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In a nutshell, the Generac is a heavy duty pressure washer, which not only offers an all-around versatile cleaning experience, but that also allows:

  • spot cleaning of hard, unpainted surfaces or high reach areas
  • cleaning of painted and fragile surfaces
  • use of detergent and cleaning solutions

The following sections will present you in detail its power characteristics and design, its main features and all the additional features it has to offer.


The Generac in use

The Generac

Powered by a cc engine, its aluminum axial cam pump can deliver a pressure of PSI (around 48 times more than a standard garden hose) and a flow of up to GPM (values claimed by the manufacturer). Combined, these values mean that the Generac has a cleaning power of Cleaning Units.

The Generac engine of this gas-powered pressure washer gets started by a classic pull-start mechanism.

Gasoline is stored in a fuel tank with a maximum capacity of gallon.

Design & Handling

Thanks to its hand truck design and approximate dimensions of D x W x H in, the Generac offers great mobility. The robust and sturdy steel frame offers longevity to the assembly. The rubber-padded fixed handle adds to the convenience of transport, while offering a comfortable grip.

With a weight of 57 lbs, the unit can be easily maneuvered by most users. One of the largest contributors to its weight are its cc Generac engine and its steel frame. Since the has a set of two 10" never-flat wheels, it is still easily maneuvered and manipulated.

Main Features

The Generac in use

The Generac

The Generac 's package includes a spray gun, a wand, a pressure hose, 4 nozzles and a detergent injection feature, with a more detailed description below.

  • Soap injection: Even though the device doesn't have a soap tank, detergent is supplied by a siphon hose. The detergent will be added automatically to the water when a soap nozzle is attached.
  • Pressure hose: The included 25 ft ⌀1/4" high-pressure hose ( PSI rating) can be neatly stored on the unit when idle thanks to a set of convenient hooks.
  • Spray gun and wand: A side hook allows for an easy storage of the included classic ergonomic spray gun and its wand.
  • Nozzles: The 4 included nozzles, and the respective surfaces they’re appropriate for, are listed in the table below.



Concrete, brick, masonryUse with cautionSuitableSuitableSuitable
Siding, gutters, houseNot recommendedUse with cautionSuitableSuitable
Fencing, deck, patioNot recommendedUse with cautionSuitableSuitable
Lawn equipment, boat, RVNot recommendedUse with cautionUse with cautionSuitable

Note: The shape of the nozzles above is for illustration purposes only and may differ.
Red cross: Not recommended. Green check: Suitable. Orange check: Use with caution.

Other Features

  • Onboard storage: The Generac 's handy storage area lets you store nozzles and accessories, and thus, you’ll be always prepared and have everything necessary for the job at hand.
  • Safety: Safety of operation is enhanced by a trigger lock mechanism (which prevents accidental operation) and a thermal relief valve (which helps to prevent internal pump damage).
  • Accessories: Included with the Generac are also the owner's manual and some basic documentation to get you promptly started, along with several accessories, such as pressure hose, soap hose, wand and spray gun.
  • Emissions: The Generac is CARB-compliant, which means that it’s purchase and sale is legal in any of the 50 states, including California.

The Generac 's performance versus other pressure washers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea of how the key specs of the Generac compare to similarly priced pressure washers.

  • The Generac with its PSI achieves a lower pressure value, compared to other gas-powered pressure washers in the $ price range. As for the device with the most powerful water stream, in this price range, one of the top products is the Simpson CM with PSI.
  • In its respective price range, the water flow of this washer, GPM (gallons per minute), ranks as average. If rinsing away debris most efficiently is your priority, one of the devices with the highest GPM in this price range is the Excell EPW, which can reach up to GPM.
  • The ranks as below average in terms of Cleaning Units, compared to gas-powered devices in its price range, reaching only a value of CU (PSI x GPM). If the highest overall cleaning power is your top priority, the Excell EPW, which can reach up to Cleaning Units, is one of the most efficient of the devices in the current price range.

According to our stats, the following comparison is pretty popular:Generac vs Ryobi RY

Price comparison

As you can see from this interactive chart, when compared to other gas-powered washers between and Cleaning Units, the Generac is on the cheap side of the price range.

It can therefore be a really good buy if you're looking to acquire a budget pressure washer.

The bottom line


  • Inexpensive
  • Good range of nozzles included
  • Onboard storage
  • Several security features
  • CARB-compliant


  • No soap tank
  • Low PSI for the price
  • Low CU for the price

Do you own the Generac and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

Features and Specifications

HandlingHand Truck
WaterCold (°F max.)
Cleaning Units
Engine cc Generac OHV 4-stroke
PumpAxial Cam
Pump materialAluminum
Soap injectionVia siphon hose
Nozzles0°, 25°, 40°, Soap
Quick connect nozzlesYes
Onboard storageYes
Hose25 ft, ⌀1/4
Hose storageHooks
(D x W x H)
Approx. x x in
Weight57 lbs
Wheels2 wheels, ⌀10", never flat
Included accessoriesWand, spray gun, high pressure hose, soap hose, 4 nozzles
SecurityTrigger lock and thermal relief valve
Warranty2 years

Unlike many websites, we did our best to research each of the specs above. That being said, we are not immune to making the occasional mistake or omission. Should you notice any missing or incorrect values, don't hesitate to suggest improvements so we can address the issue.

