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This TBC Mining guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level your Mining skill from 1 to

Materials Required

Mining skill (obviously). Go see your local mining trainer to get trained.
A mining pick. Can&#;t mine without one (these can also be enchanted if you want, makes absolutely no difference, but it&#;s cool to have. Even if you have your mining pick enchanted the standard mining animation remains the same, so you actually see that nice demonslaying glow you got put on there. You will only see the glow when you equip it like a normal weapon. A player on our server even had a Crusader enchant put on their mining pick and told me that the proc happens when they mine, cant confirm this for sure, but it does seem really pointless).

Optional, but recommended extra: get the cheapest pair of gloves you can find and get them enchanted with +5 mining skill (shouldn&#;t cost you more than 2g, as it takes 3 x Truesilver Bars and 3 x Vision Dust). Don’t bother with the +2 enchant as it&#;s not worth it.
If you’re an engineer then make yourself a Goblin Mining Helmet as this will add +5 to your mining skill.

Also, please remember that mining nodes only appear on the side of hills, cliffs, mountains etc. So your unlikely to find any ores in the great rolling plains, unless there is a small hill there. Also note that Darnassus has NO ore whatsoever! So if you’re a Night Elf and want to mine, get your booty over to Darkshore ASAP. So with that in mind, always follow the cliff faces or hillsides.

Mining 1 to 65

Mining Copper

Estimated number of nodes to mine = 30

This bit is easy. Mine about 50 copper and smelt. You can use any of the following suggestions for mining routes or make up your own, as copper is so abundant:

*At level 50, go back to the mining trainer and learn Journeyman Mining.


· Undead: Start at the entrance to Deathknell, looking out towards Brill. Head South and follow the cliffs all the way round to The Undercity. Skip past UC and keep following the cliffs up to The Bulwark. Now head North up to Scarlet Monastery, hugging the cliffs as you go. When to reach the coast, head west and then south to follow the cliffs down and round to Agamand Mills. Follow those hills south again to get back to your starting point. Average amount of copper ore from this run, should be about

· Tauren: Mulgore. The natural geography of this place makes it easy to run around. Just pick a starting point and follow the cliffs all the way around in a circle. Remember to check out the Venture Co mine on your way round. Average amount of copper ore from this run, should be about

· Orc & Troll: You could just do whole circuits of Durotar, but there is so much copper round here that small routes are just as productive. My favorite routes are:

· Start at the gates of Orgrimmar and head East towards Skull Rock (make sure you go into Skull Rock and mine the ore there too). Head a short way south to where that Orc is standing on his lonesome, then head back West following the cliff face (keeping the Zep Tower in sight). Carry on over the road and across the top of the canyon and on to the coast. Head North up to the cliff face and then East back to Orgrimmar. I get about copper ores from this short run on a good day.

· Start at Razor Hill and head West towards the Quilboar grounds. Hug the cliff face until you reach the river, then head north until you reach Orgrimmar. Head East until you see the first little farmstead, now head south and drop into the canyon. Follow the canyon out and head South East until you reach Razor Hill again. You’ll get about copper ores on this route.


· Human: Start at Goldshire and head East following the cliff face to the north of Crystal Lake. When you get the north of the Logging Camp head South. Follow the river to the border of Elwyn forest and Duskwood, then head North West back towards Goldshire (make sure you visit the two mines on this route). This route should net you about copper ores.

· Night Elves: Your going to have to go to Darkshore, as Darnassus has no ores whatsoever! So start at Auberdine and head directly east until you reach the cliffs at the edge of the map. Now head south, hugging the cliff face as you go. When you get to the entrance of Ashenvale, head west to the coast and then North back to Auberdine. Head out from Auberdine, directly to the East (same as you did at the start of this route), but when you reach the cliffs this time head north. Just follow the cliffs to the North and back round the coast, heading South again to Auberdine. I find this figure of eight pattern to be easier than taking Auberdine in one whole route, but that’s just me. Feel free to improvise it. Normally get about copper ores from this entire route.

· Dwarves and Gnomes: Ah, the home of mining and possibly the best place to start, Dun Morogh! You really don’t need a route around here, copper is everywhere, if you can’t find a decent route yourself, then you’re beyond help! But, I will tell you my favourite route. Start at Kharanos and head to the Wendigo cave (you all know where that is, right?). Clear cave and then continue on West, following the cliff face. Carry on until you hit the main road then head North up to the Frostmane Hold. From there head directly east over to Shimmer Ridge, then North up to Ice Flow Lake. Now follow the cliffs down to Ironforge, on to Misty Pine Refuge and back round to Kharanos. This run normally nets me about copper ore.

· Another good run in this area is the Gol’Bolar Quarry. Circle the outside, around the top, then drop down and into the mines. I can get about 20 copper ores on this short run.

Mining 66 –

Mining Tin, Silver, Incendicite and Lesser Bloodstone

Estimated number of nodes to mine = 60

This part is a pain in the butt, if you don’t have a mount (well its all a pain in the butt, if you don’t have a mount) as the Tin Veins your going to need to mine are more spread out and not as common as the Copper you just being mining. You also stop getting skill up’s from smelting after about level 85 (Silver is the last thing to give you a skill up). The leg from is also pretty bad, as Tin is green at this stage and therefore your getting skill ups at fewer intervals (just pray its a Silver spawn, instead of Tin, as this will still be yellow to you).

Horde & Alliance i*even on PvP servers you can still use these routes and areas.

Easiest way to level up to , is to go to The Wetlands and find Thelgan Rock (its near the entrance to Dun Algaz &#; 53,64 for those with location addons). There is a cave there, that is full of spiders and a quest ore called Incendicite. This is an Alliance only quest, but Horde can still mine the ore. Now the ore itself is worthless and only used to complete the quest, but you can mine it from level 65 until about level The nodes respawn quickly and you can level up your mining in less than an hour if your the only one in the cave.
If your Alliance and want to do the quest, go see Pilot Longbeard in The Miltary Ward in Ironforge for the starting quest. He&#;ll send you to speak to Pilot Stonegear in Kharanos, who then gives you the quest.
Thankyou to everyone who suggested this, especially Plog

Lesser Bloodstone: go to the cave in north east Arathi Highlands, just to the east of Hammerfall (path to cave is at 80,40) and mine the nodes inside. It&#;s used as part of a quest chain that&#;s started in Booty Bay by Corporal Kaleb (in the tavern). You only need to keep four of them for the quest.
Thanks to Garleth for this one

I actually combine two of my routes here, if I have time. They are as follows:

· Start at The Crossroads and head West towards the entrance of Stonetalon Mountains. Then head south, hugging the cliffs as you go. Follow the cliffs all the way down south until you reach Blackthorn Ridge, just north of Razorfen Kraul. Follow the cliff to the main road and over. Continue heading east and then north up to the entrance to Dustwallow Marsh. Carry on going north until you reach Northwatch Hold and then head up to the Raptor Hills and the Quilboar Village. Now head back to The Crossroads.

· Start at the bottom of the Great Lift in Thousand Needles and head northwest up to Camp Ethok, following the cliff face as you go. Continue on till you reach the border of Thousand Needles and Feralas, then head over to the other side of Thousand Needles and follow the cliffs south. Make a detour when you reach Highperch, as there are a couple of Tin / Iron veins here. Carry on heading south until you reach The Screeching Canyon. Have a quick run into the cave here and pick the couple veins that normally spawn here. Continue south past Freewind Post and all the way to Windbreak Canyon. Now head north, again hugging the cliff face as you go and make your way up to Splithoof Crag. There is a Centaur Village here, with a cave that can have 4 or 5 veins (both Iron and Tin). Mine it. Carry on north past Darkcloud Pinnacle and back to the Great Lift.

Combine the two routes above for a minute (ish) trek that can net + copper, Tin and Iron.

There only two other places that I bother mining for Tin and that is:

· Hillsbrad Foothills: No route here, just do full circuits.

· Ashenvale: Again no real route, just do full circuits.

But you could also try the following places:

· Wetlands: Start at Dun Modr and follow the cliffs to the southeast down towards Raptor Ridge. From here either go around Grim Batol, if you’re a high enough level to cope, or follow the cliffs towards Mosshide Fen and onto The Igan Rock. Once there head over to Dun Algaz, then north to Angerfang Encampment and onto Whelgars Excavation Site. Now head north past Ironbeards Tomb and back to Dun Modr.

· Redridge Mountains: Start in Lakeshire, head north to Rethban Caverns and follow up to Renders Camp. Head south and follow cliffs to Alther’s Mill. Carry on east towards The Tower of Ilgalar and then loop round that and to the south, heading towards Renders Valley. Carry on to Lakeridge Highway and over to The Three Corners. Now head back to Lakeshire.

Mining –

Mining Iron and Gold

Estimated number of nodes to mine =

*At level , go back to the mining trainer and learn Expert Mining.

From now on both Horde and Alliance can follow this guide easily, so I’ll won’t have separate sections.

· Do the Thousand Needle route above, but take in The Shimmering Flats as well this time.

· Desolace: If you’re Horde, start at Shadowprey Village and head into the Valley of Spears. Follow that through and out and over to the Kodo Graveyard (you could do a quick circle or move on here). Head east to the Magram Village and loop round and down to Shadowbreak Ravine. Follow that through and onto the Mannoroc Coven to the west. Carry on west to the Gelkis Village and make your way back to Shadowprey Village. If you’re Alliance, then start at Nijel’s Point and head southeast to Sargeron, then south to the Kolkar Village. From here you could carry on down south and complete the Horde run or head west to the Kodo Graveyard. From the Kodo Graveyard, head northwest to Ethel Rethor and then northeast ish to Thunderaxe Fortress. Follow round to the north and up to Tethris Aran and then back east to Nijel’s Point.

