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What is Neem Bark Powder? How do I use Neem Bark Powder? And what are the benefits of Neem Bark Powder? These are all questions that come up when we promote our organic, fresh ground neem bark powder and wanted to outline what it is, how you can use it and how you will benefit from adding Neem Bark Powder into your daily routine.

What is Neem Bark Powder?

Neem bark is a common ingredient in traditional medicine throughout India and southeast Asia. The neem tree is a Pure Neem Bark Powder- Natural and Organiclarge evergreen tree that grows in tropical and subtropical climates in India, southeast Asia, the Middle East, and eastern Africa. The bark of the neem tree is dried, ground into a powder, and used as a topical or oral medicine for a wide variety of ailments. While clinical data on the effectiveness of neem bark is lacking, preliminary trials show tentative support for traditional claims of the bark's antibacterial, anti-fungal, insecticidal, and spermicidal properties. Neem bark extract is a popular component of alternative medicine systems across the world. Shop for Neem Bark Powder.

How do I use Neem Bark Powder?

Neem bark powder is probably a better immune system booster and analgesic than the leaf -- and ongoing studies show that it's better for all kinds of tummy troubles. We put about a teaspoon in our coffee for a fresh "New Orleans" chicory taste. It's not quite as bitter as the leaf so it can be sprinkled on dog food for the same benefits. Neem Leaf & Neem Bark have historically been used in several skin care and hygiene products, and their properties have been well researched. Neem Bark Powder can be used for internal supplementation, Oral care, i.e. toothpastes, toothpowders and gum pastes, used on pets for oral care or sprinkled on their fur to help repel fleas and much more. If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or lactating, it is advised that you do not consume Neem Bark Powder.

Internal supplementation

The typical rate of usage is 1/8 teaspoon of ground neem bark per 10 pounds twice a day for 30 days, then back down to one dose a day after that. That means a 12-pound Shih-Tzu would get an eighth of a teaspoon, a 40-pound Shar-Pei w

Organic Neem Bark Capsules

ould get a half-teaspoon and a 120-pound Rottie would get 1.5 teaspoons. Some herbalists believe that patients should take a break every weekend or one week a month.

We typically melt one cup of either peanut butter or Velveeta with a cup of water, then add one cup of neem bark and feed each dog its recommended dose -- they'll literally line up for these treats!

If you would rather use Organic Neem Capsules than neem bark powder, a dog that weighs less than 50 pounds should have one capsule every other day. Dogs over 50 pounds can handle one capsule daily.

Oral Care

For oral care in pets, try mixing equal amounts of neem bark and peanut butter, then brushing or rubbing it on their teeth. We have found that our older Labrador has brighter white teeth since rubbing this on her teeth and gums.

For oral are in humans, you can try sprinkling the neem powder on your toothbrush, with or without toothpaste and brushing. We've also created three different great flavoring Neem Bark Toothpowders that take all the extra work out of the equation. All our tooth powders are fluoride free and contain no harsh chemicals. Shop for Neem Bark Tooth Powder.

What are the benefits of Neem Bark Powder?

The Neem bark has cool, bitter, and astringent properties. It is traditionally used to treat tiredness, Kapha dosha imbalance, worms, fever and loss of appetite. Because of its antiseptic and astringent properties, it is especially helpful in healing wounds.

  • Provides dental & digestive support for pets & people.
  • Concentrated source of antioxidants.
  • Protects & detoxifies the liver.
  • Supports healthy gums, teeth and skin health.
  • Sprinkle it on your pets food or in your coffee, tea or smoothie!

Neem Bark Powder Benefits:

  • Provides dental & digestive support for pets & people.
  • Concentrated source of antioxidants.
  • Protects & detoxifies the liver.
  • Supports healthy gums, teeth and skin health.
  • Sprinkle it on your pets food or in your coffee, tea or smoothie!
  • Offers hydrating plant protein to the diet and combines approximately 140 powerful bio-active compounds found in nature
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, No fillers, no binders and no artificial ingredients

Shop and browse our All About Neem store for All Natural Neem Bark Tooth powder, Green Neem Leaves, Natural Neem Bark Powder and more.

