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T-Mobile Review 2021: Should You Switch?

In this T-Mobile review, I’ll explain the differences between T-Mobile’s plans, compare them with the plans from Verizon and AT&T, talk about my experience using the T-Mobile network, show you the mobile app and online account dashboard, and ultimately answer the question: “should sign up for T-Mobile in 2021?”

Hi, I’m Stetson, and I review cell phone plans.

I designed and built BestPhonePlans.net to help people find and compare plans, and my goal is to help you reduce your cell phone bill by finding an affordable plan that meets your needs.

For this T-Mobile review, I signed up for both T-Mobile Essentials and T-Mobile Magenta Plus to see what T-Mobile’s entry-level and most premium plans had to offer.

Let’s jump into it.

T-Mobile’s Plans Compared

T-Mobile offers three plans to choose from: Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus.

T-Mobile Essentials plan versus Magenta plan versus Magenta Plus plan

T-Mobile Essentials

T-Mobile Essentials is the cheapest plan, starting at $60 per month. It includes unlimited data, but the data is deprioritized. This means that anytime the T-Mobile network is busy, Essentials customers will have slower speeds than Magenta and Magenta Plus customers. 

How much slower, and will you notice a difference? I’ll answer that in a minute.

The Essentials plan also includes unlimited hotspot data at 600Kbps, 480p video streaming, and data roaming in Canada and Mexico at 128Kbps. 

Unfortunately, there is no international data roaming, no GoGo in-flight WiFi or texting, no Netflix for multi-line accounts, and taxes and fees are extra.

T-Mobile Magenta

T-Mobile Magenta is the middle-tier plan. 

It includes 50GB of priority data, 3GB of high-speed hotspot data before unlimited hotspot data at 600Kbps, and 480p video streaming. 

You also now get the 1 screen standard definition Netflix Basic plan included for multi-line accounts, 5GB of high-speed roaming data in Mexico and Canada, international data roaming at 128Kbps, and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi and unlimited texting on Go-Go enabled flights. 

And all this with taxes and fees included in the $70/month price. 

T-Mobile Magenta Plus

Magenta Plus is the most premium plan T-Mobile offers. 

It includes the same 50GB of priority data as T-Mobile Magenta, but it increases the hotspot data to 20GB, improves streaming quality to 1080p, bumps up the Netflix plan Netflix Standard (which is 2 screens at HD quality), doubles the international data speeds to 256Kbps, and gives you unlimited Wi-Fi and texting on GoGo enabled flights. 

And Magenta Plus similarly includes all taxes and fees in the $85/month price.

Magenta vs Magenta Plus: What’s the difference?

Magenta Plus is the Magenta plan bundled with the PlusUP add-on

It turns out Magenta Plus is basically the same as the Magenta plan, but with the PlusUP add-on already applied. 

The PlusUP add-on offers the exact same features as Magenta Plus, including the extra hotspot data, HD streaming, and international roaming speeds. 

The benefit of going with Magenta Plus is that the PlusUP add-on is bundled with your service, making the PlusUP add-on eligible for multi-line discounts. 

For example, four lines of Magenta with the PlusUP add-on would total $50 per line. With Magenta Plus, you’d pay just $43 per line and save $336 per year.

Bundling the PlusUP add-on with Magenta Plus makes it eligible for T-Mobile's multi-line discount

The other benefit to Magenta Plus is you get the Netflix Standard plan with 2 HD screens, which is a separate $4 add-on for Magenta customers.

For single-line users, I suggest you get the cheaper Magenta plan and purchase the PlusUP add-on only when you need it.

For multi-line plans, it comes down to how much you’d use the extra hotspot data and the 2x international data roaming speeds. 

Keep in mind that all lines on a T-Mobile account need to be on the same plan––there’s no mixing and matching like there is with Verizon and AT&T––so the choice of going with Magenta Plus over Magenta ends up being a $384 per year difference for four lines ($1,680 for four lines on Magenta vs $2,064 for four lines on Magenta Plus).

Adding Tablet and Smartwatch Lines

The final difference between the three T-Mobile plans is the cost of adding a tablet line to your plan. 

It’s $15 to add a tablet line on Essentials and $20 on Magenta and Magenta Plus. 

Adding a wearable device, such as an Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, or another smartwatch, is $10 for all plans. 

T-Mobile Data Speeds & Priority

One of the major differences between T-Mobile’s plans is the amount of priority data included with the plans. Essentials is deprioritized, while Magenta and Magenta Plus have 50GB of priority data. 

What does having priority data mean, and will you notice a difference?

Having priority data just means that anytime the network is busy, or there are a lot of people using it at the same time, your speeds will be slightly faster than everyone else’s. And being deprioritized just means that anytime the network is busy your speeds will be slightly slower than everyone else’s. 

How much of a difference does having priority data make? 

To find out I did the ultimate T-Mobile speed test. 

You can watch the full video to see the complete breakdown, but here’s the summary.

