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The internet is in love with frogs and toads and we wanted to show you why. That’s why Bored Panda hopped all over the net to put together this funny and wholesome list of these riveting (or rather ribbiting) amphibians.

Posting photos of frogs, whether on their own or with witty captions, is known as frogposting. It has been a vital part of internet culture since, well, since forever. However, it had become increasingly popular in 2020. Go on your favorite social media and odds are you’ll stumble upon dozens (if not hundreds!) of pages dedicated to celebrating these amphibious critters.

They’re goofy, they’re cute, they’re incredibly polite, and they’ll hopefully make your day brighter. So go on, have a scroll down and have a look at the best frogs-’n’-toads we wanted to share with you. Remember to upvote your fave photos and be sure to let us know which of these you found to be the most hilarious and heartwarming. Got any of your fave frog memes that you’d like to share? The comment section is just the space for you to do that.

Dr. John W. Wilkinson from the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation charity in the UK was kind enough to answer some of Bored Panda's questions about our friends, the frogs. According to Dr. Wilkinson, seeing photos of frogs can make us care more about protecting them. "It’s great to see photos of frogs in people’s gardens or that they’ve seen on a walk. We know this often creates a deeper interest in amphibians and their conservation and we love to see them—so long as the animals aren’t disturbed too much of course!"

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In case you’ve got a garden and want to make your local frog populations happier, there are some steps you can take. For instance, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) suggests creating a pond with gently sloping sides. Then, allow vegetation to develop around the pond’s edges so that there’s enough damp cover for young amphibians. The charity also invites garden owners to allow their grass to grow longer and to create a compost heap, as well as a log pile. This is where frogs and other amphibians like to live.

Dr. Wilkinson from ARC explained that setting up a garden pond, as well as not using chemicals, is the "single most important thing you can do for garden life." You can still get a lot done for herpretofauna (that's reptiles and amphibians) even if you don't have much space.

"In a small garden, even an upturned dustbin lid or bowl will provide a place for animals to drink," the Regional, Training, and Science Programme Manager at ARC told Bored Panda that even this is enough if we don't have enough space for a compost heap or a log pile. ARC also has a whole bunch of imaginative ideas for creating habitats for frogs, amphibians, and reptiles which you can download right over here, as well as over here for free. (And with one of the handbooks being titled 'Dragons in your Garden,' how can you not be curious about what's inside?) 

Dr. Wilkinson warned Bored Panda about the impact that climate change is having in the UK and elsewhere. Warmer winters and ponds that dry up too quickly are real problems.

"Climate change can be a very negative factor for frogs, toads, and newts. Ponds can dry up too quickly, meaning their tadpoles don’t have enough time to develop. Also, warmer winters affect hibernating frogs. They use more energy during hibernation and partially wake up, meaning they are in poorer condition for breeding. This is particularly hard on the females who put a lot of energy into making eggs (spawn)," the expert from ARC explained.

Those of you Pandas currently living in Britain might want to take part in ARC's Garden Dragon Watch (again, what a cool name!), the organization's herpretofauna survey, right over here. "UK folk can record amphibians and reptiles they find in their gardens and it will help us work out how they are doing. Natural habitats are disappearing and becoming fragmented fast—meaning gardens are increasingly important to wildlife!"

At its core, frogposting is about a very simple yet relatable feeling: looking at photos of frogs is… nice. You might dress this fact up a bit, try and find some refined words to describe exactly why this is so, but at the end of the day, frogs are simply nice to look at. Nice to post. And nice to share with your friends. Toads, too! We can’t forget our lumbering, croaking pals either, can we?

Meanwhile, other internet users find looking at photos of frogs to be comforting and, on some level, they even relate to the critters.

In our humble opinion, within the past two years, they’ve become nearly as popular as cats have when it comes to meme potential. Sure, they might not be quite there yet, but they’re on their way. Anecdotally, we can tell you that many of our closest friends are completely obsessed with sharing frog pics on a regular basis (I have 7 people who do that daily and I feel happy that I do).

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mvaligurskyFrog peeking out
Patryk_KosmiderFrog shadow on the leaf
Huhli13Green frog
lteckAustralian Green Tree Frog
julosFun cartoon frog
HitToonCute Frog Cartoon Mascot Character Holding A Banner
HitToonCute Frog Cartoon Mascot Character Looking Around A Blank Sign And Waving
HitToonBlack And White Cute Frog Cartoon Character Winking And Holding A Thumb Up
HitToonBlack And White Cute Frog Cartoon Mascot Character Jumping
kikkerdirkRed striped poison dart frog blue legs
BrunoWeltmannGreen frog
IgorVetushkoCute green frog in small luxury bathtub isolated on white
mzphotoRed eye tree frog
alptraumFrog on rock
HitToonBlue Frog On A Twig
Patryk_KosmiderFrog shadow
alptraumFrog on guzmania
ejkrouseGreen Frog Collage
julosFun cartoon frog
IgorVetushkoCute green frog in small luxury bathtub isolated on white
julosFun cartoon frog
IgorVetushkoClose up view of cute green frog on black wet stone, panoramic shot
julosFun cartoon frog
julosFun cartoon frog
dynamicfotoRed eye frog
julosFun cartoon frog
alex.stemmerRed-eyed frog (Agalychnis callidryas) sitting on a tree log, close-up. Zoo laboratory, terrarium, zoology, herpetology, science, education. Wildlife of Neotropical rainforests
julosFun cartoon frog
BrunoWeltmannWhite Board frog
alptraumFrog on a plant isolated black
julosFun cartoon frog
julosFun frog playing the saxophone
julosFun cartoon frog
julosFun cartoon frog
MicEninClose up view of brown frog sitting on stone
OndrejProsickyBeautiful frog walking on red flower, nature habitat. Action wildlife scene from Costa Rica nature. Red-eyed Tree Frog, Agalychnis callidryas, animal with big red eyes
julosFun cartoon frog
dynamicfotoRed eye frog
ivosarFrog,isolated on white
HitToonHappy Green Frog
HitToonFrog Prince Over A Sign Board
mvaligurskyFrog peeking out from behind the leaf
adrenalinaCute frog prince
julosFun cartoon frog
julosCute frog
OndrejProsickyRed-eyed Tree Frog
HitToonBlack And White Cute Frog Cartoon Mascot Character Holding A Banner
julosFun cartoon frog
Goldfinch4everCute frog silhouettes
JanPietruszkaFrog shadow
OndrejProsickyRed Strawberry poison dart frog
ekaysGreen frog
julosFun cartoon frog
biawakGreen Tree Frog hanging on a twig
HitToonSmile Frog Cartoon Character
AlexBannykhCute female frog and mouse in clothes
AndrewLozovyiAdorable little boy eating from plate in form of frog and sitting in highchair
julosFun frog with rocket
IgorVetushkoFunny green frog on small toilet bowl isolated on white
IgorVetushkoCute green frog isolated on white
chbaumA boy and his frog
IgorVetushkoClose up view of cute green frog in small luxury bathtub isolated on white
Tnata2009Hand drawing of a watercolor green frog on a water isolated on white
BrunoWeltmannFrog on the World!
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