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Home Depot Moving Truck Rental Rates and Reviews

A quick look at Home Depot moving trucks

For some DIY remodeling and home improvement projects, your average homeowner needs more than their own vehicle to transport materials and tools. In some cases, you may not have a vehicle at all, which can make even small apartment projects problematic. Both situations make a service like Home Depot rental trucks a useful tool in your home improvement plans, and the process is easy and affordable.

With the choice of a flatbed, cargo van, box truck, and even larger Penske moving trucks available in most fleets at locations across the country, you can rent a truck for nearly any DIY project, at affordable rates. Home Depot rental truck prices start at $19 for the first 75 minutes, and then cost $5 for every 15 minutes thereafter. For the larger Penske moving prices, you’ll need to fill out an estimate, but rates are simple and straightforward depending on how many days you will need the truck for your move.

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Availability for a Home Depot rental truck can be tricky, as you cannot reserve the normal cargo vans, flatbed, or box trucks ahead of time. You can, however, use the website to check on current availability at your local Home Depot. Just remember that nice weekends will bring out a lot more people to complete their home projects, so try to rent during the week or go early in the morning to get your truck.

You can reserve a Penske truck to better plan your move. These trucks are available in four different sizes, ranging from 12 feet to 26 feet. Furthermore, Penske trucks are available at locations beyond Home Depot, so you have options to route a truck drop-off if the area that you’re moving to doesn’t have a convenient Home Depot.

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How much does it cost to rent a truck from Home Depot?

A Home Depot rental pickup truck or van will cost you $19 for 75 minutes, $129 per day, or $903 per week. A regular box truck will cost a little more at$29 for the 75 minutes, $139 per day, or $973 per week. However, all require a $150 deposit.

For a Penske moving truck rental, you will need to fill out some information for a quote. The price will be determined by how big your truck is, demand, and how many days you will need it.

Moving trucks have their own ramp that will ease putting your belongings into the truck. These trucks do not, however, come with a dolly. You can rent a moving dolly from Home Depot when you get the truck, or provide your own. You’ll also need to provide your own straps, moving blankets, boxes, and other moving materials, so be sure to obtain all of those before renting your truck.

If you plan on pulling a vehicle, trailer, or anything else with a Home Depot rental truck, know that Home Depot will only include a hitch if you’re renting a towable tool. Otherwise, you will need to bring your own — one that is compatible with the standard 2-inch hitch receiver. For Penske trucks, simply note that you plan on towing a vehicle in your quote, and they will equip you with the appropriate hitch and roll-on car dolly.

Home Depot truck rental rates

Home Depot rental truck rates are reasonable and pretty straightforward. The table below shows you the associated costs with some of these trucks, and what you can expect with each one. Moving truck costs are dependent on the distance of your move, and vehicles must be refueled at the end of the rental period.

TruckPrice for 75-minute rentalPrice per dayPrice per weekDepositLoading RampTow Hitch
F-250 Flatbed$19$129$903$150 depositNoYes*
Cargo Van$19$129$903$150 depositNoNo
Home Depot Box Truck$29$139$973$150 depositYesYes*
Penske 12-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesNo
Penske 16-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesYes*
Penske 22-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesYes*
Penske 26-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesYes*

Prices updated as of December 16, 2020.

*Trailer hitch is available with the rental of a towable tool.

** Round-trip Penske truck rentals require a credit deposit of $150. One-way rentals do not require a deposit. 

Understanding Home Depot truck rental costs

Home Depot rental truck rates are calculated by time. You can reserve a truck for 75 minutes, or you can rent one at a daily or weekly rate. The Penske trucks will be calculated from a few factors, such as the distance of the move, expected days that you’ll be using it and whether it’s a one-way or round trip. Round trips will also be charged based on final mileage.

For both the normal rental trucks and round-trip Penske truck rentals, you’ll need to put down a deposit. All models and trucks are required to be refueled upon return to avoid extra fees. Proof of insurance is needed, but Home Depot doesn’t offer any additional insurance plans.

What size Home Depot moving truck do I need?

Depending on your project or move, your capacity needs can vary quite a bit. Use the following table to see what kind of truck you need.

