Haircuts with beards black

Haircuts with beards black DEFAULT

The range of black men beard styles is endless. Short and long, reserved and eye catching, there is literally a look for every preference. So that you would not have to spend ages searching for the best options, we have picked out them for you. Below, you will find a selected collection of the trendiest and most attractive facial hair styles so that black men with beards look their absolute best.

Classic Black Men Beard Styles

If you are not sure yet whether a beard is going to suit you, you can never go wrong with a classic version, as it looks good on everyone. That is basically why a traditional black man’s beard is a failsafe option for everyone who is trying on a beard for the first time.

Full Beard

Full beard styles for black men can be a real challenge, as they are pretty difficult not only to grow but also to maintain. However, you can be sure that all your effort will be rewarded. This stately facial hair style collects compliments and gives off a very masculine vibe.

Short Black Men Beards

One of the main advantages of black beards is the ease of maintenance. What is more, they effortlessly seem neat and clean. However, to ensure your short beard styles continues to look the ways it is, you should give it regular upkeep.

Chin Beard

Not in a mood for something too bushy or complicated? Then a chin beard is your way to go. This is one of those black beards that keep your face pretty clean while allowing you to balance out its proportions. With chin beard styles black men can make their faces visually longer and narrower.

Soul Patch Black Men Beard Styles

Even though a soul patch is a little controversial black men beards style, it still has the right to exist, especially when you can pull it off. Simple and minimalistic, it instantly gives your appearance an intricate twist.

Anchor Beard

You should never underestimate anchor black men beards. Despite being short and low key, they are quite eye catching and sophisticated. As an anchor beard keeps your lips and mouth in focus, it is a very beneficial facial hair style for public speakers.

Goatee Beard

A black men goatee comes out chic and tasteful, so it can be flaunted with both a tuxedo and a T-shirt with jeans. This style is also a perfect option for those whose beard grows patchy, as you shave the most of your facial hair off.

Stubble Black Men Beard Styles

While black men with long beards look quite impressive, this may be not an option for everyone. Though, a short stubble also gives your appearance a stylish flair. Yet, without much effort on your part.

Black Men Mustache

A black men mustache is a great way to frame your mouth and add a serious touch to your appearance. Besides, a black mustache is full and thick, so it will not take you much effort to grow it out.

Joe Seer/Shutterstock

Mutton Chops

Want to try vintage black men beard styles? Then mutton chops may be what you are looking for. As this style is quite old fashioned, give it a contemporary feel with a trendy trim. For instance, you can go for a square beard, which looks defined and bold.



Hopefully, these black men beard styles have provided you with enough inspiration to give you an idea of what look to choose next. If you cannot decide, then why not experiment with different styles each time? No matter what option you will end up with, you can rest assured that you are going to look awesome.


What are the best black men’s beard styles?

A black man with beard looks good no matter what style he chooses. However, the most suitable African American beards are classic black beards, anchor beards, goatees, Garibaldi and short shaped up black men beard styles.

How do black men moisturize their beard?

A primary part of beard care for black men holds moisturizing. Thus, you should stock up on a beard oil infused with argan and jojoba oil and a beard wax containing beeswax and shea butter. Keep in mind to steer clear of a synthetic fragrance, opting for essential oils instead.

How can a black man straighten his beard?

To straighten their beard black man may resort to various methods. A special beard brush or a beard straightener will do the job just fine. Remember though that your facial hair should be clean when you straighten it using heated tools. If you are looking for a more permanent and drastic measure, then a beard relaxer can be an option. Though, it can damage the hairs when used too long or too much, so be careful with it. Last but not least, remember to give your beard a regular trim, which will help you to achieve uniformity with your black man beard thanks to removing split ends.


From Odell Beckham Jr. to The Weeknd, you’ll find that black male celebrities are the perfect examples of how black men globally use haircuts to express individuality.

So, which cuts rank best? Celebrity barber Faheem Alexander weighs in on some of the best haircuts for black men with tips and grooming resources for guys to keep in mind. “In Philly, the best hairstyle is a dark or low caesar,” says the Philadelphia native. “There is also the wave length cut—there’s a big wave community for black men."

When choosing a new haircut, “google your face shape, the texture of your hair, and products your barbershop uses,” says Faheem to finding the most attractive style for your face shape.

Searching Pinterest and hashtags of hairstyles is also useful when scouting a barber. “You wanna go to a barber that has style, is creative, and works in a place with a great atmosphere,” notes Faheem.

Beard grooming tips anyone? “King C. Gillette offers great tools for black men being introduced to beard care,” Faheem states. “Everything from beard care tutorials to beard oils are easy to access on their website. You can go online and watch barbers use those products.”

Before heading there, check out our line-up of the 15 best haircuts for black men right now.

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20 Beard Styles for Black Men to Look Stylish

For any black men looking to get a makeover or a new style, there are plenty of options available out there.

While this may seem good since there is a wide variety of styles you can try out, having too many options may tire us out, and we may end up choosing none.

That is why we have rounded up the perfect list of beard styles for black men that will surely make your life easier and save a lot of time. But before taking a look at this list, here’s some useful information that you need to know.


How to Grow a Black Man Beard

The best way to grow a beard is always to shave the previous one in the right way. While this may sound easy, it is not exactly so easy for black men since they tend to have facial hair that is thick, coarse and curly.

Maintaining and grooming such hair is quite a task. By letting your beard grow out, you can understand how your beard and hair are different from others so that you can tend to the specific requirements of your type of hair.


Black Men Beard Grooming

Trimming regularly and washing your beard every day is also a must if you want to have a good beard. Exfoliating once in a while also helps to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Beard oils are a lifesaver product that has the solutions to almost all your beard woes. You can also brush and comb your beard every day to keep it neat and in place.

One of the most important tricks to having a good beard is that, not only do you take care of your beard, but you also take care of the skin beneath the beard.


Black Men Beard Problems

Some common beard problems for black men are described here. Patchy beards are a common problem which is mainly caused by genetic traits.

Dry skin under the beard is also an issue that needs to be addressed properly. Itchiness is also another issue that often happens and happens as a result of unhealthy grooming practices.

All of these problems can be avoided if you take care of your cleanliness and always moisturize your skin.


The Full Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Growing a full beard and joining the club of black men with beards is not that easy a task. It requires effort and patience, every single day to get that perfectly groomed look with your long and black beard.

But if you have the will for it, you can most definitely achieve this look and look just as stylish and dapper like the rest of the club sporting a full-bearded style.

In a full beard style like this, you need to entirely grow out your facial hair for a long length below the chin and in a U-shape, as shown in the picture here.


The Five O’clock Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Something about this five’o clock bears style has an irresistible glow to it that makes you not take your eyes off of it.