Read more about how to use Neem for your teeth, gums and oral care.

Natural Teeth Whitening: How to Use Neem Bark Powder for Teeth

How does Neem Improve Your Gums and Teeth?

Benefits of Neem Bark Powder

Benefits of Neem Tea



Product offerings include: 100% pure organic neem bark powder, organic neem bark capsules and tablets, organic neem bark tea and tea bags, organic neem seed oil, organic neem seed powder, organic neem bark extract. Contract manufacturing and private labeling is available. Please ask us about this option. 

  • Common Name:

    Neem Bark Powder

    Botanical Name:

    Azadirachta Indica



    Plant Parts Used:

    Stem, Bark



    Color & Appearance:

    Brown Color

    Organic Certifications:

    USDA, EU, Halal, Kosher

    Country of Origin:


    Product Applications:

    Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Herbal Teas, Capsules & Tablets, Energy Bars, RTDs (ready to drink beverages)

    Neem Bark Powder: Overview

    Neem is an evergreen tree and is the fastest-growing tree, young leaves of the plant are reddish to purple in color and mature leaves are dark green in color. Flowers are small, white colored and fragrant. Olive like drupe fruit is oval to round in shape, smooth and immature fruits are green in color. After the ripening color of fruit changes to yellow with pulp and seed inside. Neem is native to the Indian subcontinent, i.e. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives. It is typically grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions.

  • Uses and Benefits of Neem Bark Powder

    In the world of Ayurveda, Neem is a popular medicinal herb that’s been part of traditional remedies that date back almost 5000 years. Neem bark have anti-bacterial properties which is why it works wonders on infections, burns and any kind of skin problems. It destroys the bacteria that causes infections, stimulates the immune system and encourages rapid healing. Neem bark is used for leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), fever, diabetes, gum disease (gingivitis), and liver problems. The bark is used for malaria, stomach and intestinal ulcers, skin diseases, pain, and fever.

    1. Soothing the skin
    2. Improving skin texture
    3. Supports digestive health
    4. Boosts the immune system
    5. Helps in wound care
    6. Supports the dental, liver, and respiratory health
    7. Provides dental & digestive support for pets & people
    8. Concentrated source of antioxidants
    9. Protects & detoxifies the liver
    10. Supports healthy gums, teeth and skin health
  • Consistency: All of our products are created using the same extraction process in the same facility, which creates consistency. This ensures that you will receive a product that’s always reliable and effective.

    Organic Farming: We hold ourselves to rigorous farming standards — it’s not necessarily cheaper or easier, but it’s what’s right. Majority of our nutrient rich products are grown in our own organic farms under strict USDA guidelines, which enables full control over consistency and quality. Our farms, processing and trading are certified under NOP & NPOP standards.

    Every Batch is Tested: Our standards are rigorous and thorough. We test every single batch of our herbs and oils through a third-party lab to ensure that the products you receive are the highest quality available, without microbes, pesticides or heavy metals.

    No MOQ: We know that every big company had a small beginning. Hence, We offer even smaller quantities and there is No Minimum Order Quantity requirement. There is no discrimination based on order quantity and every order is handled with utmost care and attention.

    Infrastructure: Our factory is spawning at an area of 64,800 sq ft. We have various accreditations and certifications including FDA, ISO, HACCP, USDA organic, EU organic, Kosher, Halal etc.

    Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling: Contract manufacturing and private labeling is available. Please ask us about this option.

    Enquire Now: [email protected]

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Neem Bark Powder

  • Neem Bark Powder
  • Neem Bark Powder

A Refreshing Ayurvedic Supplement for Skin Health & Optimal Blood Circulation


  • Neem Bark Powder promotes skin health by encouraging natural skin rejuvenation, healthy turnover, and maintaining optimal moisture levels
  • It supports digestive health and healthy metabolism with its naturally soothing properties that rekindle the digestive fire while maintaining Pitta levels
  • Active bitter principles present in Neem help the healthy elimination of circulatory toxins in the blood
  • It supports natural toxin removal while retaining healthy bacteria to boost the immune system
  • It promotes oral health as its natural nutrients nourish the teeth and gums, maintain regular alkaline levels, and naturally eliminate germs and bacteria
Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

