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4-Pack: Dancing Flame TIKI Torches with Solar Charging LED Lights


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Love these. I’m going to order more!

Written by @Laurambu - August 17th


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Easy assemble, looks very nice! Everyone LOVES these solar torches!!

Written by @pamela - July 21st


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Looks better than online

You can change the height to suit where you want to light them. Very soothing motion and soft lighting. Bought another set for a gift. Great value for the price.

Written by @bottomline - June 17th


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Written by @clwelt - June 15th


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Got exactly as described and what I wanted. I’ve looked at so many of these and this one stands out. Very nice and beautiful.

Written by @gingeryork - June 13th


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Great and fun product

Wish I had bought more!

Written by @hermananthony - June 11th


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Flame tiki landscaping lights

I am so loving the lights. Best investment.

Written by @Slim - June 10th


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If there’s any tiki torch lights I like another set

Written by @vickyfreund - June 8th


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Very Happy!!

Lights are perfect.
Thank you!!!

Written by @SChinn - June 6th


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It works well with minor directions.

Written by @gwyounger - May 30th


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Pricing of product

Was told that this product was worth $90 on a TV show… I paid 40 and I seen it in a flyer for $20 so this was very deceiving to pay this amount.

Written by @Mannatech1 - May 29th


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The torch lights were very easy to set up and look beautiful spaced around my yard. The light is realistic and burns several hours.

Written by @ceebee37 - May 29th


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Love these Lights great product

Written by @DianeSCarlett - May 29th


These are great

I wondered if I was being scammed at this price. There are soooo many folks doing these ads on FB. I took a chance and got them quick. I love these … only wish I ordered 15 of them!

Written by @zorro11p - May 29th


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So Realistic!

The solar Tiki Torches look like the real thing and can be turned on and off with the simple push of a button!

Written by @MFHancock - May 23rd


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Great product

I L♡VE how they look

Written by @elimeyer - May 22nd


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I love them

I just got them today, I was waiting to get dark outside and I couldn’t wait for it to get dark, darkness’s finally came on and I said OMG. It looks so beautiful I just love them.

Written by @Bandido18 - May 21st


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Love them.

I bought 4 a few weeks ago and love them. Bought 4 more and got them today. They look great in our backyard. They stay lite all though the night. Love how they flicker.

Written by @anitaagibbs - May 21st


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M Johnson

Great product just wish they were a foot taller.

Written by @Marvinj24 - May 18th


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Beautiful solar lights

They come on at night like a glow of fire. They are so cool.

Written by @munozernestina - May 18th


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Love these!

Written by @lferelli - May 17th


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mesmerizing torch

adds to the ambiance in the yard!

Written by @stutc - May 17th


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Very happy and excited already put in my backyard

Written by @Lanaya77 - May 16th


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Written by @toto49 - May 15th


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Dancing flame 🔥 lights

Just love them need to order more!

Written by @sarahblack72 - May 15th


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They look amazing at night

Written by @nancywarner - May 14th


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I have yet to use them and can’t wait but i love them. The boxes was a little damaged but i think the lamps are in good condition.

Written by @zeekellam - May 14th


Verified Purchase

I just got my first four today and I like the way they look and Im sure they will look great!!! I have another set coming probley tomarrow so I cant wait to see how they look out side thank you so much…

Written by @jerbear49 - May 12th


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Tiki Torches

I bought a set of these Tiki Torches last year and used them throughout the summer. I love them! Since they are solar lights, I don’t have to light them every evening. I just bought 4 more for this summer’s enjoyment.

Written by @Pontoonie - May 12th


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Worth every penny

Sturdy…nice size…look great in the yard,love them!!

Written by @COPPER29 - May 9th


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Love the new solar flaming lights.

Written by @dvjohnso - May 8th


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Very pleased with the product

Written by @sangee - May 8th


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I love these lights!

My neighbor across the street had these lights and I wanted some too… it took me a while to find them and now I am tickled to have some of my own… they look so good like a flaming torch!

Written by @Pquincey - November 18th


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They are fantastic. . . so pleased!

I ordered two sets for my deck area. We followed directions on charging and they lasted all summer. They are very realistic! Both of my daughter’s loved them, so I ordered two sets each for a Christmas present for them. They will be so excited!!

Written by @jimlynn - November 8th


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They were a gift to my adult daughter she loved them they are around her fire pit

Written by @Dorasites - October 25th


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Love These!!

Had to order 2 more. Just give a little more elegance to your house appeal.

Written by @szmnpy50 - October 18th


Verified Purchase

Easy to put up and flame very realistic. Added to the landscaping. You will want more than 2

Written by @hurtackk - September 17th


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Beautiful lights works great and nice price

Written by @iannico12 - September 6th


Verified Purchase

Very Sharp Looking!

Written by @Pmorisch - August 24th


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Love These!!

These are cut in my backyard around my patio. It was easy to put together and place in the ground, hit the button on the side and watch them flicker. My neighbors do love them.

Written by @szmnpy50 - August 19th


Verified Purchase

Love em

Written by @annettepotenza - July 12th


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great product

Love the tiki torches. They look great on our patio

Written by @pen3han - July 7th


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Bought some for myself and then ended up buying more as gifts for friends, these are Awesome!

Written by @Alexcruz - June 29th


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Looks great!

My husband LOVED that I bought these! They look awesome and the height is variable. Great value too. May buy more!

Written by @lisarw - June 26th


Verified Purchase

Versatile and beautiful!

Love these! They’re solar powered so no wiring needed, easy to set up and use. There’s even an on and off switch. And with the multiple poles, you have the option of how short or tall you want to display your torches. Thank you!

Written by @marcym - June 26th


Verified Purchase

They are really nice.

Written by @BettySave - June 26th


Verified Purchase

Great deal

These solar lights are so unique & @ an affordable price. Thank you

Written by @ggalbom - June 25th


Verified Purchase

Great Product

I love these lights. They are brighter than any led garden stakes I have ever purchased. I hope they last a long time…Regret that I didn’t order more.

Written by @uncleitch60 - June 24th


Verified Purchase

Tiki torches

Cute & works well on back patio.

Written by @cdlegs - June 22nd


Verified Purchase

Love them!

Written by @Oakridgenh - June 8th


Verified Purchase

good product

fun to see them lite up fter dark wish the poles would have been a lenghth longer

Written by @slheldoni2 - June 13th


Verified Purchase

I really like them

Written by @Laperlita - May 29th


Verified Purchase

Love the flame, stakes are a little flimsy.

