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TripAdvisor revamps flight metasearch: Flyscore ratings

tripadvisor flight metasearch

Seven years ago, TripAdvisor first launched its metasearch flight tool, and it wasn’t long after until it enabled users to post reviews.

In 2014, it updated the look of TripAdvisor Flights by adding detailed amenity information, filled at first by SeatGuru, a socially-powered flight amenities site that it acquired in 2007.

Today TripAdvisor launches what it calls a new reviews platform, live in more than 40 countries and in 29 languages.

You might think of it as a funnel: Travelers can review any airline they’ve flown.

A subset of these airlines have already registered as owners in TripAdvisor’s free management center, allowing them to respond to consumer reviews and opinions. (Once an airline brands signs up, it is able to share photo content and respond to reviews, similar to what hotel brands can do.)

A subset of these highly engaged brands – ANA, Aer Lingus, AeroMexico, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, China Airlines, Swiss, Virgin Australia, and nine others – are taking this reviews process a step further and forming marketing collaborations to proactively encourage travelers to post reviews on TripAdvisor.

Flight reviews collected by carriers or online travel agencies are identified as such on TripAdvisor.

Airlines reluctant to participate because they assume that TripAdvisor will be a complaint channel may want to think again. Perhaps surprisingly, airlines receive an average rating of 3.7 out of 5, a hair shy of the average rating that hotels receive.

Bryan Saltzburg, senior vice president and general manager, global flights business, told Tnooz:

“There’s an identifiable profile for TripAdvisor reviewers. Our people are highly engaged and community-focused. They want to pay it forward. It’s not a discussion back and forth to allow other people to comment, like you see on Facebook and Twitter. Our proposition is just different, and our conversations about flights are, on balance, more positive.”

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These are the 10 best airlines in the world, according to TripAdvisor

Travelers on TripAdvisor have spoken.

The travel review and booking site announced the winners in its third year of Travelers’ Choice awards for Airlines. The list of best airlines in the world was dominated by Asian carriers, which took four of the 10 top spots. Singapore Airlines topped the list for the second year in a row. 

Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of airline reviews and ratings submitted by travelers worldwide over a 12-month period on TripAdvisor Flights. 

In addition to the best airlines in the world, the awards also recognized airlines in geographic region and service classes. The full awards are on

Southwest Airlines was the big winner in the U.S., hitting No. 6 on the list of best airlines in the world and taking the crown for best airline in the U.S. for the second year running. 

Scroll through the gallery below to find out TripAdvisor's picks for best airlines in the world. 

TripAdvisor North American regional airline awards

  • Best Airline U.S.: Southwest Airlines 
  • Best Major Airline: Delta Air Lines
  • Best Mid-Size Airlines: Alaska Airlines best; WestJet, Hawaiian Airlines also honored
  • Best Low-Cost Airline: Southwest Airlines best; JetBlue also honored
  • Best Airline Canada: WestJet
  • Best Airline Caribbean: Cayman Airways 
  • Best Economy: Southwest Airlines
  • Best Premium Economy: American Airlines
  • Best Regional Business Class: JetBlue
  • Best Business Class: Air Canada

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What happened to the Swiss quality

What happened to the Swiss quality? We booked business flight 2 months ago from KL to ZRH round trip. 2 weeks ago received information about flight change, where the last leg departs 12 h before the before-last leg arrives. And Swiss expected us to accept the change (and this would be our fault if done so). We would be stranded in Singapore with no last flight to the place of destination. Multiple calls finished be an laconic answer, that it is impossible to put us on economy flight for the last leg (to catch the connection), because we bought business. We do not ask for business having economy, we ask for economy even if we paid for business!!! Silence. Opened another ticket. No answer.


Reimbursement of 2 business roundtrip tickets

Impossible to get the reimbursement of 2 business roundtrip tickets . Due to the US travel ban it was impossible to travel to the US for Schengen . I used the cancel process for my tickets . just received an automatic email . After a month no news and impossible to talk to someone .They never respond to phone calls. On Twitter they just send you back to their website to fill up forms !!
They sell business class and they treat you like a low cost. #flyswiss

Swiss Airlines sinks to the lowest of the lowest

What has happened to the famous Swiss reputation of service and standard?

Our flight was changed and we tried, like so many others, to contact customer service by phone. Three of us tried this. We spent a loooong time, considerable money trying to get through. No luck! Once, after 30 mins waiting I got through and they put down the phone!

This is totally unacceptable. And one would think, now that travelling is picking up again after Covid, they would be happy receiving customers and do their best. But no, quite the contrary.


I received a receipt that said first…

I received a receipt that said first checked back was $0USD. Gate agent insisted on charging me $70 for my first checked bag because he couldn't get anyone on the phone to correct the problem with their computer system. He gave me a business card and repeatedly and explicitly told me that SWISS would "definitely refund the baggage fee" if I called the number on the card. After wasting hours with SWISS customer service, I was denied a refund and not offered any compensation whatsoever--not even an apology. SWISS’ [repeated] response was essentially "We don't care that our employees and partners llied to you. Our policy is you have to pay for the bag, and whatever you think or say is wrong."


Horrible customer service

Our return flight from Morocco was changed twice without informing us, eventhough we were talking to the customer service about two weeks before, where they ensured us that we will get informed of flight changes if we create an account on their plattform, which we did. Fortunately we always looked the flight up by ourselves. When we finally wanted to check in, the airport staff had to make calls for over an hour to find out that we were blocked from checking in, because we could not take the outbound flight, which was anulled and -guess what - we were not informed. So we had to pay over 200€ in order to take the return flight after trying to contact customer service, which kept hanging up on us. Everything taken into account, we lost over 500€. Never again!