· Ashenvale: start at the entrance to Ashenvale from The Barrens and head to the west. Skip round the Battleground entrance (only if your Horde) and carry on to the river. Follow the river north, trying to keep as close to bank as possible, so that you can see spawns on both sides of the river. Keep following the river till you get to just before Xavian in the north. Now head east to the next river and cross over to Saytrnaar and onto Forest Song (watch out for those elites). Now head south through the Warsong Logging Camp if your Horde or skirt around it if your Alliance and continue on down through Felfire Hill and onto Demon Fall Canyon. Now head west through Nightsong Woods and back to your start point.

· Badlands: start at Apocryphens Rest and head south to Camp Cagg, then east to Mirage Flats. Now follow cliff face all way to Camp Boff, past Agmonds End. Head north past Dustwind Gulch and onto Hammertoes Digsite and then northwest to Angor Fortress. Now follow the cliffs west all the way to Kargath (or just before it, if Alliance) and back down to Apocryphens Rest. Remember to divert off slightly at each point where the Rock Elementals gather and do a quick tour of their spawn spots.

· Arathi Highlands: start at Thandoll Span and head east then north to Boulderfist Hall. Follow cliffs round to Witherbark Village and continue north up to Hammerfall. If you’re Horde, loop round the back of Hammerfall and continue on to the west. If your Alliance, go as far Drywhisker Gorge (remember to check inside, both Horde and Alliance) and then loop round Hammerfall to the south and back up to the northern cliffs. Follow cliffs west to Dabyries Farmstead and then head south past Refuge Point and back down to Thandoll Span.

· Alterac Mountains: start at the entrance to the Ruins of Alterac and head west past the Growless Cave. Follow the ridge around the ruins and keep going to the end. Now drop down to the coast (you can make a series of jumps to get down, without dying). Now head north to Dandreds Fold. Head east through The Uplands, zigzagging between the two cliff faces as you go until you get to Strahnbrad. Now follow the road back to your starting point. If you’re a high enough level, go into the ruins and do a quick sweep.

· Stranglethorn Vale: couple of small but good routes here. First one is to the north of Grom’Gol Base Camp. Start at Nessingwarys Expedition and follow the hills around the front of the three sets of ruins (Kalai, Balal and Zuuldaia) and then back round to the north of them and return to Nessingwarys Expedition. Second route starts at Kurzens Compound to the north of Zul’Gurub entrance. After a quick circle around the compound, head south down to Mosh’Ogg Ogre Mound. If you’re a high level, then do a sweep of the cave and carry on south to the Ruins of Zulmamwe. Keep heading south past the Crystalvein Mine and the Ruins of Aboraz. Carry on into the Mistvale Valley, now heading west towards the main road. From here either head to Booty Bay or follow the road back up north to your starting point.

· Swamp of Sorrows: couple of nice little spots here. Check around Ithariuss Cave where the Green Whelps are and also around The Stagalbog. Remember to check inside the Stagalbog.

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Mining –

Mining Mithril and Truesilver

Estimated number of nodes to mine =

*At level , go back to the mining trainer and learn Artisan Mining.

So now we come the real money making stuff, Mithril. This stuff is used in such quantities by Engineering and Blacksmithing that you will always sell what you mine for a good profit.

· Blasted Lands: just do full circuits, simple.

· Searing Gorge: again, just do full circuits. You can do what I do and do a full circuit of the perimeter of Searing Gorge, then drop down into The Cauldron and do a circuit of that (inside and outside). Also remember that at level , you can mine Dark Iron, so pick that up too.

· Badlands: two good places here. First is Camp Cagg. Just do a circuit round it, taking in the Rock Elementals spawn point as you go. Second place is Lethlor Ravine. If you start by the Master Dragonscale Leatherworker and head into the Ravine and loop round to the north and back out and south past Uldaman back entrance, then you’ll pick up a good amount of Mithril.

· The Hinterlands: start at Aerie Peak and follow the cliff face to the south and east. Now just go around the south cliff face until your get past Jintha’Alor, then north up to Seradane and then west back to Aerie Peak.

· Western Plaguelands: do circuits of the Ruins of Andorhal.

· Azshara: start at the Legash Encampment and head east to the Bitter Reaches. Loop round to the north and back west along the coast past the Jagged Reef and then back down to the Lagash Encampment again.

· Winterspring: start at the Timbermaw tunnel entrance and follow the cliffs to the east past the Hot Springs and all the way over to Starfall Village. Just before you get there, head south to Lake Kel’Theril and then follow the cliffs west all the way back to your starting point.

· Felwood: only if your there. Don’t go out of way to mine here, but if you happen to be in the area (i.e. grinding Timbermaw rep) then look out for a few Mithril nodes here.

· Stonetalon Mountains: quick circuit of The Charred Vale can net you Mithril ores.

· Desolace: grab yourself some underwater breathing potions and head to Ranzajar Isle. Theres a good number of Mithril nodes in the sunken ruins round here and very few people mine them. You can also take a run through the Valley of Spears and down to Mannoroc Coven to pick up the Mithril nodes there.

· Tanaris: bit of a long one this, but can be well worth it. Do full circuits of Tanaris, but drop down into The Noxious Lair and The Gaping Chasm to pick up the nodes that virtually nobody mines, unless they are questing in there.

Mining –

Mining Thorium

Estimated number of nodes to mine =

This is the reason you took up mining, Thorium. What a moneymaker. Your also looking to get Arcane Crystal from the rich veins, which will sell for about 20g each (depends on your server).

· Un’goro Crater: just go round and round the crater, making sure you drop down into The Slithering Scar and take a detour into Fire Plume Ridge. There is loads of Thorium to be had here, which is why its farmed constantly, so you will be competing for nodes here.

· Azshara: start at the Ravencrest Monument and follow the coastal cliff all the way round to the Tower of Eldra. Then head back west to the Legash Encampment in a zigzag pattern from coast to coast. You may also want to drop into the Ruins of Eldarath and pick up the couple of nodes that spawn there. Azshara isn’t the greatest place to mine Thorium, due to its natural geography, but that does mean its less popular and therefore your likely to have less competition.

· Winterspring: start at Everlook and head south to the Ice Thistle Hills. Make a quick sweep of the yeti cave here and then back out and to the south. Keep going till you get to Owl Wing Thicket and make a small circuit there. Now you can either carry on south into Frostwhisper and Darkwhisper Gorge’s if your happy about avoiding the elites there, or you can head west over to Mazthoril for the slightly lower level elite area. Once at Mazthoril, you can either sweep the main cave (only recommended for Druids, Rogues or Hunters) or carry on up to Lake Kel’Theril and back round to Everlook.

· Blasted Lands: not a massive amount of Thorium to be had here, but good for a quick run, whilst your looking for Mithril.

· Searing Gorge: same as the Mithril run above.

· Burning Steppes: No real decent run here. Just do full circuits picking up Dark Iron as well.

· Eastern Plaguelands: start at Tyr’s Hand and head north past Lights Hope Chapel. Go past The Noxious Glade and onto Northdale. Head west to Northpass Tower and then south to Blackwood Lake. Carry on south to the Pestilent Scar and then onto Lake Mereldar and back to your starting point. You may want to throw in a quick diversion to The Fungal Vale, in between Northpass Tower and Blackwood Lake.

·Western Plaguelands: start at The Weeping Cave and head south to Gahrrons Withering and then west to Dalsons Tears. Head northwest from here to the edge of Felstone Field and follow the cliffs north into the Northridge Lumber Camp. Follow the path up towards Hearthglen and then double back once you reach the watchtower. Head south and follow the cliffs all the way back round to The Weeping Cave.

Mining to Guide

by Highlander on EU-Terenas


Mining Fel Iron
Estimated number of nodes to mine = 30

Mining mainly Fel Iron.

Start at the Dark Portal and face nor, north-west. Following the edge of the world round in an anti-clockwise fashion round the back of the Dark Portal and loop round. Continue following the edge of the world and end up in Void Ridge. Either take the small valley shortcut to Zeth&#;Gor or continue on round the mountains and loop back south to Zeth&#;Gor that way. Follow the mountain line down to Spinebreaker Post and onto the Expedition Armoury. Follow the edge of the owrld until you reach the where the Ravagers are and then head north. Stay to the eastern side of the broken walls leading to Hellfire Citadel and then drop down and back up when you reach the Citadel proper. Continue north, skirting round Thrallmar on the western side until you reach the edge of the world again. If your Horde, head back through Thrallmar and then north up into the Forge camps. If your Alliance, head south past Thrallmar and loop back up to the Forge Camps. From here head east, following the mountains and then south. If your really daring (read: suicidal) then head up onto the Abssyal Shelf and mine all the nodes there. If your flying, there is normally one or two nodes that you can get to without dying, but to be honest it isn&#;t really worth the effort.
Now head back to the Dark Portal to complete your circuit.

Start at the entrance to Zangarmarsh and head north round all the elite giants (really need to be level 68+ to avoid too much aggro) and loop east to the Temple of Telhamat. If your Alliance, ride/fly straight past. Horde should just detour slightly round to the south. Now head up into Mag&#;har Post and back down and around in The Pools of Aggonar. Complete a circuit of the pools and then head south to the Citadel. Drop down and then back up again and head toward the south eastern edge of The Great Fissure. Do a quick clockwise circuit of The Great Fissure and then head south and up into the Stonescythes main nesting area. Drop down into the Den Haal&#;esh and then north and east, following the mountains along to the Ruins of Sha&#;Naar.

