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Besides collecting twigs for a fire pit fire, there is another great reason to start a twig collection. Twigs are basically a staple for so many rustic craft projects. I especially like to use birch twigs in most of my twig crafts. They are flexible, have nice coloring, and can be found in a variety of diameters. Over the years, I have done quite a variety of projects using twigs to decorate my home with. They are easy to work with and give just the right rustic touch. Here are 25 twig crafts that I hope you will enjoy.

twig crafts

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1. Pom Pom Twig Bouquet

pom pom twig bouquet

One of my favorite ways to use twigs is in vases. They are perfect to use as stems for homemade flowers. For this bouquet, I made little pom pom balls out of wool yarn. It was super easy to then insert my twigs into the center of the yarn balls to create a fun and whimsical bouquet. I didn’t even have to use glue!


2. DIY Twig Candle Holder

diy twig candle holder

When you have a lot of plain glass candle holders, it’s fun to give a couple a rustic makeover using twigs cut to size. All you need to do is glue the twigs around the perimeter of the glass. This would be a fun way to dress up a planter or vase as well.


3. Twig Tree Sign DIY

twig tree sign diy

I love to create pictures using small twigs. Pine trees are super easy to make. It’s just a matter of cutting the twigs to the sizes you need and then gluing them to a base to create your art. Besides trees, you can easily make shapes or letters.


4. Wrapped Birch Twig Lamp Shade

diy birch twig lampshade

When we first started making birch lamps, I wanted lampshades that also had a rustic touch. So, I gathered up some twigs and then attached them to the tops and bottoms of my shades. Bark covered wire worked perfectly for securing the branches in place.


5. Rustic Chic Twig Lampshade

twig and sequin decorated lampshade

Another way to get twigs onto a lampshade is to simply glue them directly to the shade. For this shade, I added sparkly sequins to give it a more rustic chic look.

6. Easy DIY Chalkboard With Twig Frame

diy chalkboard with twig frame

It’s also a lot of fun to dress up a basic picture frame. I like to take a flat wooden frame and make it rustic by adding lots of twigs. You can then either display pictures in the frames or make the frame into a chalkboard instead.


7. DIY Birch Branch And Twig Garland

diy birch branch and twig garland

Branch garlands are fun to make to display on tables, shelves, mantels, or over a frame. I like the variety of using thicker branches along with thinner twigs to give a lot of texture and color.

8. Make Twig Letters For A Sign

diy twig letters

If you love rustic signs but you don’t trust your handwriting, use twigs to form letters instead. It’s an easy way to get a rustic look with lots of depth.

9. Twig And Pebble Art

twig and pebble art

A piece of wood give the perfect canvas for creating a scene using nothing but twigs and pebbles. I love to make the twigs into branches or a power line for birds to perch.

10. Rustic Wooden Flowers

rustic wooden flower craft

Here is another flower idea using twigs as the stems. All you need to do is drill a hole into the bottom of the wood slice to insert the twig with glue.

11. DIY Twig Snowflakes

diy twig snowflakes

Every winter, I like to experiment with a variety of different twig snowflake designs. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you come up with!

12. Twigs And Buttons Snowflake

twigs and buttons snowflake

Sometimes I end up not seeing a lot of the actual twigs when I make snowflakes. In this case the twigs provided the perfect base for gluing buttons to.

13. Twig Wall Art

twig wall art

A plain piece of wood is easily made rustic by lining it with twigs. I love all of the different designs that you can get depending on the sizes and curliness of the twigs that you use.

14. Use Twigs In A Vase

twigs in a vase

Here, I just combined plain twigs with some silk flowers for a rustic chic display.

15. Twig Lined Magnet Board

twig lined magnet board

I transformed a plain metal magnet board into a rustic display with a variety of fun embellishments. Surrounding the board with twigs was the first step. Then, I wrapped another bunch of twigs with bark covered wire to add interest to the bottom of the magnet board.

16. Twig Vase Filler

twig vase filler

You can also just combine birch twigs with small bird nests to a clear glass vase.

17. Use Twigs In Gift Wrapping

rustic gift wrapping

Instead of using traditional gift wrap embellishments, try using rustic pieces instead. Twigs and raffia are nice to use especially with Kraft paper.

