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Welcome back! Having trouble? Well not to fear for the &#;Ruined Kingdom&#; moon guide is here!


Now before you continue reading you must remember:


  • You must beat the game to get all the moons in this location
  • Some moons can be obtained without completing the game


















                        1. Battle with the Lord of Lightning







           2. In the Ancient Treasure Chest







          3. Roulette Tower: Climbed







                              4. Roulette Tower: Stopped

                                                                                    (Same Location/area as #3)








                           5. Peach in the Ruined Kingdom







                                  6. Caught on a Big Horn






                                 7.Upon the Broken Arch






                             8.Rolling Rock on the Battlefield

                                                                     (Just keep on kicking the rock&#;Seriously, don&#;t stop)







                            9.Charging Through the enemy







                              The Mummy Army&#;s Curse

                                                                                        (Same Location/area as #9)



And there you have it, the locations of all the moons in the Ruined Kingdom!



Want to learn more about Mario Odyssey? Take a look at the music: &#;Jump Up Super Star&#;! 


Download the free short version of the song here!

Like this:


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Ruined Kingdom

01 &#; Battle with the Lord of Lightning!

1- After duking it out a bit with Bowser, the Odyssey will crash land in the ominous Ruined Kingdom&#;

2- Follow the stairway and launch up onto the castle&#;s peak&#;

3- The Lord of Lightning is waiting for you&#;

4- Dodge the lightning bolts, jump on his head, rip out the stakes&#;

5- And ground pound his head three times for your Multi-Moon!

02 &#; In the Ancient Treasure Chest


1- Directly in front of the Odyssey you should notice a ledge to the left of the stairway&#;

2- Drop down on the ledge and shimmy across&#;

3- On the other side is a bunch of coins and a treasure chest! Guess what is inside?!

03 &#; Roulette Tower: Climbed


1- On the tip of the tower were you faught the Lord of Lightning&#;

2- You should find a rocket ship&#;

3- Capture it and blast away&#;

4- Time for some 8-bit puzzles&#;

5- The platforms are moving, hit the switches so that the platform lines up like this, now go 8-bit and jump across&#;

6- In the next area you&#;ll need to time the switches so the platforms look like this&#;

7- And last but not least, hit the switches in perfect timing to make the platforms look like this&#;

8- Climb on up and a Power Moon is waiting for you!

04 &#; Roulette Tower: Stopped


1- On the tip of the tower were you faught the Lord of Lightning&#;

2- You should find a rocket ship&#;

3- Capture it and blast away&#;

4- Time for some 8-bit puzzles&#;

5- Time the switches to allow the platforms to be lined up so you can jump on them! But After beating the second puzzle don&#;t progress to the right&#;

6- Instead if you move to the left, you will notice a secret 2D Power Moon, but how do we reach it?&#;

7- Jump and hit a koopa to launch the shell towards the left. It will ricochet back and forth, destroying the blocks, and opening up the path&#;

8- Now finish the puzzle like this and snag that Power Moon!

05 &#; Peach in the Ruined Kingdom


1- Once you&#;ve beaten the game, Peach travels the world for some good ol&#; fashion sight-seeing&#;

2- In this case, she&#;s up on the tower where you defeated &#;The Lord of Lightning&#;, talk with her and she will give you a Power Moon!

The remaining Power Moons can only be found in the &#;End Game&#; portion of Mario Odyssey!

– Now that you’ve beaten the game, these mysterious Moon Rocks can be BUSTED open! In doing so, MORE Power Moons will spread throughout the Kingdom!

&#; The Moon Rock is on a ledge off top the right of the stairway&#;

&#; Go down there and break it open! 5 more Power Moons will spread througout The Ruined Kingdom!

06 &#; Caught on a Big Horn


1- Now that you&#;ve defeated &#;The Lord of Lightning&#;, he is exhaustingly hanging out on top of the tower&#;

2- Climb up on his head&#;

3- His left horn is sparkly for some reason&#;

4- Throw Cappy at his horn, make sure to HOLD the button down so Cappy spins for a few moments. In doing so, a Power Moon will emerge!

07 &#; Upon the Broken Arch

1- Above the stairway is a broken archway&#;

2- Climb on top of it and go to the very tip, ground pound the sparkly spot and you will get a Power Moon!!

