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  • Título: 班淑傳奇/ Ban Shu Chuan Qi
  • Título en inglés: Ban Shu Legend
  • Género: Romance, Drama, Histórico, Politica
  • Episodios: 42
  • Cadena: QQLive
  • Período de emisión: 16-Octubre-2015
  • Tema: Xing Shang ren (心上人) por Jing Tian


Ban Shu, una niña que creció en la frontera oeste, viajó a la capital Han para conocer a su padre, pero murió antes de que pudieran reunirse y su familia no aprobó sus modales.

Para ser aceptada por la familia de su padre, entró en el palacio para aprender la etiqueta de una señora noble y fue contratada para ser maestra real. Su falta de comprensión para la cultura china causó una corriente de ruckus cómico en clase, pero al mismo tiempo sus maneras salientes y no convencionales rompieron el tedio del aprendizaje.

En el palacio se encontró y se enamoró de su compañero de trabajo -Wei Ying, un hombre que todavía se afligía por la pérdida de su prometida.



  • Kristy Yang es Mrs. Zhu
  • Zhang Jun Ning es Song Cheng
  • Di Li Re Ba es Loulan princesa
  • Kang Lei es Loulan principe
  • Wang Shuang es Ming Gong Zhang
  • Cao Xing Yue es Bi Yu
  • Wen Wen es Pei Huan
  • Yang Long es Qin Huai
  • Zeng Yi Xuan es Jing Shu
  • Shao Min es Wang Sheng
  • Wang Jia Lin es Lord Liang
  • Zang Hong Na es Yin Xiu
  • Zhang Jia Lin es Ban Yong
  • Ji Chen es Mo Dong
  • Hu Pu es Bai Cheng En
  • Zuo Fan es Jiang Chong Dong
  • Yue Dong Feng es Cai Lun
  • Xiao Yu Yu es Xia Wen Ji
  • Wang Mao Lei es Zhen Jian
  • Elaine Hsiang es Princess Yun Xiu
  • Yan Jia Hui es Du Zhong
  • He Yan Ni es Rou Niang
  • Gao Wei Guang es Nan Da Wang
  • Zhang Ya Meng es Consort Dowager
  • Li Yi Lin es Da Tou Ren





Title: 班淑传奇/ Ban Shu Chuan Qi
English Title: Legend of Ban Shu
Genre: Period drama
Episodes: 42


Although Ban Shu was a daughter of a Han officer, she grew up on the plains after being separated from her parents as a child. Her father died before they could be reunited, and his family did not approve of her non-Han ways. In order to be accepted by her father’s family, she entered the palace to learn noble lady etiquette, of which she later became a teacher. Her lack of understanding for Chinese culture caused a stream of comedic ruckus in class, but at the same time her outgoing and unconventional ways broke up the dullness of learning. It’s at school where she met and fell in love Wei Ying, a man who still grieved for the loss of his fiancé.

20150221060820288Jing Tian as Ban Shu / Liu Yan

A Han girl born on the plains. As her father died before registering her birth in the ancestral records, her ‘family’ do not recognise her as a ‘Ban’ until she meets her aunt.

She works hard to gain knowledge on etiquette in order to enter the school for noble women as a tutor.

She is feisty and will do whatever it takes to uphold justice.

fff4cd8ca4f466560b93542ead5fd1abZhang Zhe Han as Wei Ying

Originally Ban Shu’s ‘cousin-in-law’. He helps her out of various sticky situations when she first enters the capital. They start off with a bickering relationship that eventually turns to mutual affection and respect.

He is a royal tutor for the boys and was considered one of the Kingdom’s best generals.

accf198b1fae88e9a4f1e6ca177bd1c3Li Sheng as Empress Dowager Deng

Only in her late twenties, she governs the Kingdom alone while the King is still young.

The court officials do everything in their power to isolate and humiliate her.

It is by her suggestion that the school for royal women is established.

cda8a4f0b06c5d024119e1a7bdc4e6beLi Jia Hang as Deng Zhi

The Empress Dowager’s older brother. He holds a torch for ban Shu but is engaged to Kou Lan Zhi.

He gained Wei Ying’s previous position after Wei Ying returned home injured.

He blames Wei Ying for the ‘death’ a a tribal girl he fell in love with.

