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Descrição do produto em inglês após português Estes clipes podem soar o problema da sua toalha de mesa ao ar livre sendo se soprado ao vento; São também as boas escolhas para mesas de festa interior para manter a toalha de mesa no lugar O material do clips é de aço inoxidável, durável, à prova de ferrugem; As presilhas apresentam superfícies lisas com boa elasticidade, prende firmemente a toalha de mesa à mesa Medição: A pinça pode trabalhar em uma mesa de cuja espessura é menor que 2,4 polegadas/ 6 cm Boa escolha: os clipes são boas para aplicação externa e interior como piquenique, festa, casamento, festival, buffets, jantares e assim por diante Aviso quente: recomenda-se que a espessura de mesa fixa seja menor que 2,4 polegadas/ 6 cm; Caso contrário, é fácil de destruir o clip Cor: mais Material: aço inoxidável Tamanho: 7*6cm Conteúdo da Embalagem: 8*Presilhas Toalhas de caboApenas o conteúdo acima da embalagem, outros produtos não estão inclusos. Obs: Disparo leve e displays diferentes podem causar a cor do item no quadro um pouco diferente da coisa real. A medição erro permitido é +/- 1-3cm. ************************************************** Description: These clips can soe the problem of your outdoor tablecloth being blown away by wind; They are also the good choices for indoor party tables to keep the tablecloth in place The clips material is stainless steel, durable, rust-proof; The clips feature smooth surfaces with good elasticity, firmly fasten the tablecloth to the table Measurement: The clamp can work on a table of whose thickness is less than 2.4 inch/ 6 cm Good choice: the clips are good for outdoor and indoor application such as picnic, party, wedding, festival, buffets, dinners and so on Warm notice: it is recommended that the fixed table thickness be less than 2.4 inch/ 6 cm; Otherwise, it's easy to destroy the clip Colour:sier Material:stainless steel Size: 7*6cm Package Contents: 8*Tablecloth ClipsOnly the above package content, other products are not included. Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Sours: https://shopee.com.br/Tablecloth-Clips-8-Packs-Picnic-Table-Clips-Flexible-Stainless-Steel-Table-Cloth-Cover-Clamps-Tablecloth-Holders-for-Picnics-Marquees-Weddings-Graduation-Party-i.423852187.11546948903

How to Make Tablecloth Weights for a Picnic Table

Here is an easy-breeze way to hold a tablecloth in place at a picnic or barbeque. Old pillowcases, ribbon, curtain hardware and rocks are used to make these festive yet functional weight clips.

These weights are great for the backyard, camping or make them with your favorite team colors for tailgating parties.

Tools and Materials

sewing needle
hot-glue gun and glue sticks
6 different styles of vintage sheets or pillowcases
1 flat vintage sheet to serve as picnic tablecloth
5 to 6 rolls of different ribbons or yarns
10 round stones about 2 inches in diameter
10 curtain clips

Prep the Fabric

Wash, dry and iron the sheets and or pillowcases. We used old colorful sheets to get a vintage style.

Cut the fabric into 1-inch wide strips with varied lengths from 24 to 27 inches. On at least two of the strips, cut the ends to give them a fringed look.

Lay Out the Fabric

Lay the strips down in a star like pattern, right sides to the floor. Place a round stone in the middle and from underneath pick the whole thing up and turn in over, making it look like a Halloween ghost.

Tie With Ribbon

Tie the rock in place with a ribbon, the ribbon should be at least 24-inches long. Then tie two more ribbons around the top with long strands.

Secure the Rock

Tuck in some of the fabric around the top of the stone and hot glue it in place. Allow some of the different fabrics to show from underneath.

Attach Ring

Sew the ring of the curtain clip onto the fabric at the tip of the rock. Sew around at least 6 to 8 times and then tie knot and secure the thread.

Clip onto Tablecloth

Place tablecloth on the table. To continue our vintage look, we used a checkered-patteren flat sheet. Clip the weights around the whole table at the edge of the cloth.

Sours: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/make-and-decorate/crafts/how-to-make-tablecloth-weights-for-a-picnic-table
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