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Where to find and hunt Badgers in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Where to find and hunt Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2

Moose? Meese? Mooses? Whatever you call them, here's where to hunt them in Red Dead Redemption 2.

One of the first animals you’ll want to test your hunting skills on in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the badger. These fuzzy little mammals are fairly common common across the map, but their small size can make them trickier to spot so don’t blame yourself if you’ve missed them so far! In this guide we’ll teach you where to find badgers across the map, as well as what weapon you should be using to kill them for a Perfect Pelt.

Where to find and hunt Badgers in RDR2

Where to find and hunt badgers in RDR2

Badgers are a very common species, but they’re adverse to extreme cold temperatures, which means the only places you won’t see hair nor hide of them are up in the north of the map. Avoid northwest Ambarino and northeast New Hanover and you’ll be bound to run into some badgers eventually, but if you intend to put some time in with a dedicated hunt, there are a few areas that’ll suit you better. Check the list below for your nearest region, and don't forget that badgers are largely nocturnal creatures, so your best bet is to track them at night.

  • Lemoyne - The best place to find badgers is in Lemoyne, west of the Kamassa River. Badgers can be found throughout the Scarlett Meadows and the area around Rhodes, even spreading north into The Heartlands in New Hanover.
  • West Elizabeth - If you find yourself far to the west of the map and don’t fancy trekking back to Lemoyne, badgers are also pretty prolific in regions of West Elizabeth. Explore the edges of the map north/northeast of the Aurora Basin in Tall Trees, ranging the area towards the northern part of the Upper Montana River. You’ll also find a few in the northeast of West Elizabeth, in the vicinity of Monto’s Rest.
  • Tumbleweed - It’s far from ideal, but Tumbleweed down in the far south also has a decent badger population to keep your rifle busy.
  • New Hanover/Ambarino - Finally, if you do find yourself up north and in desperate need of some badger blood, head to the eastern side of the Dakota River. Badgers appear in the Cumberland Forest and up towards Bacchus Station in fairly large numbers, so you should have some luck here
Badger locations in RDR2

Remember, if you want a perfect pelt from your kills, you need to find a three-star animal and be using the right weapon for the job. In the case of smaller animals like the badger, the Varmint Rifle is your best friend, so keep it handy while on the prowl so that you can land that headshot whenever needed.

Looking for more of Red Dead Redemption 2’s critters? Visit our animal locations hub to find more useful tips like the best spots to track down beavers, including the rare Legendary Beaver. Those after bigger game may want to check our guides for hunting the Legendary Buck and Legendary Grizzly.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Badger Locations And All You Need To Know About Them

When playing Red Dead Redemption II, players will start hunting the wildlife of the game. Going after the big targets like bears or deer might seem like the best idea. However, hunting after smaller animals will benefit the player as well. The badger is one such animal, as their pelts are used to craft useful items.

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Because badgers are so small, players might have trouble locating them at times. Their size might also make it hard to obtain a perfect pelt, with players needing to use certain ammos. It might not seem worth it at the time, but carefully hunting these creatures will pay off.

10 Around Rhodes Is A Good Place To Look

Players will first make it to Rhodes in the third chapter of the game. Exploring around the town will reveal a good number of badgers to be found. Using Eagle Eye will help locate these creatures, with many being found in the wooded areas.

Close to Rhodes, players can also find numerous badgers near the Braithwaite's home. It is worth making the rounds between the two locations, as at least one badger will be found on the journey.

9 North of Bacchus Station Is Another Good Area

Another good location to search for badgers is north of Bacchus Station. This area is in the wilderness, meaning there will also be fewer people on the roads to scare off the small creatures. Exploring this area for badgers will also give players a chance to see the wilderness of the game.

Compared to other places, north of Bacchus Station will have a higher number of these critters. Just be careful not to scare the badgers away when moving through the trees.

8 Tall Trees Is One More Place To Search

If players are still having trouble locating badgers by the epilogue, looking in Tall Trees will help. This location is in the part of West Elizabeth that players cannot enter during the story. The wooded area makes it harder to see the badgers run along the ground, but Eagle Eye will provide some help.

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Bears also frequent the Tall Trees area, so be careful while on the hunt. The last thing the player wants is to run into a bear when chasing a badger through the woods.

7 None Can Be Found In Grizzlies West

While badgers can be found in most locations of the game, there is one exception. Badgers will not be found anywhere in the Grizzlies West. This makes sense, as it is mountainous and cold. It would also be hard to spot the small creatures, as they would be deep in the snow.

Barely any small animals can be found in this location at all. Because of this, players won't encounter a badger until the second chapter of the game. From there, players can start collecting pelts for crafting items.

6 Varmint Rifle Doesn't Damage Remains

In order to get a perfect badger pelt, players will want to use certain weapons. One that comes in handy is the varmint rifle. This rifle is used to kill small animals without damaging their pelt. It also will not matter where the player hits the badger, as it will remain a perfect pelt.

