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What is My Old Radio's Value?

"Value is in the eye of the purchaser." "One guy's trash is another gal's treasure." "The great thing about standards is that there so many to choose from."

Are you starting to get the picture? There is no hard-and-fast standard for evaluating old radios. Here are some reasons:

  • Regional variation. Prices vary depending on where you live. In the US, the East and Midwest were settled first and they have a plentiful supply of antiques—including radios. On the West coast, or sparsely populated areas of the West, antiques are scarce and the price of old radios tends to reflect the meager supply. (In case you're wondering, I'm one of the unlucky collectors who lives on the West coast.) Supply-and-demand effects become even more exaggerated as you move across international borders. Someone in Iceland or Bahrain may be willing to spend more for a given radio than you are.

  • Fads. Like many collectible items, radios are subject to fads that artificially inflate prices. The Catalin craze offers a striking example. Currently, any radio with a Catalin cabinet may be valued at hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the price of a comparable Bakelite set. Under the hood, all Catalins have boring (and low-performance) "All American Five" technology. Except for the cabinet material, their value would be closer to $25 than to $1000. There are other, less extreme fads. Certain early transistors, for instance, command high prices simply because they were among the first of their kind.

    Some folks get annoyed about fads, but my attitude is, "If you don't like that price, don't pay it!" Old radios come in a galaxy of styles, shapes, and sizes. Don't depend on somebody else to define your values. Decide for yourself what's cool, then seek it out.

  • Profits. Some people make a living by restoring old radios. When they sell their wares, they charge "retail" prices. When you buy such a set, you're paying not only for the radio itself, but also for the time and expertise that went into its restoration, plus (I hope!) some kind of guarantee. A restored radio is worth considerably more than an unrestored one, so you shouldn't be startled if it costs more.

    Many other folks (antique dealers, etc.) make money by buying old radios cheaply at garage sales or swap meets, then reselling for a profit without restoring them. It's pointless to get mad or call this gouging. They found the radio, and you didn't. They are in business to make money, which they do by buying cheap and selling dear. My advice is, "If you don't like boutique prices, don't shop in boutiques."

Wait a minute—aren't there any guidelines?

Yes, in a general way. You can buy collector books that list values for thousands of radios. And, despite all my caveats above, if you're interested in collecting, I'd recommend that you get one or more of these books. You can't consider the values absolute—they are averaged over time and geography, and some may be mere guesses—but the books are lots of fun to look at. And they can teach you a lot about the relative values of different categories of radios.

United States collector books typically give dollar values. The European guide La Grand Livre de TSF uses relative pricing, with two or three dollar signs representing an average value, and five dollar signs the highest. See Books for Radio Collectors for a list of popular collector guides.

Ads and auction reports are other good information sources. The ads in magazines like Antique Radio Classified or Old Timer's Bulletin tell you what other collectors think their sets are worth. (Of course, not every radio sells at the asking price!) The auction reports published in those magazines can also tell you what certain sets fetched at a particular time and place.

Yeah, but what do you think, Phil?

Everybody's entitled to his own opinions about value. Here are mine.

As I see it, a radio's value depends on five factors: scarcity, age, design, electronics, and (most important) condition.

  • Scarcity. Some sets are prized simply because they were the first, the only, the last, or the something-est in a given category. For example, the Regency TR-1 looks like a zillion other pocket-sized transistors, but collectors prize it because it was the very first consumer transistor radio. In the transistor books, its value ranges from $300 for the common black model to $2750 for a "pearlescent lavender" set. Similarly, the Zenith TransOceanic R-520/URR was made in limited numbers for the military. Because few R-520/URRs survive today, they fetch more than a common TransOceanic H500 of the same vintage (which perform just as well, by the way).

  • Age. Older radios tend to fetch somewhat more than newer ones, but only in a very general way. Age alone doesn't make a radio priceless. 1920s radios are old, but some manufacturers made cheap, junky radios in those days, as in all other times. Scarcity of parts can make certain vintage sets very expensive to repair. Early radios don't perform as well as newer ones, and some require a battery power supply that's not easy for everyone to provide. On the other hand, the early sets have historical interest and design factors that appeal to some people. Age cuts both ways, in short.