08 &#; Rolling Rock on the Battlefield


1- On top of the tower were you faught &#;The Lord of Lightnng&#; is a rock embedded into the ground&#;

2- Hit it with Cappy and it&#;ll pop out of the gruond and begin to sparkle&#;

3- You can hit it a million times and it doesn&#;t seem to break, so instead pick it up and climb on top of the dragon, through it off&#;

4- The drop will break open the rock and you&#;ll find a Power Moon inside! (Check the video for a little &#;how-to&#;)

09 &#; Charging Through an Army


1- Right beside the Odyssey is a brand new Moon Rock Warp Pipe&#;

2- Once inside you will see a big room with a football guy and a bunch of mummies&#;

3- Dodge all the mummies&#;

4- Capture the football guy by hitting the switch to open his gate&#;

5- And finally, bust open the cage to reveal a Power Moon! (Check out the video)

10 &#; The Mummy Army&#;s Curse

Location- Same as &#;Charging Through an Army&#;

1- Right beside the Odyssey is a brand new Moon Rock Warp Pipe&#;

2- Once inside you will see a big room with a football guy and a bunch of mummies&#;

3- This Power Moon was honestly one of the more confusing for me to get. But I&#;ll do my best to explain. Once you drop down into the area with the giant mummy army, a &#;special&#; mummy will appear back up on the platform you just came from. However, by the time you jump back up, he usually ducks back under the ground. So what I did was jump down below like normal, capture the football guy like normal, and then charge back to where I came from. By then, the special mummy who holds the Power Moon is running around back on top of the platform I orignally came from. So now it&#;s a rush to jump back up and GROUND POUND him to kill him! Check out the video to see what I did, it was sloppy, but it got the job done.

4- Hopefully this video helps! Basically, drop down to where the army of mummies is, then jump right back up and try to kill the sparkly mummy! Good luck!


I&#;ve been a hardcore gamer ever since my little 3 year old eyes glared at level on Super Mario Bros for the NES. I love talking about games, writing about games, making fun of games and taking games seriously too. I love making videos, articles, and more about helpful guides, reviews, and more. I&#;m a Nintendo fanboy at heart. But I got an Xbox in and I&#;ve become a Xbox psycho as well.
If I could spend forever doing what I do with this site I&#;d be very happy. Check out my &#;Bam rants&#; editorials with my thoughts on tough topics as well as my guides and reviews and crazy shenanigans. Thanks!


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Looking for the list of Kingdoms and the total number of Power Moons each Kingdom has in Super Mario Odyssey? We&#;ve got you covered.

The list below shows all of the Kingdoms that are present in the game and how many Power Moons each Kingdom has to collect. We&#;ve more details after the list if you are interested to find out more.

As the list and details contain potential spoilers, please do not proceed if you do not wish to see any spoilers.

Note: The list of Power Moons and Kingdoms are still being updated at the time of writing.

KingdomMoonsPostgame MoonsMoons (Combined)
Dark Side24024
Darker Side101
Total (counting Multi Moons as 3)

Note: On the very last row, we count one single Multi-Moon as three Power Moons.

Some Kingdoms, such as the Cloud Kingdom and Ruined Kingdom, only have a few Power Moons as they are very small Kingdoms. The Mushroom Kingdom, Dark Side, and Darker Side are accessible once the main story has been cleared.

Most of the Power Moons in the Mushroom Kingdom can be unlocked by completing Toadette&#;s achievements.

The Dark Side can be accessed at Power Moons, and the Darker Side can be reached after collecting Power Moons.



The Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom isn’t an expected stop for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey, but after an encounter with Bowser he ends up there. Ruined Kingdom is home to a nasty dragon boss fight and a number of power moons. In this Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom power moon locations guide we’ll help you get the moons and defeat the Lost Kingdom dragon boss.

For more Super Mario Odyssey help, check out our Super Mario Odyssey Collectibles guide hub and our array of power moon location guides.

Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Here is our guide to all the Ruined Kingdom Power Moons we've found so far. Keep checking back for more details on all the remaining power moons. Numbers match with those on your Power Moon list in the game. We’ll also tell you how to defeat the dragon boss on Ruined Kingdom.

Ruined Kingdom Power Moon 2. In the Ancient Treasure Chest Power Moon

Near the start of the Ruined Kingdom is a staircase leading up. To its left is a path. Head down the left path, jump up to the ledge and shimmy across to find a treasure chest with a power moon and plenty of gold coins.