Varmint rifles are only useful when hunting, meaning players will most likely have ammo to spare when hunting badgers. This allows players to rack up many pelts without having to run off to buy more ammo.

5 Perfect Pelt Used To Make Hat

After the player gets a perfect badger pelt, they can make a hat out of it. Heading to the trapper in the wild or in Saint Denis will allow players to trade in the kill. They'll need $26 to actually buy the hat, but afterwards players will be able to wear a badger on their head.

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Players can feel like a real adventurer with this hat. It also comes in handy when traveling into the colder areas of the game, as it will provide warmth to the player.

4 Used To Make Rifleman Gloves

Players who want to complete The Night Wrangler set will need a perfect badger pelt as well. Heading to any of the trappers with $10 will allow the player to craft the Rifleman Gloves. The outfit will give players a unique look, making them look like an outdoorsman.

Players do not have to complete the entire outfit to get the gloves, as they can be worn by themselves. The gloves also provide the player with warmth, going well with the badger hat.

3 Used To Upgrade Satchel

For players wanting to upgrade their satchel, having a perfect badger pelt will help. Donating five animal carcasses to Pearson at the camp will unlock the ability to craft an ingredients satchel. Along with the badger pelt, players will also need to have a perfect deer pelt and a perfect squirrel pelt.

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Upgrading to this satchel allows players to carry more edible ingredients. When going around and picking flowers, make sure to thank the badger that gave their life for this item.

2 Badger Pelt Leads To Legend of the East Satchel

To get the ultimate satchel, players will need to unlock and craft every other satchel. In a way, that means that a badger pelt was also required to make this satchel. It will be worth the hunting, as the Legend of the East satchel makes it so that players can carry more items on their journey.

To craft this satchel, the player will need to hunt down a perfect deer pelt, a perfect cougar pelt, and a perfect wolf pelt. The look of the satchel is also nice, complementing the other badger items the player crafted.

1 A Good Condition Carcass Sells For $3

If the player does not find a perfect badger in the wild, it is still worth hunting the creature. Skinning the badger and taking the carcass to a butcher will net the player some money. This can come in handy during the early parts of the game, as players can gain money to upgrade the camp and buy weapons.

If a player wants to craft the items anyway, they might as well make some money when they find a low quality badger. Extra cash never hurts to have.

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Finding a three-star badger in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be laborious. It took us hours of experimenting, but we figured out a reliable way to locate badgers.

To get a Perfect Badger Pelt, you need to find a three-star badger. Finding badgers is difficult enough. Finding a ★★★ badger is an exercise in patience and perseverance. In this guide, we’ll show you how to hunt badgers and find a Perfect Badger Pelt(and eventually craft your Legend of the East Satchel for a greatly expanded inventory).

Where to find and hunt badgers

Red Dead Redemption 2’s map icons show a handful of places to find badgers. As far as we can tell, you’re just as likely (read: unlikely) to find a badger in any of those locations. (They spawn rarely, no matter where you are.)

After hunting in multiple locations, we settled on an area in The Heartlands, which is southeast of Valentine in New Hanover. We’ve highlighted it in our maps below.

  • Badger location maps from Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar Games via Polygon
  • Badger location maps from Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar Games via Polygon

We chose this location because it’s a an open area with gentle sloping hills and sporadic vegetation, which makes finding tiny badgers easier than it would be in heavily vegetated areas.

Here’s how to find and hunt a badger:

  1. Make a camp anywhere in the area. (We chose a location near the Oil Derrick, which you can see in the header image above.)
  2. Sleep until night. (We can’t say for certain that badgers are nocturnal animals, but we sure didn’t find them during the day.)
  3. Mount your horse.
  4. Equip the Varmint Rifle.
  5. Roam the area (highlighted in our maps), using Eagle Eye to search for animals and animal trails.
  6. When you see a badger, chase after it and shoot it. (You don’t need to use Dead Eye. One shot with the regular lock-on will do just fine.)

On average, we found one badger every night. A few in-game hours after the sun came up (so, a few real-world minutes), we headed back to camp and settled in for the day, resuming our hunt the following night.

We found our three-star badger at about 5 a.m., during sunrise.

A few things to keep in mind, since hunting for long periods of time causes your brain to invent weird conspiracies (so we’ve heard):

  • Hunting is easier at night because the effects of Eagle Eye are more pronounced. It’s easier to see glowing animals in the distance, for example.
  • Feel free to gallop around the map. You won’t spook your (potential) prey unless you’re super close, and that’s unlikely.
  • We found plenty of deer, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, pronghorns and rats in the area, so if you’re looking for any of those animals, this is a good place to farm.
  • Badgers are the worst.



Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide

American Badger Spawn Locations in Red Dead 2

You can specifically find the Badger along the western hills and banks of the Upper Mountain Riber southwest of Strawberry.