It gives a subtle shadowy look to the beard which has an undeniable coolness factor that will surely make you look hot and smart wherever you go.

The best thing about such a look is that they look effortlessly messy and giving major laid back and stylish vibes. To get this look, you must shave the area around your cheek and neck daily so that you can achieve the perfect messy look.


Goatee Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The goatee beard is a classic and favorite look amongst the entire black community.

A goatee beard like this one can be styled in a wide variety of looks depending on what suits you best or what you like the most, but it will still look unique and make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

It is a look that is best suitable for those who have round or plump faces so that your facial features can be accentuated at all the right places. Trimming daily is important to maintain this look and achieve its original classiness.


Short Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Nothing to speak about your style when you have a short and crisp beard style like this one.

It is hugely popular among black men, and the reason for this could be the fact that not only does it demand too much attention or maintenance unlike some other beard styles, it also looks stylish even while being a low-key look.

To get this look, you’ll need to allow your beard to grow out for at least more than four to five days, and once it has really grown out, you can trim it and keep it in shape.


The Carved Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The carved beard style is becoming increasingly popular among black men these days because it helps to give a defined and sculptured look to the face without making it seem artificial.

While this looks quite stylish and tempts you to try it out as soon as possible, we have to warn you that this is one hell of a daunting task and you need as much skill as much as patience to carve this look.

So if you’re bot confident about trying it for the first time, a visit to the barber is recommended.


Soul Patch

Beard Styles for Black Men

A soul patch beard style is one of the easiest styles that you can try out. As is clearly visible from the picture, there isn’t much detailing to this style, and all it requires is just a strip of facial hair below the chin.

The length of this strip can be whatever you choose. While most people prefer simply the soul patch and nothing else, you can also try out something different by growing out your mustache. The entire look is very subtle and clean and has an element of raw and natural attractiveness to it.


Nicolas II Style

Beard Styles for Black Men

The Nicolas II beard look is a style that was inspired by Nicolas II, a Russian ruler. It’s a classy look and to get it, you can grow out your beard fully with a big mustache and crop your sides in a close manner.

The sides can also be trimmed regularly and blended in with a fade. More than the beard, the highlight of this look is clearly the big mustache with its own unique style.

This style definitely is making a comeback in this decade and it’s a refreshing look that you can try out.


The Van Dyke Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The Van Dyke beard style is named after a Flemish painter known as Anthony van Dyke. In this style, the entire portion of the cheeks is kept clean and shaved while a mustache and a goatee is allowed to grow out.

To get this look in its perfection, let your beard grow out fully for at least a week and when you find that it has sufficient length to develop into whiskers, you can start trimming and shaping it into the shape as shown in the picture.


Mutton Chops Style Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The mutton chops style may sound like fun, but not only is it quite hard to achieve; it is also a very bold look that not everyone may set out to try out.

So if you have made up your mind about getting this look, then the trick is that the chin area and the soul patch are shaved, along with your mustache too. And then all of the hair that is remaining on the sides can be grown out full and long.


The Chin Curtain

Beard Styles for Black Men

In a chin curtain beard style, the facial hair is grown out fully and in long lengths all across the jaw. And since most of the emphasis is on how the beard is styled, you don’t exactly need a mustache to go with this style.

The hair extends from one side of the face to the other and only covers the edges of the chin instead of covering it entirely. Any hair that is left on the sideburns and all are left to grow out completely thickly and densely.


The Anchor Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The anchor beard is another subtle and minimal style that black men can try out if they are not too fond of growing a thick or long beard. It’s as simple as it gets since it only consists of a goatee and a mustache.

The rest of the section of the face and the cheeks which connect the mustache to the chin beard is completely shaved.


Friendly Mutton Chops

Beard Styles for Black Men

This is also another cool and trendy hairstyle that you can try out if you don’t want to look too fancy and instead just want to keep it simple and subtle. It is a stylish twist from the original mutton chops beard style.

The main feature about thus Friendlier mutton chops is the mustache that is bought into this look and fully grown out. And the length and shape of the beard are the same as the original mutton chops look itself.

You can also try out this look in a different version by letting your facial hair around the cheeks to grow a little more than its normal length.


The Barely Shaved Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

A classic look for those who like to keep it really low key. While the style may sometimes look like there is no hair or beard at all, that’s not true, and the art about this look is that itself.

That the beard isn’t too visible yet its somehow clearly there. The stubble on the face is grown on each day and every day it is trimmed in the same length. And this is the main thing you need to do to get this look in all its glory and perfection.


The Bald Man Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Definitely the style that you should try out if you are looking to get a bold and dramatic beard look.

It is a classic style as well, which has remained popular for a long time now and looks like this trend will stay for a long time even in this new decade.

This is a great style for those who men who worry about their hair going bald and can instead sport this look since the beard is quite thick and looks very majestic.


The Circle Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The style shown in this picture is that of a circle beard. A beard like this very clean and minimal and thus helps to give a very neat appearance about the person.

This is also the reason why it came to be known as The Standard Beard style for men. It consists of the moustache and then a very round goatee which makes the round shape and thus the name ‘the circle beard’.

This look is best suitable for those people who have a square shaped face and jaw and helps to make it look more attractive by making it a round shape.


The Split Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The split beard is a classic and clean look that is quite refreshing to the eye too. The beard is split into two equal parts when the hair starts to grow out of the area of the chin.

The popularity of this style saw a huge and instant increase when it was sported in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

A simple style that can also be easily maintained, it’s a favorite among people since not only does it look quite classy and elegant, it also has a cool vibe to it that the young men are after.


Mid Range Stubble Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Stubble is a trendy and stylish look that you can try out since not only is it relatively easier to maintain; it has a different beauty to it. An unkempt and messy beard look, yet looking somewhat neat.

The key to keep this stubble like this is that you trim it regularly every 4-6 days. Make sure that the hair on the face actually grows out, but not beyond a certain length that it starts looking not like a stubble but like a fully grown beard itself.


Ducktail Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

A flamboyant look yet speaking volumes about the style statement it makes. This style isn’t one that has evolved over time or even a popular old classic style. It’s just one that instantly became a trend as soon as it was introduced.

To get this look, you need to cut the hair on your chin are to grow out completely until it resembles the shape of a duck’s tail. Once the hair has been grown to that extent, it can be trimmed in any shape that you would prefer.


The Garibaldi Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

A thick beard look that will make you feel like the ultimate man. The length of the beard goes way beyond the chin, and it is also combined along with a neck beard to complete the look.

While it seems relatively easy, since all it takes is to grow out the hair on your face and neck, it is one of those looks that requires a lot of effort to be put in.

Grooming is as difficult as it can get for this style. The hair needs to be grown out in a perfect U shape and if that goes wrong, then the entire look will go wrong.


