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If you are lucky enough to share a strong father and daughter bond, the get a tattoo to celebrate it. From meaningful portraits and quotes to funny cartoon characters, there is a father and daughter tattoo design for everyone.

Father and Daughter Tattoos: 80+ Best Design Ideas (And Meanings Behind Them)

Guide to Father and Daughter Tattoos

Whether you want to get matching tattoos, themed designed or are memorializing a lost parent. Get a tattoo dedicated to your children or get one dedicated to your beloved father. Here are some of our favorite father and daughter tattoos.

Father and Daughter Realistic Tattoo

Father and Daughter Realistic Tattoo 1
Father and Daughter Realistic Tattoo 2
Father and Daughter Realistic Tattoo 3

What better to celebrate the special father and daughter bond that getting a realistic tattoo. Keep your near and dear close to you with a portrait of your father or your daughter or recreate your favorite family photo on your skin.

Did you know:

The quality of your reference image you give your artist directly correlates to the quality of your portrait tattoo. Even the best portrait artist needs a good reference image.

Father and Daughter Silhouette Tattoo

Father and Daughter Silhouette Tattoo 1
Father and Daughter Silhouette Tattoo 2
Father and Daughter Silhouette Tattoo 3

A popular father and daughter tattoo is the silhouette tattoo. Simple and effective, recreate an old image or special moment. This design is a lot easier to pull off compared to portraits as there is less detail.

Fictional Father and Daughter Tattoo

Fictional Father and Daughter Tattoo 1
Fictional Father and Daughter Tattoo 2
Fictional Father and Daughter Tattoo 3

There are many fictional fathers and daughters that make the ideal tattoo. Perhaps you connect with their relationship and see yourselves in them, or maybe they come from a show, video game of movie you love watching together.

Animal Father and Daughter Tattoos

Animal Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Animal Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Animal Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

Animals also form bonds with their children, they protect and care for their young which makes them the ideal father/daughter tattoo design. Whether you choose independent birds, fierce lions or cute ladybirds, animals are a fantastic way to represent a bond.

Did you know:

Lions have a strong familial bond as well as looking majestic, making them a fantastic tattoo choice. Wolf packs are also strongly bonded, with a clear leadership goal. Elephant is another commonly used tattoo as they travel together and have strong protective instincts.

American Traditional Father and Daughter Tattoos

American Traditional Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
American Traditional Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
American Traditional Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

The American Traditional tattoo design style uses heavy black outlines with minimal color for a bold impact. They are usually darker in appearance and the color choice is limited to simple colors such as average blue, red, green and yellow. American traditional uses lots of banners and hearts, where you write the name of your loved one of simply the word ‘Dad’.

Father and Daughter Quote Tattoos

Father and Daughter Quote Tattoos 1
Father and Daughter Quote Tattoos 2
Father and Daughter Quote Tattoos 3

Sometimes you need to express your love via word. There are many ways of writing about your bond via tattoo. Whether you choose a famous quote, a personal saying or a few choice words, they can make a huge impact. Quotes can be worn alone or as part of a bigger design. You can even add a quote tattoo to an existing piece.

Music Themed Tattoo

Music Themed Tattoo 1
Music Themed Tattoo 2
Music Themed Tattoo 3

Did you bond over music? Perhaps one of you is a musician or you grew up always surrounded by music? Get a music themed tattoo, which looks cool and holds lots of meaning. From musical notes to instruments, song lyrics or musical scales, this can be a great matching tattoo for a father and daughter.

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Landscape Tattoos

Landscape Tattoos 1
Landscape Tattoos 2
Landscape Tattoos 3

If you grew up sharing outdoor experiences with your family, getting a landscape tattoo can remind of the good times. Get an exact depiction of your favorite vacation spot, your home or even your local village. Perhaps you want to get a tattoo that celebrates an achievement like

Date Tattoos

Date Tattoos 1
Date Tattoos 2
Date Tattoos 3

Celebrate an important date with this simple yet meaningful style of tattoo. Although commonly a birthdate, it could also be another significant date like wedding, an important surgery or the date of the passing of someone. You could choose traditional numbers or roman numerals.

Did you know:

Kanye celebrated his daughter North by getting her birth date inked on his wrist. He also had his late mother Donda’s birth date tattooed on his other wrist.

Family Tattoo

Family Tattoo 1
Family Tattoo 2
Family Tattoo 3

Getting the word family, or the alternative in your language, is simple yet effective. This powerful word can be tattooed in a range of styles, from big bold lettering to small script and italic fonts. Father and daughters could both get this tattoo in different fonts in different locations.