Truck SizeCapacityMax Weight
PickupProject materials3,000 lbs
Cargo VanProject materials3,000 lbs
Home Depot Box Truck1-bedroom apartment or studio3,850 lbs
Penske 12-foot Truck1-bedroom apartment or studio3,100 lbs
Penske 16-foot Truck2-3 rooms4,300 lbs
Penske 22-foot Truck3-5 rooms10,000 lbs
Penske 26-foot Truck5-7 rooms10,000 lbs

Home Depot moving trucks: The pros and cons

  • Convenient pick up at the store
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Different options
  • Hassle-free experience
  • No reservations for normal pickups
  • Can be hard to budget and know how much time you will need
  • $150 deposit required

Home Depot moving trucks reviews

Like any big business, your experience will largely depend on the location from which you rent. Home Depot offers a lot of different services along with its massive home improvement retail operation, so look at reviews of the location that you’re dealing with for a better picture of what you can expect.

Overall, Home Depot has an A- rating and a one-star customer rating with the Better Business Bureau. From reviewing the complaints specifically related to truck rentals, it seems they are largely related to delayed deposit refunds and poor customer service.

Frequently asked questions


Does Home Depot have moving trucks?


Home Depot offers three different pickup trucks and cargo vans for rent, in addition to Penske moving trucks at most locations.


How much does Home Depot charge for truck rentals?


Generally, trucks are between $19 and $29 for the first 75 minutes and $5 for every additional 15 minutes. Penske moving trucks are typically charged per day, and range depending on the type of truck.


Can you rent a moving dolly through Home Depot?


Moving dollies are not included in trucks, but you can rent one to assist you during your move.


Does Home Depot sell moving boxes?


Yes, Home Depot supplies moving boxes and a host of other moving supplies.

MYMOVE is here to help make moving easier. We’re an authorized affiliate of the USPS® that connects more than 5 million movers per year to exclusive savings and valuable resources before, during, and after their move.


Overall Opinion: Both U-Haul and Home Depot are viable options for moving vehicle rental. U-Haul offers some moving and storage options that Home Depot doesn’t such as self-storage and U-Box mobile storage containers. Home Depot does offer a very helpful “quick move” program known as Load ‘N Go where the customer can immediately rent a pickup or cargo van for a local move, such as for only $19.95 for 75 minutes.

Compare U-Haul and Home Depot to the rental companies on our list of top U-Haul Competitors.

U-Haul vs Home Dept: Pros and Cons

U-Haul: Pros and Cons

U-Haul Truck Rental

U-Haul Truck Rental     3.5 out of 5.0 stars

What we love: Very competitive pricing and other moving-related services

U-Haul offers low base rates for truck rentals that are affordable enough for most do-it-yourself movers. They offer a host of additional services including trailers for towing your vehicle behind the truck, U-Box mobile storage containers, secured self-storage units, and moving boxes and supplies.

What we don’t love: The quality of their customer service staff is inconsistent and unprofessional at times

In looking at customer reviews, it is apparent that U-Haul locations tend to be understaffed and sometimes operated by poorly trained employees. Groups of customers are often left waiting for 30 minutes or more for their reservations to be processed and grow impatient. During busy times, staff members are answering phones, leaving the desk area to handle propane refills, and the result is tremendous inefficiency and feelings of frustration being expressed by customers and employees.


  • U-Box program: This is U-Haul’s version of the programs offered by PODS, SMARTBOX, and others who provide mobile on-site storage containers. U-Haul’s containers are rented by the month and are delivered to a home or business location. The monthly rental cost typically ranges between $59 and $79; however, these units are offered in only one size that can hold roughly belongings that equates to a one-bedroom apartment. A large home would require multiple units and quickly increase costs.
  • All trucks are equipped with good standard features including EZ-Load ramps, air conditioning, seating for 2-3 individuals, and roadside assistance.
  • Their tremendous coverage area with more than 20,000 U.S. locations makes U-Haul a convenient option for most customers.


  • The company has traditionally been criticized for failing to guarantee truck rental reservations. In recent years, they began offering a $50 “reservation guarantee.” This policy states that if U-Haul fails to satisfy the “time, place, and equipment” contained in the reservation, they will pay $50 to the customer. The organization was the subject of a class-action lawsuit for failing to honor this guarantee.
  • When making a reservation, a deposit amount is charged to the customer’s debit or credit card as a “hold.” If the reservation is canceled, the deposit amount often takes several days to be credited back to the card account, which limits available funds in the meantime.
  • Customers who incur parking tickets using a rental vehicle are charged an extra administrative fee of $30 and an extra $1.00 for toll-roads.

Home Depot: Pros and Cons

Home Depot Truck Rental

Home Depot Truck Rental     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

What we love: The Load ‘N Go Vehicle Rental Program

They offer a unique and affordable program that allows customers to rent the Home Depot flatbed trucks and cargo vans for $19.95 for the first 75 minutes with no additional mileage fees. This is helpful for quick-moving projects such as one sofa or a few smaller furniture items. They also offer 24-hour and weekly rental packages with unlimited mileage.

