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Any point in porting a + intake manifold on a + car?

Nov 24,
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Mustang GT Prem PP Magnetic
I know a guy that ported his intake and lost a tenth in the 1/4. You need to tune it if you port
This may be dependent on the tune / tuner but I did speak to AED about it and Shaun confirmed no tune revision needed for same model year but ported manifold.
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whp/wtq best dyno so far
Sours: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/any-point-in-porting-aintake-manifold-on-acar/

Ported Stock Mustang GT Intake Manifold


Upgrade your &#;&#;17 Mustang GT Intake with the latest model: the Intake Manifold for an additional 20hp gain- just by swapping your intake!  All you will need to add on for compatibility are MMR Lockouts, which we sell and install for $

Already have a Intake Manifold on your racecar?  Send your intake into us for porting &#; $ including return shipping.


We cut and reshape the inlet and runners, removing excess glue in the seams and any obstructions to increase overall airflow and balance between cylinders.

Yields: hp; ft lbs torque, depending on your build


We keep the throttle body diameter at 80mm to aide in ease of tuning; the inlet/outlet tapers are changed, throttle shaft is thinned, and throttle blade is modified.  The Ported Throttle Body runs on a stock tune.  If you already have a tune or are planning to have a tune, we guarantee tuning by Palm Beach Dyno, VMP, OZ Tuning, or Addiction Motorsports &#; because this is not your average tune, you would need to discuss installing a ported throttle body with any other tuner to make sure they can tune it.

For best results, we recommend getting your throttle body ported at the same time as your intake. The Ported Throttle Body picks up an additional hp and ft lbs of torque with big gains and throttle response and mid-range torque you can feel.


Email us at [email protected] with the following information:

Full Name

Shipping Address

Email Address

Best Contact Phone Number

Sending IN PARTS

If you are sending your parts to Air Flow Solutions to be ported, please read the following:

Remove gaskets and any extenuating bolts from intakes.  A $ cleaning charge will be applied to any orders received with oily, greasy, or dirty.  Use extra packing materials when shipping.  Air Flow Solutions is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment of a product from a customer to us.


Include the following information inside the box when shipping your parts:

  • Full name
  • Contact phone number
  • Return shipping address
  • Email
  • Description of your order


Address your shipment to:

Air Flow Solutions,

C/O Bret Barber,

N. Huachuca Drive,

Tucson, AZ


We expect for customers to have already been paid for service work to be done when we receive their parts.


Tuning:  We recommend tuning your engine after installing a ported intake and/or throttle body as you would with any modification.  Although tuning is not always required, we suggest you send a data log to your tuner and for maximum results and to ensure safety.  We work with many reputable tuners including Palm Beach and VMP.


We accept payment in the following forms:

  • Cash ($10 off)
  • Check- made out to Air Flow Solutions
  • Credit Card (Add 3% Service Fee)
  • Zelle (listed as Bret Barber )
  • PayPal (When you pay with PayPal IF YOU PAY AS A FRIEND, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED A FEE.  IF YOU PAY AS SERVICES AND GOODS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A 3% FEE.  If you choose to Pay for Services or Goods, please add the 3% Fee on top of your order.)
    If you choose to pay with PayPal, we can be found at this email address:
    [email protected]


Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,


Additional information

Weight18 oz

Porting Only

Sours: http://www.airflowsolutionsllc.com/product/stockmustang-gt/
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We Dyno Every Ford Coyote Intake Manifold on a Gen-3 Crate!

Coyote Crate

The Blue Oval world is buzzing with the debate over the Coyote V8: what's the baddest intake manifold, the GT or Cobra Jet? We were lucky enough to nab one of the first production Gen 3 (up) Coyote crate engines from Ford Performance (PN MM50C). Coming in around $1, more than the previous '17 (Gen 2) Coyote crate engine, the Gen 3 is worth every penny. Direct injection with supplemental port injection, compression ratio, better flowing heads, and a superior intake manifold makes for a combination that produces way more than advertised.

In our first dyno test [https://www.hotrod.com/articles/fordl-coyote-dyno-test-cai-etune-makeshp/], we were able to produce hp and lb-ft of torque with only an air intake and E85 tune through the stock exhaust manifolds. We were duly impressed, but we still wanted to know how previous Coyote intakes stacked up; was the newest version of the Coyote intake really the best? Let's take a look at what else is available.

GT Manifold

Gen 1Gen 3
Runner length inches inches
Runner cross section (at bell mouth) in. in.
Total intake volume ci ci

GT Manifold

Runner length inches
Runner cross section (at bell mouth) in
Total intake volume ci

Before the Gen 3 Coyote existed, there was one manifold that reigned supreme over all others: the Cobra Jet. Engineered from the Boss manifold that came to life seven years ago, technology has evolved substantially since then. The became the first Ford composite intake manifold to use hot gas welding in place of vibration welding, yielding a lighter part with no contamination. Another improvement came in the form of charge motion control valves (CMCV) with a stainless-steel shaft, incorporating the shaft sensor into shaft actuators.