The Mini Goatee

Beard Styles for Black Men

Well, as the name suggests, this style is a toned-down version of the goatee look. There are only very few facial hairs but these hair play an important role in making your face look as best as it can get with a goatee style like this one.

There’s just a tiny patch of hair around the chin and lips area and some people don’t even go for it with as small a stubble only to get this look.

Perfectly suitable hairstyle who wants to maintain a cool and stylish look but are too busy with their personal or work life to actually have the time for grooming purposes.


And with that, the list of some of the best beard looks for black men comes to an end.

If you know what you want and what’s best for you, then you can just pick the style for you and instantly transform your look. We hope this article made it easier for you.

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Top 100 black men haircuts

There are many hairstyle options for black men to choose, ranging from traditional to more creative ideas. Here is a list of Top 100 Black Men Haircuts you can try.

1. FroHawk Haircut + Burst Fade

 FroHawk Haircut + Burst Fade - Black men haircuts

A classic black men haircut that looks great whether you have wider ringlets or tight curls. Some prefer super short sides with a skin fade. It is a stylish cut that showcases your natural hair texture.

2. Twists + High Fade + Carved Beard for black men

Black men haircuts - Twists x Fade + Carved Beard

A high skin fade on the sides with twists on top creates a stylish profile. The neatly carved beard blends well with the look.

3. Waves + Skin Fade + Full beard

Waves x Fade + Full beard Black men haircuts

Waves have always been cool especially when combined with skin fades. The full beard provides another trendy dimension and a very classy look.

4. Burst Fade Mohawk + Disconnected beard

Black men haircuts - FroHawk + Disconnected beard

The burst fade Mohawk offers a clean fade showcasing a naturally curly hair texture. The disconnected beard creates a clear distinction between your beard and mustache.

5. Curls x Low Fade Haircut

Curls x Low Fade Haircut

It is the most popular way guys cut the hair on the sides. Low fades with top curls have always been versatile as it creates a high-contrast look with the hair at the top.

6. Dreadlocks x Pony Tail + Fade

Black men haircuts - Dreadlocks x Pony Tail + Fade

A style that works well for the blacks is having dreadlocks with a high fade on the sides. Colored ponytail flames up the whole hairstyle making it conspicuous.

7. Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

Skin Fade + beard Black men haircuts

Skin fades are trendy for most men haircuts and are classy for those who blend with a disconnected beard. It gives a clear distinction between your beard and mustache.

8. Taper Fade + Full Beard

Black men haircuts

Taper fade can also work best for you even if your hair is naturally curly. Lots of guys go with the full beard since the trend is still going strong.

9. Afro x Undercut + Skin Fade

Black men haircuts - Afro x Undercut + Skin Fade

A rich hairstyle with a wild curly top. It requires less maintenance and the undercut is all about creating short sides. It can either be faded low or high.

10. Twists + Line Up + Design

Twists + Line Up + Design - Black men haircuts

One of the most favorite black men hairstyles. Twists with a lineup help maintain a fresh and clean look while the design makes the style unique.

11. Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

Black men haircuts

An amazing taper fade haircut that combines with waves running from the top. You need to keep the beard and mustache disconnected to get the full effect.

12. Colored American haircuts + Hard Part x Low fade

Black men haircuts

Color is a welcome addition to men’s hairstyle. The low fade and hard part keep this cut neat and tidy.

13. Amazing Design for black men haircuts

Black men haircuts

A great way to express yourself is by having an amazing design haircut. There are many barbers worldwide who are talented and can make any haircut you choose a reality.

14. Dreadlocks Mohawk + Line up

Dreadlocks Mohawk + Line up - Black men haircuts

Here is a variant of Mohawk that is made up of dreadlocks and a lineup. The dreads are medium in size and the lineups give an interesting and unique hairstyle.

15. FroHawk x Color + Line up

FroHawk x Color + Line up - Black men haircuts

Black men have the biggest advantage for the FroHawk combined with color on top because of their kinky and naturally thick hair. The color gives on the FroHawk makes you stand out.

16. Crew cut + Line up

Black men haircuts

It is a practical hairstyle that is stylish and requires low maintenance. With this style, you have the choice to maintain your sideburns or not.

17. Crew cut + High Skin Fade + Line up

Crew cut + High Skin Fade + Line up Black men haircuts

Another amazing haircut with sides and back of the hair faded high. This haircut for blacks is hot, stylish and easy to maintain.

18. Waves + Line up + Beard

Waves + Line up + Beard Black men haircuts

A short hairstyle that needs little effort. Wave haircut for black men has always been cool and the guys growing out their beard.

19. Curls + Hard Part + High fade

Black men haircuts

A great hairstyle choice with high faded sides. The hard part defines the contrast between the more voluminous top and the shorter sides.

20. Twists x Color + Temple fade

Twists x Color + Temple fade Black mens haircuts

A unique variant of the temple fades with twists a color combination at the top. It provides a number of options for men.

21. Buzz cut + Line up + Taper fade

Buzz cut + Line up + Taper fade Black men haircuts

This is one of the most conventional buzz cut hairstyles featuring a taper fade and a razor line. The mustache and beard are distinguished neatly.

22. Short Afro + Temple fade

Short Afro + Temple fade + Black men haircuts

Temple fades work great with a short afro. It is a hairstyle that highlights your chiseled face and masculine cheeks.

23. Burst Fade Fauxhawk + Carved beard

Burst Fade Fauxhawk + Carved beard - Black men haircuts

Also known as South of France Fade, the burst fade Fauxhawk features short hair on the sides and long on the top. It gives a classy look for a man with dark beard and mustache.

24. Blow Out for black men haircuts

Blow Out Haircut black men

A hairstyle that has had a long history since the 90’s. It is still wearable in the modern century with shorter sides, styled back and any length on top.

25. Short Curls + Taper fade

Short Curls + Taper fade Black men haircuts

Short curls and taper fade looks amazing for those who know how to deal with them. Consider this taper fade with curls to hide the curly locks.

26. Buzz cut + Disconnected Beard

Buzz cut + Disconnected Beard

The buzz cut is always perfect for bearded men as they like short haircuts. A disconnected beard spices up this haircut.

27. Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

Black men haircuts - Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

The shadow fade with waves is one of the popular hairstyles for black people. The primary feature of the taper fade is to blend the hair at the top with the hair on the sides.

28. Braids + Line up

Braids + Line up Black mens haircuts

Get in the action with braids, the hottest trend in men’s hairstyle that comes with a lineup cut. It is one of the best-braided hairstyles for black men.

29. Cool American haircuts + Skin Fade

Buzz cut + Skin Fade Black men haircuts

A buzz cut hair is stylish but can also blend well with a high skin fade. It is trendy because of the difference in hair lengths.