Ruined Kingdom Power Moon 1. How to Defeat the Dragon Boss on Ruined Kingdom - Battle With the Lord of Lightning Power Moons

The dragon boss on Ruined Kingdom has numerous stages to his attacks. His first attack sees him rolling spinning electricity discs at you. These are fairly easy to weave between.

The dragon boss’ next stage of attack is to slam down and send out waves of electricity. Just make Mario jump over these and work towards getting close to the dragon’s head.

With the dragon’s head now electricity-free, jump on and use Cappy to pull out the pins holding the chains. Get them all out and you can ground slam the head to cause damage to the dragon.

The dragon boss comes back for more, repeating his attacks but with more ferocity. He starts by rolling out five electricity rings, then more electricity waves to jump over, then four pins to remove from his head. If you’re quick you can remove all the pins and slam the head in one attempt, otherwise you’ll need to jump off before you get electrocuted. The dragon will start his string of attacks again, but the pins will stay removed for next time.

The final attacks from the dragon boss on Ruined Kingdom see him firing about 10 electricity rings at you, faster waves of electricity, and six pins. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get all of the pins out and ground slam in one attempt, so jump off after you’ve done three or four. Then repeat the process to take down the dragon.

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Kingdom 6 ruined moon

Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom Power Moon Locations

On your Super Mario Odyssey journey, you’ll run into Bowser and his flying ship but the villain isn’t alone, he has a dragon.

This beast will shoot down the Odyssey and you’ll land on the Ruined Kingdom, a small area of floating platforms. You’ll need to defeat the dragon to get back to finding Bowser but there are 10 Power Moons in total to find.

To find the Power Moon locations for the other levels in Super Mario Odyssey , check out our other Kingdom Guides:

Power Moon #1 - Battle with the Lord of Lightning!

You’ll need to battle a huge dragon to get the first Power Moon of the Ruined Kingdom. It’s not as tough as it looks as long as you’re quick on your feet. Jump over the waves of electricity it shoots until it rests its head. On its snout, will be about five keys that you can use Cappy to dislodge. Once all of them are dislodged, give the dragon a good ground pound.

Repeat two more times to defeat it.

Power Moon #2 - In the Ancient Treasure Chest

Climb down the stairs where the Odyssey is and keep your eye on the left side because there’s a hidden path. Grab the ledge and shimmy your way across to find the treasure chest where a Power Moon is.

Power Moon #3 - Roulette Tower: Climbed

After defeating the boss, return to the arena and ride the Mini Rocket to another level. Climb to the top of the tower in this new level to receive a Power Moon.

Power Moon #4 - Roulette Tower: Stopped

In the same area as #3, there’s a chamber with 8-bit Koopa Troopas that you’ll notice on your way up the tower. Kick the red-shelled Koopa Troopa on the top-left to the left and follow it because the shell will break a lot of bricks revealing a hidden side of the tower. Exit the pipe and use the P-Switches to freeze the rotating sections that lets you use them as steps to a Power Moon.

Power Moon #5 - Peach in the Ruined Kingdom

After you defeat Bowser, return to the Ruined Kingdom and find Peach where the boss was and she will give you a Power Moon.

To get Power Moons #, you’ll need to defeat the main story and find the Moon Rock to unlock the rest of the moons.

Power Moon #6 - Caught in a Big Horn

Go back to the arena where you fought the boss and climb the dragon’s head. Climb to the right side of the dragon’s head to where it’s horn is. You’ll notice a glimmer at the tip of the horn. Toss and hold Cappy there to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon #7 - Upon the Broken Arch

Head up the stars from the Odyssey and look for the broken pillar. Climb up to the top and ground pound the floor to get a Power Moon.

Power Moon #8 - Rolling Rock on the Battlefield

Check the rocks in the arena where the dragon is and you’ll see one of them shimmering. You’ll need to kick it until it breaks, revealing a Power Moon.

Power Moon #9 - Charging Through an Army

A pipe appears near the Odyssey that will transport you to a new level. Capture a Chargin’ Chuck and rush it up the ramp to where a Power Moon is trapped in a cage. Charge up your Chuck to break the cage and grab the Power Moon.

Power Moon #10 - The Mummy’s Army Curse

In the same area as #9, Capture Chargin’ Chuck and use him to break the blocks near the entrance of the level. Go to the second level and find the glowing Chincho, use your cap throws to dismantle it and grab the Power Moon. 