  • Neem Bark Powder promotes skin health by encouraging natural skin rejuvenation, healthy turnover, and maintaining optimal moisture levels
  • It supports digestive health and healthy metabolism with its naturally soothing properties that rekindle the digestive fire while maintaining Pitta levels
  • Active bitter principles present in Neem help the healthy elimination of circulatory toxins in the blood
  • It supports natural toxin removal while retaining healthy bacteria to boost the immune system
  • It promotes oral health as its natural nutrients nourish the teeth and gums, maintain regular alkaline levels, and naturally eliminate germs and bacteria
Suggested Use

Suggested Use

  • Take ¼ - ½ teaspoon Neem Bark Powder, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Please consult with your physician prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant, or nursing, or on medication, or have a medical condition.
  • Do not use the product if the seal is broken. Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.


What Should You Take Neem Bark Powder With?

The best way to consume Neem Bark Powder is with Ayurvedic Carrier Substances (Anupanas). Anupana is a carrier substance or vehicle that carries herbs into the body for proper assimilation and full effect. The herb becomes more potent when you take it with the right Anupana.

You can take Neem Bark Powder with warm water for all body types.

What Does Ayurveda Say About Neem Bark Powder for Skin Health and Rejuvenation?

Neem is called 'Arista' it means 'perfect, complete, and imperishable’ in Sanskrit. It has been used in Ayurveda for more than 4,000 years during the Vedic period. Ancient practitioners regarded it as "The Village Pharmacy" as different parts of the tree hold different health benefits. This wondrous herb is part of a traditional self-care ritual that balances all three doshas and naturally freshens skin and body.

Athreya leverages these attributes in an all-natural supplement suitable for easy usage and consumption.

Our Neem Bark Powder promotes digestive health. This refreshing herb has a cooling effect on the gut, which relaxes the gut muscles and supports its optimal functioning. It also promotes easy digestion and metabolism for a healthy GI tract. It also boosts skin health. It contains Vitamin E and other natural nutrients that nourish the skin from inside. It encourages skin rejuvenation and turnover for a naturally even and glowing complexion. Furthermore, it helps maintain healthy moisture levels in the skin cells to promote smooth, supple texture.

The ingredients support natural toxin removal inside vital organs (especially the heart and liver). These properties help detoxify and eliminate toxins and free radicals from our system. Along with that, they maintain healthy gut flora, which boosts immunity. It aids the body in producing healthy immune responses against external stressors.

Neem Bark Powder promotes oral health. It contains essential nutrients that nourish and strengthen the teeth and gums for their healthy functioning. They maintain regular alkaline levels and eliminate germs and bacteria in the mouth naturally.

It also helps maintain optimal body temperature, which is vital for overall health and wellbeing. This also makes it a potent Ayurvedic supplement for skin health.

Other than that, the bitter taste of the Neem can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which supports a healthy heart. Plus, Vitamin E found inside the herb is also good for healthy eyes and optimal vision. Certain properties also promote liver health and respiratory health.

Neem’s bitter and astringent qualities have a pacifying effect on the Pitta and Vata doshas for optimal health and wellbeing.

Which Natural Phytonutrients Are Found Inside Neem Bark Powder?

Neem Bark Powder from Athreya Herbs is a rejuvenating Ayurvedic supplement for skin health. It contains a unique combination of bioactive compounds that support digestive and skin health. They include various vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, nimbin, nimbidin, and other natural phytonutrients. These give this Ayurvedic supplement anti-inflammatory and other natural properties that support various parts of the body.

Why Should You Choose Neem Bark Powder as an Ayurvedic Supplement for Skin Health & Healthy Blood Circulation?

Neem Bark Powder from Athreya Herbs is a high-quality and all-natural Ayurvedic herbal blend. It promotes digestive health and skin health. This supplement’s active ingredients have a cooling effect and other nourishing properties. It encourages oral health and boosts the immune system. Moreover, it maintains optimal body temperatures for overall wellbeing.

At Athreya Herbs, our Ayurvedic experts use the purest and freshest ingredients to formulate Neem Bark Powder. We source them from herbal gardens with optimal climates to ensure the final product contains the most potent and effective ingredients.

