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What Is a Thermal Inkjet Printer?

By Laura Gittins

Thermal inkjets heat up ink and "drop" it onto a surface.

Thermal inkjet printers, sometimes referred to as bubble jet printers, use thermal energy or electricity to heat ink and apply it to a medium. They can provide a low-cost option for high-speed printing, and can print on a variety of surfaces. HP and Canon are two of the leading manufacturers of this kind of printer.


As early as 1979, Hewlett-Packard tried to design a printer compatible with its popular handheld calculators. Canon was also developing a "BubbleJet" printer. In 1984, HP introduced the "ThinkJet," followed by Canon debuting the BJ-80 in 1985. More research and development was put into the technology, refining the ink usage and number of nozzles that drop it. However, while efficient and cost-effective, these printers are still far from perfect, as the nozzles still wear down and get blocked.


Depending on the printer, 300 to 600 tiny nozzles heat up the ink in the cartridge, expanding it in a bubble. The ink from this bubble is pushed through a nozzle onto the paper. Eventually, the bubble collapses, or pops, and the air vacuum sucks more ink into the nozzles. Each of the nozzles can apply ink simultaneously, from both black and white or color cartridges.


Thermal inkjet printers are a low-cost option for printing and print at a fast speed with a high quality finish. They can print on a wide variety of surfaces, including regular and specialty papers, plastics, metals and cartons. Most of these printers are simple to use and require no training or practice. They do not have a warmup or cool down cycle, so they're always ready for you to use.


Make sure that the levels of ink in the cartridge don't get too low. As the nozzles heat up, the ink itself acts as a coolant, so if there's little or no ink left in the cartridge, the nozzles may become too hot and damage your printer. Alternatively, if the ink in a nozzle dries and hardens because of a depleted ink supply, it can prevent the nozzles from issuing more ink on subsequent print jobs. However, you can clean the nozzles with rubbing alcohol.


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Sours: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/thermal-inkjet-printer-57859.html

X1 Jet Thermal Inkjet Printer

The Markoprint X1 Jet is a compact and powerful thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing system designed for different applications such as food and beverage, chemical, timber pharmaceutical, and other industries. This small system is an independently operating printhead that integrates seamlessly into a variety of production lines. The X1 Jet codes quickly, accurately and reliably on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Easy to use, with virtually no training necessary. Printing with the X1 Jet is simple due to an intuitive 3-button system with LED feedback. Messages are created with iDesign software and up to nine messages may be stored on the X1 Jet for selection and printing using the onboard controls.

The X1 Jet can print high-resolution codes with excellent adhesion on paper, cartons, coated surfaces, foils, plastics, and many more substrates. The X1 Jet system provides the ultimate flexibility available in cartridge-based coding that includes a variety of ink colors and types.

  • 3-button intuitive user interface
  • Maintenance-free ink cartridges
  • Data transfer using USB stick
  • Ethernet - data transfer from networks and Web interface
  • Interface Options - direct connection for encoder, sensor and status inputs and outputs
Sours: https://www.codetechcorp.com/products/x1-jet/
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HP Thermal Inkjet Printing

For many years Afinia / Microboards have supplied HP print engines inside their disc printers with great success. We at HD Labels have been supplying those disc printers to our customers and as labels have developed we were pleased when Afinia announced their partnership with HP was continuing into their label solutions.

In the past year Afinia have launched the L301 and L501 label printers that both utilize the HP Thermal Inkjet Technology.

The Afinia L301 is a high quality, 4800dpi entry level, label printer. At £1295 ex VAT it offers a lot of value for the money. The HP engine allows full colour “edge to edge” label printing. Running 2 cartridges (tri colour & black) the L301 is aimed at people producing lower volumes of labels but still needing high quality output.

The Afinia L301 is a reliable, straight forward label printer that’s simple to use.

Find out more on the Afinia L301

The Afinia L501 label printer uses a different HP engine that enables “Duo Ink” technology. Duo ink means that you’re able to switch between both dye based and pigment based inks. By switching the ink cartridges and the print head you can make the most of both print types.


Dye based inks offer vibrancy and enhanced colours while the pigment inks still offer great print quality but with added durability. Pigment inks are water, chemical & UV resistant so if you’re labels going to used in a harsh environment or with chemicals then the Afinia L501 might be for you.

The L501 has separate, larger inks for each colour as well and is designed to print higher volumes than the L301. With it’s powered unwinder it can take labels up to 216mm in width. At £2750 ex VAT the Afinia L501 using HP’s duo ink tech has most bases covered.

Find out more on the Afinia L501

For more information, demonstrations or samples on the Afinia L301 & L501 please just let us know.

Call: 01264 335118 or [email protected]



Sours: https://www.hdlabels.co.uk/hp-thermal-inkjet-printing/

HP Thermal Inkjet Printing

A Fit for Every Need

HP’s thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology provides incredible versatility, making it a popular choice around the globe for a wide range of label printing needs.

HP & Afinia Label

HP is committed to innovating for everyone, transforming the way people work and live. Afinia Label incorporates that innovative technology into label printers to offer dependable, high-quality products for companies wanting to increase their return on investment.

HP Inkjet Technology found in Afinia Label color label printers

Afinia Label features HP thermal inkjet technology in several label printers, including the L301 Small Business Color Label Printer and L502 Duo Ink Label Printer, to offer customers economical, easy-to-use, and professional-quality label printing capability.

Why People are Choosing HP TIJ

Reliability is a necessity in label printing—and a pivotal feature of HP’s thermal inkjet technology. It’s also easy to use, and HP Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) provides the necessary tools to ensure a speedy and successful integration into your business, minimizing development costs, and accelerating your arrival to vivid, beautifully labeled products.

As a longtime SPS partner, Afinia Label has loads of experience integrating HP TIJ technology.

Sours: https://afinialabel.com/about-afinia/hp-thermal-inkjet-printing/

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How HP Thermal Inkjet Printheads Work HP Inkjet HP

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