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How To Slay Airport Fashion Like Blackpink’s Jennie Kim

The ordeal of trying to pull together an ensemble fit for jet-setting is something we can all relate to. We want to look good without compromising on comfort. Finding the balance between fashion and functionality can be challenging; after an hour (or two) of trying various outfits, we find ourselves reverting back to our good ol’ sweat pants and converse (guilty as charged).

For your next trip, save your frustrated tears. Blackpink’s Jennie Kim shows you how to slay your airport #OOTD game. Click through the gallery and get inspired by Korea’s K-pop Princess herself.
How To Slay Airport Fashion Like Blackpink's Jennie Kim
1. Leopard print is a neutral

Nothing is more bold and chic than a leopard print statement jacket (or leopard-print anything, for the matter). Teaming it with a casual T-shirt and jeans situation, she’s #teamcomfort and #teamfashion.

Fashion is all about reinvention and reworking. Instead of wearing cardigans the conventional way, try buttoning it all the way up to turn it into a top.

During long flights, our hair and faces turn into a messy situation I’d rather not talk about. Jennie brings ’90s back with this sweatband that works both as a fashion statement and a handy hack to help keep our hair tamed.

5. Business meeting at 5pm and gym at 7pm

Keep it smart casual and nail that #atheleisure look with a tailored black blazer and matching black sweatpants.

7. Stripes, Stripes and more Stripes.

Horizontal stripes often get a bad rap for making us look wider than we are. But I’m a firm believer of “confidence is key”. Don’t be afraid to rock that horizontal striped-shift dress you were thinking about throwing away.

If you’re travelling to somewhere sunny, keep it fun and flirty by pairing your summer dress with a denim jacket and a pair of black boots.

Hoodies have evolved into dresses and we’re not complaining. Saving us the effort of trying to match our tops and bottoms, this knee-length hoodie-dress doubles up as blanket during your flight.

Blackpink's Jennie's perfect all-black look is too pricey

Blackpink's Jennie's perfect all-black look is too pricey  |  Photo Credit: Instagram

There is no denying that Jennie Kim, known mononymously as Jennie, is one of the most popular singers in the K-pop world. She is not just known for her impressive vocals but also for killer fashion picks. The diva was recently spotted in an all-black number that impressed many. 

The diva was spotted in a chiffon black dress that was accessorised with a wide black belt. The entire look screamed perfection and we can't get over how gorgeous Jennie looked in it.

After a little digging on social media, we found out the exact details about the outfit. The dress is by Aaia, it is priced at $4,600, which translates to Rs 3,41,573! The wide belt is priced at $1,440, which roughly amounts to Rs 1,06,928 as per Indian rupees.

blackpink Jennie

While buying the exact same dress might burn a hole in your pocket, there is no denying that you can recreate the look with your basic LBD and a belt.

Jennie was born and raised in South Korea. She debuted as a member of the girl group Blackpink under YG Entertainment in August 2016. She later made her debut as a solo artiste with the single Solo in 2018. Back in 2012, she was introduced to the public through a photo titled "Who's that girl?" via the official blog of YG Entertainment. She later became the 'mystery girl'.

The diva made her first public appearance as the lead actress in G-Dragon's music video That XX from his extended play, One of a Kind.

She is one most popular K-pop stars in the world right. In fact, she became the first Korean solo artist to perform at Coachella. 

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Thanks to Jennie Kim, Chanel got the BLACKPINK treatment at its Spring/Summer 2022 collection show, which recently took place in Paris. As an ambassador for the legendary French house and the face of its new “Coco Neige” campaign, Jennie showed up looking flaming hot in a vibrant crimson red Chanel set.

The musician sat front row at the show and dressed for the occasion in a red crop top and mini skirt, made in Chanel's signature bouclé tweed fabric. The cropped vest top featured buttons emblazoned with Chanel's interlocking double "C" logo and the skirt was belted with a slim chain of pearls fastened with another double "C" logo at Jennie's hip. Jennie kept the logos going with her layered black and white diamond and pearl "CC" necklace and choker, red quilted bag, and Chanel chainrings, and added a cute pair of black peep-toe heels with bow details for a sweet finish. (It was a LOOK.)

