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SMT Printed Circuit Board Silver Plated Test Points

The fabricators of SMT printed circuit boards may take advantage of the convenience of field testing with the unique loop design of Components Corporation's TP  and TP series of surface mounted, printed circuit test points is now available in silver-plate for outstanding reliability.  All products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

TP and TP Silver-Plated Series

The TP and TP Series of loop profile, surface mount, test points are available with " minimum silver over " minimum copper for specific applications. The product is manufactured using Components Corporation's proprietary technology, assuring the highest possible performance.


TP Series

The silver-plated TP Series loop-profile test points for surface mounting on PCBs offers positive and secure location for most commercially available spring-loaded test clips and probes while providing a strong bond to the surface mount PCB to accommodate for mechanical stress. . The TP Series achieves this through the spiral wrap of its flat wire design resulting in a mounting surface footprint almost double the area of surface adhesion beyond the dimensions of the wire loop material. This allows a bond to the board which averages 18 lbs. of force to dislodge the test point from its soldered junction. TP Series test points are formed from a phosphor bronze flat wire alloy.


TP Series

The silver-plated TP Series provides a secure anchoring point for the miniature test probes and j-hooks. This user-friendly, sub-miniature test point holds probes fast to prevent slippage. The TP’s small footprint, about the same as a chip capacitor, and ultra-low profile are perfect for advanced surface mount printed circuit board applications. The TP Series is available on tape and reel.

  • Quality products built to the highest standards—Components Corporation products are designed to give you the best performance with reliable, repeatable test results. All products are compliant with Directive //EU RoHS and EU Regulation EC /
  • Fast delivery of your order—We have a large inventory available for expedient processing and delivery.
  • Competitive prices—Components Corporation offers competitive pricing on matte tin test points manufactured to the highest standards.

See also our matte tin test point option.

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What Is the Use of Test Points in a PCB Circuit?

As a design for test (DFT) approach, test points streamline the PCB testing process. These design elements will enable you to verify your PCB’s function during development. By creating a PCB with test points, you can improve processes that happen in later stages of production.


What Are Test Points on a PCB?

A PCB test point is a small wire loop used for test probes on a PCB that contains surface-mount parts. During production, they enable the user to inject test signals or monitor the board’s circuitry. Test points come in a variety of materials, sizes and colors.

With a test point, you can create an access area for your test probe. Many of these probes have J-hooks designed for older PCB styles that included leads. A PCB test point provides a place for the J-hook or has a sharp pointed end that touches a conductor on the board. Most surface-mount test points feature a phosphor bronze alloy, but they can also have more affordable silver plate coatings.


Advantages of Adding Test Points to Your PCB

Implementing test points in your PCB design will provide the following benefits during development:

  • Low profile: Compared to other test probe connection types, test points offer a much lower profile. Alternatives such as posts and turrets may not fit in a thin enclosure. Test points have a profile similar to that of surface-mounted components, making them a more versatile choice.
  • Time and cost savings: By detecting connectivity issues through test points in early design phases, you can save time and money in later stages. Without early testing, a PCB can demonstrate issues in later design phases that involve more expensive assemblies. Repeated testing of these advanced models results in wasted time and money.
  • Easier error detection: Test points simplify the probe testing process, making it easier to detect potential issues. With test points, you can get the measurements you need without compromising your PCB design.


How to Design a PCB With Test Points in Mind

Proper test point placement includes the consideration of these factors:

  • Board side: In most cases, placing all test points on the same side of the PCB saves time and money by streamlining the testing process.
  • Minimum test point distance: A PCB’s test points should have a minimum of inches between them to improve testing effectiveness.
  • Test point distribution: By distributing test points uniformly throughout the PCB, you can more easily test with multiple probes.
  • Zone for tall components: Designating an area of your PCB for tall components can also simplify the testing process. Keeping these parts in one zone will ensure that they do not block access to test points.
  • Manufacturing tolerances: Remember to consider manufacturing tolerances as you create your PCB’s initial layout. The PCB will need room to accommodate test points and probes during the testing phase.


Millennium Circuits Limited — Your PCB Supplier

At MCL, we offer small-scale production and prototype services that can help with the testing process. Learn more about our capabilities by completing a quote request.

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High Temperature Surface Mount Test Points 'SMOX'

26th February

SMOX Connection

The Oxley SMOX product is a unique test terminal which provides accurate line tests in PCB assembly. Choosing SMOX enables customers to benefit from the following features:

The HT (high temperature) range is specifically designed for use with RoHS compliant lead-free solders, for example 96S (re-flow at °C or °F ).

Supplied loose or on tape and reel for ease of assembly, its unique retention mechanism enhances reliability through low stress contact.  

Due to the unique nature of the SMOX connection system, it represents the only surface mount ball and socket test point available with a specially designed socket for easy low contact resistance.

Requiring a minimum pad size of only 2 millimetres (”), and being a single pole device, the SMOX can be placed accurately by any pick and place machine or by hand assembly.

The HT SMOX product is a stock item that can be supplied with a rapid turnaround to fulfil the most urgent of requirements. 

Oxley is an established leader in the design and production of high specification interconnect products for the most challenging of applications. 

For your free sample of Oxley HT SMOX please contact us by clicking here. These will supplied mounted onto a PCB board along with a mating half to allow you to test the product in situ.








Test Points, SMT

Surface Mount Test Points on Tape and Reel

Micro Minature, Miniature, Compact, Color Keyed and Hybrid Styles

Ultra Low Profile Designs

Keystone Electronics has developed a series of surface mount test points, supplied on Tape and Reel that meets ANSI/EIA standards, for easy convenient handling and use.

Micro Miniature Test Points are designed for high density board applications.  Manufactured using Silver or Matte Tin Plated Phosphor Bronze, Supplied on tape and reel, 1, or 5, pieces per reel.

Miniature Test Points are designed with an enlarged solder pad for increased solder joint strength while saving valuable board space.  Manufactured using Silver plated Phosphor Bronze, Supplied on tape and reel, 1, or 5, pieces per reel.

Compact Test Points are designed with the largest solder pad for increased solder joint strength.  Manufactured using Matte Tin or Silver plated Phosphor Bronze, Supplied on tape and reel, 1, or 5, pieces per reel.

Color Keyed Test Points are designed for applications that have multiple test points and require quick identification the test points.  Manufactured using Silver plated Phosphor Bronze with a color key added to base.  Supplied on tape and reel, 1, pieces per reel 

Hybrid Mount Test Points are designed to provide increased solder joint strength.  Manufactured using Silver plated Phosphor Bronze, and are supplied on a 12mm wide; 4mm pitch tape  Supplied on tape and reel, pieces per reel 

All test points feature an Ultra Low Profile design, ideally suited for advanced surface mount printed circuit board applications. Designed and manufactured using flat wire that provides a large mounting surface area, strength, and durability, these contacts simplify testing on high density  circuit boards and are ideal for use with miniature test probes, clips, and J hooks.

Availability is from stock through Keystone's Global Distributor Network. Application engineering services are available to meet special customer requirements.

Refer to Keystone's, M70, Product Design Guide for our complete product offering and specifications.



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