  • Design. No matter where you live, a Sparton Bluebird is worth more than a plain Coronado. Inside, both radios are similar, with five tubes and conventional electronics. But the "Blue Mirror" Sparton features dramatic Art Deco styling and unusual materials, whereas the Coronado is your basic brown Bakelite box with tubes inside. It doesn't take an expert to guess which is more valuable. By reading the collector guides, ads, and auction reports, you can learn what design features other people value. You may also develop your own interest in a particular design—"Machine Age" styles, "Wacky 50s," or whatever.

  • Electronics. High-quality electronics increase a radio's value for most collectors. Some high-end brands, such as Scott or McMurdo Silver, cost as much as a luxury car when new and they still command higher prices than their humbler brethren. Some mass-market manufacturers, such as Zenith, Philco, and even Silvertone, occasionally produced high-end models, too.

    Some of these sets are easy to identify. Peek inside the back, and instead of the ordinary five or six tubes, you'll see lots and lots of tubes—twelve, fifteen, or even more. Some sets have two chassis instead of one, and chrome plating is another tipoff. If you see chrome on the chassis and other metal components, you are looking at something out of the ordinary. Many of these sets were sold as bare chassis, which the owner would either play as-is (admiring all the chrome) or have installed in a custom-built cabinet.

  • Condition. Nice radios are generally worth more than junkers. Duh. But what constitutes good condition, exactly?

    Most importantly, the set should be in complete and original condition. Award bonus points for original packaging, manuals, and accessories. Subtract points for cabinet damage, missing or incorrect knobs, and any amateurish modifications. You can get modern reproductions for many knobs or dial covers, although repro components may reduce the set's value to purists.

    Cabinets typically show some marks of use, and a few minor scratches and dents are to be expected. Award bonus points for an original, unrestored cabinet in like-new condition. For wooden cabinets, subtract points for major visible damage or if a previous owner stripped the cabinet down to bare wood or applied a non-authentic finish such as glossy polyurethane. (Virtually all wooden radio cabinets were finished in lacquer.) For Bakelite and plastic cabinets, subtract points if there are large, visible cracks or chunks missing. For all radios, subtract points for painting a cabinet that wasn't originally painted or for respraying a painted cabinet in non-authentic colors.

    You may be surprised to learn that many collectors don't care whether a radio works at the time of purchase. Like 50-year old cars, 50-year old radios invariably need a tuneup (or more) before venturing back on the road. And, lots of collectors enjoy doing their own repairs. Basically, you want electronics that are complete and restorable. Even if the radio seems to work at the time, you will want to at least replace the capacitors before putting it back into regular service, for reasons of safety and reliability. If you're not experienced in repairing old radios, don't "just plug in" the radio to try it out. You may cause expensive damage or even start a fire.

Buy for love, not for investment

In the end, only you can say what a particular set is worth to you. Like many collectors, I've occasionally paid a wee bit extra for a set with some sentimental connection. On the other hand, there are some ostensibly valuable radios that you couldn't pay me to take, because I simply don't like them.

"Buy only what you like" is the best advice that I can give. I have never bought an unappealing radio thinking, "Boy, that would make a great investment."

If you're looking for ways to invest your money, old radios are one of the worst deals around. There's no consensus on value, prices can as easily go down as up, radios require lots of storage space, and they are awfully fragile in comparison to other investments. You can't ruin stocks or bonds by dropping them on the floor!

If you still don't believe me, just visit any radio swap meet. It's common to see collectors unloading radios for the same price they paid, or in many cases, for less.

If you want to be happy with your purchases over the long term, don't buy any radio unless you like it enough to keep indefinitely.


How to Determine the Value of Your Antique Radios

Almost a century after the radio became part of Western society, antique radios became a highly desired collector’s item. Either to put on display, to tinker with, or to listen to and enjoy the nostalgic sound. So how do you determine the value of your antique radio? There is no perfect guideline to determining the value of an antique radio: it depends on a combination of factors like condition, type and scarcity. Presentation plays an important role as well, as you can read at the end of this article. Perhaps you have a rare Tesla Bakelite model 208U “Talisman” lying around, or do you wish to find out if your Philips B5X43A is as valuable as you hope? Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether your antique radio is worth putting up for auction!

Year of Manufacture

The age of your radio can contribute to its value: an early radio generally has more historical interest than a 1950s radio, but the value depends on many more factors. It's important to remember that even in the 1920s cheap models were manufactured so although they're older, they may not be as valuable as some 1960s models that are desired for their great quality. You can identify most radios by their model number, which can be found on the casing or stamped on a component of the radio on the inside.

