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At Automotive Revolution we know some drivers like a quiet exhaust system while others prefer a "the louder the better" approach. Either way, an unusual rattle when your car is running is a signal that it is time for an immediate inspection of your exhaust system.

High-Performance Header Upgrades
While exhaust manifolds and headers play a similar role, at Automotive Revolution we know they are miles apart on performance. Headers are upgrade parts designed for performance applications, while exhaust manifolds come standard. Both move exhaust away from the cylinder head to the exhaust pipe. Most noticeably, headers and its companion gaskets and wider exhaust pipe are much louder than a traditional manifold. But more importantly, the header improves exhaust system performance.

Quiet Exhaust and Muffler Services
Come to Automotive Revolution and keep your exhaust system running smoothly. At Automotive Revolution we know you count on your exhaust system and muffler to reduce noise and normalize your engine's back-pressure. When your exhaust system is faulty it can be very loud, but more importantly, it can impact your engine performance. Whatever the problem, we can repair it and get you back on the road quickly. Come by Automotive Revolution today at Chalmers Dr #

  • Catalytic Converter Replacement: Your catalytic converter is the most expensive part of your exhaust system. When your catalytic converter begins to fail, you will hear a very loud rattling noise or your "check engine light" will begin to flash. Come by Automotive Revolution at Chalmers Dr #10 and we will diagnose the problem right away.
  • O2 Sensor Replacement: Ask any mechanic at Automotive Revolution and they will tell you to have your O2 sensor inspected regularly. Oxygen sensors work in conjunction with your catalytic converter to monitor the amount of oxygen in your car's exhaust system. Your O2 sensor determines if your air to fuel ratio is balanced in real-time as you accelerate or idle. It helps your engine controller adjust the flow of fuel to maintain optimum oxygen to fuel mixture.

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  • August

    The guy said it would take a couple hours to put a muffler on my truck. Turns out his couple hours meant like hours. He also told me my Chevy might sound like a Honda After it’s done?? I went down the street, they did it in 30 minutes and it sounds great.

  • August

    Terrible! Quoted me over $3, for a simple exhaust leak, saying that I had to replace my entire catalytic converter system and exhaust manifold. Took it to another nearby shop and all it needed was the cracked exhaust pipe to be welded back together and they charged under $

  • June

    Some turd ripped of my catalytic converter, Marco was recommended to me by another shop that didn't do exhaust work. They were lighting fast at replacing it and very reasonably priced and nice guys. Perfect experience and that's hard to come by.

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• Manager: Angel : : Citrus Heights • Se Habla Español
• Manager: Phil : : Sacramento
• Manager: Megan : : Orangevale

Citrus Heights Marco Muffler
Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA

1 Block North of Madison Avenue
Manager: Angel - Se Habla Español
Monday through Saturday from am until pm
Convenient for our Citrus Heights, North Highlands, Carmichael & Fair Oaks Customers

Sacramento Marco Muffler
Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA

South of Marconi, across from Lutes Mitsubishi
Manager: Phil - Se Habla Español
Monday through Saturday from am until pm
Convenient for our Sacramento, Carmichael, Arden, Rancho Cordova Customers

Orangevale Marco Muffler
Address: Greenback Lane
Orangevale, CA

Between Hazel and Main
across the street from Dairy Queen
Monday through Saturday from am until pm

Convenient for our Orangevale, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay Customers

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