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7.01 : Remember The Alamo
While working with Taz Botel from Bad Cow, David and Donna throw a wrap party where they hear that Erik Budman got fired from MZA; Kelly finishes up summer school and becomes a volunteer at an AIDS hospice; Claire gets back from Switzerland and plans to surprise Steve in San Antonio, Texas, while Steve plans to surprise her in LA after being with Brandon in Hadley City...Brandon's car breaks down there after his tour the U.S. - He meets Mariah Murphy, a librarian, who he kisses; Smoking Val meets Jim's friend Kenny Bannerman after her FBI guy goes to Miami...later, she sees Steve naked as he gets out of the shower to clean up for Claire.

7.02 : Here We Go Again
At the West Beverly High reunion at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, the Eliminators play surf music and Val plays tennis and has a dinner date with Ken at the Eclipse where he gives her a $10,000 loan; After Donna sees an old crush, Casey, she and David break up; David meets Mark, the new CU program director; Claire gets upset that Steve and Kelly had sex years ago; Ryan and Austin get busted in Beth's changing room; Brandon visits Kelly at the hospice, and she forgives Steve when he says he started the slutty rumours in 10th grade about her.

7.03 : Mate For Life
Joan and Nat get married and Joan has a boy named Francesco...her daughter Lily, the erotic dancer, comes and gets in with Brandon, making Kelly upset; Donna gets a new BMW Z3 license 2WAD233; David moves into Mark Reese's house; David and Donna get dropped from MZA; Kelly meets a gay patient at the AIDS hospice; Claire tells Steve she never wants to marry because her mum won't see it...but Nat's speech gives her second thoughts; Val gets upset when she sees Kenny with Diane and Michael, although later, Kenny tells Val he loves her.

7.04 : Disappearing Act
While cutting celery, Jimmy Gold cuts his finger and Kelly goes to help...and gets his blood on her...she dreams of getting Kaposi Sarcoma, an AIDS rash, but Dr. Stein tests her and she turns out negative; Donna tells Mel that David's hasn't registered for school...Mel threatens to stop supporting him so David reconsiders; Brandon and Mark find Tracy Gaylian for CUTV newscast; Val and Kenny complete their date at the Belage Hotel; Kelly, Steve, Claire, David, Donna, and Brandon attend Jimmy's magic show at the Magic Palace.

7.05 : Pledging My Love
For Spirit Day, Steve pledges streak in front of Chancellor Arnold making him, Dean Shaw, and Claire upset...Steve is about to get caught until Brandon sticks up for him which upsets Mark; Brandon and Tracy kiss each other on both cheeks; Jimmy gets pneumocystis and dies making Kelly sad and angry; Donna meets Danny St. John, a female athlete who gets shut out by the Alpha House, making her join Zeta Chi...Donna then resigns as rush chairman; Kenny leases a condo in Brentwood for him and Val but he is a no show making Val upset, so she seduces him for sex in his office; David gets upset that he gets bad classes, but later meets Kerri Strug.

7.06 : Housewarming
Kenny cancels another date with Val, so she shows him a positive marked pregnancy test; David and Mark throw a party at Mark's house where Tracy learns from Brandon about his friends; Claire meets Dick Harrison and breaks up with Steve after he kisses Teresa; Mark asks out Kelly; David gets drunk and sick; Donna gets lost looking for a deer in a fire and hurts her leg, but an L.A. City fireman, Cliff Yeager, is on hand and rescues her.

7.07 : Fearless
Donna gets a Citizen Hero award for her bravery in the Hollywood Hills fire; Donna and Kelly are witches at the Alpha haunted house, where Cliff helps out; David's grandad dies making him cry; The Tony Rich Project plays at the After Dark and Steve brings Tammy, a Japanese escort translator; Claire goes with Dick Harrison; Brandon meets with Tracy there and they kiss; Cliff brings Donna, Kelly and Mark go and they kiss, Val gets $100,000 from Kenny to get an abortion.

