Kenwood receiver fm antenna

Kenwood receiver fm antenna DEFAULT

System connections

Connection method to each antenna terminal


While pressing lever.

@ Insert cord.

@ Release lever.





AM loop antenna connection

The supplied antenna is for indoor use. Place it as far as possible from the main system, TV set, speaker cords and

power cord, and set it to the direction which provides the best reception.



AM outdoor antenna connection

If reception is poor when using the AM loop antenna, connect the ANTENNAterminals to a vinyl-coated wire of more

than 6 meters outdoors, without disconnecting the loop antenna.



FMindoor antenna connection

The supplied antenna is for indoor use. For stable reception, it is recommended to install an outdoor antenna as soon

as possible.


Find the position that

provides best reception.

@ Fix the two ends.


FMoutdoor antenna connection

It is recommended to install an exclusive FM outdoor antenna to receive FM broadcast with high sound quality.

Use a coaxial cable for the connection between the outdoor antenna and FMANTENNAterminal on the rear panel. For

the connection between the coaxial cable and FM ANTENNAterminal, please refer to the illustration.


..- Ouu.-



Almost 10 years ago, I broke the antenna that came with my JVC stereo. I checked in with the company for a replacement indoor fm antenna., but the amount they mentioned broke my heart – how on earth did JVC expect me, a broke college student then, to pay over 70 bucks for an antenna?

I decided to explore options. My friends told me about a couple aftermarket antennas that were worth trying. I decided to purchase a Menkey model after a friend of mine insisted that I try it out.

And guess what?

It not only cleared the distortion that some of the channels had, but also pulled in a couple extra channels. It was clear that the unit was even better than the one JVC had given me when I purchased the stereo.

Well, if you’re in the same position I was, I am here to help you. Having explored numerous antennas since 2010 and gained tremendous bits of knowledge regarding these gadgets, I am in the best position to help you find the best indoor fm antenna.

This Table For Shortly Choosing A Right  Product

Why Indoor FM Antenna?

Picture words passing by above your hand. Now imagine holding out your hand to capture them. That is just how aerials work with regards to radio waves. Radio waves are pieces of information passing in the air at speeds of light. 

These waves are electromagnetic in nature, and they carry info through the atmosphere, and antennas are the hands that capture them.

What an FM antenna does is that it turns the radio waves it captures into electrical signals that can produce sound in your stereo.

Without it, there’s no way that you can listen to radio.

But why an indoor antenna instead of an outdoor antenna? There are three major reasons:

  • Cost – an indoor antenna costs even up to 10 times less than an outdoor model.
  • Ease of installation – most models are plug and play. You connect the jack, search the stations in a few minutes and start enjoying radio immediately. 
  • Necessity – maybe you live in an apartment where you cannot run cables to the outside. In that case an indoor antenna for FM radio is necessary if you love radio.

Our Top 15 Best Indoor FM Antennas Reviews

1. Menkey FM Dipole Antenna

I first came to know the Menkey FM Dipole Antenna almost 10 years ago when I broke my first stereo’s original antenna. Checking with the manufacturer for a replacement, I was shocked at how much I would have to pay – over 70 bucks. As a college student, that was too much for me at the time.

So I decided to dig around see if I could get something cheaper out there without compromising the quality too much.

A friend I was staying with recommended the Menkey FM Dipole Antenna. I bought it for less than 10 bucks, so it was obviously a huge bargain.

Plugging the antenna into my stereo, the sound quality was not in any way less in quality than the original antenna provided. It was as crisp and clean.

I have to mention too that the setup was seamless, thanks to the fact that the unit fit perfectly on my stereo.

After a while, I relocated to an apartment that was situated such that I had to place my antennas on the outside, running a cable of about 15 feet.

What amazed me was that even running such a long antenna cable, the sound did not get distorted. There was no degradation in quality.

The Menkey FM Dipole Antenna’s power comes from the fact that it features a triple loop design. That improves reception and captures more stations.

I love the improvements on the antenna since 2010. Today, the antenna comes with both male and female adapters to pair with any stereo.

The only issue I have noted is that the instructions are not very clear on how to work the cables and connectors.

Highlighted Features:

  • PAL female and male jack adapters
  • F type connector
  • 75 ohm
  • Triple loop design
  • Versatile – works with a wide range of stereos – JVC, Pioneer, Sony, Onkyo, etc.
  • Great reception 

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2. Ancable Telescopic 75-Ohm Indoor FM Antenna

Are you a fan of telescopic antennas?

Personally, I love these antennas as they can be extended or pulled back, which makes them versatile and easy to keep out of the way without being detached.

The Ancable Telescopic 75-Ohm Indoor FM Antenna offers some of the highest quality I have seen in a telescopic antenna. It is not only sturdy but also easy to use and effective at doing what it is created for – pulling in the signal.

A heavy duty, high quality brass copper material is what gives this unit its sturdiness.

It is one of those aerials you can rely on to serve you for years without breaking as easily as I have seen some telescopic antennas do.

The unit has ten sections, with each measuring around three inches. So, you get more than 30 inches worth of height when you extend the unit fully.

One thing I love a lot about this aerial is the reception. Installing this one on your stereo, you’re assured of much less distortion and even the capture of new channels.