You could also carry on mining Thorium. Rich Thorium viens will still be green until about So refer back to the 1 to guide for routes.


Mining Fel Iron and Adamantite
Estimated number of nodes to mine = 25

Move onto Nagrand for Adamantite mining and more Fel Iron mining.

Start at the entrance to Terokkar Forest and head west past Kil&#;Sorrow Fortress and round the back of Telaar and onto Oshu&#;gun. Follow the mountains round and upto the Ancestral Grounds. Now head east following the road down towards Telaar. Head east before Telaar and drop down into the valley that leads toward the Ring of Trials. Carry on heading east to the Windy Reed Village then head south and continue past the Burning Blade Ruins and back to your strating point.

Start at the entrance to Zangarmarsh and head east past the Laughing Skull Ruins and on toward the Throne of Elements. If your flying, scope out the Elemental Plateau for the nodes that spawn there. Now head back tot eh north side of Garadar and head towards Halaa. Drop down into the valley and pick up the nodes in the cave and then back up into Sunspring Post. Head towards the Ancestral Grounds and then north past the Forge Camps and up to Warmaul Hill. It&#;s worth going through the main cave in Warmaul Hill as there is nearly always nodes in there.


Mining Fel Iron and Adamantite
Estimated nymber of nodes to mine = 30

You can stay in Nagrand and repeat the above routes, but this time picking up all the Rich adamantite nodes you had to leave or you could:

Move onto Shadowmoon Valley.
Easiest route is to just follow the main road round in a circuit. Simple really, but I&#;ll list a couple of the shorter routes I do as well, which really require a flying mount.

Starting at the Sanctum of the Stars, head south following the Path of Conquest to the edge of the world. Now go south east and over to Netherwing Ledge. Do a quick circuit and head back towards Dragonmaw Fortress area. Aim towards the Wardens Cage and then back down to the Snactum of the Stars.

Start at the entrance to Terokkar Forest and head north past Shadowmoon Village and onto Coilskar point. There is a cave here that normally has at least one node in, but I don&#;t normally bother. Fly up to the Shattered Fields and then round the back of the Altar of Sha&#;tar. Now aim towards the Coilskar&#;s to the south of Sha&#;tar and loop round The Hand of Gul&#;dan and onto The Deathforge. I find it&#;s worth the effort to clear all the mobs inside for the number of nodes that are normally there, but you may not want to be bothered. Now head south west to Illidari Point and then north to the Legion Hold and back to where you started.


Are there potions or enchantments that I can use that makes me gather herbs faster and mine faster?

Yeah, enchanters can make a thing that speeds up .. I think crafting, herbing, mining, and.. one other thing. It enchants the gloves.

There used to be gloves in panadaria that helped you pick flowers faster.

In Legion I believe there are glove enchants that speed up mining and flower picking bit I don’t know if they were zone specific or not.

Hand enchants

11/14/ PMPosted by Stompypotato

There used to be gloves in panadaria that helped you pick flowers faster.

In Legion I believe there are glove enchants that speed up mining and flower picking bit I don’t know if they were zone specific or not.

They are zone specific for both.

Legion and BfA both have glove enchants that will let you mine or herb faster on those continents. Warlords has treasures (Peon's Mining Pick and Gorepetal's Gentle Grasp) that let you collect WoD herbs and ore faster. Darkmoon Firewater lets you herb and mine faster anywhere (and can be bought and sold on the AH.)

There's other stuff as well, but those are the ones I can come up with off the top of my head.

What are the names of the items for anywhere but WoD?

11/14/ PMPosted by Udiza

Darkmoon Firewater lets you herb and mine faster anywhere (and can be bought and sold on the AH.)

This is what I use. Love the stuff.

11/14/ PMPosted by Illuminatë

What are the names of the items for anywhere but WoD?

The person right above your post literally told you.

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Some flowers once in a while would make me yours (“make you mine”) herbs don’t hurt either, just saying

You can roll a tauren for herbing, a worgen for skinning, or a highmountain tauren for mining ;-)

Herbing: Be a tauren druid. Picks in 1/2 second without having to dismount, kill stuff, remount.

Mining: Use the mining glove enchant, and if not a druid, use stirrups so you can mine while mounted. When flying returns, you should be able to mine nodes while hovering above them, which doesn't aggro nearby melee mobs.

You may already know this, but the engineer sky golem allows you to pick plants while still mounted.

Zandalari/Kul Tiran glove enchant cuts gather time to .5 sec. That + Sky Golem is what I use to herb.

11/14/ PMPosted by Amine

11/14/ PMPosted by Illuminatë

What are the names of the items for anywhere but WoD?

The person right above your post literally told you.

"Literally" doesn't mean what you think it means. The person right above him actually did not provide "names for items anywhere but WoD," which is what the person asked for. Had the response said "Enchant Gloves - Zandalari Herbalism", then the question would have been literally answered. And, normally my grammar naughtzee setting is on "off", but when "literally" is used in a snarky manner to make someone else look dumb, I'll add in my two cents. Figuratively.

Anyway, there are still several items to be mentioned, but I only made it as far as your response before having something to say. Let's see if anyone actually answered this player.

Edit: Yep, they did.


Glove Enchantments
Enchanters can create glove enchantments that speeds up collecting and crafting for other professions. Each enchantment has a different name corresponding to your faction and can be obtained from your Enchanting profession trainer right after picking up Enchanting.
Zandalari Crafting / Kul Tiran Crafting: Increases the speed of crafting items from primary professions.
Zandalari Herbalism / Kul Tiran Herbalism: Increases the speed of gathering herbs.
Zandalari Mining / Kul Tiran Mining: Increases mining speed.
Zandalari Skinning / Kul Tiran Skinning: Increases skinning speed.
Zandalari Surveying / Kul Tiran Surveying: Increases the speed of surveying for Archaeology.
All of these recipes require 5x Gloom Dust in order to make.

I have used the mining one and it takes one whack to mine, instead of whack, whack whack. (whack?)

11/15/ AMPosted by Breakbeat

"Literally" doesn't mean what you think it means. The person right above him actually did not provide "names for items anywhere but WoD," which is what the person asked for.

From the post you're referencing:

11/14/ PMPosted by Udiza

Darkmoon Firewater lets you herb and mine faster anywhere (and can be bought and sold on the AH.)

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glove enchants for different things.

sky golem lets you pick herbs without dismounting. (Be nice if there were one for mining also or same mount.)

In WOD and other places you could get a mining pick that made you mine faster. Think that there was something in legion, but I can’t recall what or for certain.

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This Shadowlands Mining leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Shadowlands Mining skill up from 1 to

Mining serves three professions: Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting, so it's really good combined with any of these. Check out my Engineering leveling guide, Jewelcrafting leveling guide or my Blacksmithing leveling guide if you want to level any of these professions.

I recommend using Zygor's Leveling Guide if you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt. The guide is in a small window on your main screen in-game. All the detail that you need to complete the quests are included. You’ll never have to switch back to a website, or even the in-game main map to see where you have to go or what’s next. And if you are low on gold, I recommend trying this Gold Making Guide, it can help you to make a lot of gold.

Shadowlands Mining Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Mining from Excavationist Au'fer in Oribos at the Hall of Shapes. (Coordinates: , )

Oribos is the new Shadowlands city hub for both factions. You will arrive there after you finish the Shadowlands intro quests, so you can learn the new Mining skill before you head out questing.

Excavationist Au'fer

How to speed up leveling

Below you will find a few tips that will help you mine ores faster.

Unfortunately, there are no new Stirrups or Leather Barding recipes in Shadowlands, so mining ores will be a lot harder. 

How to avoid getting dismounted

One of the most annoying things in WoW is getting Dazed. Every mob has a chance to daze you when they are in hitting you from behind, but there are two ways to prevent getting dazed.

  • If your class has a tanking spec, you can switch to that while farming. Tanks are immune to daze, so you will never get dismounted.
  • Equipping a Comfortable Rider's Barding in your mount equipment slot prevents you from being dazed while mounted. (doesn't work with druid forms)

Shadowlands Gathering Enchant

You can enchant your gloves with Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering to increase the speed of gathering in the new Shadowlands zones. (works with herbalism and skinning too) This enchant brings mining time down from seconds to seconds.

Leveling Shadowlands Mining ()

The places listed in this guide are where I think you can level Mining the fastest, but you can level your Mining in any other zone, every Shadowlands ore gives skill points up to

Alternative routes:

Bastion seems to have to most ores, so following these routes below should be the fastest way to level Shadowlands Mining. There are very few hostile mobs along these routes, so low levels or characters with bad gear can also use these.

Bastion - Route 1

Bastion - Route 2


In this guide, Overgear will show you how to level up your Mining skills through all of the expansions. It means that here you will find all the required information about the leveling stages: Vanilla, Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandaria, Draenor , Legion and BfA This guide will be updated with a relevant section after the Shadowlands release.

General Information

You will have to find a special trainer for each expansion.  Trainer of Vanilla leveling can be found in each city of your faction. Just ask the guards to show you the way.

Any gathering profession is way easier to level at a high level when you have flights.

To mine ore, you will need to buy a Mining Pick or an Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife.


There are 2 ways of leveling Mining. You can fly around and look for ore to mine, or you can buy ore from the auction house and smelt it into metal bars.