7.08 : The Things We Do For Love
Tracy wants to be with Brandon, but he refuses, however they still make their debut broadcast; David's grandad has left him $250,000, a 1961 Thunderbird, and the real estate to his grandmother; Claire coaches Dick's rowing crew, and Steve is hoping to win Claire back by rowing with the KEG team; Val tells Steve she's pregnant, so he tells Kelly, but neither of them are sure about whether it is true or not; Donna goes hiking with Cliff and finds out he's leaving to an oil rig in Louisiana; Mark wants to know more about Kelly.

7.09 : Loser Take All
David goes on a buying spree and buys half the After Dark off Val; Claire and Dick's rowing team beat Steve's making him cook for Dick's fraternity...Claire is impressed that Steve has changed and she goes back to him; Since Donna is worried, she tries to keep David out of trouble for Mel; Mark makes a phone code for Kelly and says he loves her after she admits her drug problem; With Tracy's inspiration, Val tells the truth about her pregnancy and gives the $100,000 back to Kenny since Brandon would likely kick her out for it.

7.10 : Lost In Las Vegas
David takes Steve, Val and Claire to Las Vegas...Ray plays at the Hotel Lounge; Linda and Gail drug David up and steal his credit cards, money, and clothes at the Mustang Motel; Donna flies out and blames Steve, Val, and Claire; Claire and Steve have hunches on the number 3 and win $225; Steve puts his name on Brandon's paper for an Independent Study class; Tracy goes home for the holidays; Brandon meets Melanie Harold whose engagement was dumped by Phil Harris; Brandon admits his love for Kelly; Mark wants sex with Kelly but instead they just spend the night together.

7.11 : If I Had a Hammer
David throws a fit at school, and misses a mid term and a doctor's appointment...This worries Donna so David goes to the psychiatric ward where his mum meets him - David is then diagnosed with minor league manic depression; Tracy has gone on her holidays; Brandon, Steve, Claire, and Val help frame Willie's house; Brandon is upset at Steve for copying his paper as Professor Randall has decided to press charges...Steve punishment could be expulsion, which upsets Claire, who won't help him; On the way to Montecito, Kelly and Mark get food poisoning at a 4 star restaurant.

7.12 : Judgement Day
Val is interested in buying David's part in The After Dark...meanwhile Donna tries to encourage David to buy Val's half of it...; Steve almost loses Brandon as his best friend...until Claire finds Steve's old quizzes proving Randall's evidence against Brandon false; Mark is upset about his surprise birthday party that Kelly throws to which Tracy, Donna, Brandon, David, and Claire all go.

7.13 : Gift Wrapped
Donna, David, Mel, Jackie, Felix and Dr. Martin all have dinner where Felix turns out to be rude; On Christmas, Donna has her birthday at the Walshes and everyone exchanges gifts...Val gets Kelly a journal and vice versa, Tracy gets Brandon a fountain pen, and Brandon gets Tracy some earrings; Steve's mum meets Claire's dad and they hit it off; Kelly meets her dad's other daughter, Joy; The gang all go to the After Dark Christmas Party where Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama are playing.

7.14 : Jobbed
It is Job Fair week and Claire has got Steve an interview with Tasco Sportswear...which turns into a nightmare as the interviewee becomes interested in him; Val's first sex partner, Tom Miller, is in town looking for work, so Val asks David if Tom can manage the After Dark; Brandon wins the Dryer competition over Mark, which makes Mark upset, so he breaks it off with Kelly after she refuses sex with him; Tracy does a news report on the Job Fair; Donna becomes a receptionist for a day at her dad's office since she still has no plans after college.

