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About the series

Bones is a popular American procedural drama series that pivots on FBI cases that deal with the mysteries concealed in human remains. Created by Hart Hanson, the series first aired in September of with the final 12th season premiering on FOX on January 3, Josephson Entertainment, Far Field Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television are behind the production.

Special Agent Seeley Booth is an Army sniper turned FBI agent. He distrusts science when it comes to solving crimes and prefers good old surveillance and interrogation. Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan is a forensics anthropologist who works at Jeffersonian Institution and is impressive in her ways of finding clues from bones and badly decomposed bodies. It’s no wonder that the Bureau calls her to assist with investigations when standard methods simply don’t work. As the time goes by and they have more joint cases under their belts, Booth and Brennan begin to respect each other not only professionally, but personally as well.

Current series and cancelation

The current episode chapter is supposed to wrap up all of the story arcs, providing closure to the devoted long-time fans. The creators and the network have promised appearances from the fan-favorite guest stars from seasons past, an old flame coming back for one of the team's members, a wedding, a storyline involving a serial killer, and should bring Fox's longest running scripted series to an exciting and harmonious end. The ratings have been deteriorating slowly over the course of the show's run, and the current installment of Bones debuted to a low million viewers. In any case, we are wishing good luck to the creators and are looking forward to their further project after Bones runs its course.


