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2021Detroit TigersAL Central16277850.475.4633rd of 516.06977561,102,62128.127.34929J.Candelario (3.7)A.Hinch (77-85)2020Detroit TigersAL Central5823350.397.3905th of 512.024931827.626.64523J.Candelario (2.0)R.Gardenhire (21-29) and L.McClendon (2-6)2019Detroit TigersAL Central161471140.292.3045th of 553.55829151,501,43027.627.85332M.Boyd (3.5)R.Gardenhire (47-114)2018Detroit TigersAL Central16264980.395.3953rd of 527.06307961,856,97027.928.64927M.Fiers (3.1)R.Gardenhire (64-98)2017Detroit TigersAL Central16264980.395.4115th of 538.07358942,321,59929.628.34929J.Upton (5.2)B.Ausmus (64-98)2016Detroit TigersAL Central16186750.534.5182nd of 58.07507212,493,85930.029.04423J.Verlander (7.4)B.Ausmus (86-75)2015Detroit TigersAL Central16174870.460.4305th of 520.56898032,726,04828.328.74727J.Martinez (5.4)B.Ausmus (74-87)2014Detroit TigersAL Central16290720.556.5331st of 5--Lost ALDS (3-0)7577052,917,20929.828.54830M.Scherzer (5.7)B.Ausmus (90-72)2013Detroit TigersAL Central16293690.574.6101st of 5--Lost ALCS (4-2)7966243,083,39730.028.43920M.Cabrera (7.5)J.Leyland (93-69)2012Detroit TigersAL Central16288740.543.5371st of 5--Lost WS (4-0)7266703,028,03327.928.24723J.Verlander (8.0)J.Leyland (88-74)2011Detroit TigersAL Central16295670.586.5461st of 5--Lost ALCS (4-2)7877112,642,04528.627.84526J.Verlander (8.6)J.Leyland (95-67)2010Detroit TigersAL Central16281810.500.5053rd of 513.07517432,461,23729.026.54120M.Cabrera (6.5)J.Leyland (81-81)2009Detroit TigersAL Central16386770.528.4992nd of 51.07437452,567,16529.826.64523J.Verlander (5.4)J.Leyland (86-77)2008Detroit TigersAL Central16274880.457.4805th of 514.58218573,202,64530.329.94625P.Polanco (4.4)J.Leyland (74-88)2007Detroit TigersAL Central16288740.543.5492nd of 58.08877973,047,13330.928.54425C.Granderson (7.6)J.Leyland (88-74)2006Detroit TigersAL Central16295670.586.5892nd of 51.0Lost WS (4-1)8226752,595,93729.328.84019C.Guillen (6.0)J.Leyland (95-67)2005Detroit TigersAL Central16271910.438.4614th of 528.07237872,024,43128.528.04523P.Polanco (4.3)A.Trammell (71-91)2004Detroit TigersAL Central16272900.444.4914th of 520.08278441,917,00428.127.53918C.Guillen (4.6)A.Trammell (72-90)2003Detroit TigersAL Central162431190.265.3055th of 547.05919281,368,24527.325.34320D.Young (3.4)A.Trammell (43-119)2002Detroit TigersAL Central161551060.342.3225th of 539.05758641,503,62328.128.15730J.Weaver (2.8)P.Garner (0-6) and L.Pujols (55-100)2001Detroit TigersAL Central16266960.407.4144th of 525.07248761,921,30528.328.14422S.Sparks (4.4)P.Garner (66-96)2000Detroit TigersAL Central16279830.488.4983rd of 516.08238272,438,61729.129.14523B.Higginson (5.3)P.Garner (79-83)1999Detroit TigersAL Central16169920.429.4253rd of 527.57478822,026,44127.527.64121B.Ausmus (3.4)L.Parrish (69-92)1998Detroit TigersAL Central16265970.401.4195th of 524.07228631,409,39127.326.64520D.Easley (5.6)B.Bell (52-85) and L.Parrish (13-12)1997Detroit TigersAL East16279830.488.4973rd of 519.07847901,365,15726.427.54320J.Thompson (7.7)B.Bell (79-83)1996Detroit TigersAL East162531090.327.3485th of 539.078311031,168,61027.026.75327B.Higginson (3.6)B.Bell (53-109)1995Detroit TigersAL East14460840.417.3854th of 526.06548441,180,97928.827.84522D.Wells (4.6)S.Anderson (60-84)1994Detroit TigersAL East11553620.461.4875th of 518.06526711,184,78330.831.23618T.Phillips (4.7)S.Anderson (53-62)1993Detroit TigersAL East16285770.525.5333rd of 710.08998371,971,42130.830.14022T.Phillips (5.6)S.Anderson (85-77)1992Detroit TigersAL East16275870.463.4986th of 721.07917941,423,96330.029.63415T.Phillips (5.1)S.Anderson (75-87)1991Detroit TigersAL East16284780.519.5132nd of 77.08177941,641,66129.230.84119L.Whitaker (6.8)S.Anderson (84-78)1990Detroit TigersAL East16279830.488.4983rd of 79.07507541,495,78530.730.34320A.Trammell (6.7)S.Anderson (79-83)1989Detroit TigersAL East162591030.364.3757th of 730.06178161,543,65631.031.04622L.Whitaker (5.3)S.Anderson (59-103)1988Detroit TigersAL East16288740.543.5302nd of 71.07036582,081,16232.231.13714A.Trammell (6.0)S.Anderson (88-74)1987Detroit TigersAL East16298640.605.5901st of 7--Lost ALCS (4-1)8967352,061,83031.229.53714A.Trammell (8.2)S.Anderson (98-64)1986Detroit TigersAL East16287750.537.5513rd of 78.57987141,899,43730.528.94016A.Trammell (6.4)S.Anderson (87-75)1985Detroit TigersAL East16184770.522.5263rd of 715.07296882,286,60929.529.13614K.Gibson (5.4)S.Anderson (84-77)1984Detroit TigersAL East162104580.642.6141st of 7--Won WS (4-1)8296432,704,79428.529.73514A.Trammell (6.7)S.Anderson (104-58)1983Detroit TigersAL East16292700.568.5682nd of 