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Flower Father and Daughter Tattoos

Flower Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Flower Father and Daughter Tattoos 2

Flowers are attractive and a popular tattoo for all people of all ages. Flowers tattoos can be as small or big as you like, from delicate fine line designs to huge sleeves of bold shades.

Did you know:

  • The following flowers represent family.
  • Chrysanthemums represent fidelity and loyalty.
  • Hydrangeas represent the loving bond between people.
  • Roses are the most popular tattoo design for people with a special bond.
  • Sunflowers are bright and friendly, often found in fields together.
  • Tiger Lilies represent happiness and prosperity.
  • Peonies symbolize compassion, prosperity and a happy life.
  • Carnations represent pride and love.
  • Lilacs are associated with youthful innocence.
  • Gardenias represent purity and sweetness.
  • Daisies are a symbol of reliability and stability.

Small Father and Daughter Tattoos

Small Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Small Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Small Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

Father and daughter tattoos don’t have to be big and in your face, they can be small and delicate. If this is your first tattoo or you have a job where these designs are frowned upon, this is ideal. As long as it means something to you, it doesn’t matter how big the design is.

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo 1
Sun and Moon Tattoo 2
Sun and Moon Tattoo 3

The sun and moon make perfect complementary designs for father and daughters. Although opposites, one would not exist without the other. The sun represents masculinity, and the moon is the symbol of feminine energy (but you can easily swap this around if it better suits your personalities.

Take My Hand Tattoo

Take My Hand Tattoo 1
Take My Hand Tattoo 2
Take My Hand Tattoo 3

The image of a father taking a little girl’s hand is iconic and makes a fantastic father daughter tattoo. Opt for detailed design, a silhouette or something a little more abstract. Some father’s even choose a tiny hand to hold, reminding them of their daughter as a young child.

Celtic Knot Tattoos

Celtic Knot Tattoos 1
Celtic Knot Tattoos 2
Celtic Knot Tattoos 3

The Trinity knot is a common Celtic knot with a continuous line interweaving around itself. It symbolizes the unity of family and the endless love family members have for each other. It also represents the unity of soul, heart, and mind.

Watercolor Father and Daughter Tattoos

Watercolor Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Watercolor Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Watercolor Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

A watercolor tattoo is a bright, vivid design made up of subtle color gradients and techniques that create a unique color fade-out. This tattoo effect is intended to mimic the characteristics of a classic watercolor painting. Watercolors can be added to a black and gray tattoo, or worn alone.

Tribal Father and Daughter Tattoos

Tribal Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Tribal Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Tribal Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

Tribal tattoos have a rich and long history, used since the bronze age to express power and signify the warrior of a tribe. Every tribe have their own tattoo style, with different meanings and they have their own unique way of celebrating family.

Did you know:

Some people find tribal tattoos are form of cultural appropriation. Always get more information on the culture and design before getting it permanently tattooed.

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine Line Tattoos 1
Fine Line Tattoos 2
Fine Line Tattoos 3

Fine line tattoos are made of thin lines that form an outline. There are no graduations in colors, instead they are made from solid pigment. These tattoos are ideal if you want a small subtle inking that can be hidden at work. Fine line tattoos can come in any type of design, making them a hugely versatile style.

Protective Father and Daughter Tattoos

Protective Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Protective Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Protective Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

A father will always be protective of his little girl, no matter how old she gets. Get a tattoo to symbolize your role as protector and guardian. Whether this is a guardian angel or with a shotgun, celebrate your protective bond.

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Color Father and Daughter Tattoo

Color Father and Daughter Tattoo 1
Color Father and Daughter Tattoo 2
Color Father and Daughter Tattoo 3

Make a big impact by choosing a color tattoo. They may take longer to execute but they are a fantastic way to let the world know how much you love your family. From cartoon characters to bright flowers and feathers, the choices are endless.

Did you know:

Lighter colors will generally fade quicker than darker colors, so keep this in mind when choosing the colors for your tattoo. Also note that different colors look different on different skintones.

Key and Lock Tattoo

Key and Lock Tattoo 1
Key and Lock Tattoo 2
Key and Lock Tattoo 3

Key and lock tattoos are one of the most popular matching tattoo styles. This tattoo can be as simple and understated or as big and elaborate as you want. One has the lock, and one has the key tattooed on them.