7.15 : Phantom Of C.U.
Donna starts working at CUTV as the weathergirl - there, she gets prank calls and death threats by a computer voice; Claire sets Kelly up with Neil Phillips on a blind date which goes bad...Donna sets Kelly up with Evan who she likes; Brandon wants Tom Miller to move out of Casa Walsh; Steve begins his punishment by working on the maintenance crew - he finds out that Larry Linken is the Phantom of C.U., and since Claire is working on the senior yearbook, they take his secret identity photo; Tracy Gaylian and Brandon continue to go out; Tom helps David and Val out by getting Donna Lewis to play at the After Dark; Val tells Tom that she doesn't want to sleep with him any more.

7.16 : Unnecessary Roughness
Donna gets anonymous flowers and starts to panic when Garret Slan is released from prison...She almost gets hit by a car after she, Kelly and Claire go to a male strip club called De Ja Vu; Brandon and Tracy go to Gaylian Ranch where they make love...whilst there, Leah the horse gets colic, and they meet Sam; Brandon admits to his first love of Caroline Neelin; It's Superbowl weekend and Steve and Dick make shirts from France, which are all wrong, but still manage to sell them for $15 each...David and Tom throw a Superbowl party but they have trouble with it - until Val shows up, and helps them out.

7.17 : Face Off
Claire and Steve house-sit at a C.U. professor's house and discuss living together; David gets a demo tape from Chloe Davis, and goes with Tom to confront Garret Slan after he gets a temporary but later permanent restraining order from Judge Sam Reda; Donna needs an extension on her assignment for Professor Huster...she remains scared about Garret and about a dead rat being in her bed - possibly put there by another C.U. stalker; Brandon's 5am hockey practice with Tom sets them up for a charity hockey game; Tracy accidentally admits her love to Brandon; Valerie wants to be with Tom, but Kelly asks him to the movies and Peach Pit which makes her jealous.

7.18 : We Interrupt This Program
Kelly dates Tom making Val upset, and Tom quits his job at the After Dark; Steve and Claire go on a retreat with their parents...The parents kiss making the children worried, but they agree that it is O.K. for their parents to date; David gives school drop out Chloe Davis a chance to play at the After Dark and also recording time at David's house; Evan holds Donna and the newsroom at gunpoint, which includes Brandon and Tracy...The whole school sees it on TV; Evan wants Donna but she seduces him with a French kiss making him put down the gun and the police run in...It is revealed that Evan did this since he thought Donna lead him on.

7.19 : My Funny Valentine
Its Valentine's Day and the gang goes to the After Dark to see Luther Vandross; Chloe is the opening act; Cliff Yager makes a surprise visit to see Donna, making David upset; After David and Donna fight, she agrees to date Cliff; Tracy finds Kelly's engagement ring that Brandon bought but assumes that it is for her; Steve gets high from smoking pot when Dick makes Claire upset; Val's mum Abby comes to town for a signature from Val on a second house mortgage...Val gets upset so Kelly breaks up with Tom for her.

7.20 : With This Ring
Val's mum, Abby Malone pays a visit in order to take a 2nd mortgage on her home back in Buffalo...Val disagrees and tells Abby that her dead husband has been raping her since she was 11; Val then gets nightmares in bed which worries Tom; Brandon and Tracy get a 100th episode CUTV news plaque from Chancellor Arnold; Tracy gets upset at Brandon for still having Kelly's "almost" engagement ring...Kelly, meanwhile, has written in her diary that she wants Brandon back; David continues to work with Chloe; Claire and Steve double-date with Ryan Sanders and Katie at the carnival by the pier, where they all see Donna and Cliff; Ryan asks Steve for condoms.

7.21 : Straight Shooter
Steve, Brandon, and Dick are the Marauders in a basketball tournament which Tracy watches...Steve and Dick get high on pot which upsets Brandon; Afterwards, Dick overdoses on heroin and dies; Val meets G.G. Crane from La La Magazine for an article interview; Claire and Kelly pretend to be Ukranian to horny Roger Burnett and Dean in Palm Springs; Donna is upset over finding Chloe wearing a nicely filled purple bra with David; David is upset at Donna being with Cliff...eventually, though, David and Donna get back together and kiss, upsetting Donna's mum, Felice Martin.

