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Welcome to MIDBURN: The Israeli Burning Man in the Dusty Negev Desert

As our car drove along the bumpy dirt road deep into the Negev Desert, I found myself in a state of complete and utter excitement.  The event I had been waiting nearly a year for had finally arrived, and I just knew it was going to be a totally unique and magical experience.

We pulled up to the front entrance gate, got our mobile tickets scanned to receive our MIDBURN wristbands, and proceeded through the (surprisingly painless) security line.

Welcome Home!” one of the (gorgeous) Midburn greeters shouted, and then proceeded to ask “So…are you guys virgins?”  

Midburn Israel

Since this was my first burn, and also my new Israeli friends who drove me Udi & Jordan’s (who drove me to the playa) first burn &#; we were asked to exit the car, head over to a giant bell, and hit it while exclaiming…“I’M NO LONGER A VIRGIN!”LOL.

We then parked our car, found our way to our campsite, and MIDBURN had officially commenced. 

Midburn Israel

What is Midburn?

For those who have never heard of this amazing event before — it’s the Israeli version of the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada.While some would call it a music festival (which is definitely a major aspect MIDBURN), it’s a whole lot more than that!

It’s a beautiful, loving, and accepting community which is founded on The 10 Principles of  Burning Man:

  • Radical Inclusion.
  • Gifting.
  • Decommodification. &#;
  • Radical Self-reliance. &#;
  • Radical Self-expression. &#;
  • Communal Effort. &#;
  • Civic Responsibility. &#;
  • Leaving No Trace.
  • Participation
  • Immediacy

For me &#; MIDBURN is simply about love, community, good vibes, and enjoying one hell of a wild party in the desert with amazing people from around the world.    

Midburn Israel

This year I’ve already attended several “transformational events and festivals” like Island Life in Panama, Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and Lucidity Festival in California &#; so I’m definitely not a stranger to this type of atmosphere.  

In many ways, I already felt like a “burner” even before attending MIDBURN, so I think that’s definitely one of the reasons why I was so excited.  With that being said &#; you can have an idea of what to expect at an event like Burning Man or Midburn&#;but it&#;s absolutely something you need experience to understand it what it&#;s all about.  

Midburn Israel

If you read my Instagram Bio &#; it says &#;exploring the world with my camera looking for adventure, festivals, and good vibes&#;, and Midburn provided that on an exponential level. 

MIDBURN Campsite Communities

&#;Who are you camping with?&#; was one of the most common questions asked out on the playa.

The way it all works is that basically everyone joins a camp that contributes to the Midburn community in different ways.  Whether that&#;s creating a stage for music, an art installation, themed parties, delicious meals, or tasty drinks.  Midburn thrives on communal participation, and that&#;s what makes it&#;s so unique.  People get REALLY into it, and come up with such cool ideas to enhance everyone else&#;s experience.

Midburn Israel Burning Man

When you join a camp (which fees can range between $ &#; $ USD), it will typically provide daily meals, some alcohol, and camping area / shade &#; but you&#;ll be responsible for contributing to the camp by volunteering for clean-up shifts, bartending, and whatever else the camp may need.

I was fortunate enough to camp with the amazing people at MEDICAMP &#; which was the camp for primarily all the doctors and nurses who volunteered their time in the medical tents during Midburn.  It was one of the largest camps (that I know of) with over people, and had amazing food, showers, and private toilets to use.

When I first arrived to Midburn and found my way to my camp&#;I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the organization / infrastructure throughout the Midburn camps.  Every camp had MASSIVE  circus-sized covers which provided much needed shade from the intense Israel desert heat, and had plenty of room for everyone to camp underneath them.  I idiotically thought I was going to have to set-up my tent in the sun because I didn&#;t bring a canopy (which I think is one of the most important music festival camping essentials), but I was pleasantly suprised to see that Medicamp had me covered (literally).

Some of my favorite camps were Mexicamp (as my Playa bestie Alex in Wanderland) was camping there, &#;Straight Friendly&#; because of their fabulouscocktails and Britney Spears tunes, and Pillow Fight Club for their famous sunset pillow fight.

Midburn Israel

The Clockwork Map & Midburn Bible

When I entered Midburn, I was given what I like to call the &#;Midburn Bible&#;, which basically was the schedule for daily planned activities, workshops, parties, food, etc.

Midburn is set-up like a clock, and it was always super easy to navigate where you were in the campsites by finding one of the signs.  For example &#; MEDICAMP was located at 5 o&#;clock.  So if I looked at the schedule and saw they were offering free food & a party at a camp located at 6 o&#;clock &#; I would know it&#;s a camp pretty close to me.

You could stroll all the way from , and then you could explore all the artwork in the &#;Deep Playa&#;, or make your way to the middle where the main effigy which they burn was.

Midburn Israel Burning Man

Let&#;s Talk Playa Music

All of the DJ&#;s I heard spin throughout the playa&#;s various &#;stages&#; were absolutely phenomenal, and I definitely lost a few kg&#;s dancing out in the desert.  While there was music consistently heard throughout the entire event, there are a few places that were my highlights.

Midburn Pirates

Midburn Israel

If I HAD to pick a favorite stage, then this would definitely be it.  The music / vibes at this stage were always top notch, and I&#;ll never forget that sunset set on Thursday.  Such amazing energy, good vibes, and quality tunes for that hour.  You can take a listen here:

The Techno Dome

Midburn Israel

If you were looking for me on the playa, there was a good chance this is where you&#;d find me.  This massive DOME was unbelievably fun, and watching the bright lights change colors and fade to black made the dance floor go crazy.  The music was also super diverse here (even with the name Techno Dome), and it was tons of fun to hear different styles of music being played here.

The Rabbit

Midburn Israel

Spacey, minimal, playa techno FTW.

The DJ’s at this stage were consistently playing some top-notch music, but the FINAL NIGHT of Midburn &#; this was the PLACE TO BE. 

The party vibes were on point, the visuals of the rabbit were crazy trippy, and I heard one of the best sets of the entire festival from around A.M here. 

The SpaceShip

Midburn Israel

Do you like Pys-trance…?Then this was your stage.I quickly realized that Israeli’s are definitely all about this upbeat and repetive genre, and I definitely enjoyed doing some dancing here.

While I’m not personally the biggest fan of Psytrance &#;

Sunrise Kingdom

The name speaks for itself…sunrise techno on the playa is absolutely magical, and there was no better place to do so than at Sunrise Kingdom.  (I can&#;t believe I forgot to take a photo of this small camp / stage)&#;but here are some of the epic sets that were played at Midburn   

&#;Sunrise Kingdom is a Techno and House Sound Camp in the Israeli Burning Man festival &#; MidBurn, since   From deep house to techno, from sunset to sunrise, we provide the playa the best vibes and music.

