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How to Load Picture Paper Into an HP Printer

HP inkjet printers do an excellent job of printing both black and white, as well as color documents at quality levels that are frequently indistinguishable from laser printer output. However, they also have an additional capability -- printing high-quality prints on photographic paper. Whether you need to print out photos for an office bulletin board or proofs for clients, loading your HP inkjet with special photo picture paper is the key to getting the best possible output quality.

Step 1

Open your HP inkjet's paper tray by either removing the cover or by pulling the paper tray out.

Step 2

Remove any paper that is already in the tray.

Step 3

Slide the media guides that hold paper in place as far open as possible so that you can use the full width of the tray.

Step 4

Place your picture paper in the tray, centering it as much as possible, with its printable side down. If you are using regular letter-size paper, insert it lengthwise.

Step 5

Slide the media guides so that they touch the paper. Set them to fit flush with the paper, but not so snugly that they cause the paper to bow upwards.

Step 6

Close the paper tray's cover or slide it back into the printer.


  • Do not load photo paper into an HP laser printer -- it can ruin it.

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Looking for the Best Inkjet Photo Paper?

Printing a photograph has become somewhat of a lost art, like the art of writing letters. Once photographers paid as much attention to the process of printing a photo as much as they did into the art of making one. For them, the process of developing and printing and watching their work come to life was the ultimate gratification. There is no better reason to do something than the happiness you derive doing it.

These days, however, the process of printing has been relegated only to the domain of commercial photography. Nowadays consumers rarely print.

This article is aimed at those who think of their photography more than just shooting selfies or the occasional group photo at home. This is aimed at those who want to print their best photos once in a while or maybe even print their postcard photos at home.

First, let me show you a brief overview and summary of the various photo papers you can buy today. Later on, we will have a look at each of our picks and answer some FAQs.

Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum
Canon Photo Paper Pro PlatinumOur Pick

High-quality glossy photo paper, has two independent layers;

Canon Luster Photo Paper Letter
Canon Luster Photo Paper Letter

Great for portrait and wedding and fine art photography, resists fingerprints;

CanonInk Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
CanonInk Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

The brightness rating of the paper is 92/100, it has a vibrant color scheme;

HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Glossy
HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Glossy

Instant-dry photos, optimized for printing on HP inkjet systems;

HP Photo Paper Advanced Glossy
HP Photo Paper Advanced Glossy

Dries Instantly, resist water, smears, and smudges;

HP Inkjet Photo Paper Everyday Glossy
HP Inkjet Photo Paper Everyday Glossy

Budget-friendly, recyclable paper, photos dry quickly;

Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy
Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy

High-gloss, bright white, resin coated, print high quality photos;

HP Sprocket Photo Paper
HP Sprocket Photo PaperSticky

Peel-off and sticky-backed photo paper, 2×3-inch fun size;

Here are the 8 best photo papers that you can buy for your inkjet printer in 2021:

  1. Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum
  2. Canon Luster Photo Paper Letter
  3. CanonInk Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
  4. HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Glossy
  5. HP Photo Paper Advanced Glossy
  6. HP Inkjet Photo Paper Everyday Glossy
  7. Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy
  8. HP Sprocket Photo Paper (Sticky, fun paper)

1. Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum (Our Pick)

The Canon photo paper pro platinum is a high-quality photo paper which is rated to last for over 200 years when maintained well. This is currently Canon’s highest rated photo paper.

It has a color receiving layer that is broken down into two independent layers – one is the color reproduction layer and the other is the absorbing layer.

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On top of it, a chromogenic enhancer has been added which amplifies light. Additionally, the ink receiving layer has been thinned which ensures that the water in the ink overflows to the paper’s surface and prevents the dye from spreading to the bottom. The result is deeper and saturated colors. This is a pack of 50 sheets of 4 x 6″ size.

2. Canon Luster Photo Paper Letter

This Canon luster photo paper comes in a pack of 50 sheets. The beautiful finish has a natural capacity to resist smudges. There is almost no glare when the photo has been printed. Perfect for a wide variety of projects including portraits, landscapes, wedding and even fine art.

