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What episode does April Kiss Donnie?

What episode does April Kiss Donnie?

A Foot Too Big

Why is Leonardo the leader of the Ninja Turtles?

Loyal, brave, and responsible, Leonardo is the team leader, but not by choice. His mentor, Splinter, chose him to be the group leader because he knew that Leonardo could be trusted to always act in the team’s best interests. Leonardo is protective of his brothers, sometimes acting like more of a parent than a sibling.

What do the TMNT say?


Why do TMNT say Cowabunga?

Cowabunga – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles But it’s popular use was thanks to 1950s US kid’s show ‘Howdy Doody’. Show creator Eddie Kean claims he invented the word for character Chief Thunderthud to use whenever ever he got mad or angry. “Everybody loved the sound of it,” he said.

Is Cowabunga a real word?

During the 1950s and 1960s surfers adopted “kawabonga!” as a declaration of enthusiasm, changing the pronunciation slightly to “cowabunga!” “Kupaianaha” is the Hawaiian word for surprising or wonderful and it may have influenced surfers who had grown up with Howdy Doody.

Who first said Cowabunga?

Cowabunga is a catchphrase first used by the Ninja Turtles in the 1987-1996 animated TV series. While used by all four turtles, its generally associated with Michelangelo.

Who said Cowabunga dude?


Is Cowabunga an English word?

exclamation. Used to express delight or satisfaction.

What does cool beans mean in the 80s?

“Cool beans” in the sense of “excellent” or “that’s great” apparently originated as college slang in the US during the 1970s, but many people probably picked it up from the 1980s TV sitcom “Full House,” in which one character habitually used the phrase. Cool the beans, Rambo!” – seemed to mean “Hold on!”

What does kowabunga mean?

A corrupted version of the Hawaiian kupaianaha, which means fantastic, and any other synonym of wonderful you care to choose. The word probably entered greater American consciousness through the surfer moves of the period.

What type of word is Cowabunga?

an expression of surprise or amazement, often followed by “dude” “Cowabunga, dude!

Is Cowabunga Australian?

Awesome, bodacious and cowabunga were all borrowed from American English. As was chill out, along with bro and radical. Most of those slang words were first heard in the early 80s and made their way to Australia by the end of the decade.

Is Cowabunga copyrighted?

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for COWABUNGA. The USPTO has given the COWABUNGA trademark serial number of 77943095. The current federal status of this trademark filing is CONTINUED USE AND INCONTESTIBILITY ACCEPTED.

What is the origin of Cowabunga?

Kean coined the word “kawabonga” as a greeting for the character Chief Thunderthud, which was later adopted by surfers as “cowabunga” and popularized by Snoopy, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bart Simpson among others.

Does Bart say Cowabunga?

Bart says “Cowabunga” for the second time (the first time being in The Simpsons: The Telltale Head (1990)), which was commonly associated with Bart through its use as a T-shirt slogan.

Where was Howdy Doody produced?

Mexico City

What was the name of the Indian chief on the Howdy Doody Show?

Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show – He was played by Bill LeCornec. He was a member of the Ooragnak (kangaroo spelled backward) tribe and always shouted “Cowabonga”

Did Howdy Doody say Cowabunga?

Next, perhaps, the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach will confess the cultural debt it owes the children’s TV show, which ran from 1947 to 1960. After all, “Howdy Doody” invented the term “cowabunga,” which was used as an exclamation.

What was Buffalo Bob’s real name?

Robert Schmidt

Where is Howdy Doody now?

The original Howdy Doody puppet is on display in Michigan at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The original on display though is actually the updated version that replaced Paris’s original.

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Clean, Safe TMNT 2012 Fanblog — TMNT 2012 - Top 10 Apritello Moments

TMNT 2012 - Top 10 Apritello Moments

Update: I forgot one of the gifs I meant to include so I added it.

There are so many cute moments between these two! It was tough narrowing it down, and there are some moments I couldn’t include simply because I forgot what episode they were in (like April throwing herself on top of Donnie to save him from a blaster… I love that they save each other).
Nevertheless, here’s my personal Apritello Top 10!