Ease of use is another area where the antenna wins over most other models on the market. Forget those units that come with cables that have to be handles and wired precisely to keep them out of the way.

All you need to do with this one is screw or plug it in. No cables to deal with.

High compatibility is yet another benefit you get to enjoy. That is made possible by the fact that three different types of adapters are shipped with the product. You get a PAL female, PAL male, and a 3.5mm.

You also get a male F connector. That ensures you can use the antenna with virtually any stereo out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Telescopic design
  • 10 extension sections
  • Made of a durable brass copper material
  • Easy to install – no cables to deal with 

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3. RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dipole Antenna Kit

If high value is what you’re looking for, you ought to think about the RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dipole Antenna Kit.

This kit presents you with a few items, including two differently sized telescopic antennas, a dipole base with an extension cable, a suction cup mount, and a flex tripod mount.

With all this power, you can use the antenna for a wide range of different applications. You can use it with air traffic controls, trunked radios, weather satellites, public safety radios, and even with astronomical monitoring devices.

For am fm radio reception at home or in the vehicle, the antenna works almost like nothing else out there. It offers the clearest and crispest sound I have heard.

If you want something that can tune down to 500khz when using q channel direct sampling, this device will do it. With it, you can seamlessly receive shortwave and AM broadcast on the 25, 31, and 49 bands.

I think the unit is not built for ham bands. That being said, you can still enjoy ham bands by doing proper antenna arrangement. As for am and sw bands, the antenna works very efficiently.

When it comes to weather control, public safety, and FM broadcast needs, this is one of the most efficient units. That’s made possible by the fact that the unit’s VHF/UHF works great.

I love the fact the RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dipole Antenna Kit does HF excellently. However, to get the unit to do HF, you have to set it to the direct sampling mode. 

Love listening to amateur radio at night? With the right ground plane, you can pull tons of signal, thanks to the large whip antenna.

If you’re interested in trying out SDR, you definitely don’t want to pass up on an antenna this cheap. The price is most certainly hard to beat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile – compatible with many applications, including weather and traffic control
  • Comprehensive kit – comes with dipole base, mounts, 2 sizes of antennas, etc.
  • Improved component tolerance
  • Sma f connector
  • Aluminum shielded case with thermal pad
  • Tunes from 500khz to 1.7ghz

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4. TERK Omni-Directional FM Antenna for Indoor Use

Do you hate having to hang a 10-foot dipole antenna on the wall and hope it is in the correct direction? You’re in luck because I found an antenna that is perfect for folks like you – the TERK Omni-Directional Indoor FM Antenna.

As the name suggests, this is an omnidirectional antenna. It uses a 360-degree reception pattern that gives it the ability to pick up signals from all directions.

This is the best antenna for fm radio with regard to the ease of installation and even movement. It is designed more like an electronic device than an antenna. So, you just place it hook the cable to the radio and start enjoying a clear signal right away.

I love the design of its base. It allows the unit to stand freely and also fold flat when being mounted on a wall.

You can hang the unit from a loop, folding the cable around the base. That way, you’ll be able to rotate the unit while keeping it high on the wall.

If you’re also looking for beauty, you might find this antenna to be the right option. It is small and looks great, like a smart electronic device.

I have heard many people complaining about the signal strength with this antenna. One thing I noted is that if you hook the antenna cable to your radio through a balun (matching transformer), there’ll be considerable loss of signal strength.

I find it more appropriate to attach the antenna lead directly to the radio through an F connection. That way, you’ll pick up even the weak college radios in your area.

The best part – you get all this quality for just over 10 bucks. If you asked me, it’s worth trying.

Highlighted Features:

  • Omnidirectional antenna design – receives signals from all directions
  • Fantastic design – looks great
  • Clever base for free standing or wall mounting
  • 88 to 108 mhz fm frequency range
  • 6-foot cable included (75 ohm)
  • Quick installation
  • Inexpensive

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5. TERK Amplified AM/FM Indoor Antenna

Here’s yet another antenna that offers you a combination of great looks and better than average reception power.

The TERK Amplified AM/FM Indoor Antenna is a tower antenna that looks like one of those elegant tower home theater speakers – really cool.

As a powered antenna, the unit ensures you get more signals than you’re currently getting with the antenna that came with the stereo. It’s a good option for both long and short range reception.

But it’s not just the fact that it is powered that makes the signal reception great. This is a 360° omnidirectional antenna. That means it picks the signal from any direction.

The downside, however, is that its omnidirectional capabilities are somewhat overrated. Yes, you might be able to eliminate the static that some channels had. However, if you move the antenna slightly, that may disrupt the signal, meaning the benefit is lost.

I recommend you find the sweet spot and let the unit remain there without any movement.

If the TERK Amplified AM/FM Indoor Antenna has one thing going for, it is the ease of set up. This is not one of those wire antennas that you have to struggle to set up. Moreover, the unit comes with an adapter that you can hook to a range of stereo receivers.

Although the unit doesn’t work miracles, in that you have to find the sweet spot, it is fantastic overall. You will get more fm stations and even a couple am stations.

The antenna also clearly offers some amplification ability.