3. CanonInk Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 8.5″ x 11″

The CanonInk Photo Paper Plus Glossy II is a pack of 20 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ photo papers.

By default, this photo paper produces an exceptionally vibrant color scheme and glossy finish to your photos.

The brightness rating of the paper is 92 lm which means the final colors will be bright and vibrant with little or no artificial fluorescent elements used to reflect more light.

4. HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Glossy

This is a packet containing 100 sheets of 4 x 6″ glossy photo paper. The paper has a quick drying property which ensures that it can be shared almost instantaneously as soon as it is printed. Additionally, the prints are smudge and water resistant so, it should be able to take a bit of abuse. The brightness rating of the paper is 90.

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5. HP Photo Paper Advanced Glossy

This HP Photo paper of the glossy type is slightly lighter than the HP Premium Plus Photo Paper that was discussed above.

This paper too is of the glossy type. This one too comes with some amount of water and smudge resistance. Plus, the instant ink drying technology ensures that the prints can be shared almost instantaneously after they have been printed.

6. HP Photo Paper for HP Inkjet Printers Everyday Glossy

This slightly lighter paper (200 g/m²) is more suitable for everyday prints and project works.

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The pack consists of 60 5″ x 7″ sheets. These are marked as everyday glossy. Essentially these are glossy surfaces. This means you can print landscapes, portraits and anything vibrant and colorful with great results. These have been made out of recyclable material and are therefore environment-friendly.

The sheets have a quick drying technology which ensures that they can be shared almost instantaneously after they have printed. The coating is smudge and water resistant.

7. Epson Premium Photo paper glossy

This is the Epson Premium photo paper (glossy type). This particular pack comes in a size of 8″ x 10″ and contains 20 sheets. Slightly on the lighter side, the print quality is good and bright.

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Being a glossy paper, this one is more suited for vibrant landscapes, portraits, flowers and these sort of images. The coating on the paper is made out of a resin-based substance. This coating is water and smudge resistant.

8. HP Sprocket Photo Paper (for HP Sprocket Portable Photo printer)

The HP Sprocket Photo Paper as the title suggests is designed exclusively for the HP Sprocket portable photo printer.

This packet containing 20 sheets of sticky backed 2 x 3″ photo papers is slightly pricey. These are perfect for a wide variety of work including school and home projects.

HP Sprocket 2x3' Premium Zink Sticky Back Photo Paper (20 Sheets) Compatible with HP...
HP Sprocket 2x3" Premium Zink Sticky Back Photo Paper (20 Sheets) Compatible with HP...
  • Sticker photo paper for use with HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer
  • Peel-off & sticky-backed photo paper (20 sheet count)
  • 2x3-inch fun size to print and share
  • Durable prints: smudge resistant, water-resistant and tear-resistant. These glossy, colorful photos are ready to be shared...
  • What's in the Box: 20-sheets of 2x3-inch HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper

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Photo Paper Buying Tips – Questions to Ask Before You Buy

The thing about selecting photo papers is that there are so many types and so many varieties. There is no single type of variety that will work for each and every type of photography. It might so happen that you may like the texture and the feel of a particular type of paper. But that paper might not work for the photo you want to print on it.

So, evidently, it boils down to this. You have to keep experimenting. Find out about different paper types and textures and then try to match the kind of result (and mood) that you want to see on paper by selecting the right paper type. This process of judgment will obviously get better as you gain more experience, learn about new paper types and experiment more and more.

What do You Want to Print?

Believe it or not, the format of the paper can set the mood of a print. A high glossy paper will create a cheerful and happy feel and that is what you need at times. Depending on the subject matter and the composition of course. So, if you want to print a vibrant landscape shot with beautiful colors in bright tones, a glossy photo paper is probably what you would go for.

A matte paper with texture, on the other hand, will set the right mood for a darker somber mood. It is a great choice for a black and white print. These papers have an ink absorbent surface that traps the ink pigments inside the irregularities on the surface. Let’s say that you processed a portrait picture in monochrome. It has a lot of textures and levels of brightness and is only possible to be transferred by printing on a paper type that is a good match. A matte paper will be a good choice for that image. So, choose your photo paper carefully by considering what you need to print.