30. Crew cut + Drop Fade + Hard part

Crew cut + Drop Fade + Hard part Black mens haircuts

An innovative variation of the classic taper fade haircut. The drop fade is very popular as it can be applied to almost any hairstyle like the crew cut.

31. Sponge Twists + Temple fade

Sponge Twists + Temple fade Black men haircuts

These haircuts are cool! Temple fade with sponge twists looks great on most black men because of the high skills are needed to pull off that look.

32. Crew cut + Carved Beard

Crew cut + Carved Beard Black mens haircuts

It is a crew cut with a fade that relies on dimension. Black men with long beard and face like a legend will find this haircut looking awesome.

33. Dreadlocks + Design for black men haircuts

DreadLocks+ design for black men

A unique dreadlock for men that epitomizes an independent and bohemian lifestyle. The design on the sides is what distinguishes this style from other dreads.

34. Waves + Taper fade + Disconnected beard

Black men haircuts

Waves are always amazing combined with a taper fade, the disconnected beard add a lot of style too.

35. Buzz cut + Hard Part + Line up

Black men haircuts

Also referred to as a line in or a shaved part haircut, it is a modern variant of the classic side part. A razor part can accentuate a high skin fade or a buzz cut.

36. Waves + Taper Fade + Goatee

Black men haircuts

One of the best taper fade haircuts for men. It offers a clean, masculine look that is perfect for both professional and casual situations.

37. Curls + Hard part + Line up

Black men haircuts

The thickness of the hard part may vary depending on individual preference. The curly hairstyle at the top goes beyond with the placement of the part. The lineup provides a stunning look.

38. Sponge Twists + High skin fade

Black mens haircuts

It works best for black men because of the thickness and natural texture of their hair. Their height complements perfectly with a high skin fade on the sides.

39. Afro + Temple fade

Afro Haircut black men

Fades have always been the most popular cuts for black hair. The taper fade afro is straightforward and there are several variations, designs, and styles that can be applied to this haircut.

40. Short Sponge Twists + Line up + Design

Black men haircuts

Whether you want a lineup, a part, or hair design etched in, then you should decide on the length of hair on the top. Short sponge twists work best for a low maintenance haircut.

41. Buzz Cut + High Skin Fade + Line up

Black men haircuts

A classic men’s haircut featuring short hair all around. Generally, buzz cuts are given with electric clippers. Subtle sideburns lines blend with high skin fade on the sides.

42. Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard Black men haircuts

Waves are always cool combined with skin fades. The full beard provides another amazing dimension and a very cool look.

 43. Sponge Curls + Taper Fade

Sponge Curls + Taper Fade Black men haircuts

One of the best tapers fades haircuts for black men is the sponge curls. The short side often fades with a beard blackout.

44. Buzz cut + Skin Fade

Buzz cut + Skin Fade Black men haircuts

A buzz cut hair is stylish but can also blend well with a high bold fade. It is cool because of the difference in hair lengths.

45. Waves + Temple fade + Goatee

Waves + Temple fade - Black men haircuts

One of the most cool haircut for men. It offers a great, proper look that is match for both professional and casual situations.

46. Braids + Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

Braids + Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard Black men haircuts

The fade is a versatile hairstyle that compliments something interesting like the braids.  Classy guys always combine the braids and skin fade with a disconnected beard.

47. Buzz Cut + Hard Part + Taper fade

Black men haircuts

Men who have relatively short hair will find the buzz cut an ideal hairstyle for men. Taper fade seems to work well for all hair and provides the freshest looks this year.

48. Waves + Hook part + Skin Fade

Waves + Hook part + Skin Fade Black men haircuts

It one of the fresh styles featuring close-cropped waves. It has a skin fade that blends into any length at the top.

49. Blow Out + Color

Blow Out + Color Black mens haircuts

A hairstyle for black men that gives an impression of a crazy image. Hair color highlights are the cute trends of blowout long curly hairstyles.

50. Crew cut + Skin fade

Crew cut + Skin fade Black men haircuts

Another very cool crew cut with a skin fade. It is always tapered on the back and at the sides but seems longer on the top.

51. Crew cut + Hook part

Crew cut + Hook part Black men haircuts

This is a short men’s haircut with a side part and can be brushed up into a short pompadour or can be styled with short bangs.

52. Bald Man Beard

Bald Man Beard

A style for the bead-conscious guys that blends well with bald heads. It is one of the hottest and attractive trends that define a guy’s masculine ruggedness.

53. High top + Fade

Black mens haircuts

This cut is tapered at the temple curly sponge to the top and the back of the head to provide a nice effect.

54. High top Fade + Hard part

Black men haircuts

The high top fade comes the highest on top of your head. It combines with lineups to give a stunning look.

55. Crew cut + Drop fade

Black mens haircuts

An ideal choice for men who want to look at their best with a combination of popular hairstyles. Maintenance is kept to a minimum and easily makes a great impression.

56. Sponge Twists Blow Out

Sponge Twists Blowout - Black men haircuts

This is perhaps the newest ways of defining twists, a popular hairstyle for black men that have gained a lot of popularity over the recent years.

57. Slicked Back + Goatee

Slicked Back + Goatee

The top and sides are left with dense and long curls, enhanced with natural products before being slicked backward. A light beard or goatee complements this hairstyle.

58. Blow Out Haircut

Blow Out Haircut 

It might be trending towards the throwback times but is still much wearable in the modern century. Sides are kept short with a slight taper off.

59. Crew cut + High Skin Fade

Crew cut + High Skin Fade Black mens haircuts

The secret of this hairstyle lies in the contrast. The top part becomes more prominent the more you keep the sides shorter. The high skin fade makes the top standout.

60. Curl Sponge + Hard part

Black men haircuts

One of the best ways to get natural looking curls. A short-cut on the side separating the front lineup highlights the top hard part giving you the cutest looks.

61. Waves + Low Fade + Line up

Black mens haircuts

A hairstyle that blends well with a relatively short hair styled by waves on top. The low fade gives a contrasting look when combined with the lineup.

62. Curls + Taper fade

Black men haircuts

Get a little crazy by allowing your hair to grow out nice and slightly longer. This hairstyle features natural curls with a slight taper fade on the sides to highlight the thick hair.

63. Waves + Hook parts + Fade

Waves + Hook parts + Fade Black mens haircuts

An easy to manage hairstyle featuring waves at the top with a lower fade on the sides. The hook parts complement the hairstyle with a clean line up.

64. Curl Sponge + Hi-lo Fade

Curl Sponge + Hi-lo Fade Black men haircuts

The thickness of your hair and natural texture will make this your favorite hairstyle. The Hi-lo fade adds a high profile with a side cut that runs to the back of your head.

65. Afro + Line up for black men haircuts

Afro Black mens haircuts

Afros are cool but require a stylish design to make them pop out. This hairstyle is enhanced with a lineup having slight fades on the sides that can be seen easily from the front.