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#NameAir Dates
1The Hope In The Horror Jan 3,
2The Brain In The Bot Jan 10,
3The New Tricks in the Old Dogs Jan 17,
4The Price for the Past Jan 24,
5The Tutor in the Tussle Jan 31,
6The Flaw in the Saw Feb 7,
7The Scare in the Score Feb 14,
8The Grief and the Girl Feb 21,
9The Steal in the Wheels Mar 7,
10The Radioactive Panthers in the Party Mar 14,
11The Day in the Life Mar 21,
12The End in the End Mar 28,
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1The Loyalty in the Lie Oct 1,
2The Brother in the Basement Oct 8,
3The Donor in the Drink Oct 15,
4The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves Oct 22,
5The Resurrection in the Remains Oct 29,
6The Senator in the Street Sweeper Nov 5,
7The Promise in the Palace Nov 12,
8High Treason in the Holiday Season Nov 19,
9The Cowboy in the Contest Dec 10,
10The Doom in the Boom Dec 10,
11The Death in the Defense Apr 14,
12The Murder of the Meninist Apr 21,
13The Monster in the Closet Apr 28,
14The Last Shot at a Second Chance May 5,
15The Fight in the Fixer May 12,
16The Strike in the Chord May 19,
17The Secret in the Service May 26,
18The Movie in the Making Jun 2,
19The Head in the Abutment Jun 16,
20The Stiff in the Cliff Jun 23,
21The Jewel in the Crown Jul 14,
22The Nightmare in the Nightmare Jul 21,
#NameAir Dates
1The Conspiracy in the Corpse Sep 25,
2The Lance to the Heart Oct 2,
3The Purging of the Pundit Oct 9,
4The Geek in the Guck Oct 16,
5The Corpse at the Convention Oct 30,
6The Lost Love in the Foreign Land Nov 6,
7The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round Nov 13,
8The Puzzler in the Pit Nov 20,
9The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator Dec 4,
10The th in the 10th Dec 11,
11The Psychic in the Soup Mar 26,
12The Teacher in the Books Apr 2,
13The Baker in the Bits Apr 9,
14The Putter in the Rough Apr 16,
15The Eye in the Sky Apr 23,
16The Big Beef at the Royal Diner Apr 30,
17The Lost in the Found May 7,
18The Verdict in the Victims May 7,
19The Murder in the Middle East May 14,
20The Woman in the Whirlpool May 28,
21The Life in the Light Jun 4,
22The Next in the Last Jun 11,
#NameAir Dates
1The Secrets in the Proposal Sep 16,
2The Cheat in the Retreat Sep 23,
3El Carnicero en el Coche Sep 30,
4The Sense in the Sacrifice Oct 7,
5The Lady on the List Oct 14,
6The Woman in White Oct 21,
7The Nazi on the Honeymoon Nov 4,
8The Dude in the Dam Nov 11,
9The Fury in the Jury Nov 15,
10The Mystery in the Meat Nov 22,
11The Spark in the Park Dec 6,
12The Ghost in the Killer Jan 10,
13Big in the Philippines Jan 17,
14The Master in the Slop Jan 24,
15The Heiress in the Hill Jan 31,
16The Source in the Sludge Mar 10,
17The Repo Man in the Septic Tank Mar 17,
18The Carrot in the Kudzu Mar 24,
19The Turn in the Urn Mar 31,
20The High in the Low Apr 7,
21The Cold in the Case Apr 14,
22The Nail in the Coffin Apr 21,
23The Drama in the Queen May 12,
24The Recluse in the Recliner May 19,
#NameAir Dates
1The Future in the Past Sep 17,
2The Partners in the Divorce Sep 24,
3The Gunk in the Garage Oct 1,
4The Tiger in the Tale Oct 8,
5The Method in the Madness Nov 5,
6The Patriot in Purgatory Nov 12,
7The Bod in the Pod Nov 19,
8The But in the Joke Nov 26,
9The Ghost in the Machine Dec 3,
10The Diamond in the Rough Jan 14,
11The Archaeologist in the Cocoon Jan 14,
12The Corpse on the Canopy Jan 21,
13The Twist in the Plot Jan 28,
14The Doll in the Derby Feb 4,
15The Shot in the Dark Feb 11,
16The Friend in Need Feb 18,
17The Fact in the Fiction Feb 25,
18The Survivor in the Soap Mar 4,
19The Doom in the Gloom Mar 18,
20The Blood from the Stones Mar 25,
21The Maiden in the Mushrooms Apr 1,
22The Party in the Pants Apr 15,
23The Pathos in the Pathogens Apr 22,
24The Secret in the Siege Apr 29,
#NameAir Dates
1The Memories in the Shallow Grave Nov 3,
2The Hot Dog in the Competition Nov 10,
3The Prince in the Plastic Nov 17,
4The Male in the Mail Dec 1,
5The Twist in the Twister Dec 8,
6The Crack in the Code Jan 12,
7The Prisoner in the Pipe Apr 2,
8The Bump in the Road Apr 9,
9The Don't in the Do Apr 16,
10The Warrior in the Wuss Apr 23,
11The Family in the Feud Apr 30,
12The Suit on the Set May 7,
13The Past in the Present May 14,
#NameAir Dates
1The Mastodon in the Room Sep 23,
2The Couple in the Cave Sep 30,
3The Maggots in the Meathead Oct 7,
4The Body and the Bounty Oct 14,
5The Bones That Weren't Nov 4,
6The Shallow in the Deep Nov 11,
7The Babe in the Bar Nov 18,
8The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck Dec 2,
9The Doctor in the Photo Dec 9,
10The Body in the Bag Jan 20,
11The Bullet in the Brain Jan 27,
12The Sin in the Sisterhood Feb 3,
13The Daredevil in the Mold Feb 10,
14The Bikini in the Soup Feb 17,
15The Killer in the Crosshairs Mar 10,
16The Blackout in the Blizzard Mar 17,
17The Feet on the Beach Apr 7,
18The Truth in the Myth Apr 14,
19The Finder Apr 21,
20The Pinocchio in the Planter Apr 28,
21The Signs in the Silence May 5,
22The Hole in the Heart May 12,
23The Change in the Game May 19,
#NameAir Dates
1Harbingers in the Fountain Sep 17,
2The Bond in the Boot Sep 24,
3The Plain in the Prodigy Oct 1,
4The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Oct 8,
5A Night at the Bones Museum Oct 15,
6The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken Nov 5,
7The Dwarf in the Dirt Nov 12,
8The Foot in the Foreclosure Nov 19,
9The Gamer in the Grease Dec 3,
10The Goop on the Girl Dec 10,
11The X in the File Jan 14,
12The Proof in the Pudding Jan 21,
13The Dentist in the Ditch Jan 28,
14The Devil in the Details Feb 4,
15The Bones on a Blue Line Apr 1,
16The Parts in the Sum of the Whole Apr 8,
17The Death of the Queen Bee Apr 15,
18The Predator in the Pool Apr 22,
19The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle Apr 29,
20The Witch in the Wardrobe May 6,
21The Boy with the Answer May 13,
22The Beginning in the End May 20,
#NameAir Dates
1Yanks in the U.K., Part 1 Sep 3,
2Yanks in the U.K., Part 2 Sep 3,
3Man in the Outhouse Sep 10,
4The Finger in the Nest Sep 17,
5The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond Sep 24,
6The Crank in the Shaft Oct 1,
7The He in the She Oct 8,
8The Skull in the Sculpture Nov 5,
9The Con Man in the Meth Lab Nov 12,
10The Passenger in the Oven Nov 19,
11The Bone That Blew Nov 26,
12Double Trouble in the Panhandle Jan 22,
13Fire in the Ice Jan 22,
14The Hero in the Hold Feb 5,
15The Princess and the Pear Feb 19,
16The Bones That Foam Mar 12,
17The Salt in the Wounds Mar 19,
18The Doctor in the Den Apr 2,
19The Science in the Physicist Apr 9,
20The Cinderella in the Cardboard Apr 15,
21Mayhem on a Cross Apr 16,
22The Double Death of the Dearly Departed Apr 20,
23The Girl in the Mask Apr 23,
24The Beaver in the Otter Apr 30,
25The Critic in the Cabernet May 7,
26The End in the Beginning May 14,
#NameAir Dates
1The Widow's Son in the Windshield Sep 25,
2Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van Oct 2,
3Death in the Saddle Oct 9,
4The Secret in the Soil Oct 23,
5Mummy in the Maze Oct 30,
6Intern in the Incinerator Nov 6,
7Boy in the Time Capsule Nov 13,
8The Knight on the Grid Nov 20,
9The Santa in the Slush Nov 27,
10The Man in the Mud Apr 14,
11Player Under Pressure Apr 21,
12The Baby in the Bough Apr 28,
13The Verdict in the Story May 5,
14The Wannabe in the Weeds May 12,
15The Pain in the Heart May 19,
#NameAir Dates
1The Titan on the Tracks Aug 30,
2Mother and Child in the Bay Sep 6,
3The Boy in the Shroud Sep 13,
4The Blonde in the Game Sep 20,
5The Truth in the Lye Sep 27,
6The Girl in Suite Oct 4,
7The Girl with the Curl Nov 1,
8The Woman in the Sand Nov 8,
9Aliens in a Spaceship Nov 15,
10The Headless Witch in the Woods Nov 29,
11Judas on a Pole Dec 13,
12The Man in the Cell Jan 31,
13The Girl in the Gator Feb 7,
14The Man in the Mansion Feb 14,
15Bodies in the Book Mar 14,
16The Boneless Bride in the River Mar 21,
17The Priest in the Churchyard Mar 28,
18The Killer in the Concrete Apr 4,
19Spaceman in a Crater May 2,
20The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House May 9,
21Stargazer in a Puddle May 16,
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Sep 13,
2The Man in the SUV Sep 20,
3A Boy in a Tree Sep 27,
4The Man in the Bear Nov 1,
5A Boy in a Bush Nov 8,
6The Man in the Wall Nov 15,
7The Man on Death Row Nov 22,
8The Girl in the Fridge Nov 29,
9The Man in the Fallout Shelter Dec 13,
10The Woman at the Airport Jan 25,
11The Woman in the Car Feb 1,
12The Superhero in the Alley Feb 8,
13The Woman in the Garden Feb 15,
14The Man on the Fairway Mar 8,
15Two Bodies in the Lab Mar 15,
16The Woman in the Tunnel Mar 22,
17The Skull in the Desert Mar 29,
18The Man with the Bone Apr 5,
19The Man in the Morgue Apr 19,
20The Graft in the Girl Apr 26,
21The Soldier on the Grave May 10,
22The Woman in Limbo May 17,
FOX officially renewed The Last Police for Season 1 to premiere in
FOX is yet to renew Cops for Season 34
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Season 12
January 3, - March 28,
Season 12 is not yet available on Blu-Ray/DVD&#;&#;