Approximate Materials Required


  • 1 &#; 50
    Smelt 70 x Copper Ore.
    Keep them.
  • 50 &#; 70
    Smelt 70 x Tin Ore
  • 70 &#; 90
    Smelt 70 x Bronze Bars
  • 90 &#;
    Smelt 10 x Silver Ore

  • Smelt 40 x Iron Ore

  • Smelt 20 x Steel Bar

  • Smelt 15 x Gold Ore.
    Keep all 15 of them. If it is possible, you should smelt 5 more, you’ll need 20 in total.

  • Smelt 55 x Mithril Ore

  • Smelt 15 x Truesilver Ore.
    Keep 10 bars.

  • Smelt x Thorium Ore

  • On this stage, leveling becomes more complicated.

Before you start, make sure you have: 20 x Gold Bar, 10 x Truesilver Bar, 2 x Star Ruby, and 80 Dark Iron Ore.

You need to go to Blackrock Depths 5-man dungeon. Use the Drilling Machine at the entrance and choose a dialogue option «Just past The Grim Guzzler». After that, go to the first entrance on the right. You need to reach the big room where the boss «The Seven» is.

Find Gloom&#;rel, he is the 2-nd dwarf on the right. Speak with him using the option «Gloom&#;rel tell me your secrets!». He will summon the Spectral Chalice that will give you a quest The Spectral Chalice. Complete it with the items that you should have.

Speak with Gloom&#;rel once more using the «I have paid your price, Gloom&#;rel. Now, teach me your secrets!» dialogue option. Now you know how to smelt Dark Iron Ore. Do not Teleport out yet!

Blackrock Depths is the only place where you can smelt Dark Iron Ore into bars.

Kill «The Seven» boss and go to the right after escaping its room. This is the way to the Molten Core Raid. On the left-hand side of the bridge to the MC raid, you will see The Black Forge.

8 x Smelt Dark Iron – 80 x Dark Iron Ore

Dark Iron ore smelting guide


Outland mining trainers


There is only one good way of leveling up the Outland mining, and it is to mine ore!

Nagrand adamantite depositNetherstorm adamantite deposit



Northrend mining trainer

Jedidiah Handers in Northrend Dalaran City.


Two best locations to farm ore are the Icecrown and Sholozar Basin.

Icecrown mining levelingSholozar Basin mining leveling


Cataclysm mining trainer

You can find a trainer in the capital of your faction. Just ask the guards to show you the way.


Two best locations to farm ore are Twilight Highlands and Uldum.

Twilight Highlands mining levelingUldum mining leveling


Pandaria mining trainer

Rockseeker Guo for the Alliance at Paw&#;don Village in The Jade Forest.

Stonebreaker Ruian for the Horde at Honeydew Village in The Jade Forest.


Ghost Iron Deposit in the Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds.

Jade Forest mining levelingValley of the Four Winds mining leveling

Kyparite Deposit in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes.

Townling Steppes mining levelingDread Wastes mining leveling


How to Learn Draenor Mining

Try to mine any deposit of Blackrock ore or True Iron ore outside of your Garrison. The first node should drop A Treatise on Mining in Draenor.


Because there are separated starting zones for the Alliance and the Horde, we suggest 3 locations to mine ore: Frostfire Ridge, Shadowmoon Valley, and Talador.

Frostfire Ridge mining levelingShadowmoon Valley mining levelingTalador mining leveling


How to Learn Legion Mining

You should mine any node on the Broken Isles.


You should go for Leystone Seam and Felslate Seam. After 70 points, the Rich nodes will become grey, so you will be interested only in Seam nodes that can be found in caves and rivers.

Go to Suramar and use this route. Coordinates for the TomTom addon:

/way Suramar , /way Suramar , /way Suramar , /way Suramar , /way Suramar , /way Suramar , /way Suramar , suramar mining leveling

The easiest way to get the last 15 points is to complete Legion World Quests, which requires Leystone Ore or Infernal Brimstone. As a reward, you will get the skill points.


How to Learn BfA Mining

Depending on the faction, your BfA Mining will be named differently: Zandalari Mining or Kul Tiran Mining.

  • Horde Trainer: Secott the Goldsmith in Dazar&#;alor at the Terrace of Crafters.
  • Alliance Trainer: Myra Cabot is in Boralus at the Tradewinds Market.

Ask the city guards for directions if you cannot find them.


First of all, we recommend you to have flying and the following enhancements:

We offer you these routes at Nazmir, Drustvar, Zuldazar, and Stormsong Valley.

Nazmir mining levelingZuldazar mining levelingDrustvar mining levelingstormsong valley mining leveling

After the introduction quests in Nazjatar, you should learn Rank 1 Smentine Ore from Rolm or Instructor Ulooaka.

Follow this route and don’t forget to check the caves! 

nazjatar mining leveling

If you need gold to buy resources for Engineering &#; you&#;ve come to the right place. Tones of gold at any realms!

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Classic wow mining enchant

WoW Classic: Most Profitable Professions Guide


WoW Classic: Most Profitable Professions Guide

Find out which professions will earn you the most gold in World of Warcraft Classic


Gold is very easy to come by in retail World of Warcraft nowadays. Daily Quests, Auction House, Professions, and even things like WoW Tokens provide Players with a wide variety of Gold making possibilities, not to mention that Everybody gets new Skills for free after leveling up. This comfortable state of affairs results in people not appreciating the value of the WoW's in-game currency. However, things look much different in WoW: Classic. When you start your adventure with Classic World of Warcraft, you will almost immediately notice that Quests award pitiful amounts of money, Skills have to be learned from Class Trainers and cost a ton of Gold, flipping the Auction House is not really an option during the early weeks of the Game, because no one has any Gold and everyone is quickly vendoring almost every Item, but most of all, you will realize that level 40 Mount costs a small fortune and there is no way that you will save enough Gold to learn your Riding Skill and buy it by just leveling

With this Guide, we will try to prepare you for Classic's economic every-day reality by comparing all Professions and helping you choose the ones that will earn you the most Gold during your adventure in Azeroth. On the other hand, if you are more of a Fighter that prefers to take Gold from your enemies' dead bodies, rather than being a Gatherer or Crafter, check out our guide on WoW's Best Farming locations.

Important Note: Despite being underwritten by experience and extensive research, some of the information featured in this Guide might be somewhat subjective, and not % accurate. Please keep that in mind, and if you notice a piece of information that you don't agree with please let us know, and we will do our best to update and correct it.

Making a real fortune in Classic is quite an achievement.

WoW Professions breakdown

Odealo is a secure trading platform for MMO gamers which supports trading with real life money.




Leatherworking allows you to Craft Leather and Mail Armor pieces, as well as Cloaks, Quivers, Ammo Pouches and various Armor Kits from raw Leather, Hides, and some other, more rare materials. At high skill levels, Leatherworking branches into three distinct specializations:

  • Dragonscale Leatherworking - Focuses on crafting Mail Armors well-suited for Hunters and Shamans, and requires a lot of Dragonscales for its Patterns. Notable Dragonscale Leatherworking-Specific crafts are Chromatic Gauntlets (they provide some Attack Power, 1% Crit, and +5 to Nature, Frost, Fire, and Shadow Resistances), Black Dragon Mail Set (four pieces set that provides a lot of Fire Resistance and Attack Power which makes it great for Hunters and Enhancement Shamans), and Dreamscale Breastplate (which is Best in Slot for Hunters and  even Warriors or Paladins for the AQ 40 Nature Resistance Gear that is mandatory for some encounters).
  • Elemental Leatherworking - Focuses on crafting Leather Armors with mainly Rogue/Feral Druid stat combinations. Notable Elemental Leatherworking-Specific crafts are Molten Helm and Molten Belt (these are great for the Molten Core, as they provide you with Fire Resistance), Stormshroud Armor Set (four pieces set used mainly by Feral Druids), Shifting Cloak, and the Living Breastplate (Suited mainly for Restoration Druids).
  • Tribal Leatherworking - The most popular out of the three Leatherworking Specializations. Tribal Leatherworking focuses on making Gear with Intellect and Spirit stats, which is best suited for Restoration and Balance Druids, but the abundance of highly demanded Crafts makes it very desirable for any Leatherworker. Notable Tribal Leatherworking-Specific crafts are  Corehound Belt and Hide of The Wild (Best in Slot Healing items for early Raids), and Devilsaur Armor (two pieces Leather set that provides Attack Power, Hit Rating and Critical Strike chance and is very desirable by Rogues, Feral Druids, and all other Physical Damage Dealers),

These specializations limit you when it comes to the variety of High-Level items that you can craft, as you can pick only one of them, which blocks you from learning Recipes specific for any of the other two. If you are Profit-oriented, you should probably choose between Dragonscale and Tribal Leatherworking.

Leatherworking requires a rather high Gold/Time investment to level up but can provide you with some advantages during leveling in return.

Note: Leatherworking is often paired with its corresponding Gathering Profession, Skinning.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Skilling up Leatherworking will generate costs rather than profits, but the ability to Craft Level-appropriate Gear will make the leveling process much easier if you are willing to take your time and grind Leatherworking's Crafting materials in order to skill it up.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Ability to craft starting End-Game gear might come in handy, and there is some Gold-making potential in selling ready Crafted Items that are in high demand or charging fees for Crafting them with other people's materials. Overall, Leatherworking is a mid-tier profession when it comes to Gold-Making on matured servers.


