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Cliff ArquetteCliff Arquette
 Charley Weaver - Panelist / ... 961 episodes, 1965-1974
Wally CoxWally Cox
 Himself - Panelist / ... 909 episodes, 1965-1973
Paul LyndePaul Lynde
 Himself - Center Square / ... 828 episodes, 1966-1979
Rose MarieRose Marie
 Herself - Panelist 629 episodes, 1965-1980
Abby DaltonAbby Dalton
 Herself - Panelist / ... 374 episodes, 1965-1970
Jan MurrayJan Murray
 Himself - Panelist / ... 314 episodes, 1966-1980
Marty AllenMarty Allen
 Himself - Panelist / ... 149 episodes, 1966-1980
Bill BixbyBill Bixby
 Himself - Panelist / ... 114 episodes, 1966-1974
Jack CassidyJack Cassidy
 Himself - Panelist / ... 93 episodes, 1968-1974
Ruta LeeRuta Lee
 Herself - Panelist 92 episodes, 1966-1974
Arte JohnsonArte Johnson
 Himself - Panelist / ... 91 episodes, 1968-1980
Jim BackusJim Backus
 Himself - Panelist / ... 86 episodes, 1965-1973
Glenn FordGlenn Ford
 Himself - Center Square / ... 67 episodes, 1966-1975
Rich LittleRich Little
 Himself - Panelist / ... 66 episodes, 1972-1980
Judy CarneJudy Carne
 Herself - Panelist 62 episodes, 1966-1971
Stu GilliamStu Gilliam
 Himself - Panelist / ... 53 episodes, 1968-1971
Jack CarterJack Carter
 Himself - Center Square / ... 48 episodes, 1967-1972
 Herself - Panelist 46 episodes, 1971-1978
Tony RandallTony Randall
 Himself - Panelist / ... 45 episodes, 1969-1980
Sandy BaronSandy Baron
 Himself - Panelist / ... 36 episodes, 1966-1970
Steve AllenSteve Allen
 Himself - Panelist / ... 35 episodes, 1967-1968
Steve RossiSteve Rossi
 Himself - Center Square / ... 35 episodes, 1967-1968
Soupy SalesSoupy Sales
 Himself - Panelist / ... 32 episodes, 1967-1978
Eva GaborEva Gabor
 Herself - Panelist 32 episodes, 1966-1979
Robert MorseRobert Morse
 Himself - Panelist / ... 31 episodes, 1966-1971
Don RicklesDon Rickles
 Himself - Center Square / ... 28 episodes, 1967-1974
John BynerJohn Byner
 Himself - Panelist / ... 27 episodes, 1969-1979
Joey BishopJoey Bishop
 Himself - Panelist / ... 24 episodes, 1970-1974
Dom DeLuiseDom DeLuise
 Himself - Panelist / ... 22 episodes, 1969-1978
Tom PostonTom Poston
 Himself - Center Square / ... 21 episodes, 1979-1980
Bill HayesBill Hayes
 Himself - Panelist 20 episodes, 1973-1979
Fred WillardFred Willard
 Himself - Panelist / ... 18 episodes, 1977-1980
Vera MilesVera Miles
 Herself - Panelist / ... 17 episodes, 1965-1967
Pete DuelPete Duel
 Himself - Panelist 15 episodes, 1966-1967
Fred ClarkFred Clark
 Himself - Panelist 15 episodes, 1967-1968
Mel BrooksMel Brooks
 Himself - Panelist 15 episodes, 1968-1978
Gig YoungGig Young
 Himself - Panelist 14 episodes, 1966-1968
Hal LindenHal Linden
 Himself - Panelist 13 episodes, 1975-1978
Bob CraneBob Crane
 Himself - Panelist 12 episodes, 1966-1972
Jay LenoJay Leno
 Himself - Panelist 12 episodes, 1977-1980
Ann MillerAnn Miller
 Herself - Panelist 11 episodes, 1968-1971
Nick AdamsNick Adams
 Himself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1966-1967
Eve ArdenEve Arden
 Herself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1967-1968
Bob DenverBob Denver
 Himself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1966-1967
Brenda LeeBrenda Lee
 Herself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1967-1968
Louis NyeLouis Nye
 Himself - Center Square / ... 10 episodes, 1967-1968
 Himself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1967
Mort SahlMort Sahl
 Himself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1969
Dennis JamesDennis James
 Himself - Center Square / ... 10 episodes, 1967-1968
Tim ConwayTim Conway
 Himself - Center Square 10 episodes, 1967
Tina ColeTina Cole
 Herself - Panelist 10 episodes, 1968-1972
Rob ReinerRob Reiner
 Himself - Panelist / ... 10 episodes, 1971-1974
Patty DukePatty Duke
 Herself - Panelist 9 episodes, 1966-1973
Vikki CarrVikki Carr
 Herself - Panelist 9 episodes, 1970-1979
Jack JonesJack Jones
 Himself - Panelist 8 episodes, 1970-1980
Vic DamoneVic Damone
 Himself - Panelist 7 episodes, 1968-1978
Joanne DruJoanne Dru
 Herself - Panelist 7 episodes, 1967-1970
Ed McMahonEd McMahon
 Himself - Panelist 7 episodes, 1972-1978