66. Waves + Taper Fade

Black men haircuts

One of the best haircuts for black men with deep waves. The subtle shaving that depicts a taper fade on the lower sides draws much attention to the onlookers.

67. Waves + Bald Fade

Waves + Bald Fade Black men haircuts

The waves haircut has always been a cool style for men and will require minimal maintenance if combined with a bald fade on the sides.

68. High Top x Curls + Skin Fade

Black men haircuts

One of the trendy hairstyles for black men is the high top fade, mostly preferred because of its versatility. A skin fade makes the high top curls stand out. It looks good with a neatly shaved beard and mustache.

69. Dreadlocks x Half Up Man Bun

Dreadlocks black men

A versatile hairstyle for black men that never age in design. Long dreads can be eccentric when styled up with half-up man bun.

70. Dreadlocks + Color + Disconnected Beard

Dreadlocks + Color + Disconnected Beard Afro Black mens haircuts

Although most dreadlocks go well with a long beard, you can still look at your best with a clean disconnected beard. Adding some color on the ends gives a contrasting appearance.

71. Buzz cut + Taper Fade

Buzz cut + Taper Fade Black men haircuts

It is almost similar to the military buzz cut but has shorter fades on the sides. This is the best hairstyle for guys who want to accentuate a chiseled face and a strong jawline.

72. Waves + Hard Part

Waves + Hard Part - Black mens haircuts

A hairstyle that is most popular with celebrities. The waves appear more stunning because the hard part is made deep to form a contrast with the slightly faded sides.

73. Twists + Taper Fade + Line up

Black men haircuts

Twists with taper fade present a clean look and the precise lines of the haircut have made them dominant among stylish modern men.

74. Long Curls for black men haircuts

Long Curls - Black men haircuts

It can be unpredictable to have long curls but this is what makes the hairstyle much fun. There are infinite ways of styling your spirals whether you choose to blow dry it or air dry it.

75. Curls + Low Fade + Disconnected beard

Curls + Low Fade + Disconnected beard Black mens haircuts

A popular modern haircut for men with wavy or curly hair types. The curly low fade haircut offers a number of styles and variations to maintain your hair when combines with a disconnected beard.

76. Waves + Taper Fade + Original Hard Part

Black men haircuts

If you want to have the freshest looks this year, you might want to try out the taper fade haircut with waves. The original hard part makes you stand out and is highly versatile for other additions or variations.

77. Braids + Skin Fade

Black men Hairstyle

The locks are divided in two and each piece is skillfully braided as the two braids meet at the back. The skin fade makes the style pop out by creating a contrasting appearance on the sides.

78. Short Afro + Line up

Black men haircuts

It is one of the most versatile and modern afro hairstyles. It requires some length on the top and the lineup plays a significant role in your final look.

79. Side Part Line + Skin fade

Side Part Line + Skin fade haircut for black men

A modern variant of the classic side part that accentuates a high skin fade. The part line is extended slightly deeper to distinguish the top hair from the beginning of the fade.

80. Crew cut + Line up

Black mens haircuts

With a shorter cut like a crew cut, you are always prepared to get a clean line up haircut. The shaved layer starts from about two inches above your hair.

81. Waves + Line up

Waves + Line up Black men haircuts

It is a style for those who want a more formal look. It offers different variations and features a combination of texture on top with a clean lineup cut.

82. Mohawk + Hi-lo Fade + Disconnected Beard

Mohawk + Hi-lo Fade + Disconnected Beard Black men Hairstyle

A cool Mohawk with some style at the top featuring hi-lo fade that contrasts the top from the bottom. It gives a long-lasting impression when combines with a disconnected beard.

83. Buzz Cut + Hook Part

Black mens haircuts

One of the low-maintenance haircuts for black men featuring a hook part from the front lineup cut. It looks great with simple beard and mustache.

84. Buzz Cut + Line up + Full Beard

Black men haircuts

The buzz cut has been a classic hairstyle for men who love keeping short hair. Growing a full beard creates a divergence look as it stands out from your hair.

85. High Top + Color + Line up

High Top + Color + Line up Black mens haircuts

Perhaps the most notable types of black men hairstyles this year. It features some color on the high top with a clean undercut. The lineup creates a cool final look.

86. Buzz Cut + Hook Part + Skin fade

Buzz Cut + Hook Part + Skin fade - Black men haircuts

The hook part makes short hairs more charming and buzz cut can be your favorite hairstyle when combined with a high skin fade.

87. Braids + Hi-lo Fade

Braids + Hi-lo Fade Black men haircuts

Such a cool haircut for black men. The braids are divided into two, each piece braided skillfully at the top but left hanging at the back. The Hi-lo fade gives a more stunning appearance on the sides.

88. High Top + Color + Design

High Top + Color + Design Black men Hairstyle

Hair left long and slightly loose at the high top. It blends well with the color and design on the undercut. A versatile hairstyle that can matches several design variations.

89. Waves + Skin fade + Disconnected beard

Waves + Skin fade + Disconnected beard Black men haircuts

A hairstyle with waves at the top is always unique. The lower skin fade uses the disconnected beard technique to add emphasis.

90. Curl Sponge + Taper fade

Curl Sponge + Taper fade Black men Hairstyle

A haircut that makes a statement featuring a curl sponge with a taper fade on the sides. It works well for those with thick hair at the top.

91. Curved Flat Top + Hard Part

Curved Flat Top + Hard Part Black men haircuts

A black men’s haircut that wins the prize for creativity. You might say crazy but this style is incredibly amazing for those who want a different statement for their hairstyles.

92. FroHawk + Disconnected Beard

Frohawk black men

Here is another classic black haircut that breams with creativity. The FroHawk looks great whether you have wider ringlets or tight curls. It is highly emphasized with the disconnected beard.

93. Twists + Hi-lo Fade

Twists + Hi-lo Fade for black men

The twists and Hi-lo fade gives life and moment to the hair left on the top and delivers a noticeable contrast on the sides.

94. Afro + Color + Fade

Afro + color + fade haircut for black men

A variety of colors come handy for those who prefer the Afro. However, the purple color on top seems to blend well with your natural black hair. A well-trimmed beard determines your final look.

95. Buzz cut + High fade + Line up

Black men haircuts

This is the best buzz cut you can get for those who prefer a high fade. The primary secret is contrast and the lineup plays a major role in highlighting the haircut.

96. Natural curls + Mid skin fade

Natural curls + Mid skin fade - black men haircuts

Although curly hairs can be a challenge, it offers cool and original looks. The mid skin fade attempts to distinguish the top hair from the lower beard.

97. Braids + Reverse Fade

Braids + reverse V fade black men haircut

One of the unique and crazy hairstyles for black men. The reverse fade with braids on top gives a modern look and can give you the desired effect when done right.