Art Installations & LED Adult Playground

While there&#;s tons of cool things to explore on the playa during the day&#;the real fun begins after the sun sets beneath the desert hills, and Midburn turns into a colorful LED wonderland.  It&#;s truly a massive playground for adults (and kids actually), and everywhere you look there&#;s epic art installations, cool campsites, a massive spider & dragon, and Midburners decked out in twinkly lights/ crazy outfits

Every night I loved exploring different parts of the playa with my new burner friends, and was consistently in awe at all there was to do.

Midburn Israel

Midburn Israel

Midburn Israel

Midburn Israel

The Burner Love

The &#;burner&#; community attracts such a beautiful, loving, accepting, and incredible group of people &#; and you can really feel that vibe on the playa.

Everyone seems to be the best and most open versions of themselves, and are to meeting new people, new experiences, and simply enjoying this wonderful temporary city in the desert.

This is the ISRAELI Burning Man though, so sometimes Israelis can seem a little stand offish, but they really are incredibly awesome.  I&#;ve visited Israel two different times now, and I&#;ve completely fallen in love with the country (and that&#;s largely in part due to so many of the people I shared Midburn with).

Midburn Israel

Burner Fashion

Anything goes&#;the weirder the better.

Midburn is a place of self-expression, but there definitely is a certain type of burner fashion / outfits you&#;ll see on the playa.  I&#;m no stranger to costume parties / music festivals, and I had so much fun getting dressed dressed up in my freshly acquired burner gear and ridiculous leggings.  I also got lots of inspiration for my future burn events.

I actually had to ship a whole package of my burner stuff back to my house in California (so I have it for Burning Man), and I couldn&#;t travel with it during my time in Europe.

**It is ridiculously hot during the day, and can get a bit chillier at night &#; so you do need to come a bit prepared for all types of weather**

Let It Burn

On the 4th day of the event is when the main burning of the effigy in the center of the playa happened.  It&#;s an important part of the experience where everyone comes together, and is meant to have a more of a spiritual meaning behind it.  It was fantastic to witness everyone come together, and clap and howl while the effigy burned.  The atmosphere is hard to explain, but there&#;s something magical about it.

What I wasn&#;t aware of is that there are multiple burns on the 4th and 5th (final) days of Midburn.  I was under the impression that there was just ONE major burn to signify the end of the event, but I was happy to learn that there&#;s several more.

Midburn Israel

Midburn Tickets FAQ

Getting tickets to Burning Man in the U.S is no easy task, and I thought that it would be just as difficult for me to obtain a Midburn ticket (but that was not the case at all!).

I applied for the &#;International Sale&#;, which they have allotted tickets for attendees coming from abroad.  It was a super simple application process, and I just basically had to prove I didn&#;t live in Israel to get approved.

Midburn Israrl

Ticket cost: shekels ($ U.S.D)

*Important* &#; if you&#;re wanting to go to Midburn in the future, but didn&#;t get a ticket &#; then you should still make your way to Israel.  I probably saw over different people trying to sell tickets last minute, and I really think you won&#;t have a problem finding one if you want to go!

Just make sure to join the Facebook groups immediately and start interacting with the community.  This is going to be your best bet for finding a camp to join, finding a ride to the playa, and asking questions about the event.

Burning Man Israel

My Overall Midburn Experience

When I first visited Israel during the summer of June &#;I missed Midburn by just a few days, and vowed to myself that I would return in to experience the madness.

Well, I&#;m so glad I did because it completely exceeded all of my expectations.

Midburn Israel

Even though the conditions were a bit harsh, and I was desperate for a long warm shower after 5 days in the desert &#; I really wasn&#;t ready to leave.  I feel like I was still getting into the groove out there, spending time with such an awesome group of new friends, and truly loving every minute of it.

This was my first Midburn &#; but I&#;ve got this strange feeling that I&#;ll be there for a whole lot more in the future.  I love Israel, I love Israeli&#;s, and I love the Israeli Burning Man community.

As the saying goes&#;&#;you never forget your first time&#;, and that is % true in this case. Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of burning with in that dusty desert.  It was an experience of a lifetime, and I can&#;t wait to reunite with you again!


Thanks so much for reading!

If you enjoy my photos, be sure to check out the full album on Facebook, and follow along on my future travel and festival adventures on Instagram.

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In the Negev Desert in southern Israel every June, a familiar scene takes place -- thousands of revelers flock to the arid land for a five-day festival of music, art and self expression.

The event, called Midburn, is Israel's take on the famous Burning Man festival held annually in Nevada. It's the only event of its kind that is held in the Middle East.

Midburn is generally planned around the Hebrew holiday of Shavuot, also known as the Feast of Weeks. This year's festival began on May 28 and lasted until June 2.

Midburn follows Burning Man's code, known as the 'Ten Principles,' which include radical inclusion, gifting and civic responsibility.

The first Midburn festival was held in and was attended by roughly 3, people. Since gaining in popularity, 8, people attended the event. It's the second-largest Burning Man-related festival outside of the United States, after AfrikaBurn, which is held in South Africa.

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Israel's Take on Burning Man: Where Radical Behavior Is Discouraged and Arabs Are Turned Away

I was unable to buy a ticket for Burning Man, the famous hippie festival in the Nevada desert. Actually, it hasn’t been a hippie festival for a long time. Mark Zuckerberg arrives by helicopter, the founders of Google are regular participants, and the person who got me interested in the whole deal is actually a Nobel laureate in chemistry, Michael Levitt, who a moment after winning, instead of talking to me about molecules, chose to share experiences and stories from the dust-covered event. And then he rushed to erase the photos from Facebook, because a partially nude Nobel laureate is a potential embarassment.

The guard outside the Free Love tent wondered about our relationship and explained that the place was designed for sex only and not for anything – and that includes foreplay

So I registered for the lottery, waited for the online window of opportunity, sat in front of the computer half an hour in advance, and found out that I couldn’t buy a ticket to the festival. I also gave up on the Midburn, the highly successful Israeli version that attracted over 10, people on the Shavuot holiday this year – mainly because people who travel to Nevada every year recommended that I first experience the real thing to maximize the experience.

And then I heard about the Contra Burn, an event with far less publicity, which has been taking place in Israel for the past three years during the period of the American Burning Man Festival (a nine-day event that ended Monday). A friendlier and less dusty version. One weekend, 1, people, an organized camping site between the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret, bathrooms, electricity and water and even a minimarket. Burning Man for beginners. Just what I needed.

And this time the organizers added a little twist: No photographs. Which means making everything far more “radical.” And in a world where if you didn’t take photos you didn’t do anything, it’s quite possible that from a modern philosophical perspective, this event is considered something that didn’t take place at all.

