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Atlas Garage Pro Hobbyist 4-Post Lift 8, lb. Capacity

The Atlas Garage Pro is the most popular 4-post hobbyist lift. This lift is perfect for the customer with too many cars.

  • 8, lb. Capacity
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Diamond Plated Runways
  • Single-Point Lock Release
  • Caster Kit w/ Polyurethane Wheels
  • Steel Approach Ramp
  • Steel Jack Tray
  • Plastic Drip Stops
  • Two Rubber Wheel Chocks
  • Perfect For Storing or Working On Vehicles
  • Capacity: 8, lbs.
  • Lifting Height to top of Runway: 72"
  • Clearance Under Runways: 67"
  • Height of Columns: 83"
  • Overall Width (w/o Motor): /2"
  • Overall Width (w/ Motor): "
  • Overall Length with Approach Ramp: /4"
  • Approach Ramp: /8"
  • Runway Width: /2"
  • Runway Length: /4"
  • Runway Thickness: /2"
  • Width Between Runways: 37"
  • Width Between Runway Rails: /2"
  • Outside Runway to Outside Runway: /8"
  • Clearance Between Columns: /2"
  • Length Between Columns: /2"
  • Maximum Wheel Base: /2"
  • Drive Through (Outside of Tire to Outside of Tire: /2"
  • Motor/Electrical Requirement: Volt
Sours: https://www.uniquetruck.com/product//atlas-garage-prohobbyistpost-liftlb-capacity

Four Post Lifts

Rotary four post lifts come in a variety of configurations

We meet the needs of garage and shop owners.  With higher rise heights and larger columns you’ll realize the difference is Rotary®.  Many accessories and available features take our four post lifts to a higher level.  Powder coated textured paint finish; roller ramps and heavy duty locking systems are what a four post lift is made of.  We’ve introduced Shockwave™ to our four post lift lineup which means you can get more work done faster.  Open front column design allows service technicians to move freely in and around the under engine area of vehicles without stooping or bending below a beam structure.  To accommodate this design feature, heavier bearings and larger pins are used to keep the lift runways true.  Rotary’s design carries this heavier structured engineering to a larger column and baseplate.  This coupled with taller yokes means years of worry free use for your business. 

Rotary offers standard general service four post lifts which have the same engineering built in.  Able to accommodate a variety of wheel bases, we can fit and lift whatever is driven on the road.  Keeping our lift lineup flexible means we can offer accessories like bolt on alignment kits for these lifts.  This enables you to upgrade and handle the additional business that will come your way when you purchase and own a Rotary Lift.  All of our 4 post lifts include heavy alley channels for Rolling Jacks; convert the standard four post lift to an all mighty lifting machine! Do more work with a four post lift than just lift a vehicle.  Cars, trucks, heavy duty or light duty vehicles easily pull up onto and lift with ease on Rotary four post lifts.  Get our vehicle lifted and under service with the peace of mind that all Rotary four post lifts and any of its accessories work to our higher standards.    

Rotary alignment lifts come standard with everything incorporated into the runways of the lift.  You can use the lift as you normally would in a general service situation, and make use of the alignment features that are compatible with all leading alignment instrumentation, including 3D and camera wheel alignment systems. Our open front design allows greater vehicle access and enhanced productivity.

Need more reason to perchance a Rotary Lift®, SHOCKWAVE™!  Subtract time from each service cycle, subtract cost from your electric bill and add value with a system concept worth adding to our current four post lift line.  It’s faster, that’s all we need to say.


Rotary four post lifts, standard or Shockwave™ versions come with ALI certification and warranty. This is as strong a statement as our lifts are. There may not be anything fancy or exciting about a four post lift and there doesn’t have to be. They are the workhorse of our industry. They do many things and do them well for a long time. That is all that matters, you want a reliable lift that is the best, Rotary builds those four post lifts. We continue to build upon the knowledge of an industry that has been building four post lifts for generations. Improve, engineer, test and repeat on even a simple four post lift. This is why we sell, back and support all of our products and proudly display the Rotary Lift® name on them.

Sours: https://rotarylift.com/four-post-lifts/
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4 Post Lifts

4 Post Lifts Made to Last

Our selection of drive on lifts is so complete that we meet the needs of the home, hobbyist who wants to save on garage floor space and store one vehicle over another, to heavy truck four post racks for commercial truck and bus fleets. You can get all of the popular accessories, including rolling jacks and even a wheel kit to make them portable. Coose from only premium manufacturers, including BendPak, Challenger, Forward, ATLAS, Dannmar, Quality, Tuxedo and ASEplatinum. Nobody offers a greater selection of choices. Contact us today, and we'll set you up with a surface mounted drive on lift that's right for you.

When making your best 4 post lift decision, consider your particular application, weight and type of the automobiles you will be raising and, of course, your budget. Plus, ask yourself:

    • How high do you need to raise the vehicle?
    • How tall is your ceiling?
    • Do you have adequate floor space?
    • Do you plan on performing alignments?

Check out our informative video selection below -

Automotive 4 Post Lift in Newport Car Museum

BendPak HD9 4 Post Car Lift ASEDeals Video

BendPak Four Post Lift Installation

Atlas Garage Pro Four Post Lifts from ASEDeals.com

And check out our reviews on our testimonials pages

Sours: https://www.asedeals.com/car-lifts/four-post-lifts/

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4 post lift hobbyist

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