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The Alcorn County Jail is located in the region of Corinth, Mississippi. This jail facility started off by holding training and employee orientation classes. It was a few months later, when the inmates began arriving at the facility.

The prime goal of the Alcorn County Jail is to maintain a safe, secure, and humane place for the staff members and the inmates that carry charges.

This facility has the capacity of holding 36 adult inmates. Along with that, the facility also features an administrative office.

Finding someone at the Alcorn County Jail

The inmates roster at the Alcorn County Jail is kept public, and can be found on the jail’s website. Using this roster, you can look for an inmate by using the first and the last name. The roster will also view the charges that the inmate carries along with the number of days that they have spent on the facility.

Apart from that, the roster also displays their charges, mugshot, their personal identification number, and the date of birth. Atop that, it can also be used to schedule a visit.

Sending Mail/Care Packages

The facility allows inmates to receive mail and care packages. These packages are, however, scanned through a smart communications system before handing on to the inmates.

In case you want to send a mail to an inmate, the following address can be used:

  • Alcorn County Jail
  • South Fulton Drive, Corinth, MS,

Once the mail arrives and goes through the smart communications system, the inmates can receive and check their mail at the kiosks. This is done to ensure that the inmates and staff remains safe from other harmful things that people often try to sneak into postal mail, postcards, and letters.

Moreover, inmates may also choose the snail mail to send letters. However, most of the inmates prefer the Smart Communications system for emails simply because it works faster and more efficiently.

However, both sides of the message which include the family/friends of the inmates and the inmate must bay $ for every single message. In case a photograph is to be sent, $1 has to be paid by the inmate’s friends and family. These photos cannot be printed out by the inmates.

Sending Money to an inmate at the Alcorn County Jail

There are a number of ways in which you can send money to an inmate being held at the facility. These include:

Through Phone

The Keefe Commissary can be contacted at for funding purposes and queries. Moreover, money can also be added via Correct Solutions via this phone number:


In case you are near in proximity to the jail, you can arrive in between 7 am to 11 pm on workdays to the Sheriff's Office Lobby to send some money to an inmate.

Sending money online

The third and most convenient way of sending money to an inmate is through the internet. In order to do this, Access Corrections must be contacted and an account needs to be set up. Do note that this service involves a fee.

Making phone calls to inmates at the Alcorn County Jail

The inmates at the Alcorn County Jail get the facility of calling their friends and families. However, friends and family cannot initiate a call to the inmates from outside.

Each and every call that goes out of the prison facility is a collect call. This means that the person on the receiving end is liable to pay for it. Moreover, the inmates need to know the phone numbers on top of the head as no address book or list of numbers is provided.

Sending an email to inmates

Access to the internet is not provided at the Alcorn County Jail. However, access to Access Corrections does exist. This system allows the inmates to send/receive emails from the family and friends along with money.

This service, however, has its costs associated with the sending and receiving of hte messages. These messages may also include photos sent to the inmates.

The commissary at Alcorn County Jail

The inmates at the Alcorn County Jail can order whatever they need via touchscreen tablets, that area delivered to them once a week. The menu includes more than a hundred items to choose from. However, the Commissary must be funded with money in order to place an order.

Rules for visiting the inmates

A jail clerk cannot set up a visitation appointment anymore. In order to set up a visit, a government ID is required. Moreover, at one time, no more than four people can visit the facility.

Based on the pod of an inmate, a visitation can be scheduled in between AM to PM. There are two visitation times that are dedicated to each housing pod.

Moreover, every visitor at the facility has to get registered, including children. At the same time, in order to make a visit, an appointment as to be scheduled via a call within 24 hours of a visit.


Alcorn County Mugshots (Mississippi)

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Alcorn County Police Departments are law enforcement agencies that are responsible for stopping crimes and performing investigations in order to protect the community. As part of this job, Police Departments in Alcorn County, Mississippi arrest and process suspected criminals, including taking mugshots. These mugshots, which show the arrested individual, become part of the arrest record, which includes the individual's personal information, the criminal charges, and information about any jail bookings or trials that resulted from the arrest. Alcorn County mugshots can also be used to confirm an individual's identity when performing a background check. These mugshots may be available through the Police Department website.

Corinth Police DepartmentCorinth MS South Harper Road

Corinth Police DepartmentCorinth MS Childs Street

Farmington Police DepartmentCorinth MS County Road

Alcorn County Sheriff Departments are charged with policing and protecting a community by investigating and stopping crimes. As part of these law enforcement responsibilities, Sheriff Departments in Alcorn County, Mississippi arrest and process suspected criminals, which can include taking mugshots. These Alcorn County mugshots show the suspected individual after the arrest, and they become part of the arrest record, which includes the individual's personal information, the criminal charge, and any jail bookings or court cases that resulted from the arrest. When performing an Alcorn County background check, mugshots can also be used to confirm an individual's identity. These mugshots may be accessible to the public through the Sheriff Department website.