How do we make Neem Bark Powder?

Our Ayurveda experts follow traditional Ayurvedic techniques to prepare Neem Bark Powder. Neem is the primary ingredient used that promotes healthy skin and digestion.

We collaborate with farmers and give them guided instructions to use effective cultivation and harvesting techniques to preserve the potency of the phytoconstituents. We make sure no chemicals or pesticides are added to our Neem Bark Powder throughout the process.

Our Ayurveda experts process the product in a traditional pharmacy setting. We handcraft this product and prepare it in small batches to enhance the effectiveness of its bioactive compounds.

While our experts source the ingredients from India, the processing step takes place within the USA. At Athreya Herbs, we aim to provide you with whole foods and 100% natural products. Our herbal supplements also go through multiple quality tests before packaging and shipping. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive the purest and most effective products that boost your health and overall wellbeing.

It's only here that you'll find Ayurvedic supplements that help enrich your body with strength, vitality, and optimal health.

Supplement Facts

Serving size - ¼ - ½ teaspoon

Ingredient - Neem Bark (Nimba) Azadirachta indica

This product is gluten-free, soy-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, preservative-free. It contains no animal by-products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts. It is also a third-party laboratory tested for purity from heavy-metal levels.

Non-Organic Powders - Ethically Wildcrafted Herbal Powders

The Ayurvedic Properties of Neem Bark Powder

  • Part used – Bark
  • Taste (Rasa) – Bitter, Astringent
  • Quality (Guna) – Light, Dry
  • Potency (Veerya) – Cold
  • Post Digestive Action (Vipaka) – Pungent
  • Action on Doshas– Balancing for Pitta and Kapha doshas

The wonderful health benefits & medicinal uses of neem bark, powder, leaves, oil

You have added it in festival pachadis (side dishes made of sundry ingredients that are pounded together) and rasam (tamarind-based soup-like dish eaten with rice). Or dabbed the oil on your skin to get rid of acne. You might have found its dried leaves in wardrobes used to repel insects or seen people apply its leaves on the forehead of a sick person. Perhaps you drank a concoction with this ingredient yourself to cure your illness!

Yes, we are talking about neem: the multifaceted and versatile tree! Clearly, there are so many uses of neem. Each of its parts has some utility: the leaves, bark, oil, flowers, and seeds. This sacred tree is much revered for its medicinal properties and has been used to treat various ailments since prehistoric times. According to research, neem is the first-mentioned medicinal plant in the Siddha medical system believed to be about 10,000 years old.

So, let’s find out more about this neem tree along with the medicinal benefits of various parts and forms – neem bark, powder, leaves, and oil.

What is neem?

Neem is a member of the mahogany family, Meliaceae. The scientific name of neem is Azadirachta indica.  

This Latinized name comes from the Persian words: ‘Azad’ meaning ‘free’, ‘dirakht’ meaning ‘tree’, and ‘i-Hind’ meaning ‘of Indian origin’.

So, this word means the ‘free tree of India’.

This evergreen tree grows to a height ranging from about 50 to 120 feet. The special feature of this tree is that it can grow in arid regions with little rainfall. So, its ability to withstand drought makes it ideal for the world we live in today.

Where is neem cultivated?

Neem is mainly cultivated in the tropical climate of the Indian subcontinent – India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. 

Uses of neem

Different parts of the neem tree are used in several Ayurvedic remedies. In particular, the bark, powder, leaves, and oil are tremendously useful, and hence popular. Let’s explore the uses of different parts and extracts from the neem tree.

I. Uses of the bark

A) The bark of the neem tree has antiseptic and astringent properties, which helps heal wounds.
B) Extracts made from neem bark have antioxidant properties.
C) It also acts as a coolant.

It is used to

  • ward off tiredness
  • treat worms
  • control fever 
  • treat loss of appetite
  • clean teeth 
  • balance the Kapha constitution

How to use it:

  • Traditionally, people would just snap off a twig of the neem tree and chew on it; it prevents bleeding gums, tooth decay, and bad breath.
  • The bark of the neem is also crushed and ground to make neem powder. 

