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Space engineers modded server DEFAULT
New (heavily modded) Survival Server

I've begun hosting a new survival world for all players to join.
As the title states, it is heavily modded. I do this to provide the maximum amount
of content regarding blocks, customization, war, and defense properties possible.
It is hosted via Dedicated Server, and has minimal rules to maintain balance and fair game play.
Some of those rules are as follows:

All players must join a Faction. This can be created, or accepted into an existing.
Any PVP encounter must have the 2 factions at war. War can be declared at any time, with the preparations period of 1 full (In-game) day. Piracy can also be declared, but you will become hostile to all groups (with the exception of other pirates should they so choose).

All Large Grids must display (Visibly) a "Flag". This is done through the use of Wide LCD Panels. If 2 factions share a Flag, the Paint Scheme following the factions MUST be different.

The starting station aptly named "The Mos Eisley Cantina" cannot be attacked by ANY players, No matter the faction and/or war declaration.
Although special circumstances may be made to any players using it as a "safe harbor" from others.

The economy system is active and functional. There is a small shop with some ships on display, and a list of all available vessels available for purchase, These can be made at any time by contacting myself.
If there's a certain ship you'd like to see for sale, I'd be happy to add it to the list for sale.
The value of the ships come from the components it built of, based of the prices of the current market value(s).

I'm seeking future friends to join me in my quest to survive the universe and all the hostiles that inhabit it.

Some addons i have in the server currently are;

Frontier Economy
Modular Encounters
More NPC Encounters
Energy AND Defense shields
Nanite Control Factory
Star Wars Weapons (Little Version)
Armor Ramps and Panels
Vanilla Weapons Rebalance
HUD Compass & Overhaul
Exploration Enhancement Mod
Eikesters Decorations I & II
Animated interaction
Shaoustouls Master Pack
Realistic Terminal Block Explosions
OKI, MWI, & CMDBobs Weapons

And more!

If this peaks your fancy, and you want to try this out feel free to reach out to me and i will send you the IP address for the server.

*BE WARNED* the first join may take a few minutes. Just be patient, and let the world load. You will get in. If there are any issues, comments, or concerns please don't hesistate to reach out to me!

(If you reach out and no response is given please be patient. I will respond to EVERYONE.)

Thanks! and i hope to see you there!

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When finding the best Space Engineers server host, you need to look out for a couple aspects. When Keen Software developed Space Engineers they focussed on the multiplayer version and ensured that there was plenty of features to play with your friends. Read more below an above to see the best Space Engineers host and hosting!

The cheapest and best overall server has been listed as no.1 on our guide, make sure to come back and find the latest prices on server hosting for Space engineers. 

Best Space Engineers Server Host 

When it comes to the best space engineers server hosting, there’s multiple things you might want to look for price, performance, customer support, control panel or server locations. We look at all these things when reviewing the best space engineers server hosting providers. 

Here is a list of the best Space Engineers Host, and hosting , be assured that Survival Servers is the top of our hosting provider List;

  • Survival Servers
  • Host Havoc
  • RoxServers
  • PingPerfect
  • GameServers
  • GTX Gaming

In terms of the best Space Engineers server host, SurvivalServers out performs any host with their custom control panel and brilliant prices, also have a wide range of games available. 

Unfortunately, hosting providers don’t have any live data so we can’t automate anything so we’re constantly updating prices, performance tests and all the other features you might want!

Finding The Best Space Engineers Server Host and Hosting?

Firstly, it really depends upon what you want from a game hosting provider, if that’s the price, performance, customer support or the control panel ease of use. We have listed all the benefits of these hosting providers.

If you want a more detailed overview of the hosting providers, look at their associated reviews for a detailed look and to make sure you have everything considered. 

Server hosting sites must meet a certain key performance area, these areas are as follows: 

  • Price 
  • Value for money
  • Customer Support
  • Control panel
  • Performance
  • Server locations
  • Mods & Plugins
  • Support times 

If a server meets all these criterias then they’ll be ranked accordingly, make sure you find the best server host for you! 

Configuring your Space Engineers Server Hosting Settings

Most hosting providers will have TCAdmin, or some like SurvvialServers and GameServers have custom-built control panels to ensure that you’re playing more than you’re setting up the server, making things less complicated.

One thing to configure is the world border size, since space is so large, and space engineers don’t have a limit. This is to reduce lag and ensure all your players have a good experience. 