1 &#; &#; &#; 2 &#; &#; &#; 3 &#; &#; &#; 4 &#; &#; &#; 5 &#; &#; &#; 6

7 &#; &#; &#; 8 &#; &#; &#; 9 &#; &#; &#; 10 &#; &#; &#; 11 &#; &#; &#; 12

DVD Release&#;&#;
Region 1: T.B.A.
Region 2: T.B.A.
Season 11Season 1

The twelfth and final season of Bones &#;premiered on January 3, &#;and concluded on March 28, It consists of 12 episodes.


Main Cast[]

The twelfth season features six actors who receive star billing.

Recurring Cast[]


Guest Cast[]

  • Ed Asner as Mike Mancuso.
  • Hal Holbrook as Red Fletcher.
  • Jaime Boreanaz as Filthy Rich.

Season Overview[]

The season was initially announced to debut in the fall, but Fox delayed the premiere until January Former series regular Eric Millegan, who returned in the season 11 finale, continues his role as Zack Addy in the final season. The season features the return of former recurring characters, including Eddie McClintock as Tim "Sully" Sullivan, who recurred during season two, and Stephen Fry as Gordon Wyatt, who made guest appearances in seasons two, four and five. Betty White reprises her season 11 role as Dr. Beth Mayer in the tenth episode, while veteran actors Ed Asner and Hal Holbrook guest star in the third episode. Filming of the season, and of the entire series, wrapped up on December 15,


Bones Final Season Preview - TVLine Studio Presented by ZTE - Comic-Con

Bones Final Season Preview - TVLine Studio Presented by ZTE - Comic-Con

Bones Season 12 'The Farewell Season' Promo HD

Season 12 promo

Bones 12x02 Preview

Bones 12x02 Preview

Bones 12x03 Preview

Bones 12x03 Preview

Bones 12x04 Preview

Bones 12x04 Preview

Bones 12x05 Preview

Bones 12x05 Preview

Bones 12x06 Preview

Bones 12x06 Preview

Bones 12x08 Preview

Bones 12x08 Preview

Bones 12x09 Preview

Bones 12x09 Preview

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Bones recap: 'The Hope in the Horror'

Bones is back &#x; way back. About a decade back. If you&#x;re still getting used to writing on everything, Bones&#x; final season premiere isn&#x;t going to help, because by the end of the hour, it might as well be Nothing says nostalgia like making everyone think the intern is a serial killer.