62fda1f01bc3825fed8ff9b7cde4daa6Fu Xin Bo as Huo Heng / Huo Huan

Twin brothers with personalities and mentalities as different as night and day.

Huo Heng is outgoing and fun-loving. A general in the army with a positive outlook on life. He falls in love with Yao Juan.

Huo Huan is power hungry and constantly looks to climb the ladder of power in the courts. He first attempts to woo the Empress Dowager to increase his standing but eventually loses his life to love.

03d8e29615ebf251587783b12eea73c2Lee Xin Ai as Kou Lan Zhi

She is Liu Hou Kou’s only daughter and is Deng Zhi’s fiancé. She is considered by many as the ‘perfect woman’.

Among the female teachers, she considers Ban Shu her rival in both work and love.

a348dd6fecb8908befe73b1cd81c7308Deng Sha as Yao Juan

A female teacher that idolises Ban Zhao. She is pedantic in nature with very bad eyesight, suffering from myopia, often squinting to see. She vows to become the best female teacher.

c83d70cf3bc79f3d1107038dbca1cd11738b29adTian Niu as Ban Zhao

Ban Shu’s aunt, Ban Chao’s sister. She was the Empress Dowager’s teacher and is highly respected.


I’ve seen this drama called the Legend of Lu Zhen sequel, in that the main character in both, enter the palace with no identity only to establish themselves in the history books.

Other than that though, I can’t really say that they are very similar.

This drama is more focused on youth and romance than politics compared to Lu Zhen.

Although the male characters in both make you want to smack them over the head.

It’s not too bad of a watch, but don’t have too high hopes.

I spent more time cringing and going what the…than I did actually enjoying the story line.

The drama was ok for the first 10 episodes or so…but the last 15 were so draggy that I wish they had just chopped the drama.

If you’ve watched this, let me know what you think below ^.^




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Story 6.5

Acting/Cast 8.5

Music 7.5

Rewatch Value 5.0

This review may contain spoilers

After watching for 42 episodes, what I gained at last is pure frustrations. I was hoping a better romantic plot but my wish didn’t come true. I had waited quite a long time for english subs, so that I completed this relatively old drama just now(2020).But there are still some points that I find it fun to watch, Here are some of my opinions on this drama;

Good points;
1.Colourful casts
Well, I am surprised by the supporting casts which seem like a collection of soon-to-become famous casts; Dilraba Dilmurat, Sun Yi, Vengo Gao, Sophie Zhang, and Merxat Yalkun, Guan Xiao Tong in one drama. This is just wonderful.

2.Character of female lead
Female lead(played by Jing Tian) is joyful and easy going girl.She is strong and has quite amazing problem solving skills.It is quite fun to watch this kind of strong female lead character.

3.Love Triangle & multiple side couples
I am not a fan of love triangle but I must admit that I like this one. Deng Zhi( played by Li Jiaheng) is captivating, personally I find him more interesting than male lead.
Other side couples are even better than the main couple too.

Bad Points

Romantic entanglement is poorly written.ML spent most of the early episodes by missing his old lover.Even after he is together with FL, he is still missing his old lover.Besides, I find ML pretty useless and indecisive. His time with FL is mostly spent by scolding and lecturing FL.
Then at the later episodes, his old flame suddenly appeared, and his decision making skill is pretty useless.
I am quite frustrated with the portrayal of the male lead after all.

2.Poor Chemistry between the two leads
Though I like Zhang Zhe Han in Legend of Yun Xi, I find that his acting is stiff and have poor chemistry with Female lead. I can’t find the couple’s sweet moments either.This is probably my first time that I don’t want FL to be together with ML.

3. Plot holes
I think several points in plot don’t make sense. For example, FL wasn’t well-versed in literature at first, but after learning for one or two months, she suddenly became a very good teacher.
Her reunion with her brother is also poorly directed, it can be made much better.

First few episodes were quite good. Though I don’t like the romance part, I still like how FL survived in the palace and many supporting casts.
It can be made much more better but what’s done is relatively an average drama.

This is just my opinion, if you have free time, you can try it.

