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'ARK: Survival Evolved' Extinction PS4, Xbox Release Time: When Can I Download It?

ARK: Survival Evolved Extinction is finally releasing on Xbox One and PS4, and we're here to tell you everything you should know about the upcoming console release. We know exactly what time it's coming out and what to expect from the new content.

What time does ARK Extinction release on PS4 and Xbox One?

Representatives at Studio Wildcard have confirmed to Newsweek that ARK Extinction is expected to make its PS4 and Xbox One debut Nov. 13 at 1 p.m. EST.

That being said, as those in the ARK community will know, these announced release times are subject to change. When Extinction released on PC last week, the content didn't arrive until about seven hours beyond the original estimate. While the intent is always to get new content out as quickly as possible, unexpected delays may change these plans. As such, we suggest keeping an eye on Wildcard Community Managers Jen and Jat for the very latest updates.

Do I need the Season Pass to play Extinction?

Extinction is available as a part of the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass, but it's not required to play it. As was the case with previous ARK expansions, the map can also be downloaded as a standalone purchase for $19.99. The store page for that is not live at the time of writing, but it will be once the content has been released.

It's also worth noting that, even though extra cash is required to enjoy the breadth of what Extinction has to offer, it will still be possible for all players to experience its new creatures and gear on other maps by using admin commands. Those who have well-trained Dinos on other maps will be able to migrate them to this one too.

Are there Preloads?

As far as we can tell, the Extinction expansion is not eligible for preloading. You'll have to start downloading it at the above-listed release time.

How to get started with ARK Extinction

Because Extinction released on PC last week, we already have a small assortment of guides to help get you started with the new content. Click the links below to learn more.

That's all there is to know about the console release of the Extinction expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved. We'll do our best to update this page if the DLC's launch plans change.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Linux.

Are you playing Extinction on PS4 or Xbox One? Which of the new creatures is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section!


ARK: Survival Evolved Extinction Expansion Release Date

Studio Wildcard has revealed the first gameplay details, and release date, for it's upcoming expansion to ARK: Survival Evolved.The expansion, titled ARK: Extinction, releases November 6 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will be included in both the Explorer's Pack and the Season Pass. It will also be available as a standalone expansion and upgrade.

The first trailer for Extinction was also revealed, so be sure to check it out below.Extinction pits players against wandering Titans, who have dominated Earth; a planet which has long been infested by Elements and filled with "both organic and technological" creatures.

In the months leading up to the release of Extinction, Explorer Notes related to it will begin appearing throughout ARK and its other expansion packs. When collected, these notes will unlock new skins, as well as "powerful Tek-themed dinosaur variants." The first of these notes was released last Friday, alongside the first Extinction-themed skin, "Corrupted Helm."

Have you played ARK: Survival Evolved?

For more on ARK: Survival Evolved, be sure to check out our review, which praised the ARK's ability to hold our attention, compared to other survival games. In other news, ARK recently released on mobile platforms as a free-to-play game.Brian Barnett writes for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Ribnax.

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Ark: Survival Evolved's final expansion, Extinction, out today on PC, soon on consoles

Three years after it released in Steam Early Access, and one year after it launched for real, Ark: Survival Evolved's third and final DLC expansion, Extinction, arrives today on PC. It comes to PS4 and Xbox One on November 11th.

Extinction follows on from Ark's previous paid expansions, Scorched Earth and Aberration, and introduces a brand-new map, a new selection of mechanics, and new tameable critters.

For this, its final offering, developer Studio Wildcard has once again opted to go hard on the sci-fi, foregoing Ark's earlier, more natural environments for a brooding sprawl of dereliction. Extinction's map transports players to a ravaged Earth, which, for those invested in the series' lore, "holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation". Alongside its ample wasteland, Extinction includes the remains of a sprawling metropolis, waiting to be explored.

"As Element runs rampant across Earth, corrupting and mutating all that it touches, Survivors must be prepared for the unique challenges fuelled from these cataclysmic events," explains Wildcard, "Engage in epic battles of titanic proportions when encountering the colossal Titans that rule this hostile planet as the ultimate apex predator."

I think the last time I played Ark, I rode a beaver, planted a lemon, and made a wooden toilet that I could poop in, so this all sounds very different now.