76.07896791,829,63627.728.13916L.Whitaker (6.7)S.Anderson (92-70)1982Detroit TigersAL East16283790.512.5284th of 712.07296851,636,05827.126.73917L.Whitaker (5.4)S.Anderson (83-79)1981Detroit TigersAL East10960490.550.5253rd of 72.04274041,149,14427.126.23414S.Kemp (3.8)S.Anderson (60-49)1980Detroit TigersAL East16384781.519.5424th of 719.08307571,785,29326.425.63414A.Trammell (4.8)S.Anderson (84-78)1979Detroit TigersAL East16185760.528.5195th of 718.07707381,630,92926.526.34117J.Morris (5.8)L.Moss (27-26), D.Tracewski (2-0) and S.Anderson (56-50)1978Detroit TigersAL East16286760.531.5415th of 713.57146531,714,89326.227.13417J.Thompson (5.6)R.Houk (86-76)1977Detroit TigersAL East16274880.457.4774th of 726.07147511,359,85627.325.83815D.Rozema (5.7)R.Houk (74-88)1976Detroit TigersAL East16174870.460.4315th of 624.06097091,467,02028.026.73312M.Fidrych (9.6)R.Houk (74-87)1975Detroit TigersAL East159571020.358.3576th of 637.55707861,058,83627.727.43815M.Lolich (4.0)R.Houk (57-102)1974Detroit TigersAL East16272900.444.4036th of 619.06207681,243,08030.028.93712B.Freehan (4.1)R.Houk (72-90)1973Detroit TigersAL East16285770.525.4783rd of 612.06426741,724,14631.730.43916J.Hiller (7.9)B.Martin (71-63) and J.Schultz (14-14)1972Detroit TigersAL East15686700.551.5381st of 6--Lost ALCS (3-2)5585141,892,38630.727.84420M.Lolich (7.2)B.Martin (86-70)1971Detroit TigersAL East16291710.562.5382nd of 612.07016451,591,07329.726.73818M.Lolich (8.6)B.Martin (91-71)1970Detroit TigersAL East16279830.488.4574th of 629.06667311,501,29328.826.63516M.Lolich (4.7)M.Smith (79-83)1969Detroit TigersAL East16290720.556.5702nd of 619.07016011,577,48128.928.13416D.McLain (7.8)M.Smith (90-72)1968Detroit TigersAL164103592.636.6381st of 10--Won WS (4-3)6714922,031,84728.126.83315D.McLain (7.4)M.Smith (103-59)1967Detroit TigersAL16391711.562.5692nd of 101.06835871,447,14328.427.63817A.Kaline (7.5)M.Smith (91-71)1966Detroit TigersAL16288740.543.5143rd of 1010.07196981,124,29327.828.33316D.McAuliffe (6.0)C.Dressen (16-10), B.Swift (32-25) and F.Skaff (40-39)1965Detroit TigersAL16289730.549.5564th of 1013.06806021,029,64527.027.03718N.Cash (5.4)B.Swift (24-18) and C.Dressen (65-55)1964Detroit TigersAL16385771.525.5144th of 1014.0699678816,13927.627.03718A.Kaline (5.6)C.Dressen (85-77)1963Detroit TigersAL16279830.488.4985th of 1025.5700703821,95228.528.54118A.Kaline (5.4)B.Scheffing (24-36) and C.Dressen (55-47)1962Detroit TigersAL16185760.528.5424th of 1010.57586921,207,88128.329.53717H.Aguirre (6.2)B.Scheffing (85-76)1961Detroit TigersAL163101611.623.6022nd of 108.08416711,600,71027.529.14219N.Cash (9.2)B.Scheffing (101-61)1960Detroit TigersAL15471830.461.4926th of 826.06336441,167,66928.728.83714J.Bunning (6.4)J.Dykes (44-52), B.Hitchcock (1-0) and J.Gordon (26-31)1959Detroit TigersAL15476780.494.4884th of 818.07137321,221,22128.828.43717A.Kaline (5.9)B.Norman (2-15) and J.Dykes (74-63)1958Detroit TigersAL15477770.500.5385th of 815.06596061,098,92427.527.24418F.Lary (6.7)J.Tighe (21-28) and B.Norman (56-49)1957Detroit TigersAL15478760.506.5004th of 820.06146141,272,34627.027.04317J.Bunning (7.0)J.Tighe (78-76)1956Detroit TigersAL15582721.532.5555th of 815.07896991,051,18227.228.03917F.Lary (6.7)B.Harris (82-72)1955Detroit TigersAL15479750.513.5745th of 817.07756581,181,83826.827.04119A.Kaline (8.2)B.Harris (79-75)1954Detroit TigersAL15568861.442.4425th of 843.05846641,079,84725.727.23613S.Gromek (6.0)F.Hutchinson (68-86)1953Detroit TigersAL15860944.390.3736th of 840.5695923884,65828.526.74320R.Boone (4.6)F.Hutchinson (60-94)1952Detroit TigersAL156501042.325.3748th of 845.05577381,026,84629.028.94617H.Newhouser (2.2)R.Rolfe (23-49) and F.Hutchinson (27-55)1951Detroit TigersAL15473810.474.4645th of 825.06857411,132,64128.930.73516V.Wertz (4.4)R.Rolfe (73-81)1950Detroit TigersAL15795593.617.5732nd of 83.08377131,951,47428.228.53013A.Houtteman (5.7)R.Rolfe (95-59)1949Detroit TigersAL15587671.565.5624th of 810.07516551,821,20428.027.83112V.Trucks (6.3)R.Rolfe (87-67)1948Detroit TigersAL15478760.506.4835th of 818.57007261,743,03528.227.63312H.Newhouser (6.7)S.O'Neill (78-76)1947Detroit TigersAL15885694.552.5482nd of 812.07146421,398,09329.728.82910H.Newhouser (6.3)S.O'Neill (85-69)1946Detroit TigersAL15592621.597.5982nd of 812.07045671,722,59030.429.03715H.Newhouser (9.5)S.O'Neill (92-62)1945Detroit TigersAL15588652.575.5521st of 8--Won WS (4-3)6335651,280,34132.428.43716H.Newhouser (12.2)S.O'Neill (88-65)1944Detroit TigersAL15688662.571.5572nd of 81.0658581923,17631.727.13212D.Trout (10.9)S.O'Neill (88-66)1943Detroit TigersAL15578761.506.5555th of 