Coordinate Tattoo

Coordinate Tattoo 1
Coordinate Tattoo 2
Coordinate Tattoo 3

While the coordinates can represent a number of different things, most father and daughters get the longitude and latitude of their happy place (like the place they were born or where they grew up) or specific coordinates to commemorate a life-changing moment. It’s sentimental without being too cheesy and it’s subtle and not too obvious to someone who doesn’t know the coordinates.

Signature Tattoos

Signature Tattoos 1
Signature Tattoos 2

Get the signature of your loved one tattooed on you. It’s unique to them and is a fantastic way to celebrate them. Signature tattoos are small and dainty, ideal for those who want an inking that can be hidden or for someone getting very first tattoo.

Zodiac Father and Daughter Tattoos

Zodiac Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Zodiac Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Zodiac Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

Represent your loved one by getting their star sign tattooed on them. Zodiac tattoos can be executed in a variety of ways, from star symbols, constellations or simply written in script. It’s a subtle way to celebrate the day your daughter was born and brightened up your life.

Family Tree Tattoo

Family Tree Tattoo 1
Family Tree Tattoo 2
Family Tree Tattoo 3

Trees have long been used as a symbol of life as well as family. The tree grows and branches out, much like a family does. The family tree tattoo could include names, include the Celtic knot, or could simply be the tree alone.

Abstract Father and Daughter Tattoos

Abstract Father and Daughter Tattoos 1
Abstract Father and Daughter Tattoos 2
Abstract Father and Daughter Tattoos 3

There are no rules when it comes to father and daughter tattoos. You could get any style and design you like. As long as it represents your relationship and you both like it, you can get what you like. Of course, it helps if it is legible and looks good alone as it does whilst together (because you won’t always stood by each other).

Father and Daughters Tattoos: More FAQ

Father and Daughter Tattoos FAQ

Which Famous Father and Daughters Have Tattoos?

Zoe Kravitz has ‘Free at Last’ tattooed on her left forearm in cursive handwriting, her father Lenny Kravitz also has this tattoo. Lenny also has a Z tattooed on his finger in tribute to his actress daughter.

Paris Jackson has her late father Michael’s Dangerous album cover inked on her forearm. Ewan McGregor has an elaborate crest tattooed on his arm in tribute to his wife kids. Dax Shepherd has a bell tattoo on his ring finger for his wife Kristen Bell. Inside are the initials K, L, and D, for Kristen and daughters Lincoln and Delta.

David Beckham has a hand tattoo of a little drawing done by his daughter Harper. The footballer also has her name inked on his chest. Zelda Williams has a hummingbird tattoo in honor of her late father Robin Williams. Matt Damon has his four children and wife‘s name tattooed on his arm. Johnny Depp has his daughter’s name tattooed on his chest.

Can You Tattoo Older Skin?

Yes, in fact tattoos are becoming incredibly popular with the over 60s. Tattoos are for everyone, no matter race, age or gender. The simple fact is that as we age, so does our skin, which means that someone in their 20s has more supple skin than someone in their 50s.

Can You Tattoo Older Skin 1

We recommend getting an artist who has experience working with older skin. This is because older skin is softer, less elastic and can be prone to bruising. Because the skin is fragile, it means some of the more intricate designs can be harder to ink. Big and bold designs that are simple but attractive will translate the best on aging skin. To keep the tattoo looking as good as the day it’s inked, use sunscreen and moisturize regularly.

Can You Tattoo Older Skin 2

Regardless of your age, the pain of getting a tattoo is relatively the same. Meaning, it is relative to your own personal pain tolerance. What hurt for one person, won’t to another.

Where Should I Get My Father Daughter Tattoo?

You can get your father daughter tattoo anywhere you like on the body. They can be prominently featured on the leg or arm, or they can be more discreetly hidden in places like the chest, back or feet. The placement of your father daughter tattoo will depend on the design you choose.

Where Should I Get My Father Daughter Tattoo

The more detail you get, the bigger it needs to be. Even the best artist will struggle to get huge amounts of detail into a small piece. So, when you consider your tattoo placement think about:

  • How visible you want it to be. Some jobs still don’t accept visible tattoos.
  • The design you want. Some designs suit different areas better.
  • Your pain threshold. Areas close to the bone or close to nerves (for example, feet, hands, and ribs) will hurt more than the forearm or the thigh.
  • How big the tattoo you want is. Bigger tattoos suit arms, back, chest and leg. Smaller tattoos look better on feet, hands and neck.
  • Where your other tattoos are. You want all your tattoos to make sense together.
  • If you want matching tattoos, consider the placement of them together.
  • Remember, father daughter tattoos don’t have to be in exactly the same place.