Super Mario Odyssey - All Endings + New 100% Ending

[¡SPOiLERS!] Super Mario Odyssey % Guide! - Ruined Kingdom

user uploaded image

Welcome to the twelfth post in my series of posts that are all alert of my second % Game Completion Guide! These posts basically go over how to obtain every collectible in a specific kingdom, eventually covering the entire game! So I figured I would compile guides and maps into one post per kingdom for ease of access, just so you won’t have to deal with website ads, and all the problems some websites have.

So if you have any questions about moons or regional coins please ask in the comments and I will reply to all comments!

Before we get into the item locations, let’s take a look at the in-game “brochure”, or description, about the Ruined Kingdom!

a grim reminder of past conflicts

Reaching for the Heavens -

This tower once collected energy from lightning in the thunderclouds that constantly swirl here. Some say that it was destroyed by repeated lightning strikes, but others note the unnatural shapes into which the tower crumbled and wonder if it fell into ruins for different reasons entirely.

High Stakes -

Amid the ruins, these swords surely stand out. They're thought to be left over from a large battle here in Crumbleden. One certainly feels a sense of intentionally in the way they're stuck straight down, as if fallen from the sky.

Some see them not as swords, but rather nails or stakes. Perhaps the eyelets at the top allowed ropes or chains through to anchor something, but it's impossible to say what.

Ruined Dreams -

It's only because of the people of Crumbden's skill in construction that there are ruins left here to see. Their building style was reliable and straightforward, but whatever they'd hoped to accomplish by harnessing the fearsome power of lightning remains unclear. Some have theorized that the circular plaza atop the tower was built for a standoff of some kind.

The Great Altar -

It's thought this altar was built so this former kingdom could communicate with (or perhaps confront) something. This is the only altar built here, and scholars have been keen to discover its intent. It's also said to be shaped like something in particular. The idea that it was meant to charge lightning has been disproven. The new theory is that it was built to call something down and then restrain the lightning.

Are Those Claw Marks? -

The stone here has numerous large slashes cut through it, often in parallel tracks suggesting giant claws. But that can't be right- what could claw through stone?

Three Keys to the Kingdom

Visit the vast, crumbling tower still standing watch over the area.

Investigate the deep, clawlike marks in the stone.

Admire the durable construction techniques of a once proud kingdom.

Let’s get into Power Moons!

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Please use this map for reference!

1. Battle with the Lord of Lightning!:

You will receive this Power Moon when you defeat the Kingdom's boss.

2. In the Ancient Treasure Chest:

Starting from the Odyssey, walk forwards and keep to the left. Jump down onto the platform to the left of the stairs and then jump up to grab on to the thin rail in the wall. Move yourself around to the left to find a treasure chest containing a Power Moon.

3. Roulette Tower: Climbed:

Capture the rocket on the west of the main island to fly to a mixed 2D and 3D section. Make your way through each section, using a combination of the P-Switch and the button to make the platforms inside stay still exactly where you need them. When you reach the end you'll find a Power Moon.

4. Roulette Tower: Stopped (see location 3):

In the same area as Power Moon 3, make your way through the 2D rooms until you come across the one with red Koopas walking along bricks. Here, jump up onto the top set of bricks on the left, jump on the red Koopa there once to make it hide in its shell, and then again (from the right hand side of it) to launch it off to the left and past the pipe from which you entered. You'll now be able to access a bonus area with a second Power Moon.

5. Peach in the Ruined Kingdom:

Head to location 5 on our map (on the east side of the main island) to find Princess Peach. Talk to her to receive a Power Moon.

Ruined Kingdom 'Moon Rock' Power Moons ()

These Power Moons will become available to you when you have smashed the Moon Rock located in this Kingdom.

6. Caught on a Big Horn:

Return to the main island to find this area's boss lying on the ground. Jump up onto its head and examine its right horn (on your left). You'll notice a glowing spot at the tip - hold down the 'Y' button to have Cappy spin on it for a few seconds to reveal a Power Moon.

7. Upon the Broken Arch:

Head to the far end (away from the Odyssey) of the first island. If you turn around and look to the left, you should notice a short, broken pillar standing in front of a taller one. Use a backflip to get on to the first pillar, and then jump up again to the second - simply ground pound the glowing spot here for a Power Moon.

8. Rolling Rock on the Battlefield:

Return to the main island and look around location 8 on our map for a small rock sitting on the ground. If you kick it, you'll notice that it starts to glow. Keep kicking it around until it eventually smashes open (this one seems to take an abnormally long amount of time) and you will be rewarded with a Power Moon.