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Legend of Ban Shu

Legend of Ban Shu (Chinese: 班淑传奇; pinyin: Ban Shu Chuan Qi) is a 2015 Chinese television series starring Jing Tian in the title role of Ban Shu, alongside Zhang Zhehan, Fu Xinbo, Li Jiahang, Li Xinai and Deng Sha. It was produced by Yu Zheng, as a counterpart to his 2013 television series Legend of Lu Zhen.[1] The series first premiered on Sichuan terrestrial channel in China on October 6, 2015; and was later broadcast nationwide on CCTV on February 6, 2016.[2][3]

The drama received positive reviews.[4][5][6][7]


Ban Shu, a girl who grew up in the western frontier, traveled to the Han capital to meet her father, but he died before they could be reunited and his family did not approve of her due to her background. In order to be accepted by her father's family, she entered the palace to learn proper etiquette and was hired to be an imperial scholar. Her lack of understanding for the Chinese culture caused a stream of comedic ruckus in class, but at the same time her outgoing and unconventional ways brightens up the dull atmosphere of the academy. At the palace she meets and fall in love with fellow professor Wei Ying, who is still grieving for his ex-fiancee. Her vivaciousness and bright personality slowly touches him and allows him to forget about his past love.



  • Jing Tian as Ban Shu
    • Daughter of Ban Chao and princess of Shanshan County. A free-spirited girl who grew up in the grasslands. She later entered the palace and became a scholar to prove her identity as Ban Chao's daughter.
  • Zhang Zhehan as Wei Ying
    • Descendant of military general Wei Qing. A cold and distant man. Because of the accident of his previous fiancee Liu Xuan, he grew to dislike outlanders. He used to be a capable general, but to an accident, decides to become a scholar in the palace's academy.
  • Fu Xinbo[8] as Huo Heng/Huo Xuan
    • Commander of the Eastern Han's imperial army. An intelligent and courageous man. He loves Yao Juan, and would sacrifice anything for her. Huo Xuan is Huo Heng's twin brother. A cunning and crafty man. He loves Deng Sui.
  • Li Jiahang[9] as Deng Zhi
    • Brother of Deng Sui. Great General Cheqi. Kou Lanzhi's fiancee. He used to love Ban Shu and Yue Jin.
  • Li Xinai[10] as Kou Lanzhi
    • Daughter of Fulu Marquis. Known as the most talented girl in the capital. She later became a scholar in the palace academy, and became rivals with Ban Shu.
  • Deng Sha[11] as Yao Juan
    • Ban Zhao's renowned disciple. A scholar in the palace academy. She loves Huo Heng, and is a close friend of Ban Shu.


Palace academy[edit]

  • Tien Niu as Ban Zhao
    • A renowned historian and scholar. Ban Shu's aunt, Deng Sui's teacher.
  • Zhang Xinyu[12] as Liu Xuan (Mo Chou)
    • Ban Zhao's senior disciple, and the top female professor in the inner palace academy. She used to be Wei Ying's lover, but was sent to the Southern Lands due to a marriage arrangement with King Zuoxian.
  • Zhang Yijie as Liu Hong
    • Son of Prince Zhongshan. Student of Professor Wei.
  • Zhang Xueying[13] as Liu Yan
    • Princess Beixiang. Daughter of Prince Zhongshan. An unruly and spoilt girl who likes Wei Ying, and treats Ban Shu as a rival.
  • Guan Xiaotong[14] as Jiang Xiu
    • Elder mistress of Lanling Order's Jiang manor.
  • Jiang Yiyi as Jiang Ling
    • Second mistress of Lanling Order's Jiang manor.
  • Kang Ning[15] as Liu Xing
    • Princess Wenxi. A girl with weak health but a kind heart.
  • Merxat as Kou Feng
    • Brother of Kou Lanzhi. He likes An Xin, and dislikes Ban Shu due to her rivalry with his sister.
  • Sun Yi as Ah Cen
    • Daughter of Grand Herald Lin. Kou Lanzhi's most favored student.
  • Fan Linlin as He Hui
    • Daughter of the provincial governor.
  • Zheng Danlei as Ah Xiang
  • Gao Yu'er as Ah Shuang
  • Gao Jicai as Zhu Ding
    • Son of Glorious Grand Master Zhu Mingtang.
  • Chen Long as Li Yong
    • Son of Guannei Marquis Li Guang.
  • Xiao Yuyu as Xia Wenji
    • Daughter of the Education Minister. A female professor who entered the Academy at the same time as Ban Shu, but was scared away by the rowdy students.