About Generac

Founded in a garage in Wales, Wisconsin by Robert Kern and five employees, Generac has been a leader in power generation systems since In the early s, Generac began producing electric generators for Sears and Roebuck Company. During the s the company began to manufacture other outdoor power equipment such as electric chainsaws, pressure washers, and welders. Generac, now a subsidiary of CCMP Capital, continues to be headquartered in Waukesha, with manufacturing facilities in four other cities in Wisconsin USA.

Warranty Information

The Generac is covered under a warranty for up to 2 years. This warranty may be limited and may not cover all parts of the unit.
For more information about the warranty of Generac pressure washers, please consult Generac's warranty policies (opens in a new tab). Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: GENERAC ().


The Best Generac Pressure Washer

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Updated: 8 min read


Let&#;s take an in-depth look at: Generac Power Systems Inc., the 3 best gas-powered Generac pressure washers and two pressure washer features customers want Generac to improve

Generac Power Systems, Inc. by the numbers:

  • Since Generac became a public company in , its share price has increased %, beating the market by % over the same time frame.
  • Its market cap today (Feb, ), 7 years after IPO, is $ billion.
  • Year ending saw yearly net profit of $78 million off $ billion in sales.

Not bad for a generator company started in to make home-use portable generators for Sears under the Craftsman name.

Their current President and CEO, Aaron Jagdfeld, has been with the company since , when he started as an accountant. He became CEO in , after serving as CFO for 5 years. He currently owns % of Generac shares making him the single largest non-institutional holder.

Judging by the share price, his strategy of expansion and generator fortification has been spot-on. During his tenure Generac has expanded with key acquisitions into these markets: generator powered lighting towers, industrial diesel gensets and mobile heaters.

Generac&#;s core focus is power generation products. To support their business focus, they have an extensive in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capability.This allows them total control over the specs and features of each model of pressure washer gas engine and pump, for example.

Their manufacturing facilities are in 8 different locations: 5 in Wisconsin, 1 in Italy, 1 in Mexico and 1 in Brazil. 3 million square-foot of space in total, which is equal to  football fields of floor space at each location.

Generac Surprising Fact Box

Briggs & Stratton portable generators and power washers are engineered by Generac.

Follow this timeline to see how this can be:

  • &#; Generac sells off their portable products division to Beacon Group, which included portable generators, power washers and water pumps
  • &#; Beacon sells it to Briggs & Stratton who then starts selling those generators and power washers with Briggs branding
  • &#; Generac&#;s year non-compete agreement expires and they re-enter the portable generator market
  • &#; Generac re-enters power washer market

Did Generac go out of business during these 10 years? No. They fortified their home, commercial and industrial standby/backup generator business. To this day that is their core revenue stream.

Now, at last, let&#;s look at what Generac pressure washers are best for most peoples needs.

Quick Review of Best Generac Options

Here is a quick summary review of the 3 Generac pressure washers that are recommended on this page:

Generac Pressure Washers In The Wild

Generac is an electric generators company. It is far-and-away their biggest revenue driver: 72% of their $ billion revenue came from commercial and residential generator products. You see their generators everywhere.

But what about their power washers?

Well, it turns out, they are quite popular too. As Generac makes a push into the power products market with the acquisition of Country Home Products ( and Neuton Mowers brands) you will begin to see more and more Generac power equipment in the wild.

Here are 5 pictures of pressure washers unboxed hooked up and ready to clean:

Generac pressure washers in the wild

In the residential cleaning category Generac offers 9 pressure cleaner models, see their best 3 here:

Picking The Best Generac Gas Power Washers For Most People&#;s Needs

Adjustable Pressure at the Turn of a Dial &#; Best Value For The Money

1) Generac SpeedWash 3, PSI

Generac SpeedWash Pressure Washer

Do you want adjustable pressure at the turn of a dial?

Pressure is the force over an area. You can easily adjust the water force the surface feels by increasing the area between the nozzle and the surface. You do this without thinking. It&#;s also what the nozzles are for &#; they disperse the water over a larger area decreasing the force the surface feels.

So what&#;s the point of a pressure washer with a dial to adjust the pressure when you can just do it by adjusting distances and nozzles? I&#;m glad you asked.

Here&#;s Generac&#;s recommended pressure chart. With a variable pressure dial you don&#;t have to do any math or guess work trying to figure out how far you should hold it from the surface&#; You can just turn the dial. It removes guess work from the equation.

One machine for all these cleaning tasks:

Generac Pressure Washer Recommended Uses

The OneWash has 4 settings between 2, and 3, PSI. It is effectively 4 pressure washers in 1. You can go from vehicle washing to blasting oil stains from your driveway at the turn of a dial. So if you are willing to spend about $ more (than the cheaper #2 choice below) for the variability (and extra cleaning power) then get it while it has free shipping.

