Ge circline fluorescent bulb

Ge circline fluorescent bulb DEFAULT

GE Fluorescent Light Bulb (11084)

The bulbs fit and are operating as expected. This bulb is coupled with another bulb that I use in my laundry room.

1/21/21 (East Amherst, NY)
12/21/20 (Heber City, UT)

Have not used it yet but looks just like the one we are replacing so should be good.

I received this fluorescent bulb in a timely manner and it was carefully packed.

7/19/20 (New York, NY)Top Contributor

Very hard to find item that works great for the kitchen. Thank you!

6/18/20 (Hermosa Beach, CA)

It was very easy to locate the bulb and order it in the website. It was shipped promptly and arrived before the expect by date. Thanks all!

Product works great. Delivery was fast and flawless.

Fit fixture just fine. Nice to have working light again.

7/21/15 (San Francisco, CA)

Product is fine. It is for an overhead light in a closet.


22 Watt GE 8″ Diameter T-9 Circline Fluorescent Tube, Cool White


GE garage & basement circline fluorescent bulbs’ cool white light is perfect for illuminating sizable spaces throughout your home. Use in large open spaces in your home including finished and unfinished basements, garages and rec rooms.

GE T-9 Circline fluorescent tube in cool white finish offers 1100 lumens of brightness and is suitable for use in basements as well as garages. 4-Pin Tube has G10q base and has 4100K color temperature.

  • 22 watt
  • Fluorescent circular
  • 1 bulb per pack
  • Provide light that is both soft and bright for eye-intensive tasks
  • Quality from the worldwide industry leader
  • 8″ diameter circular tube FC8T9 cool white
  • 12,000 hours
  • Manufacturer’s warranty against early failure
  • Energy Used: 22 watts
  • Bulb Shape: T-9 Circline
  • Bulb Base: G10q, 4-Pin
  • Voltage: 61
  • Brightness: 1,100 lumens
  • Color Temperature: 4100K
  • CRI: 60
  • Rated Life: 12,000 hours or 5.5 years based on 6 hours per day usage
  • Finish: Cool white, ideal for sizable spaces

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Fluorescent bulb circline ge

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Ge led and cfl bulbs and circline bulb

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