All photo papers can be broadly segregated into three categories. These would be Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Glossy.

✔ Matte

Matte denotes a textured surface, which is the opposite of glossy (we shall learn about it shortly here). Matte comes in different variations of textures. Some are flat, almost textureless to the point of being smooth. Others are more textured. But they are never glossy or reflective. In either case, matte is the preferred choice for a specific type of photo printing requirement. They are capable of producing a flatter image which is perfect for a specific type of photography – black and white prints, as well as for somber or moody type images.

✔ High Gloss (Glossy)

High gloss or glossy paper mimics the photo paper that we receive from the printing labs. These are the more popular photo papers around. But interestingly they have lesser life compared to the Matte versions which I discussed above. High gloss or glossy is widely used for printing vibrant bright images which have a cheerful mood to them.

✔ Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss is somewhere in the middle between glossy (high-gloss) and matte. They are textured in some variations and can be shiny. But not as much as the high-gloss variations. Because of this, these papers are perfect for subjects where you don’t need a lot of glare.

Depending on the paper type that you pick you will need to pair it with the right kind of ink. Matte paper is best printed on with pigment ink and glossy and semi-glossy paper is best printed on using dye-based inks. Interestingly, when you frame an image in glass printed on any of the three paper types they all tend to show up similar kind of glossy result.

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Color Brilliance (TAPPI Rating and ISO brightness rating)

There are two standards which measure how bright the colors on a paper are reflected.

These are:

  1. the TAPPI Scale and
  2. the ISO Brightness Scale.

We are considering the first for our discussion. Always go for a paper that has a TAPPI rating of around 90. Anything above 90-92 and it means that the paper contains artificial fluorescent material that reflects light.
Though the whiteness of such paper is brilliant and colors are more saturated with deeper blacks, in the long run, the ink fades quicker than a lower TAPPI rating paper. This is because the artificial whitening (or fluorescence agents) will start to wear off and the paper will revert back to its normal creamy color appearance. This happens quicker when the print is exposed to UV light. This is not acceptable and that is why it would be unusable over a period of time.

Type of Photography

As you probably have realized by now, among many factors that determine the choice of the printing paper, the subject of your photo is a critical one.

  • Landscape: is best printed on a glossy (and even a semi-gloss) paper.
  • Portraits: depending on the specific subject, can be printed on both glossy and matte paper.

But then it does not always have to be a rule. It is perfectly okay to experiment and try out different paper types for different photos.

But after a while, you would probably be able to say what works best for what.

Type of Printer

✔ Wide Format Printers

We have recently discussed the best wide format printers. These are the sort of printers that do the best kind of exhibition quality prints. However, these are not the kind of printers you could afford easily. They cost several thousand dollars. Not to mention the number of ink tanks you will need to buy in order to make your prints. Also, they print very large sizes. So, unless you need to print very large sized prints consistently (like on an everyday basis) there is no point in investing in one.

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✔ Desktop Printers

If you are going to print smaller sizes like 4 x 6″ or 5 x 7″ then buying one of the smaller desktop printers makes more sense. These are much smaller and are easier to afford. They accommodate a lesser number of color tanks but their running costs are lower than the large format ones.

✔ Portable Printers

Portable printers are best for onsite printing at events and get-togethers. The Epson PictureMate PM-400 Personal Photo Lab is a great example of such printer type. These printers will only accept 3.5 x 5″, 4 x 6″ and 5 x 7″ photo papers for what is known as a postcard sized print.

Paper Thickness

Paper thickness is an important consideration when choosing the variant you wish to print on. A heavier thicker paper gives the same feel as a photo that has been printed at a lab. For some prints, you need a textured matte finish. These papers can be heavier than normal paper. The weight of the paper is expressed in GSM (grams per square meter). Sometimes you will also come across another metric – mil. This is the equivalent of 1/1000 of an inch. The average A4 sheet paper that you print your documents on is about 90 GSM. This is thicker than newsprint but thinner than the average photo paper.