According to Wildcard, creatures in Extinction are a combination of organic and mechanical (some of which you can see in the trailer above), and the expansion brings an assortment of new elements to the core survival experience. There are surveillance drones to control, organic transmutation machines, security bots, and it's even possible to build your own battle mech.

The expansion also introduces cryopods, gravity grenades, creature leashes to hold tames in place, and a Tek bridge for building across large gaps - the latter two being features that have either been requested or expected for years, so it's nice to officially see them finally.

Ark: Extinction will be available today on PC (with a console release to follow on Sunday), and can either be purchased standalone or as part of the three-DLC Season Pass. You'll be forking out around £14.99 for Extinction on its own, depending on platform, while the Season Pass will set you back about £34.99. It's currently discounted to £22.74 on Steam, however.

And if you've yet to experience Ark: Survival Evolved after all this time, PC players can get a taste of the action for free right now until November 11th. The download includes the original Island map, plus free additions Ragnarok and The Center. The base game can also be picked up for £18.00 at present, instead of £44.99, if you're sufficiently taken.

Extinction DLC.jpg
DLC about the Corrupted Earth of ARK.

Release Dates

November 6th, 2018
Xbox One.svg
November 13th, 2018
November 13th, 2018
Nintendo Switch.svg
Epic Games.svg
June 11th, 2020
September 1st, 2021
Jesse Twitter.jpgARK: Extinction is going to challenge and delight you in all sorts of new ways.
~ Jesse[1]

Extinction is the third paid Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Extinction was released on November 6th, 2018 for PC and released on November 13th for Xbox One and PS4, and is available for purchase through the Season Pass.


Extinction places survivors on an Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic and technological. Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation.

The Corrupted Earth Map[]


This map, set on Ravaged Earth rather than an ARK up in space, forces players to survive an Earth unfamiliar to us: one of strange features and stranger creatures. In the center of the map lies an abandoned city, usually referred to as the Great City or Sanctuary. It is the remains of some great technologically advanced civilization, the same one that built the ARKs. Outside of the city borders, pockets of life can be hard to find among the corrupted wasteland. They are still there, however, in the protective borders of the Proto-ARKs. To the southeast, the desert Proto-ARK exists. To the north, the Snow Dome, a second Proto-ARK. Another exists to the northwest, called the Sunken Forest, which was supposed to be another ARK but failed when it collapsed into the ground, presumably due to there being a large sinkhole underneath it. Strangely enough, the Proto-ARKs represent past challenges the survivor has faced: the Sanctuary and Snow Dome vaguely representing The Island, the Desert Dome representing Scorched Earth, and the Sunken Forest bearing similarities to Aberration.

Toward the bottom left of the map lie the Sulfur Fields. Despite containing acid in place of water, and being harsh, dry and rocky, it is one of the more liveable areas of the wasteland; and due to containing sulfur, gas and sap, it can be worth visiting for it's resources. The Forbidden Zone, considered by some players to be the most dangerous part of the wasteland, makes up the northern center of the map and is overall paler in colour than the rest of the area. It contains a flat, open area at the top of the Zone, where the King Titan is fought.

The central south of the wasteland holds the Sweeping Spires and the Sludge Basin. The Spires are formed of sweeping, curving cliffs and, as it's name suggests, spires, and borders the dropoff at the edge of the map. The Sludge Basin is tucked beneath the cliffs of the Spires, and is primarily filled by rivers of murky goo. Despite being called 'dead' this Earth may be more alive than we first thought, but with life we don't understand.

New Resources

Corrupted Earth features several new resources as well as existing ones from previous DLCs. Some of these resources, such as Blue Crystalized Sap and Silicate serve as substitutes for other resources.

New Features

Corrupted Earth contains several interactive structure drops known as Orbital Supply Drops and Element Nodes. This new feature requires all survivors with their tamed Creatures to fend off against waves of Corrupted Creatures to obtain the items left behind inside, in the form of PvE style raid.[2] The in parts irregular outer boundary of the map is indicated with poles bearing red lights at the top. Crossing the outer boundary of the map will, unlike in the other maps, instantly kill you and your tamed creature.