Highlighted Features:
  • Beautiful tower design
  • 540-1700 KHz am frequency range 
  • 88 -108 MHz fm frequency range
  • 360-degree omni-directional am fm radio reception
  • 6-ft coax cable (75 Ohm)

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6. Ancable FM Antenna

Are you on a tight budget?

Need a good antenna fm antenna under 10? Consider the Ancable FM Antenna. This is a heap 75 ohm antenna for indoor use.

One thing I do admire with it is the ease of use. The unit comes with an F type connector, and all you got to do is push it in. It’s a plug and play unit that you just plug into the back of your stereo and enjoy the functionality directly.

Versatility is one of the joys of owning the antenna. You can use it with almost any brand of stereo out there, including Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, Yamaha, and more.

I did not find the provided cable very long, but it’s better than nothing for a product that costs so little. The provided length is 4.9 feet.

At first, I was skeptical regarding the ability of the Ancable FM Antenna to receive stations. To my astonishment, the unit picked up signals much better than a good number of the factory antennas I have come across.

The sounds came in clearly, even those that were filled with static.

There’s one thing, though, that you need to understand – this antenna will not pick up the weak college radio signals in your area.

What it does is offer a better reception for the stations that you’ve already been able to capture but with a weak signal. It strengthens the weak signal and lets you enjoy good audio clarity.

When it comes to great value in an inexpensive antenna, almost nothing out there offers a better deal than the Ancable FM Antenna. I recommend it for those who are on a tight budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • 75 ohm
  • F type connector
  • Compatible with most stereo brands
  • 4.9 feet antenna cable
  • Cheap 

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7. Bingfu Magnetic Base FM Antenna

When I first saw the Bingfu Magnetic Base FM Antenna, I thought to myself – cool CB radio antenna! I thought the unit was meant only for vehicles (especially jeeps). I couldn’t even picture it as a unit anyone could use in their house.

But that was until I saw a friend of mine using it in his home. I experienced the power of the unit for reception indoors. The radio which I previously knew to have lots of noise (most times I asked my friend to shut off the stereo whenever I was there), now produced a crystal clear sound.

“Yeah, sure looks like a jeep antenna, but who cares?” my friend exclaimed.

And I agreed with him. What mattered was that the stereo no longer made annoying sounds when on fm.

When it comes to the ease of set up and use, this is definitely a good unit.

First off, it features a magnetic base. There’s no worry about where to attach it, as long as you have a metallic surface where you can keep it. That being said, this feature won’t be very helpful if you don’t have a metallic platform to keep it.

The unit comes with both male and female connectors to ensure compatibility with any stereo. There’s even a connector adapter in the package.

You’re also provided with a coaxial cable, which I found to be adequately long. It is 9.8 feet in length.

Psst…are you using an Onkyo brand stereo?

I found this antenna to work perfectly with Onkyo stereos. It also works well with other brands, including Sherwood, Yamaha, and Pioneer.

At just about ten bucks, the antenna is definitely fairly priced. Check it out.

Highlighted Features:
  • 9.8-foot coaxial cable
  • Free connector adapter
  • Both male and female f-type adapters
  • Easy to install 

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8. Ancable F Type FM Antenna for Bose Radio

Do you own a Bose Wave radio? Are you looking for a way to boost its signal reception so as to be able to listen to radio more clearly? Try the Ancable F Type FM Antenna for Bose Radio.

This is a specialty antenna built specifically for the Bose radio.

When it comes to a truly plug and play functionality, nothing works better for Bose radio that this antenna. It comes with a quick connector that you just plug in and enjoy immediate signal improvement.

You’re provided with a free 5.9 foot coax cable. That is long enough to place the receiver high up on the wall to increase the chances of picking up signals.

Yes, the unit is built speciafically for the Bose radio, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work with other brands of stereo. You can actually use it with Yamaha, Onkyo, Sherwood, Panasonic, JVC, and more.

One thing I loved about the Ancable F Type FM Antenna for Bose Radio is that it is built with high quality. The antenna is made of copper while the connector is made of brass. That ensures two things. Firstly, it makes certain there is durability.

Looking at the antenna, you might think it won’t last, but it’s in the real sense tougher than it looks.

And secondly, it ensures there is good signal reception. To tell you the truth, of the low priced antenna units you can find, this is, without a doubt, one of the best indoor antenna for fm radio. It clears out the noise and picks up weak signals.

Highlighted Features:
  • F type dipole antenna
  • 75 ohm fm antenna
  • Brass connector
  • Female to 3.5mm adapter
  • 5.9 feet coax

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9. Bose Wave FM Antenna

Is your Bose radio giving you problems with signal reception? Having a hard time getting the stations? Or is it that there is too much static?

You can solve all these issues with one little improvement – the Bose Wave FM Antenna.

Like the Bose Antenna we talked about earlier, this is a specialty antenna meant for the Bose radio.

Before we even talk more about the benefits that this unit offers, I want to clear up some issues. I noticed that some people are complaining about the antenna’s reception boosting capability.

Well, at first, I experienced this same issue with the unit. But I noticed one trick – don’t let the connector go all the way in. It might work for you or it might not. But, there’s one thing you have to do – position the antenna well.

