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06-14 Kawasaki ZX14-ZX14R Turbo System (The Big Boy)

  The Big Boy ZX14 Turbo System !

 GT3576R Gen II Garrett Turbo 

* <1> Tial v band 44mm MV-R external waste-gate.

* <1> Stainless steel SS304 .109 Wall Tig Welded Pro-one Header  
* <1> Stainless steel SS304 .065 Wall Tig Welded Dump pipe 
* <1> 2.500 Alum Charge Tube  

* <1> Fuel Line Kit 300 PSI hoses & Oil Return Line - SS feed line
* <1> High Performance Fuel Pump  

* <1> Boost gauge  
* <1> K&N air filter 

* <1> 1/1 Fuel Reg. 

Options : Water/Air Inter-cooler  Tial 50mm Blow Off  +

Please Note: These systems are built to order and require a 3-4 week build time. If you need something different  please message or call us.

If Adding the water/air intercooler package must send your OEM fairing stay. 

**** To make make more than 300 Horsepower you will need motor mods. **** 

Sours: https://monsterturbos.com/products/06-14-kawasaki-zx14-zx14r-turbo-system

Kawasaki ZX14 Stage 1 Turbo System

Product Description:

ZX14 Stage 1 Turbo System

Garret GT dual ball bearing turbo, will support over 430hp,

  • 38 mm Tial Sport MVS Waste Gate (external)
  • 304 grade stainless steel header and flanges
  • Braided oil feed line and fittings
  • Oil return line, and fittings
  • New in-line fuel pump
  • RCC Billet Rising rate regulator (FMU)
  • Fuel lines for the fuel system
  • Billet aluminum air box covers
  • Crankcase vent filter
  • RCC Billet mechanical scavenge pump
  • K&N air filter
  • All vacuum lines, connectors, hose clamps, and fittings.

Stock engine 260rwhp on pump fuel with stage 1 or stage 2 kit.

Engine with turbo pistons and HD valve springs, 290rwhp on stage 1 or stage 2 kit with pump fuel, or 330-340rwhp on race fuel with the stage 2 kit.

With a fully built engine, HD connecting rods, turbo pistons, valve springs, etc. The stage 2 kit will be 290-300rwhp on pump fuel, and 440rwhp on race gas.

2006-2011 models recommended boost is 6 psi, makes 260hp at rear wheel with stock engine.
2012-2017 models recommended boost is 4 psi, makes 260hp at rear wheel with stock engine.

It fits inside stock body work for a very stealthy look. This system can be upgraded to over 400 HP by adding secondary fuel system and engine work. No more turbo upgrades to be purchased.

Sours: https://rccturbos.com/products/current-turbo-kits/kawasaki-zx14-stage-1-turbo-system
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You can read the posts in the turbo section. I detailed my install under 'turbo bug bites' and update the thread if and when new info becomes available. I am a novice compared to other members like Romans, but would try to help you out. For gen. 2, Romans has turboed that and a few other bikes as well. Due to higher compression of gen. 2, the safe max boost is 4 psi, whereas mine can be run up to 6 psi. I have added methanol injection to keep the pistons safe, up to around 12 psi, not that I run it up that high.

I run premium high octane gas, but E85, is safer on pistons and can take more boost, but requires larger injectors and compatible fuel pump. There is a build thread on E85, but dont think it is complete. So methanol injection is a substitute for E85 or high octane race fuel.

Some must haves in a turbo:
1) AFR gauge, you dont want lean condition, especially under boost.
2) fuel pressure gauge, start at 43 psi, like oem.
3) boost gauge

You can buy components off ebay and piece things together, but since its your first turbo, maybe a kit is a better solution. Try pm Romans to see what he says. He also has maps that can be used as a baseline. A qualified dyno tuner is a good idea and I think there is one in Indiana (Schnitz performance??) He should be able to dial in the fueling to keep your engine safe. I relied on my gauges, and in my second year with the turbo. If you turbo, you will love it, whether you race or use it as a daily ride like me.

I dont think specialty tools are needed and you should not have to weld unless you want to make your own header. A few other helpful places to look is "psycho bike" and even hayabusa forums if you have a lot of free time. Some guy turboed a Concours and he detailed a lot in his thread.

I've made many mistakes in my build thread, but thankfully nothing blew up yet. I think Romans friend ran his boost up too high and incurred damage which made him buy a new 14. Good luck.

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Sours: http://www.zx14ninjaforum.com/messages.cfm?threadid=A5F5FBB6-F975-4CA6-1D3A13735351D819

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Zx14 turbo

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TURBO Built ZX14R Dyno Test!! 400+WHP

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