98. Long Twists Blow Out + Line Up

Twist + fade black men haircut

A blowout haircut that presents you with an up-to-date variation of long contemporary twists. A clean undercut with a rather messy top makes the style appealing.

99. FroHawk + Hard Part

Undercut Long Curly Hair

Adding hair designs or hard parts makes you look extra creative and unique. The FroHawk can be designed to give you one of the best swag haircuts.

100. Bicolor High Top + Hard parts


Black men haircut - FLAT TOP

This is a different version of a High Top haircut for men with a hard part. A different color is added on one side to contrast with your black hair.

Tell us in the comments which one you prefer and what other Top 100 you would like to see!
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Beards haircuts black with

1Beard Maintenance

black men beards

Black men are generally more prone to ingrown hairs, due to the nature of tightly coiled hair. If you shave regularly, you are even more likely to experience ingrown hairs as you begin to grow out your beard. Make sure you shave in the direction that your hair grows using a clean, sharp razor best suited for your needs. It’s also important not to neglect the skin under your beard. Exfoliate regularly and keep your skin and beard moisturized. Combing your beard will help evenly distribute your hair and skin’s natural oils. You can also use a beard oil or moisturizer to combat dryness. Not all beard products are made equal, so try to look for products specifically designed for the unique needs of curly/coily hair. Properly maintaining your beard will help it look and feel its best.

2Must-Have Products

classic beard

Whether you decide to trim and shape up your beard yourself or let your barber do it, you want to make sure you have the right tools and products to help you maintain the look at home. This includes a beard cleanser, a beard comb, and a beard conditioner/moisturizer. Using the right products (and using them often) will make all the difference in how your beard looks and feels. Do a little research online and/or ask your barber for specific product recommendations. You may need to try a few different products until you find the right ones for you. Don’t let that discourage you though; everyone’s hair and skin are different, so not every product will be effective for everyone. If you trim and shape up your beard at home, make sure you invest in good quality hair shears, razors, and clippers. Here are 35 beard styles for Black men.

3Full Beard And High Top Fade

Beard And High Top

This textured high top fade is the perfect haircut to pair with a full beard. This look manages to combine modern and classic elements all at the same time.

4Dark Hair, Grey Beard

Dark Hair Grey Beard

If your beard is starting to grey before the hair on your head, don’t feel pressured to dye it. Dark hair and a grey beard create a striking contrast and it’s a really good look.

5Clean Shape-Up With Full Beard

Clean Shape Up Full Beard

A full beard looks great no matter how long or short you keep the hair on your head. This short haircut pairs nicely with this thick, full beard.

6Combed Out Beard

Combed Out Beard

Combing out your beard is an important step in your regular beard maintenance routine. It’s also a great way to keep your beard tangle-free and better show off its length.

7Beard And Coils

Beard And Coils

This simple, full beard looks great paired with this haircut, which is styled into effortless coils: two great ways to show off and celebrate your natural hair texture.

8Beard And High Bun

Beard And High Bun

For those who like to wear their hair long, this high bun and long beard combo is a great choice, especially for those days when you don’t know how to wear your hair. This is also a great way to style your hair on hot days or when you’re working out.

9Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is a classic look that goes with pretty much any haircut. It looks great with this close-cropped haircut.

10Fade-In Beard

Fade In Beard

To get this look, your best bet is to let your barber do all the work. He’ll be able to cut your hair and give you a precise, perfectly shaped fade-in beard.

11Salt And Pepper Beard With Bald Head

Salt And Pepper Beard With Bald Head

A salt and pepper beard is a sophisticated, mature look that goes well with any haircut, including the classic baldie. You really can’t go wrong with this look.

12Beard And Waves

Beard And Waves

These immaculate waves look great paired with a long, full beard. This look is one example of just how versatile Black hair really is and the two textures really play well together.

13Beard And Curls

Beard And Curls

This short, simple beard looks great paired with a full head of curls. This beard length is ideal because it’s pretty low-maintenance, leaving you plenty of time to style and define those curls.

14Grey Beard And Bald Head

Grey Beard And Bald Head

This perfectly shaped grey beard is the perfect look for all those the confident, mature guys who aren’t afraid to embrace their grey hair. This cut also emphasizes the natural texture of your beard.

15Simple Short Beard

Simple Short Beard

This look is a great choice for those who like to keep it simple. This short beard is a classic style that looks great on everyone.

16Beard And Afro

Beard And Afro

This look is a great way to show off your glorious ‘fro. A simple, low-cut beard is a great way to balance out this look.

17Beard With Burst Fade Haircut

Beard With Burst Fade Haircut

The burst fade haircut has become more and more popular in recent years. It looks great with this simple, classic beard.

18Beard And Locs

Beard And Locs

A full beard looks great paired with locs. Style your locs in a high ponytail like the one pictured here to switch up your look.

19Full Beard, Short Haircut

Full Beard Short Haircut

A simple, low haircut looks great with a full, thick beard. This look is great for those who want a simple, low-maintenance haircut and a full beard.

20Curved Beard

Curved Beard

The beauty of tightly coiled hair is the ability to create all types of shapes and silhouettes, like this curved beard and asymmetrical haircut. This is a look that you don’t see every day, making it perfect for those who want to make a statement.

21Full Beard And Waves

Full Beard And Waves

This full, shaggy beard looks great juxtaposed with short, neat waves. There’s nearly no limit to the ways you can express your personal style with your hair/facial hair.

22Frohawk And Beard

Frohawk And Beard

A frohawk and a matching beard is a great way to show off your natural hair texture. This look is modern and stylish.

23Grey And Black Beard

Grey And Black Beard

There’s something classic and sophisticated about the look of a black and grey beard. A bald head actually gives this look a more youthful appearance.

24Full Beard With Side Fade

Full Beard With Side Fade

If you like to keep your hair cut short and your beard thick and full, this look is a great option for you.

25Ombre Grey Beard

Ombre Grey Beard

This immaculate beard has an ombre effect, dark on top and grey on the bottom, putting a twist on the classic salt and pepper look.

26Long Textured Beard

Long Textured Beard

This long, healthy beard requires patience and proper care to achieve and maintain. It’s also a great way to show off your natural texture.

27Precise Cut Beard

Precise Cut Beard

This precisely cut and shaped beard shows off the barber’s skills and the hard work that went into growing out and maintaining this thick, full beard.

28Grey Hair And Matching Beard

rey Hair And Matching Beard

Grey hair and a matching beard create an undeniably striking look. You can use a hair sponge to create coils like the ones pictured here.

29Shaped Up Full Beard

Shaped Up Full Beard

This is another great look if you prefer to keep your hair short and your beard long. You can have your beard shaped to best frame your face.