10. Donnie promising he and his brothers would find April’s dad.
(S01E02 - Rise of the Turtles Part II)


Back in 2015 I was introducing this show to a friend (I introduced it to a lot of people in 2015), and at this point she was like, “I ship them already. When he put his hand on her knee it was like sparks! You could just feel it!”
I love how this little exchange really sets the stage for Apritello’s early days, which pretty much consisted of the following:
April: “I’m a strong independent only child woman!”
Donnie: “Yes you are. I’m helping anyway.”
April: “Aww… thanks.”
Donnie: *blushes and utters syllables that don’t make words*

9. Donnie catching April when she fell out of the helicopter.
(S01E02 - Rise of the Turtles Part II)


I still remember the first time I saw this catch… and it’s just as awe-inspiring (and aw-inspiring) now as it was then. The “camera angles” (not sure what to call them when it’s animated) are great, and the catch itself is one heck of a trick that, had April not been worrying about her dad, would definitely have left her impressed.

8. The space gem.
(S04E01 - Beyond the Known Universe)


By season 4, Donnie and April were nestled comfortably in the friends-with-feelings-zone. Still, the writers didn’t like to flat out say what April’s feelings were. They preferred to give us hints and tease us. 
When April finds a gem on an alien planet that changes shape and color based on emotion, we could probably guess that the lavender shape had something to do with fascination, the spiky pink shape was for surprise or amusement, and the coral shape after that? It probably had something to do with her feelings for Donnie. If only it came with a guide like a mood ring!

7. The popcorn fight.
(S05E05 airing order or S05E10 production order - When Worlds Collide Part 1)


This adorable scene was part of a montage of sorts in which Raph misses Mona and keeps seeing his brothers with their crushes, all seemingly in relationships or close to it. Donnie and April have to be so serious so often that it was nice to see them playing together, as dorks in love should. 

6. April’s apology/thank you to Donnie, plus a hug and kiss. 
(S02E06 - Target: April O’Neil)


This was the first time April kissed Donnie, and his following reaction was pretty adorable, feeling like he was zooming around the earth like Nyan Cat on a sugar high. <3 
What a fitting end to their fight, and a lovely turning point in their friendship. From this point on, April was much more appreciative of Donnie’s steadfast desire to be there for her.

5. Donnie wanting to stop Shini from hurting April.
(S04E15 - City at War)


April may have come a long way in her training by this point, but the writers couldn’t have Donnie just stand there and watch her get beaten up without wanting to step in. He’d be a real jerk if seeing April being mistreated didn’t bother him much. When someone is hurting the one you love, it doesn’t matter how strong your loved one is. You should want to stop it. This isn’t a negative reflection on April’s abilities, but a positive reflection of Donnie’s love.

4. Donnie trying to get through to possessed April.
(S04E22 - The Power Inside Her)


Sure, this encounter didn’t end well, but can we just talk about Donnie scaling the Chanel 6 building to fight for April? As hopeless as it seemed, he was determined to get through to her and he believed he could do it. In the end, his memory is what gave April the strength to break free and set things right.

3. Donnie protecting April from Tigerclaw.
(S04E26 - Owari)


Some people thought Donnie was trying to save April when she didn’t need saving, but slowing the gif down, we can see she was in fact in danger. Her shield went down. Donnie, who knows April’s powers better than anyone (except April herself) instinctively knew to jump when he did (before her shield was down) knowing she’d run out of power before he reached her. He took a blast to his shell for her. We can see the hit, as well as smoke coming off his carapace when he lands.

2. The farmhouse kiss.
(S03E02 - A Foot too Big)


Most of us found this moment just as confusing as Donnie did, but for once I totally understood someone’s mysterious motive. April wasn’t ready for a relationship. She found the music box too personal, and the way he stood there smiling and not saying anything after handing it to her was awkward. But when he told her he’d back off, she realized she didn’t want to lose him, or the chance of being with him. That kiss was her way of saying, “I may not be ready for a relationship right now, but please don’t give up on me, because I know there’s something there.”