New Creatures

Corrupted Earth contains living creatures. The corruption of Element has led to turning most of the Creatures into a variant known as "Corrupted" which roam around the earth. Due to the over-exposure of the Element, their minds and bodies have become too Corrupted to be tamed like their original counterparts, and must be killed on sight since not only will they destroy anything non-corrupt in their way, their minds moves in a "hive-mentality" state which makes any previous Temperament they were known for redundant. These include creatures like the Corrupted Wyvern from Scorched Earth and the Corrupted Rock Drake from Aberration.

Moreover, these Corrupted Creatures react to activations of Orbital Supply Drops and Element Nodes, causing them to amass against the tribes who activated them in waves and will attack not only them, but mainly the activated drop as well.

However, not all creatures mutated by the Element submit to its "hive-mentality". Some creatures, such as Gasbags still retain its normal temperament, thus allowing survivors to tame them despite their state of appearance.

Enormous Creatures, known as "Titans" roam across sections of the map accessible through dungeons/caves once their following prototype Obelisks are activated. They are extremely aggressive, but survivors who managed to knock them down will be able to tame the savage beasts temporarily, the 3 "smaller" Titans must be defeated in order to fight the final and strongest Titan for the expansion.

Within Earth lies technologies like the Enforcer and the Scout. While these new Mechanical Creatures cannot be tamed like organic beings, they can be crafted by survivors with parts from destroyed Creatures and blueprints from Orbital Supply Drops to build them as part of their tribe.


Different from its predecessors, Extinction does not contain Supply Crates or Loot Crates that descend from the sky or appear on the ground as in Aberration. There are several ways to obtain loot items:

  • Gacha Crystals - special Gacha Crystals provide armor, weapons and sometimes structures, but do not contain saddles, but this is the easiest and safest way to obtain said items.
  • Cave Loot Crates - the three caves, Desert Cave, Forest Cave, and Ice Cave host a number of high-level Loot Crates containing weapons, armor and saddles.
  • Orbital Supply Drops - defending the waves of Orbital Supply Drops and securing the loot provides armor, weapons, structures and Tek Tier items exclusive to Extinction, such as Cryopods.
  • Defeating the 4 Titans ( Desert Titan, Forest Titan, Ice Titan and King Titan) provides survivors with valuable loot.

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Eclipses that temporarily dim the light.
  • Geysers that launch survivors and Creatures into the air.
  • Meteor showers where meteors rain down upon the land and destroy structures and kill Creatures.
  • Orbital Supply Drops that fall from the sky and Element Nodes that rise from the ground that, when activated, start PvE horde-styled events. The orbital supply drops are also attacked by the corrupted dinosaurs