Written by @patstur - May 10th


Verified Purchase


So far good I like them

Written by @wildthingpm - August 10th


Verified Purchase

Lights are great but stands are cheap. Some even came broken

The stands were cheaply made

Written by @nsilvera - July 7th


Verified Purchase

They Look great

They look awesome. I ordered 4 but one arrived with a broken connector piece trying to gorilla glue it now, hope it works!

Written by @ssfiler - June 25th


Verified Purchase

Not for Arizona

Liked the lights but the poles are not made for AZ. The heat made the poles soft and bend over

Written by @Sparknfly - June 14th


Verified Purchase

TIKI torch pole

I received (4)TIKI Torch pole. But 1 box came without the extending pole(stakes).

Written by @mariejenkins09 - June 2nd


Verified Purchase

Solar torch

One didn’t work at all. One only stayed lit an hour or so, a night. The other 2 are really nice.

Written by @casadelcruz - May 31st


Verified Purchase

I got mine and we love them thanks

Written by @jsmith - May 29th


Verified Purchase

Like the flame

These are very nice and was easy to put together. I ordered 8 and 2 of the round pieces were broken. We taped them and they were ok to use if I want the longer stake.

Written by @babsdoll - June 25th


Verified Purchase

We ordered 8 and only 5 work.

Written by @lyndaadams - July 5th


Verified Purchase

Poles are too flimsy and break easily

Just a little wind after 1 days use broke the tubes that hold up the torches. The torch part itself is pretty durable that’s why I’m giving it 2 stars and not just one. The torch part was well designed and functions well and appears realistic and very cool looking. I will have to figure out a way to stand them up now, possibly using PVC pipe.

Written by @nelyrag - May 29th


Verified Purchase

Dolores lights

Cheaply made. Very disappointed.

Written by @Corarae17 - May 28th


Verified Purchase

Not happy

Took forever to get here! And only three work!!

Written by @bamagurl22 - May 21st


Verified Purchase

Love the lights, but disappoited that 2 have cracks

Written by @tMistie - May 15th


Verified Purchase

To short

Not what I expected, way to small for a deck. Seems very cheaply made.

Written by @susieself - May 12th


Verified Purchase

Can’t replace the battery, otherwise fine.

Written by @sdillinger2 - May 9th


Verified Purchase

To Cheap!!!

I thought this would be sooo much better looking then it is. Very Cheap looking!! Not worth $ more little $ if lucky!

Written by @rosekeena - June 16th


Verified Purchase

The first day we got them & put them up the very cheaply made plastic 3 piece poles melted in the sun. They are so distorted looking, it’s embarrassing. I had already put the recycling out the same day so couldn’t rebox & return. We haven’t yet had time to metal poles to hold lanterns which will be more expense. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

Written by @darotis - August 3rd


Verified Purchase

Cheaply made

I put them together and the plastic cracked down by the base. Very poor quality. I do not think these will survive a gentle wind. Very disappointed!

Written by @gibbss - June 17th


Verified Purchase

I just received my lights and after putting them together I will say they are cheaply made.
They do not stand straight up as they lean over

Written by @juice - June 13th


Verified Purchase

plastic poles are made very thin, split when putting together.

Not even worth $10 ec.

Written by @Twin - June 8th


Verified Purchase

Not worth the money. Cheap plastic!

The plastic poles that hold up the light are made of very thin plastic and crack when put in the ground. It comes with 3 poles to put together and it had one pole that didn’t fit so I could only use 2 poles making it shorter. Very CHEAPLY MADE!

Written by @mikatnight - May 29th


Verified Purchase

Waiting to hear from you!!

My order has missing parts. I sent an email on the day I received them!! Also the ones that I was able to put together were pretty flimsy! As a matter of fact, yesterday I had to take 2 out of the sun as they were melting.

Written by @candiecobb - May 29th


Verified Purchase


I purchase 2 pack of 4 lights =8 lights . The box arrived with only 7. I sent an email Immediately. That was about three weeks ago I still have not received any notice back other than a blanket email saying that they are behind in their emails.

Written by @tpinola - May 29th


Verified Purchase

These lights are shoddy plastic and the kind of quality you’d expect from a dollar store for much less money. Mine don’t work and have defective pole extensions so one light is shorter than the rest.

Written by @jenazon - May 22nd


Verified Purchase

Very disappointed to find out after ordering 8 tiki torches that they only last a year. Wish I would have known this before they were ordered and I most likely would not have ordered them.

Written by @debradelaney - June 26th


Verified Purchase

What Crap

this is biggest box of crap I have ever seen out of 8 torches 4 are broken, it is bad enough I have to wait wks to receive but to receive what crap…I will NEVER order from this company again and the money I paid it should have been $10

Written by @stl - June 22nd

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Dancing Solar Flame Tiki Torch Light

5 Stars  Torches 

Hubby loves these

5 Stars  Great Solar Lanterns 

I have several of these in front of my house. I put 4 of them into the vinyl posts to my picket fence to highlight the two gate entrances and have another two on my porch. I get compliments all the time about these and these are actually long lasting after a good charge after being in the sunlight but will even charge on less sunny days.



5 Stars  Love my Tiki Lights 

These tiki torch lights are beautiful. Ive bought 2 on 3 occasions and may buy more. Ive also bought them as gifts. The battery life is really good, as they are still flickering the next morning. They really enhance our evenings on the patio.

4 Stars  Beautifol addition to our yard 

Ive read many reviews of this product and I agree that the plastic tubes need to be reinforced, so when my new ones arrived Ive bought 5 in the past I added black electrical tape to each extension so they wont break if the wind blows them over or the gardener runs into them. The Tiki Torches work well and look beautiful at night around the pool. They reflect into the pool making twice the light. We love them and hope our quick fix will last.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Tiki Light 

Great. Love them.

5 Stars  Great quality 

i have 5 of these - they last a very long and over the years I have only replaced one due to age!

4 Stars  dancing solar flame 

Its real nice but the plastic tube is no good to flimsy and breaks.