See full specs here&#;

Hits the Sweet Spot With More Affordable Price and Hefty Cleaning Power

2) Generac 2, PSI

Generac psi medium duty pressure washer

The best Generac for many people could be this one because it is the most affordable medium-duty with 2, PSI (1, psi to 2, psi is medium-tier so just fits in range).

It&#;s about &#; 2x the price of other electric medium-duty pressure washers&#; But you get the extra power and flow to easily complete big driveways in one-hour instead of three.

Using the degree &#;wash&#; nozzle at the correct distance you can also safely wash you car. People like the big wheels and upright stance of the unit because it makes it easy to move around during or between jobs.

So why is this the 2nd best (not 3rd of 4th) Generac for most?

It hits the sweet spot in price and power &#; Let&#;s be honest: in terms of choosing within a certain brand you&#;re looking for the best deal&#;

&#;The most power for the least price. This model is that.

It is cheaper but only 22% less cleaning power than the OneWash #1 best above. The reason the OneWash is much more expensive is the jump from medium to heavy-duty pressure as well as the addition of the adjustable pressure and required components. Basically, the OneWash needs a bigger engine to support the higher PSI and GPM pump.

This Generac is top-class and if you want to make quick work of your driveway, deck, garage floor, fence, back patio&#; It is one of the most affordable gas powered pressure washers. And given the durability of a gas engine, you can guarantee this machine will last you 10 years or more with proper care.

See current price on Amazon here&#;

What About Their New One Touch Electric Start Model?

3) Generac w/ Push Button Electric Start

Generac New Electric Start Gas Pressure Washer

Generac Power Systems, Inc. is currently heavily promoting their new model gas power washer with a Lithium-Ion battery &#; push of a button &#; electric start. The battery will provide 50 push starts before needing charging.

It has 3, PSI and GPM and costs about the same as the more powerful SpeedWash model.

Is the convenience of push button start worth it?

If you have a bad back or trouble using the recoil pull start then you&#;ll love the simple starter button technology.

See full specs here&#;

Consider These Two Upgrades

Constructive reviews suggest purchasing a better hose and a surface cleaner for quicker cleaning of large flat areas.

Upgrade Hose

I would agree on advising you to buy the non-kinking hose. Yes, it sucks that that hose isn&#;t the one included. But nothing is worse than a crappy hose.

Surface Cleaner

Generac surface cleaner attachment

You connect the lance to the surface cleaner and it distributes the spray evenly over a larger area making quicker work of the driveway and other large flat surfaces. It is one of the best ways to increase the cleaning capacity and efficiency of your Generac power washer.

See full specs here&#;

3 More Generac Pressure Washer Parts and Attachments To Upgrade Cleaning Performance

1.) Extension wand and gutter cleaner attachment

A telescoping extension wand allows you to clean second storey windows and house siding while keeping safe on the ground. No more ladders required. Get a gutter cleaner attachment which is a curved lance letting you clean your gutters out while staying safe on the ground.

2.) Rotating scrub brush

A scrub brush lets you clean tough spots without risking surface damage. Your car wheel wells and grill are two areas that come to mind. Also, your garbage can might have tough stains a scrub brush could make quick work of. Try one out they are very affordable.

3.) Floor and stair sweeper

Generac pressure washer floor sweeper attachment

A floor and stair sweeper is a rectangular attachment with 4 nozzles distributing the water flow to increase cleaning area and save you time. It is perfect for cleaning stairs 4-times faster than with the regular nozzle and does a less streaky more even clean. The round surface cleaner is not efficient at cleaning stairs so the floor sweeper might be a better option since it can also do driveways and decks.

How Your Life Will Improve With A Generac Pressure Washer

Driveway Cleaning With Pressure Washer

Effortless, Satisfying Cleaning &#; Ask anyone who owns a power washer and they&#;ll tell you how easy it is to clean surfaces around the house. All you have to do is roll the unit out of the garage or shed, screw in the garden hose, start up the machine and get cleaning. Many people even get excited to use their pressure washer &#; it&#;s a little like a sport. You have the gun and lance to point and shoot the dirt, grime and grease away. It&#;s oddly satisfying seeing the dirt wash away.

Save Money Next Water Bill &#; You use much less water with a pressure washer than with a garden hose. The Generac&#;s above use 3x less. Water might be affordable in your area, but still, what you save in water can go towards the petrol bill.

Cool Tool &#; Pressure washers stand out amongst power equipment because you can physically do something with them. A generator is cool but it is more of a supporting tool than a primary one. Everyone should have a pressure cleaner around their house. They&#;re affordable, useful and fun to use.

 Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

1.) How does the Generac OneWash model with adjustable pressure work? How does it have variable pressure? Does it have a special valve?

It uses a Bowden cable connected from the turning dial to the motor throttle to control the motor speed. Turn the dial clockwise from 2, PSI to 3, PSI and you increase the motor speed, ultimately increasing the velocity of water out the nozzle. More water velocity out the nozzle means more water force on the surface area. Force over area is pressure (PSI). Generac engineers have calibrated to ensure amount of dial turn equals correct throttle movement for PSI it tells you on dial.