They referred me to Shiran, who is in charge of the media at Contra Burn. During our first conversation she sounded enthusiastic, but she stressed the prohibition against taking pictures. She also had one little question: Would they see my article before publication and be able to approve it? When I explained that there was no such possibility, she informed me that she had to check the feasibility of bringing in a journalist, and then she stopped answering and disappeared.

The Sea of Galilee. Four tremors felt in 24 hours. Credit: Gil Eliahu

Send the "cousins" away

There was also the guy who ties girls to trees. People seem to forget that in the middle there’s a girl hanging with her head down, turning like a chicken on a rotisserie. And other girls wait in line to be next

In any case, it wasn’t too difficult to get a ticket. Mainly because there was a shortage of volunteers for guard duty at the “gate.” For shekels ($56) and a commitment to do guard duty for four hours, I was in. A few days before the event I arrived together with another 30 “gatekeepers” in Tel Aviv for a compulsory preparatory session. A young guy who took the whole issue too seriously read us the regulations for at least 40 minutes. The entire procedure could have been summed up in 10 minutes, but he was clearly enjoying himself.

I learned that in case the police arrived they had to be told that this is a “family event,” and under no circumstances should we talk about a production, which requires permits. And this event has only a “certain permit.” In other words, no real permit. They also warned us that quite a number of “cousins” – an Israeli word for Arabs – were likely to come, because the event takes place at the same time as Eid al-Adha (the “Feast of Sacrifice”). And those “cousins” should be told that this is a closed event. And most important: Once every shift we had to randomly choose someone entering the gate, tell him that he’s “the one thousandth participant,” and then “get happy with him – get him wet, roll him around in the sand.”

We arrived at the shores of the Kinneret after a stop to stock up, which turned out to be unnecessary. The fresh products that we planned to eat upon arrival didn’t survive the heat, even after less than an hour’s drive. The “gatekeeper” at the entrance asked if this was my first Burn event. I made a mistake and told the truth. He informed me, without much enthusiasm, that I had to get out of the car so he could “get happy with me.” I immediately changed my story and said that I meant it was my first time in the present location. It was obvious that we were both equally relieved. Nobody wants to get happy in this heat.

Everyone talked for hours about how special it is that just at the moment when they’re hungry, thirsty or need a lighter, someone comes and provides what they want. Nothing related to the fact that all during the festival, people walked around everywhere with food and drink and lighters

The participants in the event, the “Burners,” are divided into two groups: People from the theme camps (guys who shared food and equipment and set up a camp, usually adding some activity that’s open to the general public), and Free Campers, people like me who aren’t with any group or camp and set up their tents in the public areas between the camps.

At first I felt like a kind of parasite, but then I remembered my 4 A.M. guard duty and felt much better about myself. And in any case, I quickly got into “sharing” and “gifting.” Even that is no longer simple. Because when someone full of good intentions walked around with a huge bag of jelly snakes, half the festival participants explained to him that they were vegan and that “there’s gelatin in that.”

More talk about nudity and sex than nudity and sex

At some point you realize that you’re actually walking around in a gigantic buffet, minus the wedding. And if you have a cup and a plate handy, someone will always make sure to fill them up. Sometimes there’s some task on the way to a drink or a snack, like kissing the barman or getting a little spanking, or singing a karaoke song. But even that is avoidable, and the main chore is washing the non-disposal dishes. Because there’s this business with MOOP (Matter Out of Place, which is Burning Man’s designation for everything at the festival except the land, and which must be removed at the end) and the organizers’ desire to avoid garbage, although it’s a campsite with lots of garbage cans, which were emptied with reasonable frequency. And there were numerous water faucets.

The prohibition against photography was supposed to make the event more extreme, more “radical,” which is a delicate way of saying that there would be more nudity and sexual activity. And as happens at events of this type, there was much more talk about nudity and sex that there was nudity and sex. Maybe because the foreplay was a kind of downer: It included too many explanations about the limits of nudity (mainly a reminder that this is a public place, that there are minors at the event, and that by law undressing is prohibited, at least in the areas outside the “camps”). And the security briefing at the entrance to the compound that was designated for sexual activity eliminated whatever desire was left.

The above-mentioned compound is in a camp called Free Love. It was located right at the entrance to the festival area, near the clinic, which at a certain point became the air-conditioned tent where everyone goes to recuperate. The most clichéd joke among the volunteer medics and doctors was that they hoped no patient with a sexual disease entered the Free Love area instead of coming to them. I passed through Free Love twice. The first time a woman standing at the entrance reminded me that we had met a year ago at the Minzar bar in Tel Aviv, “and I got terribly drunk and you didn’t want to come up to my apartment, you’re looking at a girl who’s trashed and you ran away. That evening changed me a little, I realized that I have to stop getting into these situations.”

And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, someone else said the meeting here between she and I was a real cosmic thing and he thought that we should enter the Dome together – the tent designated for group sex, with entry to couples only – to close a circle or something. And when she said she would be happy to, I was embarrassed and as it turned out I ran away again.

Sex inside, foreplay outside

The next day I returned, mainly because I felt it was an important part of my journalistic assignment. This time I came with a girl with whom I feel somewhat more comfortable. At the entrance to the Dome stood a guy with a list of regulations and began to brief and question me. He wondered about our relationship, checked that we weren’t drunk or high, explained that the place was designed for sex only and not for other things, and made it clear that other things include foreplay. That has to be done outside, inside you only do the thing itself. And if you want to do things with other people, you have to ask and receive permission. And you need permission even to look.

And only when we had stopped paying attention entirely, did he give us the entry permit: a pair of condoms. And if for a moment we weren’t sure that the passion had leaked out of us once and for all, the guy doing the briefing looked at us and said: “Maybe you’ll begin with foreplay outside the Dome? I suggest that you warm up a little and only then go inside, but it’s your decision.” We decided on another recuperation in the air-conditioned clinic, leaving the entire Dome to one couple who were inside at the time.

Aside from that, there was nudity. Not much, but there was – one or two people at most at any given moment. Most of the nudity was among those immersing themselves in the Jordan. To be more precise, among the women immersing themselves. There was far more female than male nudity. And that led to quite a few discussions. Someone propounded an entire theory to the effect that girls feel a greater need to celebrate their bodies, to shout that they’re fine with it, especially girls with a body of the kind you don’t see in fashion catalogues. Because girls from catalogues don’t have to do anything in order to be looked at.

A mutant vehicle travels across the playa at Burning Man Credit: JIM URQUHART/REUTERS

This theory didn’t survive very long. There was nudity of all kinds here, including girls from catalogues. Like most of the participants in the event, I remained in a bathing suit. Maybe because there were very few nude people and I didn’t feel a need to be different. And the most deviant thing I did was to take part in a discussion about the ethics of urinating while immersing together in the Jordan. Because nobody had the strength to go all the way to the bathrooms, and everyone peed in the Jordan.