And that’s the one disadvantage I noticed – you have to toil to find the sweet spot. On the brighter side, when you find it, the reception boosting benefit is very intelligible.

If you live in an area where the radio signal is poor, you might already know how important it is to have your antenna receiver up there. With the issue in mind, the seller provides you with a quite lengthy cable. The provided wire is 9 feet long.

One thing you’re going to love about this antenna is the ease of use. Forget the old style screw design. This is a plug and play unit. You just hook the connector and start enjoying a better signal immediately.

You might want to know about the price before even checking out this unit on amazon. Well, to be honest, I find the price to be a bit of a rip off. But go on and see it on amazon. Check out the rest of the product’s features and see if it’s worth it.

Highlighted Features:
  • 75 ohms antenna
  • 9 foot long cable
  • 2 foot Y-extensions
  • Plug and play connector
  • Boosts both fm and am 

Check Latest Price on Amazon

10. Parts Express FM Dipole Antenna

For less than 5 bucks, this is a truly fantastic little antenna.

Perhaps you don’t want an amplified antenna that has to sit on a shelf. Maybe what you’re looking for is a dipole antenna that you can tape up at the back, like behind a bookcase, where it’s out of the view. In that case, I would encourage you to check out the Parts Express FM Dipole Antenna.

One thing I have to make clear, though is that this is not the right choice if what you’re looking to do is pull in the weak signals coming from far away.

As the unit features a simple design and happens to be unamplified, it cannot pull in the stations being relayed from very far away. It can only pull in the stations coming from your area.

That is why I would recommend it for someone living in a metro area as opposed to the upcountry.

Remember that this is a 300 ohm unit with spade lugs. That means that if you have a 75 ohm connector, you will need a 75 to 300ohm balun. Luckily, you can find the balun for a very low price on amazon or ebay.

Another thing to know is that when it comes to the aesthetics, this is not the most pleasing unit. It doesn’t look all that beautiful.

Well, apart from these issues, the Parts Express FM Dipole Antenna is a fantastic antenna that old timers can remember. It was a popular choice is the 60s all the way to the 90s, and it still works great.

It works very well to capture the signals in your area and actually even removes the static, allowing you to listen to radio without noise.

And again, for less than five, it performs excellently. If you’re on a budget, this would be the perfect selection.

Highlighted Features:
  • 300 ohm antenna
  • 6 foot cable
  • Old fashioned design
  • Has spade lugs
  • Low priced 

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11. ANTV 50 Mile Radio Antenna

Looking for a good multidirectional antenna that picks up signals from different directions? You might want to think about the ANTV 50 Mile Radio Antenna.

One thing that this unit offers on a higher level than almost all other antennas I have come across is looks. It features a nice and classy modern design. It also has a cool black coating with silver sides that look awesome and go with almost any décor.

So, if you’re searching for an aesthetically pleasing antenna, you shouldn’t hesitate to get this one.

Do you live in a place where there is lots of static? This can happen if you live in a city or have lots of electronics in your house.

In that case, this antenna would benefit you a lot. Why? It is very efficient at clearing out the noise. It makes the sound coming from the radio crystal clear.

And not just. The unit is also integrated with an amplifier. That way, it offers an improved signal quality. In that regard, the sound is not only clear but also somewhat boosted in a way that it feels sweet and crisp.

If you hate those antennas that require taping, getting connectors separately or installing screws, this is the unit for you. The installation is super easy as all you have to do is plug and play. You just connect the F connector at the back of the stereo and position the receiver correctly, and that’s it.

There is one issue you have to be aware of, though. The unit is not very powerful when it comes to pulling in signals coming from far away. It works well to capture the signals coming from only up to 30 miles away.

Highlighted Features:
  • Great aesthetic value
  • Comes with all installation hardware
  • Built in amplifier
  • Noise reducer 

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12. RGTech Monarch Indoor AM/FM Antenna

Dr Argy Petros is a Nasa scientist who’s been inducted into the space technology hall of fame. He is the designer of the RGTech Monarch Indoor AM/FM Antenna, so you can already bet that the antenna has some good quality to offer.

If you live in a rural area where stations come in with static, and sometimes fade in and out, you might already know what a hassle it is to listen to radio.

In that case, what you need is a good antenna. And I am not talking one of those units that come with the stereo that are designed to be mediocre. I am talking about a good and reliable unit that works great to pull in signals.

In that case, you might want to consider the RGTech Monarch antenna.

While this unit will not pull in any additional stations, it will ensure you can listen to the ones you’re already getting without a problem.

It not only clears the static but also makes the stations that fade in and out more stable.

I find the design of the antenna quite convenient. First off, the antenna is a thin and flat unit that is easy to work with.

You can fix it easily on the wall, thanks to the design and the length of the cable. The long cable allows you to work the antenna around and find the best spot.

The unit also comes with a connector just like the one that comes with a TV cable and also comes with an adapter.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed by a NASA scientist
  • Works with both am and fm signals
  • Great sound quality
  • 60 mile range
  • 15ft long coaxial cable

Check Latest Price on Amazon

13. RGTech Monarch Transparent HDTV Flat Antenna

Here is yet another antenna unit designed by a NASA scientist. As I told you earlier, and as you probably agree, when something is designed by a NASA scientist, that is already a good sign with regards to performance and quality.