Rod McKuenRod McKuen
 Himself - Panelist 7 episodes, 1974-1977
Adam WestAdam West
 Himself - Panelist / ... 6 episodes, 1969
Sue LyonSue Lyon
 Herself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1969
Pat BoonePat Boone
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1968-1976
Dean JonesDean Jones
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1967-1971
Jim BrownJim Brown
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1967-1979
Gene BarryGene Barry
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1967-1974
Ken BerryKen Berry
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1967-1973
Redd FoxxRedd Foxx
 Himself - Center Square / ... 6 episodes, 1967-1975
Roy ClarkRoy Clark
 Himself - Panelist / ... 6 episodes, 1970-1980
Mac DavisMac Davis
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1974-1978
Didi ConnDidi Conn
 Herself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1977-1980
Scott BaioScott Baio
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1978-1980
Erin MoranErin Moran
 Herself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1978-1979
Jim DavisJim Davis
 Himself - Panelist 6 episodes, 1979-1980
Bert LahrBert Lahr
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1967
Jay NorthJay North
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1967
Vic DanaVic Dana
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1967
Ron ElyRon Ely
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1967
Burt WardBurt Ward
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1967
Bill DailyBill Daily
 Himself - Panelist / ... 5 episodes, 1969
Sonny BonoSonny Bono
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1969-1976
Alan SuesAlan Sues
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1969-1972
Lee GrantLee Grant
 Herself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1971-1976
James CocoJames Coco
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1973-1979
Bill MacyBill Macy
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1973-1978
Mel TillisMel Tillis
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1977-1980
Ron GlassRon Glass
 Himself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1978-1979
Erin GrayErin Gray
 Herself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1979-1980
Pia ZadoraPia Zadora
 Herself - Panelist 5 episodes, 1979-1980
Robert KeeshanRobert Keeshan
 Captain Kangaroo - Panelist / ... 4 episodes, 1966-1976
Edie AdamsEdie Adams
 Herself - Panelist 4 episodes, 1969-1972
Don KnottsDon Knotts
 Himself - Panelist 4 episodes, 1974-1977
Bob HopeBob Hope
 Himself - Contestant - Mr. X 'X' / ... 3 episodes, 1967-1969
Dick ShawnDick Shawn
 Himself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1971-1978
Ken HowardKen Howard
 Himself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1973-1978
John AmosJohn Amos
 Himself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1974-1978
Jed AllanJed Allan
 Himself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1976-1979
Rip TaylorRip Taylor
 Himself - Panelist / ... 3 episodes, 1976
Jamie FarrJamie Farr
 Himself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1977-1980
Anne MearaAnne Meara
 Herself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1977-1979
Pat KlousPat Klous
 Herself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1978-1979
Tim ReidTim Reid
 Himself - Panelist 3 episodes, 1979-1980
Franc LuzFranc Luz
 Himself - Panelist 2 episodes, 1979
Joe FlynnJoe Flynn
 Himself - Panelist 2 episodes, 1969-1971
Susan DeySusan Dey
 Herself - Panelist 2 episodes, 1971-1973
Tiny TimTiny Tim
 Himself - Panelist 2 episodes, 1971
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Hollywood Squares is an American panel game show, in which two contestants play tic-tac-toe to win cash and prizes. The "board" for the game is a 3 × 3 vertical stack of open-faced cubes, each occupied by a celebrity seated at a desk and facing the contestants. The stars are asked questions by the host, or "Square-Master", and the contestants judge the veracity of their answers in order to win the game.

