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For Sale: Harry Potter and the Glock of fire

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10 Hilarious Harry Potter With Guns Memes That Are Too Funny

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved tales told in this era, and it doesn't seem like it's fandom and it's effect on the pop culture world at large is going to dim any time soon. However, as fans and casual readers and viewers alike have often noted, the story of Harry Potter could have gone very differently if he had been using deadly weapons.

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So as anyone might expect, this idea of Harry Potter with guns has become a popular concept behind many a meme, and here are 10 of the best out there.

10 All Growed Up

We all knew that the kids of the Harry Potter universe had to grow up eventually, but very few people expected them to go this hard this fast.

In fairness to the golden trio, they did go through a lot, and if they had to come up with some kind of dark and unhealthy ways to cope then so be it.

9 Call Of Duty

Obviously Voldemort's strength and ability to rebound from the literal brink of death should not be underestimated, but one has to wonder how things would have gone if Snape had just teamed up with Harry from the jump.

Even when Harry thought they were working against one another, their joined forces ended the dark lord for good, so perhaps Voldy would have been taken out by book 3 if Snape and Mr. Potter had tag teamed him.

8 Priorities

Not only is meming Harry Potter with guns the right choice to make in this scenario, one has to ask oneself, do you even want to be with someone if they don't understand that this needs to take precedence over pretty much anything else?

Baes come and go, but Harry Potter fandom is forever, and when an opportunity like this comes along it would be a shame to miss out on it.

7 A Real Role Model

Even Lara Croft would be jealous of Daniel Radcliffe's impressive dual gun game.

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Also, while the trend of gritty realism in film is kind of played out at this point, this feels like a much truer to life representation of what would have happened to Harry Potter. Given what he's been through and the way that he grew up, it's borderline unbelievable that Harry didn't devolve to this at some point in the story.

6 Last Will And Testament

For all of Albus Dumbledore's genius, it really is a bit surprising that he chose to bestow the deluminator on Ron instead of a deadly weapon.

Giving firearms to children is a dubious choice at best, but there are few things that would have come in handier for Ron, Harry, and Hermione than a regular old gun.

5 The Arms Of Babes

Something that is actually incredibly bizarre to realize is that in a roundabout way, a wand could literally be used as a gun.

If a wand can create any kind of magic, it's actually pretty weird that no one ever uses it to just create a bullet and shoot somebody with it. Maybe it's not as reliably deadly as "avada kedavra", but it's deadlier than most spells would be.

4 A New Golden Trio

Ron and Hermione were truly invaluable friends in Harry Potter's life. They were quite literally ride or die, and Harry may not have been able to defeat Voldemort without their help.

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With that said, would Harry have been better off with two guns as companions instead of two friends? He wouldn't have gotten the emotional or psychological support that Ron and Hermione gave him, sure, but he would have had an easier time defeating his enemies quickly and efficiently.

3 The Triwizard Tournament

Harry Potter's author J.K. Rowling clearly has a fondness for wordplay, so while she may not be a fan of guns she can at least appreciate the seemingly endless number of puns that can be made about Harry Potter and deadly weapons.

Pretty much any Harry Potter title can be modified to accommodate Harry Potter and modern firearms, which makes for an interesting change of pace.

2 Hermione's Solution

Look, Draco Malfoy is a jerk, but this seems like a pretty extreme reaction, even if he did attempt to have Buckbeak killed.

Actually, it would be interesting to know how well versed witches and wizards are in human weapons. If Hermione really did pull a gun on Draco when they were having their showdown, would Draco have even known enough to be scared, or would he have just been confused as hell?

1 She Was Always The Smart One

Honestly, even though gun culture is not a thing in the UK, it is a little baffling to realize that Hermione never once suggested this as a solution, even though it's a pretty perfect one.

Not only is it the most efficient way to kill someone, it's also pretty safe to assume that if Harry had pulled a gun on Voldemort then the dark lord would have been too caught off guard to react and fight back before taking a bullet.

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VERY roughly paraphrasing VPC.org, - Here are five things you can do right now to help stop gun violence.

1. Contact your elected representatives and demand that they support and advocate for effective gun violence prevention legislation. Call your U.S. Senators and Representative via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell them that you SUPPORT a federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

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5. Watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Weapons to see how easy it is to push guns into a Hollywood film. See how riddikulus the notion of guns in schools looks. Understand how magic isn't real, but gun violence is. The rich could save the world, but they sit on their piles of gold like dragons. God isn't real, otherwise he's a real asshole. Murder-machines, built for the sole purpose of killing, are bad for humanity. The only way to change the world, is to try to change it. The world is huge, so the grander butterfly effect starts with the small things. Like making a silly illegal gun version of Harry Potter. And spreading the word that guns kill. It's pretty evident that they do. Spread the link, or don't, but DO educate your friends and community about gun violence. And eat your veggies. Take a shower and floss your teeth. Maybe read a book once in a while! Or at lease the AUDIOBOOK! #dontletreadingdie #dontletpeopledie #soapbox #harrypotterwithguns #themovieissometimesbetter #controversial #thebookisusuallybetter

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