Tailoring focuses on Crafting Cloth Armor and Bags from various Cloths, Threads, and other rarer materials. Unlike other Crafting professions, it doesn't have a Gathering profession associated with it, but players often pair it with Enchanting, as skilling up Tailoring creates a large number of Uncommon Items that can be Dusted for Enchanting purposes. Cloths mainly come from slain Humanoid Enemies and the amount of them that is needed for skilling up Tailoring forces Tailors to do quite a lot of mob grinding/spending money on Auction House.

Tailoring allows Players to make three Bind on Pickup Robes: Robe of the Void for Warlocks, Robe of the Archmage for Mages (Best in Slot before AQ 40), and the Truefaith Vestments for Priests (please note that these items are BoP and therefore can not be traded to other Players). The other notable Tailoring Crafts are Flarecore Leggings (they grant 16 Fire Resistance and 43 Spell Power), the Bloodvine Garb Set (available from Zul'Gurub Raid, provides Intellect, Spell Damage and Healing, and Spell Hit), Sylvan Set (recipes available from AQ Raids, it provides some Spell Power and a lot Nature Resistance that is mandatory for Princess Huhuran as well as some other AQ40 encounters), and Felcloth Items (Felcloth Hood, Felcloth Gloves, and Felcloth Bag, which is a 24 Slot Soul Bag), unlike the above-mentioned Robes, these Items can be sold to other Players, and will provide you with some nice profit when Crafted and sold on the Auction House. There are also Bottomless Bags (18 slots), that are expensive to make but sought out by rich players nevertheless.

Note: It is important to use your Mooncloth cooldown each day, as Mooncloths will be in high demand constantly.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - The ability to craft Bags and level-appropriate Gear is very appealing, especially to Cloth-Wearing Classes that don't require First Aid (as the First Aid competes with Tailoring for Cloths). Bags will be in very high demand on Classic's early days, and aspiring Tailors will make good money out of Crafting and selling them. Some lower level Tailoring recipes, like Spider Belt (which on use effect resembles Gnome's Escape Artist racial), are also sought after and valuable but must be bought/farmed as they are not available from Trainers.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Bags will be in high demand for the whole lifespan of Classic Servers, and thus will enable Tailors to make a steady profit. Some of the Cheap-to-Make Cloth items, like White Bandit Mask, may allow you to make Gold by buying Materials on the Auction House, Crafting them, Disenchanting, and selling the acquired Dust at a large profit. New in-demand recipes will become available with successive Raid Tiers, so you will be able to make a decent profit for the most of Server's life cycle if you are lucky enough to get the recipes. Overall, Tailoring is a very good choice for making Gold on matured Servers.


Blacksmiths convert Bars of various metals and other, more exotic materials into Melee Weapons, Heavy, Mail or Plate Armor, Skeleton Keys needed for opening Locked Chests, Metal-based Trade Goods (Rods and Belt Buckles) and some Item-Enhancements, like Shield Spikes, Weapon Chains and Sharpening Stones. Blacksmithing is a good choice for Plate Classes, which means that Paladins and Warriors will often opt to skill it up. There are two specializations available for Blacksmithing, with one of them having three further specializations (just like with Leatherworking, you have to choose one of those specializations, and can not change it, unless you want to skill your Blacksmithing again from scratch):

  • Weaponsmithing (further specializations: Axesmith, Swordsmith, and Hammersmith) - Allows a Blacksmith to craft various powerful Weapons, including Blackfury (Lvl 60 Polearm with bonuses to Stamina, Strenght, Fire Resistance, and Critical Strike), Dark Iron Pulverizer (Lvl 50 Two-Handed Mace with a slow Attack Speed that has a chance to Stun Target for 8 s. on Hit), and Heartseeker (Lvl 58 Dagger with Attack Speed, +4 Strenght, and +1% Critical Strike chance).
    • Axesmithing - Allows Blacksmith to create Dawn's Edge (Lvl 50 Axe with a 1% Critical Strike bonus), Nightfall (Lvl 60 Axe which has a chance of increasing Target's Spell Damage taken by 15% for 5s), Dark Iron Destroyer (Lvl 60 Axe with +10 Strenght and +6 Fire Resistance), and an Annihilator (Lvl 58 Axe with fast, Attack Speed and chance to reduce Target's Armor on Hit).
    • Swordsmithing - Allows Blacksmith to create Blazing Rapier (Lvl 51 Sword with a Attack Speed, and a chance to Burn Target for Damage over 30 seconds), Blackguard (Lvl 60  Tanking Sword with +9 Stamina and +1% chance to Parry), Sageblade (A Caster Sword with +14 Stamina, + 6 Intellect, +20 Spellpower, and  an effect that decreases Target's magical resistances against your spells), and Dark Iron Reaver (Lvl 60 Sword with Attack Speed, +10 Stamina, and +6 Fire Resistance).
    • Hammersmithing - Allows Blacksmith to create Enchanted Battlehammer (Lvl 51 Two-Handed Mace with +1% Parry, and +2% Hit Chance), Persuader (Lvl 58 Mace with Attack Speed, +1% Hit Chance, and +1% Critical Strike chance), and Hammer of the Titans (Lvl 58 Two-Handed Mace with a slow Attack Speed, and a chance to Stun Target for 3 seconds on Hit).
  • Armorsmithing - Armorsmithing does not have any further specializations, but it requires completing a very long and expensive Quest Chain (much longer that Quests associated with other Blacksmithing specializations). Completing the chain gives you a Glimmering Mithril Insignia (A Trinket that Increases your Armor by 50, all resistances by 10, and provides you with  Fear resistance for 30 seconds on use, with a minute Cooldown - very strong PvP item). Armorsmithing allows Blacksmith to craft various High-Level Gear pieces, including, but not limited to Dark Iron Set (Mixed Rare and Epic Plate set that provides Stamina, a lot of Fire Resistance, and some Agility, without any Set bonuses, however - very desirable in the Molten Core Raid), Firey Chain Girdle and Fiery Chain Shoulders (Mail Belt and Shoulders that provide Stamina, Intellect, Spirit (belt only), and Fire Resistance - again, good for Molten Core), Invulnerable Mail (Lvl 57 Mail Chest that increases your Defense by 13 and has a 5% chance to make you invulnerable to Melee Damage for 3 seconds after you are struck in combat once every 30 seconds - this is one of those weird Enhancement Shaman Tank items), Stronghold Gauntlets (Lvl 60 Plate Hands that provide +12 Stamina, +1% Chance to Parry, +1% Critical strike chance, and an Immunity to Disarm - these are great for PvP, thanks to the anti-disarm effect), and Enhanced Thorium Set (Helm, Chest, and Leggings with bonuses to Stamina, Strenght, and Defense).

All Blacksmithing specializations give access to many worthwhile Patterns, but Armorsmithing beats all Weaponsmith specializations when it comes to Crafting Gear for profit.

Note: Blacksmithing is often paired with its corresponding Gathering Profession, Mining.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Leveling up Blacksmithing will require a lot of Gold/Time investment, but will also provide you with access to some much-needed Armors and Weapons, which are especially great for leveling as a Warrior, for example. The abundance of Descent Statted items, which you will create during leveling Blacksmithing, that can be sold on the Auction House will let you get at least some of your Gold/Time back (and you may even profit if the demand on the Auction House is high enough - and it most likely will be, as Warrior will be very popular Class). Ability to craft Rods (that are needed by enchanters), Grinding Stones, Shield Spikes, and Mithril Spurs will be a nice additional source of profit when leveling.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - The demand for Weapons and Armor will always be there, so Blacksmiths will not have problems making money on matured servers. New Raids will provide you with access to new Patterns (for example Ironvine Set from AQ40 - an essential Nature Resistance Plate Set), so the demand for your services and Crafted Items should remain stable for the whole lifespan of the Server. Overall, Blacksmithing is a great profession for Gold-making if you have time to Farm Crafting Materials/Advertise your services on Trade chat.


Alchemists brew various Potions, Elixirs, Flasks, and Oils from Herbs and other, more exotic ingredients. These brews have many positive and sometimes very interesting effects, like Restoring Mana or Health, Increasing Primary Stats or Health Total, Raising Resistances, or even making you immune to all Crowd Control effects for some time. Skilled alchemists can also transmute more common materials into very rare and powerful magical ones, like Arcanite.

