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This is a Selenium bot for buying a given sneaker from the Nike Snkrs website ON RELEASE DAY. It will not work for sneakers that are past their release day (or later in the release day). This is because the purchase page changes to where the buy button redirects to a seperate checkout page (as opposed to a direct buy popup during release). It is a commandline script written solely in python. There are 6 selenium drivers in the bin directory for both Chrome and Firefox on Linux, MacOS, and Winows. I have found the Firefox driver for MacOS works best.

Ideally, some pieces (or all?) of this could be replaced with direct Nike API requests instead of Selenium. However, I've found that Nike APIs are not very straightforward.

There are a few requirements to run the bot. First, you'll need to install or greater. The instructions below show you how to do this in several operating systems

Next, we have provided the web drivers for MacOS, Linux, and Windows, but if they're not there, or you want something more up-to-date than the included drivers, you'll need to download them yourself with the instructions below

Finally, the program is run from the terminal (command line), so you should familiarize yourself with running python programs from the terminal here

Downloading python

This needs to be Python version or up


  • From Python's official website here
  • If you have brew installed, you can just run the coommand


  • From Python's official website here
  • Using the package manager for your system. With Ubuntu, this command is


  1. The selenium webdrivers for your chosen browser

Installing the web drivers

  • The drivers for most browsers can be found on selenium's site here, although at the moment, only Firefox and Chrome are supported

  • NOTE: There are already webdrivers for Chrome and Firefox, for MacOS, Linux, and Windows, which will be loaded if no other webdriver is specified manually

  1. Make sure that you have done all the Pre-installation requirements in the section above

  2. Clone this repository's source code

    1. If you have git installed, this can be done as easily as
    2. Otherwise, download the zipped source code and unzip it
  3. Navigate to the project's code

    • Install all the Python dependencies by running

      1. Run the bot
        • Replace all the fields in the command below with the options that you want, and any of the configuration options listed below
        python3 --username [email protected] --password abc123 --url <your-shoes-url> --shoe-size 6 --driver-type chrome

      Here is a list and description of the different arguments to use for the script:




      • URL for desired shoe
      • Size parameter can also be passed in (for example: In this case, and will be ignored
      • DO NOT pass in size parameter with url on releases with "Additional Size Ranges" (i.e. children's shoes on same page) as it can lead to unexpected results



      • Men's (M), Women's (W), Youth (Y) or Child (C)
      • For special releases (i.e. Air Presto), can pass in XXS, XS, S, M, L or XL. You do not need to pass in shoe size


      • Card Verification Value for your stored credit card
      • May not be needed in some cases (for example, if you have previously purchased a release with a stored credit card)




      • If given, the bot will attempt to add a new shipping address in some scenarios
      • In some cases, checkout will not proceed without adding a new shipping address. If you are unsure, include it
      • Must be in this format: '{"first_name":"John", "last_name":"Doe", "address":"1313 Mockingbird Lane", "apt":"", "city":"Long Beach", "state":"CA", "zip_code":"90712", "phone_number":"9999999999"}'


      • If given, the bot will pause until a specific time before it logs in (can be any datetime format)


      • If given, the bot will pause until a specific time before it purchase the sneaker (can be any datetime format)


      • If given, the bot will take a screenshot of the page after purchasing and save it at the given file path (may be useful for debugging)


      • If given, the bot will take the page source after purchasing and save it at the given file path (may be useful for debugging)


      • This is used to limit the page load time (in seconds), which can be useful when the page is still loading, but the UI is nevertheless useable. This is pretty much a necessity as I've noticed Nike's pages hang all the time. I'd recommend using 1-3 seconds for this.


      • Should be 'firefox' or 'chrome' (the OS will be determined for you)
      • Defaults to if nothing is specified


      • If specified, will use the specified driver instead of the defaults
      • NOTE: The driver should match the browser specified in the option (defaults to Firefox)


      • This will run the driver in headless mode, which should make the bot quicker


      • If you already have your payment options pre-saved on your Nike account, DO NOT use this. If for some reason you don't have it pre-saved (even though it will cost the bot more time) the bot will select the first payment option it finds.


      • If this argument is given, the bot WILL attempt to purchase the shoe so USE WITH CAUTION!


      • If the bot fails for some reason, it will retry any number of times or until successful


      • Prevent browser from closing. Please note, if you are passing the parameter, it may be necessary to pass this parameter in

      Click the appropriate DOWNLOAD link below to install the SneakerBot2.0 v1.10.0.

      v1.10.0 (includes all previous features + the following):

       Updated login, ATC procedures, and Proxy.

      Proxy support updated to include username/password support

      Proxies must be purchased from a 3rd party.

      We do not currently recommend a specific proxy servers. You must choose your proxy provider on your own.

      The installation instructions below contains instructions on installing the update.

      The use instructions below contains instructions on proxy use.

      SneakerBot2.0 Installation Instructions –

      Sneakerbot2.0 Use Instructions –

       PC DOWNLOAD AND 1.10.0 Update


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      Do Free Sneaker Bots Actually Work on Sneaker Releases?

      Free Sneaker Bots - What to Know - AIO BotSo, you wanna start copping limited-runhyped sneakers, but you’re BROKE! This is probably how you stumbled across the term FREE SNEAKER BOTS online!

      What’s the deal with free bots, anyway? In essence, they’re supposed to be shoe bots that you can get for free. DUH! Sounds a bit fishy, right? We think you’re honestly better offmaking your own sneaker bot than going for a free one. 