4 Stars  These look so realistic! 

I love these! I ordered 8 of them, and they look fantastic in my backyard. They look very realistic and emit a bright fire-y glow. I am surprised they are solar b/c they emit such a great amount of light, as you would expect from a torch. I subtract a star, however, b/c the poles are total crap! Most of them split at the openings as soon as I put them together. This caused them to be loose from the stake and they wont stand upright anymore. I am going to a big box store to purchase either metal poles or PVC to put in their place, which I will paint. Such a pain and shouldnt be an issue, but here we are.

4 Stars  So far so Good 

may my own holders out of wood for a base and use the lights on a patio table - work great - recharged easily and held charge till daylight next morning

5 Stars  Beautiful at night 

These lights show up beautifully and stay on almost all night.

5 Stars  TIKI TORCH 

I absolutely love this, Tiki Torch it is so calming a night to watch it looks like a little fire!

5 Stars  wonderful yard lights 

these lights are great they really make the yard look special

5 Stars  Great Product 

They look Great , Flame flickers like real thing,Glad i got them.

2 Stars  Nice lantern idea but 3 of 4 received needed help 

I bought 4 lanterns but three were obiously returns and defective in parts. 5 pieces of Tubing were split lengthwise. one pointed stake for placing in the ground was missing. The plastic over the solar sections were already removed by someone else I bought pipe and a stake and made then work but these should have been half price.

4 Stars  Works as advertised 

I would have given 5 stars, but the walls of the tubing are too thin. The wind has already split two of them. I wrapped electrical tape around the ends and I hope they hold. Otherwise, they look fantastic at night.

2 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Tiki Torch Light 

The tiki torch light is really cool and lasted all night, but 2 of the 4 that I bought the poles are really cheap and cracked while putting them together. Would also not leave them out if it is windy because they would blow over.

5 Stars  Works! 

Ive spent so much money on outdoor lights. Not until I bought the Dancing Solar Flame did I find the one that works! The rest end up in the trash after a couple of weeks THIS ONE TRULY WORKS AND IS VERY PLEASANT TO THE EYE.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Tiki Torch Light 

I love these solar torch lights. They look so nice lit up at night time in the garden. I had so many complements. I recommended them to a few friends. I like them so much that I ordered a 2nd set.

5 Stars  Great product 

I have had Several of these for over five years they are still working perfectly

3 Stars  Great torch. Wimpy pole 

The torches are just fine. The flimsy sections of plastic interlocking poles are terrible. Don t even try to use all three, as a breeze will snap them apart. I had to cut sections of 1/2 inch steel electrical conduit, pound then into the ground, then slip the thin pole sections down over it.

3 Stars  looks great, but plastic tubes do not hold it up 

Looks great, but the plastic tubes that came with it are way too thin, and the first wind storm they all broke. Fortunately, I had some scrap 1/2 inch aluminum conduit, and I could replace the plastic tubes with aluminum.

4 Stars  lights work nicely at night 

The lights flicker nicely at night, but like others who posted, the plastic poles are a fragile problem. They came apart and cracked while I was pushing them down in the ground. I taped them up very securely at the seams and they are holding up so far. My neighbors have asked where to get them because they are very nice lights.

5 Stars  Love this lil light! 

I purchased this as a gift for my sister to use in her pool area. She loves it and will probably order more!

4 Stars  Works well but stand is flimsy 

The flame is great, and runs all night after a full day of sunlight. However, when I tried to set it up, the tubing split at the peg and at the lantern - I replaced the peg with a tent peg and the tubing with a 5 conduit, and it works wonderfully.

5 Stars  Great product 

Just beautiful hope they last a long time.

4 Stars  buy it for the light, careful with the poles 

One of the best lights Ive owned. The poles are awful though kept it from 5 stars

5 Stars  Night Light 

Very realistic looking, lasts all night.

4 Stars  Wife loves them 

Lights work very well. However, the base is cheap. Even in Florida sand, must use caution in pushing down or pipes will crack. I will need to rebuild/replace these plastic posts.

5 Stars  Adds WOW to Yard 

Love These. They are so realistic looking. Did have a bit of a problem with the poles, but I used a bit of tape and theyre ok.

4 Stars  Love the light effect 

I love these torches, and have several of them throughout our yard. the only problem we have is where the riser fits into the peg in the ground, it is such a tight fit that several of them have CRACKED when trying to insert them. Had to cut down the riser and try again. Finally use black tape to hold them together. A stronger plastic or better fit would be great.

2 Stars  flimsy 

Lanterns are fine but the mounting poles crack and break when pressing them into the soil.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Security Light 

Love these lights. Wish the poles were a little sturdier, but I inserted a metal rod and theyre standing up fine. Have them at the bottom of the stairs to our deck and they light up very nicely every night. Happy with purchase.

5 Stars  Awesome - they look so real 

I have several of these and they have been outside non-stop for years - rain, snow, scorching sun and they look as real as the day I got them. The pole they are on have broken on most of them but I just lowered them closer to the ground. Really love them

4 Stars  Landscaping 

Definitely adds some pizzaz to landscaping. The only problem was the mounting setup on lights. They come with all plastic sections and a pointed plastic tip. I used !/2 inch conduit pieces cut to the right height I wanted to mount the lights, drove that in the ground and slipped fixture tubing over that, much securer installation.

5 Stars  Solar lights 

These were just what I wanted. The right size and made well.

5 Stars  Love these Torch Lights 

I have bought 8 previously and two more recently of the Solar Flame Tiki Torch Lights and I just love them, they look great in my back yard and I had many compliments. They are bright and last a long time. The 8 I have bought last year they are still working beautifully.

2 Stars  Flimsy 

The plastic extension pieces are very flimsy They break easily when putting the light together. Some even broke due to a light wind. Luckily, I was only using one per light so I have extra to use and boy, do I need them! One light did not come with the base stake. I reached out to customer service and received one pretty quickly. That is the only reason for two stars instead of one. I am not impressed with the dancing flame. It is not very realistic like I had hoped for

5 Stars  Realistic torch light 

I have purchased several and also gave some as gifts LOVE these. The original ones are still going strong two years later in the hot Florida sun and salt air!

5 Stars  Love it 

Love it and have ordered 3 so far. You will not be disappointed.

5 Stars  Tiki Torch 

Very good product. I would order again.

5 Stars  Solar Flame Torch 

bought one of these a few years ago. Always wished I had gotten more. When they became available again, now I have three. Love them. A neighbor called me one night to tell me there was a fire burning in my yard. Now she wants some.