Jennie has been working with Chanel for some time and has seen been seen sporting some of the maison's pieces everywhere — from airport candid pics to magazine shoots. She also appears in a video shot by the iconic photographer duo Inez & Vinoodh in support of the show and the new collection. In the video, she poses in black and white wearing shorts, a crop top, and a cardigan alongside a pair of black platforms with the "C" logo cheekily hidden on the heel. She also appeared in another campaign video alongside fellow Chanel muses like Lily-Rose Depp.

Of course, Jennie isn't the only member of BLACKPINK to steal the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week. Her bandmates have also been enjoying the full PFW experience, with Rosé attending the Saint Laurent show in a sheer black babydoll dress with knee-high boots and Jisoo attending the Dior show in an embroidered black and white minidress with a Roman soldier motif. Paris Fashion Week is the perfect place for the fashion-forward BLACKPINK members, and we can't wait to see more from the group as they continue their total fashion domination.

Much like Jennie, Rosé is an ambassador for Saint Laurent and attended the Met Gala with the brand, while Jisoo has been working with Dior. (Lisa is an ambassador for another French fashion house, Celine, but it looks like it doesn't have a slot in the PFW schedule this season.)

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How to Dress Like Blackpink Jennie

If you’re like me how loves to follow the trends of the KPOP fashion industry that you’re in luck as today as part of the

There are a lot of things that we love about Jennie of Blackpink. With the members of  Blackpink being known as IT girls themselves, it is of no surprise that a lot of fans love to follow the things that they do, most especially when it concerns fashion.

We will be covering all four members of Blackpink in this series and for now, we will be focusing on the YG Princess herself, Jennie Kim.

Jennie at the Sprite Waterbomb Festival in Seoul 2018

If I were to describe Jennie’s fashion sense, it would be one, refreshing, and two, free-spirited. Simply because she doesn’t follow one simple fashion trend to dictate her style. She loves experimenting with different styles just as long as she doesn’t sacrifice and lose sight of comfort while wearing her clothing items.

I heard someone say on the internet that the way Jennie dresses is very reminiscent of how our moms would dress back in the days, and they’re not wrong! As observed, Jennie’s casual outdoor style is often influenced a lot by the Y2K fashion aesthetic and the 70’s fashion wear. The Y2K fashion aesthetic is the fashion trend that rose from the early 2000s popularized by iconic influencers such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Jennie’s way of styling the Y2K aesthetic is subtle, mixing it in with the elements of the 90s fashion. She sports the 70’s fashion style so well when she wears high-waisted pants and with long-sleeved blazers. 

Jennie also loves sporting sportswear in her fashion style. Being an ambassador for Adidas is one sign of that, but she just loves wearing sportswear and incorporating it with her other styles, such as wearing it with crop tops which she is often seen wearing as part of her airport fashion.

South China Morning Post describes Jennie’s style as “a cool and effortless millennial style” that attracted even the eyes of Chanel, coincidentally making her the brand’s ambassador for Korea due to her trendy style.

So how does one exactly dress like Jennie? Well today, we are going to give you the essential fashion pieces that you need to have to follow this trendy IT girl’s fashion sense. Are you ready?

The famous green top

This green top that she wears on this Instagram post is known widely by her fans, and we don't blame them! This simple, cute, green top that is highly inspired by the Y2K fashion aesthetic is very fashionable even when worn alone as a top and Jennie proves that the moment she posted this image. This type of fashion style is already popular among the enthusiasts of the aesthetic, to begin with, so it's no surprise that when Jennie started wearing it on her own, the hype to get a top like this as part of your wardrobe rose to heights, making this a must-have for all who aspires to dress like Jennie.

Anybody can practically wear this as it is. The top is simple and when you pair this with either a simple high-waisted jeans or low-waisted ones, it will still look great.

 Sportswear is fashion itself

We weren’t kidding when we said Jennie loves to wear sportswear. Though this Instagram post was for their Adidas promotion, that doesn’t mean that she only wears it on times like these. She is often seen wearing sweatpants when going to the airport, and even incorporating her gym shorts on normal days just like the ones that we have below.

