Repurposing wood tv trays

Repurposing wood tv trays DEFAULT

Got an old food tray? Don't toss it out. Try these 5+ fantastic makeover ideas instead

TV tables or folding trays are a fun tool to use when you're hosting a big family dinner and you need extra places to feed everyone. You can also use them to hold your breakfast while you curl up on the couch to read the paper.

Unfortunately, a set of these little tables can set you back $50 to $ No need to worry, though, because there are some nifty ways to renew used folding trays.

Chalkboard style tray
Save your walls and create a table your kids can actually draw on! Paint a drawing surface on the top using chalkboard paint. If you want to add a little decorative touch, create a border with upholstery tacks. Check out how this is done in the video below.

Distressed farmhouse tray
The project featured in the video below turns a boring set of brown tables into unique modern, country pieces. You'll need to sand down the surface of these tables before repainting and decorating. Don't be afraid to personalize them with your favorite quotes.

Monogrammed tray
If you're looking for something sleek and upscale, try painting an old TV tray dark and adding a monogram to match your surname. This classy overhaul makes even cheap tables look super fancy. Just follow the video below.

Elegant bed tray
Can you think of anything more luxurious than a marble bed tray? Real marble is too expensive and heavy to make a good bed table, but this faux marble version is simply perfect.

Coastal makeover
If you want to completely transform the table to create a cool nightstand, follow the directions in the video below.

Makeshift ironing board
Believe it or not, you can turn a folding tray into a makeshift ironing board. Watch the magic happen in the video below.

Chevron-style tray
Add extra sparkle by using this genius trick. This dipped chevron look makes the old tray look more upscale and expensive without costing a lot of money.

Pantry canisters
Have a few old pickle or mason jars lying around? Upgrade them to chic pantry decor with the following project. This one will have guests thinking you spent a fortune at Pottery Barn.

Tape two crates together and copy this gorgeous decor idea
An ottoman creates both a place to rest your feed and a place for storage. Check out the video below to see how to do it.

Don't toss that old tomato cage
Follow the technique in the video below to turn a tomato cage into a plant stand.

Grab two cheap dollar store tubs. Add this easy DIY touch to make them look way more expensive
It's easy to transform inexpensive tubs into classy holders for cold drinks with a little spray paint.

Use this stunning DIY glass technique and save more than $ (from the Pottery Barn version)
Save lots of money by creating your own colored-glass vase with the technique in the video below.



5 Fun Ways To Use TV Trays

Personally, I&#;m a huge fan of TV trays, especially all the amazing vintage ones that are still out and about. Although, I&#;m also a fan of gathering around a dinner table and eating with the family; sometimes it&#;s just fun and relaxing to sit in front of the tube watching your favorite show with a tray full of tacos, pizza or a big bowl of spaghetti. But TV trays aren&#;t just good for dinnertime and evening soap operas, they&#;re also super versatile in other parts of your home.

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Remember, it is are a tray after all and just because it&#;s not a table top tray doesn&#;t mean it can&#;t be used in some of the same ways. In the living room or kitchen, or up on the wall &#; Take a peek at all these 5 different ways to use those 50&#;s inspired TV trays.

1. Turn it into a mini-desk.

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You don&#;t actually have to do anything special to make this happen. Instead of using the tray as a place setting, use it as a little home office. When you&#;re tired of sitting in the (usually super uncomfortable) office chair &#;.. grab a seat on your cozy couch and pop out the TV tray to get some writing or laptop work accomplished.{found on designsponge}.

2. A super cute and inexpensive side table.

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With a little paint or the right table top accessories, a plain and inexpensive TV tray can work as a super cute side table for your living room or bedroom! Add a bit of flair with some ribbon or a fancy decal, top the tray with some fancy frames or a lamp and you&#;ve got something chic and creative for your space!

3. Up-cycle it into a mini-bar!

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Super chic for small get-togethers, grab your old TV trays and up-cycle them into a mini bar! Add a basket to the base and stock it up! Also great for just water or sodas too!{found on site}.

4. Take off their legs and create a magnet board!

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Use older TV trays, chop off their legs and create some awesome magnet boards! They&#;re perfect for a craft room, office or kitchen area to hang your reminders and often forgotten phone numbers.

5. Make a mini ironing board!

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Another cute little nick-knack for the house, turn your TV tray into an mini ironing board. Easy to store and easy to cover with a little piece of fabric, small ironing boards are lighter and perfect for a quicky job!

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Tray tables are SUPER convenient. They allow us to enjoy a snack while watching TV without making a mess and can come in handy when you’re too sick to get out of bed.

So most of us have tray tables in their home.

That means that they get a lot of use and can wear out quickly. But why toss them to the curb when they are starting to look shabby? There are lots of ways you can repurpose or makeover a beat-up looking tray table.

You can also buy a used one at a local thrift store and spruce it up so you can have a great looking tray table at half the cost.

Here are some ways you can reuse tray tables:

1) Ironing Board

Just add a heat-safe cushion to the top of your tray table to turn it into a portable ironing table that can be moved from room to room. Learn how to do this below.

2) Side Table

This standard tray table was spraypainted and had some knobs glued to it. A rope was then run through the knobs to create this cute nautical look. Find out how it was done here.

3) Marble It

Tray tables can look really boring. Turn it into a chic modern piece with some spraypaint and faux marble contact paper.

4) Magnet Board

Hang the top of a metal tray table and use the underside and magnets as a board to hang stuff on.

5) Nightstand

Attach a drawer on the top of the tray table and paint it one color so they match and turn it into this Pottery Barn knockoff nightstand.

6) Planter

Attach a drawer on top of it and toss in some potted plants to create a unique planter.

7) Lego Table

Once you’ve known the pain of stepping on a Lego, you’ll never want to experience that pain again. Put an end to stepping on Legos forever and make this portable Lego table. Get the directions on how to make one here.

8) Dipped Chevron Table

How gorgeous is this! All it takes is some paint and tape to create this adorable accent piece.

9) Put a Bird On It

Use a stencil to decorate your tray table with a cute bird design.

10) Chalkboard Table

Give it a coat of some chalkboard paint and give your kids a cool surface to play with chalk indoors.

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Trays tv repurposing wood

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DIY Project - TV Tray Stand Refurbish

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