I observed that T-Mobile’s network basically had four tiers of network priority:

T-Mobile offers four tiers of data priority on their network
  1. Tier 1: The 50GB of priority data included with the Magenta and Magenta Plus plans, as well as T-Mobile Prepaid plans. This tier gets the fastest speeds when the network is busy.
  2. Tier 2: Deprioritized data. This includes T-Mobile Essentials, Metro by T-Mobile, and all T-Mobile MVNOs, like Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and US Mobile. My tests showed Tier 2 was about 70% slower than Tier 1 when the network was busy, or operating at about 30% speed. 
  3. Tier 3: All hotspot data. (I didn’t test this speed in comparison to the other tiers).
  4. Tier 4: All heavy data users. You’re deprioritized down to Tier 4 when you use over 50GB on T-Mobile Magenta Plus, Magenta, Essentials, and Prepaid plans, and when you use over 35GB on Metro by T-Mobile. This tier has the slowest data speeds when the network is busy. My testing showed me that speeds were about 85% slower than tier 1, or operating at about 15% speed.

As a disclaimer, T-Mobile’s actual network management and priority levels may be different. I’m just sharing what I observed from my test results.

With all of that said, how likely are you to notice the difference between these priority levels? 

Honestly, not very.

Despite the pretty big drop from 50Mbps download in Tier 1 to 15Mbps download in Tier 2, these speeds are only when the network is busy

All priority levels get full speed data when the network is not busy. 

And it turns out, the network free from congestion most of the time.

T-Mobile’s network has enough capacity in most markets to handle the number of connected devices. 

You’re not likely to be deprioritized, and even when you are, you’ll still probably get speeds plenty fast enough for what you need.

Mint Mobile is my personal provider, and they are deprioritized on the T-Mobile network. I’ve been using them for the past two years, and I can honestly say I’ve never noticed a difference in speed or performance.

I have lived predominantly in more suburban markets though, including Acton Massachusetts, Ithaca, NY, and now in Longmont, CO, so your experience may vary if you happen to live in a more congested city. 

Still, I’m betting you won’t notice a difference, either. 

At the very least, it’s worth trying one of the more affordable plans that are deprioritized before paying a premium for priority data access.

How T-Mobile’s plans compare with the plans from Verizon and AT&T

Next, let’s talk about how T-Mobile’s plans compare to the options from Verizon and AT&T.

Let's start with the entry-level plans. 

Entry-Level Plans

T-Mobile Essentials versus Verizon Start Unlimited versus AT&T Unlimited Starter

These plans are actually quite similar between the carriers. Prices range from $60 to $70 per month, including the auto-pay discounts, and T-Mobile happens to be the cheapest.

Taking a look at the full breakdown here, and you can see three main differences:

  1. First, T-Mobile includes unlimited hotspot data at 600Kbps. Verizon and AT&T don’t include any hotspot data with their entry-level plans.
  2. Second: AT&T includes roaming in Canada and Mexico with unlimited data at LTE speeds on when on partner networks. Verizon and T-Mobile include just 0.5GB of LTE data per day before unlimited data at 128Kbps.
  3. Third: The perks. Verizon is the only carrier to offer perks here. You get a 6-month free trial of Apple Music, Disney+, and Discovery+.

T-Mobile’s entry-level Essentials plan is a great value in comparison to Verizon and AT&T because it’s the cheapest plan, and it’s the only plan to include hotspot data. 

T-Mobile is also a great option for multi-line users, with their 4-line plan coming in at $30 per line compared to $35 per line on Verizon or AT&T.

T-Mobile Essentials saves you $240 per year in comparison to Verizon and AT&T

But the truth is I don’t recommend any of the entry-level options on any of the carriers. 

You are typically getting the same experience as what the prepaid plans have to offer (with the deprioritized data), and you are paying a higher price for it. 

Why would you want to do that? 

If you’re considering an entry-level plan, I suggest you consider the prepaid options, or what is available from the T-Mobile MVNOs.

Mid-Tier Plans

T-Mobile Magenta versus Verizon Play More versus AT&T Unlimited Extra

The mid-tier plans bump things up in price, but T-Mobile’s plan remains the cheapest. It’s just $70 per month for T-Mobile Magenta compared to $75 per month for a plan from AT&T and $80 per month for a plan from Verizon.

Again, all auto-pay discounts are included in the prices.

The full breakdown reveals there are 6 key differences between these plans:

  1. First: Verizon and AT&T’s plans include 15GB of high-speed hotspot data, compared to just 3GB on T-Mobile.
  2. Second: Verizon enables up to 720p video streaming here compared to 480p streaming on T-Mobile and AT&T.
  3. Third: AT&T continues to offer the best option for roaming in Mexico and Canada with unlimited high-speed data.
  4. Fourth: T-Mobile adds in unlimited international data roaming with speeds up to 128Kbps. The speeds are slow, but it’s much better than having to pay $10/day or $70/month for an international add-on from Verizon or AT&T.
  5. Fifth: T-Mobile includes all taxes and fees with their plan. It’s a small thing, but it saves T-Mobile customers around an extra $70 per year. That’s basically an extra free month of cell service.
  6. Sixth: The perks. Verizon includes Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, along with 6 months of Apple Music and 12 months of discovery+. T-Mobile offers 1 Standard definition screen of Netflix, but only with two or more lines. Still, considering the $10 price difference between the plans, and the extra taxes and fees Verizon will charge you, you could basically get T-Mobile Magenta and the $13 Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ bundle separately and end up paying about the same. AT&T doesn’t include any perks with their plan.

I’m disappointed T-Mobile only includes 3GB of high-speed hotspot data here, especially compared with the 15GB you get with Verizon and AT&T. 

After the 3GB, you get unlimited hotspot data at 600Kbps. 

600Kbps is fast enough to stream 240p video, stream music, use email, Twitter, and Reddit, and even Google Maps. 