18. DIY Canvas Art

diy canvas art

Sometimes all you need is one twig to add the finishing touch to your artwork!

19. Birch Bark Snowman Craft

diy birch bark snowman with twig arms

Of course, twigs make fantastic arms for a DIY snowman!

20. Twig Tree And Snowman Shadow Box

twig tree and snowman shadow box

Decorate a shadow box with twigs to make a scene. I also really like to see just twigs in a frame with a white background for artsy rustic chic.

21. Sticks And Stones Tissue Box Cover

sticks and stones tissue box cover

Buy an unfinished wood tissue box cover and then give it the wow factor by embellishing it with twigs and pebbles.

22. Decorate A Bird House

rustic bird house

Add accents to a rustic birdhouse with twigs.

23. Rustic Bird Craft

rustic bird craft

Just like twigs make perfect arms for snowmen, they also create just the right legs on craft birds.

24. DIY Pear With Twig Stem

pear with twig stem

It just makes sense to use a twig section on a DIY pear!

25. Mixed Media Journal

mixed media journal

Mixed media projects use a variety of different objects. In this case, a twig provides a nice perch for the paper bird.

Need more inspiration? Check out these things to make out of branches.

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Best Twigs for Crafts

Choosing the Most Suitable Species from Local Trees

The best twigs for crafts are those that are easily replenished by the shrub or tree so it can be harvested every year or two.

Best Twigs for Crafts

Finding the best twigs means looking at the shrubs in the early spring, as that’s when the colour is best, and it’s easier to see how long and straight they are before the buds break.

They are also easier to work with before they leaf out in the spring, so harvesting can take place anytime during the winter into early spring.

There are also less insects or spiders to crawl down your neck.

Once the sap starts to rise there is more risk of ‘barking’ the branches and stems, leaving bruises; therefore, the earlier the better.

However, if you want to peel the canes, then by all means harvest the twigs as the sap is rising – the bark will peel off easily at that time. Use the bark to make bark bows to decorate wreaths and other items.

Have a bucket of 10% bleach solution to rinse the canes off with or a black mold will grow on them disfiguring the finished craft.

It’s also a messy business using the stems with leaves on, as you have to pluck them off one by one, or run the risk of them rotting and turning into a slimy black mess.

The older branches and thicker stems can be harvested later, as they seldom have any leaves on so are easy to work with.

Growing some of these shrubs and small trees in a shelterbelt or windbreak can give you the opportunity to put a management plan in action to enhance growth and enable you to harvest the best twigs for crafts in the right stage of growth.

Many of the old time artisans used hedgerow twigs for their crafts, and managed the poplar and willow trees along rivers edge by pollarding, or cutting the new growth right back to a stump every year.

You can see this technique in old paintings of Holland; this was an important benefit for the crafting community.

Coppicing has also been used for centuries in Europe, especially in Britain to provide many strong new canes for crafts.

A resurgence of interest in basket making and other hand made crafts has also resulted in a renewed fascination with willows in general, and new varieties suitable for crafts.

Living tunnels, mazes and gazebos made with the canes of the willows stuck directly in place to root and grow and be subsequently trained into a thick hedge are a craze that shows no signs of going away.

Statues made of Salix twigs and other many other types of twigs are amazingly creative ways to use some of these best twigs for crafts. Twig garden statues can be a herd of deer, people or other figures, or an abstract. Teepees and wigwams covered in bean plants can be a fabulous hide away for kids.

The Best Twigs for Country Crafts:

Best for all round versatility, colour and flexibility, Salix twigs are a hands down favorite. Used for baskets, wreaths, fences and many more crafts.

Amelanchier twigs are used for crafts with a lifetime of use and abuse – fine grained wood with a soft luster, the Saskatoon berry is renowned for its strength and hardness.

I use Amelanchier, or Saskatoon for twig walking sticks or buttons. The fine grain makes a strong wood for hard wearing crafts.

Fruit wood twigs such as apple, cherry or plum wood salvaged from annual pruning cycle in orchards can be a fantastic supply of very fine grained wood for carving, if it’s big enough. Make fruit wood tool handles for chisels or garden tools.