Which he&#x;s not. Zack Addy is not stringing up dead bodies and feeding them porridge. You can go have nightmares about something else now. But it&#x;s not just that Zack isn&#x;t the killer; he&#x;s also not a killer, and now everyone knows it &#x; even Zack. (Honestly, how this little Midwestern teddy bear ever assumed he&#x;d be capable of murder is beyond me.) The first step in Zack&#x;s apology tour is the Jeffersonian, where, as you may recall, he just kidnapped Brennan in order to win her trust. Sure, okay.

Two hours after her kidnapping, Brennan wakes to find her former protégé watching her. He bristles at Booth&#x;s name, then points out that she hasn&#x;t come to see him in some time. Is that why he&#x;s mad at Booth? Did Brennan&#x;s home life pull her away from Zack, or did she just stop visiting because it was too painful? Maybe if he weren&#x;t being framed for murder, we&#x;d have time to answer these questions. Zack plans to inject himself with truth serum to prove to Brennan that he didn&#x;t kill anyone, but Booth tracks them both down before he gets that chance because Zack&#x;s master plan was to hide with Brennan in the basement of her own office building, which also happens to be a shrine to Zack&#x;s bad choices.

I love that in eight years, no one has bothered to move Gormogon&#x;s artifacts out of the vault. It&#x;s almost like they&#x;ve got unresolved issues. Cam, Hodgins, and Booth are still sure of Zack&#x;s guilt, and they&#x;re all processing differently. Cam tries to keep it stoic. Hodgins plots revenge against his old friend. Booth, in one of the sweetest moments of the hour, just pulls Brennan into a hug. Only Brennan is taking Zack&#x;s claims seriously; her argument is that he didn&#x;t kill her when he had the chance, but even his doctor knows he&#x;s very fond of Brennan, so that&#x;s not an airtight alibi. Brennan, just admit it: You&#x;re fond of Zack, too.

Dr. Roshan, head of the facility where Zack has been institutionalized, visits the FBI with more than just proof of fondness. He&#x;s also got surveillance tapes that show Zack repeatedly leaving the psych ward. In the interrogation room, Zack tells Aubrey that he&#x;s been allowing himself free time, which is the gutsiest way to describe breaking out of a secure facility that I&#x;ve ever heard. The last time we saw Zack sneak out, Sweets walked him back. Did he start escaping again after Sweets died? Dr. Roshan says that Sweets came to visit Zack almost weekly; it was his murder that threw Zack into such a fit of rage that he injured his head &#x; hence the scar. I didn&#x;t think this was possible, but Sweets and Zack just got even more tragic.

Zack spends most of his free time breaking into the library to hack his friends&#x; emails, keeping up on their work and definitely not on the photo attachments between Angela and Hodgins. But there&#x;s more: Zack has been passing himself off as a world-renowned neurosurgeon and sending Hodgins&#x; physical therapist his treatment protocol. He&#x;s the reason Hodgins has feeling in his legs. In retrospect, the fact that he called himself Dr. Bancroft should have been a hint, since that was also the name of the head of the Jeffersonian Institute during Zack&#x;s time there. Was Zack trying to get caught, or does he just not know enough people?

NEXT: These are Zack&#x;s confessions

Hodgins visits Zack to thank him, but Zack has bad news. Even with the pain in Hodgins&#x; legs, there&#x;s still only a 1 percent chance he&#x;ll regain mobility. I have been told, Zack says, although it has not been proven scientifically, that hope can sometimes have the power to heal. Hope is what I was trying to give you. But my fear is all I have brought you is pain. He might as well be talking about his stint with Gormogon, which started in part because he knew how Hodgins felt about secret societies. The difference is that this time, Zack is motivated by something beyond logic. Look what Sweets did for him.

As if Zack&#x;s confession breaks the spell, Hodgins loses all feeling in his legs before the end of the hour, and it&#x;s unlikely that he&#x;ll ever get it back. I&#x;ll never put a happy last-minute twist past this show, but if this really is the end of the possibility that Hodgins will walk again, I&#x;m satisfied. He doesn&#x;t need a miracle; Bones has never presumed that there&#x;s only one way to be okay.

