful trespass. The area is slated for redevelopment but it seems only the brickwork facade of the main building will be retained and preserved.

Kentucky Dirt Diving

Louisville abandoned swimming pool no diving(images via: Flickrized)

Clueless male model Derek Zoolander had a school for ants; Louisville’s Crescent Hill neighborhood has a swimming pool for worms. This exceptional image was captured by Flickr user Flickrized who snapped it on October 1st, 2007 using a Nikon D80 camera. While not technically abandoned, it’s pretty obvious no one will be practicing their backstroke here anytime soon. “No Diving” indeed.


In photos: Abandoned swimming pools

Urban exploration at some of the world’s forsaken swimming pools

Updated in December 2019 with the addition of abandoned swimming pools in Bulgaria and Tunisia, as well as another one in Croatia that was once connected to the founder of Penthouse magazine.

Of all the derelict places we find, swimming pools have to be one of the most alluring.

It’s not always that easy to visualise what an abandoned location would have been like before it became uninhabited. Clues can sometimes be few and far between, especially if a place has been stripped bare. But with a disused swimming pool, it’s much simpler to imagine the scene prior to its demise.

An indoor pool, for example, is all about exercise and learning how to swim – coaching, parent and baby classes, lane-swimming and that sort of thing are all part of the day-to-day activities that take place. Open-air pools, on the other hand, are definitely more about having fun and relaxation and the atmosphere is not so serious. Jumping, splashing, diving and bombing, sunbathing, flirting and strutting around – that’s what outdoor swimming pools are all about until the lane-swimmers take over in the early evening …

Azure Swimming Pool Recreation Centre Pripyat town Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Ukraine-5Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), Ukraine

Conjure up other associations with a swimming complex, such as the distinctive smell of chlorine, communal shower blocks, locker rooms, or even simply the general appeal of visiting such places, and you’ve got yourself a fascinating contrast when you step inside one that has been neglected for a long period of time.

The transformation from a swimming pool full of fresh and clear enticing water to one either completely drained, or worse, replaced with a stagnant mess that you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, is extremely entrancing.

We prefer indoor abandoned swimming pools but we are happy whenever we stumble across any kind of overgrown or neglected pool or water-based theme park. We’ve only seen one of the latter (near Hue in Vietnam) and, generally, we haven’t seen that many abandoned pools at all but the examples below showcase the few that we have seen and we will definitely add more to this post as and when we locate them.

Former swimming pool in Lovech, Bulgaria

This abandoned swimming pool on the outskirts of Lovech was a bonus find during our road trip around Bulgaria. We’d heard rumours of its existence and, after studying Google Maps, we successfully located it. There were two neglected pools at this former sports complex. The outdoor pool was rather overgrown and difficult to get close to, but the highlight was two socialist-era mosaics, one at either end of the indoor pool.

Read more: Abandoned Bulgaria: Former swimming pool in Lovech

Lovech Bulgaria-9Lovech, Bulgaria

Coralia Hotel on Djerba Island, Tunisia

Actually, we located four abandoned resorts on the Tunisians island of Djerba and each one had a derelict pool that was either empty or partly full of sand. The Coralia Hotel was the first purpose-built resort to be constructed on the island and renowned guests included Tunisia’s first president after the country gaining independence from the French in 1956, Habib Bourguiba. We spent a full day walking along the beach on Djerba looking for abandoned hotels and reckon we still didn’t see them all.

Read more: Off-the-beaten-track Tunisia: Abandoned Resorts on Djerba Island

Coralia Hotel (formerly Tanit Hotel) Sidi Mahrez Djerba Tunisia-25Djerba Island, Tunisia

Haludovo Palace on Krk Island, Croatia

The original Adriatic palace of sin, Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse magazine, was one of the major investors in this once-stylish hotel that now sits empty. A victim of the Yugoslav Wars, the property was used as a shelter for refugees during part of the conflict. The outdoor swimming pool, the inner walls of which are blanketed in street art and graffiti, is almost overshadowed by the canopy that covers the indoor one. The swimming pool canopy at the abandoned Haludovo Palace is a wonderful example of mid-century modern architecture, the concrete awning juts out and completely dominates what was once the main recreational area of the hotel.

Read more: Abandoned Croatia: Haludovo Palace Hotel on Krk Island

Haludovo Palace Hotel Malinska Krk Island Croatia-60Krk Island, Croatia

Escher Sports Complex in Eshera, Abkhazia

This indoor swimming pool was part of a larger complex that was used as an Olympic training base for sportsmen and women from all over the Soviet Union during the 1970s and ‘80s. The entire compound was destroyed during the Abkhazia-Georgia conflict that started in August 1992 and lasted until September the following year.

It’s probably the dingiest abandoned swimming pool that we have encountered!

Read more: Abandoned Abkhazia: Eshera Sports Complex.

Escher Sport Complex Eshera Abkhazia-42-2Eshera, Abkhazia

Hotel Sakartvelo in Tskaltubo, Georgia

Hotel Sakartvelo is one of several quasi-abandoned hotels and sanatoriums we visited in the Georgian spa town of Tskaltubo but this particular property was the only one in which we found a disused swimming pool. The mosaics that decorate both the pool and the back wall were typical of the time.