820.0632560606,28728.926.92711R.York (6.1)S.O'Neill (78-76)1942Detroit TigersAL15673812.474.5025th of 830.0589587580,08728.327.13112H.White (5.3)D.Baker (73-81)1941Detroit TigersAL15575791.487.4644th of 826.0686743684,91529.228.63715A.Benton (4.7)D.Baker (75-79)1940Detroit TigersAL15590641.584.5971st of 8--Lost WS (4-3)8887171,112,69329.427.83517B.Newsom (7.3)D.Baker (90-64)1939Detroit TigersAL15581731.526.5495th of 826.5849762836,27928.528.03919B.Newsom (6.8)D.Baker (81-73)1938Detroit TigersAL15584701.545.5374th of 816.0862795799,55728.227.83114H.Greenberg (6.5)M.Cochrane (47-51) and D.Baker (37-19)1937Detroit TigersAL15589651.578.5482nd of 813.09358411,072,27629.027.43113C.Gehringer (7.8)M.Cochrane (42-33), D.Baker (41-23) and C.Perkins (6-9)1936Detroit TigersAL15483710.539.5262nd of 819.5921871875,94830.728.12911C.Gehringer (7.9)M.Cochrane (65-55) and D.Baker (18-16)1935Detroit TigersAL15293581.616.6441st of 8--Won WS (4-2)9196651,034,92928.928.42711C.Gehringer (8.6)M.Cochrane (93-58)1934Detroit TigersAL154101530.656.6351st of 8--Lost WS (4-3)958708919,16128.128.32912C.Gehringer (8.8)M.Cochrane (101-53)1933Detroit TigersAL15575791.487.4935th of 825.0722733320,97226.728.63114C.Gehringer (7.3)B.Harris (73-79) and D.Baker (2-0)1932Detroit TigersAL15376752.503.5075th of 829.5799787397,15727.428.32810C.Gehringer (5.1)B.Harris (76-75)1931Detroit TigersAL15461930.396.3887th of 847.0651836434,05627.428.73311G.Uhle (6.1)B.Harris (61-93)1930Detroit TigersAL15475790.487.4725th of 827.0783833649,45026.728.23614G.Uhle (7.3)B.Harris (75-79)1929Detroit TigersAL15570841.455.4996th of 836.0926928869,31827.627.93516C.Gehringer (5.9)B.Harris (70-84)1928Detroit TigersAL15468860.442.4656th of 833.0744804474,32328.127.32711O.Carroll (5.2)G.Moriarty (68-86)1927Detroit TigersAL15682713.536.5224th of 827.5845805773,71627.627.33014H.Heilmann (7.1)G.Moriarty (82-71)1926Detroit TigersAL15779753.513.4796th of 812.0793830711,91428.227.83013H.Heilmann (5.3)T.Cobb (79-75)1925Detroit TigersAL15681732.526.5394th of 816.5903829820,76629.128.43113H.Heilmann (7.0)T.Cobb (81-73)1924Detroit TigersAL15686682.558.5293rd of 86.08497961,015,13629.126.73013H.Heilmann (6.5)T.Cobb (86-68)1923Detroit TigersAL15583711.539.5522nd of 816.0831741911,37729.027.43012H.Heilmann (9.3)T.Cobb (83-71)1922Detroit TigersAL15579751.513.5213rd of 815.0828791861,20629.127.12711T.Cobb (6.7)T.Cobb (79-75)1921Detroit TigersAL15471821.464.5166th of 827.0883852661,52729.127.93414T.Cobb (6.8)T.Cobb (71-82)1920Detroit TigersAL15561931.396.3907th of 837.0652833579,65029.027.23821H.Ehmke (4.3)H.Jennings (61-93)1919Detroit TigersAL14080600.571.5314th of 88.0618578643,80528.627.12511B.Veach (6.7)H.Jennings (80-60)1918Detroit TigersAL12855712.437.4297th of 820.0476557203,71928.626.93617T.Cobb (6.5)H.Jennings (55-71)1917Detroit TigersAL15478751.510.5474th of 821.5639577457,28927.726.0289T.Cobb (11.3)H.Jennings (78-75)1916Detroit TigersAL15587671.565.5543rd of 84.0670595616,77227.126.43414T.Cobb (8.0)H.Jennings (87-67)1915Detroit TigersAL156100542.649.6192nd of 82.5778597476,10527.126.12712T.Cobb (9.5)H.Jennings (100-54)1914Detroit TigersAL15780734.523.4984th of 819.5615618416,22526.325.53012S.Crawford (6.2)H.Jennings (80-73)1913Detroit TigersAL15366870.431.4386th of 830.0625716398,50226.325.64319T.Cobb (7.4)H.Jennings (66-87)1912Detroit TigersAL15469841.451.4656th of 836.5720777402,87026.926.65320T.Cobb (9.2)H.Jennings (69-84)1911Detroit TigersAL15489650.578.5312nd of 813.5831777484,98827.227.12911T.Cobb (10.7)H.Jennings (89-65)1910Detroit TigersAL15586681.558.5693rd of 818.0679584391,28827.827.23013T.Cobb (10.5)H.Jennings (86-68)1909Detroit TigersAL15898546.645.6341st of 8--Lost WS (4-3)666493490,49026.826.82911T.Cobb (9.9)H.Jennings (98-54)1908Detroit TigersAL15490631.588.5761st of 8--Lost WS (4-1)647547436,19927.227.4249T.Cobb (6.2)H.Jennings (90-63)1907Detroit TigersAL15392583.613.6191st of 8--Lost WS (4-0-1)693531297,07926.829.2248E.Killian (7.9)H.Jennings (92-58)1906Detroit TigersAL15171782.477.4356th of 821.0518598174,04327.429.2249G.Mullin (5.3)B.Armour (71-78)1905Detroit TigersAL15479741.516.4253rd of 815.5512604193,38427.827.93013E.Killian (8.0)B.Armour (79-74)1904Detroit TigersAL162629010.408.4027th of 832.0505627177,79627.927.1258G.Mullin (4.8)E.Barrow (32-46) and B.Lowe (30-44)1903Detroit TigersAL13765711.478.5235th of 825.0567539224,52328.126.12610B.Donovan (8.0)E.Barrow (65-71)1902Detroit TigersAL13752832.385.4327th of 830.5566657189,46929.125.02812W.Mercer (5.6)F.Dwyer (52-83)1901Detroit TigersAL13674611.548.5303rd of 88.5741694259,43027.925.3197R.Miller (6.5)G.Stallings (74-61)