  • Camp Omega (Extinction).jpg

    Camp Omega

  • Diana Memorial Fountain (Extinction).jpg

    Diana Memorial Fountain

  • Memorial (Extinction).jpg


  • Memorial Park (Extinction).jpg

    Memorial Park

  • Memorial Waterfront (Extinction).jpg

    Memorial Waterfront

  • Obelisk Park (Extinction).jpg

    Obelisk Park

  • Extinction3.jpg


  • Sanctuary Obelisk (Extinction).jpg

    Sanctuary Obelisk

  • Sanctuary Park (Extinction).jpg

    Sanctuary Park

  • Sanctuary Parkway (Extinction).jpg

    Sanctuary Parkway

  • Santiago's Grave (Extinction).jpg

    Santiago's Grave

  • The Trench (Extinction).jpg

    The Trench

  • Arid Steps (Extinction).jpg

    Arid Steps

  • Badlands (Extinction).jpg


  • Desert Cave (Extinction).jpg

    Desert Cave

  • Desert Dome (Extinction).jpg

    Desert Dome

  • Exposed Dome (Extinction).jpg

    Exposed Dome

  • Geiser Falls (Extinction).jpg

    Geiser Falls

  • Geiser Springs (Extinction).jpg

    Geiser Springs

  • Striker's Landing (Extinction).jpg

    Striker's Landing

  • Striker's Point (Extinction).jpg

    Striker's Point

  • The Cassinese River (Extinction).jpg

    The Cassinese River

  • The Narrows (Extinction).jpg

    The Narrows

  • The Outlook (Extinction).jpg

    The Outlook

  • Thundering Basin (Extinction).jpg

    Thundering Basin

  • Beckette's Bridge (Extinction).jpg

    Beckette's Bridge

  • Beckette's Falls (Extinction).jpg

    Beckette's Falls

  • Beckette's Other Bridge (Extinction).jpg

    Beckette's Other Bridge

  • Fort Nova (Extinction).jpg

    Fort Nova

  • Frozen Falls (Extinction).jpg

    Frozen Falls

  • Frozen Lake (Extinction).jpg

    Frozen Lake

  • Frozen Tundra (Extinction).jpg

    Frozen Tundra

  • Grey Fist Mountain (Extinction).jpg

    Grey Fist Mountain

  • Hulterel Plains (Extinction).jpg

    Hulterel Plains

  • Ice Cave (Extinction).jpg

    Ice Cave

  • Ice Tail River (Extinction).jpg

    Ice Tail River

  • Loose Rock Ridge (Extinction).jpg

    Loose Rock Ridge

  • Picholm Mountain (Extinction).jpg

    Picholm Mountain

  • Relic Of The Past (Extinction).jpg

    Relic Of The Past

  • Snow Dome (Extinction).jpg

    Snow Dome

  • The Frozen Lens (Extinction).jpg

    The Frozen Lens

  • The Gallanwell Pass (Extinction).jpg

    The Gallanwell Pass

  • Wisp Vile Ridge (Extinction).jpg

    Wisp Vile Ridge

  • Crater Forest (Extinction).jpg

    Crater Forest

  • Crystal Falls (Extinction).jpg

    Crystal Falls

  • Crystal Path (Extinction).jpg

    Crystal Path

  • Fallen Tower (Extinction).jpg

    Fallen Tower

  • Forest Cave (Extinction).jpg

    Forest Cave

  • Overpass (Extinction).jpg


  • Secluded Lake (Extinction).jpg

    Secluded Lake

  • The Core (Extinction).jpg

    The Core

  • The Hideout (Extinction).jpg

    The Hideout

  • The UnderForest Ruins (Extinction).jpg

    The UnderForest Ruins

  • The UnderForest (Extinction).jpg

    The UnderForest

  • Western Ramp (Extinction).jpg

    Western Ramp

  • Barracks (Extinction).jpg


  • Blood Hollows (Extinction).jpg

    Blood Hollows

  • Bracken Institution (Extinction).jpg

    Bracken Institution

  • Carver Rock (Extinction).jpg

    Carver Rock

  • Control Center (Extinction).jpg

    Control Center

  • Control Room (Extinction).jpg

    Control Room

  • Corrupted Den (Extinction).jpg

    Corrupted Den

  • Corrupted Terminal (Extinction).jpg

    Corrupted Terminal

  • Crater Pass (Extinction).jpg

    Crater Pass

  • Crater Runoff (Extinction).jpg

    Crater Runoff

  • Crimson Falls (Extinction).jpg

    Crimson Falls

  • Crystal River (Extinction).jpg

    Crystal River

  • Delta Tower (Extinction).jpg

    Delta Tower

  • Dome Treatment (Extinction).jpg

Extinction is out ark

Wot I Think - Ark: Extinction

Developer: Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLC
Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Release: Out now!
On: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
From:Steam, Humble
For: £15.49, $19.99, 16.79€ (Ark: Survival Evolved base game required)

I’ve built an army of inflatable flesh bags that puff themselves up to three times their normal size and then launch into the air like oversized, leaky balloons. They’re called Gasbags, and they’re my favourite dinosaur in Extinction, the latest expansion to Ark: Survival Evolved. Whenever I don’t fancy aimlessly floating around on the back of one, I can load any metal I’ve collected into their giant inventories and puff my way back to base. They’re brilliant.

Extinction’s new creatures are some of the best in Ark so far: alongside the Gasbags you’ll find new friends including the lumbering, sloth-like Gacha, which drop semi-randomised loot from giant crystals on their back, a teleporting robotic raptor/spider hybrid called an Enforcer, and a Velonasaur, which can fan out its facial fins to transform into a walking machine gun that shoots quills, shredding armour in seconds.

Extinction brings Ark back to Earth and aims to put a bow around the lore that players have uncovered in the base game and other DLCs. It all begins in Sanctuary, a futuristic city in ruins that lies at the centre of the map. Skyscrapers loom over multi-level highways and plazas full of ponds and bridges. All the while, scout drones—another new addition—beep and bloop overhead, alerting the Enforcers to any trouble.