5 Stars  Beautiful lights 

These lights are a delight to me and my wife as we look out to our back yard. I just hope that they last longer than many others we have tried.

5 Stars  dancing light 

The lamp is very beautiful and all my neighbors rave about it. I love to watch it.

5 Stars  Torches 

Love these torches. Talk from everybody they look like actual flames.

5 Stars  Awesome! 

These are the best solar lights!! They last forever! Love Love Love these lights! The best!

5 Stars  Authentic Flaming Light 

These outdoor lights are spectacular due to the authentic flaming light that it dispurses. The solar keeps a long charge that lasts through most of the evening. A purchase well worth it.

4 Stars  Neat Torch 

Works as advertised, very nice for patio

5 Stars  Tiki torches 

Best ones ever! Better than the other ones you sold. These look like real flames!! Please don t stop selling them!

3 Stars  posts failing 

female section of posts are spliting lights work GREAT

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Tiki Torch 

I love these! My mother, Aunt & Sister cant get enough of them!

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Tiki Torch Light 

I love these torch lights. They look beautiful out in the yard when it gets dark and they start dancing around and they look like real fire inside the torch. I have had several friends wanting to know where I got them and could hardly wait to order them when they saw them in my yard at night.

5 Stars  solor tiki torch 

I have bought 10 of these torches and everyone is enjoying and want more. The first ones I bought for my self, and have working every day for 3 years now.

4 Stars  Great Solar Lights 

These last all night, and work for longer then a lot of other solar lights out today. The only issue is the piping for the light is weak. And will need replacing long before the light dies!

4 Stars  weak plastic 

the poles break, the plastic is very thin, but the torches are beautiful!

4 Stars  weak plastic 

The lighting is beautiful! However, the plastic tubing is so thin it cracked and broke, I had to use wire and hot glue to stand them up. I will buy new metal poles to replace the plastic poles. They stay lit from 5 pm to morning! Much longer than I expected!

5 Stars  A Tiki light thats durable and actually has a realistic looking flame 

Great product for use anywhere a torch affect is desired and the price is a real bargain.

5 Stars  Solor Tiki Torch 

We have had some of these near our pool for years. It is the best money we have ever spent for something unique and decorative.

3 Stars  Dancing solar flame 

The flame works well after it is charged by the sun. However, the plastic poles that hold the flame and connect with the ground are poorly constructed. Because they easily crack, they should be made out of metal.

4 Stars  Only Two Out of Three Work 

The two that worked look great. But I needed three and only got a refund as they are now sold out. Great customer service, but products are sometimes suspect. Also, these are sealed and battery cannot be replaced.

4 Stars  Only Two Out of Three Work 

The two that worked look great. But I needed three and only got a refund as they are now sold out. Great customer service, but products are sometimes suspect.

5 Stars  Solar Flame Torch Lights 

I love the Solar Torch Lights the add so much to my yard. Also other people walking in my neighbor stopped to ask where I got them and purchased the lights too. A good purchase made by me. Thank you very much.

5 Stars  wonderful ambience! 

I just love these torches, and everyone else does, too! I bought three last year, and four more this year to put around my deck. Ive gotten others for gifts and showed friends who have bought their own. No fuss, and they create a great atmosphere. One of them peters out around 3 a.m., but its good to go again the next evening, and I shouldnt be up to see it at that hour, anyway!

4 Stars  Love the look 

Love how these torches look, just wish the plastic poles were a little sturdier. I still ordered another set!

5 Stars  Had seen before and liked 

Bought a total of They come on every night, without fail. Neighborhood loves them

5 Stars  Terrific 

Everyone who has seen our lights was surprised how realistic they look and most of our guests has ordered some. Ours have been working for over 2 years.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Lights 

I bought my first 4 Torch lights about a year ago. They are unbelievably beautiful when they automatically come on when the Sun goes down. I am so happy with them that I have bought 4 more twice, making it 12 lights that I have in my yard. The price is so reasonable and they add sssoo much to your yard that you wont believe it. I have bought many items at Pulse in the last 10 to 12 years, but I must tell you, these lights are the best things I have ever bought.

5 Stars  Great Product 

I first ordered three and let them charge on my table in the backyard for a full day before mounting them in the ground. The poles provided are relatively fragile thin-walled and care needs to be exercised when putting them into the ground. One cracked. The lights go on about a half hour before it gets completely dark pm and stay on throughout the night. At am they were still going strong. I ordered four more to put in the remainder of my back yard.

5 Stars  Great Patio Lights 

I bought a pair of these Tiki lights for my backyard patio. Theyre great! Love how they look, perfect size & brightness. And best of all no batteries - solar recharge & auto off & on. Hope they work for a long time. I will buy more for Xmas gifts.

5 Stars  Mesmerizing, looks amazingly real. 

Exactly as advertised. Have four of them.

5 Stars  Love them 

Look great and realistic great inhansment to my landscape

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

Love them , they stay on all night, and are fun to look at

5 Stars  Very impressed 

Extremely satisfied with this purchase! Please let me know when there on sale again. Thanks

5 Stars  Flame touch light 

Absolutely love it

4 Stars  They look real 

Love the torches. They look like real fire and are a great yard decoration. The poles are a little flimsy and can break so be careful when putting the stakes in the ground.

5 Stars  Great lights 

We have ordered these lights before and they work really well. Definitely attract attention.

5 Stars  Outstanding Effect 

You wont believe they are not gas fed torches.

5 Stars  Torch Lights are great 

These lights look like flames and stay lit all night. They add a nice touch to my sidewalk.

5 Stars  Solar Tiki Torches 

They look great on my pier and stay lit all night long!

5 Stars  Great looking 

lighting works as described, looks great, bought 2 then bought 2 more

5 Stars  BEST EVER 

I cant begin to say how wonderful they are. Even on rainy days they seem to charge up and work all night. A wonderful product

5 Stars  I LOVE these and so does my neighbor across the street! 

These are great! They really do look like actual flames are coming out of them. Its so realistic that we worried about putting them in our front yard, because their house had burned down during our wildfires in CA. Instead they came over and said they love looking at them! Now we have some in our backyard as well, and my daughter has some by her hot tub! Just ordered 2 more for my neighbors.

5 Stars  Realistic torch light 

I love love love these torches. I put several in pots around the pools at my vacation rentals. Everyone who stays with us asks about them. One guest, who arrived late at night thought they were real and tried to put them out before they went to bed. I ordered a dozen more when they came back in stock so I will have some for a long time.