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Box Score, May 25, 1937

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Detroit Tigers rack up 16 hits in 5-3 victory vs. White Sox for 4th straight win

Detroit Tigers outfielder Akil Baddoo isn't his best against left-handed pitching, but the rookie hopes to change that moving forward.

Manager AJ Hinch gave Baddoo, a lefty hitter, his latest challenge with 11 games remaining: Chicago White Sox left-hander Dallas Keuchel, the 2015 American League Cy Young, 2017 World Series champion and two-time All-Star over his 10-year career.

"He can handle the pressure and responsibility of doing that," Hinch said. "He's better against righties. We know that. But we want to try to build a player who can influence a lineup every day. When he gets his opportunities, he's shown some pretty good at-bats against some lefties. ... From a competitive standpoint, Akil never backs down."

Baddoo recorded RBI singles in the third and fourth innings, increasing his batting average to .233 (20-for-86) against left-handers, but the Tigers didn't produce more runs until scoring three in the seventh inning of Tuesday's 5-3 victory — providing a four-game winning streak — in front of a scarce crowd at Comerica Park.

First pitch occurred at 1:10 p.m., instead of the originally scheduled 6:40 p.m., due to heavy rain expected in the evening.

WINDSOR:Tigers shrugged off gut-punch vs. AL's best. Here's why this is hardly a fluke

DEVELOPMENT:Why Tigers rookie Alex Lange is becoming a high-leverage reliever

Daz Cameron of the Detroit Tigers scores and celebrates with his teammate Jonathan Schoop during the third inning of the game against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 in Detroit.

The Tigers (74-78) finished with 16 hits and three walks, getting six multihit performances: Baddoo (2-for-5, two RBIs), Robbie Grossman (2-for-5, one walk), Jeimer Candelario (2-for-4), Niko Goodrum (2-for-4, one RBI), Daz Cameron (3-for-3, one walk) and Victor Reyes (4-for-4, two RBIs).

Detroit is 65-54 since May 8 and 34-27 since the All-Star break, winning nine of its past 12 games.

"Our team finds ways to win," Hinch said. "We put pressure on the opponent and hung in there. Both teams left double-digit guys on base, both teams found a lot of hits but had a hard time pushing runs across until the end. We came out with the big hit.