I spent the first day trying to understand what was going on and to find the main attractions. At a certain point that became the official shared activity of all the “Burn virgins,” the first-timers. We walked together from one camp to the next, from one party to another, from installation to installation, from workshop to workshop, looking for something, it wasn’t clear what. Following rumors. At some point you realize what the veterans already know: Nothing is happening.

The parties are no more that something between a class party and a neighborhood party (and singers Omer Adam and Eyal Golan are the winners here too), the various workshops remained insignificant, and the same was true of the game of truth or dare. (“You must demonstrate an act of BDSM that you’re familiar with.”) There were a few nice installations and a few harmless activities scattered all over the playa (the name for the area where the Burning Man takes place in Nevada, which was adopted here too): a corner where you look each other in the eyes for three minutes, a stand with a microscope connected to a screen, which enables you to see strange things that are inside people’s bodies, a photography corner that due to the prohibition on photos is actually an easel.

There was also some semi-artistic scenery: a wooden statue, hoops of lights that change color, a decorated lifeguard’s hut. Everything is very pretty, but nothing is very impressive or at all reminiscent of the lovely installations you see in pictures of the Burning Man or even the local Midburn. There’s a limit to how much people are willing to invest for three days.

The search for something interesting was led by David, a dentist from Jerusalem who immigrated from England 30 years ago. Five years ago he starting attending the Burn and he still gets excited about every activity and every party. He takes us to karaoke, then gets a signal that something’s happening in the heavy metal complex, or that we have to find the guy who brought an orgasm machine from Germany.

Chabad tent adjacent to the gays’ camp

In the tents there were mainly two generic discussions: about previous Burn events and about mind-altering substances, and then about the side effects of those substances. On the last night everyone sprawled next to the tents and talked for hours about how special it is that just at the moment when they’re hungry, thirsty or need a lighter, someone comes and provides what they want. Or how much they love the expression “the playa will provide,” which refers to magical forces. Nothing related to the fact that all during the festival, people walked around everywhere with food and drink and lighters.

There’s no point trying to characterize the participants. Professional hippies alongside accountants, families with children and serious potheads, even a Chabad tent, which was set up adjacent to the gays’ camp.

There was also the guy who ties girls to trees. He doesn’t just tie them, it’s a real art: with dozens of ropes wound around. Everyone is fascinated, people forget that in the middle there’s a girl hanging with her head down, and turning like a chicken on a rotisserie. And girls wait in line. They want to be tied.

There’s something unmediated about this event: Everyone talks to everyone, everyone touches everyone. Sweaty embraces are common, as are instant profound discussions. A girl stretches out her hand so I’ll help her enter the water with confidence. And then she chooses, it’s not clear why, to share with those around her the fact that she has returned to a friendly relationship with her ex, and they sleep together occasionally, and it really helped her to get over him.

On Shabbat afternoon, a moment before we fold it up, one redhead wondered aloud about the difference between this event and ordinary family camping at Lake Kinneret. And several people joined the discussion and mentioned the “sharing” and the “gifting.” But the redhead claimed that at family camping at the Kinneret they always give you what you need and share leftovers. Someone else mentions the prohibition on photography. And everyone agreed that it really upgraded the event. Not because it became more radical, but mainly because people didn’t walk around with their cell phones and weren’t busy staging mementos. And just then, on the banks of the nearby Jordan, several telephones switched to camera mode. And nobody said anything to them. Maybe because both the photographers and those being photographed were totally naked. Maybe because we all wanted proof that this festival really did take place.

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Burning Man has wild copycat festivals around the world — here's what they're like

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midburn israel burning man festival 8
Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Over the weekend, 70, people known as "burners" will descend on a remote swath of desert in Black Rock City, Nevada to dance, sweat, and find themselves at the Burning Man festival. Attendees will be treated to surreal art installations, workshops, and all-night parties.

Devotees of the decades-old festival have taken the free-spirited philosophy of Burning Man to their own countries and launched affiliated events where the same principles endure. Photos of these gatherings show they're more or less the same, despite being thousands of miles apart.

Let's take a closer look at three regional Burning Man festivals in the world.


This could be a photo of a Burning Man event anywhere in the world.

midburn israel burning man festival 1
Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

It happens to be Midburn, a six-day arts festival in Israel.

midburn israel burning man festival 13
Amir Cohen/Reuters

The first Midturn took place in , two years after a group of friends came home from Burning Man and decided to create events that would channel the spirit of the festival.

midburn israel burning man festival 14
Amir Cohen/Reuters

The original Burning Man — founded in — celebrates notions of self-expression, civic responsibility, and art. There are 10 core principles that exemplify the festival's culture.

burning man
Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Larry Harvey, cofounder of Burning Man, actually wrote the principles 20 years after the first event on a beach in San Francisco, as guidelines for the new "Regional Network."

Burning Man
Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Source: Burning Man

Organizers believe events like Midburn, the Israeli version of Burning Man, play a key role in keeping the spirit of the festival alive year-round, as well as connecting like-minded people.

midburn israel burning man festival 7
Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Source: Burning Man Regional Network

Midburn takes place in the Negev, a desert in southern Israel. Participants bring everything they need for the week, including food, water, and shelter. No money changes hands.

midburn israel burning man festival 3
Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

The festival has grown from 3, attendees in to an estimated 10, attendees in


2017 israel burning man

List of regional Burning Man events

The following is a list of regional Burning Man events ordered alphabetically by geography. Not all of these events are affiliated with the Burning Man organization.


South Africa[edit]

Initiated in by Paul Jorgensen, the event was put together with the assistance of early crew members Lil Black, Robert Weinek, Paul Grose and Monique Schiess and was held for the first time in on Stonehenge Private Reserve in the Tankwa Karoo, a sparsely-inhabited semi-desert region of South Africa's Northern Cape Province.

In , 11 people participated in building Tankwa Town, a beautiful space created by various kinds of people. The event, like many other Regionals, features artworks (some of which are burned), mutant vehicles, theme camps, much fire and many performances. It is presently the second-largest regional event outside the US, after Midburn in the Negev desert of Israel.


North America[edit]


British Columbia[edit]

Victoria's Annual Regional Decompression! Held Oct 7, – Oct 8, in Saanichton, BC

Official Burning Man Vancouver Regional Event, in association with the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society

Official Burning Man Vancouver Regional Events, in association with the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society: Micropolis , Dustcovery

Official Burning Man Vancouver Regional Event, in association with the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society. Held for 10 years, ending in [1]

OtherWorld is a four-day, thousand person official Burning Man Regional Event at Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island run in association with the Kindle Arts Society.


Alberta's official Burning Man regional event is in association with the League of Extraordinary Albertans. It is typically held on the weekend closest to the summer solstice, and will mark its 10th anniversary.