While Hodgins is losing hope, Zack might have found it. His gesture reminds Booth that Zack just isn&#x;t the murdering type. Aubrey balks: You realize we&#x;re talking about the person who kidnapped your wife here. Keep up, Aubrey. Everyone on this team has at least one person they&#x;d kidnap. And Booth&#x;s gut is never wrong. Apparently, he had his doubts about Zack as a killer last time, not that he shared them with the class. He must not have wanted to upset Brennan any more than he had to. He should have risked it.

As if on cue, behavioral analyst Karen Delfs knocks on Booth&#x;s door. She&#x;s back from Kansas City; Booth can tell that I&#x;m back isn&#x;t the whole story, but he lets her join the investigation anyway. Karen suggests that the killer might have dissociative identity disorder, and while Zack has never been diagnosed with DID, it could have been triggered by the trauma to his head. In the hope that they&#x;ll spark something in him, Booth agrees to let Zack look at the case files.

The interrogation room is not the lab, but when Brennan and Zack are looking at X-rays together, it might as well be. It&#x;s just like old times, at least until Zack &#x; who admits there are some gaps in his memory, likely due to his medication &#x; puts his head in his hands and asks to be put under maximum security. The evidence all adds up to his guilt. Brennan agrees. When she says, He &#x; we have come to a conclusion, it&#x;s the we that gets me, because when Zack was found guilty the first time, Brennan put her forehead on his and said, We know. She doesn&#x;t want him to be alone.

I still have questions about how every non-Sweets member of this team fell out of touch with Zack. Why is Hodgins, who used to visit Zack and joke about the king of the loony bin, so ready at the top of the hour to shove a needle down his throat? But whatever caused the schism, we&#x;re seeing the results: When Zack&#x;s friends stopped coming, he filled the void with visits from people who saw him as a curiosity. Karen interviewed him; so did Dr. Faulk, therapist to the Puppeteer&#x;s latest victim. Zack talks about it like he&#x;s flattered, but they just wanted to use him.

Both Karen and Faulk also happen to wind up on Booth&#x;s suspect list. Dr. Faulk&#x;s parents were murdered when he was a child, which is a classic serial killer origin story, but he suggests that they&#x;re looking for someone else &#x; someone who will try to steer the investigation. Booth asks Aubrey to find out why Karen was transferred back to DC, leading to a great sequence in which Karen&#x;s hovering starts to freak out Brennan for absolutely no reason. Karen only left Kansas City because her married boss kept hitting on her, so she hit him. You escape the clutches of one creepy boss, and everyone thinks you&#x;re a murderer.

NEXT: Don&#x;t tell Brennan what to do

The slow build of suspicion around Karen is one of two great fake-outs in this hour. When Brennan takes Wendell back to Graham Reynolds&#x; basement to look for more evidence, Cam and Booth panic. To be fair, she was just kidnapped yesterday. But that&#x;s no reason for Brennan to stop living her life. I wasn&#x;t aware I needed permission, she sighs, coolly ignoring her husband&#x;s requests that she get out of a murderer&#x;s lair. She and Wendell find another body, and nothing bad happens, because Brennan is a reasonable person.

The body, hidden in a secret room in the basement, turns out to be the key to the case. The bones belong to a conjoined twin, and when Angela ages up her facial reconstruction, it&#x;s a perfect match for Dr. Roshan. After losing his brother on the operating table, Roshan adopted his dead twin&#x;s personality. I&#x;m glad this story didn&#x;t wind up villainizing people with dissociative identity disorder, but now I want to know more about Roshan&#x;s teen-murderer twin. And if Roshan thought he&#x;d found the perfect scapegoat in Zack, he obviously underestimated how much this team cares.

Booth gets to the psychiatric institute in time to save Zack, but it&#x;s a close call &#x; and in his fight with Roshan, Zack finds himself holding a syringe to the doctor&#x;s neck. Even to save his own life, he can&#x;t push the plunger. He doesn&#x;t have it in him. Now that he knows that, he&#x;s ready to rejoin society. Zack finally tells Booth and Brennan that he never killed the lobbyist, and it&#x;s Booth who believes him first. (I think we could power a small city on one confident I believe you from David Boreanaz.) Booth promises Zack that they&#x;re going to help him, and Zack goes in for a hug, which Booth shuts down. Some things never change.

Brennan pats Zack&#x;s shoulder with an open hand instead; he told her once that it conveys approval. Is there a way to pat an episode of television on the shoulder?

Bits and pieces:

  • Emily Deschanel&#x;s directorial debut was officially worth the wait. There was a shot of Cam watching Zack get taken into custody that really got me.
  • Showrunner Michael Peterson, who wrote this premiere, joined Bones after Eric Millegan left, but he sounds like he&#x;s been writing Zack for years. I am not well versed in social etiquette, but I believe when dealing with accusations of serial murder, it is best to meet face to face.
  • Subject line of an email from Cam to Hodgins: NO. Absolutely not!!
  • I&#x;m living for the pained look Booth gives Aubrey at the line, Maybe your gut needs a probiotic.
  • Karen wants to know how Brennan knows about Zack&#x;s lack of scars. Nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus.
  • Doctor, as I have always told people, I&#x;m stronger than I look.
  • I have gloves on. Stop.
Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz play a will-they-won’t-they crime-solving duo.