Consider the maximum thickness of the paper that your printer can handle. A thick paper is more likely to jam inside the printer than a thinner one. A lot of photographers prefer not to use the automatic paper feeding option when printing with thicker paper and especially when printing multiple prints. The printer might load two sheets at one time or it may jam because of any number of reasons.

The best option when working with thicker paper would be to use the manual feeding option. Manual feeding takes away the odds of paper jamming and also the accidental transference of ink from one print to the other when the prints are stacked at the end of the print run. That is essentially why you should never stack your prints until they are dry. Even with the quick-drying inks of today, this habit should be maintained.

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Permissible PHOTO paper weights for certain HP inkjet printers

I have a friend who, having long been printer-less, is considering buying (with my help) a light duty printer - the "duties" to include photo printing.  He is an expert on form and function in dogs, and still writes articles on this and related subjects.


COSTCO is currently offering an HP Envy Photo 7858 at a favorable price.  I took a look at the specifications to see if they would fit my friend's needs.  I then tried to ask HP for the information I was seeking.  Unfortunately I drew a blank.


Those specs listed the permissible weight of PHOTO papers at 70 to 90 grams per square meter (18-22 lb).  I have to presume that is a typo or an error - that is the typical weight of ordinary typing or copy paper, not photo paper.  I myself have an older HP printer - HP Photosmart 6525 - which lists for permissible PHOTO paper weight up to 280 g/m2, that is 75 lb.  I do a lot of photographic work.  The lightest photo paper I have in stock is HP "Everyday" photo paper at 200 g/m2 (53 lb).  For better quality prints I use a photo paper (not HP) of 255 g/m2 (69 lb).  So long as I keep the pickup rollers clean, no problem with the 255 g paper.


So I have to believe the info in the published specs of the HP Envy Photo 7858 is a mistake.  Most printer specs list the maximum permissible weight of LETTER paper at 24 lb (heavy weight copy paper - everyday copy/letter paper is 20 lb).


Another feature of the HP Envy Photo 7858 is that it uses only 2 ink cartridges - one black, one tricolor.  That also suggests to me that this is not really a "serious" printer and that I should be looking elsewhere for my friend.  I am personally most familiar with HP printers, having used them from the dawn of the PC era (I still have a first generation HP LaserJet in working order <G>) but time moves on and I have no objection to trying something else.  It must, however, be simple and easy to use.  My friend struggles with the complexity of computers, so for his use I do need to create a more or less "set it and forget it" printing environment.


Can anyone tell me what the  real photo paper capabilities of the HP Envy Color 7858 are, and whether this might be a reasonable choice for the above described situation?


Thanks as always for enlightenment!



Sours: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/677118/permissible-photo-paper-weights-for-certain-hp-inkjet-printers/

HP A4 Everyday Photo Paper 100 Pack

Zone 1

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Large items will be delivered separately and incur an additional delivery fee. Multiple fees may apply if more than one delivery option is selected.

Select a date to receive all your items

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Now you can select the time of day you want to receive your deliveries. You may be offered the selection of 4 time windows:

8am - 5pm

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You can also opt in for a Saturday delivery between 8am-1pm for an additional fee (pending availability)

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Zone 3

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Previous delivery zone groupings of Metro, Regional and Country have been reclassified as zone 1, 2 and 3 to improve alignment of available delivery services to geographic areas. To determine the zone of your Postcode & Suburb, please refer to the Delivery Fee Calculator.

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Delivery Only Items

Some of our products are delivery only and not available for Click & Collect. This is because they are considered too large and heavy for our team members and customers to handle in store. If you want to purchase a delivery only product and have other items in your cart, your entire order will be delivered to your door and additional delivery fees will apply.