      Most people claiming to offer you a bot for free are either clickbait, aCraigslist scam, or just talking about some urban legend.

      Lots of people think sneaker bots are expensive. Especially if your first experience withthe best bots includes insanely unrealistic retail prices. But, you can actually get reasonably-priced bots that do the exact same thing as the expensive ones! With bots likeAIO Bot, you can get everything you need without breaking the bank. You’ll get to cop sneakers like Yeezys, Jordans, and Nike Dunks, in addition to limited items such as Supreme. Check it out yourself before trying to go for free bots – better safe than sorry!


      Why Are They Expensive?

      Sneaker Bots for Sale - AIO Bot

      The thing that sets apart free sneaker bots and other bots is the constant work against anti-bot security. You see, sites that hold online releases (like Footsites,Shopify sites, or YeezySupply) are constantly making changes to their websites. This is just to confuse and fight bots. Here’s what a real bot has to offer:

      • Protection against anti-bots
      • 100+ supported websites
      • Fast and efficient
      • Guaranteed cashback
      • Over 80% effective 

      Another thing you should know about botting is that it can cost you. It’s not just about getting a free sneaker bot. Sneaker copping needs sick proxies to run multiple tasks and a savage server to carry the load. When you go for a decent bot, at least you’ll pay for a whole customer support team to help you through every release, keep your bot updated, and get you out of any tough spot!

      Free Sneaker Bots For What!

      Adidas Yeezys - Guide to Getting With Yeezys - AIO Bot

      Sometimes free jigs that bypass a splash page market themselves as free sneaker bots. You may or may not ever cop anything with them – it’s all your andyour luck! Even someone giving away free bots puts a DISCLAIMER that it will not have a high success rate. What would a free sneaker bot offer?

      • Instant ban from any retailer you hit
      • Gets kicked out by anti-bot security
      • Crashes, lags, and tons of Ls
      • Below average efficiency
      • Definite waste of time

      Programmers who have developed thetop-rated bots out on the market today are usually decently paid for their blood, sweat, and tears – LOTS of tears. So, why would anyone give that hard work away for free? Kinda sus, right? It’s possible to have access to free sneaker bots if it’s a free trial only.

      In short, do free sneaker bots work? The answer is: no.

      The best and most cost-efficient thing to do is go for quick flips insneaker reselling and invest in a good sneaker bot. Or, you couldeven rent a sneaker bot on Bot Mart or Tidal if you aren’t in this for the long run! 


      Never use your actual bank account for charges – use a credit card or privacy card to protect against cancellations. This is especially if you’re using free sneaker bots with zero credibility or proof. 

      Take it from us; the only SAFE, free sneaker bot is to cop without a sneaker bot. No cap.

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      Sneakers! Comfortable and athletic shoes. Will there ever be a time when we say we have enough? I highly doubt that. That’s why more people are joining this not-so-secret community of sneakerheads. And even more of them are using the miraculous “sneaker bots”. But sometimes, out of fear of paying too much for a bot, one would pay none. And eventually, get a free sneaker bot.


      Copping Sneakers

      Proxies:  AIOX50

      For sneakerheads, release day is a holy day. Limited sneakers are treasures. And F&F releases are a nightmare.
      They live to cop and sell. Their ultimate joy is getting the kicks they want, for retail. And, if possible, without paying any additional costs.
      But is that really possible? Is a functional free sneaker bot a little too much to dream about?

      Sneaker Bots

      Copping sneakers is the act of buying limited-edition kicks. Whether online, in-store, or via raffles copping is their ultimate goal. That’s why sneakerheads would do anything, and try any trick or tool available to get what they want. Now that sneakers are gaining more attention, so are sneaker bots.

      Even a free sneaker bot has a chance when the times are so desperate.

      Sneaker bots put simply, are software programs that help you automate the process of buying sneakers online. They usually mimic your actions, while buying. But do it in a rather quick way. The market is now full of them, making it very difficult to choose one. But not impossible.

      A powerful, and successful sneaker bot is one that you hear about everywhere. Has a decent success rate, is always updated, and one with satisfied users. You can check its Twitter feed, IG, and Discord and notice the support of its users. That last one is very critical!

      But the tricky part is the pricing. A sneaker bot that ticks all the criteria of a god sneaker bot could cost a good sum of dollars. All for a good reason. And if you choose right, your sneaker bot will pay for itself in no time. Think of it as a long-term investment.

      But there’s is still a way around the extra expenses. You can always get a free sneaker bot. It’s Free and risk-free. If you don’t mind the Ls you might end up with!

      Free sneaker bot

      Free Sneaker Bot

      Now obviously, a free sneaker bot, when it works, is the cheapest way to cop sneakers. You’d be getting the sneakers you want for retail, without paying a couple of hundred bucks for the bot.

      You’d still need proxies for some releases. But what’s an extra $20 for a legit pair of Yeezys?

      Sounds too good to be true? Maybe because it is.

      Developing and maintaining a  sneaker bot takes a lot of time and effort. We would know! That’s why a free sneaker bot sounds like a scam. Who would put so much work and ask for nothing in return? Especially if it’s a working gig.

      So, if you’re ever short on money, and decide to get a free sneaker bot, you should consider what you’re risking. And maybe think of an alternative. Like a cheap sneaker bot. Some bots are priced very reasonably and offer almost what a costly bot does. They have a decent success rate and will still be within budget.

      No matter how much you pay for a sneaker bot, it will hurt less than ending up empty-handed. Or barefoot!

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