Make sure to choose your hosting provider carefully for space engineers and ensure that the hosting provider has a suitable control panel.

Modding on your Space Engineer Server Host

Space Engineers is a game of plenty of mods. Many space engineer hosts install and manage mods on their servers and this is a popular feature of the game, and you should ensure that you can easily install mods, like on Host Havoc. 

Most hosting providers will have an FTP access so you can easily have fun with all the mods available. 

Conclusion of the Best Space Engineers Host

Overall, Survival Servers and Host Havoc are excellent hosting providers that provide great service for you and your server players.

With normal servers, you&#;ll be able to easily player with anywhere between 1o players, and if you&#;re looking for more, dedicated servers are a must for heavy loads of 50+ players.

And there&#;s always and option for you and your server providers. 

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How to: Add Mods To Your Space Engineers Server

Useful Links

Before We Get Started

Space Engineers uses two configuration files, one for the dedicated server client, and one which is read by the client, which reflects changes on your server. The one which is read by the dedicated server client is in charge of setting the parameters which are used to generate a new save, this file is SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg. Then, once the world is generated, a new file will be made under WORLD/Saves/World Name/Sandbox_config.sbc. Sandbox_config.sbc is the file that controls changes you experience in-game including Administrator rights and Mods.

To install Mods, the first step is to have a world already set up on your server. You can do so by following either one of our guides, "How To Generate A New Space Engineers World" or "How To Upload A Single Player World To Your Space Engineers Server."

From there, make sure you log into your TCAdmin user panel with the information we provided you with in your verification email. Be sure to stop your server now. Next, go to configuration files. From there you'll see both configuration files, one for your SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg and one for your Sandbox_config.sbc file. Before you edit ANYTHING verify your server is stopped. If you open this file before the server is turned off, the time parameter in the world config file will become unsynced with the in-game time, leading Space Engineers to believe that this is not the correct Sandbox_config.sbc file for your save. Therefore, your server will not start.

Note 1: If your server is running on Torch, your Sandbox_config.sbc file can be found in the instance/saves/yourWorldName folder, the rest of this guide will stay the same.

Note 2: If you've uploaded your world, and if it has mods. they will automatically install on the server without having to edit the sandbox file.

Modifying Your Sandbox_config.sbc

Once you've verified your server is stopped, it's now safe to open the Sandbox_config.sbc file with the text editor. There will be a lot of files here, so just hit Ctrl+F to open up the search function of your browser. Search for "mods". It should bring you to a line of code that looks like this:

The first step is to open up this element so you can add a list of mods to it. To do that, replace <Mods /> with:

Between these two elements, you can now add information about mods that the server can read and download to your server.

Now that you have your mod element set up, you'll need to go on to steam workshop and find a mod you like. For example, I'll use the popular workshop mod "Automatic LCDs 2." You'll need to find the workshop mod ID first. If you take a look at the URL bar of your browser, you'll see the end of the URL will end with "/filedetails/?id=long number" the long number is going to be your workshop ID. In this case, the workshop ID is "". Now that you have your ID you're ready to add your mod to your Sandbox_config.sbc file.

Between your mods elements, add this code:

For my example, with the mod I want to use, my mods section will look like this:

If you wish to add more mods, just add more ModItem elements. So say I want to also use the Titan Engine mod () as well as my previous mod, I'd apply a change like this:

Once you've added all the mods you'd like, go ahead and save the Sandbox_config.sbc file by clicking "Save" in the top left-hand corner of the text editor. From there, go back to your TCAdmin user panel and start your server back up. 

To verify this is working, click on your web console and it will open a new window. Within it will show the Space Engineers Dedicated console. It should prompt you with this message for every mod added:

Now that everything is up and running, all of your users will have access to these workshop mods upon joining your server. Great job!


Install mods on Space Engineers server

Wiki spacengineers.jpg
Rent your own Space Engineers gameserver at

Tip: We recommend using a program with syntax highlighting such as Notepad++.
We also recommend the use of an FTP program such as Filezilla.