9. Charging Through an Army:

Head inside the grey warp pipe near the Odyssey and run to the other side of the room, ignoring the enemies in your way. Throw Cappy at the level to open the gate, and then capture the Chargin' Chuck inside. Now simply charge up and around to either side of the gate and use his power to break open the cage above containing the Power Moon.

The Mummy Army's Curse (see location 9):

In the same area as Power Moon 9, capture the Chargin' Chuck and run all the way back to the start of the room (if you smash open the line of blocks at the far end, you'll find a super-lovely wealth of coins just lying around). Now release the Chargin' Chuck with 'ZL', and climb the pole on the left - when you make it back up to the top you should spot a glowing Chincho. Jump up on this Chincho to reveal a second Power Moon.

That’s all for this kingdom! Be sure to comment with any questions! I’ll be doing one Guide per day for every kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, so stay tuned for tomorrow, where I’ll be posting a % Guide Bowser’s Kingdom Kingdom!

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Similar news:

Ruined Kingdom map

There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Ruined Kingdom’s power moons. (There are no coins in this kingdom.)

Nintendo via Polygon

Our power moons guide puts the collectibles in the same order as Super Mario Odyssey.

1. Battle with the Lord of Lightning!


Defeat this kingdom’s boss to get three power moons.

2. In the Ancient Treasure Chest

  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo

Just beyond the Odyssey, to the left of the staircase, jump down to a platform. Jump up and grab onto the wall, and shimmy across to a treasure chest. Throw Cappy to open it and collect this power moon.

3. Roulette Tower: Climbed and 4. Roulette Tower: Stopped

Ride the rocket in the area where the dragon rests, and you’ll enter this hybrid 2-D/3-D world where two power moons are waiting for you.

  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • 3. Roulette Tower: Climbed: Make your way to the end of the level, and you’ll find this power moon.
  • 4. Roulette Tower: Stopped: When you reach the section with red Koopas, jump up to the top row of blocks and stomp a red Koopa, sending it to the left. Walk left to follow it, and the shell you kicked will clear a path to this power moon.

The only tricky part in this area is your throw timing. When you’re in 3-D, you’ll need to hit P-Switches to stop 2-D platforms, so that you can jump across them to the next section. The trick is to stand in front of the P-Switch and press the button to Cappy not when you see the platform in the place where you want it to stop but when it’s in the place before you want it to stop. Timing your throws like that accounts for the split second gap between throwing Cappy and your living hat connecting with the P-Switch.

5. Peach in the Ruined Kingdom


Return to the area where you fought the dragon, and Princess Peach is in the northeast (to the right of the dragon). Speak to her for this power moon.


The remaining power moons in the Ruined Kingdom are available after you break the moon rock, which is over a ledge northeast of the Odyssey.

6. Caught in a Big Horn


Return to the area where you fought the dragon, and climb on top of your tired former enemy. This power moon is hiding in his right horn (which is on your left as you climb up). Throw Cappy at the horn, and hold down the throw button to collect the power moon.

7. Upon the Broken Arch

At the top right of the staircase in front of the Odyssey, you’ll see a broken pillar. Ground pound into jumps to reach the top, and then ground pound the glowing area at the top for this power moon.

8. Rolling Rock on the Battlefield

Return to the area where you fought the dragon, and look for a rock lodged in the ground. (It’s behind where you land.) Pick it up, climb to the top of the dragon and throw it off. When it breaks (it took us a couple of throws), you’ll get a power moon.

9. Charging Through an Army and The Mummy’s Curse

  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo

Just behind the Odyssey, enter what looks like the gray top of a chimney. You’ll be able to collect two power moons down here.

For both moons, head straight and down from where you enter, ignoring the Chinchos (the zombie-like enemies) who spawn. Throw Cappy at the switch to open the cage door, and capture the Chargin’ Chuck inside.

  • 9. Charging Through an Army: Run up a ramp on either side of where you released the Chargin’ Chuck, and smash into the cage to release this power moon.
  • The Mummy’s Curse: Run back the way you came and destroy the rock wall underneath where you entered. Collect the many coins underneath, and then leave the Chargin’ Chuck and climb the pole on the left side to get back to where you started. Above, there will be a glowing Chincho. Jump on it to release this power moon.



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