Northwest Territories[edit]

Part of the annual Long John Jamboree on Great Slave Lake.


Official Burning Man Toronto Regional Event, in association with BurnT Interactive Arts Society.

Toronto regional having its inaugural event May , also associated with H.E.A.T. (Hyperborean Experiential Arts Team).


Celebrating similar principals as the original Burning Man, including radical self-reliance, participative art and culture and fire. The event is held in Eastern Townships during the summer and is put on by the Brûleurs de Montréal Burners. In l'Osstidburn held its 2nd edition between June 15 and June 17 in the Eastern Townships about two hours away from Montreal.

One night decompression event.

United States[edit]

  • Saguaro Man (official site)
    • Arizona's annual regional burn which starts in April or May for five days. The event is held in Willcox, Arizona.[2]
  • Decompression (official site)
    • Arizona's annual Decompression which starts on the second Thursday of October and continues until Sunday. The event is held in Willcox, Arizona.
Los Angeles[edit]
  • BEquinox (official site)
    • BEquinox is the annual regional 3–4-day campout held around the time of the spring equinox in March. Although it is considered the Los Angeles regional burn, it is held in California City.
  • LA Decompression (official site)
    • LA Decom is the annual official LA regional decompression organized by the LA Burning Man regional team and the LA League of Arts, often held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.
  • Venice Afterburn (official site)
    • Two-day event with Burning Man art installations, mutant vehicles, theme camps, music, performances on Venice Beach.
San Diego[edit]
  • YOUtopia. (official site)
    • YOUtopia is the annual regional 4-day campout in mid-October just outside San Diego.
San Francisco[edit]
  • Decompression (official site)
    • This is an annual regional event held each October in San Francisco. With roots going back at least as far as , it offers Burning Man participants a chance to decompress: to reconnect and to share artistic performances and installations.
  • MPYRE Strikes Back! (official site)
    • The first, ongoing, Official Burning Man Regional Event that is one day, FREE-to-the-PUBLIC, no tickets, gates, or boundaries. It is held in Del Monte Beach in Monterey, California.
  • Soulfire. (official site)
    • Formerly called Soulstance, Soulfire is the annual regional 3-day campout in mid-June just outside Los Gatos.
  • Summer Of Spark TTITG (official site)
    • A family-friendly burner community event which celebrates the spirit of self-expression and creativity by gathering together at Gibson Ranch Park in Elverta, CA for one day to share art, music, workshops, community activities, education, etc. and then end the celebration with a temporary art installation burn in symbolic tradition.
  • unSCruz. (official site)
    • unSCruz is the annual 4-day Santa Cruz Burning Man Regional community campout held the beginning of May in Santa Cruz.
  • NECTR (official site)
    • NECTR is an outdoor camping experience detached from commodities and focused on art and community. It is a participant-driven experience in the woods where all the infrastructure before, during, and after is provided by the attendees. Through self-expression, gifting, and immediacy – it is meant to be transformative.
  • Love Burn (official site)
    • held in late January, early February on Virginia Key on the beach in Miami. Attendance is split evenly between out-of-state participants and in-state participants.
  • Florida Preheat
  • Florida Afterburn
    • held in November at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL.
  • Florida en F.u.ego
    • A Burning Man-inspired, 10 principled burn community, all-inclusive, all ages intentional community located near Tallahassee in Monticello FL. on acres private with a 3 acre Miccosukee spring-fed lake, the property, dubbed "Xanadu" The Burn is Called Fuego De Mayo and in held the first weekend of every May. ([1]) with a 3-acre spring-fed lake. They hold several events throughout the year. More information can be found at (official site).
  • ABSERD – Atlanta Based SE Regional Decomp (official site)
    • ABSERD is the only official Burning Man sanctioned event in Georgia.
  • Alchemy (official site)
    • It is held first weekend of October. Attendance was 3, in
  • Euphoria
    • Held in Spring every other year.
  • B.U.R.N. Burn
    • Hosted by Bold Urban Renaissance Network, B.U.R.N. Burn is held in May less than two hours outside of Chicago.
  • Hearthsophyre (official site)
    • A weekend of camping, theme camps, art projects, music, fire, performances, and effigy burning in central Iowa.
  • Resonance (official site)
    • Resonance, sponsored by Wichita Burners, is an annual burn that began in
  • This Event Is Cancelled (official site)
    • This Event Is Cancelled (TEIC), sponsored by Topeka Area Burners, is an annual burn that began in As the name of the event may suggest, this event is known to have a more adult atmosphere, and historically has embraced themes that mock, while fully embracing burner culture.
  • Firefly Arts Collective (official site)
    • This is considered the Massachusetts/New England regional burn and has been organized by a group of Boston Burners (official site) since its inception in It has moved around over the years, its first year being held in New Hampshire and has since settled in Vermont. It is still looking for a larger site than the ~60 acres used in –[4] tickets were sold for (capped) and tickets in (capped), largely restricted by limited nearby parking.[5]
Kansas City[edit]
  • InterFuse (official site)
    • sponsored by the Midwest Burners, is an annual, multi-day, camping-oriented event that upholds the ideals of the Burning Man Festival. The goal of InterFuse is to unite the scattered Burners and pre-Burners of the Midwest in a celebration of art, fire, and life, further spreading the Burning Man Experience through the region. The event was initially held at Camp Ozark Avalon, located in Boonville, Missouri but in events were moved to the Shriner's campground in Laquey to accommodate growing attendance. ticket sales were set at and sold out. In , Interfuse was changed to an "All Ages" event, allowing the participation of minors. The safety rangers of the event ("InterRangers") proudly offer Black Rock Ranger training and practical experience to those wishing to become BRC Rangers on the Playa. Instead of a Division of Public Works, or DPW, Interfuse's public works crew is known as TLA (The Leisure Army). Their motto, "All leisure, no army" is an inside joke that tells very little about all of the hard work they do in setting up the event infrastructure and keeping the essential services available and running. The InterFuse event has a population of burners 18+ and however many burners 0–17 who arrive.