The main source of Alchemist's income comes from selling large quantities of consumable Flasks, Potions, and Elixirs. Most of them do not require too many rare or expensive ingredients, which makes Alchemy one of the top Gold-making Professions. The more interesting, highly valuable, in-demand Alchemical brews include:

  • Flask of Distilled Wisdom (Lvl 50 Flask that increases maximum mana by for 2 hours; Brewed from 30 Dreamfoil, 10 Icecap, and 1 Black Lotus. This recipe drops from Balnazzar in the Stratholme Dungeon)
  • Flask of the Titans (Lvl 50 Flask that increases maximum health by for 2 hours; Brewed from 30 Gromsblood, 10 Stonescale Oil, and 1 Black Lotus. This recipe drops from General Drakkisath in  the Upper Black Rock Spire)
  • Flask of Supreme Power (Lvl 50 Flask that increases Spell Damage by for 2 hours; Brewed from 30 Dreamfoil, 10 Mountain Silversage, and 1 Black Lotus. This recipe drops from Rus Frostwhisper in the Scholomance Dungeon)
  • Various levels of Health and Mana potions, mainly:
    • Major Health Potion (Lvl 45 Potion that restores to Health; Brewed from 2 Golden Samsam and 1 Mountain Silversage. This recipe can be purchased in Everlook, Winterspring). 
    • Major Mana Potion (Lvl 49 Potion that restores to Mana; Brewed from 3 Dreamfoil and 2 Icecap. This recipe drops Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance Dungeon or purchased after completing the main Scholomance quest chain). 
  • Greater Fire Protection Potion (Lvl 48 Potion that absorbs to Fire Damage and lasts for 1 Hour; Brewed from 1 Elemental Fire and 1 Dreamfoil. This Recipe drops in the Lower Blackrock Spire and is essential for Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair Raids). 
  • Greater Nature Protection Potion (Lvl 48 Potion that absorbs to Nature Damage and lasts for 1 Hour; Brewed from 1 Elemental Earth and 1 Dreamfoil. This Recipe drops in Western Plaguelands from Decaying Horrors and Rotting Behemoths, and is essential for AQ40 progression). 
  • Free Action Potion (Lvl 20 Potion that makes you immune to Stuns and movement impairing effects for 30 seconds, but does not remove currently active effects; Brewed from 2 Blackmouth Oil and 1 Stranglekelp. This recipe can be purchased from Alchemy supplies vendors located in Ironforge and Orgrimar).  
  • Living Action Potion (Lvl 47 Potion that makes you immune to Stuns and movement impairing effects for 5 seconds and also removes all existing Stun and Movement Impairing effects; Brewed from 2 Icecap, 2 Mountain Silversage, and 2 Heart of the Wild. This recipe can be bought from Zandalar Tribe's quartermaster at an Exalted Reputation and is even more overpowered that Free Action Potion in some circumstances, as it works like improved Insignia). 
  • Swiftness Potion (Lvl 5 Potion that increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds; Brewed from 1 Swiftthistle and 1 Briarthorn. This is a world drop). 
  • Arcane Elixir (Lvl 37 Elixir that increases Spell Damage by up to 20 for 30 minutes; Brewed from 1 Blindweed and 1 Goldthorn. Learned from an Alchemy Trainer).  
  • Frost Oil (Lvl 30 Weapon Oil that gives your Weapon a 10% chance of casting a Frostbolt when it Hits; Brewed from 4 Khadgar's Whisker and 2 Wintersbite. The recipe can be purchased from NPC Bro'kin located in Alterac Mountains).
  • Elixir of Brute Force (Lvl 45 Elixir that increases Stamina and Strenght by 18 for 1 hour; Brewed from 2 Gromsblood and 2 Plaguebloom. This recipe can be awarded in Un'Goro crater for turning in 15 Bloodpetal Sprouts, the drop rate is very low, however).
  • Elixir of Mongoose (Lvl 46 Elixir that increases Agility by 25 and Critical Hit chance by 2% for 1 hour; Brewed from 2 Mountain Silversage and 2 Plaguebloom. This recipe drops from various Satyr Demons in Felwood and Azshara Zones). 
  • Elixir of Sages (Lvl 44 Elixir that increases Intellect and Spirit by 18 for 1 hour; Brewed from 1 Dreamfoil and 2 Plaguebloom. This recipe drops from Scarlet Crusade followers in Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plaguelands). 

Note1: Flasks can be created only at the Alchemy Lab located in the Scholomance Dungeon.

Note2:  Remember to always use your Transmute cooldowns, as transmuted materials are limited in supply and in great demand because of that.

Note3: Alchemy is often paired with its corresponding Gathering Profession, Herbalism. It also requires a lot of ingredients that come from Fishing, so the sight of an Alchemist with a Fishing Pole will be a common one.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Leveling Alchemy will consume some Gold, time and effort, but will repay you with various buffs and utilities almost immediately. The market for various level potions will be present for the earliest days of Classic Servers, as consumables greatly improve Leveling efficiency. Almost every potion that you make to level up Alchemy can be utilized for your own benefit or sold to other Players at a profit.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Flasks, Elixirs, and Potions are essential for Raid progression, so the Market for them will always be there, and the prices will skyrocket each time a new Raid Tier opens. This, combined with the abundance of rather cheap-to-make, powerful recipes makes Alchemy the best Gold-making profession for matured Servers with established economies (and we didn't even mention bonus gold that comes from Transmuting Arcanite every 48 hours).


Engineers craft various helpful, interesting, and often very deadly, volatile, unstable, and unreliable gadgets, explosives, and equipment, like Googles, Trinkets, and Guns. They mainly utilize Metals, but also commonly use Leathers, Cloths and some rarer, more exotic materials. Engineering has two distinct specializations, that have their unique set of Schematics:

  • Goblin Engineering - Goblins love to blow stuff up, and even when they don't blow stuff up, they invent things that closely resemble, well explosives in the form of Helmets, for example
    • Goblin Rocket Helmet that can be used to charge at an enemy, knocking him silly for 30 Seconds (this is a 30s soft Crowd Control effect), but also stunning you for a short period of time.
    • Goblin Mortar, a Trinket that deals to Fire Damage and Stuns Targets in 5-yard radius for 3 seconds when used (on a minute Cooldown), very useful in PvP.
    • The Big One, which is a LAAARGE bomb that deals to Fire Damage and incapacitates all enemies in a yard radius.
    • Goblin Bomb Dispenser, a Trinket that creates a mobile Bomb that charges at the nearest Target and explodes for to Fire Damage.
    • Goblin Construction Helmet that provides 15 Fire Resistance and absorbs to Fire Damage when activated. It is also used for crafting a previously-mentioned Goblin Rocket Helmet (very useful in Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair Raids).
  • Gnomish Engineering - Less volatile but also weirder than Goblin variant, Gnomish Engineering provides a lot of interesting gadgets, like:
    • World Enlarger that "Enlarges the entire World for 5 minutes or until you attack".
    • Gnomish Mind Control Cap that gives you a chance to Mind Control an Enemy for 20 seconds, but can misfire badly.
    • Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt that shields you from next damage that you would normally take over the next 10 minutes, but can "Overload when struck and temporarily remove you from this dimension".
    • Gnomish Death Ray, a trinket that charges itself over time and releases a burst of powerful energy at your Target, dealing high amounts of Damage.

Other handy Engineering Schematics include various Grenades that are useful in both PvP and PvP and the Field Repair Bot 74A which is a consumable that allows an Engineer to set up a mobile Repair Station for every Raid member. Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector (Trinket that provides 15 Fire Resistance and can be used to reflect a Fire Spell at its Caster once every 5 minutes. Very useful in the Molten Core Raid). Other useful Engineering gadgets are Goblin and Gnomish Rocket Boots that increase wearer's movement speed for 20 seconds but have a chance to misfire (great in PvP).

The main sources of Gold for an engineer are Crafting Fees charged for creating items from rare Schematics, which means that making a living out of Engineering is rather difficult, and requires fast Schematic farming.

Note: Engineering is often paired with its corresponding Gathering Profession, Mining.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Leveling up Engineering Skill will consume your precious Gold, and require you to Mine a lot of minerals. The time and Gold investment will return to you in the form of various utility items provided by your Engineering Profession. Grenades will allow you to escape packs of mobs more easily and enable you to stop enemies from kiting you in world PvP. Engineering Inventions can be sold on the Auction House, but the market for them is very limited, as most of them require Engineering Skill to use. You can still make some money out of selling Scopes and Guns to Hunters.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Do not expect to make a lot of Gold out of Engineering in the late Game. You will charge a fee for crafting a Rare Engi Item from time to time, but the biggest benefit provided by Engineering Skill will not be measured in Gold, and rather in the convenience and fun. Engi gadgets will make your life more interesting, PvP experience more rewarding, and will provide you with a thrill each time you activate one of your inventions (those random misfires, man).


Enchanters permanently imbue Items with various magickal effects, using magic Dust, Shards and Essences extracted from other magic Items. They are also able to create Wands. Every Player who wants to stay competitive needs their Gear Enchanted, which means that the market for Enchanters is always present. The most powerful and in-demand Enchants and other Enchanting Recipes include:

  • Enchant Weapon - Healing Power (Adds up to 55 Healing to Healing Spells), Enchant Weapon - Spellpower (Adds 30 Damage to Spells). These drop from the Molten Core Raid.
  • Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power, Enchant Gloves - Fire PowerEnchant Gloves - Frost Power (These add +20 Damage to Shadow, Fire, and Frost spells and abilities respectively), Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility (Adds + 15 Agility to Gloves), Enchant Gloves - Healing Power (Increases Healing done by spells by 30),  Enchant Cloak Stealth (Improves the effectiveness of Stealth), and Enchant Cloak - Dodge (Adds 1% chance to Dodge an attack). These drop from all bosses in Ahn'Quiraj Raids. There are also two formulas that drop only from Twin Emperors in AQ These are: Enchant Gloves - Threat (Increases Threat generated by 2%) and Enchant Cloak - Subtlety (Decreases threat generated by 2%)
  • Enchant Weapon - Agility (Adds +15 Agility to a Weapon) and Enchant Two-Handed Weapon Agility (Adds 25 Agility to a 2H Weapon). The first one requires Honored Reputation and the second requires  Friendly Reputation with the Timbermaw Hold.
  • Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit (Adds +20 Spirit to a Weapon), Enchant Weapon - Strenght (Adds +15 Strenght to a Weapon), and Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect (Adds +22 Intellect to a Weapon). These three Enchanting Recipes require high Reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood (Strenght - Friendly, Spirit - Honored, Intellect - Revered).
  • Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance (Adds 15 Fire Resistance to a Cloak) and Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance (Adds 15 Nature Resistance to a Cloak). These require Friendly (Fire) and Honored (Nature) reputation with the Cenarion Circle, and are needed by all players who want to raid Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair or AQ
  • Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration (Provides 4 mp5) and Enchant Bracer - Healing (Increases effectiveness of Healing Spells by 24). The first one requires Honored Reputation and the second requires Revered Reputation with the Argent Dawn.
  • Brilliant Mana Oil (Adds 12 mp5 and 25 Healing Spell Power to a Weapon for 30 minutes) and Brilliant Wizard Oil (Adds 1% Spell Critical Chance and 36 Spell Damage to a Weapon for 30 minutes). These require reputation with the Zandalar Tribe (Mana Oil - Friendly, Wizard Oil - Honored).
  • Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (Add +4 All Stats to a Chestpiece). This randomly drops from trash mobs in Raids and from World Bosses.
  • Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon (Gives Weapon a chance to sometimes deal Fire Damage). This drops from the Pyromancer Loregrain in Black Rock Depths Dungeon.
  • Enchant Weapon - Crusader (Makes Weapon sometimes restore 75 to Health to its wielder and increase his Strenght by for 15 seconds). This is a World Drop that can be acquired from members of the Scarlet Crusade in Western Plaguelands and Tyr's Hand.