Sours: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/hp-a4-everyday-photo-paper-100-pack-inhpd2510

Printer paper hp photo

HP Photo Paper

HP photo paper is the perfect companion for your HP photo printer allowing you to print high quality images directly from the comfort of your home or office. The range includes the everyday photo paper and premium photo paper range. Whilst both options produce fantastic results, the main difference is the lifespan of each range. The everyday range is made from recycled materials and offers sharp printing results without any special emphasis on longevity. As you can gather, the premium range offers better longevity properties with even sharper results.  Simply choose the right size from 10x15cm to A4 and A3 and the finish from glossy to semi-gloss to matt. A crisp vibrant print is just a click away. Its range include the popular HP Advanced photo paper series (premium) and HP Everyday photo paper series for fantastic value for money. The range of HP photo papers you see here is made of original HP paper however, a bigger selection that includes PPD papers (all of which are suitable for HP Inkjet printers) is found at our photo paper category.

Photo Paper Direct is an authorised HP photo paper seller and your purchase is covered in full for extra piece of mind. A bigger range of photo papers designed for HP Inkjet printers by PhotoPaperDirect™, Ilford™ etc. can be found here.

HP Partner

Sours: https://www.photopaperdirect.com/categories/Inkjet-Photo-Paper/HP-Photo-Paper
Hp OfficeJet 3830 Gloss Photo Paper Print Preview

Get Crisper Pictures With the Best Photo Paper for Printers

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in today’s digital era, it’s rare that you think to go to a store to have your photos printed. That’s because photo paper has completely changed the game, allowing you to print professional-quality photographs in your home or office. Whatever finish you want, from soft gloss to glossy to matte, we can help you find the right product at a price that works for your budget. Browse our roundup of the best photo paper below.

1. Canon MP-101 Matte Photo Paper

Leave it to Canon, a company whose name is practically synonymous with photography, to produce high-quality photo paper at a fair price. This 45-pound photo paper is thick and slightly stiff yet feeds through printers smoothly. What makes it stand out is a microporous coating that quickly absorbs ink to prevent excess from being left on the paper’s surface, which helps keep images crisp and speeds the drying process. The finish is matte, and colors appear bright and true rather than dull. At about five cents per 4-by-6-inch sheet, this paper is also well priced for regular, routine use. You get 120 sheets per pack. Other sizes are also available: 13 by 19 inches (20 sheets) and 8.5 by 11 inches (50 sheets).

2. Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper

If you need photographs that have a more professional or sophisticated finish, look no farther than Epson’s premium sheets. This heavyweight (79-pound) paper has a high-gloss finish that shines without distracting from the image. Colors pop on this sturdy paper, which has an almost instant drying time and is formulated to avoid fading. It is a pricier option than Canon’s paper, with sheets costing about 30 cents each, but we highly recommend it for extra-special, frame-worthy photos. Compatible with all inkjet printers, this photo paper comes in 4-by-6-inch and 5-by-7-inch sheets.

3. Uinkit Presentation Paper

This supersmooth photo paper can be printed on both sides, making it a great choice for cards, pamphlets, and other printed matter that won’t live on a wall. Its color reproduction is excellent, and images appear sharp and well saturated on the bright white sheets. Importantly, the 200-gsm (74-pound) papers are thick enough to prevent ink from seeping through to the other side. Compatible with any inkjet printer, the paper is available with either a glossy or a matte finish and measures 8.5 by 11 inches.

4. Amazon Basics Photo Paper

For teachers and group leaders looking to stock up on glossy paper for the classroom at a great price, this 100-pack will fit the bill. The 4-by-6-inch sheets cost about eight cents each—inexpensive enough to use for casual projects that demand many pictures. The 53-pound paper feels slightly flimsy, but it’s also very easy to cut. Unlike other low-cost competitors, these papers present vibrant, rich colors with no bleed. Note, however, that recommended drying time is a full 30 minutes, and some users report curling over time.


5. HP Premium Plus Photo Paper

Like the idea of glossy images but don’t want them to actually shine? Consider this paper from HP. Available in a 50-sheet pack, it has a non-reflective, soft gloss finish that’s almost satiny. Like other papers in this price range (about 40 cents a sheet), this paper has a hefty, expensive-feeling 75-pound weight as well as fast-drying properties so your ink won’t smear once printed. Colors appear rich, vibrant, and true. As a bonus, this paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means it’s made from wood taken from responsibly managed forests.

Sours: https://www.artnews.com/art-news/product-recommendations/the-best-photo-paper-for-printers-1234599800/

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