However, content does load slower, and I got constant buffering when doing some things like watching Instagram stories.

If you do lighter tasks like writing in Google Docs or email, the 600Kbps hotspot speeds will work fine, but I personally would prefer the 15GB of high-speed hotspot data that you get with the other plans.

That said, T-Mobile’s plan is still the most affordable here, especially with all taxes and fees included. Including taxes and fees saves you an estimated $80-$100 per year.

The Magenta plan gets even better for families, too. The price drops to just $35 per line, compared to $40 from AT&T and $45 on Verizon.

After 1 year, T-Mobile saves you an estimated $500 to $700 for a family with four lines.

T-Mobile Magenta saves four-line family plan customers between $500 to $700 per year thanks to its lower price and the fact that it includes all taxes and fees

Despite the lower amount of hotspot data, T-Mobile’s Magenta plan is clearly an excellent value proposition, and it’s easily the plan I would recommend to most people from T-Mobile’s postpaid offerings.

Top-Tier Plans

T-Mobile Magenta Plus versus Verizon Do More Unlimited versus AT&T Unlimited Elite

And now the top-tier plans. These are the best plans each carrier has to offer, and they are the most expensive. T-Mobile and AT&T’s plans are $85 per month, while Verizon’s plan is $90 per month with the auto-pay discounts applied.

The full breakdown of these plans reveals there are 7 key differences.

  1. First, AT&T includes the most priority data, increasing the allotment to 100GB compared to 50GB on T-Mobile and Verizon.
  2. Second, Verizon and AT&T include 30GB of high-speed hotspot data, while T-Mobile only includes 20GB.
  3. Third: AT&T ups the ante and provides full, 4K video streaming quality. T-Mobile streams video at up to 1080p, while Verizon limits video to just 720p.
  4. Fourth: AT&T continues to offer the best solution for international data roaming in Canada and Mexico with unlimited high-speed data.
  5. Fifth: T-Mobile continues to offer the best international roaming solution with unlimited data now at 256Kbps. You also now get unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and texting on GoGo enabled flights.
  6. Sixth: T-Mobile continues to include taxes and fees.
  7. Seventh: The perks. Verizon includes Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Apple Music, as well as a 12-month trial of the new discovery+ streaming service. AT&T includes HBO Max, which pairs nicely with their 4K streaming. T-Mobile offers Netflix Standard, which includes 2 screens at HD quality, but only with 2 or more lines. Single-line users are out of luck.
  8. Eighth: Tablet and wearable pricing. Verizon offers a 50% discount on tablet and wearable plans with their Get More Unlimited plan, making the cost just $10 per tablet line and $5 per wearable.

T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plan is easily the best plan for use internationally, but domestically they aren’t really the best at anything. 

AT&T offers more priority data and better video streaming quality, while Verizon offers a better hotspot solution.

Still, T-Mobile is a good middle-ground plan, and the included taxes and fees still save single-line users roughly $60-$80 per year. 

T-Mobile’s plan also continues to shine from a multi-line perspective. The price drops to just $43 per line, compared to $50 and $55 on Verizon and AT&T, saving you an astonishing $500 to $750 per year.

The savings you get with T-Mobile are easily enough to cover the cost of your favorite subscription services and more. 

Heck, with those savings you could even buy a new phone every year!

The bottom line is this: I think T-Mobile is offering some of the best deals in wireless when it comes to postpaid plans. 

If you live in an area with good T-Mobile coverage, I think their value easily trumps the offerings from Verizon and AT&T and can deliver a great experience at an affordable price.

But T-Mobile is only worth it if you get good coverage in your area.

So, how is T-Mobile coverage? What is the experience like using their network in terms of data speeds, performance, and customer support? 

T-Mobile Experience: Coverage, Features, Customer Support

T-Mobile Coverage

I’ve been signed up for T-Mobile’s Essentials and Magenta Plus plans for about the past four months now.

BUT, I’ve actually been using the T-Mobile network for about 8 of the past 10 years under different plans and carriers. 

And I’ve seen the T-Mobile network improve a lot.

When my parents first signed me up for T-Mobile back in 2010, the network wasn’t great. 

It was better than Sprint’s, but it wasn’t nearly as good as Verizon or AT&T’s. 

Since then, T-Mobile has taken huge strides in improving their network coverage and performance. 

They rolled out Band 12 and Band 71, which T-Mobile calls “Extended Range LTE”. 

These bands use low frequencies, 700MHz and 600MHz respectively, which allows them to travel farther distances and provide better reception indoors. 

And these bands did wonders to improve T-Mobile’s network coverage.

I distinctly remember upgrading to an iPhone 6s with band 12 support way back in 2016, and suddenly I had service in way more areas than before. 

Band n41 is another band T-Mobile has been rolling out recently. 

They acquired n41 from the Sprint-T-Mobile merger, and they’ve been using it as one of their primary bands in their mid-band 5G network. 

n41 is being used exclusively to boost download speeds right now, and I’ve hit over 300Mbps while connected to it. It’s tremendous.

In terms of third party reports, Tutalla’s 2020 State of Network Experience report shows that T-Mobile tied with Verizon for providing excellent consistent quality, was the winner in upload throughput, and tied with AT&T for latency. 

And Ookla’s 2019 speed test report has T-Mobile coming in second for fastest download speeds and for time spent on 4G.