*ahem* Moving right along to #1…

1. The hug after April put Donnie back together.
(S04E22 - The Power Inside Her)


April went on quite the emotional roller coaster in this scene, from blaming herself for Donnie’s disintegration, to realizing she could put him back together, to succeeding and running into his arms, so relieved to have him back. The way she yells his name before running to him, and the  “Thank goodness,” she says with her arms around his neck… you can hear the love in her voice. This was the moment when anyone still wondering how April felt about Donnie just knew.

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tmnt: “ In TMNT lore, Master Splinter adopted four baby turtles on September 29th, 1997. In our world, TMNT premiered on Nickelodeon on September 29th, 2012. We’re so happy both things happened. Happy Mutation Day! ”

In TMNT lore, Master Splinter adopted four baby turtles on September 29th, 1997.

In our world, TMNT premiered on Nickelodeon on September 29th, 2012.

We’re so happy both things happened. Happy Mutation Day!

Just what I needed! How did you know?


I thought I’d share my story again now that it’s Friday. 

Thank you to the two people who have donated, and those who have shared. I know during these times a lot of us are hurting financially, so me asking for help is asking a lot. The trouble is, I can’t share this publicly on Facebook for my own safety… not until I’m safely away.

For more information on how coerced debt can follow survivors of abusive relationships and make it difficult, if not impossible to have a fresh start, here’s an article that explains it well: [link].

Hey guys. I could really use your help.

I’ve debated sharing my story for a while (and settled on using a false last name formy own protection, which I explain in my story, and I think you’ll understand). I’m still afraid to even share my story here, on the off-chance they’ll find it. But doing nothing is a bigger enemy. 

I’ve been trying to break free from narcissistic abuse and the debt they coerced me into accruing. I feel like it sounds feeble to say something as bold as that without writing a ten page essay on some of the things I’ve had to endure… the fundraiser page itself has about a 3.5 page essay on some examples, but only the most relevant ones and not the most horrible. So I’m scared no one will believe me and I’m scared they’ll find it and this whole thing will blow up in my face but I just don’t know what else to do at this point. Please help me.

I know this isn’t what I usually post about, but with schools shut down and businesses closed, I’ve been worrying a lot about the minors and young adults who suddenly have a lot more time on their hands, and I know they’re spending a lot of it online. For human traffickers, this quarantine situation is like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Please, please, please protect yourselves. 

If I could add one more thing to this list of 5 tips, I’d add don’t complain to strangers about your parents, or respond to friend requests or messages from someone new who contacts you after publicly complaining about your parents (actually, don’t publicly complain about your parents at all). I get it. Being a teen is rough, and sometimes you feel like your parents are driving you up the wall.

The thing is, traffickers know that, too, and a common tactic they use is looking for the young people who complain about their family. They act like a “safe” space for you to vent your problems. They validate every feeling and tell you how right you are, how unfair your parents are, and maybe they pretend to be young and talk about how unfair their parents are, too. Sooner or later they drive a psychological wedge between you and your family, make you feel like you can’t trust your parents but you can trust them, and that they’re the only one who loves and understands you while convincing you your parents don’t. Please be wary of people online who try to get you to tell them about your family.

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🌼~BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once ypu are given this award you're supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out.~🌼

Awwww! Thank you so much!!!

raph-the-muscle: ““Turtle-Tidings to all you Christmas Shellheads! Have a good one!” - Raph ”

“Turtle-Tidings to all you Christmas Shellheads! Have a good one!” - Raph

mamashelle80 asked:

In "Monsters Among Us!" When Leo walks forward and says "This if our turf" as his eyes go white. :D

This one?


Sorry the line’s not the exact same, but I hope it works for what you have in mind! 

mamashelle80 asked:

DG, may I request a gif? iTunes put a filter on and I can't make this anymore. Boo!

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LeonardoAside from Donatello, Leonardo appears to be the most protective of April in the group. Leo is supportive of April's efforts to discover information that will lead them to find her father. Leo, aside from Donnie and Splinter, has been the most to interact with April.

Raphael: As of yet, Raph and April have not interacted much onscreen.

However, in Monkey Brains, he does, seem to show deference to April when she catches him and his brothers teasing Donatello for sustaining injuries from a lab Monkey.

In The Gauntlet, when Raph laughed at April for being chased by Pete, a giant Pigeon.

