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South Coast Youth Safety Partnership Policy Team Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, January 15,
pm – pm

Carpinteria Children’s Project Auditorium
8th Street
Carpinteria, CA


South Coast Youth Safety Partnership Policy Team Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, April 15, – CANCELED

*This was meeting canceled due to the COVID19 Pandemic.

South Coast Youth Safety Partnership Policy Team Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, July 15,
pm – pm Via Zoom Webinar


South Coast Youth Safety Partnership Policy Team Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, October 14,
pm – pm

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South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, January 16,
pm – pm

Carpinteria Children’s Project at Main
8th Street
Carpinteria, CA

South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, April 10,
pm – pm


Faulkner Gallery
Main Library
40 East Anapamu St.
Santa Barbara, CA

South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, July 17,
pm – pm


Goleta Valley Community Center Auditorium
Hollister Avenue
Goleta, CA

South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, October 16,
pm – pm

Louise Lowry Davis Center
De La Vina St.
Santa Barbara, CA

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Quarterly Meeting, Wednesday, January 11,

Quarterly Meeting, Wednesday, April 12,

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Quarterly Meeting, Wednesday, July 12,
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SCTFYS Quarterly Mtg. &#; PowerPoint Presentation

Quarterly Meeting, Wednesday, October 11,
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Wednesday, July 13,
Wednesday, April 13,
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Wednesday, October 14,
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Santa Barbara County Juvenile Justice Trends

Wednesday, July 15,

April 15,
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SCTFYG PowerPoint Presentation
United States Conference of Mayors

January 14,
PowerPoint Presentation
SBUSD Restorative Approaches Report

July 16,
PowerPoint presentation
Probation presentation
Proyecto Heroes
CalGRIP update

April 16,
PowerPoint presentation
Quetzal presentation

January 15,
Shining Stars Report



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CARPINTERIA, Calif.-The Carpinteria City Council voted in favor of the Lease Disposition and Development Agreement ("LDDA") between the city and the Linden Manager for the Surfliner Inn Project.

Only Vice Mayor Al Clark voted against it. Clark agreed with the majority of public speakers concerned about the privatization of public land. Clark shared his concerns about open space, views, and water resources before voting no.

Supporters wearing "All Aboard" stickers applauded the vote.

Opponents wearing "Save Our Beach Parking!" stickers are already collecting signatures in hopes of putting an initiative on the ballot to change the zoning.

The vote isn't a done deal. Developers still have a lot to do, and public hearings will follow.

City staff said the project would give the town more than $, in annual rent and bed tax revenues.

It would also increasing public parking in Lot 3 on the corner of Linden Ave. and Fifth St. near the proposed hotel and train tracks.

Developers have said they would fund off-site improvements including completing the coastal trail.

During the developers' presentation Whitt Hollis was in-person, while Jeffrey Theimer spoke via Zoom due to a cold.

They believe guests at the proposed room Inn, with a rooftop pool and cafe, would often come by railroad, and would indirectly impact the local economy by an estimated $ million in spending a year.

Project supporter Will Carelton said he was thrilled with the vote.

"I am elated, I think the project is a wonderful project and it is going to make Carpinteria very proud."

Suzette Chafey, who was the first speaker, had hoped for more council members to vote no.

"I'm actually quite disappointed in the vote, I am not surprised by it however, they are business people."

Project Partner Whitt Hollis hopes the final design will persuade opponents to change their minds.

"We have taken to heart the comments from the conceptual hearing we are going to look at all those and we're going to thoroughly decide, analyze and decide if we are going to move forward, which I think we will but it's not all my vote, "" said Hollis.

The location is by the old train station where current Surfliner trains stop.

It is also a short walk to the beach and downtown restaurants and shops.

People voluntary wore masks to the second in-person city council meeting since California eased restrictions.

An area was set up outside in anticipation of an overflow crowd but only a handful of people sat outdoors.

public comments opposed to the Surf

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Council meeting city carpinteria

One of the largest-scale projects in Carpinteria — the Surfliner Inn, a restaurant/hotel proposed for development on a 30,square-foot piece of land in the downtown area  — has reached the next step to becoming reality despite polarized opinions from the community and leaders.

After a special meeting with the hotel as its sole agenda item, and which saw more than 25 community members speak up both for and against the project, the Carpinteria City Council approved the leasing agreement between the city and developers of the property at Linden Avenue in a vote.

“If we do move forward, we have to scrutinize this project,” said Mayor Wade Nomura.

More than half of the meeting was filled with public comments, with the majority of the community members who spoke criticizing the project for a number of reasons, ranging from noise and parking to a lack of cooperation between city leaders and local residents. The councilmembers acknowledged the comments and even encouraged the community to continue to voice their concerns, but they approved the leasing agreement to allow for future discussion and changes in the development plans.

“The only way I see this moving forward is if we go ahead and put the leasing agreement in order,” Nomura said.

The land, which sits on the corner of Linden Avenue and Fifth Street and includes a public parking lot, has been the proposed site for the Surfliner Inn since Nomura said that as the project continues to come across the council, he will be looking at the proposal “with the opinion that it is too large right now.”

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Vice Mayor Al Clark was the lone councilmember to vote against the project, expressing concerns that the development was “privatization of public goods” for financial gain. The hotel, he said, would cost the city public space, views, and its small-town identity. “Money can’t buy our small town back,” he said.

Councilmember Gregg Carty encouraged those opposed to the hotel to take a step back, after he said some posts on social media called for the recall of city leaders over the issue. “I don&#;t appreciate that. I urge everybody to be respectful and take it from there,” Carty said. 

He said the Surfliner could help the local business prosper and bring more than just money to the city. “I see this as a future landmark for Carpinteria. A place that we’ll be proud of,” he said.

Monday night’s vote — while suggestive of the strong support within City Hall for the project — is hardly the end of the line for developer Jack Theimer and his proposed two-story, room hotel. The plans still must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board and approved by the Planning Commission; the City Council would decide, if an appeal were brought against the project.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the proposed hotel is three stories, not two.

Mason City Council Meeting - October 11, 2021

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