St. Louis[edit]
  • Gateway Burn (official site)
    • St. Louis regional burn which has been occurring formally since Gateway takes place in mid-June. Attendance is now greater than participants. The and Gateway Burns took place near Eldridge, Missouri. The event was moved to land near Belle, MO.
  • Reno Decompression
    • Reno Burners present a night of decompressing after falling back into the world from Black Rock City.
  • SNRG (official site)
    • Burning Man Regional Event held in Beatty, NV (known as The Forgotten City prior to ). The Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, or SNRG (pronounced "Synergy"), is a Burning Man regional event produced by the Las Vegas region.
New York[edit]
  • Burnal Equinox (official site)
    • The Burnal Equinox is an arts and cultural event held in locations all over the world. It marks the halfway point to the next Burning Man event, which is held over Labor Day each year in Nevada. It is a chance, in the dark of winter, to celebrate Burner culture – interactive art, music, performance, workshops and more. It also kicks off the "build season," where participants start to work on the projects they will bring to Burning Man in August. At the Burnal Equinox, artists will bring their installations from previous Burning Man events or the start of their upcoming projects to share.
  • POrtalBurn (official site)
    • Started in ; was POrtalBurn's first year as Upstate New York's sanctioned regional burn. The event is held in the summer in the Ithaca/Finger Lakes region with current ticket cap at tickets.
North Dakota[edit]
  • Melting Man[6]
    • North Dakotas longest running and only regional event! Celebrated in the last weekend in February, Melting Man is almost exactly what it sounds like. There's an ice effigy right by a nice cozy fire and everyone hangs out and warms up while the effigy melts down.
  • Scorched Nuts (official site)
    • Started in , this Official Burning Man Regional is held at "Reclaim" outside Rutland (remote, private location in southern Ohio) annually over Memorial Day weekend. The site is a restored strip mine that provides a large, flat green space on the man-made plateau surrounded by beautiful woodland. The site is completely primitive but for a large stage open for performance and community.
  • Mosaic Experiment (official site)
    • Mosaic Experiment brings the artistry and energy of Black Rock City to the Midwestern region. Held in October at Reclaim, a repurposed strip-mine near Rutland, Ohio, Mosaic is a four-day event (Thursday through Sunday) of collaborative expression on a backdrop of brisk evenings and changing leaves. Participants from 13 different US states attended the first event in October It is the first and only Ohio regional burn to be all-ages, and is Ohio's second regional burn officially sanctioned by the Burning Man Project.
  • BurnOut (official site)
  • SOAK (official site)
    • Started in , the official Burning Man Portland Regional is held at various sites in northwestern Oregon. In , the burn moved to Tygh Valley, OR. SOAK incorporates various theme camps from Oregon and the region and typically includes an effigy burn and a Temple burn. The name comes from the wet climate in Oregon, and it has rained during the event in more than one year. The event was capped at people. See ([2]) for more information about the event, and ([3]) for information about the event.
  • Wickerman (official site)
  • Playa del Fuego, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, held in May (Memorial Day). (official site)
    • The East Coast's first sanctioned Regional, and one of the oldest in the US. Formerly in Delaware.
  • Summerisle Burn, Bedford, PA. Held over the week of the summer solstice (June 21–24) (official site )
    • Guided and inspired by Burningman's 10 principles, Summerisle is a creative expression of collaborative community building held in the several hundred-acre wooded foothills of Fort Royale Farm. No ticket cap as of Registered PA nonprofit.
  • To The Moon (official site)
    • To The Moon, the eastern Tennessee regional burn, is held each June on the banks of the Clinch River in Sneedville, TN. As an all-ages burn which abides by the Ten Principles, TTM applied for and received sanctioned status by Burning Man in its second year, The burn has grown from participants in to just under in , selling out its population capacity each year. capacity will be
  • Burning Flipside (official site)
    • Memorial Day Weekend – The event was first held in at a private campground in Dripping Springs, Texas. In , the event moved to a more spacious area at Apache Pass to accommodate greater attendance. Flipside's location is generally in a private camp area in the wooded, grassy Texas Hill Country.
  • FreezerBurn (official site)
    • MLK Day Weekend – A regional camping event inspired by Flipside and Burning Man, where art, music, food, self-expression and entertainment are brought by the participants, where volunteers come together to create art and performances, and to experiment in temporary community.
  • Burnt Soup [Formerly known as OrFunner] (official site)
    • Labor Day Weekend, featuring a pool, live music, and theme camps. Lasts five days.
North Texas[edit]
  • Myschievia (official site)
    • Indigenous Peoples' Day Weekend in October – Myschievia began in , when approximately participants attended a location about 2 hours west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since , Myschievia has been held in East Texas near Hughes Springs, Texas. Much like the Burning Man or any regional Burn, a theme may be chosen around which participants can creatively interact, though Myschievians chose not to have a theme in and Activities range from water balloon flights, to morning yoga classes, to themed dinners, to the annual Miss Myschievia pageant. The theme for the first year was "Trial By Fire," an old west courtroom-styled theme. The effigy was a foot (&#;m) tall model of the Scales of Justice. In the effigy was of the Roman Coliseum and featured several nights of spontaneous wrestling, both staged and real. In a giant head was constructed with a movable mouth. Its wild "hair," made of individual lengths of 2x6 lumber, was decorated and donated by the participants, who called the effigy "Unruly Man." For , the theme was "Burning Bridges," and the effigy for was a bridge. In , Pyrosynthesis was the theme, with the effigy being a flowerpot that participants could fill with their own "flowers," individual works of art intended to burn.
San Antonio[edit]
  • Alma Burn
    • Alma Burn began in , with approximately participants.
Corpus Christi[edit]