I also use this wood for twig walking sticks as it's hard and fine grained, and comfortable in the hand. They can be made with the medium sized wood and the smaller wood such as water sprouts will make incredible bird cages.

For any craft that requires a flexible twig, such as wreaths, hands down, willow is my favorite.

This rounds out the potential uses for all the best twigs for crafts.

Twigs to Avoid:

Some species of common trees are just not suitable for twig crafts, including the lovely and graceful Betula or birch tree.

If the pieces aren’t peeled of the bark they tend to simply disintegrate into dust over a very short time. However, the bark has been prized for use in many bark crafts.

Other species to avoid are Populas nigra and Populus tremuloides, which have the same issue.

Oddly enough, in pioneer times, water troughs and other watertight containers such as buckets were made from poplar; if it’s kept continually wet, it doesn’t rot. Treenware was commonly made out of poplar for kitchen use.

This wood is also cut into lumber and used as pig pen flooring laid right on the existing ground, and for decks on low bed trucks used for transporting heavy machinery. The advantage to using it for this is that it doesn’t form any splinters, so won’t puncture tires on the machines and tractors.

Another species of twigs to avoid is the Alnus, or alder for similar reasons to the birch. Weak, punky wood which won’t last and quickly rots – I have used this on occasion and found that peeling the bark off first will keep it sound longer.

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200 pcs. 100% Natural Birch Twigs for centerpieces, for Crafts, Set of 4 Bundles. [ECOWOODDECOR] Birch Branches for vase Decoration, DIY, Wedding Decoration Birch Twigs

200 pcs. 100% Natural Birch Twigs for centerpieces, for Crafts, Set of 4 Bundles. [ECOWOODDECOR] Birch Branches for vase Decoration, DIY, Wedding Decoration Birch Twigs


200 ratings Write a review

Item #:


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Excluding Shipping & Custom charges ( Shipping and custom charges will be calculated on checkout )

*All items will import from USA

Order now and get it around Friday, October 22

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Product Details

  • REASONABLE PRICE: each bundle in 200 pack is TWICE more affordable then pack of 50. And if you want even BETTER price - find ECOWOODDECOR set of 300 twigs
  • ITEM DETAILS: * include 4 bundles of birch twigs * height (approx.): 15.7-17 " (40) * each set is naturally unique * Handmade item. You can contact us if you want to order a set of others size or quantity. Made in Europe 100% NATURAL: EcoWoodDecor Set of 4 bundles - 200 branches for vase are from the real birch tree without any additives. They are very decorative and have the perfect natural look and even the real fragrance of wood. In the bundle are about 50 twigs.
  • AMAZING WEDDING DECOR: you will have really gorgeous table decoration and will save a lot. Using these twigs and branches as wedding centerpieces will add some nautic and rustic touch to any event. * * Your friends and guests will be happy to see the EcoWoodDecor Natural twigs instead of artificial plastic, that's everywhere now. Can be used for some nice decor or in floral arrangements as well.
  • ORDER IN ADVANCE: These twigs can be stored for a long time. They wouldn't wither as natural flowers. So you can order in a month or even in half of a year before the event and avoid stress.
  • REVEAL YOUR EMOTIONS WITH DECORATION: decorative branches and twigs are marvelous for design fantabulous table centerpieces for your wedding, living room, home, board meeting, gala event, or holiday! * * Use them for photo albums decoration, scrapbooking, any DIY crafts projects. Try to combine them with flowers or LED lights. You will love the result!
Product Dimensions17 x 3.5 x 4 inches (43.2 x 8.9 x 10.2 cm)
Item Weight15.5 ounces (439.43 grams)
Item model numberEWD113
Plant or Animal Product TypeBirch
Specific Uses For ProductHotel Decor, Home Decor, Office Decor
Item Dimensions LxWxH17 x 3.5 x 4 inches (43.2 x 8.9 x 10.2 cm)
MaterialNatural birch tree twigs
What is in the box200 pcs. 100% Natural... For more details, please check description/product details


Are you wondering why you should get a bundle of a birch twigs?
Are you also tired of going through the stress of changing flowers every week?

