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Stiiizy itself as a small company (>100 employees) is considered to be somewhat progressive, probably due in part to their financial partner. The company is financially backed by Shryne Group, Inc., which focuses on California cannabis enterprise, meaning they invest money in cannabis companies. According to their website, they are “committed to social justice” and claim they are helping build stronger communities. Shryne Group acknowledges the decades of injustice perpetrated by the War on Drugs and federal Prohibition of marijuana and works with two “equity partners,” whose role is left somewhat vague and come off as tokenizing. Examples of their community commitment are Stiiizy’s San Francisco flagship dispensary employees unanimously ratifying a union contract in 2020, opening the first Latina-owned dispensary, and Shryne donating $100,000 to local non-profits. However, the company’s 2.6/5 star rating by former employees on Glassdoor sends mixed messages about the workplace culture, upper management, and COVID-19 safety, despite their relatively high wage per hour and insurance benefits.ALD Cigarette operates its three manufacturing bases out of the Bao’an district of Shenzhen in China. The employees of this company live onsite in dormitories. The “benefits” listed on their website for employees are 5 days of paid leave per year, recreational facilities, skill training sessions, promotional opportunities, and incentive policies– note that no healthcare plan is included whatsoever for these workers who are devoting their lives to this company. The rest of their labor practices are unknown and no information could not be found online about their hours or pay, which is never a good sign.ALD Cigarette, just as their name suggests, is a huge contributor to the ‘vape’ world, both nicotine and cannabis devices. These devices do not have an end of life besides landfill even if they aren’t specifically made to be ‘disposable,’ meaning ALD and Stiiizy are undoubtedly contributors to plastic pollution and e-waste. Their huge hat in the tobacco ring also is problematic, considering Big Tobacco’s predatory marketing and racists tactics that disproportionately affect BIPOC communities. Stiiizy supporting ALD Cigarette ironically counteracts a lot of the supposed dedication to social justice.


Some of the first brands to pop up when the topic of discussion are vapes are Stiiizy, Brass Knuckles, and various other starter kits and cartridges. In this product review, we’ll be covering the Stiiizy original sized vape pens to the BIIG Stiiizy model that was recently released.


The Stiiizy starter kit comes with a 210mAh battery and charger cord. It also comes with a little booklet of instructions which I promptly tossed in the trash. It’s rather self-explanatory. The cartridges must be purchased separately. Depending on where you go they can range from $15-$25 for half gram cartridges and $35-$55 for full gram cartridges. I really wanted something that was going to last long and give me a lot of bang for my buck. I went for the full gram cartridge of a strain called Skywalker OG.

The sleek design of the Stiiizy starter kit makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag. The discreet design of the Stiiizy vape pen is perfect for those who want to consume their favorite strains on the go or at home without the accompanying potent smell of flower. However, the slightly weak 210mAh battery makes the $20 product a little cheap.

A major fault I found in the Stiiizy original starter kit was the connection between the battery and THC pod. It’s somewhat magnetic but not strong at all, causing air to leak through that small crack where the cartridge connects with the battery. The only way I found the pen was able to hit was by holding my finger over the problem area.

Another con where the Stiiizy starter kit is concerned is the battery life is similar to a cell phone, especially when using the vape pen often. This means consumers who plan to use this vape pen regularly throughout the day should expect to charge their battery at least 6 hours every night.


The difference between the BIIIG Stiiizy and the original are in the name: its much bigger. The battery has a capacity of 550mAh, which means bigger hits and longer lasting battery life. The starter kit also comes with a charger just like the original. This design, although bulkier, boasts some serious power and blows the original starter kit out of the water.

The BIIIG Stiiizy doesn’t have any issues with air leakage in the connection between the battery and cartridge. The newer, stronger magnet audibly clicks into place and accepts the cartridge. I don’t have to hold it any particular way to hit it properly. The clouds were massive, and the rips were consistent.

Charging every night is a thing of the past with the improved starter kit. Even with regular use throughout the day, the battery life lasts a long time and requires about half the original starter kit’s charging time. Although the BIIIG Stiiizy is 2-3 times bigger than the original, it’s still compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or bag.