What we don’t love: No Advanced Reservation Option For Local Home Depot Vehicle Rentals

One drawback to the Home Depot program is that the rentals are generally “first-come, first-serve” and advanced reservations are not permitted. (Note: This does not apply to their Penske truck rental option)


  • The tool-rental program is extensive and provides access to anything a customer might need for completing most moving-related projects
  • The website has a moving calculator tool that is useful and extremely easy to use for determining the size of the truck and moving supplies necessary to complete your specific move. (see image below)


  • One-way rentals are typically not available on the Home Depot truck or cargo van models and require the customer to return the vehicle to the same location where it was rented.
  • Automobile towing is not available with the Home Depot truck or cargo van models. (does not apply to Penske rentals)
  • A $150 deposit is required for most rentals that must be charged to a credit card.

U-Haul vs Home Depot: Service Offering Comparison

U-Haul vs Home Depot: Vehicle Options

Our opinion: Even. Although they have some slight variations in size in the 10 – 22-foot range of moving trucks, both offer a complete fleet of pickup, cargo van, and various truck sizes.

U-Haul vs Home Depot: Service (Coverage) Area Comparison

Our opinion: U-Haul has the edge here. It is important to recognize that truck rentals are U-Haul’s primary offerings and they have more than 20,000 locations. Home Depot is primarily in the retail hardware and improvement business and there are fewer locations in most markets.

U-Haul vs Home Depot: Pricing Comparison

ModelLocationU-HaulHome Depot
Cargo VanDallas, TX$19.95 + .59 mile$19 for 75 mins or $129 per day (unlimited miles)
26’ TruckDallas, TX$39.95 + .79 mile$199 per day + .99 mile
Cargo VanChicago, IL$19.95 + .59 mile$19 for 75 mins or $129 per day (unlimited miles)
26’ TruckChicago, IL$39.95 + .79 mile$299 per day + 1.29 mile
Cargo VanBoston, MA$19.95 + .89 mile$19 for 75 mins or $129 per day (unlimited miles)
26’ TruckBoston, MA$39.95 + 1.09 mile$299 per day + 1.29 mile

Our opinion: Even. Both organizations offer competitive pricing, but costs are calculated differently. Cargo vans from Home Depot are preferred if you can complete the project within 75 minutes or if you will be traveling 20 miles or more. U-Haul is the better option for the moving trucks unless you want to keep the truck overnight and return the next day, which is included in the Home Depot prices.

U-Haul vs Home Depot: Available Discounts Comparison


They are currently offering one month of free self-storage with a truck rental. Free shipping is available on moving boxes and supplies with a minimum order of $50. Customers may also qualify for discounted rates at Choice Hotels for 15% and Wyndham for 10%

Home Depot

Discounts are available on Penske truck rentals for military (10%), college students (10%), and AAA members are eligible for 12% off of truck rentals and supply purchases.

Our opinion: Edge to Home Depot (Penske). U-Haul’s discounts generally apply to purchases with companies that they partner with. Home Depot more clearly promotes their discount offers.


Home Depot is an excellent option for small, local, and same-day moving projects that can be completed with a flatbed truck or cargo van. All of their large 12 to 26’ moving trucks are provided exclusively through Penske. U-Haul has more than 20,000 U.S. locations and is a good option for long-distance one-way rentals. Both companies are competitively priced; however, they structure their prices differently and customers are encouraged to compare the two to determine which provides them a better value.

Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo is no stranger to the moving industry. After analyzing and reviewing hundreds of moving companies, he's sharing his tips and expertise to help people have a more stress-free moving experience.

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Home Depot Truck Rentals: What to Know Including Pricing

What You Should Know About Home Depot Rental Trucks

Home Depot Truck Rentals - What to Know Including Pricing

Are you researching what to know about renting a Home Depot truck? Whether you are planning a DIY move or home renovations, you could need to rent a truck. If your vehicle isn’t big enough to move your stuff, or you don’t even have a car, a Home Depot rental truck could be ideal to meet your needs.

Home Depot truck rentals offer something different from other companies. If you need a truck for a short move and are close to a Home Depot, renting from them can remove many hassles. Most people want to know right off the bat is how much does a Home Depot Truck cost to rent.

You are in luck as we have an excellent guide to Home Depot truck rental pricing. Not only will you find information on truck rental costs but a whole host of other essential points to consider. Maximum Real Estate Exposure’s guide on Home Depot trucks is one of the best you will find.

If you are looking to rent a Home Depot truck, we have the information you need to know. Let’s take a deeper look.