Horrible Support stay away when ever you can

I made a mistake with my wife's surname as we had not flown Swiss for 3 years. It can happen but when trying to adjust the surname, which can be done for a small fee which is ok for me, I had called the support and got thrown out 3 times and than received a wrong email address where to send data to. Via twitter I received a second email, which at least created a case, but when calling support again 2 days later still nothing was done. After a trying to call support again an being in the queue for 3h (4 calls) I got another email address. Not auto reply from their either. Even using different language and requesting a manager did not work as the forwarding did not work. Instead the call was lost. Great! Swiss has gotten even worse over the last 15 years and it has nothing to do with Covid in any. Service had been crap for a very long time.

Horible experience

Have flied Swissair a lot prior to bankruptcy in 2002 and Swiss (International) Airlines after bankruptcy (have over 5 Million miles between Star and One World Alliances). They are not heading in the right direction. Sep. 22 this year was flying from Chicago to Zurich, with my wife, in business. Day early we fulfilled all Swiss requirements, COVID and travel related, and printed boarding passes and luggage tags at home.
At the check in we were asked for Covid test results even though we are fully vaccinated, which was requirement for transiting via Zurich and entering our final destination, Belgrade, Serbia. We were harassed by the O’Hare Manager, Ms. Eky, despite the fact that I have shown her printouts of what is required. I had no choice but to take a cab to downtown Chicago and back in order to board the flight.
Needless to say, we finished our trip with vaccine certificates and doc that we had at the airport to start with.
Upon return, we wrote a complaint to Swiss, who now uses consultants, to address those. Not sure how the consultants are compensated by Swiss, but in this case Mr. Kaufuti, never addressed any fact from my complaint but just repeated many times that he is sorry for the inconvenience, but my request for cab fare reimbursement is declined, refusing to allow me to elevate the complaint.
It is a shame how arrogant and ignorant Swiss ground personnel, nullifies great and hard work of the flight attendants.

Manuel Kiener

Unfriendly and impatient

I got an email that the flight departure was changed to 2 days later. After some hours I got a second email that the flight was cancelled. So I contacted Swiss by phone, an unfriendly and impatient lady then told me that flight departure is still normal and that there was no change. To my question why I received the email that the flight was cancelled she didn't want to answer or try to understand my concern. Most unprofessional and unfriendly support I got in a while.

Delay unjustified

Swiss had to delay flight LX1628 for more than 4 hours and when I asked for any compensation regarding the delay, they simply rejected the accusation and said it was unavoidable situation to delay as it was an air traffic restriction.

But as a client we really faced the delay and we, of course wanted some kind of compensation for this inconvenient situation.

It is far from what it is called “a premium service” as what they claim they are…..with that premium airfare they charge….hmmm I might opt for other airlines the next time.


Cristi Macovei



Their agents at the airport are very extremely rude, unprofessional and will rip you off with excessive charges. They charged my parents for luggage at the airport even though I already paid for it before and my mother had a document showing it.


Dennis Hibma

Refuses to refund during corona

After rebooking with Swiss due to a cancellation related to the coronavirus, we had to cancel again because the second flight was canceled as well. We paid around an additional €800 to Swiss for rebooking. Swiss now claims we have to ask for a refund at the original agency, Travelgenio, who has in fact already refunded the original amount back to us. Swiss now refuses to listen to us. We expected more from a big, renown company liked Swiss Air. Never initially flew with them and won’t anymore in the future.

Richard Davenport

Don’t bother with Swiss

I paid extra in order to be certain that my wife and I could be seated together and there would be no issues with our luggage. They changed our reserved seats on the flight to Berlin and again on the return. The flight to Berlin was the only flight delayed that afternoon. The flight attendants were rude. There is no difference between this airline and the budget airlines except for price and a bad attitude.

This is absolutely hands down the worst…

This is absolutely hands down the worst cust service experience I have ever had. My advice even if you have to pay a little more go with a different airline. They cancelled the flight without sending us an email or anything. Then they double charged usfor the original rate we booked and waited for last minute to tell us there was nothing they could do. The reps are rude, they question the reason for your frustration even though the mistake is on their end. To make it even fishier they all have funny names and refuse to give you their last name or badge ID> I cannot believe an Airline like Swiss will have such a lower standard for customer service. Do yourselves a somewhere else.



Horrible! I booked a ticket with luggage option "No free baggage allowance". Nowhere in the website of Swiss Air it is saying what the rules for this mean. Does this mean I need to come to the flight empty-handed? Can I carry my wallet or laptop?

very bad customer service

it is not the first time that I have issues with trying to upgrade my flight with miles and having a bad experience with customer service.
I received an email asking me to place a monetary bid for an upgrade of my flight but when I tried to upgrade with miles, apparently I could not. I called Swiss who sent me to miles and more and when i contacted miles and guessed it, they sent me back to Swiss. So I wrote an email. it took them long enough to answer (I was long home already) and their answer was filled with apolgies but irrelevant to my question.
I answered and for the second time they apologized but did not answer my question. I am home already a month....I still did not receive an answer! apparently, the economy class has something to do with but considering that when one buys a ticket, gets only economy/flex/business etc, I wonder how is one supposed to know that buying this economy will put him/her in a clas where upgrading is not possible with miles! and why should it be like that to begin with?

Misleading sales tactics. Poor customer support and experience

Horrible airlines. They have a fare class called Economy Basic Plus and it is not clear anywhere whether gold card holders have benefits on this fare. On their baggage allowance page only 3 types of fares are named economy light, classic and flex. Why are there unlisted fare types that are not named clearly on their website? Completely misleading. Never flying swiss again.


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Tripadvisor reviews swiss air

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TRIP REPORT - SWISS A340-300 - Montréal (YUL) to Zurich (ZRH) - Economy

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