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 By Ashley Abbott | Sponsored by Arrowquip

 As a leader in livestock handling equipment innovation, Arrowquip is a brand that is synonymous with functionality and quality. With their mission “To provide safe and efficient livestock handling systems for the Livestock Producer, with quality products that are innovative and easy to use,” they have stayed true to the core values instilled in them as livestock producers themselves.

In 2004, Arrowquip introduced the “Q-Catch”, an innovative, state of the art headgate that changed the way ranchers work today. Operated from a single handle at the back, the Q-catch made it easy for producers to work on their own. The Q-Catch brand is now widely recognized across North America as a symbol of quality.

Many ranchers saw the Q-Catch at work in their areas or at shows, or perhaps worked it themselves with a friend or neighbour. The demand for this standard of quality was increasing, but smaller producers could not always justify the investment. They asked Arrow for a squeeze chute they could easily use on their own, but they wanted it available at a price that fit their budget. 

As a customer driven organization, the Arrowquip research and development team set to work to find a way to bring a chute to the marketplace at a lower price without compromising their standard of quality.  

Arrow believes that no ranchers should have to settle for equipment that is poorly made or unsafe.

To satisfy this need in the marketplace, they have developed a new squeeze chute, called the Com Catch 6100, to appeal to this sector of ranchers.
Like all of Arrow’s livestock handling equipment, the Com Catch is a high quality, heavy duty chute, that is priced lower but still comes equipped with many of the convenient features that Arrow has become known for.

Made with the same superior quality materials as Arrow’s other equipment, the Com Catch is a simple squeeze chute that gets the job done without a huge investment. The lower cost of the Com Catch makes it a great choice for small livestock producers, as well as larger ranches that simply do not need or cannot afford all the bells and whistles.
Arrowquip is always on the forefront of safety innovation, and the Com Catch chute is no exception. Over 600 hours of research went into the development of this chute, and the hard work has paid off in a product that is superior to all other squeeze chutes of the same price point.

The Com Catch incorporates many of the features of Arrow’s other chutes, like a head gate that opens fully and is the same width from top to bottom to prevent animals from choking if they fall down. Dual auto locking device comes standard on the head gate, locking each door separately. As with other Arrow chutes, the locks are guaranteed for life.  

The head gate on the Com Catch is also auto adjusting, so one person can easily work any size animals without having to make adjustments. This keeps both the animals and the operator safely out of potentially dangerous situations, and allows for quick and stress-free throughput of animals. 

The chute is equipped with a checker plate floor for unsurpassed traction, and a removable sternum bar option, to keep animals from falling down in the chute. The chute is made with rectangular tubing, which is proven to be 30 percent stronger than round tubing.

The Com Catch chute also provides ample access to the animal, with a swing out bottom door, a swing out top access door, 12 inches of neck access, as well as full brisket access.

There isn’t an animal handling task that the Com Catch cannot help accomplish easily.  All access doors have poly contact points, reducing noise and keeping the animals as calm as possible.  All moving parts on this chute are kept out of the dirt, snow, or ice by rollers that allow the parts to move freely and easily even in the harshest winter conditions.

The unparalleled ease of use of this chute makes it an ideal option for a one-person operation. Like Arrow’s other chutes, it also comes with trailer mounts so it may be easily moved for use at multiple locations. In the United States, Arrowquip products are distributed by dealers. These dealers are all trained in both sales and service of Arrow’s line of equipment.

Dealers are being added regularly as the demand for Arrow’s equipment grows. Arrow values these dealers immensely, and strives to provide them with excellent products to sell as well superior training on use of those products. With a strong belief in supporting local economies and rural communities, Arrow is pleased with their collaboration with these dealers throughout the United States.

Arrowquip is always striving to stay at the cutting edge of their market. Developing new and improved handling equipment regularly keeps them as a strong leader in the livestock equipment industry.

Arrow has several options available to meet the needs of all sizes of livestock producers, and is happy to help anyone choose the equipment that is right for their operation.  Search Arrowquip on YouTube for detailed videos demonstrating the use of their equipment, visit or visit your local Dealer for more information.


Arrowquip Cattle Handling ChutePremier Ag is now carrying the full line of Arrowquip cattle handling equipment! 

We are here to make sure our fellow ranchers are getting the best possible cattle handling equipment on the market at the best price.

At our feed store, you can find cattle squeeze chutes, both manual and hydraulic, portable cattle chutes, loading chutes, alleys, tubs, and other equipment.

Annie and Cali McWilliams using an ArrowQuip Chute

Not only do we sell Arrowquip products, but we also use this equipment in our day to day bucking bull and beef cow operation. Arrowquip cattle handling equipment has made our operation a smoother and quicker experience.

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World-Class Chutes for Cattle and Livestock Equipment

Arrowquip has been creating best in class livestock equipment since 1988 through an extensive research and development process that is unmatched in the cattle industry. We employ the only team of engineers specifically dedicated to cattle handling, and are constantly improving our equipment to adhere the latest recommendations from key researchers and cattle handling experts to make ranching families safe.

Every piece of equipment we design is intended to make managing your cattle faster, easier, and safer every step of the way. Why does that matter?

Working cattle is hard enough. Why make it harder on yourself with equipment that is difficult to use and requires frustrating adjustments? Our equipment is designed with ease of use for the operator in mind, with ergonomic handles and far less adjustments, to make working your cattle easier than ever before. You don’t need to be 6’ tall to use our equipment, either!

Too many cattle handling systems are designed without consideration for natural cattle behavior, which results in stubborn cattle that refuse to move effectively. Arrowquip equipment works with animal science to get cattle to move through the handling system without delays, thanks to unique features like our patented 3E System that uses light to draw cattle from tub to chute.

Good help is hard to find, and getting harder every day. When you’re out in the field with your kids, your brother, or your wife, you need equipment you can trust every step of the way. There is no room for error. Our equipment is designed with safety for handlers and cattle in mind, and undergoes extensive testing to ensure the equipment is reliable for your ranch.

From chutes for cattle to custom cattle working systems and pens, Arrowquip has a solution for all your cattle handling needs. For added security, our equipment is backed by industry-leading warranty. Let our generations of ranching experience and knowledge of cattle behavior help you develop a more efficient and profitable operation today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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Arrowquip Cattle Equipment in Action: The General Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Chute

Handling Your Biggest and Baddest Cattle, No Problem

The General is the culmination of 17 years of research, design, testing, and continuous improvement by the Arrowquip Innovations Team, resulting in the most reliable heavy-duty hydraulic chute the industry has ever seen. This chute is ready to take the big numbers of livestock seen in feedlots, and offers the access that cattle farmers need to complete their management tasks day in, and day out.

More information on the The General Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Chute

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Cattle Handling Equipment

The most advanced cattle handling equipment designs and cattle chute solutions in the industry. Every product is designed by a team of experienced ranchers and engineers to benefit your operation by allowing you to work your livestock in the safest and most efficient way possible.


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