Home Depot Truck Rental Options

When you rent a Home Depot truck, you have a few choices. You can choose from a box truck, cargo van, or pickup truck. And if you need something larger, they are partnered with Penske to offer moving trucks. The Penske fleet is available at most locations, though their charging method for a truck rental is different from Home Depot.

Truck rentals at Home Depot start from $19. This will give you 75 minutes of use of either a cargo van or pickup. For every additional 15 minutes, you will be charged $5 more. Penske, however, uses a more traditional way of charging for truck rental – by the day.

When it comes to comparing a DIY move or hiring a moving professional, a truck rental company like Home Depot can make your move a whole lot easier. Renting one of their trucks can also cut moving costs tremendously.

Truck Availability

Another way that Home Depot truck rentals differ from Penske and other rental companies is reservations. While you might expect to reserve your truck, so it’s ready when you need it, this isn’t how truck rental for Home Depot works.

They don’t give you the option of reserving the vehicle you need ahead of time. You get the choice of trucks available when you arrive at the store. They do let you check on the current availability at your nearest locations on their website. This will only give you an indication of what is available, as trucks could be taken while you are driving to the Home Depot.

This might be ideal if you don’t need to move your stuff on a particular day and if you can choose less busy times for truck rentals. As you might imagine, Home Depot’s trucks are more in demand at the weekends, so if you don’t have to move items on those days, it will be easier to get the truck you need.

Arriving early on the day you need the truck is another option, though it does mean moving early in the morning. Nice weather is likely to lead to less availability as well, with homeowners looking to complete DIY projects in warmer conditions and summer months.

Home Depot Rental Truck Costs

Renting a pickup or cargo van will cost you $19 for 75 minutes, a day’s rental will cost $129, and a week is $903. The box truck is more at $29 for 75 minutes, but only slightly more expensive for a day at $139 and $973 for a week.

On top of that, you will have to pay a deposit of $150, whichever truck you rent. There is also a $150 credit deposit for Penske trucks, but only for round trips. If you are using a Penske truck for one-way moves, a deposit isn’t required.

If you want to rent a Penske truck, the pricing isn’t as clear, and you will need to get a quote. They factor in demand for when you need the vehicle, along with other things like size and rental time. All of the Penske trucks benefit from loading ramps, as does the box truck from Home Depot.

If you want to do a bit of price shopping, you can check out the truck rental prices at U-Haul, which is Home Depot’s chief competitor in the DIY moving department.

Rental Trucks Available from Home Depot

What Type Of Trucks Does Home Depot Rent

You can expect to choose from the following trucks from Home Depot:

  • F250 Pickup Truck
  • T250 Flatbed Truck, 10-foot long and slightly larger than the F250
  • Cargo Van, enclosed and ideal for short-distance moves
  • HD Moving Box Truck, suitable for a 1-bedroom move

Four sizes of trucks are available from Penske, these are:

  • 12-foot, with a max weight of 3,100 lbs, for a 1-bedroom
  • 16-foot, with 4,300 lbs max, for 2 or 3 rooms
  • 22-foot, with a 10,000 lbs limit, for 3 to 5 rooms
  • 26-foot, also with 10,000 lbs max, for 5 to 7 rooms

Renting Extra Equipment

You might need a moving dolly to help load your truck, and if you do, Home Depot will rent you one. If you need straps, blankets, and other moving materials, you can buy them in-store, but they aren’t available to rent.

Trailers are available to rent as well. But like the trucks, you can’t reserve them in advance. They offer 3 types of open trailers, suitable for everything up to tall and top-heavy furniture items.

If you rent a trailer from them, they will include a hitch, but if you have your own trailer, you will also need to provide your own compatible hitch. With Penske rentals, they will make sure your truck has a hitch if you need one. They can also rent you a tow dolly or car carrier.

The Benefits of Truck Rental at Home Depot

There are some obvious advantages to choosing Home Depot for your truck rental. Their costs are straightforward to understand, allowing you to accurately budget for your moving expenses if you don’t have much to move. There isn’t any need to worry about making a reservation in advance, and they are available conveniently from your nearest Home Depot.

The Downsides of Home Depot Truck Rentals

The advantage of not needing a reservation can also be a big downside. There is always the danger that the truck you need isn’t available, which could leave you waiting for another customer to return the vehicle.

If you aren’t sure how long you will need the truck for, and you aren’t really close to the Home Depot, you could find your charges increasing quite quickly if you aren’t careful. Many folks make moving mistakes that could have been avoided with a bit of due diligence.