"In order to do that, you can't just turn it on and off. You have to be prepared for when the opportunities come up. I love that about our team, that we keep saying in there. The days that we can apply pressure because the opportunity comes up, we've practiced it, we've prepared for it. We have no fear. We may make a mistake or two, but it's OK because we're going to keep coming at you. That's a proud feeling as a manager."

In the seventh inning, Goodrum broke the 2-2 tie with a two-out single off lefty reliever Jace Fry. Singles from Grossman and Candelario started the inning, but Eric Haase grounded into a double play as  Grossman reached third base.

After Goodrum's RBI single, walks drawn by Cameron and Isaac Paredes loaded the bases. This time, Reyes capitalized with a two-run single off Aaron Bummer for a 5-2 lead.

"It feels pretty good," Reyes said. "Every time we go out on the field, we go out to win, regardless of who we are facing. ... Today we won. Tomorrow we're going to get the win to get the sweep and just get ready for the next series to finish the homestand."

Plays at the plate

In the first inning, Jonathan Schoop tried to score from first base on Grossman's double to right field. Third base coach Ramon Santiago waved him home once he saw right fielder Adam Engel throw the ball to shortstop Tim Anderson near second base.

But Anderson made a smart play.

His throw to catcher Yasmani Grandal beat Schoop to the plate.

"The play was a little off at the beginning because Robbie's ball may or may not be caught, may or may not be fair," Hinch said. "I think Jonathan delayed just a little bit of his takeoff from first (base) and then continued to run. Santi was aggressive because they threw the ball to the middle of the field. I love the aggressive send, and Jonathan did everything he could to get around (the tag). It's just that delay at the beginning of the play ultimately hurt him at the end of the play."

HOLLAND TALKS TIGERS:What AJ Hinch said on Day 1 stands out, plus more from Q&A with veteran

INJURY REPORT:Gregory Soto out for rest of season; Matthew Boyd seeks second opinion

Tigers first baseman Jonathan Schoop is tagged out at home by White Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal while trying to score from first base on a double by Robbie Grossman during the first inning on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, at Comerica Park.

Keuchel allowed two runs on 11 hits and one walk and struck out two over five innings. For the Tigers, lefty starter Tyler Alexander conceded two runs on eight hits and two walks over five innings. He struck out two and threw 57 of 91 pitches for strikes.

Once Keuchel exited, Reyes took advantage of some crucial mistakes in the sixth inning. He hit a grounder to shortstop and should have been out at first base, but Anderson overthrew Jose Abreu. Reyes then stole third base, giving the Tigers a key opportunity to break the 2-2 tie with nobody out.

Anderson countered by avenging his mistake.

On a bouncer from Baddoo, Anderson dashed across the infield and made an off-balanced throw to Grandal at home. A replay review from the umpires deemed Reyes out at the plate.

"He broke right away, and then Tim Anderson made an athletic play and a nice tag by Grandal," Hinch said. "When it's got to go to replay and it's a fraction of an inch one way or the other, I think you tip your cap to TA and Yasmani. Victor came up just a tick short."

Detroit Tigers second baseman Isaac Paredes, right, turns the ball for a double play after getting a force out on Chicago White Sox's Yasmani Grandal during the third inning of a baseball game Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, in Detroit. Eloy Jimenez hit into the double play.

Tyler Alexander starts, bullpen takes over

Keeping the Tigers in the game, Tyler Alexander (two runs allowed on eight hits and two walks) willed his way through five innings.

The White Sox were active on the bases in every inning but the second, forcing Alexander to use 14 pitches in the first inning, 20 in a perfect second, 21 in a two-run third, 14 in the fourth and 22 in the fifth to complete his outing.

All the damage, though, was done in the third fame.

"Him getting out of these innings that base runners were everywhere kept us in the game until we bounced back and scored a few runs," Hinch said. "Tyler's never going to back down. He's always going to throw strikes for the most part. You got to be a little careful left-on-right with some of these guys, and I think he navigated it well."

FIRST TIME:Kyle Funkhouser wasn't supposed to pitch Sunday, then got first MLB save

ANOTHER FIRST:Alex Lange on first MLB save: 'Always wanted to be a closer'

Tigers pitcher Tyler Alexander catches a ball during the second inning against the White Sox on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, at Comerica Park.

Cesar Hernandez's single and Anderson's double with one out put two runners in scoring position. Luis Robert followed with a single to left field, which plated both runners for a 2-0 White Sox lead. Chicago then loaded the bases, thanks to Abreu (single) and Grandal (walk), but Eloy Jimenez grounded into an inning-ending double play.

Alexander worked around doubles from Robert in the first inning, Yoan Moncada in the fourth and Abreu in the fifth.

The Tigers received just enough from their relievers — Ian Krol, Bryan Garcia, Jason Foley and Michael Fulmer — to limit the White Sox to one run the rest of the way. Foley was charged with the run in the eighth inning. He put runners on first and second base with two outs, forcing Hinch to bring in Fulmer to face Anderson.

Anderson hit an RBI single to center, but Fulmer retired Robert for the third out. He pitched a scoreless ninth inning to notch his 11th save.

"We went out there and beat a good team," said Cameron, who scored two runs. "Those guys are good. We showed people around that we're a good team too. We executed a lot of things out there today in the game."

Evan Petzold is a sports reporter at the Detroit Free Press. Contact him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @EvanPetzold. Read more on the Detroit Tigers and sign up for our Tigers newsletter. 