However, in Panic In the Sewers, they do remain good friends and Raph shown signs that he cares about her, where he agreed with his father and brothers that she shouldn't go spying on the Foot.

In Karai's vendetta, Raph along with his brothers were worried would have been killed by the water that was contaminated by the Kraang, but relieved April was alright.

In The Kraang Conspiracy, Raph is also the one that goes to rescue her, though both he and April make satirical comments about it. Most notably are the handful of occasions when Raphael refers to April as "sister" when making a sarcastic comment.

And one point in Race with the Demon!, where April put her arm around his shoulders.

Raph and April do seem to get along most of the time, probably because both have very feisty, active personalities. Whilst Donatello clearly has a crush on April, Raphael is more like a big brother to her.

Donatello: Out of all the Turtles, Donnie is the one April is closest with. 

Donnie has a HUGE crush on April and fell in love with her at first sight. Donnie is also the one that instigated the rescue of April and father from the Kraang and who saved her from the Kraang's getaway copter at the end of the episode Rise Of The Turtles.

Donnie has tried numerous times to get her attention, but April is either indifferent or oblivious to his advances. However, April does seem to care about Donnie as a friend.

April did kiss Donnie on the cheek in Target: April O'Neil and The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman three separate times as a way of saying thank you to him as well as once on the lips in A Foot Too Big to make him feel better and in the episode In Dreams on his cheek to show that she was relieved that he's okay. There was no evidence of the kiss April gave him was romantic.

However, despite this, April probably does not have a crush on Donatello in the same way he does her, consistently showing more interest in Casey (however infuriating she may find him) and being polite-but-clearly-a-little-uncomfortable when Donatello calls her (for example) "my sweet princess" or gives her gifts (such as the music box in A Foot Too Big).

Michelangelo: Mikey and April have not interacted much onscreen.

Although in New Friend, Old Enemy, April is his first Human friend, Mikey says she doesn't really count because she is obligated to like him since he helped to save her life.

In The Gauntlet, where Mikey offered to make April some soup or get her a tissue when she was upset over the fact Pete was after her. Mikey was the only one to object April being used as bait.

Despite all that, they remain good friends and Mikey cares about April.

Venus: April met Vee at the Lair when she was a baby. April really cares about Vee. April always to helps Vee when she was having troubles. April sees Vee as a little sister.

Master Splinter: Since April's Father has been captured, Splinter has become a surrogate father to April. In Monkey Brains, Splinter has noticed her innate sensitivity to her surroundings and has begun to train her as a Kunoichi or Female Ninja. In the episode Baxter's Gambit, though it was implied that she had already begun training with him back in Panic In The Sewers. Giving April the Tessen meant for Miwa was the first clear point that their relationship is very like Splinter's with the Turtles; a father and his child as well as a teacher and his student.

Casey Jones: April and Casey seem to care about each other a lot. Casey, like Donatello, has a crush on April, much to Donatello's irritation. At first, April was Casey's trig tutor and after some time they became good friends. Casey is a huge sport geek. He even states that he lost his teeth by getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. 

In Mutagen Man Unleashed, when Mutagen Man attacked them, Casey became protective over April and vice-versa when she saved him.

In Target: April O'Neil, when a squadron of Robot Foot Soldiers attacked them at the Midtown hockey rink, April somehow ended up leaving Casey behind and ran out of the rink as Donnie came to her rescue. Afterwards, she remembered about Casey and they rushed back to the rink to find him perfectly alright.

In Wormquake!, when Casey was eaten by a one of the giant space worms, April was distraught when he was thought to be dead. Similarly, she was (understandably) immensely relieved when he was revealed to be still alive and ecstatic when she and Donnie saved him from the worm. Although it was revealed that Casey prefers to hang alone with April (mostly because of Donatello's hanging around April), he is seen to hang out with her and the Turtles in many episodes and even hanging out with the turtles without April around (usually Raphael or Donatello). One of the main reasons for April's closeness with Casey is that she can talk about the Turtles and Splinter with him. Casey's rivalry with Donatello irritates her to no end, but when it is resolved she seems to be a little apprehensive as to whether the absence of said rivalry is an improvement or not.