In a bit of a scheduling curveball, Fox has tweaked its lineup to capitalize on the the good buzz swirling around its new baseball drama Pitch.

pitchThe network announced Friday that Pitch — which was originally earmarked for Tuesdays at midseason — will now launch this fall on Thursdays at 9/8c, replacing previous occupant Bones. As a result, Bones&#; abbreviated 12th and final season will now bow in Winter in a TBD timeslot.

Pitch&#;s promotion also dislodges Prison Break, which was slated to follow Bones in the Thursdays-at-9 pm at midseason. The PB revival will now air Tuesdays-at-9 pm in early (aka Pitch&#;s original perch).

Here are Fox&#;s revised fall/midseason schedules:

8 pm Gotham
9 pm Lucifer

8 pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine
pm New Girl
9 pm Scream Queens

9 pm Empire

8 pm Rosewood

8 pm Hell&#;s Kitchen

Fox Sports Saturday

7 pm NFL
pm Bob’s Burgers
8 pm The Simpsons
9 pm Family Guy
pm The Last Man on Earth


8 pm LEGACY (Gotham returns in spring)
9 pm APB (Lucifer resumes in spring)

8 pm New Girl/Brooklyn Nine-Nine
9 pm KICKING & SCREAMING (PRISON BREAK takes over in spring)

8 pm Lethal Weapon (SHOTS FIRED takes over in spring)
9 pm STAR (Empire resumes in spring)

8 pm Rosewood
9 pm Bones final season

8 pm MasterChef Junior
9 pm Sleepy Hollow

Fox Sports Saturday

7 pm Animation encores
pm Bob’s Burgers
8 pm The Simpsons
9 pm Family Guy
pm The Last Man on Earth

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Premiere bones 2017 season

If Bones Season 12 Episode 1 is any indication, we&#;re in for an incredible final season.

The return of Zack Addy is going to be bringing some things full circle, and after all, his story has been left unfinished until now. I appreciate the fact that the final season of the show is going to bring some closure, and that it&#;s brought in a beloved character from the early seasons &#; but in a way we couldn&#;t have anticipated.

&#;The Hope in the Horror&#; puts the focus on Zack while reminding us of the details of the Gormogon case from Season 3. There was such a complexity to that storyline for Zack.

He was such a loveable character, and to imagine he could do such a horrible thing was a shock for everyone who knew him.

Zack later spoke with Sweets and revealed that he never actually killed anyone. Unfortunately, Sweets was the only person who had that information, which only makes his death more tragic.

Fast forward to Season 12, and we&#;re at first led to believe that Zack is prepared to harm Brennan. Meanwhile, Booth and the rest of the team do everything they can to figure out where Zack has taken her, including some fancy lab work Hodgins does that involves Brennan&#;s hand lotion.

I always love seeing that side of Hodgins. He&#;s still King of the Lab, you guys.

After that cliffhanger from last season, it&#;s a little disappointing how quickly they do find Brennan, though it also speaks to how well this team is able to work together. Plus, Booth is smart enough to figure out exactly where she is once they&#;ve narrowed it down.

But rather than spending the entire episode on a search for Brennan as we wonder whether or not Zack could actually hurt her, we see everyone struggle with their own perceptions of him. And that is infinitely more interesting.

Booth is ready to shoot Zack, but it isn&#;t long before he starts to re-evaluate, especially when he learns what Zack has secretly been doing for Hodgins.

Brennan wants to give him the benefit of the doubt from the beginning, and Cam compares Zack to a child in terms of how harmless he seems.

Hodgins, on the other hand, is stubborn in believing that his former friend is guilty. Period. There&#;s something more going on there beneath the surface &#; I think Hodgins feels betrayed, and maybe even more than that, abandoned. Let&#;s not forget what his relationship with Zack was like in early episodes.

Even Zack begins to question his own innocence after being presented with the evidence and allowed to spend some time analyzing it himself. Even though he doesn&#;t remember committing murder, his use of logic makes him believe he must have done it.

Watching his devastation when the evidence points to himself as the killer is heartbreaking. This poor guy has been manipulated in such horrifying ways.

And whether he did or did commit any murder, we know there&#;s good in Zack.

We&#;ve seen it before, and we see it again when Zack&#;s life is in danger. He can&#;t even kill the doctor in order to save himself. He takes a pen to the leg and is nearly killed instead, but thankfully, Booth arrives just in time. The important takeaway here? Zack can&#;t kill another human.