How Kill the American Badger in Red Dead 2 for a Perfect Badger Pelt

To get a perfect pelt you'll have to find a Perfect American Badger and use the right weapons to kill it.

Like all animals, the Badger can be skittish, but less so than other large animals. Badgers are smaller and look similar to skunks. Keep your eyes peeled for an animal scurrying away. The only way to get a clean, perfect kill is with the Varmint Rifle.

Upon killing a pristine American Badger perfectly, you'll earn a perfect Badger pelt, a Badger claw, and and stringy meat.

Best Weapons and Ammo for a Perfect Badger Pelt

Perfect Badger Pelt Uses

The Perfect Badger Pelt can be used along with a Perfect Deer Pelt and a Perfect Squirrel Pelt to construct the Ingredients Satchel, a Camp Upgrade.


Location rdr2 badger

The American Badger is an animal of the Badger species, featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

This animal can be hunted and skinned. Studying and skinning the American Badger is required for the "Zoologist" and "Skin Deep" Achievements.

American Badger Details & Location:

The American Badger can be found across the more arid climates of America. It is a fossorial carnivore, preying on squirrels, moles, prairie dogs and voles. Using a Varmint Rifle whilst hunting should result in a clean kill. Badger claws and pelts can be used for crafting, and badger meat can be eaten.

American Badger Hunting Tips:

The American Badger yields a pelt, claws and stringy meat. Used in crafting and cooking or can be sold. Use a Varmint Rifle for a clean kill.

Map Location - American Badger

Where to find the American Badger in Red Dead Redemption 2 - Map Location / Habitat:

The American Badger is Commonly found in the southern and western parts of Lemoyne, usually around water..

American Badger Info

Scientific Name Taxidea taxus

American Badger Appearances

Game EditionRed Dead OnlineGame Edition: RDR 2 Story ModeRDR 2 Story Mode



Coming soon.


American Badger locations - Red Dead Redemption 2

American Badgers are just one of the many smaller to medium-sized animals that players can come across during their time in Red Dead Redemption 2. Like other animals this size, the Varmint Rifle is going to be the best weapon to use when hunting them, and they can most often be found at nighttime as they are considered nocturnal animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. Below we’ve broken down a few great areas that players can find American Badger locations. Take a look, grab your rifle, and get to hunting.

American Badger locations – Red Dead Redemption 2

Those looking to get their hands on American Badgers will find them scattered around throughout more arid areas of the map. Locations around New Austin, Tall Trees, and even down around Rhodes can often be ripe with American Badger spawns, but there are a few spots that are more often guaranteed to reward you for your troubles.

Tall Trees – Aurora Basin

American Badger locations in Tall Trees - Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the best spots to hunt for American Badgers is around Aurora Basin in Tall Trees. This heavily forested area can be found just north of the border of West Elizabeth and New Austin, and there is a multitude of animal spawns available in the area. When you’re looking for American Badgers, be sure to use your Eagle Eye ability, as these animals are smaller and can blend in well with the various foliage and shrubbery situated in the Tall Trees area. You can continue northward, along the Upper Montana River for even more opportunities to come across these creatures.

This is hands down the best place we’ve found to hunt for American Badgers, however, we’ve also included some additional spots to search since this area is locked for much of the main campaign.

Scarlett Meadows – Kamassa River, Mattock Pond, Rhodes

American Badger locations, Lemoyne - Red Dead Redemption 2

Another great place to look around for American Badgers can be found over in Lemoyne. The Kamassa River, which runs between Saint Denis, Bayou NWA, and the region surrounding Rhodes holds a lot of riverbank areas with tons of smaller animal spawns. The American Badger can often be found situated around the riverbanks and upwards through the small patches of forest that run along the paths that travel northwest past Mattock Pond.

Again, remember to make use of Eagle Eye to spot the Badgers in the shrubs and grass.

Ambarino – Donner Falls, Dakota River, Bacchus Station

American Badger locations, Ambarino - Red Dead Redemption 2

If you’re more of a fan of the northern areas in Red Dead Redemption 2, then you can also hunt for American Badgers around the Donner Falls and Bacchus Station area. We’ve even seen then along the riverbanks of the Dakota River, which travels southwest bound from Calumet Ravine. There’s a lot of cliffs and ravines in this area, though, which makes it a bit tougher to hunt for animals in the area. Still, you can often find American Badgers in the area, so long as you’re on the lookout for them.

It should go without saying, but all of these hunting locations are also perfectly applicable in Red Dead Online as well. Looking for more animal spawn locations? Check out our Oxen locations guide for more help.

Unfortunately, knowing is only half the battle. While these American Badger locations will no doubt make hunting much easier, though trying to hunt for these creatures in Red Dead Online will want to be sure to search for smaller lobbies, as animal spawns in RDO have been a bit unpredictable lately. For more help, you can check out the rest of our Red Dead content by heading over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 strategy guide.

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