For the consumer looking for the best option when it comes to THC vaping starter kits and cartridges/pods, etc., the best choice is the BIIIG Stiiizy. It’s just too obviously better than the original in a number of ways. If you want a long-lasting battery life and a high quality product that will last more than two weeks, the BIIIG Stiiizy is the only way to go.

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KushCab Delivery Now Offers the Bigger, Better BIIIG STIIIZY Battery

LOS ANGELES, August 20, 2019 ( - The BIIIG STIIIZY is a handheld vaporizer based off its predecessor, the original STIIIZY. The original STIIIZY is a slim device that slides easily into a pocket or handbag and emits a subtle scent, allowing for discreet medicating anywhere, anytime. The original device contains a 210mAh rechargeable battery, but the BIIIG STIIIZY’s battery clocks in at a whopping 550mAh for more than twice the power.

This chunkier version of the original STIIIZY vaporizer is still small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse while offering a longer-lasting battery life and smoother, cloudier hits. The BIIIG STIIIZY is compatible with all STIIIZY Pods and each pod comes in half-gram or full-gram amounts. The BIIIG STIIIZY is sure to keep its charge all day, even for heavier users.

What Else Does It Come With?

The BIIIG STIIIZY battery starter kit includes a USB charging cable and port, the black vaporizer device, boasts a 550mAh rechargeable battery, and has 3.4+\-0.1V adjustable voltage.

While STIIIZY Pods for sale do come separately, they’re well worth the price. Each gram of concentrate STIIIZY uses is made with only the finest top-shelf weed with a pure extraction process. Each batch is independently lab tested for terpene quality, purity, cannabinoid levels, and contaminants. Every distillate is made without cutters or fillers like PG, PEG, VG, or MCT oils.

Want It Now?

KushCab Delivery is California’s best name in cannabis delivery. When someone orders from their online dispensary, shipping takes no longer than a day for their weed delivery. Los Angeles residents can get their packages the same or next day after they order, while citizens in every other corner of the state will receive their weed within two days at the latest.

How to Join

When somebody signs up for KushCab Delivery, he or she is automatically enrolled in the Kush Credit rewards program. This program lets users earn points for every dollar they spend, which they can then redeem for all their favorite cannabis products. Join now and earn 10% off first orders using the coupon code NEWCUST. KushCab Delivery takes the stress and hassle out of going to the dispensary because they understand that not everybody has access to one. With a few simple clicks, all the best weed brands and products can be delivered straight to the front door. Sign up now.

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The Stiiizy Battery Starter Kit & Biiig Guide [With Videos]

The world of new drugs and drug fads move quicker than anyone can keep up with. In fact, if you even tried to understand what ‘the kids’ are taking these days, you’d probably end up both confused and intoxicated quite quickly.

There used to be a time where cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy was all anyone spoke about. However, nowadays, the world of drugs has opened up excessively. The likes of GHB, M-CAT, ketamine, mushrooms, acid, crystal meth and unlimited others are all being taken around the world. Each drug has its own story and its own positives and negatives. So what about Ket, K, or Ketamine? The horse tranquillizer that many people have decided to take, despite not being horses. What is it and what does it do? Let’s delve into the world of ket. 

Ketamine is a drug with a very interesting history and reputation, but, like many other mind-altering compounds, it does have a place in both the worlds of the therapeutics and recreation. To learn more about cannabis and psychedelics, make sure to subscribe to The Delta 8 Weekly Newsletter for more articles like this one, as well as exclusive deals Delta 8, Delta 10 THC, THCV, THC-O, THCP, HHC and even on legal Delta-9 THC!

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine, like most drugs, has many different names: ket, wonk, donkey dust, K, Klein and many others. There are unlimited names for most drugs as often all it takes is for someone to invent a new one whilst they’re high, and usually it will stick. Ketamine, or often shortened to just ‘ket’, is an anesthetic that is used by both doctors and veterinarians. The reason why most people refer to ket as ‘horse tranquillizer’ is because it technically is. However, ketamine is also used as anesthetic for most animals. The reason why it is especially popular with horses is because doctors find ketamine to be a helpful way to deal with larger animals. 