If you compare T-Mobile’s coverage map to Verizon and AT&T, even on T-Mobile’s own website, their network still doesn’t blanket the whole United States quite like Verizon and AT&T do. 

But T-Mobile has been making tremendous improvements to their network, and they do an excellent job covering the major markets.

Is T-Mobile’s network the best? 

No, definitely not. 

But has it gotten significantly better over the past few years? 

Yes, absolutely.

If you haven’t tried the T-Mobile network recently, I suggest you reconsider them. 

They’ve made great progress, and they have the spectrum from Sprint to build out a potentially AWESOME mid-band 5G network.

T-Mobile Features

T-Mobile supports all the features you'd expect from a major network operator

Another aspect of cell service is what features the plan supports. 

Considering T-Mobile is a major network operator, all the features you’d expect are here: VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, mobile hotspot, visual voicemail, eSIM, 200MB domestic roaming data, international calling and texting, and even international data roaming.

T-Mobile also includes 5G access with all of their plans for no extra charge, including support for it’s low-band, mid-band, and mmWave 5G networks.

One thing to note is that while visual voicemail works with the native phone app on iPhone, on some Android phones you’ll want to use the dedicated T-Mobile voicemail app to enable a visual voicemail experience.

T-Mobile Customer Support

Now let’s talk about T-Mobile’s customer service and support. 

I’ve been using T-Mobile service for the past four months at this point, and I think T-Mobile has some of the leading service and support in the industry, but it’s also not perfect.

T-Mobile support is typically friendly, personable, quick to respond, and helpful. I’ve pretty reliably had positive experiences interacting with T-Mobile reps, both in-store and online.

In-store I migrated my Sprint account to a T-Mobile account, changed plans from Magenta to Essentials, and activated a new line of prepaid service. 

Every interaction I had the reps were friendly and knowledgeable, and I was in and out of the store in just a few minutes. 

I also chatted with reps online, including on T-Mobile’s website, Twitter, and via iMessage Business chat on iPhone, and each time the reps were super friendly and quick to answer my questions.

In another example, my friend messaged T-Mobile support and asked if there was anything they could do to help reduce his bill. 

While the rep wasn’t able to lower the monthly total, she was able to offer a one-time credit of $50, which was pretty amazing.

My friend received a $50 credit for asking if T-Mobile could do anything to reduce his bill

The T-Mobile subreddit is also filled with super nice representatives making sure their fellow T-Mobile Redditors are getting the best deals possible on their service. 

T-Mobile employees post deals a day or two in advance, and they help people determine if their accounts are eligible. 

It’s awesome. 

Unfortunately, not every T-Mobile support experience will be great though. 

Wait times may vary depending on time of day and chat volume, and some reps may be more knowledgeable than others based on their training and experience at the company. 

In one example, I was chatting with a T-Mobile rep over iMessage business chat and asking what the cost was for T-Mobile’s tablet plans. 

I was told there was a $10 for 10GB option, but this was actually a HOTSPOT add-on. 

I also asked what the pricing difference would be between the 10GB, 20GB, and 30GB Magenta Tablet Plus plans. 

The rep was super nice, but the response lacked a true answer to my question, along with any punctuation whatsoever, and to me it sounded like the pricing was the same and I just chose the plan I wanted.

It was only when I was talking with T-Mobile support on Twitter that I was able to confirm the pricing for T-Mobile’s tablet plans and learn that there actually was a price difference between the 10, 20, and 30GB options.

screenshots of chats with T-Mobile customer support

There are also a fair share of poor customer service stories for all carriers that you can find online, T-Mobile included.

That said, I still feel T-Mobile is offering leading customer service and support in the industry, and for the best experience I suggest you reach out on Twitter. 

T-Mobile refers to these support reps as T-Force, and I believe they consistently provide the best experience.

Either way, internet high-five to all T-Mobile support reps out there because I think you are doing an outstanding job, and I’ve really appreciated my time talking with all of you.

T-Mobile Account Management

Finally, T-Mobile offers easy account management through their online website or mobile application, where you can view and pay your bill, manage plan add-ons, view your data usage, and more. 

For the full breakdown of the application, watch my T-Mobile app tutorial video:

Should You Sign Up for T-Mobile in 2021?

T-Mobile’s plans are an excellent value, especially compared to Verizon and AT&T, and especially for families. 

T-Mobile offers a great selection of features at an affordable price, and their network improvements make them more competitive than ever before.


There are other carriers that also use the T-Mobile network for coverage, and they can deliver an even better value

Mint Mobile offers 35GB of data for as low as $30 per month with their annual plan, US Mobile offers 30GB for $30/month with their monthly plan, and Metro’s premium unlimited plan comes out to just $30 per line for 4 lines, all taxes and fees included. 

Metro even includes 15GB of dedicated high-speed hotspot data compared to just 3GB on Magenta.

Plans from Mint Mobile, US Mobile, and Ultra Moblie meet the needs of over 82% of consumers at under half the price of T-Mobile Magenta

These plans are significantly more affordable than what T-Mobile is offering, and they can save you upwards of $600 per year. 

Considering Cisco’s 2020 Internet Report shows that 82% of consumers use less than 20GB of data per month on average, these plans will be a great option for a lot of people.

If for some reason you feel you do want priority data though, then T-Mobile Prepaid is actually a better value than T-Mobile Magenta. 

