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Triple Pre-Hung / Single Active

Hover over each image below to view the door handing animation.

Hover over each image below to view the door handing animation.

Hover over each image below to view the door handing animation.

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Hover over each image below to view the door handing animation.

Hover over each image below to view the door handing animation.

Sours: https://www.orepac.com/resources/door-handing/

Inswing or Outswing? How to Tell the Swing of Your Door

When ordering new door or replacement parts for a door, it’s crucial to understand the terminology that identifies the type of door you have. The swing of a door, which is essentially how the door opens, affects the style, fit, and its functionality. In this post, we’ll cover how to tell if your door is inswing or outswing, as well as its handing and how these factors apply to some of the door components we sell.


How do I tell if a door is an inswing door or an outswing door?

For Exterior Doors

If you’re dealing with an exterior door, make sure you’re standing outside of the building facing the door as if you’re about to walk inside.

If you push the door to enter, it is an inswing door. If you pull the door to enter, it is an outswing door.


For Interior Doors

For interior doors, the logic is similar. Start by standing in front of the door. The room you’re about to enter is considered the interior, while the space you’re currently standing in would be the exterior. For example, if you’re in a hallway facing a bedroom door, you’re outside of the bedroom.

Again, push = inswing and pull = outswing. If the door swings forward and away from you towards the interior of the room you’re facing, it is an inswing door. If you pull the door toward you and away from the interior of the room you’re facing, it is an outswing door.


How we determine if the door is Left-Handed or Right-Handed

It’s important to keep in mind that door swing and handing are related but different. Door handing refers to whether the door is right-handed or left-handed. While handing can depend according to manufacturer, this is how we determine handing here at BetterDoor. (Always double check before buying elsewhere!)

If you want to double check the handedness of a door, stand with your back against the hinge jamb with the door open. If your back is to the hinges, and the door swings to your left, it is a left-hand door. If your back is to the hinges and the panel swings to your right, it is a right-hand door.


How Does This Affect Door Components?

Again, these factors will affect your door depending on your manufacturer. But when it comes to our BetterDoor components, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping!

For Astragals

When replacing parts like door sills and astragals, it’s crucial that you know whether a door is a right-handed or left-handed door, along with whether it’s an inswing or outswing door.

For our astragal systems, handing is done by putting your back to the hinges of the active (primary) door panel. With your back to the hinges, is the door panel swinging to the left side of your body or the right side? If it is swinging to the left, it is a left handed door. If it swinging to the right, it is a right handed door.

Astragal swing and handing selection guide


For Trilennium®

For our Trilennium® locking systems and handsets, it’s even easier to check the handing. When standing outside the door, look at the active panel. Which side are the hinges located—left or right? If they’re on the left side, it is a left-handed door. If they’re on the right, it’s a right-handed door.

As seen in the graphic below, if it’s an outswing door with the hinges on the left-hand side, your door is left-hand reverse.  If the hinges are on the right-hand side on an inswing door, the door is right-handed, The door is a right-hand reverse if it’s an outswing.

Please note: a Left Hand Reverse System is the equivalent to a Right Hand Outswing. Alternatively, a Right Hand Reverse System is the equivalent to a Left Hand Outswing.

Trilennium® Lock Swing and Handing Selection Guide

Now that you know exactly what type of door you’re working with, shop for astragals, door sills, and replacement parts at BetterDoor.com.

Sours: https://info.betterdoor.com/blog/door-repair-center/swing-of-a-door
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Determining the Hand or Handing Of A Door

I've been asked so many times how to determine the swing of a door, or its "handing", that I have finally broken down and posted this explanation.  My appreciation to the Brockway Smith Company , a.k.a. Brosco, for allowing us the use of their text and graphics.

Some sites have tried to explain handing in reference to your location inside or outside the room. This can be confusing since there are circumstances when it is difficult to determine which room to use as a reference point (such as doors between adjacent rooms).  This is the best graphical explanation I've seen, including graphics.  Thanks, Brosco!!

If you are determining the handing of an exterior door before ordering one, be sure to read my note below in the "Exterior Door" section!

Regarding the installation of locks...