Did you know:

If you are truly stuck on the placement for your father and daughter tattoo, speak to a tattoo artist. Show your design to the artist and they will happily give the professional opinion on the best place to get it inked.

Do Father Daughter Tattoos Have to Match?

Do Father Daughter Tattoos Have to Match 1

No, although matching tattoos are popular, there are limitless options. You could the same tattoo in different colors or in a different font. It’s also common for the daughter to get the same tattoo but in small (for example a lion cub whilst the dad gets a lion with a full mane).

Do Father Daughter Tattoos Have to Match 2

If you get matching tattoos, they don’t have to be in the same place. Men and women’s bodies are different, so you may want to choose different yet complimentary locations. Choose a tattoo that goes well together but are not identical, for example, a lock and a key or two puzzle pieces. Many dads get a tattoo with a part missing, with the area missing tattooed on his daughter.

Do Father Daughter Tattoos Have to Match 3
Do Father Daughter Tattoos Have to Match 4

Obviously, name, signature and date tattoos will not match. To ensure cohesiveness, use the same artist, recreate the same font, placement, and size.

Which famous father and daughters can we get tattooed on us?

Want to celebrate your father daughter relationship by getting a  Check out this list of the best famous father and daughter characters.

Sours: https://www.savedtattoo.com/father-and-daughter-tattoo/

19 Meaningful Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

01of 19

Face Tattoo

For the ultimate mother-daughter tattoo, get one another's likeness inked. Choose a fun and chic style that you both love, like these line art portraits, for a tat that won’t age.

02of 19

Rose Tattoo

As a symbol of love, rose tattoos are a great choice for a mother-daughter design. To play up the natural beauty, go for simple lines and lots of negative space.

03of 19

Support Tattoo

For mother-daughter bonds that are based on love and support, why not get a tattoo that recognizes that? This rainbow ink is for allyship, but you could customize it to whatever is important to you both.

04of 19

Simple Heart Tattoo

Sometimes the simplest tattoos have the most impact. These two are simple little hearts—the classic symbol for love—that get the point across easily and beautifully.

05of 19

Astrology Tattoo

Sometimes having different zodiac signs is the best thing for a mother-daughter pair. If it worked out for you, why not commemorate it by getting each other’s tattooed along with a symbol that connects you, like the lotus flower here?

06of 19

Number Tattoo

Growing up with someone means growing to love some of the same things. If you and your mom (or you and your daughter) share an affinity for a certain number or word, that could be a good tattoo idea.

07of 19

"Mother" and "Daughter" Tattoo

Sometimes it’s better to keep your tattoo design sweet and simple, like this colorful flower design. The stems spell out “mother” and “daughter,” making the meaning clear, and the vibrant hues add personality.

08of 19

Tarot Tattoo

For mothers and daughters who share a love of tarot, getting a card that’s meaningful to you both is a great way to translate your love and passion. Don’t feel pressured to get the same one, though—for a personal touch, get each other’s pick.

09of 19

Fingerprint Tattoo

No two fingerprints are the same, and no two mother-daughter pairs are either. Celebrate your relationship’s uniqueness and love by getting fingerprint tattoos—if they’re in the shape of a heart, even better.

10of 19

Behind the Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear is a great location for mother-daughter tattoos, since it allows both people to choose when to make it visible. To add a personal touch to each piece of ink, try getting them in different colors.

11of 19

Word Tattoo

Getting a word or phrase that’s meaningful to the pair of you is a good way to guarantee your tattoo will be relevant forever. Placing it somewhere you can easily see it, like the wrist, means you’ll never forget it.

12of 19

Moon Tattoo

If you share a love of a specific symbol, like the moon, why not get it tattooed? This one has two parts each with its own look, representing two separate people. However, the two oriented next to each other brings a sense of togetherness.

13of 19

Birth Stone Tattoo

Commemorate each other’s lives by getting your birth years tattooed. This pair personalized them with their birthstone colors and florals, but you can do whatever works for you—from sticking with simple numbers to adding something you both love.

14of 19

Elephants Tattoo

Elephants represent many traits that make for a solid mother-daughter relationship—such as wisdom, loyalty, attachment, and love. The young animals also hold on to their mother’s tail for guidance, which could symbolize growth and support.