Final Thoughts on Renting a Home Depot Truck

Renting a truck from Home Depot can make a lot of sense if you can be flexible and don’t have far to move your items. Even if you need to move further, the partnership with Penske will get you a more suitable truck with similar convenience.

When it comes to making a DIY move, Home Depot can be a great help. Not only do they have a terrific fleet of moving trucks, but if there is something you need for your new home or to make your move easier, you have the luxury of having a home improvement store right at your fingertips.

Hopefully, you have found this guide to moving with Home Depot to be useful.

About the author: The above article on “Home Depot Truck Rentals: What to Know Including Pricing” was written by Bill Gassett. Bill has been working in the real estate industry for the past thirty-three years. He works for RE/MAX Executive Realty in Hopkinton Massachusetts. Bill loves providing trustworthy information to buyers, sellers, and fellow real estate agents to make the best possible decisions. His writing has been featured on RIS Media, National Association of Realtors, Inman News, Placester,, Credit Sesame, and others.

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The Rochester Real Estate Blog has been recognized by many reputable websites as one of the best real estate blogs to visit and follow!  In addition to being recognized as one of the best real estate blogs, Kyle has been recognized as one of the top Realtors on social media by several organizations and websites.

With over 40 years combined experience, if you’re thinking of selling or buying, we’d love to share our knowledge and expertise.

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U-Haul vs. Home Depot: Which is Best When Moving

u-haul vs home depoty

U-Haul vs. Home Depot: What to Know

When you are planning a DIY move, two of the companies that might come to mind are U-Haul and Home Depot. They both offer vehicle rentals, and U-Haul has storage and moving options as well. But which is better for your moving needs? That’s open for debate, so we will take an in-depth look to see if you should focus on a truck rental with Home Depot or opt for U-Haul instead.

To help you decide which is best for your needs, let’s look at the pros and cons of each moving company. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a much better handle on the truck rental options available to you with these two companies.

Whether downsizing or moving to a larger home it makes sense to work with a moving company you’ll have a pleasurable experience with.

U-Haul Truck Rental

When moving with U-Haul, you benefit from competitive pricing on truck rentals. They also provide you with extra services to make sure your move goes smoothly.

If you need extra space, they offer trailers for your stuff as well as towing dollies for a vehicle. They also offer storage containers known as U-Box. They sell moving boxes and packing materials too.

With U-Haul, even though you can benefit from their large number of locations, there is a downside.

Unfortunately, there are frequent complaints from customers indicating problems with customer service. In some of their locations, they can be understaffed with badly trained personnel. The result of this is delays and frustrations for customers if they are using a location with overstretched staff.

U-Haul Pros

U-Box: If you would like to use a storage container to load in your own time, their U-Box service is an option. Like the well-known PODS service, U-Haul’s containers are delivered to your home to let you pack them before they are moved to your new home or into storage. They are rented monthly, costing somewhere between $59 and $79 depending on your location.

Standard Features: Their trucks include ramps, air-con, and roadside assistance.

Locations: With more than 21,000 locations in North America, you should have one near you.

U-Haul Cons

No Guarantees: U-Haul has had problems with rental guarantees, not guaranteeing reservations in the past. While they do offer a reservation guarantee these days, they have failed to honor that on many occasions.

Extra Charges: If you are unfortunate and get a parking ticket when renting your U-Haul truck, they will charge a $30 administration fee to deal with it. There is also a small charge for toll roads to be paid.

Reservation Holds: When you make a reservation, they will take a deposit from your credit or debit card. Though if you cancel, this hold on your card can take a while to be returned to you. Until the money is returned, you will have a limit on your available spending, which could be more of a problem during the moving process.

Home Depot Truck Rentals

The truck rental service provided by Home Depot is very different from what other companies offer. Moving with Home Depot means not needing to make a reservation for your truck.

While this can be an advantage in some situations, there are downsides. You might not get the truck you want when you need it. Since they operate without a reservation system, there might not be the size of truck available when you go to collect it.

The truck rental costs with Home Depot are very straightforward as well, with a charge of either $19 or $29 for the first 75 minutes of rental. A van or pickup will cost $19, and their box truck costs $29. If you go past 75 minutes, they charge $5 for each additional 15 minutes you have the truck.

You don’t have to worry about additional mileage charges, and they do offer rental packages if you need the truck for longer. If you only have a few things to move, and you don’t need to move very far, a rental from Home Depot might be perfect.

When you need a larger truck than they offer or you would like to reserve your vehicle, they have partnered with Penske to offer a greater range of trucks.

Home Depot Pros

Moving Calculator: To help you work out the size of truck you need and the packing materials required, Home Depot has a moving calculator. This will give you some understanding of the items you need to pack for your move. Though it might overestimate the boxes and other items you need, it is, after all, trying to sell these things to you.