My tests showed these plans had the same speeds and priority levels, and T-Mobile Prepaid is $60/mo with 10GB of high-speed hotspot data compared to just 3GB on Magenta.

So if you’re a single-line user, I don’t think T-Mobile postpaid is worth it. 

I feel that either T-Mobile Prepaid, or the affordable plans from Mint Mobile, US Mobile, and others deliver a better value. 

And for families, I think T-Mobile may be worth it for some, but I also think it’s hard to ignore the value you get with Metro by T-Mobile, or by getting multiple lines a cheap plan like Mint Mobile’s 8GB plan for $20/month.

Sours: https://www.bestphoneplans.net/news/t-mobile-review-2021


Rated with 5 stars
Dr. Mark of San Ysidro, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2021

Well in general all the the staff has been very helpful, an A+. Although you can hear in the back the supervisors, the staff try to help as best as possible but sometimes they get stopped by their superior.... Which at the same time messes the experience. The representatives work great and fast, both chat and phone. Been working with Ali to find the perfect family plan, almost except for some reason T-mobile removed the One-Plus 7 Pro, which is even better than the 8 and 7t Models. Go figure, that messed the final process but working on it.... The supervisor was no help.... Even after a big miss with the first contract, no one came in try to mediate the situation. Still lots of errors on the site but getting better.

Family plan especially the 55+ lowers the cost a lot, plus lots of extras.... Hopefully will have my 3 lines ready to go and just wait for the phone to arrive in November... One tidbit I Did NOT like was that they did NOT price match like that are suppose to. Bestbuy two items I had chosen were each $100 dollars less in the T-mobile section of BB. Not cool. The supervisor probably didn't give one hoop....

Read full review
Rated with 5 stars
Pat of Baltimore, MD Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2021

I just spoke with Brittany @ T-Mobile & she was a delight. Professional, proficient, polite and understanding with my hearing impairment. I must use my landline being hearing impaired where an operator must listen then type whom I am talking with. She patiently guided me through each step in changing my verbal passcode and online password. She first made certain that my account had not been affected. She is an excellent representative for T-Mobile and all companies should have such fabulous employees working for them. I am pleased with T-Mobile also because of the free scam shield that prevents scam calls from coming through. I have been with 5 other companies and would not think of changing because of excellent service and 5G that has the best reception of any other cellphone provider. You would do well to change to T-Mobile. Try it. You'll like it. Go and just go for the BEST. 10 STAR RATING WITH ME.

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Rated with 5 stars
Jacquelyn of Valley Stream, New York Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2021

I have been with T Mobile since I had a Cell phone. The service is good and reliable. I have had no drop call. When I was out of the country in the West Indies, I was able to access my email, make calls and do all the things when I was at Home. Also when I went to Alaska, since it was a US state, T Mobile treated my calls as local with no added charges. I am able to call all over the world with low fees. I have family in France and England and we are able to chat a few times a year with low fees. Most people will find the service helpful and user friendly. I intend to stick with the company, as I said before we go back a long way since they were called Voice Stream. My monthly fees are reasonable and they offer me new phones on yearly basis at low fees and my system is easily transferred to the new phone. I would recommend this company to all. Their customer service is second to none.

Rated with 5 stars
Fred of Jacksonville, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2021

That was the best customer I’ve ever had with T-Mobile. Thank you Jim for retaking the time to call me but most importantly LISTEN to my concerns with my business with T-Mobile! That coming from me is really saying a lot. I pay my money for A lot of services and this is my longest standing account that I have. T-Mobile almost lost my business and it’s because of the handful of people I have spoken to over the years like Jim who took the time to treat me as a person and not a number is the absolute best service anybody could ask for. My business is secure for the next 148 hours Jim... put the cherry on the sundae!!!!!

Rated with 5 stars
José of Buckeye, AZ Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2020

Well, our bill is not that bad at all, we been with T-Mobile for the last 4 years and it has been a good experience, we have 3 lines and at the beginning we started with only 2, and for the last year or so, I switch jobs and had to get a phone for myself so that’s how we end up with 3 lines, if it was on my power to do it, I would like to lower the price for customers that stay with their phone providers for less monthly charges per line or per package, it would be great if we get compensated for been loyal to a phone company regardless if is AT&T, T-Mobile or whatever provider you feel more comfortable, also may be some perks for people over 50-years or 55 so it can be more affordable for us, we don’t have to have all the latest technology and don’t have the help to learn all the new features on the new phones.

Rated with 1 star
Arleen of Murrells Inlet, SC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2021

I had to call repeatedly. Spend hours and got nowhere. They told me repeatedly that the problem was resolved - no worries. It was not the truth. I would have to call back. The problem continue to be unresolved. No matter what I said I could not get them to listen to me. I had to repeat myself. No matter what I did I could not get them to hear me. And they on their own were completely unable to resolve the problem even though they claim they did but the problem remained. I literally - not figuratively - literally got sick trying to deal with them to resolve a problem that should not have taken long to resolve because they would not listen to me and they were unable to do their job and would continuously tell me it was resolved but it was not. And I would have to call back and spend hours and hours on the phone with them to get nowhere.

Rated with 1 star
Ly of Hallandale, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2021

T-Mobile was the worst experience I had. I did use other phone providers but T-Mobile was the very disappointing after Sprint mobile. Will Not recommend to my friends or family As they've being very expensive and very not at the listening of their costumers.