To install mods, please proceed as follows:
1. If your server has never been running, please start it once.
2. Stop the server and wait until the status is .
3. Now connect to the Saves FTP
4. Download the which you can find here:


Note: The ConfigID or ConfigurationID for your server can be found on our page under Game Server.
If your ConfigID were, for example, , the path would look like this:.
5. Open it with a text editor and find the following line:.
6. Now delete the line if it exists.
7. Now enter your mods according to the following scheme below :

<Mods> <ModItem FriendlyName="Name of Mod"> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> <PublishedServiceName>Steam</PublishedServiceName> </ModItem> </Mods>

8. With more than one mod, it looks like this:

<Mods> <ModItem FriendlyName="Name of Mod1"> <Name>WorkshopID1.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID1</PublishedFileId> <PublishedServiceName>Steam</PublishedServiceName> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Name of Mod2"> <Name>WorkshopID2.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID2</PublishedFileId> <PublishedServiceName>Steam</PublishedServiceName> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Name of Mod3"> <Name>WorkshopID3.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID3</PublishedFileId> <PublishedServiceName>Steam</PublishedServiceName> </ModItem> </Mods>

9. You can get the WorkshopID from the url of the mod:
In this example, the ID is .
Save your changes and upload your file.
Start your server.

Tip: You can also download mods from To do so, replace with .
Also replace the WorkshopID with the ID you get from

Note: You can find the FTP login data in the web interface on
Click on your game server, then on FTP at the top.
Then click on the tab Saves, then scroll down a bit and there you will find the login data.


Modded space server engineers

Easy PC

Reviewed bywritten by jacob tuwinerJacob Tuwiner

Best Space Engineers Hosting Compared

Here is a table comparing the best Space Engineers server hosting companies:

Here’s the deal:

Space is big, and better explored with friends.

Space Engineers has a built-in multiplayer mode for co-op, but it only works when the host is online.

What if you want to game when your buddies can’t?

Enter Space Engineers hosting.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the best Space Engineers hosting companies on the market.

About Space Engineers

space engineers gameplay

In the words of the devs themselves, “Space Engineers is an open world sandbox game defined by creativity and exploration.”

Like other sandbox games such as Garry’s Mod, Space engineers strives to provide a stimulating building experience with realistic physics on its volumetric-based physics engine. You can interact with everything, build, and destroy anything your heart desires.

Following its release on Steam Early Access in , Space Engineers has garnered more than 3 million copies sold and has won many indie game awards during its lifetime.

It’s a weird thought, the sheer numbers it reached from release to now, and it didn’t even exit Early Access until !

How We Picked

As for the server hosting list, we picked servers based around the same metric we use for all of our server lists.

We compared the total speeds of each host, their pricing, and the features that each host provides to customers. One host may be cheaper, but another may be easier to use, for example. Support is also a huge one for us, as is mod support.

Top Space Engineers Hosting Providers

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming

Game Servers

With over 10 years of experience, GTX Gaming offers reliable, high performance game servers at a terrific price.



  • Great performance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free game switching
  • Custom control panels
  • Worldwide support


  • Knowledgebase could be better
  • Support could be faster












Our top pick for Space Engineers server hosts had to go to GTX Gaming, no doubt.

GTX Gaming has Space Engineers with a minimum of ten slots and a maximum of 60 slots, coming in at $ per slot. They offer up to 5GB of memory for free, but after that, you have to pay. If your world is huge (as most are in Space Engineers) you may need to pay extra.

They offer the best all-around server package alongside a wide array of configuration options for you to deck out your server with whatever power it might need. Plus, they’re one of the most affordable hosts you can buy, believe it or not.

Additionally, no matter where you are, they’ve got a location closeby, ensuring optimal performance. We should note, however, that servers based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Sao Paulo, Brazil cost an extra $10 and $19, respectively.


Streamline Servers logo

Citadel Servers

Hosting Provider

Citadel Servers is one of the best budget hosting companies on the market. They offer a wide variety of games for an affordable price per slot.



  • Dude they're dirt cheap
  • Long established company
  • Fastest servers
  • Great support


  • A bit less performance than competition












Citadel Servers is another great game hosting company, especially for Space Engineers server hosting.

Their Space Engineers servers start at $/slot with a minimum of 10 slots per month, and a maximum of 64 slots per month.

Citadel Servers’ nodes can be found all over the world, so you probably live near one (which is important, unless you want to lag like crazy!)

Their price per slot is slightly higher than Host Havoc ($/slot) but they have a lower minimum slot count, which means their minimum monthly payment is also lower.

If you just want to host a small, private Space Engineers server for you and some friends, Citadel Servers makes the most sense. On the other hand, if you want a large server, Host Havoc or GTX Gaming is probably the best option.


