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Modified Honda Accord: This Black Beauty Gets Digital Air Suspension

The Honda Accord has always been one of the first choices for anyone who needs a luxurious and comfortable sedan. However, at the same time, the Honda Accord is also one of the best fun to drive and powerful full-size sedans out there in the market. We bring you today a black modified Honda Accord from Maharastra which looks stunning and a class apart from all other Accords running on the road.

Modified Accord

Talking of the exteriors first, this modified Honda Accord gets a dark black full body paint job with chrome delete and blacked-out elements. To complement the look, the car gets a custom body kit which makes it look very sporty and mean. In addition, there are after-market LED Headlamps and taillights that give the finishing touch to the alloy wheels.

Black Honda Accord

The stock rims of the cars have been replaced with 19-inch Ferrada Alloy wheels with a custom golden-bronze paint scheme. The car also features Airrex USA Digital Air Suspension using which the owner car easily controls the ride height of the vehicle. Air suspension can be used to make the ride soft while going through badly patched up surfaces and when out on the highway, the suspension can be customised in favour of performance.

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Modified Honda Accord

The interiors of the car have been also been worked upon. The car now gets an all back cabin with a carbon fibre finish. The custom seat covers are a treat to look at and result in increased overall comfort. Ceramic COating has been done on the paint to protect the overall gloss and quality of the paint.

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Modified Honda Accord Black

This modified Honda Accord is powered by a 2.4-L i-VTEC engine and comes mated to an automatic transmission. In terms of performance mods, the car gets DIA cold air intake, performance exhaust, and Valvetronic system. While we do not have the exact engine output figures of the car, considering the overall setup, we do expect an overall increase of 10 bhp over the stock output.

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Black Car

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How this heavily modified Honda Accord became a symbol of freedom

I know what you're thinking: This belongs in the "Shitty Car Mods" section. But if you take two minutes to read this article, I will try to convince you otherwise.

There are many great stories of scrap cars rising to the occasion, and this is one of them. It is also the story of a man called Ismael LBG.

Ismael was born in Kinshasa, Congo. He had spent his working days as a car mechanic there. After the war, which ended in the early 2000s, the country and its economy were struggling. Ismael left his home and moved to the Canadian capital in 2007 in search of a better life. And he found what he was looking for: freedom.

The car mechanic then bought an old "garbage car", as he calls it, for $100, repaired it and started to customize it. But as you have probably already seen in the pictures, we are not only talking about a sticker and a nice set of new wheels. He equipped his pride and joy with spinning hubcaps, a giant rear spoiler, all kinds of remotely Canadian things and more. You can find anything from maple leaves over hockey pucks and horses to crazy LED lighting. Also, check out the exhaust.

The thing is by no means pretty, but here is the reason, why I decided not to put this in the shitty car mods section. When asked during a CBC News interview, why he did what he did to his car, he replied:

"To make people happy. Because I like to make people happy. When I see that somebody's happy, I'm happy, too!"

Ismael is a proud Canadian now. His fellow countrymen describe the car in that same interview as "mysterious, but beautiful" and that it "belongs to Ottawa".

I love this story as much as I love Ottawa. In fact, I moved to the Canadian capital myself in 2007 to study there for a year. Maybe that's why I felt the need to share this with you.

Knowing the background, the car does make me happy.

Ismael is a kind and grateful man and a proud Canadian.

What do you think about it? Are you willing to let him off for his design choices?

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How to Modify a Honda Accord

When it comes to modifying cars, a Honda Accord is a great car to use. No matter what the model year, there are thousands of aftermarket parts available for Honda Accords. From wild and crazy accessories that stand out in a crowded car show to simple choices that help with the ride quality, multiple choices exist for Accord modification. Follow these steps to modify a Honda Accord and make your car look, drive and feel better.

Step 1

Add performance to your Honda Accord by replacing the stock air intake with an aftermarket cold air intake. Replace the stock exhaust with an aftermarket exhaust system. These are both easy to do and can add horsepower and looks. Price range depends on the exact product.

Step 2

Replace the original wheels and tires with a set of aftermarket rims and tires. Choose a slightly larger diameter rim than the original, but go with a shorter sidewall tire. An aftermarket set of rims and tires fit on the Accord just as well as the original set, but punches up the car's look.

Step 3

Paint the Accord or add graphics to the original paint to show off a unique style. A full color change is the most expensive way to modify the exterior. Add vinyl graphics to the original paint job for a much smaller price. A bonus when using vinyl graphics is that the graphics are easily removed without damaging the vehicle's paint job.

Step 4

Modify the interior of your Honda Accord by adding or changing color. Reupholster the seats or add seat covers for a new look and better feel. Paint the dash, door panels and other plastic areas with automotive spray paint found in parts stores. This is the biggest way to make a difference inside your Accord. You can also upgrade the stereo system and include television monitors and new or larger speakers.

Swap out the original springs under the Accord with performance, race or adjustable springs. Each type has a different ride quality. Adjustable springs are more expensive, but allow you do adjust the ride height of your Honda Accord lower to the ground or slightly above stock height.


  • Check your local laws to make sure your modifications are street legal and meet all codes.

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Honda accord modified

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25 Different Accessories MODS You Can Have In Your HONDA ACCORD Exterior Interior

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