Here is a Bowden cable used to throttle a lawn mower from the handle so you can go from short thin grass cutting to long thick grass without bending over. You just shift from turtle to rabbit speed and the shifter is connected to the throttle by a Bowden cable to do all the work.

Bowden cable throttle connection honda mower

A Bowden cable is also used on your bike brakes to connect the brake lever on the handlebar to the brake calliper at the wheel hub. The Bowden cable is used to transmit the pulling force via a steel cable moving inside a hollow rubber/plastic outer protective sleeve.

2.) Where can I find the Generac pressure washer manuals?

Generac&#;s website has a page to find your specific model User Manual. But personally I prefer to use because if you don&#;t have the model number handy you will keep getting error messages. Here is the link to all the Generac pressure cleaner manuals.

3.) Does Generac make commercial-duty pressure washers?

Commercial duty generac power washer

Yes. Generac redesigned their professional offerings in and now have a belt-drive machine with Annovi Reverberi triplex plunger pump.

It has a suggested retail price of $1, and comes with specs of 3, PSI and GPM.

It looks pretty snazzy too.

Check it out here&#;


A great reason to buy a Generac is because they design and manufacture their own engines and pumps. This means they control the quality A-Z. No faulty final product makes it into the distribution warehouse. It&#;s caught by quality control.

Also, with their tight-knit, happy and dedicated team (Generac is one of the top places to work in Wisconsin), they can listen and respond to feedback from customers very quickly. That is how they have improved their pressure washers year-after-year.

So if you&#;re convinced that Generac is best for you &#; check out the current best prices at the link below:


  1. Generac&#;s Investor Relations SEC Filings page was used to find the most recent Annual Report Reading through that document much information about the history of Generac and the current status of their business was found. Also their pressure washer comparison tool was used to find the difference between each.
  2. Generac OneWash Suppot Page. Info retrieved Feb,
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The Generac 3,PSI Residential Pressure Washer is our best Generac power washer and you do not have to kneel on the ground just to connect the hoses together. It uses a cc OHV engine for the best kind of performance and it has a working maximum pressure of up to 3, PSI for superb cleaning power. There are two gallon tanks for detergents, both at 3/4 gallon of capacity so you can easily store cleaning detergents onboard without having to refill as much. There is also stability added by the long barrel design of the spray gun and you can easily connect the hose to the spray gun&#;s rear side and start cleaning right away.

Our step-up pick is the Generac 3,PSI Commercial Pressure Washer and it protects the engine very well using a shut down sensor when there is low oil on the engine part. Most axial cam pumps are nothing compared to the triplex pump with a professional grade quality that can guarantee you with up to four times more durability in the long run. It has a total of five helpful nozzle tips, from 0 to 40 degrees plus a soap nozzle and all of these have quick click styles for easy attachment an it can be used on just about any kind of rugged terrain due to its excellent traction provided by flat-free tires that are oversized to get your Generac power washer to places.

The budget pick for the best power washer by Generac is the Generac 2,PSI Gas Pressure Washer and maneuverability is not a problem due to the fact that it has been equipped with inch wheels that never run flat on any terrain. You can also have the option to add a surface cleaner accessory and a power dial feature. It has a max pressure power of up to 2, PSI so it is very powerful as a Generac power washer in general and the controls are all located in one place such as the power button, the fuel shut off and the choke controls.

A Little Background

Generac is a powerful company that specializes in generators but they also produce power washers or pressure washers, specifically gas fueled pressure washers for industrial or residential use. Generac has earned its reputation as a provider of various types of comfortable and ergonomic power washers that deliver a tremendous amount of power and pressure for cleaning purposes.

How We Picked

In choosing the best Generac power washer, we considered the following factors:
Pressure – this is measured in PSI and is typically around 2, to 3, PSI for it to be an effective pressure power washer from Generac.
Comfort – ergonomic handles and grips add to the power washer’s ability to stay with the user for a long time.
Flow rate – this refers to the gallons per minute flow rate of the power washer that dictates the strength of the unit.