Although Hollywood Squares was a legitimate game show, the game largely acted as the background for the show's comedy in the form of joke answers, often given by the stars prior to their "real" answer. The show's writers usually supplied the jokes. In addition, the stars were given question subjects and plausible incorrect answers prior to the show. The show was scripted in this sense, but the gameplay was not. In any case, as host Peter Marshall, the best-known "Square-Master" and the man in whose honor the show's first announcer, Kenny Williams, actually "coined" the term, would explain at the beginning of the Secret Square game, the celebrities were briefed prior to show to help them with bluff answers, but they otherwise heard the actual questions for the first time as they were asked on air.

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  2. Bob Quigley


Sours: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/930-hollywood-squares
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1. Paul Lynde

There is only one Paul Lynde. Had there been nine of him, Hollywood Squares would have been the greatest television comedy. Then again, it might have driven the censors mad and never aired. The campy former Bewitched regular was locked into center square for most the decade, knocking each set-up out of the park with a wink and a double entendre. Okay, they were single entendres.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: A friend offers to give you a French 75. What is it?
Lynde: Just a minute, that's 25 more than it was the last time.

2. Joan Rivers

The queen of the one-liner, Rivers' dished out the often risqué domestic humor of her early stand-up. Back then, her material was less insult, more bedroom, but nobody was quicker.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: Time Life Books calls it the most complex lump of matter known to man. What is it?
Rivers: My eggs benedict!

3. Rose Marie

The Dick Van Dyke and Doris Day Show veteran played up her persona of a man-hungry and desperate cougar. She often playfully chided Marshall for serving her questions about old people.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: In bowling, what's a perfect score?
Marie: Ralph, the pin boy.

4. George Gobel

Having been on television practically since the start of the medium, Gobel was genius playing the randy old man. Constantly self-deprecating about his age, the '50s television star could hang with any new kid on the tower of blocks.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: Back in the old days, when Great Grandpa put horseradish on his head, what was he trying to do?
Gobel: Get it in his mouth.

5. Vincent Price

The horror icon played against type with heaping doses of dry humor.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: In what event are you most likely to be confronted by a dog leg
Price: Oh, sleeping under a tree every time.

6. Karen Valentine

Turned a star by playing a schoolteacher on Room 222, Valentine built fantastic chemistry with Lynde, improvising banter that could best most writing rooms.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: True or false, having a good memory is a sign of a well-adjusted personality.
Valentine: What was the question?

7. Charo

Cuchi cuchi! The Sofie Vergara of her time (or is that the other way around?), the Spanish bombshell was sharper than she acted. Her bon mots were funnier for being all the more unexpected.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: According to the Bible, they never get old, and not one of them has been known to get sick. Who are they?
Charo: The Osmonds.

8. Harvey Korman

For a practiced improviser like Korman, Squares was a breeze. The Carol Burnett star made suggestive cocktail party repartee look easy. It was for him. It's not at all. 

A typical exchange:
Marshall: In 1976, who made headlines by saying "I can't type! I can't file! I can't even answer the phone!"?
Korman: Richard Nixon.

9. Rich Little

You never knew what… no, who you were going to get when picking the king of impersonators.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: According to the San Francisco Examiner, what land animal has the biggest eyes of all?
Little: [Impersonating Carol Channing] Oh, that's Carol Channing!

10. "Charley Weaver"

Cliff Arquette — grandfather to Patricia, Rosanna and David — developed this charming hillbilly character for Jack Paar's Tonight Show. Weaver, a sort of male counterpart to Mama Harper if you will, became so popular, Arquette was hardly seen without his crumpled hat again.

A typical exchange:
Marhall: How many balls would you expect to find on a Billiards table?
Weaver: How many guys are playing?

11. McLean Stevenson

After leaving M*A*S*H, Stevenson struggled to recapture lightning on his own. While his sitcoms bombed, he found much comedic fruit on Squares, though one could detect a trace of dissatisfied bitterness in his brainier comebacks.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: True or false. Listen carefully. In 1912, the King of DenMark married the Queen of Norway. Today, one of their children is the King of Sweden, another is a prince in Finland, and a third gives saxophone lessons in Philadelphia.
Stevenson: That sounds incredible and people can giggle and snicker if they will. But what's more unique about what you said is that at one time the King of Denmark was the Queen of Norway.

12. Zsa Zsa Gabor

She may not have been the wittiest member of the board, but the Hungarian played up her role of an aloof rich woman with a fabulous accent. Let's be honest, people mostly picked her for her accent.

A typical exchange:
Host: Which of the following places consumes the most Cheez Whiz — California, Indiana or Puerto Rico.
Gabor: What is a cheese wheeze though?

13. Marty Allen

The stand-up appeared on a staggering number of Ed Sullivan Shows, and he still had that brand of Catskill comedy well honed in the 1970s.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: True or false, rubbing grapefruits on your body makes you sexy
Allen: Whose grapefruits?

14. Nanette Fabray

While best known for playing a sitcom mom on several series, Fabray played it fairly straight, but was a vaudeville vet who would hit your funny bone with an unexpected punchline. On Squares, she was like a fabulous elder aunt who would quietly bust up the room at a holiday gathering.

A typical exchange:
Marshall: What king signed the Magna Carta?
Fabray: Was it Thomas or Richard… No, Tom and Dick are the Smothers Brothers.

Sours: //www.metv.com/
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    Paul Lynde \u0026 Hollywood Squares: BEST-1-LINERS Part 1

    I decided to take another walk. and met Borisych. I walk slowly, examining the bushes, looking around to see if I passed by - trying to remember the path along. Which we climbed into the thicket. No, nowhere does the dress of the "bride" Rita turn white, and voices are inaudible - neither the sonorous female, nor the muffled, as if from the grave, of Borisychev.

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    By the way about him. The whole week passed calmly. I had no adventures with him, probably to the disappointment of my readers. He paid more attention to his friend Zhenya in our conversations.

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