Host Havoc logo

Host Havoc

Game Servers

Offering premium hosting for a variety of games, Host Havoc prides themselves on their performance, support, and dedication to their customers.



  • % Uptime
  • Servers around the world
  • Best game server hosting support
  • Great control panel
  • Easy plugin/mod support


  • High minimum server slot count
  • No free trial












For the budgeters out there, we couldn’t just leave out our favorite budget pick: Host Havoc.

Now, while Host Havoc does offer the lowest per-slot price, it may not be as good as some of our top picks if you’re only planning on hosting a small number of players because the minimum slot count is 15, so just make sure you’re picking a host that’ll get you your money’s worth.

Host Havoc has a tiered pricing system for their Space Engineers servers. They start at fifteen slots, for $ a slot. But as you increase the slot count, the price per slot decreases, which incentivizes larger servers.

If you want to run a big Space Engineers server, Host Havoc is probably your best bet.

As for what else Host Havoc offers, the configuration is just as simple as GamerServers except for an added CPU priority option. Though, when you get into the server menu after purchase, Host Havoc has one of the best server dashboards out there.

You can even try out Host Havocs features before committing with their hour Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.


Space Engineers Server Hosting Xbox

At this time, there is no available server hosting for Space Engineers on Xbox and no recent news regarding it.

Space Engineers Server Manager

The Server Manager application has worked perfectly in many popular games recently, and Space Engineers is one of those.

This program allows you to, well, easily manage your dedicated server with a simple to navigate interface. Offering ease of use binds like auto-updating, auto-restart, bandwidth monitor, times backups, and so much more.

If you’re interested in downloading it, click here.

Space Engineers Server Settings

Before you start playing on your new Space Engineers Server, you should take a couple of minutes to go through the server settings and configure some stuff.

First of all, setting a world size border limit is a must to either keep the game interesting with a massive world or reduce the required storage space with a small world. We suggest setting it to

Cleanup the server while the server is off, as to avoid any glitching or lost data. Never delete files while the server is running.

Never delete the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file.

I don’t want to write a novel about Space Engineers server settings, but you get the idea.

Space Engineers Modding

space engineers server mods

As with all great sandbox games, Space Engineers has a wide array of mods you may add to your game to improve performance, gameplay, or just add some stupid stuff for fun.

The Space Engineers dev team supports modding and has even supplied a modding API that allows any mod creators to more efficiently and directly work with the game’s code.

They’ve also provided the ModSDK application, which offers tools to creators to streamline the modding process.


Surface Occupation

The Surface Occupation mod attempts to alleviate the emptiness of planets in Space Engineers by adding randomly generated stations like defense and observation posts with which you can interact.

It’s quite a fun mod if you start getting sick of how desolate all of the planets seem.

Ship AI Voice Basic

Ship AI Voice Basic adds a bunch of unique voice lines to Space Engineers, making the worlds feel less lonely.

In this awesome mod, you can have your ship equipped with an AI of sorts that reacts to all of the things you do.

Exploration Enhancement

Lastly, the Exploration Enhancement mod is a massive overhaul for Space Engineers that introduces tons of new mechanics to the game.

It feeds the roleplayer in all of us, adding things like trade, militaries, authorities, and many more factions to interact with. You have to play it to believe it.

Modded Server Support

Most server hosts provide a smooth modding experience via automatic installs with the click of a button, while others give you direct FTP file access to connect your mods.

Either way, you can have some serious fun with modding your Space Engineers server.

Host Havoc and VeryGames explicitly offer easy mod installation and support for Space Engineers, while PingPerfect advertises their FTP access.

How to Choose a Host

Unlike many other multiplayer games, Space Engineers doesn’t seem like it was designed for massive multiplayer. Maybe just you and a couple of friends.

This design flaw can make choosing much more difficult, in the sense that almost every host is providing the same type of service instead of massively multiplayer versus small player slot servers.

If you’re playing with people across the country or farther, then you should go for the fastest on our list. That way, you won’t have any connection issues, de-syncing, rubber banding, etc.

However, if you’re simply playing locally, then choose a cheaper server with locations closer to you so both you and your crew can connect and play without much issue or opt for a close server with a wide range of features.

For a full explanation on choosing the best server hosting company, check out our guide!

Space Engineers Multiplayer

As we just mentioned, Space Engineers multiplayer isn’t like Minecraft, where you have tens or hundreds of people connecting to one server to play in an ever-changing world.