Our Pick

Generac 3,PSI Residential Pressure Washer
Our best Generac power washer is the Generac 3,PSI Residential Pressure Washer which uses a cc OHV engine for the best kind of performance as a Generac power washer pressure washer. Its hose connections are relatively easy to access due to the design of the axial cam pump on this superb unit and you do not have to kneel on the ground just to connect the hoses together. There are two gallon tanks for detergents, both at 3/4 gallon of capacity so you can easily store cleaning detergents onboard without having to refill as much.
It has a working maximum pressure of up to 3, PSI for superb cleaning power and the hose is very long at 30 feet in its length and is made from high quality PVC material that is very flexible and non-marring in its strength and convenience so you can use the hose for the toughest projects possible. Easily connect the hose to the spray gun&#;s rear side and start cleaning right away. Usability is extended due to the comfortable thicker cushion grip of the spray gun that is equipped with a high performance build and there is also stability added by the long barrel design of the spray gun.
Fatigue can be reduced using the trigger that is relatively easy to pull. The accessory tray of is very good versatile and well-organized in its design and its pressure is significantly bigger than most power washers out there and good for its price. The cart has been designed with portability and storage in mind so you can easily store it when not in use. The tires also never run flat so you can never worry about maintenance and flat tires along the way so you can focus more on power washing than maintaining tires.
It can be used for cleaning up patios, decks, boats, cement areas, sidings and the like. Along with the soap nozzle, four other quick change nozzle tips are included, from 0 to 40 degrees. Mobility is not a problem due to its wheels and a light weight of 67 pounds. You do not need to add oil to the pump because it is a sealed pump without the requirement of maintenance and the engine also comes with the right oil needed. A great companion for car washing, driveway cleaning and much more, with a limited warranty of 2 years, this is a great Generac power washer to consider as a good pressure washer for residential use.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some things about the Generac 3,PSI Residential Pressure Washer that may not seem pleasing but do not stain the overall quality of our top pick as the best Generac power washer include the fact that it might run a little loud due to its engine but this is not an issue because most power washers are loud anyway.

Step-up Pick

Generac 3,PSI Commercial Pressure Washer
Our step-up pick, the Generac 3,PSI Commercial Pressure Washer, has a total of five helpful nozzle tips, from 0 to 40 degrees plus a soap nozzle and all of these have quick click styles for easy attachment. Running at up to 3, PSI of maximum pressure power, it is a must-have for its big capacity and great capability as a cleaner. Most axial cam pumps are nothing compared to the triplex pump used by the Generac power washer with a professional grade quality that can guarantee you with up to four times more durability in the long run.
It protects the engine very well using a shut down sensor when there is low oil on the engine part. The OHV engine is at cc and is very powerful for cleaning and reliability in general. It can be used on just about any kind of rugged terrain due to its excellent traction provided by flat-free tires that are oversized to get it to places. It has a total water flow of up to gallons per minute so it is truly effective.
Great for use on commercial purposes and commercial establishments for easy maintenance, it also reduces vibration and minimizes user fatigue due to the unique cushion grip of the spray gun that will keep you comfortable for hours. Maneuverability is great due to its wheels that measure 10 inches in diameter. The axle balances the triplex pump just fine and it also has a siphoned hose for use with detergents. The handle is capable of folding for storage purposes and convenience when not in use and the spray gun measures 24 inches for easy application and for heavy duty work. The spray trigger is also very easy to pull so you can use it with ease for hours. It can be used on RVs, commercial establishments, residential homes and the like and is backed by a limited warranty of 3 years.

Budget Pick

Generac 2,PSI Gas Pressure Washer
Our budget pick, the Generac 2,PSI Gas Pressure Washer, has a max pressure power of up to 2, PSI so it is very powerful and you can also have the option to add a surface cleaner accessory and a power dial feature. The spray gun of this budget pick has an ergonomic design to prevent user fatigue from happening due to its cushion grip handle that keeps any operation as steady as possible. There is a detergent tank onboard with a total capacity of 1/2 inch gallon so you can easily gain access to cleaning detergents. It has a total of four nozzle tips that have quick change capability, from 0 to 40 degrees with the soap nozzle for various purposes.
Maneuverability is not a problem due to the fact that it has been equipped with inch wheels that never run flat on any terrain. It uses a high power OHV engine with cc that has a horizontal shaft in its build and has a pump that has the same level as the engine above the ground so you can easily make any hose connections in a breeze on its axial cam pump and it can spray as much as gallons per minute on its average flow rate for maximum cleaning performance.
The hose measures 25 feet and is a high pressure and high quality hose to depend on that can be easily connected to the back side of the spray gun and the controls are all located in one place such as the power button, the fuel shut off and the choke controls.

Ideal Generac Power Washer with Power Dial Feature

Generac R OneWash GPM Pressure Washer
The Generac R OneWash GPM Pressure Washer uses an OHV engine that is a cc engine for delivering reliability and awesome performance as a pressure washer that is gas powered. There are various buttons and switches that are all easy to locate in one place so you do not have to bend over or look for them in other areas. The nozzle tips are all equipped with a quick click mechanism. It also includes a soap nozzle tip alongside the 0-degree tip and degree nozzle tip for convenience and versatility of applications.
There is also a variable pressure control with the use of the power dial feature which makes it highly adaptable to various cleaning projects and tasks due to its ability to control the intensity of the spraying power. There is also an axial cam pump that has been equipped with a great design using the hose.
There are connections that are easy to locate and set up so you no longer need to kneel on the ground to connect hoses. With a tremendous variable pressure of 2, PSI to 3, PSI, you can get a solid performance. With gallons per minute of flow rate, you are assured that this pressure washer will be fit for any job. It is an ideal pressure washer from Generac for use on residential homes, including patios, sidings, driveways and the like.