Tool Rental: Home Depot offers most of the things you could need to help out with your move, and you can purchase at the same location.

Home Depot Cons

No One-Way Rentals: When you rent a Home Depot truck, you will need to return it to the same location you picked it up from.

Paying the Deposit: There is a charge of $150 for the deposit when renting from Home Depot. This needs to be charged to a credit card.

Towing: There isn’t an option to tow a car with Home Depot. If you need that service, you can get it through Penske, however.

Comparing Truck Rental Services: U-Haul vs. Home Depot

When looking at the range of vehicles available, they do offer similar truck sizes. This is only when including the Penske service with Home Depot. Otherwise, U-Haul would have a clear advantage here.

U-Haul is clearly in the lead when it comes to locations. They have nearly ten times the number of locations across the country than Home Depot stores.

When comparing the costs, Home Depot’s charges remain the same everywhere, and they offer unlimited mileage. This might not be the case when using a Penske truck, though they offer unlimited mileage on one-way journeys.

The cost of a cargo van between U-Haul and Home Depot is similar, with U-Haul costing just 95 cents more at $19.95. Though U-Haul will charge 59 cents or more for each mile, you can use the truck for more than 75 minutes, however.

Final Thoughts

If you have a simpler move that you don’t expect to take too long, Home Depot is a good option. They allow you to get a truck without reserving in advance, making your move very straightforward and cheap if you are close to a Home Depot store.

U-Haul also offers competitive prices and is available from many more locations. If you need the vehicle for longer and you need to drive further, U-Haul could have the edge.

Check your prices locally with U-Haul, and compare what both have to offer before deciding which is the best choice. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide on what to expect when choosing either a Home Depot or U-Haul truck to rent.


Rental homedepot truck

What to Know About Home Depot Truck Rentals

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Renting a Truck Through Home Depot

Are you considering renting a truck from Home Depot? There is no question that Home Depot truck rentals are a popular choice! If you’ve got a huge remodeling or home improvement project plan, you’re probably going to need some more transport storage than what you’re going to get out of your family car. You might not even have a vehicle that would accommodate what you need to move.

Another substantial reason you may want to consider using Home Depot is for a DIY move. Many folks want to save as much money on their move, and the best way to do that is to forgo hiring a moving company.

In situations like these, services like a Home Depot rental truck will be convenient to ensure your moving or home improvement plans can still go ahead without too much extra hassle or cost. Home Depot truck rentals have become extremely popular because of this.

There is essentially a moving truck for every DIY project, which means you can find one at the right price, which will aid your DIY move or home project, not hinder it.

Rates start at $19 for the first 75 minutes and then cost $5 for every 15 minutes after that. Of course, these numbers change depending on the type of truck you are renting from Home Depot.

With the general basics covered, let’s get into a bit more detail about home depot truck rentals. You can also look over the resource above from Maximum Real Estate Exposure, which goes into depth on renting a truck through Home Depot.

Home Depot Truck Rentals

How Much Does The Home Depot Rental Truck Service Cost

As mentioned, it will cost you $19 for the first 75 minutes of a basic truck rental, or $129 a day or $903 for an entire week. For larger longer-distance moves, Home Depot has contracted with Penske so you can use their trucks.

For a Penske moving truck rental, you will first need to fill out some information so that you can get an accurate quote; they need to know how big the truck needs to be, what you’re going to be using it for, and how many days you will need it.

The quote will also vary depending on the demand of the truck you’re going to need. You can get additional detailed information on the cost of renting a truck from Home Depot in the resource found on Active Rain.

Other Details to Know About Home Depot Rental Trucks

Moving trucks have their own ramps so putting your belongings on and off the truck is pretty simple. Although these trucks, unfortunately, do not come with their own dollies, you will have to source your own.

You’ll need to provide your own straps, moving blankets, boxes, and other moving materials, too, so you’re going to have to obtain all of these things before you even think about renting a truck.

If you plan to pull a vehicle, trailer, or any else, then Home Depot will unfortunately only include a hitch if you’re renting a towable tool. Otherwise, just like your own moving material, you’ll have to source your own.

It will need to be one which is compatible with a 2-inch hitch receiver.

Important Considerations

THEY’RE BEST FOR LOCAL MOVES – Home depot rental costs are determined by the amount of time you have the truck for, not the mileage you’ve put onto it. We’ve already discussed the flat rates above, but to reiterate, the first 75 minutes is a flat fee, and then you have to pay additional fees every 15 mins afterward.