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1968 Detroit Tigers Game-by-Game Results

April 10, 1968Boston Red Sox 7 at Detroit Tigers 3L0-10-00-1April 11, 1968Boston Red Sox 3 at Detroit Tigers 4W1-10-01-1April 13, 1968Chicago White Sox 2 at Detroit Tigers 5W2-10-02-1April 14, 1968Chicago White Sox 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W3-10-03-1April 16, 1968Detroit Tigers 9 at Boston Red Sox 2W3-11-04-1April 17, 1968Cleveland Indians 3 at Detroit Tigers 4W4-11-05-1April 18, 1968Cleveland Indians 0 at Detroit Tigers 5W5-11-06-1April 20, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Chicago White Sox 1W5-12-07-1April 21, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Chicago White Sox 1W5-13-08-1April 21, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Chicago White Sox 2W5-14-09-1April 24, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Cleveland Indians 2L5-14-19-2April 26, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at New York Yankees 5L5-14-29-3April 27, 1968Detroit Tigers 7 at New York Yankees 0W5-15-210-3April 28, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at New York Yankees 2L5-15-310-4April 28, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at New York Yankees 2W5-16-311-4April 29, 1968Oakland Athletics 1 at Detroit Tigers 2W6-16-312-4April 30, 1968Oakland Athletics 3 at Detroit Tigers 1L6-26-312-5May 1, 1968Minnesota Twins 2 at Detroit Tigers 3W7-26-313-5May 2, 1968Minnesota Twins 3 at Detroit Tigers 2L7-36-313-6May 3, 1968California Angels 6 at Detroit Tigers 5L7-46-313-7May 4, 1968California Angels 7 at Detroit Tigers 2L7-56-313-8May 5, 1968California Angels 2 at Detroit Tigers 5W8-56-314-8May 6, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Baltimore Orioles 4L8-56-414-9May 7, 1968Detroit Tigers 2 at Baltimore Orioles 1W8-57-415-9May 8, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Baltimore Orioles 1W8-58-416-9May 10, 1968Detroit Tigers 12 at Washington Senators 1W8-59-417-9May 11, 1968Detroit Tigers 12 at Washington Senators 2W8-510-418-9May 12, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Washington Senators 6L8-510-518-10May 14, 1968Baltimore Orioles 0 at Detroit Tigers 4W9-510-519-10May 15, 1968Baltimore Orioles 10 at Detroit Tigers 8L9-610-519-11May 17, 1968Washington Senators 3 at Detroit Tigers 7W10-610-520-11May 18, 1968Washington Senators 8 at Detroit Tigers 4L10-710-520-12May 19, 1968Washington Senators 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W11-710-521-12May 19, 1968Washington Senators 0 at Detroit Tigers 7W12-710-522-12May 20, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Minnesota Twins 3W12-711-523-12May 21, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at Minnesota Twins 3L12-711-623-13May 22, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Minnesota Twins 4L12-711-723-14May 25, 1968Detroit Tigers 2 at Oakland Athletics 1W12-712-724-14May 26, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Oakland Athletics 7L12-712-824-15May 27, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at California Angels 7L12-712-924-16May 28, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at California Angels 1W12-713-925-16May 29, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at California Angels 0W12-714-926-16May 30, 1968Detroit Tigers 7 at California Angels 3W12-715-927-16May 31, 1968New York Yankees 0 at Detroit Tigers 1W13-715-928-16June 1, 1968New York Yankees 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W14-715-929-16June 2, 1968New York Yankees 1 at Detroit Tigers 8W15-715-930-16June 2, 1968New York Yankees 4 at Detroit Tigers 3L15-815-930-17June 3, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Boston Red Sox 4L15-815-1030-18June 4, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Boston Red Sox 2L15-815-1130-19June 4, 1968Detroit Tigers 2 at Boston Red Sox 0W15-816-1131-19June 5, 1968Detroit Tigers 5 at Boston Red Sox 4W15-817-1132-19June 6, 1968Detroit Tigers 5 at Boston Red Sox 3W15-818-1133-19June 7, 1968Cleveland Indians 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W16-818-1134-19June 8, 1968Cleveland Indians 1 at Detroit Tigers 3W17-818-1135-19June 9, 1968Cleveland Indians 2 at Detroit Tigers 0L17-918-1135-20June 11, 1968Minnesota Twins 1 at Detroit Tigers 3W18-918-1136-20June 11, 1968Minnesota Twins 2 at Detroit Tigers 3W19-918-1137-20June 12, 1968Minnesota Twins 1 at Detroit Tigers 2W20-918-1138-20June 13, 1968Minnesota Twins 1 at Detroit Tigers 3W21-918-1139-20June 14, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Chicago White Sox 5W21-919-1140-20June 15, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Chicago White Sox 7L21-919-1240-21June 16, 1968Detroit Tigers 2 at Chicago White Sox 3L21-919-1340-22June 16, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Chicago White Sox 1W21-920-1341-22June 18, 1968Boston Red Sox 1 at Detroit Tigers 2W22-920-1342-22June 19, 1968Boston Red Sox 8 at Detroit Tigers 5L22-1020-1342-23June 20, 1968Boston Red Sox 1 at Detroit Tigers 5W23-1020-1343-23June 21, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Cleveland Indians 4L23-1020-1443-24June 22, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Cleveland Indians 2L23-1020-1543-25June 23, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Cleveland Indians 3L23-1020-1643-26June 23, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Cleveland Indians 1W23-1021-1644-26June 24, 1968Detroit Tigers 14 at Cleveland Indians 3W23-1022-1645-26June 25, 1968Detroit Tigers 8 at New York Yankees 5W23-1023-1646-26June 28, 1968Chicago White Sox 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W24-1023-1647-26June 29, 1968Chicago White Sox 2 at Detroit Tigers 5W25-1023-1648-26June 30, 1968Chicago White Sox 12 at Detroit Tigers 0L25-1123-1648-27July 1, 1968California Angels 1 at Detroit Tigers 5W26-1123-1649-27July 2, 1968California Angels 1 at Detroit Tigers 3W27-1123-1650-27July 3, 1968California Angels 2 at Detroit Tigers 5W28-1123-1651-27July 4, 1968California Angels 10 at Detroit Tigers 13W29-1123-1652-27July 5, 1968Oakland Athletics 5 at Detroit Tigers 8W30-1123-1653-27July 6, 1968Oakland Athletics 4 at Detroit Tigers 1L30-1223-1653-28July 7, 1968Oakland Athletics 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W31-1223-1654-28July 7, 1968Oakland Athletics 6 at Detroit Tigers 7W32-1223-1655-28July 11, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Minnesota Twins 5L32-1223-1755-29July 12, 1968Detroit Tigers 5 at Minnesota Twins 1W32-1224-1756-29July 13, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Minnesota Twins 7L32-1224-1856-30July 14, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at California Angels 7L32-1224-1956-31July 15, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at California Angels 4L32-1224-2056-32July 16, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Oakland Athletics 0W32-1225-2057-32July 17, 1968Detroit Tigers 2 at Oakland Athletics 3L32-1225-2157-33July 18, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Oakland Athletics 1W32-1226-2158-33July 19, 1968Baltimore Orioles 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W33-1226-2159-33July 20, 1968Baltimore Orioles 5 at Detroit Tigers 3L33-1326-2159-34July 21, 1968Baltimore Orioles 5 at Detroit Tigers 2L33-1426-2159-35July 21, 1968Baltimore Orioles 4 at Detroit Tigers 1L33-1526-2159-36July 23, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Washington Senators 4W33-1527-2160-36July 24, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Washington Senators 6L33-1527-2260-37July 25, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Washington Senators 1W33-1528-2261-37July 26, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Baltimore Orioles 1W33-1529-2262-37July 27, 1968Detroit Tigers 9 at Baltimore Orioles 0W33-1530-2263-37July 28, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at Baltimore Orioles 5L33-1530-2363-38July 29, 1968New York Yankees 7 at Detroit Tigers 2L33-1630-2363-39July 30, 1968New York Yankees 0 at Detroit Tigers 5W34-1630-2364-39July 31, 1968Washington Senators 0 at Detroit Tigers 4W35-1630-2365-39August 1, 1968Washington Senators 9 at Detroit Tigers 3L35-1730-2365-40August 2, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Minnesota Twins 5W35-1731-2366-40August 3, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Minnesota Twins 4L35-1731-2466-41August 4, 1968Detroit Tigers 2 at Minnesota Twins 1W35-1732-2467-41August 6, 1968Cleveland Indians 1 at Detroit Tigers 2W36-1732-2468-41August 6, 1968Cleveland Indians 2 at Detroit Tigers 5W37-1732-2469-41August 7, 1968Cleveland Indians 1 at Detroit Tigers 6W38-1732-2470-41August 8, 1968Cleveland Indians 1 at Detroit Tigers 13W39-1732-2471-41August 9, 1968Boston Red Sox 5 at Detroit Tigers 3L39-1832-2471-42August 10, 1968Boston Red Sox 3 at Detroit Tigers 4W40-1832-2472-42August 11, 1968Boston Red Sox 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W41-1832-2473-42August 11, 1968Boston Red Sox 5 at Detroit Tigers 6W42-1832-2474-42August 12, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Cleveland Indians 3W42-1833-2475-42August 13, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Cleveland Indians 1L42-1833-2575-43August 14, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Cleveland Indians 0W42-1834-2576-43August 16, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Boston Red Sox 0W42-1835-2577-43August 17, 1968Detroit Tigers 10 at Boston Red Sox 9W42-1836-2578-43August 18, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at Boston Red Sox 4L42-1836-2678-44August 20, 1968Chicago White Sox 10 at Detroit Tigers 2L42-1936-2678-45August 20, 1968Chicago White Sox 0 at Detroit Tigers 7W43-1936-2679-45August 21, 1968Chicago White Sox 2 at Detroit Tigers 3W44-1936-2680-45August 22, 1968Chicago White Sox 2 at Detroit Tigers 4W45-1936-2681-45August 23, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at New York Yankees 2L45-1936-2781-46August 24, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at New York Yankees 2L45-1936-2881-47August 25, 1968Detroit Tigers 5 at New York Yankees 6L45-1936-2981-48August 25, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at New York Yankees 5L45-1936-3081-49August 26, 1968Detroit Tigers 3 at Chicago White Sox 0W45-1937-3082-49August 27, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at Chicago White Sox 2L45-1937-3182-50August 28, 1968California Angels 1 at Detroit Tigers 6W46-1937-3183-50August 29, 1968California Angels 0 at Detroit Tigers 2W47-1937-3184-50August 30, 1968Baltimore Orioles 1 at Detroit Tigers 9W48-1937-3185-50August 31, 1968Baltimore Orioles 5 at Detroit Tigers 1L48-2037-3185-51September 1, 1968Baltimore Orioles 3 at Detroit Tigers 7W49-2037-3186-51September 2, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Oakland Athletics 3W49-2038-3187-51September 2, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Oakland Athletics 4L49-2038-3287-52September 3, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Oakland Athletics 3W49-2039-3288-52September 4, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Oakland Athletics 2W49-2040-3289-52September 6, 1968Minnesota Twins 3 at Detroit Tigers 8W50-2040-3290-52September 7, 1968Minnesota Twins 2 at Detroit Tigers 1L50-2140-3290-53September 8, 1968Minnesota Twins 3 at Detroit Tigers 1L50-2240-3290-54September 9, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at California Angels 0W50-2241-3291-54September 10, 1968Detroit Tigers 7 at California Angels 2W50-2242-3292-54September 11, 1968Detroit Tigers 8 at California Angels 2W50-2243-3293-54September 13, 1968Oakland Athletics 0 at Detroit Tigers 3W51-2243-3294-54September 14, 1968Oakland Athletics 4 at Detroit Tigers 5W52-2243-3295-54September 15, 1968Oakland Athletics 0 at Detroit Tigers 13W53-2243-3296-54September 16, 1968New York Yankees 1 at Detroit Tigers 9W54-2243-3297-54September 17, 1968New York Yankees 1 at Detroit Tigers 2W55-2243-3298-54September 19, 1968New York Yankees 2 at Detroit Tigers 6W56-2243-3299-54September 20, 1968Detroit Tigers 6 at Washington Senators 3W56-2244-32100-54September 21, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Washington Senators 3W56-2245-32101-54September 22, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at Washington Senators 6L56-2245-33101-55September 23, 1968Detroit Tigers 1 at Baltimore Orioles 2L56-2245-34101-56September 24, 1968Detroit Tigers 5 at Baltimore Orioles 3W56-2246-34102-56September 25, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at Baltimore Orioles 3W56-2247-34103-56September 27, 1968Washington Senators 3 at Detroit Tigers 1L56-2347-34103-57September 28, 1968Washington Senators 2 at Detroit Tigers 1L56-2447-34103-58September 29, 1968Washington Senators 3 at Detroit Tigers 2L56-2547-34103-59October 2, 1968Detroit Tigers 0 at St. Louis Cardinals 4L0-00-10-1October 3, 1968Detroit Tigers 8 at St. Louis Cardinals 1W0-01-11-1October 5, 1968St. Louis Cardinals 7 at Detroit Tigers 3L0-11-11-2October 6, 1968St. Louis Cardinals 10 at Detroit Tigers 1L0-21-11-3October 7, 1968St. Louis Cardinals 3 at Detroit Tigers 5W1-21-12-3October 9, 1968Detroit Tigers 13 at St. Louis Cardinals 1W1-22-13-3October 10, 1968Detroit Tigers 4 at St. Louis Cardinals 1W1-23-14-3

