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You would like to guard your house and property, then you are able to buy Outdoor Outlet Covers that provides best cover. Likewise, the covers offer adaptive uses where you are able to cover all of your electrical outdoors outlets while also incorporating weatherproof structure. When you buy one, no longer UV rays or extreme weather reaches your own property.

The outdoor outlet covers also enhance your house when enhancing the whole decor thereby making everything seem perfect. Moreover, the covers are available in a variety of designs and contour in which you find it hard to pick the top one. To aid you, here’s your review of the 6 best outdoor outlet covers.


How To Choose The Best Outdoor Outlet Cover


While purchasing an outdoor outlet cover, you’ll need to observe the total structure. It has to arrive in a lasting design and must be perfect for outdoor use. Choose the one which has a solid structure and comes from a weatherproof layout. Make sure it has an attractive appearance that could easily match to your outdoor decor. Start looking for the one which consists of all UV-resistant material.


Consistently see whether the outdoor outlet cover meets your requirements. With this, you have to determine whether it comes at an ideal size. Some of it may have extra space. Exterior outlet cover has to provide maximum protection so there could be improved security.


To getting powerful functionality, you will need to find the general look of this outdoor outlet cover. You will need to determine whether it’s compatible with various kinds of systems so you are able to get the absolute most from it. Besides this, you will need to find out whether it comes at a design layout. It has to match a regular-sized lock in order that there’ll not be any side access.


The setup needs to be easy and have to let you complete it in a fast time. Choose the one which includes the hardware. Some will allow you to mount it in a minute.


Always choose the one which comes from universal design. It has to enable you to place it either vertically or horizontally in order that there could be a better advantage.

List of 6 Best Outdoor Outlet Covers

1. Leviton 5981-UCL While-in-Use Cover for GFCI/Decora Duplex and Single Outlet

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  • Protecting your outdoor outlets from the components is simple with the newest Leviton Extra Duty While-in-Use Covers. These non-metallic covers are ruggedly built to safeguard devices from debris, insects and debris, while providing easy access to sockets.
  • Extra Duty While-in-Use Covers are offered in both horizontal and vertical settings; this guarantees a secure fit and tidy look when attached to surfaces such as siding, cement and brick. The UV resistant polycarbonate cover and base shield wiring apparatus from snow, rain and temperature extremes without breaking, cracking or discoloration. Stainless steel hinge hooks provide additional strength and immunity into the rigors of everyday use.

2. TayMac MM410C Single-Gang Horizontal/Vertical Mount Weatherproof In-Use Cover

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  • The TayMac weatherproof plastic in-use cover is really a one-gang (16 in 1 ) regular horizontal/vertical cover clear MM410C that covers any electric socket in moments. The patented Multi-Mac attributes our Universal Combination system which allows you to utilize exactly the exact same merchandise for all kinds of receptacles. 1 Multi-Mac does everything.
  • The cover fits vertically and horizontally. It’s composed of a polycarbonate construction that resists corrosion and breakage. The rapid fit optimized key gap bracket allows simple setup, together with the base setup together with it is patented knock out technologies allows for a personalized fit.

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  • Extra-Duty for use in moist locations. Polycarbonate thermoplastic construction offers maximum durability in severe climate conditions. FOR DECORATOR/GFCI STYLE OUTLETS ONLY
  • Weatherproof enclosure shields sockets from outdoor elements like sand, rain, dirt, and snow. Also offers protection from pets and other creatures
  • Characteristics locking tab located in the base of home, and also two openings to operate electric cords separately. Can be mounted vertically. 1-Gang, 6.1″ Height x 3.4″ Width x 2.8″ Depth

4. Bell Weatherproof Single Outdoor Electrical Outlet Cover

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  • The Hubbell-Bell one-gang metal watertight cover is composed of heavy duty, die-cast building with a durable powder coating finish. It’s a technology using a patented universal match adapter plus a patented fast fit essential hole mount setup that allows you to match different size screws. This cover includes a lockable tab plus a spring hinge closed.
  • Flip cover perfect for outdoor electric boxes. Constructed of heavy-duty die-cast alloy with superior powder coat finish for durability. Attributes patented Quick-Fit keyhole mounting system for setup in under a minute. Pre-configured for GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) with innovative Knock-Out technologies for alternative apparatus.

5. Leviton 4976-GY 1-Gang Duplex Device Wallplate Exterior Outlet Cover

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  • Leviton’s complete line of Raintight and Weather Resistant Covers are ruggedly built to seal out dust, moisture, insects and debris, while providing simple access to receptacles. Industrial Grade covers are specially made for rugged conditions. Their hardy, gasketed covers mount horizontally or vertically.
  • Leviton creates two advanced Raintight While-in-Use Covers: telescoping metal. Designed for patios, decks, porches and related places, they are more than a match for the vagaries of the weather. Even the telescoping cover sports a low-profile when at the contracted position, whereas the metallic cover includes a self-closing lid made from powder-coated cast zinc.

6. TayMac MX3200 Single Gang Vertical Metal Weatherproof Receptacle Cover

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  • The TayMac one-gang vertical (8 in 1) metal in-use weatherproof cover in gray MX3200 is constructed from superior commercial grade and die-cast metallic construction together with a superior powder coating.
  • A gasket and setup instructions are included on this cover. The patented 8 in 1 universal match and essential mount attribute technology enables installment in under a minute.

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Must outdoor GFCI power outlets be covered?

In my experience, most listed covers do a lousy job actually preventing water ingress. This is common; actual practice in electrical work is to use listed products which then proceed to leak anyway. I see remote powerboards all the time with top entry and water getting into every single thing water is not supposed to get into, lots of breaker and GFCI trips, etc.

I consider "expecting actual watertightness from a listed product" to be a lost cause.

I myself use birdhouse-tier carpentry skills to build a little "phone box" style enclosure to genuinely keep the rain out. And as a bonus, dinghy-tier boatbuilding skills to make it watertight: West System epoxy, good marine primer, don't spare the silicone, etc.

That's over top of the listed products; you still have to follow Code.

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Cover gfci outlet

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