Read more: Soviet Sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, Georgia.

Sanatorium Sakartvelo Tskaltubo Georgia | Abandoned Soviet SpaTskaltubo, Georgia

Azure Swimming Pool in Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), Ukraine

The Azure Swimming Pool is one of three disused indoor pools located in the abandoned city of Pripyat within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine. It is also the most famous abandoned swimming pool we have seen. It was featured in the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and even has its own Wikipedia page along with a wealth of information about it on the Internet.

Read more: Pripyat: Photos from Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine.

Azure Swimming Pool Recreation Centre Pripyat town Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Ukraine-8Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), Ukraine

Sanatorium swimming pool in Vanadzor, Armenia

We spent a while looking for this particular pool and had to be a little creative in order to get inside but it was worth it. You can tell that this would have once been a gleaming white pool and a delightful place for a swim, with plenty of light streaming. The symmetry of the staircase is also pretty hard to beat and, overall, this is probably the most seductive forsaken swimming pool we have seen.

Read more about our impressions of Vanadzor: Where to break the journey between Tbilisi and Yerevan.

Former Swimming Pool Vanadzor Armenia Hotel and Health Resort Vanadzor Armenia-5Vanadzor, Armenia

Uszoda Sports Base in Timișoara, Romania

This is the only abandoned pool we have found that is adorned with street art. It was located in the middle of the city’s central park and probably no longer exists as there was talk, even in October 2016 when we took the photos, of the area being redeveloped into basketball courts.

Out of interest, “Uszoda” means swimming pool in Hungarian. Timișoara is close to the Romanian/Hungarian border and has strong historic connections with Romania.

Central Park Timisoara Romania-16Timișoara, Romania

Sport Centre in Battambang, Cambodia

We keep meaning to write more about Battambang’s gloriously-faded French and New Khmer architecture but, for the time being, all we can offer is this modernist-style sports centre which is also still known by its French name of Au Circle Sportif de Battambang.

The swimming pool was Olympic-size when it was constructed in the mid-1960s but, over time, its dimensions have been altered and the diving board (the arched structure in the photo below) is now some distance from the pool itself.

Sport Centre (Au Circle Sportif de Battambang) Battambang Cambodia-2Battambang, Cambodia

The Sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR in Eshera, Abkhazia

Another abandoned swimming pool in Abkhazia, this one was part of a sanatorium that was used by the Soviet Ministry of Defence. We like this pool because it still looks in good condition despite the dense vegetation that surrounds it on all sides.

Read more: Abandoned Abkhazia: The Sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR. 

The Sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR Eshera Abkhazia-7Eshera, Abkhazia

Hotel Kupari in Župa Bay (Kupari), Croatia

Situated under a rather ominous collapsed roof, this Olympic-size swimming pool made up a substantial part of the Hotel Kupari, one of a handful of resorts constructed near Dubrovnik for the Yugoslavian military from the 1960s onwards. Along with the other resorts in the bay, the Hotel Kupari was heavily attacked during the early stages of the Siege of Dubrovnik (autumn 1991) and has remained in a state of neglect ever since.

Read more: Visiting the Bay of Abandoned Hotels in Kupari, Croatia.

Hotel Kupari Zupa Bay Kupari Croatia-14Župa Bay (Kupari), Croatia

Hotel Colheti in Kobuleti, Georgia

This is another swimming pool that might not survive much longer. When we stumbled across it in August 2018, construction/renovation work was already taking place in other buildings associated with the hotel and it’s only a matter of time until the contractors get round to doing something with the pool.

This was the first abandoned location we entered after getting set upon by three guys in the nearby disputed territory of Abkhazia a few days earlier and so we felt more than a little apprehensive upon entering, but it all turned out OK and we were rather taken by the circular appearance of this particular pool.

Hotel Colheti Kobuleti Georgia-3Kobuleti, Georgia

Ho Thuy Tien Water Park in Hue, Vietnam

Plastic crocodiles, waterslides and other water-based paraphernalia, all cloaked in a jungle-clad setting … what’s not to like about this former water park on the outskirts of Hue, apart from the other visitors perhaps? This place is well and truly on the tourist (mostly backpackers) radar and can get quite busy at times (for an urbex location) but it’s still definitely worth visiting and very photogenic.

Read more: Abandoned Vietnam: Ho Thuy Tien Water Park in Hue, Vietnam

Ho Thuy Tien Water Park Hue Vietnam-30Hue, Vietnam

Former swimming pool in Yerevan, Armenia

It was the prominent diving board at this abandoned swimming pool that first caught our eye during one of our numerous walkabouts around the Armenian capital and so we decided to go and take a closer look. We ended up spending quite a bit of time ferreting around and only left when we had a bit of a run-in with a pack of dogs that had decided to call the place home.