15of 19

Initials Heart Tattoo

A heart is the traditional symbol of love, but sometimes its commonality can make it feel less personal. Customize your tattoos by adding your initials into each other’s ink.

16of 19

Wrist Initial Tattoo

A fun way to commemorate being one of many siblings is to get your mother's first initial on your wrist, and vice versa. If you have the same initial, like this pair, you could get the number sibling you are tatted next to it.

17of 19

Holding Hands Tattoo

Holding hands is a classic symbol of any kind of relationship, and for some people, their mother’s hand is the first they hold. If you’re still someone who reaches for your mother’s hand, that gesture makes for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo.

18of 19

Customized Tattoo

Don’t feel compelled to get the exact same tattoo, or even the same style, for your mother-daughter tattoos. Instead, use the same base design but customize it however you both individually want.

19of 19

Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are a perfect placement idea for mother-daughter tattoos due to their visibility—you’ll see it every day.

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/mother-daughter-tattoo-ideas-5181500
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Top 78 Best Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the most powerful relationships in the world. More people are choosing to commemorate this profound love with a matching tattoo or linked designs. 

Mother daughter tattoos can come in many forms, but the love remains the same. From a simple heart, to elaborate script work, the possibilities for matching mother daughter tattoos are only limited by the imagination of the pair and the skill of their tattoo artist.  

While the idea of a mother and daughter getting matching tattoos might have sounded unlikely only one generation ago, the growing popularity and changing attitudes about tattoos have created the opportunity for these permanent mementos of filial love.

The pieces in this gallery are just a brief glimpse into what is possible when a mother and daughter’s love is the inspiration.  

1. Watercolor mother and daughter tattoo ideas


A growing trend in the tattoo community sees artists using vibrant colors and a loose technical approach to recreate the effect of watercolor paintings. By incorporating bold outlines and then allowing the colors to break free from them, this “coloring outside the lines” effect is made even more dramatic.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day and this eternal bond than with a matching mother daughter infinity tattoo?

2. Black and Gray Mother Daughter Ink


For some folks, the understated elegance of black and gray work simply can’t be beat. The precise lines and smooth shading that is characteristic of the style can be applied to any number of concepts and designs, and for mother and daughter duo that appreciates this aesthetic, the choice is clear.  

From a matching flower tattoo that gently wraps around the wrist, or a detailed marching elephant tattoo, the classic appeal of black and gray work is undeniable. These excellent pieces are just a taste of what is possible with black and gray ink, a tattoo appointment and a mother’s love as inspiration.  

3. Black Ink and Minimalist Tattoo


For some people even the shading and gradation of tones in a black and gray mother daughter symbol can be a bit too much. Many people are choosing to use stark black ink to create a matching tattoo design with great results. 

One common minimalist tattoo that uses this restrained approach takes black ink and creates the stark outline of birds flying, although this approach isn’t limited to silhouettes. Yin and yang tattoo signs, sunshine tattoo linework, infinity symbols and many other great mother daughter tattoos can be created using black ink.  

4. Butterfly Mom and Daughter Tattoo


Butterflies are some of the more popular designs for matching mother daughter tattoos, and for good reasons. Butterflies symbolize transformation and rebirth, and few things can rearrange life like bringing a child into the world. Butterflies also provide artists with the perfect opportunity to incorporate the vibrant colors that so many feel represent their personalities.  

Whether as standalone pieces or incorporated into a larger design, a butterfly tattoo is a great choice for cute mother daughter tattoo art. These excellent pieces are just an example of what is possible with this profound relationship as inspiration.  

5. Colorful Mother Daughter Tattoo


Color ink doesn’t just look good in flowers and butterflies; in fact the use of vibrant colors can enhance a unique matching mother daughter tattoo . Some people choose a tattoo idea that takes an illustrative approach reminiscent of animation, while others create realistic designs that depict scenes from life.

Mandala tattoo, animal designs and portraits can all be completed using bright colors and it’s the perfect way to commemorate that childhood oath, the pinky promise. These great mother daughter tattoos show just how diverse color ink can be when a skilled tattoo artist picks up the machine.  

6. Delicate Mom and Daughter Tattoo


When heading to the tattoo parlor, many first-timers may be intimidated by the large designs an ink covered artists, although today’s tattoo shops aren’t the rough and tumble places they were in the past. These days the tattoo parlor has more in common with fine art galleries than smoky back rooms. Delicate tattoo work is just as respected as bold lines and bright colors. 