5 Stars  DancingSolar Flame Torch Light 

Loved them. I sent four to a friend in Minnesota. Now her sister-in-law wants some. Very happy.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

I LOVE these little guys.

5 Stars  Great 

These are the best lights

5 Stars  Solar lights 

I have purchased 9 sets of lights as friends keep asking where I purchased them presents for them. Once they are set, the lights continue to work. The only drawback is the poles will bend a bit in hot weather.

5 Stars  great deal 

Bought 6 of these torches gave 2 to my grandson and granddaughter. Kept 4 around the pool. Great price! Everyone loves them.

5 Stars  Love It! 

We bought two torch lights for our patio. The neighbors comment how pretty they look and we bought two more for our son. They come on every night without a hitch - even through the winter!

5 Stars  Dancing solar flame torch light 

I was so impressed That I reordered them 3 more times

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Lights 

I love these lights an so do all the neighbors they are the perfect accent in the yard.

5 Stars  Awesome light 

I bought 3 lights. They look really good . When I go to run at. 6 am they are still on. Have 2 in my flower bed. 1 beside my walk way. They look so good like a real flame.

5 Stars  love the light 

All my friends thinks it is so pretty

5 Stars  They Really Look Real! 

Ive now purchased four of these Dancing Solar Flame Torches because they look so real. I actually had a neighbor come to my house because they thought my lanterns were on fire! Ive had two of them for over a year and they are still going strong. Terrific buy for the price.

5 Stars  Great yard lights. 

These look great in the garden and add a bit of a flare to our north woods home. Great purchase for us.

5 Stars  The best product I ever bought from you 

Those dancing solar lights are by far the best items I bought from you. My total purchase of those is between 50 and 60, possibly more. 4 of our kids use them on their property and keep asking for more.

5 Stars  Love them 

Worth every penny

5 Stars  Special 

These lights are beautiful and special flickering at night! We have them in our backyard landscaping and in front. Last all night!

5 Stars  Lights up everybodys spirits 

These solar flaming torches are so realistic our condo board informed us that we couldnt use any live fire utensils on our 6th floor deck and were amazed at how authentic they looked and where they could get them.

5 Stars  Great looking illumination 

I bought 4 of these in the fall of I assumed, as with other garden solar lights that I had bought, that they would --hopefully--provide at least a modest light for a couple of hours after a sunny day. Well, they are WAY better than that. After a sunny day, theyre STILL flaming away in our back yard until about AM. Im guessing that is because the solar-panel atop the light fixture is relatively large in area. As another reviewer noted, the shafts are rather weak. Mine were OK for about 6 months, then began to split slightly at the shaft end. But!it is easy to simply replace the shaft with stronger, but inexpensive, PVC tubing. Every night I can see them burning away about 80 feet from my dining room window. And, even up close, but especially from 10 to 15 feet away, they really do seem to be some sort of actual flame. Also, they produce a larger area of light than any other solar-light Ive tried. All in all, a very pleasant surprise, and well worth the money. NOTE When initially pushing the shaft into the soil, be sure to hold the shaft, and NOT press down on the upper lighting fixture itself

4 Stars  Dusk to dawn 

Bought 2 of these about 6 months ago. Very realistic effect. Everyone that sees them think they are real and want to know where I got them. Long lasting solar batteries keep them flickering from dusk to dawn. The poles are cheap. They bend and the ends that hold the stake split. Easy fix with pvc poles.

5 Stars  Great Look 

Love these solar lights in my recently renovated back yard, great value for the money.

5 Stars  So far so good 

Like looks of lantern when lit..I placed it at end of driveway so company knows which driveway is ours. Have had incidents where cars drive up neighbors driveway or vice-Versa and out of laziness, drive over strip of grass separating driveways and dig grass up.

5 Stars  Awesome 

I love these flaming torch lights and so does everyone else who comes to my house. I bought five of them and have them all around my yard the flame is so intense , it looks real , Im hoping to buy a couple more. I would very much recommend these to anyone

5 Stars  Torch Light 

Love looking out at our garden after dark and seeing these two lights flickering away.

5 Stars  Dancing lights 

I love these lights. I now have six and will probably get more. They are the first to come on at dusk and going strong. Everyone that sees them comments on their beauty and a few of my friends have ordered them for their own yard. You will be glad you get a few.

5 Stars  Dancing flame fascinates 

Got two of these, for our backyard. Tested them, fascinating flame effect!

5 Stars  Very realistic 

Surprisingly realistic, long battery life. The only disappointment I had is that after the purchase, I found the exact same item for less in a local store. Nonetheless, I am well pleased with the look and durability and long life of the charge.

2 Stars  Posts bend in sun/heat 

I love the lantern and flickering light and would have given the product 5 stars. But, the plastic posts all bend in the sun and heat. We have replaced some with PVC pipe to keep them straight. Every one of them has bent and I bought a dozen of them. This year we will be replacing all of the posts.

5 Stars  Great purchase 

We have received many compliments on these torches. Easy to install and work well. They are are welcome addition to our landscaping theme.

5 Stars  Flame Torch Light Shines 

These lights have a great ambiance around our patio. Look great. They charge well in the sunlight and last all evening. Not sure how to change rechargeable battery when they eventually fail to hold a charge. Pleased overall with this purchase.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

This is the best solar light. i have gotten so manny compliments .. Everyone asks where did i get it. looks like real fire inside. . I just ordered 4 more. and i will order more for christmas gifts.

5 Stars  AWESOME 


5 Stars  The best product I ever bought from you 

Last count, I believe I have purchased between 55 and 65 of these dancing flame tiki light. They are GREAT!! Right out of the package, they stayed lit all night long, without the benefit of a solar charge. Ive given many of them to my grown kids for their homes and love them too. ps-disappointed the price is back up to the original offer but I do have enough.

5 Stars  love the light 

love it

5 Stars  Thank you 

Beautiful light and solar batteries last all night ,strong batteries

5 Stars  Dancing Tiki Tourch 

These are really awesome they look like real flames at night !!! Just bought 2 more of them.

5 Stars  Novelty 

Like my quivering solar flame!! Purchased it for my daughter as well!! Keep it coming!