When you load up a Space Engineers server, you’re venturing into the unknown with a small band of merry men (or women) on a journey to build to the limits of the universe and create massive, awe-inspiring inter-galactic structures to showcase your brilliance.

How to Host a Free Space Engineers Server

Now, while Space Engineers already has a co-op feature in place so that players can directly connect and play together, you’ve gotta ask, “what if I wanna play while my friend is offline?”

That’s where dedicated, third-party servers come in. Just like other games, you can pay for a dedicated server with one of the hosts we listed above, but there’s always the option to host your server locally for absolutely free.

Again, the Space Engineers come in to save the day, offering an effortless setup for making a dedicated server through Steam. However, you do still need to do some port forwarding on your router to have out-of-network player connections.

Regardless, the dev team has a full walkthrough for dedicated server setup here.

Is Space Engineers Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Space Engineers is not cross-platform, nor does the dev team plan to introduce any cross-play features following the official release of Space Engineers on Xbox One.

How Do You Make a Space Engineers Server Private?

Making your Space Engineers server private is relatively easy.

On dedicated servers it’s as simple as this:

1. Make sure your server is off.

2. Create a Steam Group and add the players that you want to have access

3. Find your configuration files and add the Steam Group ID to the Dedicated Easy Configurator file

And just like that, you’ve got a private server!

With server hosts, on the other hand, for some hosts that offer FTP access, you can repeat those same steps, while other hosts may have private server options upon purchase.

What Port Does Space Engineers Use?

If you want to host a dedicated server and invite your friends from outside your network, you’ll need to do a process called port forwarding on your router, which allows players to connect from outside sources.

When port forwarding, you need the specific port dedicated to the game you’re hosting a server for.

In Space Engineers’ case, the port is


While Space Engineers might take a little work and know-how to get into enjoying, the payoff is worth it for sure. Nothing beats building a spaceship yourself to explore the Galaxy with your buddies and maybe fighting some pirates and stuff with mods.

Dedicated servers are an excellent route for Space Engineers because of the cost-saving and very low upkeep and resource draw, but purchasing a server host can still be viable in case you don’t want players connecting through to your network.

Plus, with paid servers, you can get all of the power you’ll ever need to host 10, 30, 50 concurrent players in Space Engineers. Imagine how amazing of an experience that would be!

Whichever way you go, there’s always an option for you, and in the end, aren’t we all just here to have fun?

Space Engineers Xbox How to Add Mods To Your Server

Dedicated servers in Space Engineers allow players to connect to a third party host, rather than using a player-host, in a peer-to-peer set-up. They are game instances intended for long time multiplayer games. They don’t depend on any player and they run without render and visual/audio effects. This will result to a faster connection and a more fluent multiplayer performance with less lag.

Dedicated servers are available for everyone who owns Space Engineers. You don’t need an extra Steam account, you get Space Engineers dedicated servers for free with your existing Space Engineers account.

Note: In order to run a dedicated server, server providers don&#;t require a licensed copy of the game. However, to obtain the game server files, at least one Steam account needs to have a valid license.

If you don&#;t want to host a dedicated server yourself, you can rent one from our official hosts:
The official Server Host for the Space Engineers PC version is GTX Gaming

a) A Windows PC with administrator account (only if the server will be run as a service)

Space Engineers Dedicated Servers

1. Server list
​Here you can see the list of the server instances. There’s always one instance named “Local/Console” and optionally several other instances with custom names. The “Local/Console” instance is run on foreground as a standard application and is always there, while the other instances that the user creates are run in the background as Windows services.

2. Global configuration
Here you can set, whether the game log files should have dates appended to them and whether the server should automatically send the log files to Keen Software House upon crash.

3. Administration warning
​This message is shown when the application is not run with administrator rights.
If you want to create or manage the server as a service you need administrator rights. The button “Run as Admin” will restart the application with administrator rights.

4. Buttons
&#; Add new instance &#; Creates a new instance of the dedicated server as a Windows service.
&#; Remove instance &#; Removes an instance of the dedicated server
&#; Continue to server configuration &#; Starts server instance configuration utility for the selected instances
&#; Exit &#; Closes the configuration utility


Space Engineers Dedicated Servers

1. Connect to Steam
Some of the features of the UI are using Steam to help users to fill correct values. You can connect to Steam to get your friends and mods lists. To be able to use this you have to be logged into Steam on that machine.