Most people would say that all drugs have to sit in one of two categories: uppers and downers. Whilst ecstasy would be described as a stimulant or upper, alcohol would be considered a depressant or downer. Ketamine is part of the latter category: the downers. That is because it is literally anaesthetizing the user. Whilst there are also feelings of euphoria, the overarching feeling is weighty and thus it is a depressant, not a stimulant. But what does this drug look like? 

What Does It Look Like?

Although Ketamine can be used as a clear fluid by those in the medic world, on the streets – Ketamine is most commonly found as a white powder. It looks very similar to cocaine, but don’t be fooled, they are very different drugs. They are also very different in their potencies. In fact, if you were to take a line of ketamine with a cocaine amount, you’d most definitely be surprised by the strength. It wouldn’t be a good idea, that’s for sure. Ketamine is most commonly sniffed either through a note, or by using a key. Due to its strength, it is often ‘keyed’ because the amount you can place on a key and sniff is usually enough. 

Although Ketamine can resemble cocaine, it’s important to remember that they both smell and taste different. For those who are well versed in the worlds of drugs, the differences are pretty obvious. Plus, cocaine can sometimes be sold in rocks, which means you have to crush it first. Ketamine will never be sold in rocks, always in fine powder. However, the similarity between the two substances is definitely something to keep an eye on. Getting the two mixed up will most likely lead to something not very nice. In fact, it could lead to the infamous ‘K-Hole’. Don’t worry… we’ll get on to that later. 

The History of Ketamine

The history of Ketamine is a surprisingly interesting one. In 1956, a drug called Phencyclidine was found to be a very good anesthetic for monkeys. It was so useful that doctors then began using it on humans. However, there was a problem. The problem was that those using this drug were beginning to experience side effects. With an ideal anesthetic, the patient will wake up and feel normal after. However, with Phencyclidine, patients were waking up with loss of sensations in their limbs and other senses. This was of course an issue. In conclusion, Phencyclidine was considered to be a bad anesthetic, despite the initial successes. It was then that Dr. Calvin Lee Stevens decided to mess about with the substance, with the aim of synthesizing a better alternative. One without the bugs, but with the positives. Reset Ketamine speaks about what happened next: 

“The compounds he synthesized were sent to pharmacological testing in animals, and one compound in particular was found to be a successful, short-acting anesthetic. Selected for human testing, it was titled CI-581 and is what we now call ketamine. Ketamine was named because of the ketone and the amine group in its chemical structure”

After the creation of this new substance, Ketamine took off and was used for a variety of different things. Obviously it was used as an anesthetic on all types of animals and humans. But not only this, Ketamine was found to have euphoric and antidepressant qualities. In fact, Ketamine was used on injured soldiers during the Vietnam War. This is because it was known to help with short-term pain. In addition, Ketamine was being used in small doses to deal with mental health issues like schizophrenia and depression. The use of this drug in dealing with mental issues was seen was a huge breakthrough. However, like all substances, there was of course the recreational side. People were finding ways of making Ketamine and selling it on the black market. This is perhaps where Ketamine gets a negative reputation from. 

Ket: How Does It Make You Feel?

Now you understand the history of Ketamine, what it is, and what it might be used for, the question still remains: what does it feel like? Ketamine is a hugely popular drug both in the medic world and recreationally. When used recreationally, ketamine lasts around 30-60 minutes, and takes about 10 minutes to kick in. 