Karai:  In "Karai's Vendetta", April met Karai in person at Murakami's Noodle Shop when Karai was sent by Shredder to find her. When April tried to beat her in hand to hand combat but failed, she manages to defeat her when she reveals that her mother dies, causing Karai to hesitate feel pity for her, and April successfully pushed her down the stairs of a subway station, which impressed the Turtles that she was able to fight against a professional kunoichi and not get killed in the process. At some point April may have been slightly jealous of Karai for having superior fighting skills, given that the turtles often asked her (April) to be look out whereas they had no such qualms with Karai fighting beside them (trust issues aside). Similarly, April was clearly irritated when Donatello accidentally implied April was not a "real kunoichi" like Karai. April possibly felt pity for Karai in return after learning that Karai is actually Miwa, the very same daughter of Splinter's by Tang Shen whom April's Tessen was suppose to go to before Shredder took her. However, like Raphael, she was skeptical as to whether this was enough for Karai to turn over to their side of the battle.

In The Wrath of Tiger Claw, when Karai went after April while Tiger Claw went after Casey, April pulled out the Tessen to fight, but Karai insisted for April to listen. When Donnie and Leo came over to attack, April stopped them because she believed her, implying she may trust her now.


Shredder: Though the Turtles have met and went into combat with the Shredder, the only time Shredder has talked about April was in Karai's Vendetta when he sent Karai after her. Other then that they have never crossed paths.

Sours: https://tmnt-fan-made.fandom.com/wiki/April_O%27_Neil_(relationships)
A Foot Too Big
Season 3, Episode 2
A bigfoot too big.jpg
AirdateOctober 10th 2014
WritterDoug Langdale
DirectorMichael Chang
Prev. and Next
Within the Woods
Buried Secrets

A Foot Too Big is the second episode of Season 3 and the 54th episode overall.

" A crazy, stupid, thing called love!."

Official Description

Donatello discovers and befriends a creature that is being chased by a headhunter, so he convinces the others to help protect it.

Plot Synopsis

Stalking through the woods late at night, a hunter referring to himself as "The Finger" is desperately looking for a creature he has been after for years. As The Finger ridiculously chats with a shrunken head that he claims to be his "Mama", on his necklace, he assures 'her' that he's gotten a feeling that he's about to subdue his target. Pulling out a crossbow with an explosive arrow for protection, The Finger is fully ready to defend himself when a large figure suddenly jumps down from a tree branch and roars at him from behind. The screen then switches to a shot of the forest from above, where we can see the smoke from a little explosion rising above the trees.

Meanwhile, busy at work in the barn the next morning, Donatello is preparing a little gift to present to April; a hand-made music box, with a picture of himself serving as the mirror for the top. To please Donnie, Mikey shows up and claims that the music-box looks 'perfect', but, when Donnie shows it to April in the farmhouse, she is at a loss for words and quickly dodges the romantic move to escape outside, claiming that she has to get some ninja training in. Mikey tries to comfort the distraught Donnie, while Raphael, who was secretly watching the whole scene, tries to persuade his brother to believe that the love thing between him and April just isn't going to happen. She's just a human (mutant) girl, while Donnie, on the other hand, is a giant mutant turtle that talks.