2. Features
There are 4 main features on the UI:

  • Server Settings
  • Plugins &#; Server plugin management
  • Remote Client
  • Console &#; Console output for running server

3. New game / Saved worlds option
Lets you choose between starting a new world generated from a scenario or loading a previously saved world
The previously saved worlds are loaded either from the “AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated” folder in your home directory (e.g. “C:\Users\John.Doe”) or from the “ProgramData\SpaceEngineersDedicated” folder in the system root. To be able to play a world on the dedicated server that you previously created and saved in the game, you will have to copy it from your save game directory “AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers” to the respective folder

4. Game settings
Scenario &#; Can only be chosen for the “New game” option.
Other settings work as you know them from the game with the added bonus that you can set the numerical options to any value you want.
(Warning: Values out of the range allowed by the game user interface are not tested and officially unsupported. They can seriously affect the game experience and performance)

5. Server settings

Listen IP &#; Address of network interface that the server will listen on. This can be set to “” (which is the default value) to listen on all interfaces, which should work fine in most cases
Port – Number of the port that the server will listen on
Server name &#; Name that will be shown in the server list
World name &#; Name of the world, which shows up in the server list
Steam Group ID – If set to non-zero value, the dedicated server will only be visible for the given Steam group
Password &#; Password for the server, if you need protected private server
Remote API &#; Remote API for controlling server with VRage Remote Client
Server Description &#; Describes your server

You can select Admins, Banned and Reserved slots users on this tab. You can use your friends list or from history of the world.
Note: By “Steam ID” we mean the unique numerical identifier for a Steam account in the bit format. Your Steam ID in this format can be found in the game log after running the game with Steam logged-in to your Steam account (see above) or using external tools like or

You can select Active Mods on this tab. You can use your Subscribed Mods list from Steam.

MotD &#; Message of the Day
You can fill Message of the Day and Message of the Day URL on this tab. This message will show up to every player, when connected to the server.
You can use variables in the content of the MotD. Use the context menu of the text field to insert a variable of your choice. This variable will be replaced by actual value, when it shows to the player.

You can setup Auto Restart and Auto Update features on this tab. Auto Update feature is supported only if the DS GUI is running.

How to setup auto-restart
There are two ways how to start dedicated server and to use auto-restart:

  1. Server as Local / Console
    1. If you use DS GUI, then auto-restart is supported.
    2. If you don’t use DS GUI and start server as simple console application, then you have to make your own script.
  2. Server as Window Service
    1. If you use DS GUI, then auto-restart is supported. You have to keep GUI open.
    2. If you don’t use DS GUI, then you have to go to properties of Windows Service (Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services). Find service of the server and in the properties there is Recovery page. Set the First failure, Second failure and Subsequent failures to Restart the Service. Also make your own task in Task Scheduler, which checks if server is running.

6. Configuration and Server controls
Save config &#; Saves the configuration for the current server instance
Edit config &#; Opens the current instance’s configuration file in a text editor for manual editing
Save & start &#; Saves the current configuration and starts the server
Restart – Restarts the server
Stop – Stops the server
Back to instances &#; Returns to the screen with the list of server instances
Exit &#; Closes the configuration utility (but not the dedicated server, if it is running as a service)
Setup Actions &#; this feature can Stop/Restart server with delay and chat message on the server.


Space Engineers Dedicated Servers

You can use plugins management for server side plugins setup. Add plugin assembly and then select plugin.


Space Engineers Dedicated Servers

Remote Client helps you with the administering of your server without connecting to it. There is a monitoring tab with information about simulation speed and game play state. 
Admin tools tab is similar to Admin Screen (alt-F10). You can see global server chat, connected, banned or kicked players, list of all grids, characters, floating objects, planets and asteroids.

Standalone executable
There is standalone version of Remote Client in the Dedicated Server directory. You can start it by executing VRageRemoteClient.exe file. Standalone version has more features like Profiles or Notifications.

Space Engineers Dedicated Servers


You can run SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe with the following arguments
-console: skips instance selection dialog, dedicated server configuration dialog, and goes directly to console application
-noconsole: will run without black console window
-path: will load config and store all files in path specified (&#;D:\Whatever\Something&#; in example)
-ignorelastsession: ignores last automatic save of the world and uses values from config file
-maxPlayers : overrides maximum players that can be in session
-ip:  overrides ip address of dedicated server stored in config file
-port: overrides port value stored in config file

taskkill /IM SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe
This will stop the dedicated server correctly, saving the world etc.
To stop it immediately add argument &#;/f&#;, which will kill the server without asking to stop and without saving the world.