I couldn’t wait to explore when I first woke up there, and within minutes I found a nook underneath the lip of a waterfall that was just about big enough for a starter base. In the distance I could see a giant dome and an obelisk, marking the location of one of Extinction’s mini-boss Titans. It was an idyllic spot.

But within a few hours, I was bored of the city. You can’t go inside any of those tall buildings, which makes it feel empty, and it’s mostly a maze of repeated grey walkways. I know it’s meant to be a destroyed version of Earth, but I wish it had more signs of its former life than just lamp posts, benches and signs.

You’ll soon want to venture out, and that means entering the Wasteland that surrounds Sanctuary. You’ll need to go through it to reach any of the other major biomes and the dinos that wander them.

The Wasteland is too tough for my taste. Corrupted dinos—untameable, always-aggressive versions of existing Ark dinosaurs—frequently spawn in packs that will constantly harass you. The Wasteland is generally a flat and uninspiring place, but even when you find a nice vista you don’t have a safe second to drink it in. And don’t bother building a base, because corrupted creatures can destroy any materials up to and including metal. It’s an all-round nightmare for new players looking to get a foothold in the world—and there’s no way to avoid it if you want to explore.

Orbital Supply Drops are the Wasteland’s one saving grace: they’re pods that fall from the sky and house high-level loot. When activated, they’ll spawn waves of corrupted dinos, and you’ll only get the goodies inside if you clear them all. It’s virtually impossible to do solo, and you’ll need an organised group with decent gear if you want to stand a chance. Fending off waves of enemies is frantic, and encourages creative use of your tames: players more clever than I have stacked Velonasaurs on top of a platform being carried by a flying Quetzal to make an unstoppable gunship.

If you survive the Wasteland you’ll find other themed areas including a desert and a snowy biome, both housed in domes that have their own climate. I like how they look on the horizon, but inside they’re devoid of fresh ideas. Ark already has both snowy and sandy areas in older maps, and Extinction’s feel like they have fewer crannies to explore—the only caves house the mini-boss Titans, and they’re very late-game. Once you’ve spent an hour in one of these domes, you’ve seen most of what they can offer.

It’s the same story in the forest in the top-left corner of the map. It’s my favourite place to fly around, and the thick, ancient tree trunks just keep going down and down into the earth, through vast caverns with underground lakes. Along with my waterfall base in Sanctuary, I’ve set on a grassy outcrop overlooking a tranquil pool, with nothing but my Gachas for company. But after I was over the initial sense of wonder, it too started feeling empty, with few useful resources and a distinct lack of dinos (apart from beavers—there are loads of them).

It’s a real shame: if the world were more exciting, Extinction would be a must-buy. I’m a fan of the natural sense of progression that it creates through its mini-boss Titans. To spawn them, you have to activate nodes within caves, themselves filled with high level creatures baying for blood. Most players, I suspect, won’t beat a Titan without cheating—but I like that you always have something to aspire to. Defeat all the Titans and you can face the game’s final boss. You can even tame the Titans temporarily—and yes, that means Titan vs Titan, tribe vs tribe wars are a very real possibility.

And—it’s worth emphasising again—the new dinos are terrific, and I don’t mind that there are fewer unique creatures than previous expansions. The Enforcer, which you craft from material rather than tame like a normal dinosaur, has become my favourite mobile mount in Ark: it can blink a short distance forward to bridge gaps, and it can climb up any wall. When I got my first one, I spent a good half hour just jumping from building to building in Sanctuary, enjoying the smooth animations.

But even if you can look past Extinction’s shoddy map, the range of bugs and glitches still present a week after its release are a reason to at least hold off a purchase. I’ve fallen through the map twice, seen a consistent, flickering lighting glitch in the desert biome, and experienced multiple crashes to desktop.

I’ve not even had the worst of it: a patch a few days ago completely wiped out the bases of some players, and developer Studio Wildcard’s solution was to increase the harvest rate for materials, which isn’t much consolation. Extinction was also supposed to have meteors that rained from the sky—but they’ve been disabled for now because they were falling in the wrong parts of the map. I’ve come to expect Ark to be rough around the edges, but Extinction feels like it could’ve done with at least a few more weeks of testing.

The strength of its new dinos will pull me back now and again, if only to float around aimlessly on my favourite Gasbag. But as the last of the planned expansions for Ark, Extinction is far from the swan song that I was hoping for.

ARK: Extinction - Expansion Pack Official Launch Trailer

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