Ready to get his brother's mind off of the lovey-dovey stuff, Raphael gets both Donnie and Mikey to engage in a little forest ninja training, which the two younger turtles miserably fail at, as they keep on bumping into trees because of their lack of acclimation to the woods. Leo is watching the whole training session from up on a small hill, and seems pleased with Raph's handiwork. When he suggests an exercise called "Turtle Hunt" and Raph asks him if he'll partake, Leo is eager to go, until his injuries make him decline and he tells Raph to lead the exercise himself. Raph explains the Turtle Hunt exercise to Mikey and Donnie: the latter two have to stay hidden in the forest from Raph for at least an hour or they will be forced to clean out the chicken coop. Not wanting to clean out the coop, Mikey and Donnie take off in a hurry. While climbing up a tree to hide from Raph, Mikey spots a giant, hairy ape-like monster above them, angrily staring down at them. It roars and the two jump down from the tree on to the ground and draw their weapons. The monster quickly uproots a little tree from the ground and uses it to mimic the style Donnie is using to spin his staff. Just as Donnie claims the monster before them to be Bigfoot, it sends them flying with the tree it uprooted. The two brothers get up and run away with Bigfoot on their heels. They run into Raph, who doesn't believe what they're screaming ("BIGFOOT!"), until Donnie turns him in the direction of their pursuer. Raph and his two brothers prepare for some "real training", but Bigfoot effortlessly gets the better of them via sheer strength, size, and the mimicry of their respective weaponized fighting styles (Raph notes that "Bigfoot's got some skills."). Donnie manages to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot's right arm and sees that it is scarred and wounded. He tells the others that Bigfoot is hurt and likely doesn't want to fight and is scared. Raph is surprised when Bigfoot reveals that it can talk, albeit in broken English. Donnie offers to take Bigfoot back to the farmhouse so he can patch up its arm, which the monster accepts. Unbeknownst to them, The Finger has been spying on them the whole time and tells his "Mama" that Bigfoot has found himself a couple of "alien buddies", though The Finger refuses to let "little green aliens" interfere with the capture of the Bigfoot.

Back at the farmhouse, Donnie introduces Bigfoot to the rest of the group, although Leo and Casey are less than thrilled to meet it. April bandages the creature's arm and it tells her and Donnie that it is being hunted by a "very bad man" called "The Finger". It turns in Donnie's direction and smiles, hugging him tightly and stating that Donnie is a good man, that it loves Donnie, and that it is a lady. Casey and the others--sans April--all begin laughing about the predicament Donnie is in. Throughout the day, Bigfoot relentlessly follows Donnie around wherever he goes, trying to get the brainiac turtle's attention, which only succeeds in making Donnie feel uncomfortable. Raph has Bigfoot take Donnie and Mikey into the woods to help them work on their camoflauging abilities, while Raph cleans out the tub in one of the farmhouse's bathrooms (Bigfoot went #2 in it). In the middle of the camoflauging session, The Finger shortly appears and fires a round of arrows at Bigfoot, but Bigfoot grabs Mikey and Donnie and makes her escape with them.

That evening, in the farmhouse's kitchen, Bigfoot has successfully made an awful-smelling (and awful-looking) soup for Donnie and asks April to give her a makeover. After April is finished with this, Bigfoot approaches Donnie with the soup in her hands and the makeup on, once again trying to make a pass at Donnie, but he hastily makes an excuse and runs away, leaving Bigfoot upset. Donnie complains to Raph about Bigfoot and that she has been following him around everywhere "like a lovestruck puppy". Raph, while playing a video game and without turning around, simply comments "Now you know how April feels." Donnie is about to object to the remark, but is quick to realize that Raph is right and hangs his head, filled with guilt and remorse.

Outside, Casey and Leo are in the barn talking and laughing about how Bigfoot has been pestering Donnie, with Casey wondering if she's Donnie's type. Leo thinks that it's possible "after a shave" and the two begin to laugh again. They hear whimpering and turn around, seeing that Bigfoot was just listening in on their conversation. Upset and hurt, Bigfoot runs off into the forest sobbing. Mikey yells at Casey and Leo (who didn't mean any harm) for being so insensitive, and he and Donnie rush off to pursue Bigfoot and make amends with her. Unfortunately for them, Bigfoot quickly falls into a hole in the ground and gets ensnared by a net placed there by The Finger, who appears and is intent on making money off of Bigfoot's capture. When Donnie and Mikey arrive where Bigfoot has been captured, they are ultimately knocked out by a log booby trap. The scene soon shifts to Mikey waking up as he dangles from a single strand of rope attached to a tree branch. Donnie is in the same situation next to Mikey. Donnie informs Mikey that The Finger has been debating how to finish them off. When The Finger decides that he should stuff them right then and there, Donnie escapes from his restraints by insulting The Finger's "Mama", angering him and causing him to fire an arrow at Donnie, who swerves to the side, causing the weapon to cut through the rope instead. Donnie then cuts Mikey loose and the two engage The Finger in combat. Unfortunately, The Finger becomes enraged after a brief spell of getting pummeled, causing Mikey and Donnie's attacks to have no effect. He effortlessly pounds them into the dirt, until Donnie throws an explosive arrow into the quiver strapped to The Finger's back, causing the remaining forty-two arrows in it to explode on him. When the smoke clears, a soot-covered The Finger states that, if he's going down, he's taking Bigfoot with him. At that moment, Bigfoot, still with the make-up on, sticks her head out of the net she's in, causing The Finger to realize that Bigfoot is a female. He apologizes to his "Mama" and says that he didn't know, claiming that he can never "shoot no lady", before sobbing profusely. Bigfoot picks The Finger up in an attempt to comfort him and, after seeing his soot-covered face, falls in love with The Finger (to the shock of Mikey and Donnie) and Bigfoot carries the "sad man" off into the woods to take care of him.

