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Best Cobblers In Sacramento

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SURFSIDE, FL- NOVEMBER Nicholas Cammarata works on repairing a shoe at Adams Shoe Service Shop November 18, in Surfside, Florida. Store owner Tina Cammarata say's she has seen an uptick in people bringing shoes in for repair. As the economy continues to falter people are trying to save money by turning to repair shops instead of spending the extra money it might cost to replace a broken item. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In today’s throw-away society, it is all too common to just toss something out if it is scuffed or in disrepair. But sometimes you find a pair of shoes that are just right. The fit is supportive and comfortable, they are a great color and make you look and feel good. When a heel breaks, the sole separates or they get scuffed and shabby, you inevitably find they have been discontinued or are just too expensive to replace. Luckily, Sacramento is home to some excellent cobblers who can repair and breathe new life to leather goods, shoes, belts and more.

Sole Provider
Manzanita Ave.
Carmichael, CA

If a cat got your tongue, come to Sole Provider to repair chewed-on shoe tongues and laces, torn linings or separated, off-track zippers. Purses, leather iPad or phone cases can often be repaired rather than replaced, and the owner will direct you toward the most cost-effective solutions. Sandals, oxfords and loafers from companies like Birkenstock traditionally last a long time, but once they start to fall apart, they are usually thrown out. Instead of paying up to $ for a new pair, take them to the cobbler for an effective, inexpensive repair.

Schroeder&#;s Shoe Repair
10th St.
Sacramento, CA

Don’t throw away that belt when you’ve lost or gained weight; Schroeder’s can shorten it or add new holes and make it look new again. Heel and toe tip replacements are usually under $10 and prices on other services are excellent. The shop provides quick turnaround for repairs and cleaning, and offers a wide selection of low-priced yet long-lasting laces for virtually every type of footwear. Bring cash or a check, as Schroeder&#;s does not take credit cards.

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New Life Shoe Repair
University Village Shopping Center
Howe Ave.
Sacramento, CA

If your flats have no more sole, your heels are on their last legs or your work boots have called it quits, New Life can resuscitate them. The owner knows how to handle trouble with everything from classic loafers, pumps and boots to more trendy, athletic or utility designs. The shop is known for finding creative fixes for virtually every problem, from resizing shoes and belts to rebuilding heels and repairing worn dance shoes.

Russo&#;s Shoe Repair
L St.
Sacramento, CA

High-heeled shoes in particular are prone to problems and the higher or thinner the heel, the more likely they will break or fray. Russo’s offers cost-effective solutions and cleaning for shoes and boots of every type, and for things like baseball gloves that have ripped stitching or other tears. Lifetime warranties are offered for many repairs, even for work that costs under $

Craftsman Shoe Repair
Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA

Items like luggage, portfolios and briefcases are expensive and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. There is no reason to buy new ones when Craftsman can get them looking sharp and professional for very little cost. The owner is known to be very honest about whether a repair is worth doing, and in some cases will recommend replacing the shoe instead, even though he will make no money.

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    Arturo has brought the life back into a very worn pair of riding boots that I was about ready to replace. Thank goodness, because getting them repaired is a fraction of the cost of getting new ones!

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    Arturo is a very good guy that has a wealth of knowledge about shoes/boots and will freely explain and answer questions Very impressed with knowledge and great service on reconditioning my boots. Will definitely comeback

  • February

    The guy who runs this place is great!! I always have him clean up my kids shoes when they get dirty and even bought one of his hand made purses.

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Schroeder's Shoe Repair is located at 10th St in Sacramento, California Schroeder's Shoe Repair can be contacted via phone at () for pricing, hours and directions.

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The phone number for Schroeder's Shoe Repair is: ()

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Schroeder's Shoe Repair is located at 10th St, Sacramento, CA

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Schroeder's Shoe Repair employs approximately 1 people.

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You can contact Steve Yoon at ()

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