II. Uses of neem powder

A) Neem powder is used in mouthwash products
B) It helps you deal with stomach upsets.
C) It helps boost your immune system

How to use it: Add neem powder to boiling water. Keep overnight. Allow the mixture to steep for 2 days. Strain the liquid and use it in a diluted state for mouthwash. This was India’s ancient remedy preceding toothpaste and breath fresheners. 

III. Uses of neem leaves

Neem leaves are antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agents. 

  • It is effective in treating eczema, ringworm, and acne. 
  • It can correct Vata imbalances.
  • It helps purify the blood.
  • Ironically, it is used as an insecticide to repel pests.
  • One of the best uses of neem leaves is for the hair. It nourishes the hair. It also helps get rid of dandruff. 

How to use it:

  • Traditionally, neem leaves are crushed in a mortar or pot and water is added to it to make a paste. This is applied directly to wounds and other skin conditions. 
  • People also hang neem leaves at the door or near the bed of patients with flu or fever because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is believed that the spread of diseases is contained as the air is purified by these neem leaves, which act as disinfectants. 
  • Neem leaves are crushed in a pot. Water is added to it and the pot is covered. This mixture is allowed to steep for 2-3 days. Then, with a strainer, the liquid concentrate is separated from the leaves. To this, concentrate, soap is added and this can be used as a pesticide spray.
  • You can also try a home-made neem pack for your hair. Grind the neem leaves with a little water; boil it on a pan to make a consistent paste. Allow it to cool. Apply it to your scalp after shampooing your hair. Wash it off after 30 minutes. Try this twice a week for best results!

IV. Uses of neem oil

Neem oil is derived by crushing neem seeds. You can also prepare it with the help of neem leaves.

How to make neem oil at home:

(a) Take a few sprigs of neem and tulsi (basil) leaves. Wash well and dry.
(b) Mix with a little water (just enough to help grind) in a blender and keep the paste aside.
(c) In another pan, warm some coconut or sesame oil, the base for preparing neem oil. 
(d) Add the paste in the oil and keep over a low flame for 15-20 minutes, allowing the oil to be absorbed by the neem paste.
(e) Remove from the flame and cool for 2 hours.
(f) Strain the mixture.
(g) Keep the neem oil in a closed container free from moisture.

Like the leaves, neem oil is used to treat skin problems. 

  • It is especially effective in treating head lice and dandruff.
  • The purifying nature of neem leaves makes it useful for aromatherapy.

Medicinal uses of neem oil:

1. Skin conditions

(i) Is acne embarrassing you? Do you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, ringworm, and stubborn warts? Neem oil is remarkably effective in getting rid of these skin conditions.
(ii) It is also an essential element in cosmetics. Neem oil is known to help rejuvenate and beautify your skin.

Note: If you are using store-bought neem oil, ensure that you use high-quality neem oil. 

2. Haircare

This can help get rid of dandruff. It also helps in the growth of thicker and stronger hair. So, if you are suffering from hair loss, neem oil is an effective remedy.

How to do it:

Apply neem oil to your scalp and gently massage. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

3. Digestive disorders

If you are among those who suffer from gastric problems like ulcers, neem can help ease the pain by removing toxins in the body. 

You can make juices from neem flowers or add the leaves in drinks such as aamras (mango juice) to enjoy the benefits of neem.

4. Parasitic diseases

Neem extracts have the ability to destroy parasites – internal and external, as they have hormone mimics. These don’t allow the eggs of the parasite to hatch also preventing their ability to feed. 

Apart from these, the effects of neem on the immune system are unparalleled, as it has great antioxidant properties. So, if you haven’t done it already, include neem in your life to enjoy its various benefits.

This valuable tree has rightly been declared the “Tree of the 21st century” by the United Nations. Because of its various uses and applications, neem is considered the Indian villager's friend and protector. 

You can read more about Ayurvedic herbs and their benefits here. 

If you would like to delve deeper into better health, to make your body and mind strong, you could explore the Wellness Program here. 

Written with inputs from Dr. Anjali Asok, Ayurveda physician, Faculty, Art of Living

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