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Booth feels inclined to believe Zack is innocent &#; after all, Booth is a faith guy when it comes down to it &#; and it&#;s clear where the rest of the season is going to take us. They&#;re going to re-examine the evidence of the Gormogon case.

Opening that door feels extremely satisfying to me. The closure of it is one thing, but it feels like a way to celebrate the series as a whole. It means continuing to revisit the past and taking the time to see how much each character has changed throughout the years.

It&#;s also hopeful &#; hence the title of the episode &#; though that has more than one meaning here. Because while Zack has been locked away, he&#;s actually been sneaking out each night to do a little reading. He&#;s been keeping up with his friends at The Jeffersonian, and he&#;s even found a way to insert himself into Hodgins&#; life &#; and to communicate with him.

Unfortunately (though fortunately for the story, if you ask me) it doesn&#;t look like the protocol is actually going to work. But there&#;s something incredibly perfect about the fact that Zack tried to cure his old friend.

There&#;s another layer here, and that is Zack&#;s feelings about Booth and his relationship with Brennan. Aubrey strikes a nerve with that wedding photo, which also makes me realize how much has happened since Zack left the show.

To only have been a regular character for three of eleven seasons and still have such a significant impact on the story and the other characters is pretty remarkable, and bringing him back for the end of the series is just such a genius move.

Other Thoughts:

  • The moment Booth and Brennan have after he saves her is perfect and sweet, but Aubrey&#;s reaction to seeing Brennan safe is downright adorable.
  • I&#;m glad Zack was polite enough not to open those attachments, too.
  • Sara Rue guest stars in this episode once again, and she&#;s delightful &#; especially when she gets her creepy eyes going to make us think for a moment that her character is actually the killer.
  • Kudos to Emily Deschanel as she makes her directing debut with this episode!
  • The best quote from the season premiere comes from Zack: &#;It is odd, but being perceived as a murderous cannibal does have some advantages.&#;

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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18 Favorite Episodes of Bones

Metallica: Spit Out the Bone (Official Music Video)

Bones (season 12)

Season of television series

Bones Season jpg

Season 12 poster

Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes12
Original networkFox
Original releaseJanuary 3&#;()&#;–
March 28, &#;()

Season 11

List of episodes

The twelfth and final season of the American television series Bones premiered on January 3, , on Fox and concluded on March 28, The final season consists of 12 episodes and aired Tuesdays at pm ET.[1]

Cast and characters[edit]

See also: List of Bones characters

Main cast[edit]

  • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian, and wife of Seeley Booth
  • David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and husband of Temperance Brennan
  • Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro, a forensic artist and wife of Jack Hodgins
  • Tamara Taylor as Dr. Camille Saroyan, a forensic pathologist and the head of the forensic division
  • T. J. Thyne as Dr. Jack Hodgins, an entomologist, mineralogist, palynologist, and forensic chemist, and husband of Angela Montenegro.
  • John Boyd as James Aubrey, an FBI agent who works under Booth

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Patricia Belcher as Caroline Julian, a prosecutor who often works with the team
  • Eric Millegan as Dr. Zack Addy, former Jeffersonian employee
  • Eddie McClintock as Tim "Sully" Sullivan, a former FBI agent with whom Brennan had a previous relationship
  • Stephen Fry as Gordon Wyatt, Booth's former psychiatrist, now a chef
  • Ryan O'Neal as Max Brennan, Temperance's father
  • Sara Rue as Karen Delfs, a behavioral analyst
  • Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth, Seeley and Temperance's daughter
  • Guy Boyd as Philip Aubrey, James's father
  • Cyndi Lauper as Avalon Harmonia, a psychic
  • Tiffany Hines as Michelle Welton, Cam's adopted daughter


Fox renewed Bones for a episode final season on February 25, [2] The season was initially announced to debut in the fall of , but Fox delayed the premiere until January 3, [1] Former series regular Eric Millegan, who returned in the season 11 finale, continues his role as Zack Addy in the final season.[3] The season features the return of former recurring characters, including Eddie McClintock as Tim "Sully" Sullivan, who recurred during season two,[4] and Stephen Fry as Gordon Wyatt, who made guest appearances in seasons two, four and five.[5]Betty White reprises her season 11 role as Dr. Beth Mayer in the tenth episode,[6] while veteran actors Ed Asner and Hal Holbrook guest star in the third episode.[7] Filming of the season, and of the entire series, wrapped up on December 15, [8]


Main article: List of Bones episodes

DVD release[edit]

The twelfth and final season of Bones was released on DVD (subtitled "The Final Chapter") in region 1 on June 13, The set includes all 12 episodes of season twelve and special features include a gag reel and a featurette "Back to the Lab: A Bones Retrospective".[21]


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&#;Bones&#;: Will we see Season 13?? Find out Storyline, Cast, Trailer and everything else you should know about!