Scores detroit tiger

Detroit Tigers Opening Day History

baseball almanac fast facts

The Detroit Tigers Opening Day history is based upon the first game played at home during the regular season and includes (if applicable) the entire franchise history.

How many Detroit Tigers Opening Day games were played in April? Have they ever played an Opening Day game in March? Have they even been shutout at home on Opening Day? We hope you enjoy using the charts below to review other similar Opening Day splits:

Monthly Opening Day Splits Team vs Team Opening Day Splits
Month (Games)WonLostWP Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
March (4)130.250 Baltimore Orioles (4)130.250
April (114)66470.584 Boston Red Sox (6)510.833
May (2)110.500 California Angels (1)101.000
July (1)010.000 Chicago White Sox (19)1180.579
  Cleveland Blues (2)201.000
Score Related Opening Day Splits Cleveland Indians (31)13180.419
  Cleveland Naps (4)220.500
Type (Games)WonLostWP Kansas City Athletics (3)210.667
Shutouts (15)1050.667 Kansas City Royals (8)440.500
1-Run Games (37)23140.622 Milwaukee Brewers (3)210.667
Blowouts (19)1180.579 Minnesota Twins (6)330.500
  New York Yankees (6)420.667
  Oakland Athletics (1)101.000
  Pittsburgh Pirates (1)010.000
  Seattle Mariners (2)201.000
  St. Louis Browns (13)750.583
  Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1)101.000
  Texas Rangers (4)310.750
  Toronto Blue Jays (5)320.600
  Washington Senators (1)101.000

During their Opening Day history, the Detroit Tigersscored the most runs (20) on April 13, 1993 versus the . The most runs scored against them during an Opening Day game was 14 and it was played on July 27, 2020 versus the .

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— Jorge Polanco launched a three-run homer and Michael Pineda was solid in his last start of the year as the Minnesota Twins beat the Detroit Tigers 5-2 on Wednesday night.

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— Wily Peralta gave up three hits in seven innings, and Eric Haase and Dustin Garneau homered for the Detroit Tigers in a 2-0 win over the AL East-leading Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday.

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Batting Average.24216th

On Base Percentage.30824th

Slugging Percentage.39922nd

Earned Run Average4.3217th

Quality Starts4716th



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