The trick is to find a way to make it seem fashionable and sleek. Since Jennie doesn't want to remove comfort from her style, she makes it so that even wear gym clothes looks high- end even on a normal day. The white sneakers help elevate the outfit to make it seem more casual and outdoor-worthy. Also, adding in non-gymwear pieces makes it feel like a complete outfit altogether, plus with added small accessories to add layers on your outfit.

Cropped tops and blouses

An essential in Jennie's closet is her crop tops. I mean, who doesn't love them, right? But for Jennie, these cute tops are the clothing pieces that she will wear when she feels like when she doesn't feel like dressing up. I mean, sure, wearing a Chanel crop top might just be the biggest flex here, but there are also a lot of instances where Jennie was seen wearing crop tops on many occasions. Here are a few:

Feeling a little tired to dress up? Then a simple crop top is the way to go! Just pair this with a high trouser pants or a high-waisted jeans to complete the casual attire. Just make sure that you add more details to your attire such as adding a simple necklace (just like Jennie!) and wearing white sneakers.

Midi Skirts

Jennie is constantly seen wearing long, midi skirts with small patterns on it. She often pairs this white a pair of white sneakers and a simple top, like this one from her Instagram post where she styled the midi skirt with a simple white top and a pair of white mules. She also added some accessories to her outfit just like this long necklace with emerald design, and a pair of gold earrings. She also has a small bag that has a daisy design as an attraction piece.

And just like what Jennie did here, you can rock midi skirts this way. The key is to make sure that your sneakers are showing as these are still part of the outfit. Since she has a simple top, she added more layers and textures to her outfit with her small purse with the daisy design and some accessories such as the necklaces and earrings.

Long trousers

You will often see Jennie wearing long pants/trousers in her Instagram photos. This is one of those pieces that reminds you of a lot of the 70's fashion that she loves to incorporate into her daily outfits. Rarely will you see her use skinny jeans on a day out, and instead you will often see her wearing these high-waisted or mid-waisted pants whenever she goes. Pairing these pants with a crop top, a simple shirt, or a long-sleeve, wherever she's comfortable, she goes for any among them.

Long Dresses

Jennie also loves to wear long dresses on casual days. Just like how she’s able to bring midi skirts into fashionable pieces, she is able to make these long dresses not only feel cuter, but more comfortable to wear. I mean, just looking at her sporting those dresses, I can’t help but think that maybe wearing long dresses on a casual day of shopping outside isn’t so bad after all!

From her Instagram account, we found three ways on how she wear these dresses:

First, there’s a Sunday dress she is seen looking like she’s going to a picnic on a summer day. The dress is flowy, and is found to be paired with a pair of white sneakers, which we often see Jennie wearing whenever she goes on a casual walk.

Second, where she went to go out for a simple shopping day.

And lastly, her straight dress that she took while roaming around the street at night. This time, it looks like she is wearing a white shirt under a spaghetti-strapped, blue, straight dress, which is highly reminiscent of Y2K fashion, honestly. 

 Other accessories

If you have been observing Jennie whenever she goes somewhere, you will find that she never forgets to wear her pair of black sunglasses. Whether big or small, her outfit doubles its styling power whenever she sports her sunglasses.

 Be reminded though that not all fashionable glasses will be suited to you. Just make sure of your face shape and the shape of the glasses and check if it works for you.

Here's another glasses scenario by Jennie:

So what can we take from this article? Following Jennie’s fashion style doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow all the clothing that she wears. By this article, we have derived those essential pieces that we can have, and experiment on ourselves, still being influenced by the style that screams Jennie.

What we love about Jennie's fashion style is that it is effortless to look at that makes you feel like you can sport it yourself (and you definitely, can!). The way she manages to make you love every outfit that she wears is probably a charisma that is unique to her. But one thing that we sure love about her is how in every outfit that she wears, she never fails to wear it with confidence and finesse. No wonder fans around the world would love to dress just like her, and we can't stop following her fashionable ways!