Age can contribute to the value of an antique radio, for example this Ekco AD65 Bakeliet Ronden Radio from 1934 sold for €2,226 on our Radio auction


Well-known brands such as Philips, Grundig and Tesla tend to do well on our Hi-Fi and Radio auctions, but that doesn't mean small brands are less interesting. They can actually be very valuable due to a combination of historical interest and scarcity. If you wish to start a collection of antique radios, our in-house radio experts advise that you learn as much as you can about them. This way you can avoid buying a low-quality model or selling a unique, valuable radio for less than it's worth.

This very unique Zvezda Red Star Roter Stern radio from around 1945/1955 sold on our Radio auction for €1,001


The condition of antique radios impacts their value. As a general rule, a radio should work properly if you wish to sell it. Perhaps only with a small deficit that can be fixed easily or that is not disturbing. But it is not just the condition of the mechanics that matters: many people like to buy antique radios to put on for display at home. Part of the reason this Excelsior 1955 radio rendered €1600 on a Catawiki auction is because it still looks and works great.

This Excelsior SNR 55 Radio from 1955 in very good, fully working condition sold on our Radio auction for €1,600


It is hard to determine the value of a radio without taking the presentation of the lot in to account. Our in-house radio experts say that lots tend to do better if they include several good quality pictures taken from every angle, and a clear description with detailed information. Include information about the brand, model, and accessories such as remotes to begin with; if you know more about the mechanics or the unique history of the radio, always include that as well. Pictures and information can help buyers get excited and feel confident in knowing what they are bidding on.

The best way to determine the value of your antique radio is to put it up for auction. You can create your free account to get started; our experts are more than willing to help! Are you looking to buy antique radios to start or expand a collection? With that same free account you can also bid and buy so take a look at our Hi-Fi & Radio auction today!

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Bakelite Jewelry Price Guide

Values for Bakelite jewelry can vary widely depending on the rarity of the piece. Many of the examples shown here are quite hard to find and reflect prices paid by avid collectors who compete at auction to own these pieces. Other pieces shown, which generally sell for $200 and less, are fairly common.

Since the 1990s, many pieces made of authentic, old Bakelite have been produced by artisans. Some of these are similar in style to older pieces, and they will test as Bakelite. These are usually highly carved pieces, bangle bracelets with dots, and other desirable styles. While these artisans maintain that they did not try to fool collectors with their work, some of these pieces, unfortunately, do get passed off as old Bakelite by re-sellers today. It is wise to do some research before buying high dollar Bakelite jewelry if you want to make sure you are purchasing a vintage piece. 

Other highly carved imported pieces have been made with materials resembling Bakelite, and collectors many times refer to these as "Fakelite" since they were meant to deceive collectors. All the items in this guide are believed to be vintage, with most dating to the 1930s and '40s except where noted.

The Bakelite Shown Above:

Two carved Bakelite Bracelets and one leaf carved brooch

Value: $270 (Morphy Auctions - 8/14)

Brown Bakelite Bangles

Two brown Bakelite bracelets with carving sold together.

Value: $180 (Morphy Auctions - 6/12)

Paul Whitman Good Luck Bakelite Ring

Promotional item for bandleader Paul Whitman"s radio show in the 1930s. Whitman's face is on each side of the ring. The swastika represented good luck at the time the ring was made — silver on black Bakelite.

Value: $120 (Morphy Auctions - 2/12)

Bakelite V for Victory Pin

Vintage World War II (1940s) Bakelite V for Victory pin with original pin back. Condition: good.

Value: $138 (Morphy Auctions - 1/11)

Carved Red Peppers Pin

Vintage Bakelite carved chunky red peppers pin with original pin back. Described as "later production." Condition" excellent. Size: 2 3/8" x 3".

Value: $207 (Morphy Auctions - 1/11)

Bulldog Pin

Rare bulldog pin with celluloid teeth and brass collar. Condition: near mint. Size: 2 3/8" tall.

Value: $1,495 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08), $671 (Bonham's - 12/09)

Bakelite Green & Black Striped Bangle

Thick bangle bracelet with green and black layering. Condition: excellent.

