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The 15 Coolest Paths To Take In The Skyrim Live Another Life Mod

Many memes have been created of Skyrim's drawn-out opening. Fans know it all-too-well, asking the player to listen to exposition about the land before getting their head cut off. That is until a dragon intercepts the execution and saves the Dragonborn from certain death.

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For those that have played Skyrim for the hundredth time, however, this introduction is needlessly long and frustrating. Modders agreed, which is why Alternate Start - Live Another Life exists. This mod allows players to choose how they wish to begin the game with a wide range of options. From being left for dead to starting in a new land, here are the 15 coolest paths players can take when starting their next Skyrim adventure with the Alternate Start mod.

Updated September 23rd, 2020 by Charles Burgar: With almost a decade passing since Skyrim first released, the talented and passionate modding community has not stopped updating this classic RPG. Thousands of new mods are either updated or created to make Skyrim even better, and the Alternate Start mod is no exception. Other mods have taken advantage of this mod while Alternate Start itself has seen some fixes. Listing only ten starts just doesn't cut it anymore, so we went ahead and added five more alternate start options that players should experience on their next modded adventure.

15 Property Owner

One of Skyrim's grindiest early-game aspects is obtaining a personal home. Working towards purchasing Breezehome in Whiterun can be quite the task, which is why players can choose to start as a property owner instead.

When this option is selected, players can pick one of four properties in Skyrim to live in, complete with apparel that matches how expensive the house is. Hearthfire's houses are also included, and players can even choose to live in a farmhouse if owning an entire house seems overkill.

14 Live In An Orc Stronghold

Orc strongholds are some of the coolest locations players can find in Skyrim. Each Orc tribe refuses to cooperate with outsiders, which is why this intro option is so appealing.

Players begin the game as a member of an Orc stronghold, although their reputation with the tribe is rather low. Any Orc that selects this option will be given a full set of Orcish armor and an Orcish Battleaxe. While that might sound overpowered, players still start at level one. Orcs are the only race that can begin with this option. It's a great way to roleplay as a tribesman during the early portion of Skyrim.

13 Shipwrecked

Shipwrecked is one of the more polarizing starts for characters in this mod. Those that select this option will spawn in a ship that has just hit a glacier far off from Solitude. Players must scavenge gear on the ship and swim to Skyrim's shore.

Vanilla players that have only Alternate Start or few mods will find this opening potentially boring for how long the swim is. Those that are using survival mods such as Frostfall will get an entirely different experience. Since the surrounding area is cold, players must scavenge to maintain warmth and find a way to enter Skyrim without freezing to death. It's incredibly tense for survival playthroughs.

12 Escape My Cell

Should players wish to dive straight into Skyrim, escaping their cell is a solid choice. When this option is selected, the start of Skyrim becomes an exciting fight for survival.

The tower players are trapped in is filled with magical traps and hostile enemies. Use the newfound lockpicks to escape the cell and find some weapons. Players can also sneak out, but this is a tall order with how small the dungeon is. Exiting the building will place the player adjacent to the mountain that holds High Hrothgar, meaning that players are practically in the middle of Skyrim. At that point, the player can do anything they wish.

11 Soldier In The Army

No matter a player's views on who should control Skyrim, the Alternate Start mod allows players to jump right into the Civil War questline as a Stormcloak or Imperial.

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This alternate start begins with a quest that asks the player to retrieve the Jagged Crown, paving the way for the rest of the story. Stormcloaks or Imperials are options players can choose from character creation, letting them get into some intense combat encounters at the very beginning of the game.

10 Member Of The Dawnguard

Guilds are on the table when players request an alternate start. Nearly every guild is available for the player to start as, ranging from the Companions to the Dark Brotherhood.

What might surprise players is how enjoyable starting as the Dawnguard can be. Players spawn at Fort Dawnguard and can grab any item inside. Obtain a Crossbow and some Dawnguard weapons and armor to make the first few levels a breeze. Once at level 10, start the Dawnguard DLC to fully begin the role-playing dream of taking down vampires with silver blades and restoration magic.

9 Attacked And Left For Dead

Waking up from a terrible attack, players will find their caravan destroyed with all of their gear is missing. Ragged clothes are all that cover a player's back as they scavenge for materials.

Unfortunately, the mod does not mark a bandit camp for players to raid to get some early-game gear, but the roleplaying potential this opens up is hard to match. Other mods can also add to this specific opening, adding a group of bandits or enemies for the player to pursue.

8 Member Of The Penitus Oculatus

The Penitus Oculatus is a prestigious group that follows the Emperor's direct commands. Should the player choose to begin as an Imperial, they can start the game as a member of this elite organization.

Penitus Oculatus members are detailed to Dragon's Bridge to see that the location is safe. Items in the nearby outpost are all available for the player to take and use including a full set of Penitus armor and Imperial weaponry. When dragons begin invading Tamriel after "Unbound," the player's Penitus status is removed as they failed to protect Skyrim from external threats.

7 Warlock's Thrall

Starting as a prisoner can get rather stale in The Elder Scrolls series, with nearly every game starting the player in this predicament. None have started players as a warlock's thrall, however.