Well, if you own a digital stereo tuner, you might be experiencing one issue that such tuners present – picking up the strong signals only. Capturing the weak signals with a digital tuner is quite a problem. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

The RGTech Monarch Transparent HDTV Flat Antenna is here to make it possible to pick up the weak signals in your area.

Once you plug in this antenna, you’ll see that the tuner stops at almost every station. That is because the reception of this unit is awesome.

And that is not all. The sound is fantastic – it is crystal clear, with almost no static at all.

One thing that caught me by surprise is that you don’t even have to hang the antenna high up. I was able to capture more than 50 stations, up from 8, keeping the antenna about 5 inches above the ground level.

Getting VHF stations indoors is quite difficult. But that is not the case when using the RGTech Monarch Transparent HDTV Flat Antenna. It pulls in even these and the picture quality provided is outstanding.

Set up is a cinch with this unit. First off, it features a quick connector that you only plug in and play immediately. Then again, you’re provided with 15 feet worth of wire, so it is possible to move the antenna about to find the sweet spot.

If you’re looking for a high-quality antenna that you can use with both radio and TV, this one would be the ideal choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with both stereo and TV
  • DAB Radio, VHF, UHF, FM, HD, DVB-T
  • 4K and 1080p to any digital TV
  • 15ft Coax Cable
  • Plug and Scan easy installation
  • Looks nice anywhere

Check Latest Price on Amazon

14. RCA Indoor Digital TV Antenna

You know the way a rabbit’s ears work? How the creature uses its long ears to pick up most of the sounds coming from around it? That’s the idea with the RCA Indoor Digital TV Antenna.

It is a rabbit-ears unit that sort of “listens” to the signals coming from around and captures them beautifully.

Before we even proceed, I want to make this clear – I am recommending this only for those who live within a 50 mile radius of the stations they want to capture.

Remember, it is a simple, non-amplified unit that doesn’t have the power to capture signals coming from long distances away.

Another thing to realize about this unit is that it is mostly for UHF signals. I can tell you in all honesty that you will be able to capture at least 95% of the UHF stations if you situate the antenna properly.

As for VHF signals, the antenna doesn’t seem to do much to get these. I have only been able to get NBC.

That being said, I still find the antenna to provide lots of value, especially considering how much it goes for. Yes, for a unit that costs less than 10, the value provided is more than acceptable.

When it comes to the design, I have to say that I love this unit. It has a nice base that makes it possible to keep the antenna on any flat surface. You can even place it on the table beside the TV.

Moreover, unlike many ugly units I have seen, this one looks quite elegant.

The picture quality provided is something else to boast about. You get 1080i HD broadcasts.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-ft built-in coax cable
  • Mostly for UHF signals
  • 1080i HDTV broadcasts
  • Nice design 

Check Latest Price on Amazon

15. RCA Flat Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

Lags and breakouts when watching TV are extremely annoying, are they not? They interrupt your favorite program and make it such a hard thing to enjoy TV.

But you don’t have to keep experiencing these problems. With the RCA Flat Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna, you get to avoid the problem.

This antenna offers you a crystal clear picture quality with minimal to no breaks or lags.

If there is something super amazing about this unit, it is the options it gives with regards to installation, thanks to the ergonomic design.

In that regard, you can keep it flat on a surface, hang it up on a wall, or stand it upright. It is a flat, thin unit, so you can easily keep it in any of these positions.

Talking about the design, I have to mention too, that the aesthetics of this device are great. It’s a beautiful little device that looks good with any décor.

What are you looking for? An antenna that works with both TV and radio perhaps? If that is it, then this is the unit for you. It receives HD, DTV, and FM signals in the local area.

Finding an antenna that pulls in both UHF and VHF signals for TV is quite the hassle. But here is one cheap unit that pulls in both signals.

If you’re seeking for something that is easy to use, don’t look any further. With this antenna, you only have to plug and play. And after a few minutes of scanning, the images come in clean and crisp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-Directional
  • Receives all digital TV broadcasts
  • Receives FM radio signals
  • 4K and 1080 HDTV quality

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Indoor FM Radio Antenna

There are several factors to think about when looking for the best fm signal booster. Before everything else, you have to ensure that the antenna will meet your needs.

Maybe you want an antenna that can pick up signals from any direction so you don’t have to struggle by moving the antenna a lot to find the sweet spot.

Or perhaps you want an antenna that can pull in signal from very far away. Or an amplified one that boosts the signal and cancels out the noise beautifully.

Whatever your need is, you deserve a good radio antenna that serves you well.

Here are a few factors to consider.


A good home fm antenna is one that is easy to use and install. You don’t want a unit that gives you a headache or requires you to look for special adapters or connectors, do you? That is why the design of the connector matters.

When thinking about the connection, consider the ohm number assigned. While 75 ohm is coaxial for cable TV, 300 ohm is for twin lead.

When looking for an antenna, remember 75 ohm reduces noise better than 50 ohm antennas.


The am fm radio reception strength is of utmost importance depending on where you live. If you live in a place where there are lots of buildings or trees, or other structures that block the signal, you need a unit with a strong signal.