THE TRUCKS ARE ON THE SMALLER SIDE – The standard additions of Home Depot rental trucks are actually on the smaller side and will only do you any good if you’re taking home materials from within the store to your project area. If you need something larger, they offer Penske rentals in the larger sizes, which are ideal for three to five-bedroom homes.

YOU HAVE TO RETURN THE TRUCK FROM THE SAME LOCATION YOU RENTED IT – One of the big issues with Home depot rental trucks is that you can only return the truck to the location you rented it, which means that if you’ve got a cross country move planned then it’s going to be pretty awkward to have to drive the truck all the way back and then rearrange travel to go all the way back to your new home.

YOU CAN’T RESERVE A HOME DEPOT RENTAL TRUCK IN ADVANCE – Unfortunately, you can’t actually book or reserve a home depot rental truck, which is not ideal if you need it on specific days of the week. All you can do is check availability on their website, and if they’ve got the one you want, then great. Ideally, if you can’t be flexible on moving, you might want to just go with another company that will allow you to reserve their moving trucks.

We have written about Home Depot’s competition in the past which is U-Haul. You can see a comparison of pricing to rent a truck with U-Haul here.

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

Since there are quite a few options that you have for moving trucks, we just want to go over the different ones available and what we think they are best to be used for.

PICKUP – The smallest Home depot truck available, ideal for interior/exterior materials on a small DIY home improvement project you’ve got planned.

CARGO – Again, perfect for moving project materials from Home depot to your property

HOME DEPOT BOX TRUCK – Ideal if you’re moving from a single one-bedroom house or studio apartment to another.

PENSKE 12-FOOT TRUCK – This is a cheaper option than the one above but is a Penske rental rather than a home depot one. Generally, this is a good choice if you live in a single bedroom house or a small apartment.

PENSKE 16-FOOT TRUCK – If you live in a 2-3 bedroom house or just require the extra carry weight for a bigger project, then this option is going to be your best choice.

PENSKE 22-FOOT TRUCK – If you’re planning a local move and you currently live in a 3-5 bedroom house, then the 22-foot truck is ideal; also a good option if you’ve got a huge project planned for your home.

PENSKE 26-FOOT TRUCK – Although this and the 22-foot truck both have the same carry weight, it has a much larger surface area that will be needed if you’re moving out of a large family home.

If you are unsure of the size of the truck you want to rent, it is always best to pick something bigger. You don’t want to get caught making excess trips because you chose a truck that was too small for your move.

If you are unsure about anything, it is always smart to ask the truck rental company questions. You’ll be covered by reading this helpful set of things to ask to ensure you’ll be happy.

Final Thoughts on Home Depot Truck Rentals

When you are looking to save money on your move, renting a truck from Home Depot is one way you can save a significant amount of money. You also don’t have to worry about some of the horror stories of hiring a bad moving company.

There are, of course, some downsides to moving yourself.

If you have never moved before, you’ll quickly discover it can be grueling work. You might have to rest your back for a few days. Home Depot truck rentals do offer convenience and cost savings which for many folks can easily outweigh any downsides.

Hopefully, you have found this guide to renting a truck from Home Depot to be useful. Best of luck with your move!

We Rented a Home Depot Truck For Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental

home depot truck rental article graphic

Are you wondering if renting a truck at Home Depot will be a good move? Remodeling and redesigning the interior of your home involves many ideas and hard work. Home Depot is a great place to get your home design work done.

If you are doing a significant amount of work to your property, renting one of their trucks could be extremely helpful.

The Home Depot truck rental service makes home projects an easy job when it comes to transportation. You'll find this to be true for large houses and small apartments. Where Home Depot really excels, though, is when you want to make a do-it-yourself move.

Many folks have discovered renting a Home Depot truck to be a much cheaper option than hiring a professional moving company. You can save a substantial amount of money when making a local move.

The Home Depot rental trucks are such a handy tool, no matter the size of your project. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about their rental truck options.

Home Depot Truck Rental Fleet Overview

At Home Depot, you will discover an entire fleet. There is an appropriate vehicle for each need you might incur during your moving process.

You can choose among flatbed, cargo vans, box trucks, or large Penske trucks for moving operations. The trucks come in sizes from 12 feet up to 26 feet.

The rental locations are everywhere around the country, either at a Home Depot store or several other rental points.

Booking a Home Depot Vehicle

There are no reservations in advance for renting a vehicle. Instead, you can check online the availability of a specific type of truck at the closest Home depot point to your address. Then make the purchase and rent the truck immediately.

If you see no availability, we recommend you wait on your rental for a better date. Weekends are normally when rental trucks become harder to come by. More people choose to move during the weekend than during the middle of the week.