To change data directory for dedicated server, mklink command may be used.
1) Make sure &#;D:\Something\DirForData&#; exists
2) Make sure &#;C:\ProgramData\SpaceEngineersDedicated&#; does not exists
3) Run command:
mklink /J C:\ProgramData\SpaceEngineersDedicated D:\Something\DirForData

More information here (see Junction):


a) Static IP: If you intend to run a game that people from all over the Internet can connect to, you will need a static public IP address. Your internet service provider should tell you whether you have one or not. Without the static IP address, you will be able to host a dedicated server on your LAN, but people from outside the LAN won’t be able to connect to it.

b) Port forwarding: The game uses UDP protocol to communicate. The default listen port is , but this can be changed in the config tool. In order for people to be able to reach your server, you will have to configure your router to forward all incoming UDP traffic on port (or any other that you have specified) to the computer where your dedicated server is running.

c) Firewall settings: Make sure to set the firewall on your server computer to allow incoming UDP traffic on the listen port.


If you want to find your Group ID, this is a way how to do it:

1) First you have to be the member of the group
2) On the group&#;s page (e.g., click &#;Invite Friends&#;
3) On the new page that will open, you can find your Group ID (long number in red) in the page&#;s URL:


Remote API is RESTful web API, which you can use to get information about the server and running world. You can use VRage Remote Client to get the data or you can make your own client. These are available resources:

Space Engineers Dedicated Servers

Custom Client
If you want to make your own client you have to properly create a request. Remote API is using HMAC (HMACSHA1) to compute hash from specific data. HMAC is using private key. Don’t share this key with anyone.

You have to compute hash from string (lines):
URL &#; including query parameters
Nonce &#; random string, can be used only once, can be a number
Date &#; UtcNow, format r, RFC pattern, must be added to header

This is converted to byte buffer from UTF8 string and then used to compute hash. Hash is converted to Base64 string and added to header to Authorization field in format “nonce:hash”.

Example of code in C# (using RestSharp library) :

        private readonly string m_remoteUrl = &#;/vrageremote/{0}&#;;

        public RestRequest CreateRequest(string resourceLink, Method method, 
params Tuple<string, string>[] queryParams)
            string methodUrl = string.Format(m_remoteUrl, resourceLink);
            RestRequest request = new RestRequest(methodUrl, method); 
            string date = DateTime.UtcNow.ToString(&#;r&#;, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
            request.AddHeader(&#;Date&#;, date); 
            m_nonce = random.Next(0, int.MaxValue);
            string nonce = m_nonce.ToString();
            StringBuilder message = new StringBuilder();
            if (queryParams.Length > 0)
            for (int i = 0; i < queryParams.Length; i++)
                var param = queryParams[i];
                request.AddQueryParameter(param.Item1, param.Item2);
                message.AppendFormat(&#;{0}={1}&#;, param.Item1, param.Item2);
                if (i != queryParams.Length &#; 1)
            byte[] messageBuffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(message.ToString());
            byte[] key = Convert.FromBase64String(m_securityKey);
            byte[] computedHash;
            using (HMACSHA1 hmac = new HMACSHA1(key))
                computedHash = hmac.ComputeHash(messageBuffer);
            string hash = Convert.ToBase64String(computedHash);
            request.AddHeader(&#;Authorization&#;, string.Format(&#;{0}:{1}&#;, nonce, hash));
            return request;

​With custom client you can get information about available resources on API URL (for example  http://localhost/vrageremote/api).


Now discussing:

When renting your Last Oasis private server with Nitrado it is required get a game server registration key from and put it into the Nitrado web interface in the User identifier input box. The MyRealm website requires a login with a Steam account that owns Last Oasis.

This means, in order to host your private server on Xbox (Crossplay with PC) you would need a copy of the game on a Steam account. It is planned to address this limitation for Xbox players in the near future.

1. Pick offer

2. Data Center

3. Configure

4. Sign up

5. Charge account

6. Order confirmation

7. Installation

A 3 Days term, renewable at any time

Up to 5 games can be installed, over games in the cloud

A 30 Days term, renewable at any time

Up to 5 games can be installed, over games in the cloud


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