Read more: Abandoned Armenia: A Former Swimming Pool in Yerevan

Yerevan Armenia-30Yerevan, Armenia

Sana Sanatorium in Gagra, Abkhazia

We only got a tantalising glimpse of this particular indoor swimming pool while wandering around the exterior of the very brutalist Sana Sanatorium in Gagra, northern Abkhazia. The sanatorium is still in use but the swimming pool is not. We looked for ways of getting a closer peek at the pool itself but had no joy and, in the end, had to make do with holding the camera above our heads and taking a photo through one of the (very) murky windows.

Under the circumstance, it’s a result that the photo has come out even half decent!

Sana Sanatorium Gagra Abkhazia-13Gagra, Abkhazia

Encore Garden near Taichung, Taiwan

Part of Encore Garden, this large water flume was one of the most dominating features at this mostly-forgotten theme park on the outskirts of Taichung in Taiwan. It seemed to go on forever when we started to follow its course and, no doubt, would have been bustling with both children and adults in its day.

Read more: Abandoned Taiwan: Encore Garden in Taichung

Encore Garden Taichung Taiwan-3Taichung, Taiwan

So, there you have it, fourteen abandoned swimming pools, one water-based theme park and a flume ride, found in ten countries and one disputed territory around the world. If anyone knows of any more, especially in Asia or Eastern Europe/the Balkans/the Caucasus and are OK with divulging their whereabouts, we would be very pleased to hear from you. We are quite happy to do swapsies and trade coordinates for coordinates!



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14 creepy pictures inside abandoned Doncaster swimming pool that left explorer stunned

An urban explorer, known only as Lost Places & Forgotten Faces (LPFF), has given us an eerie insight as to what it is now like inside a Doncaster swimming baths which has been shut for eight years.

The individual goes up and down the country, visiting various derelict and abandoned buildings to see just how much they've changed since they were last open.

Some other locations of his include Showcase Cinemas in Manchester; Cheadle Royal Hospital and Pitsmoor Working Men's Club in Sheffield.

Now, his adventures have taken him to St James' Swimming Baths which has been abandoned since 2013.

To get the latest email updates from South Yorkshire Live, click here.

He said: "St James' Baths was a fascinating place to explore. I've seen a few abandoned swimming pools in my time, but nothing quite as grand as this one.

"It was really quite sad to see such a stunning building which could bring a lot of joy to the community being completely unused and derelict."

Many may see his hobby as an interesting experience, but in terms of backlash, the adventurer said his biggest critics are other explorers.

"I never have trouble with the police and generally the public are understanding, and even curious, once they know that I'm only at a location to document it.

"The only hostility comes from other explorers. The community of Urban Exploring is full of jealousy, unfortunately. My goal is to bring an abandoned place back to life, even if only briefly, through my explores and photography, so that is what I will keep on doing."

With his goal to show these places off as best he can, LPFF finds it best to work alone.

He said: "I always explore by myself as it allows me to take my time and fully engross myself within the abandoned environment."

He has no plans to stop either with many places left on his list.

"I have 1000s of locations saved up and down the country and beyond. I try not to plan too much, and just see where the journey takes me."

You can see LPFF's pictures inside St James' Swimming Baths in our gallery below.


These eerie photos show what happens to swimming pools after they've been abandoned for years

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abandoned pool
REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

We usually think of swimming pools as places for fun, relaxation, and exercise.

But what happens when those pools are abandoned and left to nature?

A number of factors can lead to a pool's abandonment, from mismanagement to natural disasters to political unrest. But no matter the cause, the resulting images are often eerie and bleak.

Here are 10 photos that show what swimming pools look like once they're abandoned for good.

This used to be a gleaming upscale resort on the Adriatic island of Krk, Croatia. But today it sits abandoned because of ownership and management issues.

abandoned pool
AP Photo/Darko Bandic

Source: Associated Press

Hosts of the Olympic Games are notorious for abandoning their venues after the festivities have ended. Here's what the Olympic swimming pool in Athens — hosts of the 2004 Olympics — looks like today.

greece olympic pool abandoned
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Source: Getty

Nearby, the outdoor pool in the Olympic Village isn't doing much better. Hosting the Games cost Athens an estimated 9 billion euros.

abandoned pool athens olympics greece
Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

Source: Getty

Here's an old swimming pool at an abandoned resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The city was once a bustling vacation spot, but it's reputation has suffered in the wake of recent terrorist incidents.

abandoned pool egypt
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Source: Getty

This former bungalow resort in Myrsini, Greece, is now a shelter for hundreds of refugees from Syria and Iraq.

abandoned pool syria
AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis

Source: Associated Press

This algae-ridden pool once belonged to the Jean-Bedel Bokossa, the late ruler of the Central African Republic. Bokossa was overthrown in 1979 — the crumbling palace is now occupied by rebel soldiers.

abandoned pool
REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

Source: Reuters

This backyard pool in Staten Island, New York, was abandoned in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2013. After the storm ravaged the New York area, the state bought 400 homes and bulldozed them to make room for green space.

abandoned pool
AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Source: Associated Press

Nature has started to take over this pool, another one abandoned in Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy.

abandoned swimming pool

Pools swimming creepy abandoned

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