Rated with 2 stars
Melanie of Ranson, WV Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2021

I’ve been a Sprint customer for 20 years then T-Mobile purchased Sprint and I was forced to switch to T-Mobile and have nothing but problems. Any building I go in my I message, internet or email doesn’t work. If I’m driving most of the time my internet doesn’t work. Reached out to T-mobile and told everything is fine. I have unlimited data yet when I go over 50GB I get a text stating my internet speeds are being reduced, what’s the point of unlimited data if it’s not unlimited data? I also upgraded 2 phones on my plan, sent both phones back in the same box then claimed they never received 1 of the phones but received the other, after spending 2 days going back and forth with T-Mobile they finally found the missing phone. The 5G is slower than LTE. I never had issues with Sprint.

Rated with 1 star
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David of Phoenix, AZ Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2021

T-mobile makes you wait for hours to speak with a customer service "expert". When they finally return your call, the connection is so poor you can barely hear them. Often, during the conversation, the phone completely cuts out. They may or may not call you back. Their advertised rates for cell phone service appear to be quite reasonable, but when you receive the actual monthly bill, prepare for an unpleasant surprise. It will be at least 20% higher than their advertised rate. I was a Verizon customer for ten years prior to making the mistake of switching to T-Mobile, based upon their advertising. Their cell phone service is sketchy, at best. AVOID T-MOBILE!!! Or, be sorry you didn't listen to me.

Rated with 3 stars
Ar of Euless, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2021

The 5G signal strength is very weak and their signal strength in general is very poor! I can't pay with my phone like I used to when Verizon was my carrier because the signal strength is usually too weak. They don't have customer support like I received from Verizon, but I'll have to deal with it until I'm able to get a price match from Verizon.

Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/tmobile_network.html
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T-Mobile customer service: What’s the deal?

The wireless industry as a whole has issues with customer service, but T-Mobile is trying to change that.

Talk to a T-Mobile customer, and you’ll probably hear a mix of stories about customer service, both good and bad.

We’ve had great experiences with in-store customer service in the past. Long story short, we ordered a phone from T-Mobile website, and it was stolen before it even arrived on our doorstep.

Thankfully, the in-store representative walked us through what to do and how to get a replacement phone, and they remained understanding and helpful even though we showed up at the store right at closing time.

However, when we later noticed the stolen phone was activated and we started receiving a bill for it, we had to contact the call center several times to cancel the service and zero out the bill. Moral of the story? Visit your local T-Mobile store for a better experience.

If you prefer to avoid phone calls and trips to the store, we feel you. You can make contact with T-Mobile and ask questions on social media. Prepare the hashtags.

  • Twitter: @TMobile
  • Facebook: @TMobile

We hope T-Mobile will continue to improve on its customer service and keep pushing out transparent, easy-to-understand pricing. Because being able to understand what you’ll owe each month is important.

Sours: https://www.reviews.org/mobile/t-mobile-cell-phone-plans-review/

As with T-Mobile’s cheapest unlimited plan, Start Unlimited customers can experience data deprioritization when the network is busy. And for the record, we think that’s pretty bogus for a $70 plan.

But Verizon tries to make up for deprioritization with some perks, like free subscriptions to Disney+ and Apple Music. Not to mention that Verizon operates the best mobile network in the country (we’ll talk about that more in a minute).

When you start looking at the higher-tiered plans from Verizon and T-Mobile, the main benefits you find are increased high-speed data caps and better streaming quality.

Both Verizon’s Get More Unlmited and T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plans will give you HD video streaming.

But Verizon is the clear winner when it comes to the high-speed data cap, offering an incredible 75 GB of data before throttling. Compare that to T-Mobile’s 50 GB, and you’ll see why some people pay a few extra bucks for the Get More Unlimited Plan.

Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan

Sours: https://www.reviews.org/mobile/t-mobile-vs-verizon-cell-phone-plans/

Mobile review t

I had recently decided to switch to…

I had recently decided to switch to TMobile home internet. The equipment was shipped to my house. But before opening it I changed my mind an sent it back before starting the service. ( I had found a cheaper service). They cancelled it but never took my card off file for automatic payments. So after even though I never used it I got charged $50.00. I called an they said that they would then remove my card an issue a refund which would take 1-3 business days. On the fourth day I called again the next rep told me it would 7-10 business days??? Like Each rep had different info. WORST SERVICE I EVER HAD. P.S still waiting on the refund for service I never used! #T-moble


I recently visited the T-Mobile store…

I recently visited the T-Mobile store located on Flagler and 100th Ave. Miami. I must say that I’m extremely satisfied with the attention and help received particularly from the Manager, but also the rest of the staff. I hesitated before going given the reviews some people write, but in my case, and from comments made by regular customers there, I’m extremely happy I did business with them.

Wish I could have these two months of…

Wish I could have these two months of my life back since switching to T Mobile from Verizon. Was promised excellent coverage from home and work addresses from store mgr. Purchased 4 iPhone 12’s during their promotion. Subsequently, find out I cannot call or text. No bars from one address. 1 bar from the other. 7 weeks of repeated service calls and now stuck with phone bills and absolutely NO service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Been with them for 23 years

Been with them for 23 years. In all that time they have been great, horrible, problem solvers and lately, they are a mess! Im not gong to rehash my latest issues that have been finally resolved. This complaint is about the app. Two things. First, No way to email them. The one issue that really kills me is if I call customer service and there is a wait time, 75% of the time I will be offered a call back option. But try to find that on the web site or the app. I just spent from 6:38pm until 7:22pm trying to find where that feature is? I have been told many times to go to the app and schedule that call back. Yeah OK where? I am so angry right now. The only good thing is I don't have to be asked by the customer service representative if I would tell my friends and family how great they are and recommend them? It is better not to say what my response has been to that statement.