"A considerable amount of time went into designing the Coyote intake manifold through computational fluid dynamics using an internal Ford tool called 1D3 analysis," says David Born Ford Performance Parts engineer. "1D3 is a one-dimensional engine model coupled to a 3D CFD model, which allows for the CFD to operate like there's a real engine running it, versus using a steady state CFD. In the 1D world they can change the dimensions very easily and if it looks good, run an analysis in the 3D world. "

Ford engineers took the lessons they learned from the GT manifold and applied it to the , which included lowered runners for a low-profile hood, up tilted throttle body for fitment, reduced bell mouth opening cross sectional area for better torque and reduced overall volume to fit the smaller 5-liter displacement. "The runner is wider than taller, which is where you'd prefer to have its area—to follow the wall instead of being up and above the wall.

"The GT CMCV manifold was tuned for high rpm and needed to rev to 8, rpm. The runner length for a '17 manifold was designed for a 7,rpm peak, so the runners are effectively shorter and larger in diameter. That whole program came together very fast and the manifold was effective. Also going from an 80mm to 87mm throttle body was a big help." Born notes that the 87mm throttle body wasn't needed on the GT manifold to hit its numbers.

Cobra Jet with Ford Performance Dual TB

Runner volume (X8) ci
Runner length inches
Smallest runner cross section in. (near injector)
Runner cross section at bell mouth in
Plenum volume ci
Total intake volume ci


Runner volume (X8) ci
Runner length inches
Smallest runner cross section in. (near injector)
Runner cross section at bell mouth in
Plenum volume ci
Total intake volume ci

Almost everything is born from evolution. Ford's manifold was modeled off the GT just how the Cobra Jet was derived from the Boss manifold. "The runner design for the Gen-1 GT, Boss, and Cobra Jet manifolds all started the same," explains Born. "The length was adjusted from the GT down to a shorter length for the higher-revving Boss engine. Ideally, we wanted the runners on the Boss to be a bit longer to lower the peak engine speed (the manifold is tuned for a 7, rpm power peak), but packaging the carryover GT fuel rails and the assembly of the rails meant we couldn't push the runner length and the plenum out any further than we did."

The Boss intake manifold was Ford Performance's first manifold offered for the Coyote platform, which debuted on the Roadrunner engine in the '13 Boss It was designed to give the factory-fortified Boss another 1, rpm of operating range for a more dynamic powerband when road racing. Again, the plenum design is quite similar to the GT, but flipped over; if you were to straighten the GT runners so they fed straight in to the plenum, you'd see that the design is pretty similar to the Boss.

The Cobra Jet intake manifold has been long regarded as the best Ford Performance manifold on the market. But now with the manifold available, how does it compare? Six years of evolution and technology is a dramatic difference in time but does the Cobra Jet still have what it takes to keep the top spot?

"The Cobra Jet used the same runner design as the Boss, with the exception being the reduced bump around the injector pocket," says Born. "The Cobra Jet uses a different manufacturing process which allowed the bump to be reduced, which in turn reduces the flow losses around the bump and provides an increase in performance." The Cobra Jet is really just the Boss manifold with a dual-bore inlet added and the strut tower brace recess removed, with the aforementioned having a negligible impact on performance.

With the combination of a huge air inlet and short runners, the Cobra Jet manifold will show the best peak gains out of any Ford Performance manifold. We opted for the Ford Performance twin 65mm Cobra Jet throttle body (PN: MCJ65); there is another option for a single-bore Super Cobra Jet throttle body (PN: MSCJ), which has been discounted and not recommended for naturally aspirated use. Both throttle bodies come with an adapter pigtail that will swap pin-for-pin with the stock throttle body connector, or you can use a plug-and-play harness like what's offered by JMS Chip, which we also used to convert the analog to digital signal on our GT throttle body.

Enough of the jibber-jabber. How'd the manifolds perform? We know sharp-eyed readers will ask: What's more important, peak or average horsepower? That will depend on how you use your Coyote, so we've included both figures in our test data. Next up with our Gen 3 Coyote crate series: some bigger camshafts from Comp Cams!

On The Dyno

Intake:Peak HP:Peak TQ:Av. HP:Av. TQ:PN:
Cobra JetMM50CJA
Boss MM50BR

* Boss, , GT averages from 3, - 7, rpm; Cobra Jet 3, - 8, rpm

Sours: https://www.motortrend.com/how-to/dyno-every-ford-coyote-intake-manifold-on-gencrate/

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Intake manifold mustang 2019

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2018 2019 mustang intake manifold torque specs and procedure

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