Most common round-handled locksets are reversible.  However, if you are installing curved lever-style locks, knowing your door's hand is important.   Both privacy (bedroom - bathroom) and keyed locksets have different inside and outside handles.  The lockset should have the hand noted on the packaging. There is more info about lock handing at the end of this article...

First, the SIMPLE WAY to determine door handing...

IF YOU ARE REPLACING AN EXISTING DOOR:  With the door open, stand with your back against the hinge jamb.  If your left hand is nearer the doorknob, then the door is LEFT-HANDED.  If your right hand is nearer the doorknob, then the door is RIGHT-HANDED.

IF YOU ARE INSTALLING A NEW DOOR AND JAMB IN A ROUGH OPENING:   Decide which side of the frame will have the door hinges.  Stand with your back against the hinge-side of the frame and extend an arm in the direction you wish the door to open.  If you extended the left arm, then you need to order a LEFT-HANDED door set.  If you extended the right arm, then you need to order a RIGHT-HANDED door set.

IF THE DOOR IS GOING TO BE AN EXTERIOR DOOR...  Though exterior doors typically swing inward, outswinging exterior doors are available.  So be sure to add "inswinging" or "outswinging" to your notes before ordering!

And, for those of you who like pictures, a Graphical View Of Interior Door Handing...

When the door opens toward you and the knob is on the left hand side, it is a LEFT HAND DOOR.
When the door opens toward you and the knob is on the right hand side, it is a RIGHT HAND DOOR.

Interior door handing diagram

Exterior doors... slightly different specifications from interior doors

To order the correct exterior door, you need to know both the desired handing and whether it is inswing or outswing.

You are standing inside the house...

When the door opens toward you and the knob is on the left hand side, it is a LEFT HAND INSWING DOOR.
When the door opens toward you and the knob is on the right hand side, it is a RIGHT HAND INSWING DOOR.

When the door opens away from you (towards the outside) and the knob is on the right hand side, it is a LEFT HAND OUTSWING DOOR.
When the door opens away from you (towards the outside) and the knob is on the left hand side, it is a RIGHT HAND OUTSWING DOOR.

(Note from NH:  Most interior doors are identical on both sides, but virtually all modern exterior doors have a definite inside and outside.  So it is important to know not only the handing but whether the door is "inswing" or "outswing" when ordering.)

Exterior door handing chart

A final word about door handing...

Some knowledgeable do-it-yourselfers use other methods to determine door handing.  One common alternative is to note the location of the hinges as opposed to the location of the lock.  To summarize this method...

1) If the hinges are on the left side when you walk through a door, it is a left-hand door.
2) If the hinges are on the right side when you walk through it, it is a right-hand door.

This is a perfectly fine method if it helps you remember. However, to be true to our handymen ancestors, the terms "handing" and "hand" of a door refer to the hand you pull the door open with.

Otherwise, they would have called it "hinging". 


One reader had some confusion about the description of door handing on a door lock website....

Dear NH,

I am confused by the term left hand door and right hand door even after your rather clear explanation.  The reason I am still confused is that this directly contradicts the information on DirectDoorHardware.com .  I want to place a lever handle on an interior door.  The door pulls toward you from the outside.  The handle is on the left indicating a left hand door.

The hinges are on the right.  The DirectDoorHardware.com site explains this as a right hand door.  I want to get a lever handle from them.  Which is it?


Dear JO,

The problem is in their description of "handing".  They are determining handing based on the lockset orientation you need to choose, not using the typical industry standard for handing.

The diagram below courtesy DirectDoorHardware.com

Door hand diagram for specialty locksets

What they call "left-hand outswing" is (in the door industry) actually "right-hand outswing".  The left hand inswing and outswing (per their diagrams) use the exact same lockset (with the key on the outside).  In other words, the lockset handles look the same but the latch plate is rotated 180 degrees so it latches properly.

I guess they changed the standard handing conventions to make is easier for the customer who doesn't know anything about handing to order.  Otherwise, they would have to call each lock both left and right handed, adding to the confusion.  Based on the description of your door, it is indeed a left-hand outswing, but for ordering purposes from this company, indicating "right hand" in the order follows their modified convention.


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Sours: https://www.naturalhandyman.com/iip/infdoor/infdoorhand.html

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