Bones is a crime TV drama show, which is somewhat based on the novels written by a respected crime writer of America, Kathy Reichs. Bones broadcasted on September 13 And it was broadcasted by Fox Star Studio. Kathleen Reichs is an American Board of Anthropology certified Anthropologist. She has written many academic papers and books, but she is known for her fiction work too.

Kathy&#;s first novel Déjà Dead created a character of Tempe Brennan. Though she was an anthropologist in , she won her Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. Ever since then, she followed her heart which resulted in 19 more novels. Theses novels were the part of Temperance Brennan series. Each of her novels was inspired by her life moments.

From these novels inspired TV series Bones. Till now 12 seasons of Bones have been released. But wait, what about the 13 seasons is it going to be released or not? Read ahead to know more.

Storyline: Bones

As we&#;ve said, earlier this TV drama is based on the fictional novel series of Temperance Brennan written by Kathy Reichs. Which in-fact is based on the life of the writer&#;s day to day life. In the show, we get to see our main character Dr Temperance Brennan has fond of writing a mystery novel series. Dr Brennan depicts the role of Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist. At Jeffersonian Institute of Medico-Legal lab, a team is led by Dr.Brennan. Jeffersonian Institute of Medico-Legal lab is a fictional institution who works with the FBI to help them in solving cases.

In the show, we get to see both tastes, like being scientific and believing in miracles, God. Team of Dr Brennan helps to solve cases with finding clues in the murder site. But FBI investigation technique is used by a special agent Seeley Booth, to help out FBI to solve each case sincerely.

Though this show does not defines severe detective drills. But it does support intelligent scientific case solving. As we said before in this show, we get to see different dialects. While our main character Dr Brennan supports evidence, scientific calculations but Mr Booth fights for the perspective of God, luck, instincts. If we move forward in the storyline, we get to see the relationships and backgrounds of the other characters. More than others, we get to see the love and stress life between Booth and Brennan. A little but interesting fact about the show is that naming of every episode is made by how the criminal was caught.

Release Date: will season 13 release?

Season 1 of Bones premiered on the date of September 13 The show received on around million viewers on the premiere day. After the release for the third episode, the entire series got commissioned. After the end of the first season, the show received positive ratings due to which Fox Studios renewed Bones for its second season. Also, the second season received million viewers which further made way for the third season and so on. Till the release of season 12 after then, things began to change.

After the end of season 12, Fox Studios announced the state of season 13 release. The announcement was made on the date of February 25, , that season 13 of bones will not be released. And season 12 will be the last season for Bones TV series. On the date of January 3, season 12 started and on March 28, , the season came to an end Marking episodes in total. Although fans are very disappointed, we have to settle down with twelve seasons.

There are extreme slight chances that the 13th season of Bones will release. So if you are a die-hard fan of Bones, then we suggest you not to keep your hopes up too high.

Cast and Characters: Bones

Emily Deschanel

She plays the role of our main character Dr Brennan. Brennan is an excellent anthropologist who works at Jeffersonian Institute. In the show, her birth name is Joy Keenan which her parents changed later. In the show also she is a wealthy author who writes novels in the crime fiction genre. She is known for her high IQ.

David Boreanaz

He is in the show as the character of Seeley Booth. David is a special FBI agent he takes Dr Brennan&#;s helps to get clues of the victim&#;s body, which cannot be identified by the FBI. He is the one who gave Dr Brennan nickname Bones. He is a talented investigator as well as an interrogator who mostly trusts his human instincts and guts.

Michaela Conlin

She is the character Angela Montenegro. She is a forensic artist and one of the best friend of Brennan. In facial reconstruction, Angela is Brennan&#;s team specialist. By doing facial reconstruction, it is easy to identify the faces of victims. She can also create various crime scenes in her 3D hologram program. Her birth name is Pookie Noodling.

T J Thyne

He plays the role of Dr Jack Hodgins. Hodgins is an expert in spores and minerals by course; he is an entomologist. The hobby of Dr Hodgins is to read conspiracy theories. While investigating a murder case, Hodgins deals with traces and specific clues. He provides Booth approx time of death of a victim.

John Francis Daley

He plays the role of Dr Lance Sweets. Sweets is an FBI psychologist. In the show, Brennan and Booth arrest the father of Lance. After that, Dr Lance is assigned to understand the psychology of Dr Brennan and Seeley Booth. The primary task of Dr Lance is to provide a humanized perspective on the murder case. Because of his age, he is treated in an egoistic manner by Brennan and Booth. But later on, he earns their respect.

Where to watch

You can watch Bones online on Amazon Prime Videos.


If you liked the storyline and are thinking of watching it&#;s twelve seasons from the start on. Here we have provided trailer of season 12 so that you can have a glimpse of the show.


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