30Short Shaggy Beard

Short Shaggy Beard

A simple, short shaggy beard looks great with this medium-length haircut, which shows off your natural curls beautifully.

31Long Grey Beard

Long Grey Beard

This look is another great bald head/full beard combo. This is a great way to embrace your grey hair with confidence.

32Shaped Beard With High-Top

Shaped Beard With High Top

This textured high-top fade and immaculately shaped beard combine modern and classic styles in one.

33Salt And Pepper Beard

Salt And Pepper Beard

This beard shape is a popular choice for those who like to rock a bald head. It’s a strong, classic look and a great way to embrace your greys.

34Waves And Shaggy Beard

Waves And Shaggy Beard

This long, shaggy beard looks great paired with a head full of waves. The two textures look great contrasted against one another.

35V-Shaped Beard

V Shaped Beard

This V-shaped beard and thin mustache are perfect for those with oval-shaped faces. It’s not a look you see every day, making it a great choice for those looking for something different.

36Thick Shaggy Beard

Thick Shaggy Beard

This thick, shaggy beard is a great way to show off and embrace the beauty of your natural texture. It will take time, patience, and care to grow your beard to this length but the final results make it more than worth the effort.

37Sculpted Beard

Sculpted Beard

Last but definitely not least, this perfectly sculpted full beard looks great no matter how you decide to wear your hair: long, short, or bald.

Drop fade Tutorial - Beard line up - HOW TO

Black beard styles have become very popular recently. More and more Afro-American men grow a beard to create a unique style. If you want to highlight your individuality, choosing one of the beard styles is a great idea.

Best Black Men Beard Styles

Are you a black man looking for a trendy beard style? You have come to the right place. Here is a collection of the best black men’s beard styles for any taste. But don’t hurry up to take the trimmer and shave. First, try to imagine what image you would like to create a beard style, then, go to your barber and get started.

Beard Tips for Black Men

FOR BLACK MEN BEARD TIPS | What I Learned In 4 Months

Black Man Low Beard Style

A low beard style will suit almost every black man who wants some changes in the image. It is a neat look that will never go out of fashion.

A low beard style for a black man.

Handsome Black Man Beard

A beard can decorate your face being a nice natural accessory. Every handsome black man will look great if he finds the best beard style that will highlight his advantages.

A good-looking black male beard.

Famous Black Man with Beard

Many celebrities wear beards. Among them are such sexy black men as Trai Byer, Lance Gross, and others. Want to look after them? Don’t hesitate to grow a beard.

A well-known black man with a beard.

Sexy Black Man with Beard

If you want to look sexy and attract the attention of females, choose one of the sexy black men’s beard styles. It can be a short beard or a full beard depending on your type of face.

A cool black man with a beard style.

Fine Black Man with Beard

You won’t regret it if you create a fine beard for black males. It will decorate your face and serve as a symbol of your style and taste.

A nice black man with a beard.

Patchy Beard Style Black Man

A patchy beard style is one of the most fashionable nowadays. If you like to be in the center of attention, then, don’t hesitate to create this one. Also, you can find many stubble beard styles which suit you best.

A patchy beard for a black man.

African American Black Man Beard Style

Check the pics with black men’s beard styles and pick the right one for you. African American men have similar features that make it possible to grow a cool beard. The type of hair texture makes it possible to create any type of beard.

African-American beard style for men.

Black Man Trimmed Beard

First, you are recommended to trim your beard at the barber’s but later you can take care of it on your own. A well-trimmed beard looks accurate and attractive.

A well-trimmed beard for black men.

Lace Front Beard for Black Men

A lace front beard for black men is one of the common options today. Pay attention to this style and you will attract the attention of people around you with your trendy look.

A black man beard in a lace front style.

Black Man Chin Beard

A chin beard is a nice style to choose from as it helps to create a nice look for any type of occasion. It is easy to grow and maintain.

A chin beard for a black man.

Clean Cut Beard Black Man

A clean-cut beard for black men looks just wow. Many famous black guys wear it like this and look wonderful. Also, this guy wears a handlebar mustache style.

A neat beard for a black man.

Fat Black Man with Beard

If you are a big black man, then, choose a beard style that will suit the image you’d like to create. It can be any of the beards depending on the type of your face. Those men who have a round face are recommended to consider creating a goatee style or choose a chin beard.

A big black man with a beard.

Hot Black Man with Beard

It is easy to look hot if you choose a nice beard style for black men. Black men look especially sexy and charismatic with a hot beard style.

A hot sexy black man with a nice beard.

Nice Black Man Beard

A nice black man beard is just a well-trimmed and groomed beard that isn’t too big. Create your perfect style and make your beard a good-looking one.

An accurate beard style for a black man.

Black Men Beards with Various Beard Types

There is more than one beard type to choose from. Pay attention to the most popular beard types among the types listed below.

Goatee Beard Style for Black Man

A goatee beard style for black men is a great way to diversify your image and add some charisma. It is one of the beard types that will be fashionable for years.

A goatee beard style for Afro-American males.

Black Man Braided Beard

A braided beard has become popular among black men not long time ago. It looks nice and makes an accent on your individual and original sense of style. Long beards look great with this style.

A braided beard style for black males.

Full Beard Black Man Beard Style

A full beard is one of the classic options. It is an iconic style of black men that highlights the independence of all black men. The good news is that you can style it in different ways.

A full beard for black men.

Black Man Curly Beard

Black men with curly hair texture can grow a curly beard that looks very cute. It adds some special charm to its owner that ladies will definitely like.

A curled beard style for black men.

Black Men Beards of Different Lengths

Today, black men wear both short and bushy beards. You can create a cool style with any length of the beard depending on your personal preferences. Check the most common lengths that most black men prefer now.

Black Man with Big Beard

A big beard is a symbol of male power and independence. Full beards also help to create a vintage look.

A huge beard for black men.

Short Beard Style for Black Men

Wearing a short beard style has its advantages. It is easy to take care of a short beard style. It always looks neat and suits everyone, regardless of age and status.

A short beard for elegant black men.

Black Men’s Hairstyles with Beards

Do you want to choose a beard style but don’t know whether it will suit your current hairstyle? Check what options will suit you best depending on the haircut you wear now.

Bald Black Man with Beard

Don’t you have hair on the head but want to have facial hair? Not a problem! A bald hairstyle can be combined with a beard without any problems.

A bald black man with a stylish beard.

Black Man Fade Haircut with Beard

A faded hairstyle looks trendy this season. If you add a stylish beard to your faded haircut, you will be in the center of attention.

A faded style with a beard for black men.

Beard Style for Black Men with Dreads

Dreads help to create a rebellious image. Do you want to highlight your creative style and unique personality? Then, go for this style without any doubt!

