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39 Apartments for rent in Liberty, TX

Liberty, Texas, boasts the first true replica of the original Liberty Bell.

Conveniently situated on Hwy 90 in East Texas, halfway between Houston and Beaumont, is the city of Liberty, TX. Located in the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan District, Liberty is known for and relishes in its rich history. Since it was founded, Liberty has known Texas heroes such as Sam Houston and Alamo defender William Barret Travis. It is a quaint city with a population of 8,397. Liberty offers it all to folks looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you'll find small town living pleasantly mingled with big city attractions. Its location in eastern Texas offers beautiful scenery and is home to the 25,000 acre Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge that boasts more than 275 species of birds, 630 plant species, and several hundred species of vertebrae. Liberty is the county seat for Liberty County and it's plain to see that the residents of Liberty take pride in their hometown.

Moving to Liberty

Moving to Liberty can be tricky at times. Since the population of Liberty is small compared to larger Texas cities, you may have to do some fancy footwork to find a rental property that you like. You'll likely want to begin your search for a home sooner rather than later due to the fact that rentals aren't quite as common in this smaller town as they would be in a larger city.

That said, renting an apartment in Liberty isn't too hard, but you will have a harder time if you're looking to find a single family house, furnished apartment, or rental condo. Plan on giving yourself extra time to find a rental home since you'll find a larger portion of homes here are owner-occupied. Apartments for rent tend to be much easier to find though since there are several apartment complexes in town that are all rated fairly well by current and previous tenants. At times, you can also find mobile homes that are available to rent as well; however, they are sometimes located outside of Liberty's city limits.

Once you've found a rental home that you like, be sure that you have gathered the appropriate paperwork for your prospective landlord. Many Texas landlords require a rental application to be submitted and yes, sometimes you'll have to pay for these applications. You may also be asked to provide proof of income, previous landlord references, any pet information and to consent to a credit check. Your new landlord may also want to check personal references as well as the standard landlord reference. Also, be prepared to pay a security deposit before you move in. Most of the time, your deposit will be equal to one month's rent, but you can sometimes find a landlord who is asking for a larger amount. Moving can be a stressful time, so having all of the information ready ahead of time that your prospective landlord might want can go a long way toward relieving some of that stress.

With an average cost of living that has consistently stayed below the Texas and the national average cost of living figures, the cost of rental homes in Liberty is fairly affordable. Costs for things such as groceries and utilities are about average with the rest of the state of Texas. It should be noted that the cost of living in neighboring cities Houston and Beaumont does tend to be just a tad bit lower than living in Liberty. If "big" city life isn't for you though, Liberty might just be the perfect fit!

Neighborhoods in Liberty

Since Liberty is a smaller town, it has no listing of separate neighborhoods, but here's what you can find based on the major routes running through the town. Liberty is a small and rather spread out town due to these two dividing roads:

Hwy 90: This highway runs east and west through Liberty, dividing the town into north and south. The vast majority of homes and businesses are located on the northern side of that divide.

Route 227: This also runs directly through the town, dividing it partially east and west. Many businesses and homes are on the western side of the division.

Living in Liberty

If you're moving to Liberty from another state, be absolutely certain that you are able to handle the heat. If you're moving from another part of Texas, the asphalt doesn't melt and your car hood won't fry an egg here so you should be okay. Average temperatures during the summer will run 90 degrees or above. On the other hand, Liberty typically doesn't get much lower than 40 degrees in the winter! There's no snow here, but unlike other parts of Texas, you will receive some rain. Average rainfalls show that it typically rains the most in the month of June for a total of around seven inches of rainfall.

If you're a shopper, you'll have to visit Houston or Beaumont when the shopping bug bites you. Liberty has only a handful of shops with the largest being a Wal-Mart. There are several gas stations in town as well so filling your tank to leave town shouldn't be a worry.

The main school district in Liberty is the Liberty Independent School District. The district also serves the town of Ames, Texas, as well as Moss Bluff, an unincorporated area in Liberty County.

Liberty has a lot to offer if you're looking for a boredom buster! Each year Liberty hosts the Trinity Valley Exposition Fair & Rodeo where you'll find a trail ride, carnival and more! The Trinity River Wildlife Refuge has three fishing areas, fifteen miles of trails and five waterfowl fishing spots for those looking to get outdoors. If you're in a spooky mood, the historic Ott Hotel has become a favorite spot for ghost hunters! The Liberty Municipal Park offers a one-acre stocked pond and outdoor playground. Finding a spot to eat isn't too much of an issue either since Liberty has over 20 different restaurants that serve everything from pizza to seafood to burgers.


Park Forest Apartments

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older and must submit a separate application and application fee ($18.00 for first applicant, $12.50 for each additional member of the household, payable by money order only). We welcome Section 8 voucher holders or certificates.

Monthly gross income must be 2.5% greater than the rent amount you are applying for. The minimum income requirement for Section 8 certificate or voucher holders cannot exceed 2.5 (2 and one half times) the portion of the rent the tenant will pay.

Applicants must have verifiable income. If you are self-employed, work for tips (such as a waiter, waitress, bartender, etc.) you must show your W4, 1099 or tax return of the most current year.
Applicants must have satisfactory credit history, excluding medical bills (Section 8 voucher or certificate holders and rental assistant applicants are non-applicable).

Applicants must have verifiable rental history of at least 6 months with a good payment record. Only residents and occupants on the lease may occupy the apartment.

Dogs and cats under 25 lbs. are allowed and cannot be of aggressive nature. Only 1 pet per household. A pet deposit of $400 is required.

Please bring the following at the time of application: drivers license or identification card for all members applying, banking/asset verification, 6 months bank statements, consecutively dated, AFDC/TANF printout, employment check stub (provide 6 consecutively dated), Social Security or SSI award letter, child support printout or court order for child support, Social Security cards for each person in the household, application fee in the form of a money order.

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