Best Residential Generac Power Washer

Generac / 2,PSI GPM Pressure Washer
With an awesome pressure of up to 2, PSI, the Generac / GPM Pressure Washer is a great pressure washer fit for just about any kind of job due to its tremendous amount of pressure. It has a GPM of gallons per minute so it is fairly good as a power washer for various projects and you can use it for various residential applications, including siding cleaning, car washing, driveway washing, patio cleaning, fence cleaning and the like.
Its axial cam pump can be easily accessed due to its ingenious design and there is no more need to kneel down just to make the connections for the hose because of the revolutionary design of the axial pump. With the use of a high quality OHV cc engine, you can guarantee the best kind of cleaning power possible. A soft grip will aid you in handling the spray gun which adds to its ergonomic features to reduce user fatigue significantly.
Adding to its ergonomics is the trigger that is relatively easy to pull for any continuous operation without getting tired. There is an unloader valve that has been integrated within the engine to make starting it up easier and less frustration and there is also a shut down feature when the oil of the engine is very low.
Its axial pump is easy to access and also gives your engine an extended life due to its max heat dissipation capability for a longer lasting cleaning ability. Durability is not a problem because of its welded frame that is also relatively easy to maneuver. There is also a gun holster that is built-in.
It can be used on various purposes such as car washing, boat washing, motorcycle maintenance, patios, fences, house sidings, residential homes, commercial establishments, decks, bricks, pavement, concrete, window sidings, scooters, construction sites, barns, tractors, trucks, buildings and much more and it also complies with the standards of 49 U.S. states.
The hose included is a PVC plastic type of high pressure hose with a diameter of 1/4 inch and a total length of 25 feet and its nozzle tips include 0 to 40 degrees plus a soap nozzle tip for convenience with the quick click feature. With solid flat-free wheels that measure 10 inches, you will have to worry less about maintaining them. It can be used on residential homes or even RVs and it has a limited warranty of 2 years for customer convenience.

Best Industrial Generac Power Washer

Generac 3,PSI GPM Pressure Washer
With a strong flow rate of up to 3 gallons per minute, you can definitely depend on the Generac 3,PSI GPM Pressure Washer for cleaning up commercial and industrial sites and structures without compromising on energy, effort and cleaning power. Its pressure can reach as much as 3, PSI for a superior cleaning performance thanks to its high quality rubber hose which has been steel reinforced for durability,
The hose is also very high quality in its design that prevents scuffing and marring in its build and the spray gun is built with professionalism in mind due to its quality and durability. The triplex pump is designed to cater to your washing needs due to its ingenious design and convenient placement. It uses a high quality Subaru engine that has a horizontal type shaft at cc with an over head valve or OHV.
You can pour in up to quarts of fuel in its gasoline tank or equivalent of liters of capacity so you can perform more tasks and you also get 33 ounces or 1 liter of oil capacity for the engine. The power controls, the manual choke, the fuel shut off and the throttle controls can all be found in just one place for convenience while washing.
There are four different nozzle tips, all of which have quick click features for you to easily connect them. The hose extends up to 50 feet in its length and has a diameter of 3/8 inch and the lance included is a stainless steel type that reaches up to 20 inches in its length which is versatile and also reliable. The cushioned grip of the handle of the spray gun gives you comfort on the go and the ceramic pistons of the triplex pump help keep the unit run quietly while using it for any project. A filter for the water inlet is also included as well as an M22 threaded inlet.
A limited warranty of 2 years is given to the cart assembly, 7 years for the major parts, lifetime warranty for pump damage due to cracking and freezing and 90 days for other parts such as the hose, filter, valve and trigger gun to ensure that this industrial grade gas fueled Generac power washer will give you absolute customer satisfaction in the long run.

Ideal Generac Power Washer with an OHV Engine

Generac 3,PSI cc Pressure Washer
The Generac 3,PSI cc Pressure Washer’s OHV motor engine runs on a horizontal shaft and also has a protective feature which alerts the user and shuts down the entire unit and system if the oil level is too low. With a maximum pressure of up to 3, PSI, you can be assured that this is definitely a great and powerful beast to consider when washing away dirt, paint, graffiti and other debris from sidings, pavement, concrete and the like.
The pistons of the triplex pump have been coated with high quality ceramic material to give a nice professional touch and to add to its durability. Water pressure can be conveniently controlled using the pressure control valve that is present within the system. With an average water flow of up to gallons per minute, it is highly dependable in its flow rate so you can clean up more in less time. Its engine is at cc and also has an easy startup feature using the under loaded valve that has been built-in within the unit for added convenience.
The roll cage style of the frame has been welded to durability so that you can also easily lift it from one place to another using the back grab bars and the wheels that never go flat. Carrying the pump and the engine using this durable frame is not a problem because of the great support that the roll cage frame provides from its powerful and high quality sturdy material. Precision is not a problem for the spray gun that is of professional grade due to its adjustable side handle for adequate user control.
It comes with five standard quick click nozzle tips, from 0 degrees up to 40 degrees with a standard soap nozzle for variety in cleaning applications and the hose included measures a total of 35 feet in its length so it is a fair amount of length for portability issues. User fatigue is not a problem because the trigger is relatively easy to pull. Heat dissipation is also good due to the fact that the axial cam pump is highly accessible and has been designed to match your cleaning performance needs.
Because the pump is off the ground, there is no need to kneel down to assemble things and make the hose connections. Applicable for various uses such as buildings, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and much more it can also be used on commercial buildings, residential homes, fences, sidings, pavement, bricks, concrete, stairs, patios, decks and many more.
The wheels measure 10 inches and does not require maintenance due to being flat-free and the hose is made from non-marring rubber material to reduce frustrations and is also steel reinforced for better durability with a diameter of 3/8 inch. It has a cleaning power rating of With a limited warranty of 3 years, you can be assured that this Generac power washer is highly dependable for its build and quality.