A cool beard style for black men wearing dreads.

How Can You Color Your Beard?

There are four most common options for black men. You can choose any of the colors below if you want to highlight your beard and make it more visible for others.

Black Man with Gray Beard

Elderly men and mature men like wearing grey beards. It looks stylish and elegant. Today, men don’t hurry up to color the beard when the hair becomes grey. It isn’t a problem anymore. The grey color looks trendy!

A gray beard style for black men.

Black Man Salt and Pepper Beard Style

A black man salt and pepper beard style are one of the most fashionable styles now. You will be able to impress everyone with its extraordinary color that looks just wow.

A black man with a salt and pepper beard.

Black Man with Colored Beard

A colored beard is a good option to choose if you aim to make an accent on the beard. Color it red or the way you like to make your beard style eye-catching.

A bright colorful beard for a black man.

Blonde Beard Black Man

Some black men like wearing a blonde beard. It looks unusual and hot. Why not? Try it for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

A nice blonde beard style for a black man.

Best Black Men Beard Care Products

You are recommended to use oils and balms care products for your beard. Among them are such as classic beard growth and thickening conditioner, beard shampoo, and oils containing aloe. These care products will help you to create a nice image with a well-groomed beard.


Can black men grow beards?

Most black men grow a beard as they have a suitable hair type for the beard style.

How to grow a healthy beard for black men?

For this, you need to use high-quality care products, eat healthy foods, and use a special comb for the beard.

How to soften black men’s beard?

Some products can make the beard softer. Products that contain oils will do this perfectly.

What is the best beard oil for black men?

It is a rose beard oil and Jack Black beard oil according to most reviews.

How bad does heat damage black men’s beard?

You should use special balms to protect the beard from the heat if you want it to look well-groomed and neat.

How black men color beard?

You can color it grey, with salt and pepper. These are the most common colors. But you can color it bright if you want to attract attention to your beard.

How can black men grow a beard fast?

If you want to speed up the beard growth, you are recommended to use products that are designed to make the process of hair growth faster. It can be a combination of care products like shampoo and oils.

How to make black men’s beard look shiny?

You should use vitamins and oils to take care of your hair and it will look shiny.

How often should black men comb beard?

Experts recommend to wash it twice or three times a week and use a comb after washing.

How often should black men condition a beard?

You are recommended to use a conditioner each time you wash your beard with a shampoo. It will soften it and make it shiny and easier to style.



You will also like:

When choosing from the best beard styles for Black men, start with what you can grow. Every man’s facial hair comes in differently. Some guys are blessed with full hair all over while some beards are patchy.

Once you’ve got some good growth, create your own beard style with a length, shape, and mustache that works for you and your haircut (or bald head).

Beard styles for Black men often contrast bushy growth with defined cheeks, a shaped mustache, and/or a beard fade. Some guys also shape the soul patch area, for fun or to work with growth patterns.

The best way to grow a beard is let facial hair come in until it’s a length you like untouched. Then visit a barber with plenty of facial hair expertise to trim and shape hair. Using this is a guide, you can begin to maintain your own beard with scissors or beard trimmers.

Here are some 22 pictures of beards for Black men. Keep reading for beard growing tips plus the best beard oils and products.

1. Black Beard Styles

Beard styles for Black men

2. Full Beards

3. Nice Beards

4. Beard Oil

Beard oil is an essential product for all men with beards. Start using it from the early days of facial hair growth to prevent the itching and flakes that can make growing a beard uncomfortable.

Beards oils also condition skin and hair to support beard growth. This means it as as helpful for stubble beards as long ones. As facial hair grows, beard oils moisturize and condition hair for a fuller beard plus protection from damage and dryness.

Beard oils are easy to use. Rub a few drops between the palms and work through damp or dry facial hair and the skin below. Reapply as desired.

Beard oils can be one pure oil, a combination of oils, or a combination of oils with additional ingredients. Some beard oils are designed for Black men but it’s also about finding a formula, price point, and fragrance that you’re into. Note that any oil should be packaged in a dark bottle that maintains the potency of the product.

5. Low Beard Styles

6. Best Beard Oils

Scotch Porter Smoothing Beard Serum – Created by Calvin Quallis, Scotch Porter is a Black-owned business that has all your grooming needs covered. The serum is really an oil, with botanical ingredients that smooth hair and skin with a light, fresh scent.

Cantu Shea Butter Beard Oil – A men’s product from brand you probably already know. In addition to a nourishing combination of oils that moisturize hair and calm skin, Cantu Beard Oil contains caffeine to promote hair growth straight and tea tree oil to prevent “beardruff”.

The Gentleman’s Premium Beard Oil – This fragrance-free formula contains organic sunflower, Argan, evening primrose, and jojoba oils plus Vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports skin health and hair growth. Gentleman’s Beard Oil also offers a money-back guarantee.

7. Short Beard Styles

8. Beard Growth

The rate and fullness of beard growth is a combination of genetics, testosterone, and, to some degree, lifestyle. If you come from a long line of full beards, you probably have plenty of facial hair. If you don’t, you may be out of luck.

One supplement that can provide results for hair growth is biotin. Once called vitamin H, for Haar und Haut, German for hair and skin, biotin plays an important role in the health of hair, skin, and nails. Biotin deficiency is rare but symptoms include hair loss, skin rashes, and brittle nails. A biotin supplement of 5 mg, or in gummy form, has shown improvement in hair growth and quality in 90 days. It’s not fast but but it can work.

While there is no vitamin that can help grow hair, a healthy diet plus exercise can help you feel and look your best. Foods like salmon, sardines, tuna, peanuts, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and cinnamon all contain properties that support optimal health and hair growth.

9. More Beard + Mustache Styles

10. More Beard Products

There are a ton of beard products available, but you can get by with just a beard oil and beard brush. While men’s skin tends to be oily, facial hair tends to be dry. That coiled texture makes it difficult for the body’s oil to travel down the hair shaft and self moisturize. In addition to using a beard oil, brush facial hair with a boar bristle beard brush to distribute oils, smooth facial hair, and exfoliate skin. Also check out this comb-brush-scissors set that will keep you looking good at all phases of beard growth.

For thick or especially coarse beards, a beard balm provides extra hold and conditioning. A balm can be used in addition to or instead of a beard oil. Balms are use wax for hold and long-lasting moisture. Basically, beard oil is conditioner and beard balm is pomade. A few excellent beard balms are made by:

Washing and conditioning your beard can also help achieve the finest facial hair possible. Beard washes are gentle enough to eliminate food and odors without stripping away oils. Beard conditioners add and lock in moisture, but you can also use an oil for this.

For a deal, check out a beard set like:

Unless they offer a money-back guarantee, kits that offer a complete set of tools and products for a too low price are not going to be quality.

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