Value: $103.50 (Morphy Auctions - 5/10)

Bakelite Cameo Link Bracelet

Bakelite ovals with applied celluloid cameos and celluloid links. Condition: excellent. Size: 7 - 1/4" long.

Value: $149.50 (Morphy Auctions - 5/10)

Bakelite Overdyed Horse Pin

Bakelite carved and overdyed, or resin washed red horse pin with brass chain harness. Condition: excellent. Size: 2 3/4" tall.

Value: $207 (Morphy Auctions - 5/10)

Bakelite Carved Green Pin

Bakelite Carved Green Bar Pin. Shows original bright green color on reverse. Condition: very good to excellent. Size: 3 1/2" long.

Value: $45 ( 5/10)

Bakelite Marbled Bangle Bracelet

Bakelite unusually shaped bangle with marbled mottling. Condition: excellent.

Value: $115 (Morphy Auctions - 5/10)

Bakelite Carved Flower Necklace Set

Carved Bakelite Flowers mounted on medallions. The necklace has a celluloid chain. Stretch bracelet with Bakelite components. Condition: excellent.

Value: $150 ( 1/10)

Bakelite Saucer Bangle Bracelet

Vintage butter-yellow bangle in a saucer shape. Condition: Very good to excellent.

Value: $30 (1/10 -

Bakelite Overdyed Wagon Wheel Pin

Overdyed or Resin Washed wagon wheel pin. Condition: excellent. Size: 2 3/4" tall.

Value: $230 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Bakelite Gold & Red Sword Pin

Condition: excellent. Size: 4 1/4" long.

Value: $316.25 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Bakelite Dark Yellow Hinged Bracelet

Condition: excellent. Size: 3" wide.

Value: $86.25 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Bakelite Dark Red Horse Head Pin

Condition: excellent. Size: 2 1/2" long.

Value: $258.75 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Bakelite Horse Head & Shoe Pin

Condition: excellent. Size: 2 1/2" wide.

Value: $287.50 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Bakelite Hat Pin with Flowers

Condition: excellent. Size 2 1/2" long.

Value: $230 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Bakelite Gun, Hat, Saddle & Whip Pin

Condition: excellent. Size: 4" long.

Value: $402.50 (Morphy Auctions - 2/10)

Pair of Yellow Honeycomb Bangle Bracelets

Pair of faceted honeycomb bangles. Condition: excellent. Size: 1 1/8" wide.

Value: $86.25 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Air Raid Warden Pin

Rare air raid warden pin. Condition: excellent. Size: 3 1/2" long.

Value: $690 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Cherry Juice Quilted Bangle Bracelet

Cherry juice (refers to clear coloring with cherry being more uncommon than apple juice Bakelite) quilted bangle. Condition: excellent. Size: 5/8" wide.

Value: $143.75 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Overdyed Fox Pin with Movable Head

Rare overdyed or resin washed fox pin with movable head. Condition: near mint. Size: 3" tall.

Value: $862.50 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Deeply Carved Green Rope Bangle Bracelet

Deeply carved green rope bangle bracelet. Condition: near mint. Size: 5/8" tall.

Value: $86.25 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Ladybug Bracelet

Unusual ladybug bracelet. Condition: near mint. Size: 7 1/2" long.

Value: $402.50 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Googly Eye Pumpkin Pin

Very rare pumpkin pin with googly eyes. Condition: excellent. Size: 5 1/4" tall.

Value: $6,325 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Rabbit with Wooden Basket Pin

Hard to find Bakelite and wood rabbit with basket pin. Condition: excellent. Size: 3 1/4" tall.

Value: $402.50 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Wolverine Pin with Movable Arm Holding Sword

Rare overdyed or resin washed wolverine pin with movable arm. Condition: excellent. Size: 2 7/8" tall.

Value: $1,035 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Red Bird Pin with Wooden Wing

Red bird pin with carved wood wing. Condition: near mint. Size: 4" long.

Value: $172.50 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)

Doghouse Pin with Dangling Charms

Hard to find doghouse with three charms. Condition: excellent. Size: 3" tall.

Value: $632.50 (Morphy Auctions - 12/08)


I'm tempted to call this page, "the Radio Attic's Poor Man's Price Guide," but I'm fighting the urge.  Because it's really not a price guide (see below).  But one of the benefits of using a database as the back end of a web site is that you have all this data and are constantly looking for new ways to display it! 