A volunteer driven beach clean up and burn that follows the 10 principles of Burning Man. We adopted a stretch of beach ( miles) through the General Land Office in and have been doing four of these events a year since. This summer event is our largest of the year.

Houston, Texas[edit]
Central Texas[edit]
  • Freezer Burn (official site) – January
    • FreezerBurn began in It is a local arts and music festival located in Flatonia, TX where art, music, food, self-expression and entertainment are brought by the participants, where volunteers come together to create art, performances and to experiment in temporary communities. It is a private camping event held on private property. Much like the Burning Man or any regional Burn, a theme is chosen each year around which participants can creatively interact. The theme for was Scorched Snowflakes, with a snowflake temple effigy.
  • Element 11 (official site)
    • Element is one of the many annual Regional Burningman Festivals conducted around the world. Element is a Utah Regional and is held at Stargazer Ranch, in Utah (coordinates: ). Starting this year the Element festival has increased from a three to four-day event, it begins on the Wednesday before the second weekend in July and ends on the Sunday of the same weekend. As of it is an all ages event and will continue to promote and teach Burningman's 10 Guiding Principles. It is a local community produced festival (Element is a (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization) and encourages radical self-expression and participation and strictly adheres to its Leave No Trace policy (what is brought in, should be brought out).
  • Firefly Arts Collective (official site)
    • This is considered the Massachusetts/New England regional burn and has been organized by a group of Boston Burners (official site) since its inception in It has moved around over the years, its first year being held in New Hampshire and has since settled in Vermont. It is still looking for a larger site than the ~60 acres used in –[7] tickets were sold for (capped) and tickets in (capped), largely restricted by limited nearby parking.[8]
  • Ignite (official site)
    • Ignite is the first Virginia regional burn sanctioned by (Burningman) and guided by the 10 Guiding Principles. Originally it was Transformus's Town Hall and work-play weekend before official sanction in Features theme camps, music, dancing, fire performances, and an effigy burn, with a focus on child-friendly activities.
  • Critical Northwest (official site)
    • Critical Northwest (or CNW), formerly Critical Massive, is an annual alternative arts and performance festival staged in the greater Puget Sound region of Washington. Critical Northwest was started in by Burning Man participants from the Seattle area. The Massive organization became the Massive LLC in with a board of six members. In , Ignition Northwest assumed producer responsibilities for the event, their board appoints a producer each year.The original board produced the event at a local clothing-optional resort, Lake Bronson, in Monroe, Washington before moving the event to Lake Recreation Associates Campground (or LARC) in Mount Vernon, Washington in , and the privately held campground of River outside of Maple Valley, Washington in , returning to LARC – with the exception of , when the event was held at the Shelton Fair Grounds. Ignition Northwest signed a year contract with Masonic Family Park in Granite Falls early January , establishing a permanent home for the event.The event is attended primarily by participants of the Seattle, Oregon, and British Columbia Burning Man community, with some participants coming from as far away as the United Kingdom. Much like Burning Man, Critical Northwest relies heavily on large theme camps, art, and individual participants to build the temporary village. Art grants are distributed through the local Burner-based nonprofit organization, Ignition Northwest. In , approximately $7, was distributed to multiple art projects, over $12, was awarded in Many of the core values of Critical Northwest are borrowed from Burning Man, and the same short, memorable terms are used for them. Due to the fact that the event is held in the highest population density center of the Pacific Northwest region, including Idaho, Oregon, and portions of British Columbia, the event's environment is significantly different than the Black Rock Desert. The event has been held on the west side of the Cascade mountain range in the Pacific Northwest rain forest. Consequently, the size of the event with the number of participants has been limited significantly simply for the fact that there are few venues capable of holding several individuals for a week-long event in the Northwest. Attendance has been variable over the years, with almost people in , and an average of participants when hosted at LARC. Capacity at the new permanent venue is set at for , with ability to grow well beyond 1,Additionally, unlike Burning Man where the central effigy of a glowing neon man stays essentially unaltered from year to year (with alteration to its base and other design elements), the Critical Massive event may not have a central effigy, or indeed a last-night event. Usually, fire performances and other exhibitions occur on the last night of the event, but are limited in scope and size due to fire restrictions, especially in the forest-fire prone mountains.
West Virginia[edit]
  • Frostburn (official site)
    • Frostburn is a winter celebration of art and community on Marvin's Mountaintop in Masontown, West Virginia a short distance from Morgantown. The regional burn promotes the Ten Principles of Burning Man in a harsh environment, highlighting the need for community members to collaborate against severe weather to create and install interactive art and theme camps. A gift economy is encouraged, while commercial activity is generally prohibited. Frostburn participants are expected to actively contribute to the spirit of the event in radically expressive (but socially responsible) ways, leaving no trace of their presence after the event has ended. Frostburn took place for its first five years at Cooper's Lake Campground, which also serves as the site of the annual Pennsic War (the largest annual event of the Society for Creative Anachronism). For the next two years, Frostburn was held Camp Kevin, further north near Brookville, PA, before moving south to Marvin's Mountaintop outside of Masontown, WV for Frostburn happens yearly during Presidents Day weekend in February.
  • Constellation (official site)
    • Constellation is an experiment in community-based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, intended for community members of the region to come together to connect, explore, build, burn, heal, dance and challenge themselves beyond the boundaries of what they all think possible. Founded by the Board members of the Playa Del Fuego non-profit, as well as multiple volunteer coordinators, Constellation is typically held in October (Indigenous Peoples' Day weekend) at Pegasus Farm Campground in Elkins, West Virginia.
  • Transformus (official site)
    • Every year our global family converges to create Mysteria; a city of art, fire, freedom and dreams inspired by that thing in the desert called Burning Man but done up in our own unique style. Started in , originally the North Carolina Burn, it had its regional status revoked by Burning Man organization but was reinstated in , and took place in Masontown, WV at Marvins Mountaintop in Participants under the age of 18 were previously not allowed, but have been approved as of

Burning Cow event


South America[edit]


  • FuegoAustral (official site) The first official regional event in Latin América. Was held for the first time in Around participants attended the event.



New South Wales & Victoria:

The Regional Burning Man event (Sydney & Melbourne) held annually in Matong State Forest, NSW, since (excluding when the event was cancelled due to site flooding). The location has come to be called Red Earth City, due to the reddish colour of the Australian outback soil. The event occurs in September/October each year, coinciding with the annual Labour Day Public Holiday (observed by NSW as the first Monday in October). The event is scheduled for September 26 to October 2, with approx. 4, participants and over 60 registered theme camps.

Western Australia:

Taking place in the wheatbelt town of Kulin, WA. The event occurs around Easter each year, with the event scheduled for April 12–18 and will mark the 4th year and 6th event held by Blazing Swan Inc. The event location is in dry bushland near Jilakin Lake and Rock and is referred to as Jilakin Rock City. Each year a swan-shaped wooden effigy has been built and burned at the culmination of the event. Attendance was capped at people in and 43 registered theme camps, and people in and 58 registered theme camps. Blazing Swan is a registered Not For Profit organisation.


The regional Burning Man event for Queensland and northern New South Wales, held annually since Modifyre is an event of BURN Arts, Inc., which is a registered not for profit. An insect-shaped effigy and a temple is burned at each event. It had participants in


New Zealand[edit]

The regional Burning Man event in Hunterville had 2, participants in [10] Kiwiburn has been held annually since [11]



is a regional Burn in Styria. Mindburn happened 2–7 August in Steinberg near Hitzendorf. It is a colorful festival filled with art, celebration, music, performances, workshops, games and discussion. It had 70 participants in , 64 participants

a decompression event sponsored by Austrian Burners, starting for the first time on Okt. 5–8 in Palace Wetzlas near Vienna. participants have registered Schloss Schönburn will take place on Sept. 19–23 in the same location, participants are expected.

a decompression event sponsored by Austrian Burners happening every January in Vienna. It had participants in , in , and in


Borderland is a nomadic event with changing sites: Tidahold, ( participants). In it moved to Hide Kulturbrott on the Swedish island of Gotland, ( participants).[16] In it attracted participants. – it was held in Denmark, at Boesdal Kalkbrud, and is no longer hosted in Sweden. Populations in the following years were: , , In the event moved to Hedeland with about participants.[17]


was held early December It was the first official Burning Man event in Finland: The event place Cirko in Suvilahti was filled with two days of art, performances, workshops and music, co-created with participants.


is a decompression organized regularly since by the French Burners non-profit (no fixed date). The last one on December 8, , had 1, participants and was held at le Cabaret Sauvage. Paris Decom is an official regional event sanctioned By Burning Man.

is a regional Burn in France. The first Crème Brûlée was held 13–16 May on farmland in Vexin National Park, 70&#;km from Paris. It had participants. It was held again in and The edition was in May the Creuse department and had participants. It is an official regional event sanctioned By Burning Man ([4])


Since Happening usually mid-end of June in Brandenburg region (near Berlin). An event that celebrates beauty and life in accordance with the 10 Burning Man Principles. participants in

Burning Bär is inspired by Burning Man and Nowhere and follows the core principles of Burning Man. On February 26–28, Burning Bär: Plug and Play took place in a castle in Beesenstedt with more than participants. In Burning Bär was held on February 24–26 and on February 23–25, at the same location with around participants. (Cancelled)

Burning Burg is a Burner event in Germany and started in It takes place in Castle Lutter.