Thralls begin the game by equipping a ring that breaks the control two warlocks have on them. The cave players start in is safe to grab items from, as the warlocks do not know that their thrall has gone rogue. Once players leave the cave, however, the warlocks will realize what's happened and will begin chasing the player down. Running away is required since these warlocks are much stronger than most level one foes. It makes for an engaging introduction that isn't as world-ending as Helgen.

6 Thalmor Agent

The Thalmor are one of the major antagonists in Skyrim. Stormcloaks want them dead, most of the Empire hates them, and the locals of Skyrim want them gone. Such a hated faction amongst NPCs is asking to be played.

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That is exactly what the Thalmor agent start does. Players spawn in the Thalmor Embassy and are allied with the faction, the only means of doing so in Skyrim. Players can complete quests like normal, but be aware that the Stormcloaks and Windhelm guards will wish to kill them. This can be reversed by completing the Helgen dragon attack quest. Just know that completing this quest will strip the player's Thalmor status. Only High Elves get this starting option.

5 Dunmer Refugee

For those that found Morrowind's atmosphere to triumph over Skyrim's, they can choose to start as a Dunmer Refugee on Raven Rock, a town located on Solstheim.

Provided players own the Dragonborn DLC, Dunmer refugees will begin on the island near Vvardenfell and have to fight for survival. This area is meant for high-level characters, so the early-game will be tougher than normal. Raven Rock citizens will treat players as an outsider as well, making this introduction fantastic for Skyrim masochists or those that love Morrowind's atmosphere.

4 Outlaw In The Wilds

Players spend hundreds of hours slicing down bandits they find while exploring The Elder Scrolls games, but what is it like to be one of them? Alternate Start gives players an answer.

Outlaws will begin the game with a random bandit group that is friendly to them. An Outlaw's starting gear is rather bad, but the location they start in can range from Whiterun to Solstheim. If players choose to leave the bandit group for greener pastures, prepare to pay a massive 1,500 gold fee to a random Hold. It makes the beginning of the game incredibly intense because of the bad gear and removes a capital as a safe place.

3 Relic Hunter (Legacy of the Dragonborn)

Relic hunter is one of the coolest starting options available in Alternate Start. This option is available for those that have the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod installed, adding a museum in Solitude that stores dozens of unique relics.

Selecting this option will start players near Solitude and allow them to work for the local museum that just opened. This will then start the mod's questline that, without spoiling much, tasks players with obtaining some of the most iconic relics in The Elder Scrolls franchise. This is a start that avid modders need to try.

2 Start In Bruma

This is somewhat cheating, as this option requires Beyond Skyrim: Bruma to be installed, but this opening choice is one of the best in the series if players have this phenomenal mod installed.

Players can choose to play one of seven paths, ranging from an aspiring mage who arrived at Bruma recently or an Imperia soldier tasked with leaving Bruma to resolve the conflict in Skyrim. Bruma is such a well-made mod it rivals the DLC Bethesda has released, so it's no surprise that it makes a good alternative start location.

1 Arrive By Ship

This start replicates the same style of intro that Morrowind uses. Players take a boat to Dawnstar, Solitude, or Raven Rock to begin their journey.

No introduction quest guides the player through the world. New arrivals have the clothes on their back, a few Septims in their pocket, and a neutral affinity with every faction in Skyrim. From there, the world is fully open to explore. Players aren't forced to talk to the Jarl of Whiterun or slay dragons. Instead, players are in full control over their destiny. This simple intro allows for any character start, making it the best start in the whole mod.

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Alternate Start - Live Another Life, often referred to as Live Another Life, is a mod created by Arthmoor for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. The mod adds alternate beginnings to the base game instead of just the default experienced at Helgen.


The Dragonborn starts off in a cell in the Abandoned Prison. In it is a statue of Mara that, if talked to, will ask them how their new life shall begin. All races other than Wood Elf get special options unique to their race. Once chosen, the Dragonborn must sleep in the bed and their new life will begin. Despite making a choice, it is not final until you activate the bed, and therefore going back to the statue of Mara and reactivating it will allow you to change the decision, which can be useful to get lockpicks as if you ask to escape, you will be given lockpicks and then you may change your mind but will still have the lockpicks.

It should be noted that this mod has the potential to spawn the player character in locations that are generally not accessible unless on a specific quest, such as Blackreach. This can make it tricky to get out of that location and start exploring.

The Dragonborn is presented with the following choices:


There are quite a few workarounds of the following issues. Be sure to read the description page of the mod to find more elaborate information on the issues.



  • Any mod that removes the essential-flags from the NPCs in Helgen
  • Mods altering the Abandoned Prison - Navmesh of this cell (00021594) has been edited. Can be patched to make it work.
  • Become High King of Skyrim
  • Descent into Madness
  • The Forsworn Legacy - A workaround is available.
  • Pirates of the Pacific
  • Sellswords
  • Serana - Volkihar Vampire Princess - The bed will not activate.
  • Schlongs of Skyrim - Vanilla start option not compatible.
  • Songs of Ice and Skyrim
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bad idea you 2
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you should always read the discription before downloading a mod or else you will run into a simple game breaking issues that couldv easily been prevanted

this is the basic thing to do in modding
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Thanks man, I did already read the description as I recall the "turn on subtitle" text. I read it the first time I looked up the mod. I'd imagine one can turn on the subtitle option at the start of the game.

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