5 Stars  Realistic 

We have four of them on the far side of the pool and as we look out the slider we are enchanted by the reflection in the pool and the sight of the realistic flickering flame.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

This is the 5th Torch Light I have purchased and I love them.

5 Stars  Solar lights 

I love these lights, I have about 15 and my neighbor now has some. Pulse has the absolute best price any where. Buy theses lights and you will love them, I guarantee it.

5 Stars  Dancing solar flame torch light 

I love the way these lights look. Will be ordering more.

5 Stars  Love the flame torch light 

I bought 3 for our back yard garden area. They go on at dusk and are still going at am. The flame light looks like an actual flame. Would definitely purchase again.

5 Stars  This is the greatest LED light ever produced 

This is the greatest LED light ever produced I will be ordering more of them super super super

4 Stars  i real waste of money 

I do like the light very much. but if I knew it lasted only one yr. I would have never got them!!!!

5 Stars  impressive 

The flickering looks really nice. Only thing I dont understand when the battery eventually dies, it can not be replaced. One must throw the torch light away. That makes no sense.

5 Stars  dancing solar flame 

Items work just as described. Look great in the yard at night!!


High quality, stunning presentation

5 Stars  Dancing Torchlight 

I love it . My neighbors make nice comets.

5 Stars  Night flame 

I get a lot of compliments on my torch lights. I believe they make the front yard very appealing and fit for summer. I love them so much I bought a few extras - just in case.

5 Stars  Most realistic of all 

This one is the best ive seen, especially for the price. So called set up was a snap and once in place, this torch is worry and hands free. It charges during the day and the flame flickers and sways all night. A Home Run, for sure!

4 Stars  Unique edition to outdoor living 

These Tiki torches are great and last for a very long time. Only criticism is that the poles they rest on are flimsy and bend easily, especially in the Florida heat. Had to purchase rebar to beef them up.

5 Stars  Great item 

Wonderful item. Well built and sturdy, realistic looking flame. All my neighbors fell in love with them.

5 Stars  Love, love, love these 

They look so REAL!!!! I have 3 of them & ordered 2 more to send my son & daughter-in-law. Dont hesitateonce you buy 1, youll be hooked o

5 Stars  Electric 

Just love the lights. They just look so authentic. No batteries to mess with and have been ultra consistent in coming on and off as displayed. Great buy!

5 Stars  Great Lighting 

These lights do a nice job looking like a flickering torch. The flickering is not over the top making for a pleasant noticeable torch effect. The charging mechanism does a good job collecting sun light even in partial shade.. Charge lasts all night. The auto day/night sensor works well also. I am impressed with the quality. Sturdy plastic housing and good staking. Our front yard had 4 placed in different flower beds one on our steps in large flower pot. Looks welcoming. My hope is that these torches last many years.

3 Stars  Nice light, poor poles 

The light is very nice. I have two of them in the back yard and love them. Unfortunately there are 3 very thin cheap plastic poles that raise it off the ground. If they dont break, they will lean in the wind. I bought some 3/4 wide PCV pipe to replace them. 35 long and primed and painted them black. I had to grind the connection on the light down with a sander to get it to fit inside the PCV pipe. Now with the new stands they are great.

5 Stars  Look great 

Neighbor asked me if I had installed some gas lights. They actually last all night and look great.

5 Stars  Solar torch lights a bright success. 

While I havent mounted these 2 lamps on the posts for which they are intended, I have put them outside and tested them, and am thrilled with the results. They will make a beautiful addition to my yard.

5 Stars  So realistic! 

I received my 1st order of 4 and immediately ordered 4 more. These look so real that one of my guest went out to blow them out!

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

These lights are AWESOME!!!! In the desert Southwest I get a lot of sun. These lights last all night long and are a beautiful effect on the front of my house. They do not emit a lot of light, but the dancing light is beautiful!

5 Stars  Great and incredibly beautiful 

I bought 7 of them and they look beautiful around the house, at the bottom of the stairs, on each side of the car port and in the garden. They are above my expectations and look so real ! I love them !

5 Stars  Great addition to patio 

I have three of these on my patio and water feature. They really are beautiful and sort of mesmerizing.

5 Stars  Great lights, 

These lights are just what I wanted, But I took only one tube and put a wooden dowel on the end and put them up on my fence and now they look light torches from years ago like the ones they had hanging up in the old Castles All of my friends like what I did to them, I think that they will be buying some for there yard.

5 Stars  Best Customer Service 

Purchased 10 Opened, weeks after arrival. Two were broken. Notified Pulse T.V. customer care. I was told two replacements would be arriving in a few days. They arrived, perfect condition i might add, were added to the others in the yard. Wife Loves them, so do I. Five star customer care. Thanks

5 Stars  Love this product! 

I ordered 2 then 4 more and now another 4. They are amazing and do look like burning lights. I am now just looking for places to put them I love them so much!

5 Stars  Excellent Solar Lights Torch 

Pleasantly surprised. One of the few solar products that actually gives you more than 8 hours of illumination.

5 Stars  Good 

Beautiful at night

5 Stars  Fantastic lights 

These are the coolest solar lights I have ever purchased. They come on every evening and stay on all night. Love them!

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame 

These have been out all winter and are burning bright. These are so GREAT!

5 Stars  solar flame torch 

this is the best solar light I have ever purchased and I have gone through a lot. It flickers just like a real gas lamp and stays on through the whole night not just 4 hrs like most

5 Stars  cozy looking 

My Daughter-in-law liked it so well I had to order two for her. Thru snow and rain it keeps charging upand stays on all night.

5 Stars  Dancing in the dark 

Great lighting feature lasts for hours.

4 Stars  A tiki torch with no maintance 

Originally purchased three. Installed in our back yard, and that evening, after sunset, wow! Really neat definitely duplicates a flickering flame. The on-off switch is a good feature too. Purchased three more recently to gift son-in-law & family. We are all hopeful that the units work successfully for many years

5 Stars  Nice yard decoration 

I am very happy with this torch. It lights up early, as soon as it starts getting dark, and stays on all night until it gets light. The design is a little plain but still very attractive. Time will tell how well it continues to work.