Ideal Generac Power Washer that is CARB Compliant

Generac cc OHV Pressure Washer
Because it complies with CARB, the Generac cc OHV Pressure Washer is compliant with over 50 states in the United States, as contrary to our picks in this review. It uses a high quality cc OHV engine that does not sacrifice performance on its portability. It runs at a maximum pressure of u p o 3, PSI for superior power cleaning on the go. With an average flow rate of up to gallons per minute, you can feel at ease when cleaning and applying detergent onto any kind of establishment or residential fixture.
Because it has two detergent tanks, both with 3/4 gallons of capacity, you can enjoy having two types of detergents at the same time and gain the ability to switch between detergent types so you can use it if you have meticulous multitasking needs as some materials have specific types of detergents needed for cleaning. Its spray gun is able to deliver and provide a high performance rating because of its longer barrel design for adding stability and comfort to the user.
Also, because of the fact that the cushion grip is very thick, the user will not suffer from fatigue alongside the trigger that has a mechanism that is easy to pull. Its axial cam pump does not require you to kneel on the ground because its hose connections can be easily reached for less frustration while using it. A soap nozzle tip is included alongside the four other nozzle tips, from 0 to 40 degrees, in which all are equipped with quick change capabilities for ease of use.
Convenience is provided by the high quality hose made from flexible PVC material as it extends to a total length of 30 feet for convenience on bigger projects and residential needs, such as big lawns and patios. The gun holster has been included in this Generac power washer for convenience and the heat dissipation provided by the axial cam pump is versatile and reliable. You can easily use it for a wide range of residential fixtures, such as fences, patios, pavements, walkways, driveways, sidings and the like. It has a limited warranty of 2 years for your convenience.

Generac Power Washer with Variable Pressure

Generac 2,, PSI Pressure Washer
The Generac 2,, PSI Pressure Washer uses an OHV engine with cc and it is a gas powered pressure washer with a variable pressure from 2, PSI up to 3, PSI so you can choose the right amount of pressure for your cleaning job or maintenance task. The power dial helps you select the recommended pressure for versatility on different jobs.
It is able to spray at a flow rate of up to gallons per minute on its powerful build. With a compact design, you can also easily store this Generac power washer using the foldable handle. The detergent tank can also be easily drained after using so you can clean up the tank easily from chemicals.
An automatic shutdown system is activated during low oil instances with the use of an LED alert system that turns the unit off. User fatigue is not a problem due to the ergonomic inverted style trigger and the hose connection is superb on this Generac power washer.

Ideal Generac Power Washer with Detergent Tanks

Generac R 3,PSI Gas Pressure Washer
The Generac R 3,PSI Gas Pressure Washer has a flow rate of up to gallons per minute and it is able to deliver up to 3, PSI of pressure of excellent cleaning. Moreover, it also has a low oil sensor as well as a low water sensor to save your engine&#;s life. This gas powered pressure washer has a convenient set of controls all placed in one location for easy access. The soft handle of the grip and the ergonomic spray gun prevent user fatigue. It can be used on cleaning sidings, decks, masonry, pavement, cars and the like.

The Competition

Other Generac power washers that did not make it to our list are not too powerful. However, there are only limited amounts of power washers out there in Amazon for this brand but nonetheless; nearly all of them are very versatile and powerful in their build as power washers.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Any infromation about Generac as a company?
A: According to Generac Official Website , they sell a wide variety of products, including pressure washers as well as generators for home use, for portable use and for recreational use.

Q: What features do Generac consider in a pressure washer?
A: According to Generac&#;s Pressure Washer Section , they consider horizontal shaft engines that have an over head valve and they also consider spray guns with an ergonomic design. The pump must also be easy to access for quick hose connections and the pressure should be variable for a wide range of projects.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, the Generac 3,PSI Residential Pressure Washer is our best Generac power washer if you need a reliable pressure washer for residential use.

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Power washer generac

Generac 31oo PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer is an Excellent All Around Model for Consumers

When the job requires more than an electric pressure washer gives you and your budget is less than Pro, the Generac PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer is worth taking a serious look at. It has more gunk-blasting power and volume than electric with some features that make it easier to use.


  • More pressure and water volume than electric models
  • Lithium-ion electric start system with recoil backup
  • Auto choke
  • Adjustable power dial on the wand


  • Wand holster connection to the frame is weak
  • Rear-facing hose connections make moving with hoses connected more difficult


While there&#;s definitely a difference between the build quality of the Generac&#;s consumer and Pro lines, the Generac is a powerful, easy-to-use pressure washer for consumers looking for more power than an electric model can offer.