Note1: Enchanting does not have corresponding gathering Profession, so it is often paired with Tailoring, which provides a steady supply of magic Items to Disenchant.

Note2: Collecting all High-End Enchanting Recipes requires a lot of Dungeon, Raid, and Reputation Grinding. This means that the profession is well-suited only for persistent and competitive Players who have quite a lot of time to play (if taken with making Gold in mind, that is).

Note3: If you plan to make real money out of Enchanting, you should prepare a large stock of Enchanting Materials. This will allow you to sell ready Enchants to People that don't have their own mats.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Enchanting is very expensive to level and will consume enormous amounts of Uncommon Items. The market for low level enchants will not be too profitable, but you will be able to make some money by making Wands, which are needed for leveling Warlocks, Priests and Mages. If you manage to get a Rare Recipe early on, you might be able to make some good money by charging fees for enchants. Selling Dust and Essences can also provide some additional income, at the expense of leveling up the actual Enchanting Skill.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Making good money out of enchanting will require you to be an active Raiding Guild member, as most of the expensive, well-selling enchant formulas come from man Raids. If you manage to collect most of the formulas and grind all needed reputations, you might be able to build up a base of Clients who will return to you for all their enchants, which will result in nice money from fees. Good advertising is the key (spam that Trade chat), and providing discounts for multiple services is a good idea. Disenchanting cheap-to-make Tailoring Items and selling Enchanting Materials on the Auction House can be a good source of Gold as well (this can also be done by grinding low-level Dungeons and disenchanting all uncommon and rare drops).


Skinners collect Animal Hides and Leather from slain beasts. Collected materials can be then used in Leatherworking Profession to create Mail and Leather Armors, as well as some other useful items or sold to other Players or even Vendored for profit.

Leatherworking is the most convenient of the three available Gathering Professions, as Skinnable monsters are encountered naturally during adventures and questing, and going out of one's way to make use out of skinning is not required. Moreover, being able to Skin monsters will open up some Grinding Spots that would not provide you with a worthwhile profit otherwise.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Skinning is a great starting Profession that will provide you with a steady Gold influx during your WoW Classic adventures. Collected materials can be used to level up Leatherworking or sold for a profit at the Auction House (or even Vendored if the Server is very young, and AH prices are almost equal to Vendor prices). Overall, the Skinning profession, at the early stages of the Classic, is a very convenient way of getting some additional income.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Market for Leathers will always be present but as the Server progresses, the demand will shift towards High-End Leathers and Hides (Rugged Leathers, Rugged Hides, Devilsaur Leathers, etc.). At this point, you will probably be better off leveling up Leatherworking and offering ready Gear crafted with your own, gathered materials.

On Odealo multiple sellers compete for your attention. You are guaranteed to find WoW Classic Gold at the best price.



Miners extract various Minerals, Stones, and Ore from Veins, and then smelt gathered Ore into Metal Bars that can be used by Engineers and Blacksmiths.

Mining is less convenient than Skinning when it comes to making use out of it, as Ore Veins are encountered mainly on ridgelines, hilltops, and in the mountains, which means that Miners have to make detours to gather them.

Note: Prices of Ore can sometimes be higher than prices of the corresponding Metal Bars, as people use Ores to level up their Mining in a more convenient way. Be sure to always compare Auction House prices before Smelting on your own.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Mining can be treated similarly to Skinning in the early Game, as it will provide you with some additional income (but most likely much lower than that provided by Skinning). Leveling up Mining can be troublesome, as Ore Veins are not too abundant, and active farming might be necessary for Mining to not fall behind your Character Level. If you are lucky, some additional Gold income will come from rare Vein drops, like Arcane Crystals and other Gems. Overall, Mining is best chosen with one of its corresponding Crafting Professions - Blacksmithing or Engineering.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Demand for Bars will increase over time, as more and more people will start to level up their Crafting professions or look for ways of upgrading their Equipment via Blacksmithing Recipes. This will result in higher income from Mining on matured Servers. The demand for Crafted Weapons and Armor will also raise so, selling unprocessed Bars might turn out to not be less beneficial than using them to level up Blacksmithing Skill in order to provide people with Crafted, High-End Gear.


Herbalists gather Herbs used by Alchemists for crafting various Potions, Flasks, Oils, and Elixirs. The popularity of Alchemy makes Herbalism a very profitable Gathering Profession, but still not as convenient as Leatherworking. Leveling up Herbalism will require some hassle, but not as much as leveling up Mining will.

Herbalism, especially combined with Alchemy will provide you with worthwhile profits, as there are many low-cost Alchemical Consumables that are in high demand constantly. Selling Herbs on the Auction House will present you with a high income as well (thanks to the above-mentioned popularity of the Alchemy Profession, and the great demand for consumables).

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Herbalism will provide you with some additional profits, or various buffs, bonuses, and utilities if combined with Alchemy, from the earliest days of Classic. Herbs should be in high demand (the popularity of Alchemy, again) constantly, and monetizing your gathered Herbs should not be a problem at any time. However, putting some additional effort into farming Herbs, and leveling up Alchemy with them early might be a better idea than just selling them, as unlike other Crafting Professions, Alchemy provides you with great benefits and some Gold from the start.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Herbalism greatly rises in value over time, as more and more people start to use Consumables, which bumps up the value of Herbs and Potions/Flasks/Elixirs/Oils. If you don't have Alchemy at this point, you should strongly consider leveling it up quickly and getting your hands on highly demanded Alchemy Recipes as fast as possible, because additional income is literally passing you by at this stage of the game.

Most profitable Profession's Combinations

Double Gathering Professions

A great choice for the earliest stages of the game. Picking up two Gathering Professions will allow you to get your Mount money more easily. If you are power leveling, you can just quickly vendor all gathered materials. Otherwise, you can be more patient, and sell them as they steadily rise in value. The other idea is to Pick one gathering profession to profit from, and the second one to gather materials for leveling up the corresponding Crafting Profession in the future (For example, you make money out of Skinning, and collect Herbs for your future Alchemy Profession at the same time).

The best combination of double Gathering Professions is most likely Skinning+Herbalism (in reality, Skinning is the one that you should get, and Herbalism can be freely swapped for Mining).

Crafting Profession + Corresponding Gathering Profession

The standard Profession combination. Great if you plan to take your time and level up Crafting profession steadily as you Level up your Character. The choice between Leatherworking+Skinning, Blacksmithing+Mining, Engineering+Mining, and Alchemy+herbalism should depend on your Class, preference, and playstyle, for example, engineering supports dynamic players that like to PvP, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing are great for leveling up Classes with corresponding Armor Types, and Alchemy is just great in all circumstances (which means that you should probably pick Herbalism+Alchemy if you are only Gold-oriented, after all).

Tailoring + Enchanting

We treat this combination separately, as Tailoring and Enchanting complement themselves well, but not fit into any of the above categories at the same time. This combination is great for every Cloth Armor Class and can be profitable if enough effort is put into developing both skills. Leveling them up is troublesome and time-consuming, however, as you will not get enough Cloths during Questing, and Enchanting is the hardest Profession to Skill up.

Secondary Professions

First Aid
First Aid

First Aid lets Players make Bandages out of Cloths and Anti Venoms out of Venom Sacks. Bandages can be used in combat, which makes them almost mandatory for Classes that can not Heal themselves via magickal ways.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - First Aid is a very good quality-of-life and support profession, but leveling it up will consume some resources that would be otherwise sold on the Auction House/Vendored. It is worth it for Rogues, Warriors, and to a lesser extent Hunters, Mages and Warlocks. Bandages will allow you to increase your efficiency, save some Gold by replacing Food from time to time, and let you avoid Death in close call situations. Moreover, Bandages made out of Silk and Higher Level Cloths are worth more at a Vendor than their components, which means that Cloths can be turned into bandages for some increased Vendor value (if the price of Cloths on the Auction House is low, or the Server's economy is not established yet).
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - On matured Servers, First Aid remains the main source of In-Combat healing for some classes, and a stack of Bandages should be carried at all times. The prices of Cloths will raise over time, making selling them on the Auction House more profitable than Vendoring Bandages.