If you were inspired by this blog, go ahead and check out out shop to find some pieces that you think will help you find Jennie-like pieces ;)


Kim dress jennie

10 Of The Most Expensive Chanel Pieces Jennie Kim Has Ever Worn

Jennie Kim isn’t called the “Human Chanel” for nothing.

Jennie Kim, main rapper and lead vocalist of Blackpink, Vogue Korea’s guest fashion editor, and luxury fashion house Chanel’s ambassador. A woman of many names, Jennie is one of Korea’s trendsetters of all things fashion and beauty. Clearly, she has exquisite taste and a big bank to boot that she worked hard for. Oftentimes, we’ve spotted Jennie wearing Chanel on most days with pieces ranging from street to luxury. Some of the pieces she’s shown on Instagram may seem affordable as they’re just casual wear like slippers or cardigans, but it still comes with a pretty hefty price tag, too. From the P103,033 ($2050) house sandals to her bracelet that costs P580,505 ($11,550), here are some of the most expensive Chanel pieces that Jennie Kim has ever worn.

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Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit Hat

For Blackpink’s Ice Cream music video featuring Selena Gomez, Jennie Kim’s stylist definitely did not hold back. She wore a classic Chanel boater hat with pearl strands that cost P118,111 or $2350.

CHANEL SANDALS – P103,033 ($2050)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit Sandals Shoes

How to be like Jennie Kim? Wear P103,033 or $2050 Chanel sandals at home.

CHANEL PINK CARDIGAN – P213,605 ($4250)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit cardigan

Even Chanel’s cardigans are unsafe from Jennie. She was first seen wearing Chanel’s pink cardigan for a magazine cover, but in her Instagram post, she wears a more casual look, pairing the P213,605 ($4250) piece with jeans.

CHANEL IRIDESCENT TWEED JACKET – P464,905 ($9,250) AND SKIRT P130,560 ($2600)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit jacket

Jennie wore an iridescent tweed jacket with a matching skirt from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection for her recent photoshoot with Elle Korea. The cost? P464,905 or $9250 then the skirt is $2600.

CHANEL TWEED JUMPSUIT -P638,302 ($12,700)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit tweed jumpsuit

Jennie Kim’s convincing us to invest on a luxury piece from Chanel like this tweed jumpsuit that costs P638,302 or $12,700. We’d love to be one of her dogs in another lifetime.


Oh you know, Jennie Kim just casually wearing P580,503 or $11,550 on her wrist on the cover of Vogue Korea. No big deal.


A fashion enthusiast knows that if you buy a Chanel piece, it’s as good as a framed artwork on your wall. Pretty much like how Jennie Kim wore a P369,411 or $7350 tweed jacket for one of their promo pictures.

CHANEL DRESS AND BELT – P588,193 ($11,703)

Coco Chanel has been known for her love of the little black dress, and so does Jennie Kim. She wears a P588,193 or $11,703 dress for one of Blackpink’s cover shoots in the past.


Chanel’s embroidered silk dress from their Spring/Summer 2020 collection was memorable not only because of the infamous gate-crasher that Gigi Hadid escorted out, but also when Jennie wore their $12,550 embroidered silk dress for their Style Talk Week.

CHANEL TWEED DRESS – P691,075 or $13,750

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit dress

As cliché as it sounds, there’s no where to go but up for Jennie Kim’s Chanel outfits. This tweed dress alone costs $13,750 or P691,075.

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The BEST and WORST jennie outfits [BLACKPINK JENNIE]

I think I like creating inspired looks more than finding exact items.

Today’s post is the first of another new series on Ash Talks Kpop. In the past I’ve written how to blog posts and I forgot how much fun they are to create. My goal with ATK is to be the ultimate source for all things related to fashion in Kpop. So, I think doing more how to’s and other informative posts will help me achieve that goal.

The point of this series is breakdown the common fashion items and outfit patterns various idols (mostly female) wear and create inspired looks based off what they wear. This time around I mostly stuck with items that could be found at less expensive stores like Shein, Walmart, and Target. For some items,  I chose them because they look similar to the pricer designer item and others I chose to include because they just looked better but I know I could find a cheaper version somewhere else.