Gilbert Ochoa

We have always had insurance for these…

We have always had insurance for these phones. 2 weeks ago, one phone ( I have 2), the battery wouldn't last. It said 100% and then 0 % in less than a minute. So we qualified for a exchange warranty. What they gave us in exchange, was Samsung A20 which I dont think was financially acceptable. They even give this phone free when you open an account. After speaking to a supervisor, the offered me a 500 dollar phone but I had to pay half of tgat amt.! I'm retired, I dont have that kind of money, thats why I pay insurance on the phones. I had no other choice but to stay with the A20. Very unacceptable.


Jennifer Rouse

T mobile deserves 0 stars...one of the…

T mobile deserves 0 stars...one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They disconnected my phone by accident and I could not get it connected again. I had to wait on hold 5 hours. They are trash...never go to them, there are so many phone companies out there. Do not go to this one. They are absolute garbage.

No More Tmobile For Me...

I have been a Sprint customer since 1999. When Tmobile and Sprint merged I really didn't care. The last phone I bought from a Sprint store before the disappeared for good was a Samsung Galaxy S10+. I never had any trouble until I changed the SIMS card from Sprint to Tmobile which they were pushing all of their customers to do. I started getting weak signal strength dropped calls mobile internet outages in certain areas where I never had trouble before. My phone even crash and locked up for no reason except for no mobile network. Tmobile cell service is poor and very expensive for no better than it is. I changed to AT&T and never will go back to Tmobile.

Ulises Estevez

At The Falls mall T-Mobil store…

At The Falls mall T-Mobil store Miami,Florida
Agent Estrella Conminas spent 1 hour on the phone with billing department helping me on a issue that was going on for a month. She had the professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and customer service attitude and took care the problem from roots. She was actually loosing money with me because at the end found out she works on commission only and lost other clients coming to purchace. She is the best of the best. would make a great manager + higher. Thank you T-Mobil


Chris Pelphrey

T-Mobile wants cash but won't accept their own equipment back

T-Mobile put me in collections the moment I closed my account. I have a cell booster from 6 years ago. They never told me to return the device oh, they simply put me in collections. I called to straighten it out and they told me they sent me a return label which I never received. I asked them to send it again and they said they could not. They told me to return it to any store. The stores won't accept it because it's too old. It's an LTE booster. They still want cash from collections but won't accept their equipment back instead. Their service was terrible and very spotty and I finally switched to Verizon because I couldn't take the chance of being without service if my motorcycle broke down. This company has been terrible to deal with for years but the coverage seemed quick when I had it. But it never worked far from the freeway and it never worked in doors. Now that they've merged with Sprint which I've had as well it was time to go. They treated me terribly since. The kid at the store told me they couldn't accept it and I told him customer service said to return it to any store. So he offered to call his manager oh, and I said no will call T-Mobile customer service. It was 7:30 p.m. and since I wanted to call T-Mobile customer service instead of his manager he threatened to call the police and have me removed if I didn't leave the store at 8 p.m. when they closed. The only thing I did was say I wanted to call customer service from T-Mobile instead of listen to his manager on the phone. T-Mobile customer service overrides anything the local manager wants to say. Great local customer service as well if that's what you're looking for to have the cops called on you for no reason. Now the cops never actually did get called because I didn't do anything. But threatening your customers oh, awesome!

Bait and Switch

After going into the T-mobile store I was told what my bill would be what the promos are. Paid extra to help pay off the new IPhone12 difference, the basic version was 829.99 and we upgraded to the pro for an additional 170.00. We made an extra payment for the upgrade and taxes, 170 for the phone upgrade and 75 for taxes. Our bills kept coming and we were being charged for the phone which was supposed to be free. After a couple hours on the phone I was told that you cannot pay off the difference and the 170.00 dollars was sitting in t-mobiles account and they would use it at the end of the 24 months to make a payment. The corporate office and the physical locations can spin whatever story they want and then blame each other for the fault. All the time the customer is getting screwed.

Damon GiGi Bess

Gimmick and Fraud

I would beware of the upgrade I was told by Jason and Matt at the Fairfield store that if I did an upgrade with the IPhone 13 from the IPhone XR I would receive an $800 credit and an additional $136 when I sent my phone back in…this was on 9/25/2021. Well I received the $136 credit and when I went in the T-Mobile app it showed I still owed $900 for the phone I called Customer Service and was told I should have called in before going into the store. I went to the store yesterday and was told a manager would call me, I waited until 12 the next day and went into the store and spoke with Dennis Cropp, the store manager who wouldn’t give me the other employees last name only to be told they gave me the wrong information and he couldn’t stand by what they told me even though Matt was there and know what I was told!!! Is this how T-Mobile does business by lying to get you to upgrade and make sales? This is a gimmick now I’m being told they can switch me to a higher plan in order to get what I was told I qualified for from the beginning!!! Customers beware of their fraudulent practices!!! I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau also. This is horrible customer service and fraud!!!!