The next morning, in the front yard of the farmhouse, April is chopping up wood with an ax and Donnie approaches her, telling her that he intends to give up on trying to win her over because he's realized that what Bigfoot did to him was the same thing that he was doing to April. April is surprised by what Donnie is saying and looks at him sympathetically. Donnie hangs his head, heartbroken and sad, stating that he's "just a mutant." After a moment of silence, April coyly smiles and says that Donnie isn't just a mutant. She leans toward him, saying that he's her mutant, before gently grabbing him and pulling him toward her, planting a brief but affectionate kiss on his lips, much to Donnie's shock. She then turns and walks away smiling, leaving a puzzled Donnie to mention that he "understands nothing..."

Splinter's Wisdom

Master Splinter does not appear in this episode.


A Foot Too Big/Transcript




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  • "Buddy? Do you know what you need?!" -Raphael
  • "You to leave?" - Donatello
  • "A little forest ninja training! Ha! Eh? Eh?" - Raphael
  • "Oh, you guys are rustier than the Titanic's butt!" - Raphael
  • "No, we're n--! *runs into tree face-first* " - Michaelangelo
  • "You're not in the city anymore. You need to get used to this new environment. No buildings. No subways. *Makes Mikey run into a tree again* lots of trees!" - Raphael
  • "Tell me about it..." - Mikey
  • "Well, whaddya think?" - Raphael
  • "Hmmm... Turtle Hunt." - Leonardo
  • "Turtle Hunt." - Raphael
  • "Turtle Hunt?!" - Donatello and Michelangelo
  • "Bigfoot am lady." - Bigfoot
  • "That... is... great?" - Donatello
  • " *Snickering* That... is great!" - Casey Jones
  • "Ugh! This is so uncomfortable! Bigfoot follows me around everywhere like a love-struck puppy." -Donatello
  • "Now you know how April feels." -Raphael
  • "'"We didn't mean to hurt her feelings...!" - Casey Jones
  • "Bigfoot! Wait up!" -Donatello
  • "Hey, April." - Donatello
  • "What's up, Donnie?" - April O'Neil
  • "I, um, well, I-I just wanted to let you know I won't be bothering you with music boxes anymore. I get it now: Donnie is to April as Bigfoot was to Donnie. I'm just... a mutant..." - Donatello
  • "You're not just a mutant, Donnie: you're my mutant *kisses him*." - April O'Neil
  • " *Still in shock from the kiss* ...I understand... nothing..." - Donatello


  • When Mikey was imagining his "Spider playing a banjo", the spider was wearing The Creep's "Vorhees" brand overalls.
  • This episode is arguably similar to the episode 'The Monster Hunter' of the 2003 TMNT series, as both episodes feature the Turtles in a forest environment and protecting some kind of monster, both episodes feature a hunter who is somewhat crazy in their own way as well as obsessed with catching said monsters, both episodes reveal at some point that the monster is actually female, and both episodes involve Leo's slow recuperation from his severe injuries at the hands of the Shredder.
  • When Raphael puts on a gas mask to go clean up the bathroom after Big Foot "makes waste", the breath sounds are that of Darth Vader's breathing from Star Wars.


Sours: https://tmnt2012series.fandom.com/wiki/A_Foot_Too_Big

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Yes, I understand. Well, that's good!" Then he let me go. I rushed out of the apartment like a bullet.

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