5 Stars  Theyer Great! 

I bought originality 6 LED Dancing Solar Flame Torch Lights and they are everything that they are advertised! So much so, I bought an additional 2 more. Where I live we had the most rainy February in the last 2 years, but even in the rain and overcast sky the torches still went on as dusk fell and lasted until 3 AM, I know because thats when I had to let my dog go out. They look so real that it reminded me of my childhood when we had kerosene tiki torches that smoked and smelled, but they did keep the bugs away. But if you want the look without polluting and having to buy kerosene, then get these Dancing Solar Flame Torch Lights!

5 Stars  lanters 

Put 4 in my front yard. I love these authentic looking flaming lanterns. I receive a lot of compliments from neighbors and passers-by

4 Stars  Love Them! 

I have three, love them. Would give them a five star but gave four because they do not last the same amount of time, eight hours was posted. Still Love them and want to get more for the front of the house. TY, Linda

4 Stars  Excellent for yard lighting 

I have reviewed these before and given them 5 stars. I have now bought 10 more. They are very effective, but they come with 3 connecting plastic poles that are very flimsy and break easily. I bought 2 1/2 ft. - 3 ft. re-bar iron rods for each lantern, to insert through the center of the connecting poles. This has made them stronger, sturdier and they hold up much better. BUY the rods - youll glad that you did.

4 Stars  Better than expected 

Looks so real, even up close, that neighbors, and people walking by, look for the gas line to the touch I did NOT KNOW the battery is NOT REPLACEABLE, but at this price the torch is still a good buy.

5 Stars  One of the good ones 

These are great, and here in Wisconsin they are really Neat in the snow. The only downside is snow on the top glass that needs to be clean to charge. If no snow they are Still burning at at night.

5 Stars  Beautiful and long lasting outside lights 

I first bought two of these lights to try. I now have 10 of them and my son has My friend only have 4 so far, but Im sure shell buy more. Theyre great!

5 Stars  Great Gadget 

This is better than a regular tiki torch. No fuss no muss. I get many compliments.

5 Stars  Great outdoor lighting! 

Bought four more. Several lights stay on til morning. Bought some for kids porch.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

So far,Ive bought 10 of these for myself and two each for some inlaws and everyone thinks they are great!They are the first ones on in the evening and the last ones to go off. And the price is great too.

5 Stars  Worth the Price 

I ordered 6 of these and they look good! The plastic poles that are included are fine for indoor use but I would use something a bit sturdier for outdoor use. Not confident that they would hold up in wet weather. Also, they must be manually turned on/off. They are good for events as opposed to leaving out as permanent lighting.

5 Stars  Beautiful Ambience 

I love these solar lamps so much I keep buying more, and now I have bought them as gifts as well. They are really beautiful and flicker like a candle but you dont need to keep refilling it with oil.

4 Stars  solar flame 

good artificial flame

5 Stars  We love these 

We put these around our pool and they look great and last at least 8 hrs

5 Stars  Torch Light 

WE have purchased a number of these in the past. We placed them on the opposite side of our pool. They burn beautifully after dark. We love them. We bought some extra in case any of the others should fail.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

I have been a long time customer of Pulse. I have purchased many items and have never been disappointed. These Flame Torches have been the best purchase I have made to date The reduced price was an extra bonus.

5 Stars  These are just the thing for your yard decorating 

We gave these a try to complete some permanent tiki decor for our rear yard and outdoor kitchen, and these lend just the right touch of ambiance to the whole scheme. These Solar Tiki Lights are going to stay a real highlight of our entertainment area for a long time to come!

5 Stars  Best Solar Light Evers 

My husband and I have tried many different solar lighting products for our outdoor enjoyment. These work consistently, unlike other more expensive products we have tried, and the flames are so realistic they make me smile whenever I look at them.

5 Stars  Love Them! 

I bought two and love them, even my neighbor asked me about them and wants to order a few. They are just the right size and brilliant. Run for 8 hours, one of mine was a bit short, I shared this with support and they are sending me a new one. love the torches and the customer service. Thank YOU Linda

5 Stars  Fabulous torches! 

We just love these tiki torches, and so do our neighbors! Its so cool to see the flames flickering away, even in pouring rain!

5 Stars  flame lights 

The Solar Flame Lights are everything they were advertised to be.

5 Stars  Attractive and very eye catching 

These dancing light torches are the talk of our neighbors at camp they can be seen from a distance and stay lit a long time..all the neighbors have commented and want to know where we got them.. a definite buy.

4 Stars  Beautiful, but 

The flames look very realistic and last all night long when they are charged with enough sun. Love them, but the posts bend when they get warm from the sun. The plastic is not strong enough to stay straight and look ridiculous bending. We replaced them with PVC pipe but need to paint them.

5 Stars  Dancing solar flame torch light 

Great product can see from far out,the flame seems to be alive.

5 Stars  Spell binding lighs 

These are a wonderful addition to my back yard landscaping. They do look like fire torches, and depending on sun, are very long lasting. The cells apparently are high quality, and keep charged overnight when the sun is of good quality for charging. They light up the whole area in which they are placed. Just like looking at a fireplace when I am on my back deck.

5 Stars  Great Tiki Lights 

I dont usually do reviews, but in this case, I will because we really like the Tiki torches. I purchased six, two as a test, then four more. All six worked right out of the box. They provide a bright, realistic tiki flame. They charge during the day, and provide light all night, at least till 5 am. We have tried several different types of similar lights for backyard use. These are the brightest and most satisfactory. Assembly of the support pole is relatively easy. It comes in three sections, allowing a choice of three different heights. I cant speak for their longevity because Ive only had them for a few days. But LEDs are pretty reliable, so I expect them to last quite a while.

5 Stars  Great Tiki Lights 

Weve bought six of these lamps and really like them. Nice bright light, charge well and really last. Great for a garden or patio etc

5 Stars  Enchanting 

Love these

5 Stars  Great light 

Best looking flame light I have seen.

5 Stars  Performs way better than expected 

Very realistic looking. The only time it is off is when the sun rises. Stays on all night even following a cloudy day. One suggestion - the poles are rather flimsy. I solved that by sliding the pole over a rebar pounded in the ground. Works perfect. I have ordered several sets for friends and family.

5 Stars  Works well 

They are very nice they have a steady flickering light very satisfied I bought one for a friend

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flames 

WE LOVE IT!!! Put on the patio - and every evening it goes on and flickers - and when the sun comes up it goes out. Great purchase.