If you can take some time during the week, you can be sure to find immediately an available and couple movingappropriate truck to rent.

Penske Trucks Work Differently

There is a different procedure with the Penske trucks. You can book one in advance, depending on your moving dates. Plus, there are even more rental points. Not only can you book one at your local Home Depot, but also at several more drop-off areas. Thus moving becomes an easy, convenient job.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Home Depot Truck?

All rental rates of the vehicles from Home Depot are calculated according to the time you want to rent.

Here are some examples of rental prices. For a cargo van as well as for an F-250 flatbed, you will pay $19 for 75 minutes plus the extra $5 for every additional 15 minutes, or $129 for a whole day, and $903 for a whole week.

A box truck costs $29 per 75 minutes, $139 per day, and $973 per week. In both cases, you need to pay a deposit of $150.

Rental Rates for Home Depot Trucks

You also need to pay a deposit of $150 before renting the Penske truck.

However, the rental rates will vary depending on the size and time frame. Every time you need to rent one, you will fill in the number of days and the truck size: 12 feet, 16 feet, 22 feet, or 26 feet. Depending on the vehicle you choose, there will be a custom quote.

It should be noted that a Home Depot Truck provides you with a loading ramp. There is no dolly, so you need to rent one directly from Home depot when you load your items at the store.

You also need to purchase your moving boxes and safety elements to secure the cargo.

How Do You Choose Your Appropriate Home Depot Truck?

To decide upon the best vehicle for your project, here are some general comparison data.question mark above woman

The pickup trucks and cargo vans are appropriate for project materials. They both allow a maximum weight of 3000 lbs.

The box truck provided by Home Depot allows a maximum weight of 3850 lbs and allows you to upload approximately the contents of a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.

In the case of Penske trucks, you get a maximum of 3100 lbs for the 12 feet model, 4300 lbs for 16 feet, and 10,000 lbs for the 22 and 26 feet trucks.

When it comes to the approximate capacity, 12 feet includes 1 room, the 16 feet variant includes 2-3 rooms, the 22 feet model goes with 3-5 rooms, whereas the 26 feet truck has a capacity of 5-7 rooms.

You can take a look at some excellent tips for renting a moving truck to help out further.

Pros and Cons of Renting a Home Depot Truck


  • The fleet is very versatile and responds to all possible needs, either redecoration or moving ones.
  • The vehicle availability is quite good, especially during weekdays.
  • The rental rates are affordable and clear for everybody. There are rates calculated per minute, by day, and weekly.
  • The rental process is easy, there is no hassle.
  • You can book your Penske truck in advance.


  • You need to pay an advance of 150$ for each vehicle you rent, no matter the type.
  • There is no reservation option for you to rent a flatbed, a cargo van, or a box truck.

As the rental rates are calculated depending on the rental time, you cannot control your budget precisely. Depending on the actual uploading/unloading actions, you might need to extend your estimated rental time. Thus, some extra fees might be added.

Who Are Home Depot's Truck Rental Competitors?

When it comes to Home Depot's competition in the do-it-yourself moving truck business, there is no doubt it is U-Haul. U-Haul has many truck rental locations. When you are committed to making a move on your own, U-Haul will be worth making a comparison.

You might find that there is a better deal in your local area.

Home Depot Truck Reviews

Home Depot has an excellent network of locations in the most populated areas around the country. Finding a Home Depot near your location is usually fairly easy.

When it comes to moving yourself, the prices for renting a truck are reasonable. They also have an excellent fleet of vehicles to choose from. Unless you are moving your possessions from a huge home, you will find a suitable vehicle for your needs.

Home Depot gets favorable ratings from the majority of its clients. Keep in mind that moving is tough work. It won't be wise if you bite off more than you can chew.

Make sure you don't forget about all of the other myriads of tasks you'll need to get done, such as notifying everyone of your move. So many tasks can fall through the cracks when you're trying to do too much yourself.

Bottom Line

Home Depot truck rentals are a great way to get a truck to help move your things.  Whether you are wanting to save money on furniture delivery fees or looking to move everything in the house Home Depot have truck options for you.  By being prepared and understanding the costs and time frames for the rental you can save money on any move.

Additional Resources

  • The Ultimate Moving Checklist - Helpful moving tips to make sure the move is done easy and as stress free as possible.  By planning ahead and having checklists you are well on your way to a successful move.
  • Money Saving Tips When Moving - Save money and time when moving by utilizing the tips in this helpful article.  Things like timing the move to less busy times, doing your own packing, using spare boxes and more can add up in the end. 

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