Cooking lets Players prepare Hearty Meals out of raw ingredients and Spices. The Food provides various Buffs that make Questing and Raiding much easier. Collecting all worthwhile Cooking Recipes requires some Questing, leveling up Fishing (to catch Fishes required for some Cooked Fish Recipes, and completing Fishing Quests that award those Recipes), and visiting many far corners of Azeroth. The best and most useful Cooking Recipes include:

  • Savory Deviate Delight (Food that transforms you into a Ninja or a Pirate, used for roleplaying and for fun). The Recipe is a rare drop from Wailing Caverns Dungeon and from monsters found in The Barrens Zone, which makes it very rare, and very expensive on the Alliance side).
  • +6 Stamina and Spirit Food (For example Crocolisk Gumbo, Curiously Tasty Omelet, and Murloc Fin Soup) Used mainly by players in the level range of 15 to 24 and Level 19 Twinks. These will be cheap, but still sellable.
  • +8 Stamina and Spirit Food (For example Mystery Stew, Hot Wolf Ribs, Carrion Surprise, and Jungle Stew). These are useful for level 29 Twinks and lower level Players (Level 25 to 34). There will be a demand for these constantly, but the prices will not be extremely high.
  • +12 Stamina and Spirit Food (For example Spider Sausage and Heavy Kodo Stew). These are widely used by Players at levels 35+, as they provide quite high Stamina buff. The demand for this kind of food will be very high for the whole lifespan of a Server.
  • Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops (Provides +25 Stamina, the Recipe is available as a reward from a Quest chain acquired from NPC Narain Soothfancy, Tanaris). This provides the strongest Food Buff for Tanks.
  • Grilles Squid (Provides +10 Agility, can be acquired from NPC Gikkix, Tanaris). This provides the strongest Food Buff for Hunters and Rogues.
  • Smoked Desert Dumplings (Provides +20 Strenght, the Recipe is a reward from the Sharing the Knowledge Quest acquired from the Sandy Cookbook located in Silithus, this will become available on the AQ launch). This provides the strongest Food Buff for Warriors.
  • Nightfin Soup (Provides 8 mp5, can be acquired from NPC Gikkix, Tanaris). This provides the strongest Food Buff for all mana users with sustain problems.
  • Runn Tum Tuber Surprise (Provides +10 Intellect, can be dropped from NPC Pusillin that can be found in the Dire Maul Dungeon (which means that it will not be available on launch), Feralas). This provides the strongest Food Buff for all mana users without sustain problems.

Note: Learning Cooking Secondary Profession also teaches you how to set a Basic Campfire that can be used for preparing meals and provides a minor Spirit Buff.

Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Cooking is a very convenient secondary skill, especially in the early game on a new Server, as it provides you with very good Stamina + Spirit food Buff from the start, and allows you to save some of your valuable Gold by preparing your own meals instead of buying them (and they get very expensive very quickly). Processed Cooking ingredients usually Vendor for more than unprocessed ones, so Cooking every dropped piece of meat can provide you with a slight increase in Gold gain, even if you don't want to post Cooked food on the Auction House.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - On matured Servers, Cooking will remain very useful and provide you with constant benefits in the form of Food Buffs and Gold savings (as long as you will farm Leather, and get raw Cooking ingredients in the process, for example). The best kinds of food will also be required by some Raiding Guilds, so there will be a demand for them on the Auction House.


Fishermen catch various types of Fish, as well as other Aquatic Animals, and are able to salvage floating wreckage. A lot of caught Fish find application in Cooking and Alchemy, which makes Fishing a  rather worthwhile Gold-making Secondary profession. The most valuable and in-demand Fish include:

  • Oily Blackmouth (Used by Alchemists to create the Blackmouth Oil needed in some Alchemy Recipes (Swim Speed Potion and more importantly, the valuable Free Action Potion). Blackmouth Oil is also an ingredient for the Enchant Gloves - Fishing. Oily Blackmouth Schools can be found in Darkshore, Loch Modan, The Barrens, Silverpine Forrest, and Westfall. The fish can also be caught in Feralas, Felwood, Azshara, Western Plaguelands and some other High-Level zones).
  • Deviate Fish (Used in the Savory Deviate Delight Cooking Recipe. This fish is especially precious for the Alliance, as it can only be caught in Wailing Caverns that are located in the Horde territory of The Barrens. If you manage to catch this Fish as an Alliance Player, and by some miracle have the Recipe, you will be able to make a fortune).
  • Stonescale Eel (Fish used by Alchemists to create Stoneskin Oil that is used in various High-end Alchemy Recipes. Stonescale Eel Swarms can be found at the northern part of the coast of Tanaris and along the Western coast of the Stranglethorn Vale. Stonescale Eel can also be caught in the Bay of Storms, Azshara).
  • Raw Nightfin Snapper (used by Cooks in the previously-mentioned Nightfin Soup Recipe. This fish can be caught only during the Server's nighttime in Un'Goro Crater, Feralas, Felwood, Western Plaguelands, Moonglade, Azshara, Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, and other High-level zones, including Raids and Dungeons).
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession in the early days of Classic Servers - Leveling up Fishing can be very relaxing, or infuriatingly boring, depending on your approach and temper. The skill will provide you with some Raw Fish that can be eaten or Cooked (and then eaten) in order to save some Gold that would otherwise be spent on Food. Some of the in-demand Fish are available for low-level Fishermen (these include Oily Blackmouth and Deviate Fish), which makes Fishing a great Gold-making Profession for low-level Characters. If the Auction House prices are too low, be patient and wait for the market to develop. The prices are bound to raise with the progressing economy.
Gold-making potential/advantages of the profession on Classic Servers with the established economy (few months after launch) - Fish are needed in a lot of in-demand Alchemy and Cooking recipes, which means that Fishing will remain a good Gold-making secondary Profession on matured Servers. If you can't be bothered to Farm Herbs, Leather or Ore, Fishing is a very good alternative, especially if you are not level-capped yet.

Odealo is one of the most secure World of Warcraft Classic marketplaces. It allows regular players to buy, sell, and trade WoW Classic Gold and Items with the use of real cash. 



Earning Gold as a highly-skilled professional is an inherent part of the Classic World of Warcraft experience. With the help of this Guide, you will be able to choose the most profitable professions and make Gold with increased efficiency. Empty pockets will become a thing of the past.

We hope that you have found this Guide useful and informative.  If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know! 

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment

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Classic TBC: All TBC Enchant Locations

WoW Classic Mining Guide

OreMine/SmeltGemsCopper 1Malachite, Shadowgem, TigerseyeTin
 65Jade, Shadowgem, Lesser Moonstone, Moss AgateSilver
 75Shadowgem, Lesser Moonstone, Moss AgateIron
 Aquamarine, Jade, Lesser Moonstone, CitrineGold
 Jade, Lesser Moonstone, CitrineMithril
 Aquamarine, Citrine, Black Vitriol, Star RubyTruesilver
 Aquamarine, Citrine, Star RubyDark Iron
 Black Diamond, Blood of the Mountain, Black VitriolSmall Thorium Large Opal, Blue Sapphire, Star Ruby, Black VitriolRich Thorium
 Arcane Crystal, Azerothian Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Huge Emerald, Large Opal, Star Ruby

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What enchants are available in WoW Classic?

WoW Classic can be admittedly overwhelming when it comes to many things — enchants, chief among them. There are just so many different options for nearly every gear slot, and even some special ones that can be used on multiple slots. And besides knowing which enchants to get, you often also need to figure out where to get them from. Some of them are available simply by leveling up the Enchanting profession, while others may require raising your reputation with factions such as the Argent Dawn, and others even might be quest rewards. You&#;ve got to know who to talk to!

Phase 4 and the Zul&#;Gurub raid also brought a batch of fresh new enchants, even better than the previous ones. Many of these enchants require reputation with the Zandalar Tribe (from Friendly to Exalted), as well as obtaining certain — often class-specific — items, such as Zandalar Honor Token. And even more enchants are arriving in Phase 5 alongside the release of Ahn&#;qiraj, so you&#;ll want to keep up to have the best gear.

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Every helm/leg enchant in WoW Classic

Unlike modern WoW, some enchants can be used on multiple slots, assuming you have the materials to make/get the enchant more than once. In the case of head and legs, their enchants are shared across all the following items.

Available via normal means:

Available via Zul&#;Gurub:

Every shoulder enchant in WoW Classic

While shoulder enchants are few and far between, the release of Zul&#;Gurub saw the number of available options quadruple&#; to a total of four. See them below:

Every cloak enchant in WoW Classic

Cloak enchants add protection and resistance, in general, though there are exceptions, like boosting your Agility stat, increasing your Stealth level, or reducing the amount of threat you generate.

Every chest enchant in WoW Classic

Chest enchants will boost your health or mana, give you some absorption, or add a small increase to every base stat.

Every bracer enchant in WoW Classic

Bracer enchants are very versatile. There is a plethora of effects, but the highlights are certainly the individual stat increases.

Every glove enchant in WoW Classic

Glove enchants help you work better with your hands — they improve your ability to perform your tradeskills, or increase the elemental damage from spells that might leave your fingers, among other things.

Every boot enchant in WoW Classic

These enchants for boots might make your feet move faster, or improve your overall Agility, but there are also options to increase your Stamina or Spirit.

Every weapon/shield enchant in WoW Classic

These are the stars of the show. Weapon enchants are powerful, highly sought after, and often make your weapons glow with special effects as well. Sadly, Zul&#;Gurub doesn&#;t add any new weapon enchants, but it does bring two new&#; oils.

1H Weapons:

2H Weapon:

Weapon Oils:


Whew. That was a lot, but we&#;ve made it. Now, get over there and enchant your gear! Or, at least, begin working on it. You&#;ve got a nice grind (or two, or three&#;) ahead of you.

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