5 Stars  Dancing solar flame torch light 

I have a small balcony with a couple of potted plants. I had purchased other solar lights also in two planters. The torch light is the first one to go on at dusk and the last one to go out in the morning. Incredible difference in these solar lamps. Highly recommend them. I bought six - one for my condo in Florida and the other five are for my patio in Chicago.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Torch Light 

Very neat item, friends saw mine flickering and really impressed, I ended up getting a bunch more to give out as gifts. One of the best things I have purchased at Pulse!

5 Stars  A very beautiful dancing lightdusk til dawn. 

Not only does it work, this solar powered Tiki light is fantastic. My neighbours across the lake and around me, love the striking effect that it gives off. Does not ruin the night ambiance at all. I have a total of 15 of them and they work.

5 Stars  deckerator lamps 

Really exceptional so easy to Instal

4 Stars  BEAUTIFUL! 

The lights really do look like a flame from a distance! The only problem is that the poles/stakes are a little flimsy and bend easily. Care must be given when inserting them into the ground. Otherwise, a great product!

5 Stars  Torch Lights 

They are awesome! So realistic that my neighbour almost called the fire department when she looked over and saw this torch of light coming from the side of our home and thought the place was on fire. Will be real pretty tucked between flower beds as they come with the ability to make them three different level sizes! I am pleased and will probably order more!

5 Stars  dancing torch lights 

I love these lights. They look great and everyone ask me where I got them. NO body else has them that I have seen any where.

5 Stars  Better than I expected 

The product is well worth the cost. Its made out of plastic but its sturdy enough and looks pretty real.

5 Stars  So REAL looking 

Only had them a week but they have been great and look so real. It was cloudy all day today and they are still realistically flickering! it can be a little startling until I remember they are solar.

5 Stars  These are great! 

Out of the box and set up in minutes, dancing at dusk and all night long. Wonderful addition for the landscaping.

5 Stars  Very Pleased 

I purchased six of these solar powered torch lights. They stay on all night, I would recommend them to everyone..

5 Stars  Wife loves them 

Wife truly loves them!! Says they look like real TeKee torches!! Momma happy, daddy happy!!

5 Stars  Wow looks great 

This is very realistic.

5 Stars  fantastic 

best solar lamps ever had ..flicker and visible for miles all night long

5 Stars  Beautiful! 

These torch lights are so realistic! The light dances like real flames. I originally bought 2, but then bought 2 more because theyre so nice. I have arranged them at different heights, making a lovely display year round.

5 Stars  Fantastic, realistic! 

Super happy with these flame torch lights, bought 12 originally, then 12 more, then another 12! At night, they look exactly like tiki torch flames!!

5 Stars  Stunning 

When I bought them, I put one on each side of our driveway so that we could see where to turn in when it was dark. My husband thought they looked tacky. However, that very first night I got a call from my neighbor who lives beside our garden lot across the street. WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE LIGHTS? THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Other neighbors said the same thing. After seeing them in action and being told how great they looked, I ordered a set for every family member on my Christmas list. My brothers who live in different states received them early and LOVE them!!! One puts his set on his mantle in his living room and sets them in a sunny window to charge them during the day.

5 Stars  dancing solar torch light 

this light looks like a real torch, unless you get really close, we are satisfied with it.

5 Stars  Solar Powered Torch 

I bought one of these and I just love it! When it was new I left it off for 2 days and charged it in the weak December sunshine. It charges itself even in cloudy weather in the Pacific Northwest and stays lit for several hours at night even though it is almost winter. I really love the way it looks! I am looking forward to having more of these.

5 Stars  High Quality and Very Attractive Flame Torch Light 

Extremely Attractive Torch Light that does a great job sundown to sunup very reliably. Easy to put together.

5 Stars  Fantastic 

Have there all over the yard! Beautiful flickering flame all night. Even got some for my house in Mexico. Neighbors are envious!

5 Stars  Amazing! 

As other reviewers have stated, this is by far the COOLEST solar light EVER! It is SO realistic I too had my neighbors knocking on my door in the middle of the night telling me my torches were still lit and we live on the beach! Ha! Just bought a bunch more. Awesome product!

5 Stars  Gorgeous Torch Lights 

This is my third order of these gorgeous lights. Most of them are for my garden and back yard but some of them have been gifts.

5 Stars  Even the cranky neighbor likes it! 

Had credit coming from previous purchase. Item arrived in a timely manner and all is well. Very easy to work with Pulse and terrific buys!

5 Stars  Solar Flame 

Excellent product. Really works great!

4 Stars  Beautiful 

I have purchased quite a few of this item. They last for a couple of months and then go away. Wish they would last longer when outdoors for an extended period of time.

5 Stars  On time and in good shape 

Love these torch lamps. Great service from the lamps AND Pulse. Thanks everyone and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tony

5 Stars  Torch light 

I had bought two lights in the summer liked them so I bought two more, they look so nice in my backyard. I highly recommend.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light 

I bought 4 of them, they look and work great at night, I have them in the back yard and had many nice comments from my friends.

5 Stars  Bought three of this companies flame lights 

These flame touch lights are excellent. Theirs a company on TV selling the same technology with candles but they want $50 for each. This deal with pulse is great!!!!

5 Stars  awesome solar flame 

Love, Love, Love this product. In the summer it last all night until next morning, I am sure it will be less in winter due to less sunlight. It will be interesting to see how long this product will last. Flame looks real and cant wait for another super sale do I can buy 10 more!!!!

5 Stars  Dancing Torch Lights 

They add ambiance to our back yard.

5 Stars  Review of Dancing Solar Flame torch Light 

The quality of these Dancing Solar Flame Torch Light is much better than I expected. After a long day of sunlight these lights flicker all night long. The attached pole that goes into the ground is not of good quality but is functional just be carefull pushing into the ground. I will be purchasing two more for the RV.

5 Stars  Dancing Solar Lights 

We absolutely love these lights!!! Even my neighbors bought them! They reflect on the lake beautifully. We have 14 of these lights. Front and back of house.

5 Stars  Dancing solar flame light 

Love it a show stopper at my house

4 Stars  Yard light 

I had a problem with one of the lights, customer service got right on it and sent out a replacement, I give them a 5 on that,I like that,I would have given it a 5 over all but Im not happy with the cheap plastic polls that come with the kit two days in the sun they start to bend over,I replaced them with metal electric conduct, I thank the lights are great

5 Stars  Beautiful Ambience 
Sours: https://www.pulsetv.com/

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