Dishonest and Deceptive

They knowingly denied having conducted a transaction to "Jump" from one lease to another, and refused to take in the old device after charging me for the new device. Neither the in-store representative nor the call-in representatives took ownership of issues. A very disappointing end to 19 of patronage.

Amin Mohammad

Someone take my phone 2 pm and I try to…

Someone take my phone 2 pm and I try to call t mobile company to temp. Suspend my account before someone misuse my phone and I use phone some other people coustmer service recording say wait time 1 hour and 30minutes shame on you and your company and someone misuse my phone to much zelle money use cash app.

Cynthia Magness

Horrible customer service

All was great for a while, the last 8 months, WORST CONNECTIVITY EVER. I've had to enable WiFi calling in a hotel in a very populated area to make a phone call! In a more rural area, I couldn't get service at all. DO NOT RELY ON THIS COMPANY. You're not safe with them And you can't reach customer service unless you say the f-word in your texts and then they'll respond to scold you for language and still won't assist you! Useless as tits on a bull, avoid at all costs!


Sours: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.t-mobile.com
The Truth About T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile Review 2021

Why T-Mobile?

This network was once dubbed the worst in the country. In fact, they almost merged with AT&T at one point to salvage what was left of their flailing business. Though the merger failed, things have steadily improved. They purchased several telecommunications companies over the past few years. In 2016, Open Signal did a full report on the company. They found that overall, they still lack in coverage of rural America. Surprisingly enough, they found that Sprint had the worst rural coverage of the big four carriers. Thankfully, the lackluster coverage in rural areas doesn't seem to affect the customers. T-Mobile customers seem to be generally happy with their service.

In 2016, the company received the JD Power Award due to their customer satisfaction ratings. This was the second year they won in the wireless category. They received the highest score possible in the industry. The previous year, they received the award for being the number one wireless provider. While they are a smaller carrier, they do have some amazing prices, coverages, services, and features. Those who are looking to jump ship from one of the larger carriers should consider T-Mobile.

One thing that makes T-Mobile stand out from the rest is their stellar customer service. Customers who are heavy data users can benefit from their unlimited cell phone plans. Again, another perk is that their prices include all the taxes and fees. They don’t mess with annual contracts, and users never worry about overages either. If international calling is needed, then there are plans that can accommodate that at no additional cost.

They do have some weaknesses that cannot be overlooked. They have some caveats to their unlimited plans, which includes de-prioritized data after 30 GB. However, this de-prioritization limit is higher than every other carrier. Also, their coverage is better in urban areas and lacking in the rural communities.

Related: T-Mobile business cell phone plans

Pricing Comparisons

The “un-carrier” should have prices that are significantly better than the others. However, the prices are not that far off. Their most popular plan is called T-Mobile ONE. It has unlimited text, data, and talk time. Of course, that comes along with an extra 10GB of data that can be used for tethering. Surprisingly, the total cost of this package is only $70. Unlike the other companies in the big four, there are no taxes either. When they say $70, that is exactly what a customer will pay.

Those who use heavy data, and travel internationally, will benefit from their services. The T-Mobile ONE Plan also includes use in 140 countries too. When considering Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan, it appears that they are $20 higher. However, the fact that there are no taxes or fees added makes it a better deal. Users can go up to 30GB per month before their speeds are throttled. Sprint only lets their customers get to 23GB before they slow them down. When looking at comparisons, Verizon’s new unlimited plan is $80 for just one line. AT&T costs a whopping $100 a month. These higher prices make T-Mobile come out smelling like a rose.

T-Mobile Coverage

There was much to be done to fix T-Mobile's reputation for being the least reliable major network. One smart move was purchasing U.S. telecom outfits, which has done wonders to change things. In the fourth quarter of 2016, their LTE coverage increased to over 81 percent. They now match AT&T, and they are nipping at the heels of the fastest carrier, Verizon. Their LTE coverage is as strong, if not stronger than, their rivals. Specifically, their coverage is superior in urban areas. OpenSignal named T-Mobile as the fastest network.

The fact that T-Mobile shines in urban areas is great. However, they struggle in rural parts of the country. They have fallen behind Verizon in that aspect. Consequently, T-Mobile has plans to expand their retail stores and operations into the southern parts of the country. By canvassing for customers in those areas, the company can make the 4G network available. Will they spend the money and time to pursue a strong network-building campaign in these areas? Only time will tell. Customers who want better prices for their cellular service remain optimistic.

Comparing T-Mobile To The Other Top Three Carriers

When comparing T-Mobile in the 280 major markets, they received a reliability score of 95.1 percent. Sprint was the lowest with a score of 93.9 percent. Verizon was the leader with 97.5 percent, and AT&T was right behind Verizon with 96.3 percent coverage and reliability.

T-Mobile is very responsive to its customers' needs and demands. They are looking for those embittered souls that have been slaves to the 2-year contract. Anyone who is looking for freedom from the big carriers should consider the “un-carrier.” They do have an aggressive, nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot network. They are in thousands of access points, including, hotels, airlines, and even Starbucks. Those flying on Delta, AA, United, Alaskan Airlines and Virgin, can enjoy free texting. Oh, and they also get one hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi on these planes too via GoGo Inflight Internet.

To take advantage of T-Mobile’s 4G network, the phone is just as important as the towers, antennas, and infrastructure. The fact that they have annual contracts, don’t charge termination fees or overages, makes it seem like T-Mobile is a good choice.

Sours: https://www.wirefly.com/guides/t-mobile-review

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