7.22 : A Ripe Young Age
Val meets Rob Andrews, who is starring in the upcoming movie "Adam's Children" and they kiss after Val helps him buy a house; Kelly finds runaway Joey and has the cops come get him until Joey escapes them too; David and Donna go to Donna's grandma's house in San Luis Obispo where they learn of Donna's grandparents romance and how John Martin died on April 4, 1943; With the help of Claire, Brandon, and Tracy, Steve finishes his Sanderstick infomercial for his marketing project and Tracy and Brandon have a huge make out session in the TV studio.

7.23 : Storm Warning
Joey comes back to Kelly's...She calls his parent, Mrs. Merrick, and leaves her phone number of 310-555-7276; Claire teaches Steve a lesson by saying she was injected with testosterone and acts horny towards him; Rob's manager, Alan Black, gives Val $10,000 to convince Rob to do another movie; Tracy gets upset that Brandon doesn't ask her to Hong Kong after he got two tickets, but he eventually does...Kelly gets jealous over her going; Steve, Joey, Kelly, Claire, Brandon, and Tracy sandbag Rush's house for a storm; Dr. Martin has a stroke paralysing his right side...This worries Donna and she blames David since he was in his office when it happened.

7.24 : Spring Break Down
On Spring Break, Brandon and Tracy go to Hong Kong to see Jim, which makes Kelly jealous; Cindy is visiting Brenda in London; After sex with Val, Rob finds out that she got $10,000 from Alan to bribe him...he fires his manager and hires Val for 10%; After working on an old chair, a drunken Kelly meets Pete, and almost loses Brandon's engagement ring in the process; Steve takes Claire to see The Barenaked Ladies at the After Dark; David helps Donna move her dad in from the stroke which has paralysed his right side.

7.25 : Heaven Sent
Mariah from New York comes to CU to give a speech on 'Discovering Your Guardian Angel'; Tracy is jealous when she finds out about Mariah knowing that Kelly loves Brandon; On the opening night for Rob Andrews and 'Adam's Children', criticism is fired at it and Rob decides to do the same to Val and makes up his mind to go back to Inidiana; Steve sees Clint Eastwood at the premiere and is upset that Claire won't come; After spilling coffee on her computer, Claire loses 75 pages of a physics paper...until Steve recovers it; Kelly secretly wants to go to New York for grad school; Donna has trouble in her fashion course with Professor Langely; David cooks for Donna at the Pit; Brandon and Kelly kiss at the Lunar Harp Concert.

7.26 : The Long Goodbye
Talent Show time at C.U. - Steve and Donna take part in a mountie scene, with Steve acting the part of a woman, and Donna as the mountie and Claire tries out singing her favourite childhood song in front of a crowd. Brandon breaks up with Tracy and returns to Kelly.

7.27 : I Only Have Eyes For You
Kelly organises a dinner party, but no-one turns up. Brandon searches for one of Kelly's childhood dreams, but not before getting arrested for taking part in stealing an electric car. Valerie takes advantage of being at the beach apartment and looks inside Kelly's diary.

7.28 : All That Jazz
Kelly and Val stay at Casa Walsh with the flu and discuss their relationships with Brandon; Kelly tells Brandon she's not going to Colombia University; Val meets Derek Driscoll of Bill Taylor Investments; David takes Donna to the Golf Court Hotel in New Orleans to sleep with her, but she denies him...She then misses her presentation for Professor Langely's class; Claire gets upset at Steve for his mum dumping her dad at the TV Broadcasting Hall of Fame party.