This subtle approach has become very popular—especially among ladies looking to get the same tattoo. A tattoo artist can create a cool tattoo design using delicate lines. Whether a simple wrist tattoo, or the foot; vibrant flowers, subdued line work or a beautiful butterfly tattoo; delicate ink is the perfect way to commemorate the love between a mommy daughter duo. 

7. Heart Mom and Daughter Tattoo Idea


Instantly recognizable, the heart tattoo has been a staple of permanent body art for generations. From classic American traditional renditions, complete with piercing arrow, to more modern interpretations, there is just something appealing about the heart tattoo. 

They are especially appropriate when it comes to matching tattoos dedicated to the love between a mother and daughter and hearts can be utilized in a unique tattoo.  

Some people prefer a standalone heart tattoo, while others incorporate different elements – mom’s handwriting, mother’s day, an infinity tattoo, and other’s handwriting script are popular- to create an even more compelling tattoo idea.

8. The Innovative Mother Daughter Tattoo Idea


A good artist is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their tattoo design. There are few art forms where this constant innovation is more apparent than in the world of permanent body art. In fact, the level of technical skill that is on display in modern tattoo work would make some of the artists from just twenty years ago gasp. 

From hyperrealist designs, to the intricate mandala tattoo utilizing complex geometric patterns, the endless quest for new and exciting designs is staggering.  

These technical fireworks can be applied to mother daughter tattoos as successfully as any other design, and these expert tattoos are great examples of what is possible in the world of matching tattoo.  

9. Beautiful Tattoo Examples with Linework 


The single most important element required to create a successful tattoo is the linework. In fact, when examining another tattoo artist’s work, the lines are the first thing that will be noticed, and for good reason. Without precise and consistent line work tattoos have the tendency to become amorphous blobs as the age, which is why the old tattoo adage “bold will hold” remains close to many artists’ hearts.  

The role of lines in a tattoo is so integral that many artists choose to create designs that eschew any color or shading and rely completely on lines to carry the piece. This is a growing trend with many successful examples across the industry, and these great mother daughter tattoos are just a taste of the style.  

10. Mother Daughter Script 


Script has been a major component in tattooing for decades, and for good reason. Some people want to skip the ambiguity of other designs and cut right to the point by inscribing names and important words on their bodies. 

One trend that is on display in these matching mother daughter tattoos is to take samples of each other’s handwriting and use this as a template for the tattoo. Few things could have such personal significance than having your mom’s handwriting permanently inked on your body. 

11. The Simple Mother Daughter Tattoo Idea


Some people choose large elaborate designs to express themselves. Others prefer a more subdued and simple approach to the body art they choose. There is an understated appeal to a small tattoo or simple designs that skip intricate details in favor of a minimalist approach. From simplified Celtic knots, to stylized mother daughter symbols, clean matching ink can show that sometimes less truly is more. These excellent tattoos are great examples of what is possible with a talented artist and a subdued approach.  

Mother Daughter Tattoo FAQ


What are the symbols for mother and daughter? 

A mother brings her daughter into this world, and acts as the guide in her life. The power of this role is transmitted into a variety of meaningful tattoo styles symbolizing the profound role they play in each other’s lives. 

The cross with a hoop at the top, known as an ankh, is a symbol with its origins in ancient Egypt. The ankh represents the breath of life, which is one reason that it is commonly associated with the mother daughter relationship.  

Carnation flowers are also interesting symbols of a mother’s love. Said to have sprung from the Virgin Mary’s grave, carnations are the most ordered flower on Mother’s Day.  

These—along with many other subjects—can make for excellent mother daughter tattoos that represent the importance that they play in each other’s lives.  

What is the Celtic symbol for mother and daughter? 

Numerous Celtic knots that have become associated with the relationship between a mother and daughter, but the most common is a stylized triquetra, often incorporating a heart into the design.

Another popular Celtic knot design is a four sided one, with the top and bottom portions longer than the lateral sections and all connected with elaborate knot work at the center. Both designs represent the bond that ties mother and daughter together. 

Celtic knot work is a perfect way for displaying a cute mother daughter tattoo thanks to the visual appeal and opportunity for customization into the same tattoo.  

Looking for more inspiration in planning you new tattoo? Click on the links below for more cool tattoo galleries: 

Sours: https://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/mother-daughter-tattoo-ideas/

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100 Cute Mother Daughter Tattoos (2019)

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