The Price Guide includes 16,361 radios sold since January 1, 2005, at the Radio Attic, along with their sellers (if still active) and the dates reported sold. The prices shown are the LISTING prices as of the date of the sale; they are not necessarily the prices actually paid for the radios.  Some points to note: (1) these are NOT selling prices; they are "asking" prices (yes, it bears repeating); (2) "values" changed noticeably for some of these radios in the years spanned by this list;  (3) you can read the original text that accompanied each ad by clicking on the link towards the bottom of each radio's individual page.  For more information on guessing the value of YOUR radio, click here.


Price bakelite guide radio

This is a subject which receives a lot of questions. (The only question that is asked more often is “Where can I find parts for my Philco radio?” For that answer, see the Resources pages.)

In all honesty, I really do not know what your radio is worth!

Values are quite subjective and can vary from one area of the country to another and even from one day to another.

Prices which radios sell for on eBay are not, as is often thought, a reliable barometer of pricing.

Again, why not?

eBay selling prices only tell what someone was willing to pay for a particular example of a radio at that point in time.

Let us say there are two different Philco Model 89B radios for sale during the same week. One looks as if it was removed from a nice, airtight (and watertight) time capsule; in other words, mint original condition. The other may have numerous scratches and scuffs, tears in its grille cloth and speaker, and rust on its chassis.

Joe Schmuck gets outbid on the mint 89B at $475. Determined to buy an 89B at any price, Joe begins bidding on the other 89B and wins it at $350.

Does that mean all 89B sets are worth $350?

Absolutely not!

The price here was determined by how badly Joe Schmuck wanted to own an 89B; and in his case, money was no object.

One week later, two more 89B sets are put up for auction on eBay. Both sellers, seeing how much the other 89B sets sold for, set opening bids of $300.

Neither one attracts a single bid…thus proving the point that auction selling prices are not an accurate reflection of the value of a radio.

Phil Nelson’s excellent website includes a page which reflects my views on radio values. You are invited to visit here to learn more.

There are a number of price guides on the market. A search at will turn up several of these.

Can I find the value of my radio on eBay?

Yes and no.

When a radio is listed on eBay at a low opening bid of $20 or less with no reserve, the seller is allowing the market to set the selling price – and the market will do so. So, on vintage radios that were listed in this fashion, the answer is yes, with a caveat. More on that in a moment.

When a radio is listed on eBay at a ridiculously high starting price, such as a radio in very poor condition with a starting bid at $300, it will never sell and you can be assured that this is not a true indicator of its “value.”

There are a few exceptions – Models 37-690 and 38-690 being among them – but most Philco radio models are simply not “worth” several hundred dollars. Why? As the nation’s leading radio manufacturer, Philco made more sets than their competition, and so there are more surviving Philco sets still around to satisfy collector demand.

Now the caveat on eBay prices. Some sellers have been suspected of using shill bidders to artificially inflate their selling prices. These auctions usually result in a $50 radio “selling” for $500. Do your research carefully and when you see one Philco selling for $60 in one auction and the same model for $300 in another, be skeptical and do not automatically assume that yours is worth $300.

Philco 50-520 Bakelite radio

Arvin radio value

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1948 Arvin AM Radio 4 tube vintage “Metal Midget” Original working circuitry, small dent in upper corner Can be tuned to several different AM station Model 442 Brand of Noblitt - Sparks Industries based in Columbus Indiana started manufacturing Arvin Radios in 1927 6” wide 4” deep 5” tall Chairish sells electronic items only with the display as the intended use. The electronic ... Height: 6' 11 Weight: 243lbs DOB: 04/21/1998 Prior to NBA: Texas Country: USA Years Pro: 3 Full BIO Collectible Tube Radios (1930-1949) Before television, the most common way to be entertained in the home was through the radio. Many vintage and antique radio models made between 1930 and 1949 are highly collectible, including brands such as RCA, Philco, Westinghouse, and Zenith. Do you have a vintage tube radio-receiver with excessive hum in the audio? Well, here is a great tutorial for troubleshooting + repair. I have worked on thes... Find the worth of your vintage Bakelite radio. Research our price guide with auction results on 110 items from $14 to $4,080. ... An Arvin 851T Bakelite valve radio ...

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# 19536   Bakelite Radio, By Bush

Bakelite radio, by BushA bakelite radio, by Bush.