7.29 : Mother's Day
Monica performs at the After Dark; Kelly misses her period and takes a home pregnancy test that turns out to be positive; Brandon wants the baby while Kelly thinks of an abortion; Donna is pressured by Professor Langely to pass her course; Mother's Day upsets Claire so after a drive up the coast, Steve gets photos of Claire's mum making her happy; Val kisses David as part of a plan to make Donna upset...Donna tells David she doesn't want him working with Val so David plans to buy out Val's share making Derek Driscoll and Val happy.

7.30 : Senior Week
Rush Sanders cuts of Steve for finances; David's lease is up and wants to move in with Donna; Brandon gets the Outstanding Student Award; Claire decides not to go to Soubonne, France where her dad is moving to teach; Donna walks out of Langely's final to avoid entering the real world, but then takes it and passes; Kelly gets upset that Val has met her dad, Bill Taylor...Val finds out Driscoll ripped her off $100,000; Kelly goes on the pill and finds out she has endometriosis and had miscarried.

7.31 : Graduation Day (Part 1)
Kelly makes Brandon kick Val out; Val finds out her mum isn't coming to graduation; David rejects Val so she writes a suicide note which Brandon finds; Erin graduates pre-school; Kelly is upset to see her dad with Joy...She then finds out her dad is throwing a 20's party with The Cardigans; The Honour graduates, including Brandon and Claire attend Chancellor Arnold's farewell; Donna buys condoms and lingerie for a big night with David; Steve, David, and Muntz complete the Senior Prank; Claire gets upset that Steve's mum isn't attending graduation.

7.32 : Graduation Day (Part 2)
The gang graduates and Steve's explosion prank is successful; Brandon convinces Val not to commit suicide at the bluffs; Donna finally agrees to having sex with David, making him feel anxious; Steve gets upset when Claire chooses to move to Paris with her dad; Bill Taylor throws a 1920's party with the Cardigans and Kelly makes up with him before he is taken to jail for fraud.


Episode List

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Season 7

Here We Go Again
At a reunion party at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, Clare is stunned after she learns of Steve's past relationship with Kelly, who learns there's more to the story than she knew. Meanwhile, Kenny puts a social spin on his business with Valerie, who once again throws romantic common sense to the wind. David's new friend, Mark Reese, needles Brandon into joining the college TV station. Donna meets an old high school friend whom she once has a crush on. Also, Steve's annoying stepbrothers, Ryan and Austin, return and learn another hard lesson in finding girls.
Steve declares war by trying to find a date for himself just to make Clare jealous when she starts dating another guy, named Dick Harris, whom he can't stand. Meanwhile, Donna's new fireman boyfriend, Cliff Yeager, who saved her life during the brushfire, assists her at her sorority's Halloween Haunted House bash. At the reopening of the Peach Pit After Dark, Kenny does not attend, prompting Valerie to resort to her devious tricks again by asking for $100,000 so she can keep away from him. Also, Brandon tries to get closer to Tracy while Kelly hits on Mark.
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Beverly Hills, 90210 (season 7)

Season of television series

The seventh season of Beverly Hills, 90210, an American drama television series, began airing on August 21, 1996 on Fox television network. The season concluded on May 21, 1997 after 32 episodes. This season follows the gang during their senior year of college as they deal with issues that young adults face such as hostage situations, relationships, racism, infidelity, HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, alcoholism, depression, drug use, pregnancy, suicide attempts, miscarriages, and sex.

The seventh season aired Wednesday nights at 8/7c in the United States averaging 13.2 million viewers. The season was released on DVD as a seven disc boxed set under the title of Beverly Hills, 90210: The Seventh Season on April 7, 2009 by Paramount.


Before they Trade in their flip-flops for full-time jobs, the friends of Beverly Hills 90210 dive into their senior year of college for a final lap. Watch as Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, Val and Clare battle natural disasters, confront personal demons and discover that old flames never burn out in all 32 steaming episodes of Season 7. From Donna losing her virginity and Kelly's shocking pregnancy to David's destructive mental illness and a frightening hostage situation on the C.U. campus, surviving their senior year will be the toughest test they've faced yet.




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