A weekend event that typically takes place in June. Set on a private ecofarm in County Wexford attracts burners from all over the world but remains a small event.


A 4-day event in the Apennine Mountains, first held in , which is oriented to arts and hiking. (Cancelled)


  • Contraburn
    • Held during the original black rock desert version but this one is on a small island 15&#;km from Amsterdam. In the middle of a grass desert with lakes and swimming pool. First held in
  • Dutch Decompression (Amsterdam) , , , , , Not held in due to the Covid situation.
  • Where the Sheep Sleep (official site)
    • Held in the Veluwe area, featuring art, theme camps, performances and music. First held July 29–31, at Kootwijk (near the Dutch Desert), with participants; the edition was a day longer July 27–31, at Apeldoorn. The edition of WtSS, which was held July 26–30, encountered unusually dry and hot weather conditions with temperatures over 38C/F. Due to a long period of no rain before the event, all fire was forbidden by the authorities which led to the inception of a water-based 'Burn' at the end of the event. In the event moved to a terrain near Zeewolde where the infrastructure allows for future growth of the event. It was held in the last weekend of June. The event sold out very quickly but had to be cancelled due to the Covid situation. Tickets remain valid for in the expectation that the Covid situation would be relieved by then or could be refunded. Because the Covid situation still didn't allow the organization of the event the edition also had to be cancelled. Tickets remain valid for the next edition.


The first RoBurn was held in December in Bucharest.[18][19] It was followed by RoBurn “Peculiar Turnout” during July 31 - August 3, ,[20] and an event by the Black Sea from July 30 to August 2, [21]


Nowhere is a pan-European event. It had around participants in , in and in


  • Urban Burn Stockholm – Bizarre Star Bazaar was held in Stockholm in March [22]
  • Spark in the Dark (official site) was held in Helsingborg, Sweden, from December 28, to January 2, , with over participants. The event was based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, with an eleventh principle of Consent.
  • Urban Burn Stockholm – The Eclectical Spectacle was held in Stockholm in April [23]
  • Urban Burn Stockholm – The Divine Dynamis was held in April in the venue Nobelberget, Sickla. The after-parties for Friday and Saturday migrated next door to Noden (Synthiest community Temple).

United Kingdom[edit]

A secluded lakeside grassy Burn in Devon, UK with a maximum capacity of participants.

25–31 May
20–27 May
4–10 June
23–9 May
25–31 May

A Burn with a max. capacity of participants, held in the lush hills of Powys, Wales.
Dates: 17th–21st Sept

A Burn held in a cow farm in East Sussex, for max 30 participants.

th July
th July

Middle East[edit]


The Midburn (official site) event is the official regional event organized by the Midburn community – the Israeli Burning Man community. For six days, a temporary city is set up in the Negev desert, creating a platform which will allow a communal lifestyle, creativity, art and radical self-expression. It is held yearly since , in May or June, around the Hebrew holiday of "Shavuot" (Pentecost). The third Midburn event, in , had an attendance of 8, participants. In , more than 10,[24] people attended, making it the 2nd biggest regional event outside the US, after AfrikaBurn.

Contraburn is an event organized by the Midburn community that takes place every year on the weekend of the Burning Man event. In , 2, participants are expected.

Burnerot (translates "Candles Burn") is a weekend event organized by the Midburn community that takes place every year at the end of December, close to Hanukkah. In it had an attendance of 2, participants.

Virtual World Cyber Space[edit]

Burn2 (official site)
Burn2 is the original officially recognized Burning Man regional in the virtual world (cyber space). Burn2 occupies a region (simulator or "sim") in Second Life® year-round, with extra regions added to their virtual space during its annual event nicknamed "Octoburn". Burn2 is run by a group of volunteers that include people directly involved with Burning Man, digital artists with a genuine interest in Burning Man, along with seasoned Second Life® programmers. The Burn2 regional is open year-round to WELCOME HOME BURNERS. This digital playa is unique in that it provides a home to Burners who may not be able to travel to their local regional. Participation is from Burners from all over the world! Burn2 offers classes for those interested in building in a digital world, offers mentors for newbies, and throws some fantastic parties!
The core Ten Principles of Burning Man are celebrated, demonstrated and encouraged. Burn2 has many of the elements of the Burning Man Event, including being set in a desert playa virtual environment. At Burn2, you will experience many of the same organized groups as Burning Man; such as Greeters- who are the first people you meet at the entrance to events; Lamplighters- guardians of the Ten Principles and bringers of the flame to the virtual playa and the Temple; Fire Dancers- the Lamplighters who give special performances at selected events, Rangers- specially trained mediators always ready to help Burners to do their best to practice the Ten Principles of Burning Man, a Department of Mutant Vehicles- those crazy art cars you see rolling around in the dust, and Fashionistas- who loudly celebrate their Radical Self Expression in wild costumes as they strut their stuff in fashion shows on the playa!
Many talented artists generously build and gift their art to this community which is open year-round with events every quarter.
Welcome to Burn2 Event Calendar

Burn2 Upcoming Events

  • Burn2 Virtual Burn September
  • OctoBurn Theme: The Great Unknown - October
  • Skin Burn October 30

Past Events Burn2

  • Burnstock July
  • Conception Theme: Emergence - July
  • Burnal Equinox Theme: Roaring 's - April
  • WinterBurn Theme: Bubblegum & Duct Tape - January
  • Skin Burn Sunday November 1st, Noon & 6PM SLT
  • Hawks Airshow October 25th - 2pm SLT
  • OctoBurn Theme: Multiverse October 9th – 18th
  • VRC (Virtual Black Rock City) August 30th - Sept 7th
  • Burnstock July 24th - 26th
  • HouseFire - June 5th - 7th
  • Burnal Equinox Theme: Between the Stars - May 1st – 3rd

Previous BURN2 Events –

Past events[edit]

Events no longer happening.


San Diego:


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