Ease of use

The ease of use will be determined by how easy it is to install the antenna as well as find the signal. In that regard, look at the connector type and ensure it is compatible with your stereo/tv. Is it a female or male connector? That’s one of the questions to ask.


This is yet another essential factor to think about. There are numerous designs of antennas out there – some that have a base, some that look like rabbit ears, some that look like sleek flat devices that can be placed on the table, some that look like towers, and so on.

Look at the antenna you’re interested in and see if the design pleases you. Can you hang it up on the wall or does it need to be wired out of the way? Is it elegant and does it match your décor?

These are some of the questions to ask.


It goes without saying – a good warranty provides some peace of mind. It’s always good to know that if the unit doesn’t please you or work as you had hoped, you can return it and get back your money or a good replacement.

Well, those are some of the things about when looking for the best fm radio antenna indoor. I recommend you do some research and compare different products, such as those on my review above to find the model that suits you.

Top 4 Indoor FM Antennas Brands On The Market

We'll detail the top 4 indoor FM antenna brands ruling the market. Read on to know more about them.

1. VOXX Accessories Corporation

VOXX is a subsidiary of VOXX Int., which is an American corporation that has been in the business since 1960. Since their inception, they have produced accessories for electronics and for bettering your experience with the devices that you buy.

They make everything from Bluetooth wireless speakers, portable audio jacks, HDTV receptions, and so on. One of the things that they excel in the making is antennas for your FM radio.

Their antennas come with long and robust cords that pick up signals effortlessly no matter where the wind is headed. They make all kinds of antennas - directional, omnidirectional, booster antennas, and so on. This is a brand you can trust by merit of their production record.

2. RCA Corporation

This is a major electronics company based in America but has extended their business all across the globe. They started out as a radio company to create products that elevate the radio experience for people.

With the reception through their antennas, your radio will be able to pick up and connect to more channels than it ever could before. They have a built-in amplifier that gives the signal a boost when needed. With this set antenna on your set, you cannot go wrong - you'll always be connected to your local frequencies.


If you are based in the USA, you have definitely heard this company's name somewhere or the other. They are the leaders at making great antennas for your FM radio. Their main strength lies in providing digital and HDTV signals through their antenna's superior quality and reception.

They have indoor antennas, amplified antennas, and even those recently produced dual-drive antennas that optimize weak signals and isolate individual sounds to cut out the pitch distortion created through the buzz of colliding frequencies.

If you want the ultimate listening experience, we highly recommend these antennas for your device.

4. ANTOP Technology Co.

ANTOP is a Chinese company that was founded in 1980. They are based in the city of Shenzhen and have subsidiaries in the United States of America.

The company makes all sorts of antennas for outdoor and indoor digital radios. Their antennas not only draw in mind-blowing signals but also impress through the exterior. They have a vast collection of antennas for indoor radio.

These antennas are very robust in construction and can pull reception from as far as 85 miles away from local stations.

You can find antennas with both vertical and horizontal reception so that they never miss a frequency, even in regions with low connectivity.

Tips To Setup An Antenna For FM Radio

As an engineer friend of mine once told me, enjoying good radio requires a combination of three things – a good stereo, a good antenna, and a good location.

If you have these, you can listen to your favorite stations from miles away without noise, fade in and fade out or other sources of interruption.

That being said, you need to ensure that the  antenna is set up correctly. Refer to the antenna’s manual for the specific installation instructions and be sure to follow them.

These tips should help you get an excellent signal with great clarity:

Remove the blocks

Position your antenna such that it is as unobstructed as possible. The less the stuff around the antenna, the better the chances for a good reception.

A good and practical idea would be to place it in front of a window as the signal comes in more effectively through the windows.

Removing the barriers around the antenna is a good step to avoid distortion and get a better signal.

Place it high

Realize that fm signals follow what is known as “the line of sight” of the transmitter. As such, it makes sense to position the antenna high up, where it is in a better position to capture the signal.

Try an amplified antenna

 If best fm antenna (both unamplified and unamplified versions) have failed to work and give you the results you’re looking for with regards to signal and sound quality, it is probably about time you installed an outdoor antenna. Be sure to mount it as high as you can.

Indoor antennas that are amplified are able to pick up the signal better and cut out the distortion. So, in case you’re facing lots of distortion after trying different unamplified models, it might be time to switch to an amplified aerial.

Try an outdoor aerial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a TV antenna for my fm radio?

VHF TV signals are very similar to the frequencies that FM radio uses. As such, a regular TV antenna works well a stereo tuner or an FM radio.

Do I have to ground an FM radio antenna?

Typically, a non-powered home fm antenna does not need grounding. Only outdoor antennas usually need grounding, particularly those used for TV.

Where are dipole antennas used?

Dipole antennas are the simplest and most widely used forms of antennas. Usually consisting of two identical conductive wires/metal rods, these antennas are mostly used in VHF FM broadcasts reception.

How do I boost my indoor fm radio signal?

Barriers around the antenna might cause the signal to be obstructed, so that it doesn’t reach the antenna efficiently. So, you want to remove the stuff around the antenna. Also, try placing the antenna at a higher point, ideally near a window.