Positive Effects

  • The feeling of euphoria
  • Positive dissociation
  • Slows down time 
  • Allows you to concentrate
  • Physical pains subside 
  • Mental pains subside 
  • Funny and elaborate thoughts 

Negative Effects

  • Agitation 
  • Panic attacks 
  • Short-term or long-term memory loss 
  • Negative dissociation 
  • Can become addictive 
  • Can feel depressed without it 
  • You can feel invincible, which could lead to harming yourself
  • K-holing 

The K-Hole 

Anyone who knows about ketamine will have heard of the infamous ‘k-hole’. Now some people enjoy the k-hole, whilst others fear it. It’s sort of like the ‘whitey’ in the world of cannabis. A k-hole occurs when someone takes too much Ketamine. Due to the strength of Ketamine powder, it’s very easy to take too much or become unaware of how much you’ve taken due to anesthetic feeling of the drug. Therefore, k-holes are actually a lot more common than you’d think. The feeling of a k-hole is peculiar. All of those feelings of being outside your body, unable to move freely, and feeling slow, all become extremely strong and sort of paralyze you. It usually feels like it’s lasting hours, when actually it only lasts 30 or so minutes. Ultimately, It isn’t a very pleasant feeling. However, if you’ve got someone around you that you can trust then you should be fine. 

Is Ketamine Legal?

Ketamine, much like the majority of drugs, is used in medicines and in doctor’s practices but is illegal to use recreationally. In the UK, it is a Class B drug, which is the same as cannabis. In the US, ketamine is also illegal and is a Schedule III substance under the Controlled Substances Act. 

According to the DEA, Ketamine is illegal because it has the potential for abuse. But, on the positive side, in 2019 the…

“FDA approved…Ketamine nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression”

This is a potential positive. Whilst Ketamine is illegal in most major countries, research is definitely being done into how it can be used to help people with mental conditions. 

Ket: My Own Experiences

I always like to include my own experiences of the drugs I write about in this series, just so it doesn’t sound like someone who hasn’t himself had his own dealings with Ketamine. I always hate reading about drugs on websites where I know, quite clearly, that that person has never touched a drop in their life. So what do I think about Ketamine? 

Well, university was when I had my first dealings with Ketamine; or ‘Ket’ as everyone called it. I was drunk at a very un-cool club night and someone gave me a bag full of white powder and told me to go take a ‘key’ of it. At the time, I didn’t actually know what a ‘key’ was. I imagined you just placed as much powder on a key as you could. I also didn’t want to risk asking and seeming inexperienced. Oh the wonders of peer pressure! So I snuck into the bathroom, got out the baggy, got out my key, and put the key inside. I placed, what I thought, was the right amount of Ket onto the key (which ended up being far far too much) and tried my best to snort it up my nose. I then went back on the dance floor, unaware that my nose now had a huge amount of white powder quite blatantly stuck to it. 

For about 30 minutes I felt nothing, and continued to drink and dance with my friends. However, as the minutes went past, I began to feel heavier. I felt amazing. The music slowed down, I slowed down, everyone slowed down. My limbs began to feel like warm pillows and all the negative thoughts in my head left me. It wasn’t the same euphoric feeling of ecstasy, but I still felt good.

However, after a while I realized I’d obviously taken too much. Time didn’t just go slow, it basically stopped. That’s when I remember thinking ‘I’m gonna die’. Which, to be fair, was a classic thought I had when I took most drugs at that age. I then don’t really remember much. It felt like I was stuck in time for hours, but it later turned out to only be about 20 minutes. I just remember sort of regaining consciousness outside in the smoking area, with my friend chatting to me about the price of plastic bags. A very odd experience. I then continued my night and just had very elaborate, comical thoughts. It was definitely a mixed first experience. Although I will add, that now I know how much Ketamine to have, I do find it a very amusing drug; and one with the least negative sides. 

What’s Your Opinion?

So, what do you think? Do you think Ketamine is a drug that deserves more research and consideration? Or is its recreational abuse proof that it should be regulated forever? As always, we want to know what you think, drop us a line in the comment section below. Make sure to keep up to date with the rest of the articles in this series as we go through all of the most popular street drugs. Until next time.

Thank you for stopping by CBD TESTERS, your hub for all things cannabis-related. Remember to subscribe to The Delta 8 Weekly Newsletter for more articles like this one and exclusive deals on flowers, edibles, vapes, and other legal products.

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Stiiizy battery big



  • Black BIIIG STIIIIZY Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 550mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charging Port
  • Voltage: 3.4+\-0.1V
  • *Pods sold separately

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