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finch - 4/3/2011 10:09 Was wondering if anybody has any experiance with the small pull behind graders for four wheelers and lawnmowers. Especially the DR power grader. Was wondering if they do any thing as far as leveling the driveway or yards out, or if they are a waste or money. Just looking for something handy but usefull to get around the yard with. thanks in advance

I have a differening opinion - Marc's (agboy) is a nice toy and a guy could build one pretty cheaply - vs. buying, but - - -   they simply are not wide enough or heavy enough to acturally grade (except during spring thaw cycles). A guy needs width to keep the surface even across the plane.
A grader / scraper / bucket on a skidsteer or a heavy box blade / scraper blade on a tractor 3pt would do a better job cutting and rolling/mixing material and filling holes. It is important to set up the blade with guide wheels to keep the blade at depth . . . . . .   that my 2 ¢

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The ‘Do-All’ Box Scraper/Grader designed

for use with ATV’s and UTV’s plus

Lawn and Small Utility Tractors.

Use to move dirt, gravel or snow on farms,
acreages or landscaping projects.

Created to Work Right, Built Tough
to Last and Affordably Priced!

Extra Heavy Duty Built to handle the toughest of jobs.
Creatively Designed to work as a box scraper or a grader.
User-Friendly, electronic touch control height adjustment.
One Pin Adjustment enables easy changes both vertical and horizontal blade angle.

Immediate shipping available throughout North America!

Hitch easily attaches with pin, adjustable for height.

Works great for moving material or smooth filling in low areas.

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Hydraulic Powered Box Grader Attachment In ActionOur hydraulic box grader ATV attachment offers a wide array of opportunities for you. Use this hydraulic box blade attached to your ATV to get more done around your property. Thanks to the hydraulics, you’ll be able to use down force to help you easily spread material. This versatile hydraulic box blade runs off of a deep cell battery (not included), which should give you plenty of power. All our ATV attachments are made from high grade steel and are built to work with a wide array of different ATV’s.

What Is A Box Grader?

Before you purchase a hydraulic box grade ATV attachment, it’s important to understand the many benefits of a box blade. Below are just a few of the ways our clients have used our box blade around their properties:

  • Grading, leveling and back filling unwanted holes on your property
  • Break up ground that you’d like to flatten
  • Smooth out areas of dirt or gravel
  • Spreading and leveling various types of material

Hydraulic Box Grader ATV Attachment Specs

We’ve designed the hydraulic box grader to be used on most ATV’s. This attachment requires a simple initial installation after which connecting the box blade takes just a few minutes. Our owner’s manual recommends at least a CC engine. If you have an ATV that’s under this limit, feel free to contact our team to determine your options. It’s also always a good idea to check with your ATV manufacturer directly to determine if using the hydraulic box grader ATV attachment voids your warranty. When using our hydraulic ATV attachments keep in mind that the max travel speed is 5 miles per hour.

ATV Manufacturer’s Compatible With the ATV Box Grader

  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Polaris
  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha
  • Bombardier
  • Arctic Cat
  • Off Brands and more&#;

Offering a Wide Array of Hydraulic ATV Attachments

At Wild Hare Manufacturing, we not only offer our hydraulic ATV box blade, but we also offer a large number of other ATV accessories to fit your needs. At Wild Hare Manufacturing, we’re focused on providing the highest quality ATV implements, as well as impeccable customer service both during and after the sale. Remember that when you buy from Wild Hare Manufacturing, you’re buying from a company that will always stand behind our products.

To learn more about the hydraulic box grader ATV attachment from Wild Hare Manufacturing, feel free to give us a call today at or send us an email at [email protected] We’re excited to help you put your ATV to work on your property using one of our highly versatile hydraulic attachments.


Product Details

  • B&W's GradeBoss is the perfect tool for grading your driveway or smoothing a ball diamond. It can work your arena, grade your parking lot, level a construction site and prep game plots. It's versatile design allows use with ATV, UTV, lawn or compact tractors. 
  • Easily hook-up the GradeBoss to your ATV, UTV or compact tractor in under a minute. It's size and weight makes it great for reaching tight spots for food plots, and it easy for almost anyone in the family to use. Put your ATV to work!
  • Clevis Coupler for easy attachment with a storable tongue for compact storage. Stores in box blade
  • Also accepts a 2" ball-hitch tongue
  • 48” wide blade with side panels – box blade assembly
  • Set of six 5/16” ripper/scarifier teeth adjustable in 1” increments
  • 12 volt 8” stroke Thomson Electric Actuator with remote control connects to ATV, UTV or compact tractor battery
  • Pneumatic stabilizer wheels
  • Red powder coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Grade, smooth, level, prep, scarify and scrape all with one implement that attaches to an ATV, UTV or lawn tractor in minutes.


Instructional Videos




Blade four wheeler grader

Graders and scrapers

Iron Baltic ATV & UTV road graders / scrapers are simple, durable and easy to use graders meant for uncomplicated road improvement works or land planning. The graders are designed for ATVs and UTVs but can also be towed with a small tractor or any other vehicle equipped with a 50 mm / 2'' hitch ball.

ATV & UTV road graders / scrapers are equipped with a frame for adding extra weights to improve performance in tough terrain. The standard double-sided blade means the blade can be flipped and used again once one side has worn down. An optional Hardox 400 steel blade is available for more difficult conditions where extra durability is required.

The road graders / scrapers come standard with manually adjustable wheel height to lift and lower the blade. Two different versions of powered actuators and an adjustable tow beam are available optionally. These combinations allow the height of the blade to be adjusted from the driver's seat making work faster and more convenient.

To find the right road grader / scraper for your needs, visit our store or contact a regional dealer.

County Line 6 ft Grader Blade by BehlenCountry (part 1)

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