What are radio antennas made of?

The best material for antennas is copper, as it is not only soft and malleable but also sturdy. Some units are also made of thin stainless steel because of the high tensile strength it provides.

Final Word

Over to you now. Which model did you determine to be the best indoor fm antenna for your needs? As you have noticed, there is a range of models in the review.

There are models that consist only of a cable, others that look like a tower, and even models that come with an amplifier to increase the chances of clearing out the distortion and pulling in many stations. 

I also included a few TV antennas that you can use with both radio and TV with awesome results. 

Check out more features of the model you’re interested in on amazon. 

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Does your old radio or other receiver have problems receiving a good quality signal? The reasons may be many, but thankfully, there are ways to bring life back even to the oldest radios via a suitable antenna.

Best FM Antenna for Vintage Receiver

We have chosen the greatest FM antennas for your radio or music system, which you can buy in 2021.

So don’t throw out that old radio of yours just yet, and add an antenna, which will help you enjoy listening to your favorite stations with higher quality and without interruptions once more.

The antenna costs less than $7 and has a 4.9-foot coaxial cable, which is simple to set up anywhere inside.

The 75-ohm stereo antenna will improve the reception quality and increase the number of FM stations and channels you can listen to, even if you are in a basement, garage, or attic.

The antenna is compatible with a wide variety of receivers by Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon, Panasonic, Sangean, Onkyo, Sony, Luxman, Samsung, Marantz, Sherwood, Harman Kardon, and other receivers.

It is compact and takes seconds to set up, so you can take it with you when traveling as well.

Bingfu FM Dipole Antenna 75 Ohm Indoor FM Radio Antenna AM Loop Antenna for Denon Pioneer Onkyo Yamaha Marantz Indoor 

The Bingfu combined antenna set includes a 75 Ohm FM Dipole antenna and an AM Loop antenna for indoors.

This antenna is compatible with FM radios, HD radio tuners, AV audio receivers, stereo amplifiers, home theater stereo receivers with Bluetooth, and all stereo receivers which have an F-type female antenna socket.

It will work with most receivers by Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, JVC, Panasonic, Sangean, and others.

The antenna set is affordable and is sold with a 12-month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eightwood AM Loop Antenna 3 Pin Mini Connector Compatible with Sony HiFi Series Sharp Stereo AV Receiver Tuner Audio System


This FM and AM Loop antenna works with receivers that support a 3-pin plug antenna input.

It is easy to set up, and thanks to its fold-up base, you can place it anywhere and move it around for the perfect reception.

This inexpensive antenna for radio pack includes an AM and an FM 3-pin antenna.

It is compatible with a number of Sharp and Sony receivers and will improve the quality of the reception of your favorite stations and to find even more, no matter where you set it up.

Fancasee Universal FM Antenna Dipole 75 Ohm F Male Push On Plug Coax Coaxial Cable Antenna with PAL 3.5mm BNC 

If you are not sure what type of connector you need for your radio antenna, or if you want to buy a more versatile one that you can use for several different receivers, then the Universal FM Antenna by Fancasee is among the top deals you will find on the market.

The antenna will strengthen the FM radio reception of the signal and will keep it stable, so you can enjoy listening to your favorite stations without bothersome interruptions.

It comes with a wide array of connectors and adapters, including a PAL male, a PAL female, an F female, a BNC male, a 3.5mm male, and a gold-plated 75 to 300-ohm bare wire adapter.

The 75 ohm FM antenna’s T-shaped coaxial cable is 6.5 feet in length, so you can attach it anywhere inside to improve the signal strength.

The plug-n-play FM antenna is easy to install and will work with any radio or receiver – old or new, which has a compatible antenna connection.

Fancasee Indoor FM Antenna 75 Ohm T-Type/Y-Type Dipole Antenna F Male Plug Jack Connector Adapter

This dipole T-shaped 75 ohm FM antenna is another affordable and easy to install item which will boost the FM signal quality and strength and will allow you to enjoy listening to your favorite stations on your old receiver sans any annoying noise or interruptions.

It is plug-n-play compliant and comes with an easy-to-install F-type push-on male plug connector.

The T-shaped coaxial cable is 3.7 feet in height, and its two arms are 2.5 feet each, so you can adapt its position for the best reception possible and increase its overall length to 6.5 feet.

This simple and yet efficient antenna by Fancasee will work with any receiver that has the common F connector antenna jack.

AM FM Antenna, Ancable Stereo Indoor 75 Ohm FM Antenna and AM Loop Antenna Kit for Yamaha Onkyo Denon, etc Table Top Home Hi Fi Sound 

The Ancable FM and AM antenna is another versatile, easy to set up, and efficient antenna that will help improve the FM and AM signal.

The F M antenna is 4.9 feet long and has an F-connector which you simply need to plug into your new or old radio.

The AM antenna kit is 4.5 feet long and has 2 bare pin wire connectors, which will easily be plugged into almost any AM radio or stereo receiver.

The high-quality FM and AM antenna comes at an excellent price and is sold with a 12-month warranty by Ancable.

It is compatible with various brands, including Sony, Onkyo, Pioneer, Denon, Panasonic, Marantz, JVC, Sangean, Samsung, Boston Acoustic, and others.