Imperial family[edit]

  • Li Sheng as Deng Sui
    • Empress Dowager Deng. She has a forbidden love with Huo Heng.
  • Wang Peidong as Liu Hu
  • Wang Jialin as Liu Wu
    • Prince Liang. He aims to overthrow Deng Sui.
  • Xiang Yicheng as Princess Yunxiu


  • Wang Shuang as Court Lady Ming
    • Personal attendant of Deng Sui.
  • Shao Min as Wang Sheng
    • Wet nurse of the Emperor. She often encourages the Emperor to go against Deng Sui. She treats Kou Lanzhi as a younger sister.
  • Kent Tong as Uncle Zhong
    • Loyal servant of Ban family.
  • Wen Wen as Pei Huan
    • Personal attendant of Ban Shu.
  • Cao Xinyue as Bi Yu
    • Personal attendant of Kou Lanzhi.
  • Zeng Yixuan as Jin Shu
    • Attendant of the inner academy hall.

Court officials[edit]

  • Lu Yong as Yang Zhen
  • Wang Jianxin as Marquis Kou
    • Fulu Marquis. A renowned scholar. Kou Lanzhi and Kou Feng's father. He is in cahoots with Prince Liang, and aims to overthrow Deng Sui.
  • Qiu Xinzhi as Zhu Mingtang
    • Glorious grand master. Zhu Ding's father.
  • Yang Long as Qin Huai
  • Zhang Jia as Ban Yong
    • Sima General. Ban Shu's brother.
  • Zhuo Fan as Jiang Chongdong
    • Investigating Censor of Lan Tai. Jiang Xiu and Jiang Ling's father.
  • Hu Pu as Bai Chengen
  • Yue Dongfeng as Minister Cai
    • In charge of the purchasing orders of the palace.
  • Wang Maolei as Zhen Jian
    • A general. Princess Yunxiu's husband.
  • Ya Jiahui as Du Zhong
    • Minister of Ye Ting Order.

People of Han kingdom[edit]

  • Hei Zi as Lord Nanyang
  • Wang Lin as Lady Nanyang
  • Jiao Junyan as Ah Yue
    • Courtesan of Hongxiang Court. Deng Zhi's close confidant.
  • Johnny Zhang as Song Cheng
    • Military captain of Xiliu Camp. Jiang Xiu's lover.
  • Zang Hongna as Yin Xiu
    • A girl who likes Huo Heng.
  • Kristy Yang as Zhu Ding's mother.
  • He Yanni as Miao Rouniang
    • Zhu Mintang's second wife.


  • Gao Yunxiang as Su Li
    • Leader of the Inner Mongolias' Bandits. He likes Ban Shu.
  • Zhang Meng as Yue Jin
    • A songstress who came from the Northern Lands. Deng Zhi's crush.
  • Kang Lei[16] as An Ping
    • Prince of Loulan Kingdom.
  • Dilraba Dilmurat[16] as An Xin
    • Princess of Loulan Kingdom. She likes Kou Feng.
  • Ji Chen as Mo Dong
    • A businessman from the Northern Lands.
  • Gao Weiguang as King Zuoxian
    • Ruler of Inner Mongolias' Southern Lands. Liu Xuan's husband.
  • Li Yilin as Prince of South
    • Leader of Inner Mongolias' Southern Lands. Brother of King Zuoxian.
  • Zhang Yameng as Consort Dowager
  • Kun Enpan as Ah Zhu
    • Personal attendant of King Zuoxian.


The soundtrack was released on October 10, 2015.[17]


  • Highest ratings are marked in red, lowest ratings are marked in blue
CCTV-8 Ratings[18]
Air date Episode Ratings Audience Share Timeslot ranking
2016.2.8 1-4 0.3891.2410
2016.2.9 5-8 0.463 1.63 11
2016.2.10 9-12 0.431 1.49 13
2016.2.11 13-16 0.420 1.27 11
2016.2.12 17-20 0.499 1.43 7
2016.2.13 21-24 0.564 1.49 11
2016.2.14 25-28 0.689 2.09 9
2016.2.15 29-32 0.633 1.94 11
2016.2.16 33-36 0.698 2.17 10
2016.2.17 37-40 0.7442.289
2016.2.18 41-42 0.694 1.82 10


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