Well, the good news is that birch twigs do not die like flowers. It exists almost forever as any wood.
They are carefully hand cut in Ukrainian eco forests in order to achieve an utterly and highly creative adorable decorations.
It's a fresh and modern decoration style for your kitchen or table at the meeting room, hotel, office, and wedding events among others.
♻They are organic woods materials and not mere plastics.
They are fit perfectly for table decorations to give a unique view of your space.

However, they are too small to use in big long vases.

✅Do not hesitate to get yourself a bundle to fill your place with an exotic feeling

100% NATURAL: Set of 4 bundles - 200 branches (16"). Birch twigs are 100% natural and can be used for some nice decor or in floral arrangements as well. Grate for Chrismas decorations. They are very decorative and have the perfect natural look and even the real fragrance of wood. In the bundle are about 50 twigs.

ITEM DETAILS: * include 4 bundles of birch twigs * height (approx.): 15.7 " (40 cm) * each set is naturally unique * Handmade item. You can contact us if you want to order a set of others size or quantity.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We are confident about our product quality and believe that you will be impressed with the quality of our product. Please contact us immediately if there are any questions or concerns. We ensure both of your safety and satisfaction.


Handmade Supply
Length: 15.75" - 18.5" inch (40 )
Holiday: Passover
Occasion: Wedding
Material: Birch

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Are the natural branches treated with anything? Example, to make them shine, or to preserve them?

    Answer: No they just regular small branches.
  • Question: Can twigs be painted

    Answer: it will be very difficult bc the tiny lights run along the twig. They are beautiful and natural looking.
  • Question: Birch is safe for parrots, i want to make perches from these twigs but i need to know they are safe, kiln dried & not chemically treated.

    Answer: They are right from a forest. No chemicals were used. Just cutted and naturaly dried in a dry plac
  • Question: Are these twigs pliable? I am looking for something that can be gently shaped to a half circle. Thank you.

    Answer: I love these branches and I believe you can shape these into a half circle BUT GENTLY...they are fabulous and I have been using them for my crafting business for quite a while now.
  • Question: What type of birch, paper birch, black birch, yellow birch?

    Answer: Regular reddish brown birch branch
  • Question: How long do the branches last? Or have they been treated so you can permanently keep them?

    Answer: Looks like to me they will last indefinitely. They are not as long as I would have liked them to be though, but very good quality.
  • Question: This may be a silly question...but do these die? We are looking for wedding centerpieces but our wedding isn't until may.

    Answer: I would not recommend purchasing through this seller. Item was ordered and it never arrived.

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Je•• •• M

October 5, 2021

Beautiful Birchwood Branches

These branches are a consistent size of 16"tall. There are 4 bundles carefully wrapped. They do need some fluffing, as you would expect. They come in a sturdy box. I couldn't be more pleased! Looking forward to using these in floral arrangements and other crafts. You won't be disappointed if you order these. Perfection!

ni•• ••is

September 30, 2021

Exactly what I hoped for!

I got these to make a witch's broom for Halloween decorations. After fluffing (separating every single stem), they worked exactly as I hoped.

A.•• ••en

August 21, 2021

Great buy

I ordered these to use in the bouquets I was going to hand-make for my wedding. Unfortunately, my fiance backed out and I was unable to put them to use. They shipped quickly, were packaged beautifully, and included a personal note. It broke my heart to make the return. High quality item, bottom of the barrel fiance.

Cl•• ••le

August 16, 2021


Perfect and exactly what we wanted. We used these with colored Mason Jars and small River Rock for Table Centerpieces

Mo•• ••ee

August 4, 2021

Perfect for my witch's broom!

I have looked everywhere for twigs, grass, etc. that would work with my twisted stick as a primitive witch's broom. These twigs are perfect! Fast shipping and very well packaged.

Ga•• ••by

July 19, 2021

Absolutely Perfect!!

I used these in my centerpieces for an anniversary event. I did what was suggested and put just the ends in water the night before. After being in the water and fluffing them they looked amazing! They took the centerpieces to a whole new level adding a little height to the centerpieces with a modern twist. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. However there was a few with little buds on them, I didn’t want those so I just pulled them off … not a big deal really.

De•• ••ls

May 19, 2021

Very small,have pods all over them.

Not the Birch Twigs expected.

ki•• ••in

April 22, 2021


not worth a penny


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