Superbat FM Antenna Dipole Antenna Indoor 75 Ohm with F Type Male Connector for Yamaha JVC Sony Bose Natural Sound Stereo Receiver


The 75 Ohm Dipole FM antenna by Superbat is a top-selling antenna for FM receivers.

It has a cable length of 6.56 feet, and each dipole is 27 inches long, so you can set it up in the best possible way to enhance the FM signal reception to the maximum.

This FM antenna comes with a bonus PAL female to F female jack RF adaptor, which makes it compatible with even more different receiver types and brands.

Some of the stereo receivers it works with are from the most popular brands like Onkyo, JVC, Yamaha, Denon, Pioneer, Sony, Sherwood, Panasonic, and others.

This is an affordable antenna that is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1-month replacement warranty.

FM Dipole Antenna, 75 Ohm FM Antenna and AM Loop Antenna with 2 Pins Bare Wire Connector for Denon Pioneer Onkyo Yamaha Marantz 


The FM Dipole Antenna is one of the leading and most versatile antennas for older and modern receivers.

It contains adapters and connectors, including a T-type 75ohm UNBAL FM Antenna and an AM Loop stereo antenna. The antenna will allow you to improve the sound quality of your favorite radio station and the overall reception range on any type of AM receiver, no matter its location, even indoors.

It comes with PAL male and female jack adapters, which can fit receivers with F-type socket inputs.

This FM antenna is inexpensive and has a plug-and-play design, so even those who are not tech-savvy can set it up easily.

The Menkey antenna will work with AV stereo receivers and with FM radios of all popular brands like Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Panasonic, JVC, Sangean, Marantz, Sharewood, and others.

It is one of the top antennas to pick for indoor stereo radio reception and for a higher frequency range.

Features to look for when buying an antenna for your receiver

If you want to bring life back to your good old radio or to improve the quality of the signal and the number of stations you can listen to, you will need to find the most suitable antenna for your needs.

Even though most of the old radios have built-in antennas, due to the increase of population, the increased density of people living in a specific area, as well as the boost of the number of radio stations and signals being transmitted, your built-in antenna may not be sufficient for you to listen to your preferred station at the desired quality and without interruptions.

This is why you will need a great indoor antenna for FM radio to improve and stabilize the signal strength of the FM stereo reception.

First of all, you will need to choose whether you want an AM or an FM antenna, depending on your receiver and your preferences. Thankfully, many of the antennas on our list include both types.

FM is short for Frequency Modulation, and its frequency is regulated via a signal which widens the band and thus lowers the interference, which is more common with AM signals.

Then, you should check the type of antenna socket your radio has, in order to choose a compatible model.

Most manufacturers of the antennas on this list have included pretty concise lists of the compatible receivers for their products. But it is important the type of connector which is needed for your specific receiver model.

Understanding what determines the quality and strength of your radio signal reception is another important factor if you want to pick an antenna that will help improve and stabilize it.

The basic factors which affect the quality of the signal reception include:

  • Your location and the terrain of your area
  • The signal strength
  • The broadcast tower location
  • The number of signals being broadcasted in the area
  • Electromagnetic fields and other electronic interference within your home or near it

If you live in a densely populated city or area, you may need to opt for an antenna that offers sharp directivity rather than high gain. The antenna should be able to filter out and bounce off any interference from other undesired signals.

The types of antennas suitable for older receivers come in two general types:

The loop antenna

Loop antennas are tunable and directional and can help strengthen the signal, and at the same time, filter out the noise so that you can enjoy listening to your favorite station without interruption.

The benefit of using a loop antenna is its ability to filter out other unwanted signals, so if you tend to get disturbing interruptions while listening, this may be the perfect type for you.

The FM dipole antenna

FM dipole antennas are T-shaped so that you can extend the cable and connect the two dipoles to the ceiling, wall, or other, and thus improve the signal reception.

Dipole antennas are set up perpendicular to the receiver.

They can help improve the reception of the FM signal significantly, and can also help you enjoy listening to a wider variety of stations in your home.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best FM antenna for a vintage receiver?

=>A lot of vintage receivers have great sensitivity to Radio Frequency signals so an excellent choice would be a ‘loop’ antenna, the most common type of FM loop antenna being a “ferrite” loop.

Is an external antenna the best option?

=>Because vintage receivers usually do not have an amplifier like those found on newer HiFi stereos, an external antenna is better and more practical than the internal antenna.

What are some other reasons why one should choose this type of antenna over others?

=>There are a number of reasons. One reason is that it’s easy to set up and use, which makes it perfect for someone just looking to listen without interruption on their old radio.

=>How should one set up this type of antenna?

It’s very easy. First, you’ll want to place the antenna. You can mount it on the wall if you’d like, or just put it on the table itself. Now connect a wire from your FM antenna port to the loop antenna’s ground port. Last but not least, connect the loop antenna to the wire, and voila!

What about signal quality? Is it better than an internal antenna?

=>Loop antennas are known for their high-quality reception and you should be able to get a good picture of the tuner. If you’re looking to get the best reception possible, a loop antenna or FM dipole antenna would be your best bet.

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