Alcorn County Sheriff's Department / Sanford Whitehurst JailCorinth MS South Fulton Drive

Mugshots near Alcorn County

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Search Inmates in Alcorn County, Mississippi . Results May Include: Arrests, Jail Docket, Arrest Date, Mugshot, Current Location, Current Housing Section, Current Housing Block, Current Housing Cell, Commitment Date, Release Date, Alias, Detainer Information, Bond Information, Case #, Amount, Status, Posted by, Post Date, Charge Information, Offense Date, Code, Description, Grade, Degree.

Alcorn County Mississippi Sheriff Overview

Alcorn County is located on the northernmost tip of Mississippi. It was founded in and named after Governor James L. Alcorn. The county seat is Corinth. The zip codes in Alcorn County are , , , , , and

Sheriff Ben Caldwell is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in Alcorn County. You can reach him at The Circuit Clerk is Joe Caldwell who serves as the voter registrar and assists with elections. His office is also responsible for maintaining all court records, filings, fines, and assessments for the Circuit Court. You can get in touch with him at

Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office:

Address: South, Harper Road, Corinth, Ms.



Inmate Search in Alcorn County Jail

The Alcorn County Jail does not maintain an online roster of inmates who are currently incarcerated in the facility. If you wish to locate an inmate here, you can get in touch with the jail at (),

Important Jail Policies and Procedures:

Inmates at the Alcorn County Jail are allowed visitation with family and friends. All visitors must produce a valid photo ID and submit to a search. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Personal items with the exception of vehicle keys and the ID are not allowed inside the facility.

Visiting hours are as follows:

General population inmates are allowed visitation on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm. Trusties are allowed visitation on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm. All visits are non-contact visits.

If you wish to send mail to an inmate at this facility, you must address it as follows:

Inmate Name, ID Number

​Alcorn County Correctional Facility

South Harper Road

Corinth, MS  

Sex Offender Search and Lookup:

Based on federal law, sex offenders have to inform local law enforcement about any changes in their information. Their records in the state and national sex offender registries are then updated. A sex offender is a person who was convicted of a crime involving sexual motivation. To locate sex offenders residing in Alcorn County, you can go to.

It is important that you read and understand the disclaimer provided. The state cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in the system. You may get search results showing entries with last known addresses.

Bail and Bondsman

In Alcorn County, a person charged with an illegal offense can stay out of jail while waiting for the trial to start if he or she posts bail. Bail is the money or property that is required by the court in exchange for granting the defendant’s release. The money/property is forfeited if the defendant violates the conditions of his release. If the defendant doesn’t have enough money to post bail, a bondsman can be hired to do it on his behalf. The fee is usually 10% of the bail amount and is non-refundable.

Alcorn County Probation Department

Probation officer&#;s are appointed to investigate, report on, and supervise the conduct of convicted offenders on probation. Items to bring to the Probation Office include: employment verification (a pay stub), residence (a lease, copy of a utility bill, etc.), community service record log, counseling or meeting attendance, all personal drug prescriptions, medical condition documents, and immigration registration among other things.

Office:Alcorn County Probation Department
Location: Old Highway 72, Corinth, Mississippi,


Alcorn County Unemployment and Median Household Income
Civilian Labor Force Annual Average, 15,
Number Employed Annual Average, 15,
Number Unemployed Annual Average,
Unemployment Rate,
Median Household Income Annual Average, 41,

Sources: Unemployment &#; Bureau of Labor Statistics LAUS data, Median Household Income &#; Census Bureau SAIPE data, Rural Classifications &#; USDA Economic Research Service

Alcorn County Poverty Data
Estimate of People of All Ages In Poverty 7,
Estimate Percentage of People of All Ages In Poverty

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Model-based Small Area Income &#; Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)

Acorn Counth SO BuildingAddress:
Harper Road
Corinth, Ms.



Duties and Responsibilities

The Office of Sheriff is a four year term filled through an at-large election process. Duties of the Sheriff involve two primary areas; law enforcement of the county and administrative. The law enforcement duties are to keep the peace in Alcorn County while administrative duties consist primarily of serving as the county jailor. Duties of Sheriff are outlined in Section of Mississippi Law and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Appointment of one or more deputies
  • Authorized to obtain additional guards for the jail
  • Keep charge of the Alcorn County Courthouse
  • Responsible for the jail and protection of prisoners
  • Responsible for the Sheriff Department budget submitted to the Board of Supervisors
  • Responsible for filing a list of all department expenses to the Board of Supervisors
  • Maintains a jail docket, documenting each warrant and the reason any person is placed in jail, the nature of the writ or warrant and by whom issued, the date and time of the arrest and issuance of writ or warrant, the crime committed, and by what authority

Mugshots alcorn county jail

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