I used the app ShopLook to build these outfits and although they have a decent library, I still had to add my own items to the library. I’ve used Fashmates in the past to create similar outfits and I redownloaded that app to my phone as well. So idk, I may switch between the two until I decide which I like more. Anyway, let’s get started!

Jennie is the offical fashionista of Blackpink. There are soooo many outfits I could choose from to recreate, but she mostly sticks to four main outfit uniforms: high waist skinny jeans and a cropped shirt, a cropped shirt with an a line or tennis skirt, dresses (babydoll, mini, or floral flowy) and baggy high waist jeans with a cropped shirt. She also wears a lot of high waist shorts, but we’ll save that for another post. She tends to wear a mostly neutral colors, but she doesn’t shy away from color. So let’s look at four specific outfits I created.

Look 1

This first uniform is the crop top and high waist skinny jeans combo. Jennie frequently wears high waist pants and jeans. For this outfit Jennie is wearing a green UNIF shirt. You can still find it floating around the internet for about $30.  You can easily find a similar ruffled crop top and pair it with some black high waist skinny jeans to create a similar outfit to Jennie’s look.

The baguette style bag has become trendy again. You can find a similar style bag just about anywhere. I chose a faux prada bag to go with this outfit because that’s a trendy bag again. And let’s face it, Jennie would have the real thing in multiple colors. I have no idea what shoes she was wearing on this day, so I just chose a pair of white Adidas. Blackpink is frequently wearing Adidas, so I figured that was a safe choice for this outfit.

Look 2

Jennie and Chanel go together like cereal and milk. So this second look is super feminine and just one of my favorite outfits Jennie has worn. It’s also pretty easy to recreate. I see a line skirts like this one all the time at H&M. In fact that’s where I bought mine. If Jennie isn’t wearing a crop top, she’ll tuck her shirt into her pants, skirt, etc. I think that’s how she’s styled here. To make things easier, I picked a baby pink crop top for this outfit. This top could also work well with the black skinny jeans from the previous look.

I chose a pink wallet purse that looked similar to the Chanel bag in Jennie’s picture. This one is still around $110 but this is one of those items I chose strictly for looks. I’m sure you could find a cheaper price bag at a TJ MAXX or Target. Because this is another outfit where the shoes aren’t shown, I just went with what I thought was cute and would fit this look. I love bows and I think for this outfit in particular these bow flats enhance the cute feminine vibe here.

Look 3

This third outfit uniform was tricky to put together. Along with almost always wearing Chanel, Jennie frequently wears mini dresses and baby doll dresses. I found a close dress to what she wears here but instead of white with black accents, it’s black with white accents. I chose bow shoes again, I know. I was surprised to see these are from Walmart. They’re too cute to be from Walmart, so I had to include them. I needed other people to witness this miracle.

I like the additional detail of having something on heels. It could be rhinestones, flowers, stripes, something that make the shoe have something interesting going on. I hate boring shoes. They have their purpose but 9 times out of 10, I’m going with a statement shoe. The headband here is the exact same from the previous look. There are tons of black headband options out there. I just decided to keep it simple. The faux pears are from Target.

Look 4

Alright, the final look of this blog post. We’re back to a casual Jennie look. This picture is from one of her fansites (Paint It Black) and I hate I had to crop their logo out but it would have been a pain to format on ShopLook. Anyway, here we have Jennie in high waist pants again but this time the pants of choice are light wash denim. These are baggy and look similar to a pair Lisa has worn in the past.

This casual look covers Jennie’s last outfit uniform and that’s what I’m lumping into the streetwear/trendy looks. Pattern wise I think the crop top I picked out for this recreation is pretty close. I could probably find a closer top and cardigan at Forever 21. The bag included here is another random 90s shoulder bag that’s popular at the moment. And I brought back those white Adidas shoes because they look close to what Jennie wear in the picture.

I hope this helped give y’all some inspiration for how to put together some of Jennie’s memorable looks. If you have an outfit in particular you’d like me to recreate, a specific idol, comments, complaints, let me know below. You can find links to all these items on my ShopLook account. Until the next post, take care!


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