The biggest advantage it has over its competition is its electric start. If you&#;re tired of pulling a cord, the Generac PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer is one of the few offering an electric start without moving up to Pro prices. When you&#;re looking at a gas model for occasional use, that&#;s a big deal. 

Upgrade Your Cleaning with the Generac PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer

Pressure Matters&#; But So Does Volume

Many people look at the PSI to decide between pressure washers, but that&#;s only part of the story. Higher water volume moves more material than lower at the same PSI.

Generac Pressure Washer

The Generac PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer uses an overhead valve gas engine to boost your pressure to PSI with gallons per minute of water volume. Electric models get up into the mids for pressure and usually less than 2 GPM, though models like the Greenworks Pro brushless model are finally getting more volume.

Generac Pressure Washer

The combination lets you remove general gunk easier than an electric model so you get the job done faster.

Doesn&#;t PSI Get Into the Pro Range?

We generally consider Pro-level pressure washers to start around PSI and move up from there. However, it&#;s not just PSI that determines it. As we mentioned, GPM plays a part and we really like to see it push closer to GPM or higher.

The pump comes into play as well. This Generac pressure washer uses an axial pump. It doesn&#;t require much maintenance at all and does its best work on small jobs and less frequent use.

Generac Pressure Washer

Pro models move up to triplex pumps that require more frequent maintenance but can handle daily use and last longer.

There are also other differences like more robust frame builds and commercial engines.

Field Notes

Electric Start

The electric start system is fantastic on this model. It uses a power tool-style 12V battery that pops into place on the back and has a cover to protect it from water and debris. It has a longer life and is easier to work with than a lead-acid battery.

Generac Pressure Washer

The automatic choke system helps save some time and frustration. Of course, the electric start itself saves a lot of cord pulling frustration, too. The engine doesn&#;t always crank in the first second and you can engage the electric start longer than a recoil cord.

Generac Pressure Washer

Just don&#;t hold it down for 30 seconds &#; the engine should start in a few seconds or less. If it doesn&#;t, give it a break and try again. With an occasional use gas engine, it&#;s normal to take a few tries to crank up after sitting for a while.

Powerdial Gun

Generac Pressure Washer

What I like about the Powerdial lance is the easy picture dial setting. Just select the one that looks closest to what you&#;re working on, install the nozzle to match, and get to work.

Hose Connections

Generac Pressure Washer

The hose connections are as solid and easy to use as any pressure washer. The annoyance is that they&#;re on the rear of the pressure washer. The potential issues are that it&#;s tougher to move from one spot to the next when you have the hoses on and it&#;s possible to get grass clippings or other debris inside if you pull it behind you.

Holster Connection

The holster itself plastic and about as solid as any other consumer pressure washer. It uses plastic push fasteners (Christmas tree fasteners) and their ability to hold long term is questionable. We&#;ll end up drilling a hold all the way through the frame and replace them with stainless steel fasteners.


Additional Features

  • Vertical axial cam pump
  • Never flat wheels
  • Onboard detergent tank


The Generac PSI Pressure Washer has an MSRP set at $ and that&#;s what most major retailers are selling it for. Here&#;s what comes with it:


  • 0º, 25º, 40º, and soap nozzles
  • 25&#; PVC hose
  • 12V lithium-ion battery and charger

There&#;s definitely competition in this space and you can go slightly up or down in PSI and GPM along with the price. Here are some options that have the same specs:

  • WEN PW $ (OEM engine, no electric start)
  • Craftsman CMXGWAS $ ( PSI, OEM engine, no electric start)
  • Ryobi RY $ (OEM engine, no electric start)
  • Ryobi RYB: $ (Honda engine, no electric start)
  • Generac $ (Generac engine, electric start)
  • Karcher G XH: $ (Honda engine, GPM, no electric start)

Even though Generac is on the higher end of the price list, what really stands out is that none of these other models have electric start. Most aren&#;t CARB-compliant, either, but Generac is.

The Bottom Line

While there&#;s definitely a difference between the build quality of the Generac&#;s consumer and Pro lines, the Generac is a powerful, easy-to-use pressure washer for consumers looking for more power than an electric model can offer.

The biggest advantage it has over its competition is its electric start. If you&#;re tired of pulling a cord, the Generac PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer is one of the few offering an electric start without moving up to Pro prices. When you&#;re looking at a gas model for occasional use, that&#;s a big deal.

Generac ES Pressure Washer Specifications

  • Engine: Generac cc 4-cycle OHV
  • Fuel Capacity: quarts ( gallons)
  • Pump: Aluminum axial cam
  • Max Water Temperature: º F
  • Hose: 25&#; PVC
  • Included Nozzles: 0º, 25º, 40º, soap
  • Frame Material: Welded Steel
  • Weight: pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • MSRP: $

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GENERAC 2900 PSI - 2.4 GPM Pressure Washer - Assembly - Use - Review - 2020

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