Sold: Price/Value Guide: *over 90+GBP
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# 20645   Ekco AC 85 Brown Bakelite Radio

Ekco AC 85 brown bakelite radioAn Ekco AC 85 brown bakelite radio, manufactured in the early 1930's 20 ins

Sold: Price/Value Guide: *over 90+GBP
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# 29999   Ekco Model A12 Brown Bakelite Radio

Ekco Model A12 brown Bakelite radioAn Ekco Model A12 brown Bakelite radio, with push button and dial controls, with original place name tuning guide, 15.5ins

Sold: Price/Value Guide: *over 100+GBP
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# 30564   Bush Bakelite Radio Type Dacio

Bush Bakelite radio type DacioA Bush Bakelite radio type Dacio, 32cm wide

Sold: Price/Value Guide: *over 120+GBP
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# 60705   Ekco Type M.23 Bakelite Radio, C1933

Ekco type M.23 Bakelite radio, c1933An Ekco type M.23 Bakelite radio circa 1933

Sold: Price/Value Guide: *over 200+GBP
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The General Electric Company GEC Bakelite BC 5645 Radio -...
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24m (time left)
Price: 40.00
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Vintage 1950/60s Bakelite Valve Radio Case Body Only...
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50m (time left)
Price: 18.00
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Lot of 2: Vintage "Daka-Ware Bakelite" 1.5" Dia. 1/4" Shaft Black w/Set Screw...
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51m (time left)
Price: 19.99
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3 Brown Bakelite Knobs for 1/4 inch Shaft...
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1h 21m (time left)
Price: 19.75
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HMV Bakelite valve radio.1950’s PLAY OR DISPLAY...
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2h 31m (time left)
Price: 60.00
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9h 38m (time left)
Price: 85.00
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Vintage Antique GE General Electric Model 115 Bakelite AM Tube Radio...
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9h 39m (time left)
Price: 149.99
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Soviet Bakelite Vintage Old Radio Surf . USSR radio-speaker. Working ! Original...
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9h 49m (time left)
Price: 109.34
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Soviet Bakelite Vintage Old Radio Ob . USSR radio-speaker. Working ! Original...
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9h 51m (time left)
Price: 109.34
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Soviet Bakelite Vintage Old Radio Gull Chaika 3. USSR radio-speaker. Working !...
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9h 53m (time left)
Price: 109.34
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Soviet Bakelite Vintage Old Radio Gull Chaika 5. USSR radio-speaker. Working !...
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9h 54m (time left)
Price: 109.34
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Soviet Bakelite Vintage Old Radio Octave. USSR radio-speaker. Working ! Original...
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9h 55m (time left)
Price: 109.34
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Stunning Rare Philco 45-200 Transistone Deco Bakelite Radio, US Import, Working...
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14h 19m (time left)
Price: 250.00
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Bakelite Valve Radio Circa. 1940’s, Working. See Description...
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15h 17m (time left)
Price: 32.00
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for Sale, BEST OFFER or Auction »
16h 12m (time left)
Price: 30.00
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for Sale, BEST OFFER or Auction »
17h 18m (time left)
Price: 24.00
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Bush Vintage Bakelite Valve Radio. Unrestored....
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18h 11m (time left)
Price: 70.00
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Beautiful Retro Bakelite Crosley Radio, Collectors Edition CR-3. Functions....
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19h 12m (time left)
Price: 45.00
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Defiant bakelite valve radio...
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19h 17m (time left)
Price: 20.00
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Vintage Spartan vacuum tube valve am Bakelite radio Model 5AW06...
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20h (time left)
Price: 57.22
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20h 49m (time left)
Price: 134.10
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Vintage EKCO U.195 Bakelite Mains Radio for Spares or Repair...
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21h 3m (time left)
Price: 39.99
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Bakelite Knob Siemens 25 x 21mm 6.3mm shaft Valve Tube Radio Amp guitar Pedal RX...
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21h 21m (time left)
Price: 12.96
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Vintage General Electric GE Tube Radio Model 202 Tested Working 1947 Bakelite...
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22h 7m (time left)
Price: 59.95
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Vintage Montgomery Ward Airline 84-HA-1527 Bakelite Tweed Tube Radio FREE SHIP...
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23h 25m (time left)
Price: 75.00
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